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Eighteen. Another shot. More. Week. It's finally here. Welcome into NASCAR America. Everybody in by Mobil. One care Lamon alongside our hall of Famer Dale Jarrett in our NASCAR on NBC race analyst Jeffords tar joining us in Charlotte day on the show and exclusive interview with Kevin Harvick suspended coochie Prodi children's. We're going to bring you that shortly. I look at our poll question for the entire week this week. And that is the only thing that anybody cares about who has going to win the Wasser energy Cup series. Title can go to NBC sports dot com slash NASCAR vote. Choose your championship driver. Kyle busch. Kevin harvick. Martin to senior Joey Logano. Let us know what she think right now evenly split. I would say Joel Gano coming up a little bit short. But still plenty of time for the fans to get on there. That's been the question since yesterday was a vote the entire week online. Meantime, eighteen certainly asserting themselves Sunday at Phoenix. Let's waste no time. Revisit the race year. Final race, of course in the round of eight Kevin Harvick after a crazy week found himself on the poll. Tony Gibson that on the box for Rodney children's. We're going to hear from both of them today on the show. And Steve you're the end stage one some problems for Kevin Harvick while this is the first issue for the fourth. Kevin Harvick all weekend dominant and practice and dominant to start the race meeting over seventy laughs all the nine to get out there bird far eventually Kevin Harvick right front tire. Right at the end of the state got the pet road that gave chase Elliott. The win in stage one and perhaps more penalty for the fourth. Kevin harvick. No sage point like even going to get ten points for winning ended up zero four under- the cut line fire stage two and the drama. Of course, continue wondering what would be possible. Jeff's lap one thirty three. Clint Boyer getting into the wall. Boy, entertainment, not row, weld farthest rice. They had actually rallied Inada pretty good race car right before this rich, the just the spot or hey, we got a call like a win this race at gained a lot of speed. Unfortunately, leverage har- failed. Saw that a lot probably going off the banking and just heard that side of the tire clip boyer's day and Chamie ship hosts and then on the shooting caution purplish the big mistake year. He would have a lot of accepting. This didn't understand exactly what the rule was here. But you cannot pass the pace car part pointed this out specifically in the driver's me. Do the driver one lap penalty for him actually benefit it states too strong. Steve. No, why valuable tires would be Kabua's showed us very quickly came to hit rose four fresh tires made up a bunch of spots on the restart eventually easily driving by the seventy eight getting that valuable stage the points, but I had to feel good to get up there and leaves us race and you see once again now, Kevin Harvard. Chase Elliott out by five points. The cut line final stage. Fireworks would continue here. Jeff. Chase Elliott passing. Kyle Busch for the lead Harvick twenty one below the Cup. Heightened at that point. Chase Elliott was done in new tires like you're better than the eighteen. But he had a fast race all day. Chase Elliott taking the lead changed the game for Devon Harvick. Mealy hit the caution would come out. And and during this caution Elliott nailed for speeding everything change to your J time. Exactly. We couldn't keep up with everything that was happening. But a big mistake here by chase Elliott. He thought that he was okay. But these drivers put this so close now that. Sometimes you just a little bit over in very call. The moment of the racy would happen with forty three laps to go down the moment. The race the forty one had recovered the nine had recovered. This was the race for the win. Dany Hamlin up the racetrack collects the forty one. And who does he coming back across the racetrack? But the nine of chase Elliott single Hanley wood accident takes out two major names in the playoff picture. Chase Elliott Inc. Really kind of take me to get the time that these plants averages have a knack for finding each other. Absolutely. Is the worst possible timing? Well, they're all there because they want their part of this unfortunate for the nine in the forty one in the final restart here. Gesture Eric Merola chance he needed a win. He hasn't win. This rate restored on the outside. Just was not where you wanted to be all day long. It his best shot Joe VIN the corner just a little bit to watch the race racked that opened the door because Lyles who had newer tires. Teammate get by as well. Because now she just could not run down. He ended fast car ran out of time. So pile Bush runs away from the field threes. Eight victory of the year says everybody. Yeah. Title contender except for Roach. What he had to get out of the way, this abou- could happen. Relics was okay. With that. Kyle Busch picking up the big win. He's one of four hundred I'll go for the title beyond. The drivers some great efforts on Sunday that included William Byron in night that was enough to clinch rookie of the year honors and you see Bubba Wallace there in tenth place, but the star of the day Kyle Busch burn spoke with chief Adam seat is after the race. You didn't have to win today. But how much Miami MO Jo does this give the eighteen team now going into next week? Well, I'd like to think it gives us a lot. But I don't know talk is cheap. We've got to be able to go out there and perform just do we need to do. And being able to do it. We did here today was certainly beneficial. I mean, I didn't think we were the best car. But we survive we did what we needed to do today. And you know, it's just it's just about getting to next week. And once we kind of locked in. It was all bets are off you got to go. You know, I think it's just important prove to ourselves that we're firing on all cylinders. You know, we didn't have the best weekend last week we overcame some inversely this week and kind of shows what we got and shows what we're made a. For the monster energy Cup series are indeed the best of the best. Kyle Busch Joey Logano Martin took senior and Kevin Harvick or the top drivers in multiple categories this season that includes top-five finishes. Best average finish laps led all of them deserve to be there. But it was book. We'll carry momentum down to Miami where he will make his fourth straight appearance in the championship for the first of those appears in twenty fifteen and did with the title also Sundays when it Phoenix the eight of the season tied with Kevin Harvard now for the most in the monster energy Cup series. You look at the numbers DJ. We thought that the big three might get to this point Joey Logano making it four. But is this the strongest group of playoff drivers that this format has ever seen to advance to this point. We can sit here and talk about how strong the are that we've talked about the big three all year, and then who's going to be that for Choi Gano showed strength as they got into the playoffs. But you don't have to believe what we're telling you just look at the numbers. These numbers do not lie that that these four drivers. Are the best have been the best? And when you start talking about top-five SPN their weekend and week out getting the job done laps led. And that's what it's going to take being there this weekend in trying to win that championship. And these four drivers have separated themselves from everyone else in these categories. Steve you look at the numbers, but at the same time, it certainly wasn't a gimme on Sunday. I mean, you guys know calling the race. There were a number of scenarios where we saw these other drivers Kurt Busch and chase Elliott really asserting themselves and making a case for why they belong house very vocal. All your Jeff that I didn't think all three of the big three would make Miami. I thought there was too many obstacles. And at one point. I thought I looked pretty smart when the forty one in the nine out there running so good. But in the end, I don't think the big three went out and dominates much as the guys that why they did find speed in their race cars. They couldn't execute the forty one making that entrance mistake the nine getting caught for speeding the big three or too fast. You can't spot them track position. That's what they ended up doing. So I was wrong all three or at the table in Miami. When we talk about the numbers it is. Joel have great year. But it's dominated by three names. I would expect the race to be different. I think going to Miami. I think the big deal is they've all been there before, you know, having been there done that. I think that matters that pressure of being in that situation, they've all experienced it. And enjoy the gone was the only one that hasn't won a championship. But he's been there experience that he knows what this week feels like. So every year, it seems like we go there. There's a one guy or maybe two guys have never felt that experience. Don't understand that pressure. We don't have that mansion to see who can play mind games, the talk and get started here in a few days, you know, who starts at up, but every one of these guys I think is is built to to to go win this championship emotionally. And I think every time we're in the booth, and we go to look at the timing and scoring we're not gonna have to search up and down to find out where these drivers are expect all four to be in the top five or six in practice all four to beat of the top ten in qualifying every restart. I expect all four to be somewhere in the top two or three or four rows. And I think that's what makes us battle. Even more interesting is every year. It's. Taking a win. There's no doubt in my mind this year less. There's a fluke accident. It's going to take a win. It wouldn't shock me. If they're one through four at the finish line. We've seen it every year and we've seen resident in the race involving playoff. Guys, the intensity gets picked up in. You can make a case that these are the best forever. But they're the most competitive to each other. That's what I find. Bass Nate Martin has not really had the speed throughout the whole year. But you lied up that seventy eight car we wanna one race situation. And what was a penalty to them, and that that shop is closing up now becomes an asset. Because now they've gotten their now their this is their chance to leave their Mark on the sport. And do something that may never be done again team from Colorado has a shot to win championship. I mean, that's a motivational deal. And you know, we will worried Pat excuse me, we worried about preventing them from making the playoffs the championship race. But this may be an asset to them at this point. I think that incident with Joey. Gano honesty lit a fire under seventy eight Mark tricks junior in a new way, what say you agree. I think that they have a renewed spirit there now, and they know that they're getting kind of the place that that helps them has helped them over these two years be competitive weekend. We think there's something else that we need to point out Jeff burden right there. All three of the big three should probably go to Jeff Burton and say, hey, thanks. When all of this was being put together a couple of years ago about how we were going to do states points. How the regular season should really matter. These guys even though Kabua's went on in one yesterday. It was actually going to be one allowed into go race for that win at the end was his body of work and having all of those points together. That's how Harvard got through. That's exactly how Martin true X got through all of this and being able to raise the way they want, and Jeb Burton was a big reason that all of that was put together the way that it was. So that the entire season mattered, even though we're coming down to one race that matters now to to our channel. It's a great point. And like Jeff just mentioned these drivers had been keenly aware of where each other are throughout the tire regular seat. Listen to your point heading into the playoffs. Erica Rolla did absolutely everything that he could to prevent Kevin Harvick from advancing to the championship on Sunday. But to that end of drivers knowing exactly what's at stake. Is it relates to the other contenders? Here's what the ten team said on the radio before the final restart. Pretty much. You win pours out. We don't. I think if we win that he got a raise harvest when I'm role of the second. And you guys I and if I'm on the wins knocks Harvick out is there any thought going through your mind. Like, do you that wouldn't be bad? If I'm on the one I couldn't really drive my pit box out there and make anything happen. But you know, we we were aware of the situation. Mathematically, you know, we're not oblivious to it. But you know, there are so many cars just pitted. And had four tires, and you know, there were fifteen or so laps to go. So it wasn't like we could freeze the race right there and make that situation happened. But it wouldn't have upset me if it did happen. But we weren't going to do anything to make it happen as you're up there. You've got Merola his wind keep Kevin Harvick from being somebody. You have to race it homestand. I'm pretty sure I'll you cared about was winning this race in you'll deal with homestead next week that never entered a winter's mine it did enter my mind. But the thing about it was is like look I'm here to win the race in just like what you said. You know, we're going to deal with homestead when homestead comes. And however that is and whoever makes it. I think binary action. They got Kyle Busch is an honest mood. But Steve what do you make of the radio communication from the ten team in that moment? Well, I was in. I said on the broadcast. I mean, look there are strategies to try to eliminate your competitors. And that was a potential strategy. But in the end, I think what Adam Stevens ambled Kabua's said is that they were there to win the race. And I think that's why they're here. Currently I've always said, Colin I have not always seen. I'd I I don't always agree with some of his actions. But never have. I doubt it his motivation behind the wheel. It has always been to go out and absolute dominate trucks Finnity Cup first-aid second-stage final stage. It doesn't matter. Kabua's wants to lead every practice every laugh every restart, and I mentioned it because it was real. And I I knew if the ten was talking about it. We should talk about it that if he could somehow lose the race to the ten it would eliminate perhaps the other favorite heading the Miami. But we all knew Kabul's wasn't input over it would have been beneficial to have the car win the race. But I'm glad we're not talking about that today. Not that I would have been cool to see Merola win. But. He went and just took it from him. That's great. But you know, our sports got to be about being competitive. Getting all you can all you all every opportunity. You can. So you know, I I don't blame him. I wouldn't wanna race. Kevin Harvick anymore in the Kevin Harvick won the race cow Bush, eliminate them somehow that'd be great. If you could do that with pit strategy or something like that. That's fine. But then ten she let someone go that would be crossing is. I'm glad we're not talking about winning still matters. And there's momentum's there. I don't care what anyone says. I don't care if it's your eighth time this year DJ you go to victory lane cruise shop guys everybody has to like that. Because their bonuses there for those guys that that matter to, but I think the biggest thing that was probably just a fleeting because they were looking drivers amaze me how much they're in tune with everything that's going on and then getting the job done. And I'm sure that Kabul was very honest with us right there. I'm sure that was just a fleeting thought that hey, I could change his. But then how bad and maybe stupid, would you feel if you go to home stand and Eric Merola beach for the championship. Then. The whole plan. Backfires quickly agree with the repercussions. Pulling feeding. It would be not the best thing. Kabua's had that in my he actually mentioned that too in another part of the interview there that that after mass car came up after Richmond a number of years ago that in the spirit of racing you're going to raise his heart as you possibly can to not change the outcome of the race in that way. And that's just not what the sport is glad to see that went on and put that behind him. And did is just getting started here on NASCAR America. Here's what we've got today. The next hour for four drivers play defense. We're gonna go over what went wrong for the four that were eliminated in a desert on Sunday. Keep children couldn't join his fourteen and Phoenix, but he still had his finger on the pulse of what was going on. We are going to hear from him in a one on one interview with Marty Snider when the weekend began a gun declared himself to championship favorite that as we head for Miami. Do we still believe that to be true? He might what about everybody else and then one of the great rookie seasons in extending series history. Continued on. Saturday highlights rebels latest victory. Nascar america. He's brought you by Mobil one annual protection proven protection for twenty thousand miles. Sunday night. All lives will be on the windy city and the battle for NFC north surpremacy Kirk cousins and the Minnesota Vikings take on Mitch Trubisky and the Chicago Bears football night in America. Seven eastern kickoff at eight twenty cent night only on NBC. So while we're talking football here for a minute. Our football night in America team jumped into the Irish simulator to try to navigate Miami. In DJ. I use try here. Keyboard. Haven't they part was the Mike Torika watch party in there everybody? What do you see them? Jeff what he thinks. This is Astros. Get hit by football players. I'm laughing about. Florio giving it his best effort, but somehow managing to find the wall. I would say just probably leave it to the pros fellows lighters aren't easy to drive. But that racetrack is an easy to drive either. That's right. They got a good thing. Going on football night in America. Maybe stick to that. Kurt Busch is certainly a pro we know that the two thousand and four Cup champions bid for a second title came to an end on Sunday. Although he wasn't contention throughout the race the pace car penalty on lap. One thirty six really left him reeling. Thirty. Lay off of that. Over base has been resettled. Even the dive Dane couple of still never behind. Lead it the. You gotta pass cars. You got a lot of time to get there. You gotta take it breath. Get your head back. This don't worry about that the up right now with over with about fifty five laps. But. You know, even the fit road penalty if it's black and white. I just need to get updated on my rule book and understand that what I did doesn't gave me anything. But if it's a rule if it's black and white then so be it. But we charge back up through their scraped Stewart right there to help me out like a coach who's been through it before he he coached me back into to get back in the groove. And we were coming. We were there is one of the best cars of ever had Phoenix. And I feel like I let my guys down, but I'm not going to second guess anything for the win trying to advance and didn't get the job done. So thanks to genus Haas automation, monster energy, we'll go to homestead race for fun. It was devastating to not make it to the championship for for Kurt Busch. I think that's fair to say Tony Stewart getting on the radio and really being the calming presence that he needed in a time where he was starting to fly the handle a bit. I understand Kurt Busch frustration there, but it is to rule and the rule was actually told to the drivers in the driver's meeting Assad from the video that they they made a point. So the drivers understood that, but you're not always paying attention those drivers because this was the thirty fifth time this year you've been through all of that. But it does as part of your job as a driver to understand everything there and the frustration, but he still had a fast race car to get themselves in that position. But I think there were two things that stand out to me about that is that understand Kurt. We'd known him to go off at times. But Tony Stewart getting on there in the role of an owner in understand what a driver is going through. Tony been known to to do that too. But to have that calming effect on Kurt who then drove back up through and put himself in position once again to possibly win the racing. Get in the final four Tony's resumes. Drivers speaks for itself. We helped him along the way he knows exactly what that feels like Steve also very poignant moment when everything was over. Tony Stewart consoling Kurt. This was really tough to see it has a sense of finality to it in my mind. What did you think when you saw this? That's well, put its definitively two things, right? Kurt Busch won't be back in the forty one next year. He's not gonna come back to Stewart Haas racing. I think he got the opportunity to driver, gene Haas, and Tony Stewart he would have loved to deliver a championship. And the other thing I think we all forget, and we said it Jeff this starts in February so much anticipation so much expectation to the new year. You packed the holler up with all new quipped. And you go down in Daytona with the goal to make the playoffs. Then once you're in the playoffs. The goal is to make Miami. And it's not a race loss. It's not one mistake. It's basically season over the season for the forty-one hasn't been a success. But it was Miami or bust and they didn't advance with maybe the best race car. Yes. So when when when Kurt Busch got back in the pack, and we talked about Harba cabinet best car. Kurt busch. Ran Harvick down like Harvard was a tenth place car. And so current Bush knows that and the deck the dejection is because it was there the opportunity to win that race was real. It wasn't a, you know, we have a tenth place Carly playwright strategy. We'd be position they had to speed to win that race. And when you have the speed to win a race every race especial. But this one is huge because it gives you chance when a championship. And that's why Kurt was so disappointed. I don't blame not have been disappointed. We've all made mistakes his mistake came at a very inopportune time. Unfortunately for him and his team, but gosh, they had enough speed composure to recover. Caroline. Don't forget. It was an accident Debbie ham eliminated him. I know the pit penalty got him behind. But he had caught all the way back. He was still in position. Yeah. You got the Denny Hamlin. Also knew it was on the line because you're said just absolutely hate hate that that happened to Kurt Busch. Yeah. He hated that hamlet didn't do anything wrong in that. He's racing racing for a win that, you know. And that's what separates our sport. From other sports whenever they're in the playoffs. And and it's just one team against another everybody else's out here trying to do their job to. But that that shot right there with with Tony. And with Kirk says a lot about a source sometimes we forget because we think of these drivers just being hard nosed and nothing but win and they don't care about anything else or anybody else, and we saw two champions right there, really consoling each other and understanding the situation, and how big a moment that really was well said by everybody we are down the championship for the kind of how it goes and move on sport moves on you can make a strong case for each of these drivers taking the title in Miami. Do any of them have certain something they can put them over the top. We'll discuss that. Racing owner Barney Visser making sure to congratulate the entire seventy eight crew after Martin tricks junior made the championship Sunday Phoenix as team facing shutdown at the Susan. They are looking at go out as back to back Cup series champions in Miami. A nice moment there from the weekend and furniture row. One of four organizations now in the Cup series title hunt. Marty Snider has more from the Stewart Haas ratio. Caroline, how could penalties. Help two of the championship four teams. Well, obviously we've been talking about Rodney children's in the folks here is to and Haas racing because of his penalty and being suspended for the last two races of the season. He was able to be at the shop all last week. And I texted with them a couple of times. And he said, hey, man, I'm working on our Miami car here at the shop so in between practice sessions in between everything before and after the race. He was working on that Miami car getting it ready and that car that Kevin Harvick will take this weekend to try and win a championship is one of their better cars in their stable. It one Atlanta earlier this year and most recently ran the southern five hundred where finished fourth they had a lot of confidence in that car. Another penalty team Martin extra in your in his guys. Remember they had inspection issues. Friday before qualifying at Phoenix in the furniture rogue is wasted. No time. They got Blake Harris the car chief who was kicked out of the race track on a flight immediately from Phoenix Denver. He then spent Friday night, Saturday and. Sunday, working on their Miami. Primary car coal per and told me that was the huge advantage of Blake not being at the racetrack. We're way ahead on our preparation, and they need that. Obviously they're based in Denver, Colorado. So they have twenty four hours less to get ready for the championship race than everyone on the east coast. They have to load their Haller by Tuesday night, they expect to do. So and get the car on the way to Miami. Speaking of all the teams on the east coast talk to Gordon about that. And the work they'll put in he said Monday as really our final touches on the car it self then Tuesday and Wednesday will focus solely on setup making the plan for the entire race weekend, which we will stick to on Friday and Saturday and hopefully execute and get ourselves to a championship and the twenty two team did something very interesting. They had a car. Swap with Ryan Blaney now. Joey Logano backup car is. Ryan blaney. He's old primary car for Miami. They took those cars to the wind tunnel found out that Carl was a little bit better. So the twelve teen gave up that car to be the backup car for Joel. Gano this weekend. Turn Ryan Blaney gets the car that Joey Logano was going to use as backup the car. The lead one hundred laps at Kansas. Just a few weeks ago team Pinski doing everything they can to try and win a championship in twenty eighteen. And that leaves Kyle Busch and his race team. The competition meeting today at Joe Gibbs racing for everyone at J G R and Connell said some interesting things post race yesterday after his big win at Phoenix. He said, I think this is the closest championship four has ever been. I think at some point in the race at Miami. We'll be running one two three four I'm confident in that. So every latte every pass is going to be critical when it comes down to the race Sunday L Miami. But as Kyle said, I like the position our team is in no doubt, we have the most momentum going into that championship race. Great report from mardi bear Steve helped me understand something. I understand the car saw understand Joey Logano having the added advantage of being able to tweak things early with that team because they earn their. Right into the playoffs before this past weekend. But how does it make any sense? That penalties can end up being a good thing for two teams competing for championship. While the penalties aren't the good thing. It's how the teams reacted the penalties and make them an advantage. And I think that's like that at any sport. You have to find the good in anything. We're saying that now because Kevin Harvick advance through if that right front tire goes flat a lap earlier. If you dragged through the sway bar drags through the splitter. If the nine doesn't wreck and runs the forty four on the race track or the forty one wins. Then we're thinking how much that penalty hurt? The penalty was last week. That was Texas. I had nothing to do with Phoenix. The only penalty was did not have as personnel there. It just shows the depth of Stewart Haas racing that Tony Gibson came climb on top of the pillbox lead that team to do what they needed to do at Vance in the seventy eight same thing, you know, they have issues with inspection. He's not the first car chief to be sent home. The wherewithal of that organization said you know, what get him back to the shop. Let's get prepping. So the penalties aren't the advantage. It's how you react to the penalties. This show. Why these teams are part of the four racing in Miami. Bass sometimes teams, you know, they convince themselves doing something that's gonna help them, right? Like, so if it was advantageous for your crew chief to stay back at the shop Todd, Gordon, Gano coochie, he would've never left and gone to Phoenix because they were in they were already one and they were moving on by anyway. So it was advantange advantageous. He would've stayed at home. So I didn't Roddy children's and trying to find a bright spot out of a bad situation was just doing the best he could. And what else are they going to say? I mean, once they got into once they do it all as you can do deal with it. And I think that's more message in than it was actual come on. Caroline, don't you know crew chiefs where car sales? Yeah. Certain figure that out. I'm not sure I'm buying what you to or selling down there. What do you think DJ through this? You'd look at it like a football roster that you have to have dipped in there. And that's exactly what Stewart Haas has shown that they head. You have to be ready for any type situations. Whether you have a quarterback injured and someone steps into get to job done until he can get back there. And so is everything fair about the penalties. And all of that we could discuss that for the rest of the week and on the next year. But the fact is is that they are making the most of bad situation. And I think that's what you have to just as Steve said wanna talk about penalties this week because that's boring. We have a championship to talk about the trash talking, by the way is already begun first hand kind of Bush did not exactly out mince words when he is about the odds for Sunday's championship race. Let's take a listen back. I don't know if you can see the screen here. The odds your Vegas guy, look at how tight this race is going to be Vegas you and Harvick the favorites at eleven to five x not far behind eleven to four Lugano seventy-two so much for his talk. We love you, man. In case you missed it. Earlier Lugano called himself the title favorite at the beginning of the weekend. Tom. He was the only one end. That's something to say about that. All right. Let's let's put everybody on the hot seat now from an and get down to brass tacks. Here who do you think is going to win this title? I think is Kevin harvick's to be. He's had the fastest race car throughout the playoffs it via thanking stat of their own way and have things happen. Then I think Kevin harvick's demand. Steve, do you agree? I think it's a coin flip between. Kevin Harvick Kyle Busch. It's gonna come down to the details of final restart something like that. I could put either of those two in victory lane. Really the oddsmaker know what they're doing because they're all technically favorites, by the way. Odds are presented. But I think it's either the four the eighteen for sure Kevin harvick's had the most consistent feed all year long. I gotta go. Kevin harvick. But I don't get to picks. But I will tell you. I gotta pick one. But I just think you joy, the Gano. Pit crew is going to give him a shot to win that championship. I think if they can stay in the top three or four run the top four get them down pit road late race restart. He could come out with the lead. I think they're real factor. Percentages are changing pretty quickly. You can always go to NBC sports com slash NASCAR boat, by the way coming up. Kevin Harvick earned championship war without running. So what can think about his performance? We are going to hear from Penn and exclusive interview with Marnie Schneider. Four title contenders. It is four hundred miles to history in Miami. Nascar's ultimate prize on the line in the months or any Cup series championship. Bracelet gun are Bush to Sunday three eastern on NBC. For an old man on medication. This is too much pressure. You one below the cut line? Hey, holding up I'm doing. All right. I guess my wife didn't send enough medicine for this. So next time Honey, send more if you don't mind, but yeah, it's been a crazy day. Tony kids has dealt with some health problems Syria actually, suffered a stroke in July, but also miles atop the pit, boss. A Logie did saying that this is the most nervous he's ever been on. Top of the pit box. News entire career talk about pressure heating, a little too old for this use the hashtag retired. However, I think some would disagree because his resume speaks for itself. And earlier today Marty spoke to Rodney children's about Gibson's performance and the week ahead. Caroline is good to see. This guy's face. Rodney children's hanging out here Stewart Haas racing today. So I wanna go back to last week. And I saw what you said on social media toughest week of of your life the whole week like for you. And everyone here at the shop. It was tough. But overall, everybody did a great job. You know, it it's all about preparing the car the best you can. And and everybody did a good job of that everything throughout that we can win smooth. And until until the race. It was a little bit hectic, but overall it was a good week when you and I were chatting on Saturday. He said man, I'm busy on that Miami car was it may be a bit of an advantage to be here just focusing on that car kind of a head of the game. Where you normally wouldn't have had that time. It was it did work out. Good. We were able to get some updates done on Friday that we would normally not get to do until Monday. So I had the whole shop kind of turned upside down at one point. But overall, you know, everybody was working hard on it. And and trying to get it prepared best with good. We talked about. It you being in the the war room here at Stewart Haas kind of keeping up with everything. How different was that for you? And how tough was that communication from Phoenix. Yeah. I mean, that's something that you always learn from any situations and. Definitely a lot of information there that you can you can learn the figure out and to look at pictures and to see what the car looks like. But overall, you know, it wasn't terrible. But now I definitely miss being a racetrack. So what was the difficult moment for you on the Suming when the tire went down. You're you're panicked and freaking out. I mean when you're just watching it on TV, you know, it's about a lap and a half behind. So you don't know what exactly is going on? So that was a painting situation, especially being right there at the state break and trying to figure out if we're going to be able to do the way around and all that. So I hate that happen, but everybody pulled through in the in and got us to the end of. All right. Let's talk about Tony old men Gibson filling in for you. So could you pick had a better guy to pull off the bench? And that he was so calm. I told my spot or a couple times. It sounds exactly like Rodney on the radio. Use eastbound identical to you. Yeah. That's a good thing about Tony. He's been around a long time. He's been through a lot of different situations. And we have a great. Relationship. So we talked about a lot of things before they went out there and stayed in communication throughout the weekend. And he did a great job of keeping everybody under control and keeping everybody. Calm as we focus on Miami. What's the rest of the week? Look like for you guys is it is it late hours until Wednesday evening in the load the car like what's the week in look like, yeah. That's kinda always is for homestead, you know. It'd be a little bit late tonight and tomorrow night, and then hopefully get loaded up on Wednesday and let the truck head on down there. And and get it cleaned up ready to pull in for you guys. How do you feel about your chances in this race, obviously Kevin's been spectacular when the backspin against the wall they'd been able to answer the bell? But at this racetrack racetrack, you only go to once a year. Yeah. I mean, Raleigh been good. Every time I've been down there. I think we've finished in the top three or four every every race alpha where that we've been down there. So we feel like we've got Sean cars this year, probably better than what we've being and hopefully we can get the balance right while we're down there and. And bring it to victory lane. I'm sure you don't want to be in the war room on Sunday. So what's the plan? Will you be in Miami? Are you working out that now that's still in process? I really don't know how we're going to do that. Actually talked to NASCAR this morning on what will be allowed, and and they're working through it on their side. And then we'll figure it out on our son through there. We we asked the question. Can I come down? Celebrate if we win the championship. Yeah. I mean, that'd be up to them. You know, whatever's right for them, and what's right for the sport. But you know, everybody on this team worked hard all year. And you know, if that was to happen. Hopefully, we can celebrate together. Carolina. I'm not sure that Rodney has left the four walls of Stewart Haas in a couple of days hopefully gets a little bit arrest. But hopefully at the track this week in Miami. And to that end, we appreciate him spending. A couple of minutes with us shedding some light on some of the stuff that he's been going through Steve as a crew chief? This is a crew chief driver pairing that if one thirty four races this year together, they've been entirely dominant. And now the biggest moment after nine months of hard work. He is back at the ratio. What do you think he's going through? I think it's going to be agonizing to not be able to drop that women at Durham practice. Jeff and looking at your driver. I mean words or one thing. They can be written in a computer, text, or whatever it may be. But emotion can be felt through facial communications drivers like to talk with their hands. Seeing the car on the racetrack. Homestead is one of those tracks. You can't see one or two very well. But you could see three and four wonderfully from on top of the truck and the Cup garage. All of those things he mentioned the picture. There's still a stream information, but how you receive that information is totally different. And when you talk about a report between a driver and crew chief, it's that it's that moment in practice where you can look at your driver and realize you're either good or bad. Maybe you need to hustle. Maybe need to slow things down. Those all go on without really any words. Even be said even those moments in the race where you know, everybody says well the crew chief from somewhere else can make the call until the the crew chief is acting as a crew chief that day. It doesn't happen that he's easily those are split second decisions that have to happen immediately and for Tony Gibson. I mean that is a ton of pressure to be carrying on top of his shoulders. But he did a great job on Sunday. He'll he'll do a great job. Again. This sunday. Elite. But we know there's no doubt we know that the pressure that these teams dealt with on on Sunday. It's going to happen again this week. It just is. And these second decisions are going to determine whether or not you can win a championship. And that's going to be really really hard Roddy to watch someone bite those decisions thirty four races run eight wins over the course of the season and a fan on victory lap brought up what mardi mentioned that very into. That interview. What happens now if they end up winning the championship? What will Ronnie be allowed to do? We get the sense. From Nate Ryan and Dustin long who are still looking into this with NASCAR that NASCAR is still kind of figuring that out, and hopefully they'll come up with the right decision, which in my mind is that Rodney children's as a part of that race thing that races over and they're the champions. Then Rodney children should be allowed to go down. And celebrate with the team that he led the driver that that he's paired with and hopefully they'll make that decision. He can be on the property. He just can't go where you have to have a hard car to get in. So he can be in a suite up for the whole weekend own his in his motorhome around the race somewhere. So he'll be part. Of it. But I fully believe and hope that they make that right decision that allows him if they are the champions to be a part of that. All right coming up. We are going to turn our attention the expe- series now to drive of the season for rookie Christopher bell. How did he go from the back to the front and claim this Batna championship race? We're gonna find that people. Look back at the weekend expended when we come back. Another shot at the championship. The front tire changer on number eighteen evidence tampering. Kyle Busch is going to win in the desert. Doing today for us and a great momentum screen. Going alley on fresh. Ford follows. Afford Miami mortgage. We can do finish this thing. Yet another victory lane celebration from Cam on the eighteenth kicker from Joe Gibbs racing. They were able to get the job done on Sunday and help call Bush lock into the championship four with that win. At phoenix. Joe Gibbs racing. Also looking for an expanding series title in my. Fail impressed this past weekend based must win situation and after expection issues qualifying yet thirty eight on the grid. So a lot of work to do by the way, you have to win. And this young man had spun out on the fourth laugh with the previous two races that he'd been in. So he's in this must win situation. But just an all new what he needed to do to one the first date you. Regular season champions slip. Both the stage is expected research, very important. And we thought early in the final statement, John. So this is the move of the race to me. Is to watch him three wide into turn three there for second place. Trying to get in position to make his pass on John hundred check for the league. Absolutely fifty five to go be all and meet CSAK in Tyler Rettig that were involved in this incident. But unfortunately for Justin oligarchy took doors of it. Yeah. Just unfortu- wrong place wrong time, but this would lead to them having a lot of issues on the right fund. They're running out of breaks of intially and taking chances of being the championship for the end. It was Christopher point two seven point of the season factor backpackers entering cakes. But leave the spot in the championship for. On us after Kansas and Texas. I I kind of just accepted that we weren't going to be able to get there and just came over here. Let's have fun attitude to start in the back. And and we didn't really make our way up front that fast. I kinda got sold out. Once I got into the top fifteen and I knew this thing was really fast because yesterday in practice. It was really good. And then that cleaner just meant so much picketed and outstanding job Jason kept making this thing better and better. But. We're going to home said baby. You really can't say too much about the execution. I mean, he just really did exactly what he needs to do. One of the most impressive things I've seen in years, especially index Finnity series knowing the situation what you had to do starting in the rear on very difficult racetrack, Christopher bell did everything to perfection, absolutely. You know, when you think about Elliott Sadler in this. Well, these, you know, he's a close friend of yours missing out on the chance to end his full time career at the title. Have you spoken to him or got thoughts from him on on the finality of that just for the main reason just led Elliot take it in and understanding the situation that was going to reach out to him this week, but really hard to watch an infield for a good friend knowing that how much that meant to. But you know, he's had a lot of great things to happen. He's not gonna let this determined exactly what he thinks of his career and how everything went because he's had announced in career setup for an absolutely jam packed weekend. Multiple championships on the line coming up. We do have three of our best analysts. So we're gonna put them for the state DJ at the seat in the hot seat championship addiction of rapid fire back. Nascar is brought to you by Mobil. One annual protection proven protection for twenty thousand. As we prepare for championship weekend. Nascar America, the place to be of course, tomorrow, you will see camping for hit New York with a visit to the tonight show and a special interview with DJ all sit down together on Wednesday. Another hall of Famer Ray Everett ham will be our guests. We love having right? And then on Thursday, we're going to hours five to seven eastern full coverage from media bay in Miami. So plenty of driver dare as well got a couple of minutes left on the show here. So we thought we would do some rapid fire questions and you're exhausted. Been traveling perfect time to hit you got something that you don't see coming Sivas start with you said earlier in the show and over the summer that one of the big three would not make the championship for what do you think happened? I think the other drivers headed chance to beat them mistakes. I think chase Elliott the forty-one head better cars at Phoenix. And they could execute if they would execute it. I think Kevin Harvick would have been eliminated. All right. So Jeff Joey Logano who has been described as an underdog unless you're talking to him. Favor. It does he have an advantage with those extra two weeks of prep for Miami. Yes. I think he has an advantage. I think he's bigger vantage. I didn't much bigger vans. I keep saying I know people out here. And it's bit crew is heads and shoulders about every about better than everyone else. We did a pretty good job of heating earlier on in the show. DJ Marne tricks year hasn't once Kentucky back in July heater real underdog. I really believe he is the underdog. They haven't performed at the at a level that the other three that he's battling for this championship have in the playoffs. All right, Steve we're going to look ahead to next year already which this year's championship. Four is going to be a championship for next year. Kyle Busch, it's easy absolutely Kabushiki Adam Stevens. How are you ever going to bet against them? I'm not sure Jeff will the winner of the championship on Sunday. Definitely win the race. Yes. He will in race. Okay. Indeed. Jay if somebody outside the championship for wins the race on Sunday who's it gonna be to Tulsa. But it's going to be a Chevrolet which hasn't won that. But I'm gonna. Colin Larsen, he's always in the mix. That's his type race the other hit. So, but but I think that he could be a factor aunt, but I really think Larson might go win. What chance do you give chase Elliott? We always say Kyle is going to win at Miami. But I think chase Elliott has shown the speed to be a part of this race with these guys he very easily fee slides by their yesterday. He could be a part of this championship. Okay. Steve the crew chief on Sunday who's gonna have the biggest impact on the championship. We'll be who Cole Pearn. I think the teams closing. It's the last shot. I think it swing for the fences or not plus I think he's going to be raising from behind. I think it's going to be a big call. I'm not sure it'll work out. But at some point he's going to make a call to give his driver a chance Jeff five years from now who's going to be the big three. Oh. Eric jones. Let's see air Jones joy Lagaan auto and chase Elliott chilly lagaras in there. You really young young. Wow. Wow. Okay. TJ true or false last one air comb role is gonna make life difficult for Joey Logano on Sunday dogging to happen now going to happen. Yeah. You're say things in the heat of the moment. But that's not going to have. Okay. All right. Plenty ahead this week on NASCAR merica were just getting started on this Monday for all your news. You can get it NBC sports com. Perfect tomorrow.

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