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Going Low With Rap Legend Brad "Scarface" Jordan


Welcome back for episode so two hundred and twenty three of the Rose Bowl and podcast otherwise known as rb p two to three presented by Bolan media. I'm your host Ross Bohlin and and today I am back in the booth with my old friend and former CO worker in a shocking turn of events. It's Dan Register Dan. This is a surprise. How have you been doing this must be what Joe Rogan goes through when he has people wake Andrew Yangon or Elon Musk and then he rotates his buddy? Yeah who's like a hunter and nobody knows who they were like who who the fuck is damage esser accept it. It's different because it it'd be like if nobody knew who Rogan was and then he had his friends on that. Nobody knew who they were either so you were like what am I doing here already. And who are these fucking losers that he's having on his guests exactly Yeah Yeah No. I've always said especially recently US podcast and right now. It's much like the kids in high school who tried to become soundcloud rappers the Elliott we used to make fun of them all the time now they have actual jobs. They have 401k's they have benefits. They have a good blue collar job. Another US post on our bullshit on social media. Please subscribe desperately asking our wives and significant others. We can use their health insurance just trying to get pods off off Dan. That's all we're doing just trying to buy. We've got a big show today. I'm actually GONNA call scarface momentarily and when I do I'm going to kick Dan out of the room because he can't be trusted trusted in such a circumstance also just because phone interviews tend to be very one on one like you can't get third person in by for instance jared was on my phone an interview with Aaron Barrett last week and he he didn't even speak it's like he wasn't there at all. Yeah it'd be more awkward. It was weird but damage is going to be a gangster it. This is going to be tight though it's GonNa be tight like I just scarface things going to be tight and then I don't really know what you in. You're going to talk about today but I do know. It's going to be funny. That's all I can promise so if you knew your are are way too high emily. I like to put the bar on the ground easier to step over. Dan lower it for everybody before we get started. I was on the ground okay so you'd think today's just around round. Where are you at in life? Dan Tell people it's hard to say. It's hard to say yeah it hard to say or it's hard to say. Let's is proper pronunciation proper pronunciation. Wow okay that's interesting. You're very different for me very tan. Though very ten what happens thousands had to work outdoors what you've been doing outdoors just odd jobs. What do you mean by odd jobs? It sounds like when you if you tell Dan and somebody asks you what you do for work and you say I workout entrepreneur and then and then I say what what do you do outdoors and you say odd jobs. I think to myself Dan. Dan is either become a prostitute or is doing some type of strange outdoor nude modeling just based on the tone of your skin essentially eh canvas for a few days for charity. Okay did not go. Well didn't go well. No I got one person four people. Just tell you to fuck off yeah. I get it right here on SOCO. Have you been golfing much actually off yesterday yeah so that's probably why. Have you been playing wealth Dan. I'm pretty. This is the best up waiting a long time. I guess I should unemployed grave if you're just like what the fuck is that Dan Dan and I were coworkers at grand decks are former company which I believe no longer exists the dissolved. I believe it did and and Dan and I were there through through. How many years were you there three four four and a half four and a half to Dan got to see as I did well a slightly shorter version of the same I you could call it a train wreck at this point? I think that's fine and it. Is that your limitations with Dr Yeah whatever whatever we we signed signed shit we popped out the other side of this thing Dan I and all of other people and we've just been sort of scattered to the wind for like a few months at least always creatives just on their own you hear that knocking. That's a small child. She's not the door that's opportunity. It's not opportunity Dan it literally as a small small child like I'm not making joke. There was a knocking at the door. At least you have a studio I read this. This isn't mine yeah. I'm recording a podcast and like rob spare bedroom. That's fucking fucking awesome. That's the American dream which by the way checkout spare bedroom we'll get to that later gets called grinding by the way this is actually grinding. I know we used to talk about grinded grinded. ATF FM oh it's so hard to write whatever you want for three three things today whatever you want. I didn't know how good I do. That's the thing it's always how it is. Nobody knows how good they had like. I got to be creative all day forty hours a week probably more for like way more money than we were supposed to be paid. Yes that was probably part. Part of the problem with the company felt. It was definitely part of the problem. We were all paid very very well. which which is part of the thing I wish people would like? There's a lot of people who are still salty about the way things went down not not employees. I mean fans yet who were like fuck. Ya what happened like nobody's mad at people. That were the company inside the company not more insure. There was like some bad decisions. Maybe no then we're out of our hands and if a company implodes there were a lot of bad decisions I think everybody should be allowed to admit to that at this point on twenty million dollar evaluating companies just goes to zero but there was yeah shots not do that invested a lot. I'm just GONNA leave the number that you that you just said and pretend that it wasn't higher but yeah no no about the New York it looks a lot of things happened that it was over the course of a very very long stretch of time and I the basic takeaway the way that I would like for people to keep in mind is this would Dan said is absolutely correct even if there was like initially a lot of frustration and resentment from all of us involved. I'm sure I think as you at least for me personally as I've sort of made sense of it all in my head over the past few months and had all this time to sit in my the home by myself and and gangrene anxiety over the fact that I'm now in charge of my own destiny which is hell you realize like do this. Shit isn't anybody's fault. This is just a game as a crapshoot. This is the way it goes bro. This isn't like Hanta. Nobody has any idea what they're doing. We're all just out here trying to make you mother. fuckers offers laugh. That's really really it and you. Throughout the years Akron decks I put up like in immense skill set 'cause I did video working podcasts work at a ride and everything nobody cares. Nobody gives a shit. I'm trying to get like a normal job right now. Nobody cares because they wanna see the stupid. Ours ars facts that don't actually matter like your job history which I'm complete and total opposite if I ever get to a point where I get to hire people eventually I don't. I don't even want your resume. Bro Doesn't do anything what is that going to tell me. The worst part is I'll go into an interview and these people will say things that Dave Ruffy say ironically yeah and joke I laugh face and then they're like what's funny in you're in and you're like Oh that was serious. Yeah no that was a serious question. The company runs and then and then they're like. I think we've heard everything we need from you. Thank you Sir exactly and then you go back out to do in the new to the nude outdoor nature shoots that you've been doing to get this Tan and cock or then they'll just look at my twitter. GotTa stick out. My Dick is out now. It's not or they look at your twitter and they're like Jesus. God Yeah I mean I just try to keep the jokes Dan. You need to change your twitter name. It's time for you to become a non account and just lose a verification. That's all I have in this world. You go at Florida Waterman Sixty nine nine. That's the new name sixty nine of course and then you just do Waterman bits for the remainder of of your become waterman you it's not about becoming wannabe autumn. It's about Niche Waterman content for the Waterman community out onto my dad. WHO's GonNa create that if you're not Dan's dad is waterman well yeah he? He's out of work now well oh he was a watermen lightermen but after forty years of breathing and chemicals really bad for your lungs apparently is it yes fuck so I hoped wiggles Ogle's every day when I get home. Workers can't baby is he. Is He okay. That sound very dark potentially something wrong with his lungs deal. y'All got we all got our problems. Shouts to the Waterman Waterman healthy with you sir. He's enjoying himself as birthday this week. No Shit he's going up to Eagle Rock. Talk Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania. I've heard the word poconos before how can no I believe someone wants rhymed it with po-chun hose in a rap song and and that is the reason I know it because I am that type of person. No it makes sense. If you're new to our show the Rose Bowl and podcast almost every episode is broken down into segments. Would you could find time cues below in the description now. Some episodes of special guests like Dan Rea Gesture in scarface special in quotations Daniels special guests. You're very special guests and you fucking in more wisdom one. I was shot multiple times definitely in a few ways but special nonetheless these episodes maybe within look could be an exception to the rule today today. We got a couple of segments but truth be told. We're probably not going to stick to them. Today's episode is going to be a little more conversational but usually these segments at the bottom will serve as very lovely time cues for you to navigate these episodes as you see fit throughout the course of your day. I don't know what you're fucking. Commute looks like or what your job looks like or your home life but everybody has a crazy crazy schedule in two thousand nine hundred and needs to be able to absorb podcasts at their own pace so that's why we provided you with the segments and the time cues on most of our episodes if you enjoy IBP ABC to twenty three two hundred twenty two backlogged episodes for you to go back and listen to get caught up on have at it get in there were on instagram at the Ross Bohlin podcast where everyday we Phillip story with photos and videos by you are listenership the RVP gang were also on twitter at Ross Bohlin Pot and you can find us on facebook if you're the middle aged aunt of one of our listeners facebook sucks balls as does suck and nobody cares. Rb Twenty three is brought to you by stance. 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Slash donate four the number four or BP. The are the being the P. R. capitalized everything else. Lower case it is important. The capitalization matters some dickhead. I have to assume like Dan who is powerful enough to decide the you are. ells are now case sensitive. Who makes that decision yeah? You think that's it goes to this up but that's what I the first thing I thought it was Google too. I was like Google or on the web up but whose Google doesn't matter no I mean he's not he's not a person who is the top of Google. It's an ai now everything's run machine. We Know Jeff bezos right. We all know the big ball shiny headed man that don't that owns Amazon. I'll be not a real person. He's almost one hundred percent robot at least okay. I'm willing to say he's a real person somewhere. I'm not willing to say the Jeff. Bezos we see in public is Jeff Bezos. That's just unlikely not Hologram if you were him. Would you ever put yourself in the public to to potentially be taken out. Would you put yourself at risk with the other human I know he's in a chamber in his home and he he just has this like projection. Go Out. He's achieved. He's uploaded his consciousness into the spot but I don't know who's in charge of. Everything's about right now Ross Google though it's why we don't know because his name is they don't want us to know as a result also probably not a real person but as a result Zolt. I have to assume at Google so smart. They're like white people once. They can't pronounce the name they abandoned it because I don't want to seem racist. There's no way anybody is going to try to say. PKI Sunday Regime Asia. I Gen that's the best I got. Well didn't like a mass conglomerate by Google. Am I wrong alphabet. What no you can't Google? I'm not sure I don't know what is a mass conglomerate. Dan The online e here. I just repeat what I say here. In the news the idea of Google Google being bought by anybody is it would have to be bays and measure. HBO's and this Guy Sundar can team up and fuck us all right in the ASS. He's Indian by the way if you didn't if you didn't get off the name was like one of the they're one of the countries that have like you immediately know where that name is from when you see we don't have that actually we do but it's the shittiest version of names ever like Alex Smith. That's an American everybody. Everybody sees that naming goes Yup. When I think Alex Smith Oh I think maybe you think shitty chiefs disappointed? We'll check down you catch cats and check down no but if if I just with that Alex Smith remove my brain if I heard the name Alex Smith I would think like a Canadian. I don't know why really I think Canadians have very basic names. I think the Alex makes you go Canada data. Maybe Sean Smith. That's an American that has a very complicated relationship with the native and and especially one Miss Pocahontas honest for the artist formerly known as book on US Anyway when she now we even out of the announcement yet Jesus Christ Zari authorized. If you watch Netflix is dark season season two we rather coverage you know do you. What have you all this free time? In instead of watching dark all you not a lot of Freetown tanned in your Goddamn toes outdoors only my toes everything else pales we wrapped up coverage of season two of dark on oysters clams and cockles hosted by myself and buried w that's our a TV and movie podcast we talk about the best and TV and movies every week on OCC presented by Bolan media available the same places IBP is available. If you're watching succession we're covering that as well as a good show. I did not watch last night. She had a buck and sick. No spoilers days watching the eagles. We can't spoil. Unfortunately that's what I was doing. Yeah wasn't great. You're lost happens. Smoke some trees during the course of that a lot. I do like the pot. I had a thought to have a substantial amount of money on the game. I think I need to slow down. Oh I don't WanNa talk about this weekend gambling. You don't really oh I I wouldn't have wanted to and I saved my own ass. That's last night skip back to the you're smoking too much weed known I did for a bit during unemployment but it makes me stupid. It does make you really really fucking not just you. Everyone skew more so everyone will yeah yeah no. That's okay everything it's an undeniable undeniable. Negative side effect makes you unmotivated of marijuana. Yeah get creative but you're like. I don't really want to do anything right now. Well it's that like you smoke and then the first twenty minutes you've got the spark a little bit that you like Fuck Yeah Dude. I've got some ideas man I could do some. I could do some stuff. I could go do some stuff but then another twenty minutes passes in your likely now or or hear me out or I could not. I could just lay here like a fucking slug in play call of duty for four hours I can melt into the couch and my dog will come up to to me like that anti hot commercial and just be like bad you're looking. You're not cool when you smoke weed. I missed tuning quality time with your dad. That's how my dog talks to me when I'm actually bullshit. My dog loves pot because when I'm stoned I pet my dog. I can't keep track of time. Hours actually probably annoyed by that like probably like dude enough. My neck is good play a little harder to get know fleas not scratching enriching. Leave me the fuck alone yeah and he's also this pathetic. Get all this attention. I'm not even begging void. The fuck out of here thinks I'm sad and shit so what I do is I bounce the pot out with meth breath. Oh good yeah an upper and you gotta you. GotTa hit the upper. It's funny you never really hear any negative side effects and Matte it must it must be bad no going right. Just get you feeling feeling like I could do it. I mean I think one of the side effects is you have to live in New Mexico right right like Wyoming a very dra way what I don't know I feel like meth and you don't WanNa todd in the most messy places the auto and I would. I would guess the Mountain West I. I'm on Tanna is one of those states in so as Wyoming where I'm like. I don't know where I know. It's in the I know I know from Texas you go up and then I think left laughed so like up. Maybe four states looks awesome to states on health. It's a real place if you like Ross. How do you get to Montana up for states to stay to the left? I think you're there if not that's probably Utah I mean in like seventh grade one hundred on my us geography tests but I was good at geography to that's all gone that information in crew flushed out. That's one of those things geography is like language in golf if you don't keep practicing and using it. It's everything even like you're. You're awesome writers like four years ago. Have you wrote every day. If you go right right right right now it's garbage. I tried to write like just like a simple Haiku the other day and I was like I can't even do this. I five seven five. I think it's like three lines bro. You need three lines I couldn't even do it's fucking pathetic me to talk. I could talk for our see. This is the weakest part of my my arsenal. I think talking talking just because you're spending all alone locked up doing meth. I think that might be part of the problem. Yeah it's not it's not helping yeah probably not and I'm not even kidding about the math. You know what pre workout is. It's like one molecule off net. Oh Oh thank fuck. We don't have a pre workout sponsor. A can't make pre-workout meth jokes. We pretty workout sponsor brought to you by muscle Holocaust I oh I can't have dead shouts to Bush Bro a if you've never read actually be. I bet like six people have I don't want to like the old. PFM Archive graveyard right now. You've got me Bouche shared Google did Google. I'm here to Google muscle Holocaust. It has to be the only thing that pops up right has to be like there's no unless somebody actually just named their product. Oh No it absolutely is okay so Google Muscle Holocaust one of the first top two links. I wonder who gets I don't know who gets the ten cents off this. Click that you're the actually if every single one of you click on the article whoever owns this website now we'll get like ten cents so it's called drink muscle Holocaust and get yoked you puny bitch and it was written by Dan and is co worker and dance friend instill. I haven't seen boosting forever. I can't really claim him as a friend but he is like my brother forever because we worked together and I think he's hilarious. Alex Gacemi wrote this column Alan in two thousand fifteen called drink muscle Holocaust get yoked you puny bitch and it was at the time it was maybe the funniest article anybody had written at T.F. CFO We were all like we were dying. This was this was fucking hilarious like it was next level shit but now of course all this stuff only exists in the archives of the Internet we then later had mike read muscle Holocaust for recording yes and I was even better and it was even better and it was for all the same reasons that it was incredible to have my career a rap songs lyrics. It was it because his the voice was meant to read horribly unserious things that because his voice sounds so serious. I think that's the hardest thing to when people google me like for job searches and everything and stuff I've written. I'm like Oh yeah didn't actually mean that it's funny. When I I mean I guess you could say this is one one of the ways I was a little bit more fortunate than like some who came in a little bit later I stand by pulling the Oh my God? That's a good also the if any of your homeless takes takes her published online anywhere. Dan was in the homeless to another planet me soon. I'll be going to Mars myself. Isn't it weird that the plan you presented did could inevitably one day. Have you shipped off to Mars. If you do indeed like ninety five percent share is going to happen too because like me you can't just keep smoking meth the irony and not end up on lawyers as a homeless person talking about more seems like a planet. That's a big meth. It's a big meth planet. They're in big meth problem on Moore's huge yeah you know why the climate illegal aliens from Jupiter will not stop coming across the Goddamn I dam space border and bringing in their God damn the tea that was almost went into they took our jobs and then it just turned into Alex. I went out Jones. Have you went Alex Jones. I went South Park W- almost do more Alex Dude. Whenever I see that you guys face I can't not laugh? I know he makes a lot of the Boston yet. Well not implicitly. It's humanoid wondering who see him in person. You don't want to chase that man doubt Yes dan Dan you would get over get over you and him fighting best fighter ever Alex Jones versus Dan Bodybuilder. He's not a little dude like Alex. Jones would fuck somebody up. Don't get me wrong. He's a psychopath possibly genius. The best content on the Internet is him and Joe Rogan. No the best content on the Internet is Donald Trump. Yeah yeah sure they're slowly. There's you can't argue that anymore. Do Not know content. It's like people who tried to argue like Michael Jordan being the greatest basketball. We were excited though when trump was is getting elected at first because we're like dude contact gold mine yes. It's too much. He saturates the market. That's true that is a very good so if trump does one thing he does twelfth things thanks and then really does nothing. Everything just cancelled each that is the point that is his is always been awesome strategy of his strategy. Any one of these like controversies would take any president down just one he does trump has like the eighteen a day. It's like come at me Bro who cares and sect game respect. I I know a lot Liane. Listening won't admit this yourselves but I think the level of content God he reached where you can literally do anything and there is no consequence. This is the goal for most like Comedians and content creators and writers and he's there so I mean I don't know what it's the only thing about his presidency that I've been able to make full sense of right about any presidency in all fairness like it's not like I understood fucking Obama before trump or Bush before him more than Clinton before him more than Bush before him the content I get it. I get the current. I get what he's doing. He's also killed killed comedy. Though because now you have all these comedians making like trump jokes and getting really political interests or is it sucks you just have to know it's an awful and then twitter cerebral. I've had to follow Komo triple of my favorite comedians on earth because they can't stop tweeting about trump. I don't nobody wants to hear this shit. fucking day along bro about nobody cares everybody wants to express how angry and hateful they are. Yes we get everybody gets it did in one way shape or form. He sucks. He's probably GONNA win. I'm not joking twenty twenty. Even Republicans understand on a level that it sucks for other people that trump is president they understand will care in most cases now. There are some people to do but in most cases they don't and they understand even they understand that for some people. Oh this sucks dude the laughs the daily laughs it will it will never be the same Dan I if he gets another term term fine. We're all fucked for four more years. No matter who gets elected it doesn't really matter and it just opens the gates for anybody to run for president now. That's the crazy we'll which is cool. No more your politicians we can we can elect anybody. We'll see if that's good. Oh experience is yet to be determined. You and I have to run at some point. I need a method my running-mate your platform I'll vp but we run on Meth your vp but you're like use your Cheney VP's AP's. You have more power. Did you ever watch the vice vice versa. It's good movie like Adam McKay solid I feel like I didn't hear enough about it. I really like advocate to what were we just well. Where where are we doing those last year last year movies like everything that dropped his kind of it was whatever it was whatever year in Movies Twenty Twenty eighteen whatever movie your for years of whatever move your in Green Book Win Best Picture the movie was not good? Was it called Green Booker Moonlight are they all. Is that the same movie not the same. They all blended together for me. There's like six movies that came out that year. All of them were nominated for best picture and they all blend in the movie where it's just a bunch of why it's a white guy I y driver for a black musician and they solve racism. Oh good yeah that's good did they did that. Just Hollywood stroke in themselves off. Did you ever see three billboards outside ebbing Missouri that they did not solve racism no they just left it. They're like here's racism. It was a great movie but weirdly it was. It's like racist depressing to Woody Harrelson just Kinda don't spoil it they had time. I love what he said was woody Harrelson did everybody everybody knows he dies at the end of that. Now we know would he doesn't survive you your the way you started that sentence. There was no way go to patriarch Dot Com Slash Ross Bohlin Colin podcast. Pay Your dues for September now to get all the stuff that's already there first of all I did a interview with my grandma at the end of August for call your grandparent's mouth with Beverly Bowlin full podcast no ads with me and my grandma. I did interview last week with an art director my favorite Art Gallery in Austin. He's actually gallery. Gallery directors is title is names Todd Gresley like Elvis Presley but todd Gresley the painting was a gift Todd. I'm taking with me Todd. What is a very artsy name Dan he would run anarchy? I will never forgive myself. I did not say to him when he was sitting two feet from me. The painting was a gift Todd. I'm taking it with me of being a movie quote guy. I'm not you are no Jan.. You're better comedian. Dan No no no. It's not about being good or bad bad. It's just about movie. Quotes are better than most other things you could say there. Are I guess the painting was a gift Todd. You're taking it with me is something you have to say to the man named I'm tired especially. If you listen to the interview his personality is so fucking Larry's anyway Patriot dot com slash podcast for ad free special guest episodes and Hotline Call Extravaganza in columns and Shit Yada Yada. I don't have any amends so if I missed or misspoke on anything forgive me but it is time to start the show with our very first segment tim that was that was the insurer. Oh well I mean I'm about to say the the segment title and then it'll have been injured. Brad Jordan killed scarface Mr Jordan. Thank you again end for taking the time today. I want to get as many questions as I have time for. Is You have time for so I'm just GonNa Start Cool Bang away for starters could could you briefly explain the G. Code for all the white people that are listening funny a man a G. Code is a code of the streets in which we go by right that we took to get involved in these streets to not in other words did not put people's Biz this industries example say you my friend Ross had situation going on with your neighbor okay and you took you pissed in your neighbors was being took him a ticket to and I knew about it or you. See It on yourself in the car and I knew about it and you know I never I never ratted you out. Okay okay hold on all right. Basically the G. Code is is to be able to keep a secret you know secret that should take to the grave. Have you bet anything that you would tell like any type of shit that you've done in your life that you'll never tell that you did oh. How are you yeah okay? Well Gee code keeping cheapest G Code. You grew up in the south acres area of Houston. Which is where I'm sure a lot of this comes into play? What what was it like for you as a child in what were you into growing up as a little boy as a little kid I was in the fighting and plan football football finding football no shit work? At what point did you. I mean as a teenager I know things got dark and one point you even attempted suicide and it's national suicide prevention month. September is the only reason I would even bring it up you could just could you speak to making it out of that time period in in your life mentally and fighting those mental battles as a youth from from thirteen years old up until about sixteen seventeen years old I would would have those manic depressive moments is what we talked about in manic depressive moments I wanted to win school when no pass no play rule came about school that that that made me drop out of school cause I was a hell of a ball player. I just didn't give a buck about degrades right right. I know how to count. I knew gotta read knew how to spell so what the fuck that I need to know about trigonometry also something in my life that I I never imagined me using trigonometry org so at that point is when you decided to turn toward a different game that was my different game I was I was I was in the drugs Argon and and and and wrap Kinda came about two so and then I guess what it what point did you start to. How old were you when you started having when your mind line started playing tricks on you if you will probably about fifteen sixteen in what was it that spurred you to I say fuck it? I'M GONNA give rap music a try. probably the high school lunch roll on the table. They're making Rabson. You're probably junior high school route road with their guys. Were I guess the emcees when you were in the in the lunchroom beaten on the table and getting into who were the emcees inspired you the guys who are already on the radio that you looked up too early when you were young blast massacare as one big daddy game run DMC he was influenced public enemy with up. Do was a even bigger influence I was a big influence Lynch iced tea in W. A. Like I just loved hip. Hop You know right. What was it about Chuck D in particular that you respected? I like trucks voice. Man Sports play around no it did not use when chuck speak. It's serious shit it is you one of a handful number eleven low mixed up praised coupon turn up the radio you could say turn up turn up the radio and it didn't mean the same jour's ways they turn up your radio news. Here's a totally different radio think about it though you you one of a few guys face like only a few guys is the that I think people really recall and that they looked to like with Hoven Dr Dre guys like that who are sort of these. Oh Jeez in the rap game who made it into music who made it up the charts who sorta made it out and and achieved and build yourself a nice life. So what do you say to the young dudes who actually want longevity longevity who who see that as the goal what you've achieved longevity wise. What advice do you try to pass onto those dudes man? I would advise them them to make sure they have a good lawyer. In place make sure that they maintain their copyrights in and why is that what is that done for you through through your career having my copyrights me somebody else used to check that I'm supposed to be getting and how do you avoid that Shit. Keep your copyrights. Put it in your contract. I want to remain. Do you want to retain a certain percentage of your copyrights otherwise you'll be making music and hey you're sit on the radio and somebody else will be selecting check and they'll pay you when they want to. It seems like that's how the game got messed up for a long time as it musicians didn't realize how much of each check how much of each dollar of theirs was going elsewhere in. Everybody just wanted to sign deals. It was all about getting a deal. Get a deal. You'll get a deal and it turns out to be heard and it turns out. Maybe that's not the deal that is not the deal and I would much rather be I would rather be one of these new robbers do independently Dan a old rapper that assigned to Abseil Abseil so if you had had like soundcloud at your disposal when you were young you would have gone. Oh yeah most definitely yeah that it technologies should has provided a whole different lane for everybody in the game and they provide a whole different lane but it also knocks you know a hundred two thousand people out of out of work too though was that okay so you got sticks all his records has been in business for fucking forty years and then soundcloud and all this comes about and then you know you've got sixty other record stores in in in the city. That does the same thing. It's been in business. You know twenty five thirty years well I to found clouds. The title is out there then then those old people that were working in record stores and buying records records going that those old people that their soul records to the neighbor a you know they're gone now so your physical is dawn family. Yeah best buy not the best buy best buy is not the best place to buy records in the city it that that makes sense. It's not the best place for us because we ain't got nobody pushing us back then we had hand man to man you know you walk into the record store and asks what's new in a Lsu. We got to get awards. Oh Shit. Let me get it as a wrecker so that's twenty five records so let's twenty five thousand two hundred thousand. That's platinum. You know what I mean. No it's totally didn't addicts you had a game so bumper-to-bumper until you know Dr Drake and come out tomorrow and then you'll forget he comes out because twenty five thousand other release that came out the same date so as like Erick Sermon said minutes bumper to bumper. I rap game is bumper to bumper traffic now. You know that's why you other do. That's why I'm so glad so blessed that the hip hop is was a movement pop is a movement so you don't really get too old to do to do retro. Hip Hop shows filming right that being said I mean you. Did you have recently even in the Washington Post. I believe the quote was I'm not going to be a seventy five year old rapper. I'M GONNA be finishing my last term in office as President when I'm seventy five and you said you were going to kill scarface right because you're making a run at Houston Houston City Council for District d now so what what inspired you to get into politics and what is it that you plan to achieve with this new chapter well a new chapter in my life. I've always been voice for the community. You know I it when I got older. I realized that I wouldn't do shit point point fingers at at the problem you know what I mean right when when when when you when you old enough to and smart enough to do something about the problem then get your ass an demand fix it I so when I'm looking at it run. I'm looking at a run at City Council because my neighborhood has been the same ever since I've been a kid. I'm forty thirty eight years old. I don't know if people don't give a fuck about my neighborhood. It just don't know what's going on in it but you know the upper the opera district ah upper side of district the looks like river oaks but the bottom side of district looks like a third world country while we not taking as much pride in the vitamin the district is we are in the top right. Hold on one no problem. It's Kinda tight being put on hold by scarface ace in fact it's real tight until he hangs up and then it's not tightening more fuck me. I'm not to combeback bad rather than yeah. Oh no worries. Are you ready back. Okay cool so yeah I mean you look at the top and the bottom have you district and seeing the difference and asking yourself why and now you want to get involved personally and make some changes you got to you. GotTa put re Entry Program in place for people is coming out of jail otherwise they wind up back into you. Now you gotta put that put things in place but they senior citizens you know so so so the people booed realized that if you do some harm these senior citizens it's a harsh penalty did come with this. You know right. Let's make it. Let's put let's put transportation the place to go to the doctors you know attack them grocery shopping. I'm talking about somebody that this walk with them hand in hand you in helping them not drop them off and and bring them back like we should have more pride in our seniors out here that that that paved the way for us to do what it is that we need. Do you know the pave the way for us to do what we do. These days you know a lot why why are we letting wiring neglecting that part of our you know lines. They played such a huge part and that's growing up and being you know where we are today. Why can't we repay that favor? They took us into the store. They took our doctor's appointments. You know they made sure do we were saying why can't we do the same thing and why it's not a city ordinance in place for a harsher penalties against that could make these people I'm talking about it and you still play the grass out the fucking yard. I want a life sentence but I want to advocate for a life sentence lead those people alone right. I don't know why in the hell is crazy to me that people the co- committing a crime. I'm against an elderly person. I'm one hundred percent with you. On is inexcusable. It is and you know what the worst part about this is Ross they will it will be people in your own family. That's hurting. The elderly Nash is truly. It's cold yeah you know. Let's let's beautify the place I wanted to ask you a question about private communities Fisher I mean it's a big part of what we do on my show. Even even we do all every August we do call your grandparents month and it's all about respecting elderly and connecting with the generations that are older than you. If you WANNA have a fucking king laugh out of this fucking world call me and let's call my grandmother ninety one. You'll you'll have a fucking baby. Mine just turned ninety last week. Aren't you congrats granted yeah I do. I absolutely real. I'm not kidding. We will schedule through another time to call you grandma. I want to hear from any time I love talking shit. Let me ask you. I guess why keep boss brushing my teeth talk a lot. Oh shit brother brother Bush Bushwick bill passed away this summer at the age of fifty two after a battle with pancreatic cancer. I wanted to ask just like how how do you remember bill. I remember bill is extremely difficult individual all right. He's a very very difficult man he was it was very Damn Bill. Why the fuck is you do that bro like he's? He's that kind of guy was it was just I don't know if he was trouble. Just asshole bro Yeah but you know he was very difficult man. He was very very difficult you know and he became he was difficult for no reason but it came to a point. I know for a fact that I didn't want to deal with him at all right because he just became a right yeah. Oh my God like we have a car certain Austin perfect example and we have we have been out in a while as a group and bill. Is You know he'll missed it down shore. He'll come late or you know he's drunk or he's you know getting into a fight vital like oh my God damn like funk's Moorland interesting piece little buddy but he was a fucking deal super difficult and ah he was since abuse like just just he couldn't stay off the drugs. I don't know I don't know about his personal drug life for another he was drunk. I noticed that bill did talk and talk shit issue and you'd be like you know what y'all go ahead with this shit you know fuck it. I'll just do my own solo shit figure it out for myself. Will that always be like appointing point of contention value though like your couldn't. I guess that you couldn't forced the group to stay together and work together without always be like a thing that the bugs you know I have like I tell I'll tell a lot of people that are are in deal circle like I don't need the ghetto boys to solidify me as a person you know when I mean right. I'm a good dude. You know I have my own career. Not just frightening ghetto boys day is like the the family is trying to like you know it's no ghetto boys without Bushwick. That's not true ghetto boys before Bush with and before we're Lee and before for me and before it and they'll be ghetto boys after world is a ghetto right very ghetto boys so so for you to say that there's there'll be no ghetto boys without Bushwick. It may not be too ghetto boys with Bush we can and it will always be ghetto was no matter of fact when bill came into the bill was not a rapper. I heard a rumor that bill had the rafter bill ready read in order to get into group and that's not true building ready read had nothing to do with anything in that group as a matter of fact bill was a dancer who didn't even write his own music. He didn't write his own record. Write his own songs so we did not have to go in Stanford route in order to get into the group okay all right so I wanted to clear that rumor up so bill had nothing to do with the inauguration to get nothing is it we have to stand Dan. I mean your whole life right you in the public eye. You constantly have to hear shit like that like falsities thrown around about you and your people stuff that didn't happen like do you ever forget used to that ever what you say I'm sorry. Did you ever get I used to that like people throwing around falsities and talk and you know I mean that's just mentioned how the game goes can't get mad at most for Matt not knowing that you know yeah. I guess you're if if if you if you are your your representatives just threw roddick-blake and something different yeah say we wrapped and to say that we wrapped in front funny you you're getting a group of fucking live. I just a couple more for you here. Face you okay. I saw on your verse Sean. Guess who's back right obviously a Kanye West produced song. Did you get to do that one in the studio together with Hove or was that Eh over the Internet type we do. We do know we did no shit. What was that like? I mean Jay Z's fucking talking murderer okay. I know you're only like ten minutes. He can kill it right. He's a he's a murderer and he doesn't write it down how he does not write it down. I I have no fucking clue is Anton that I've written down that. I still can't remember about that yeah no she. Is there a story about how that song came together though yeah easy easy fucking call and that was it like crazy I are super duper cool you know to the point where if I needed Iraq could I could just call him and and he'll put a verse on it or I'm in New York and he's in New York. I just go to where he is record but that feels like a very short list of people who have that kind of access in that kind of respect from from J. C. N. N. You're one of those people take these coolest fucking like numbers goodbye. He's super not workable where you know like he's open. We Hook people up sharing with people and showing love is what you mean by that he does he did. I don't know what he's doing. Now says he became really in there. Fuck Ah do let me ask you yesterday. Are you a big Texas Fan. Oh Man that must be Nice Yeah I. I mean I'm a fan so you never jumped in on the on the Texans brand ban it makes us seem like bright fucking horses and split out tobacco and talk with a twain. We're in a bucket mix like get the fuck Outta here. That makes me mad. Hey the team makes me and a lot of other people very angry to even when we win. It feels like a loss it does sound like a laws we oilers back every putting the petition to get the fucking all his back then we win then I will suck the fucking Texans but I'll suck the fucking Texans but if they become oilers I won't fucking be a die hard art van but fuck the Texas Bro. I love the key is playing lot of fuck out the kids not to not too strong on the coaching but man the kids. That's playing themselves. I love him to death. I hate the fucking name with a team the logo for the Texans bring back the oilers. Keep Accused get rid of the coaching. I love this idea. We need a solid Alad rebrand in a whole new front office. let me ask you are you. Are you aware of how many I guess how many white people in how many suburban Bourbon just people that never would have become familiar with you probably how many people became familiar with you as a result of the movie office space man. Are you kidding me set out the Mike Joe. It's for that shit man. I mean we have some white fans you know they were trying to go but we had white bands on you. Start talking about damn. It feels good to be jang-son. Shit like that then you then you fucking you know then you you go to talk about wow. I never realized I had white staying scarface. Show you know you got some white band sprinkled regal here in in bear but you go to a Gila boy show man and I don't think it's a black dude now the than those shit. Did you ever meet my maker like. Did you meet Mike Judge. I know Mike Super good got. That's funny. I always wondered if you'll had like a personal relationship. Wherever got to meet just got us so much work man? He's a funny as to to create a Beavis and butthead idiosyncrasy and all that shit so he's a strange guy didn't he put you in idiosyncrasy to he did did. I was the pet name upgrade think a lot of people have great. two days for double doses pimping. Thanks you play golf this week. What are you man? You're trying to be funny. I'm trying to be funny a little bit man if I tell you that when I put the cut the car off open the door step out of this motherfucker the fucking close the door lock it walk into my Golf Cart Carte. How many times how many times a month on would you say you play? Hold on hold on. Oh my God they go how many times a month here every day every day every fucking what's his handicap my indicate that twelve my handicap is a twelve so people oh yeah. Were you playing at today face. I play I play. I'm a I'm at the wildcat okay but tomorrow I'll be at my home court member private coarser Nice Nice. What's your favorite course? You've ever played the Floridian. Oh Oh man I have a buddy. That actually saw you there. He was like one whole over when you were playing no shit yes. I'm ANA remember at the Florida the Mr Jordan thanks thank you so much for taking the time it means a great deal. Look forward to talking to you next time. Maybe getting your grandma on any talk in time. Dude like it's GonNa be Great. Go low today. Sir We enjoyed it. Thank you so much respect yeah much to you brother thank you. I'm on the Cardinal L. Getting Ready to get out there and play some golf baby alot baby go baby play around six the right on. Stay cool out there face drink a lot of water and be so you saw. Thanks a lot man. Dan You back in the room now after kicked you out that was scarface. It was nice of you to Intro me and then kicked me out there. Yeah you really welcome. Brad Brad Jordan is scarface is legal government name obviously which is just sort of funny because it's like it's a white guy name Brad Jordan yeah. Yeah sounds like you know yeah. He's got two kids thinks offense. It's face what are the coolest dudes to ever walk the face of the fucking earth and he took the time to talk with me today and that was very very very cool. I think we've all become slightly wiser as a result of his conversation and I appreciate appreciate him. Explain the G. Code for everybody as well and we all needed this not entirely cool with ghetto boys not entirely it turns out a bit of I didn't I didn't expect like the drama that came with some of the questions but faces an honest. Do I mean the site and honesty is he's very genuine pure human. I feel like he's one of those people when you ask him a question. He's not going to give you like a falsified coach answer just to make you happy or to think to make other people happy. He's he's hit the age and had the level of success and made it through the amount of stuff that you need to make it through in life to where it's like. It's like the pride in the level at which like a ninety year old man operates. It's you know all people style how they just stop giving a fuck. Yes very familiar. He's like that except in his forties he just doesn't care some of the questions he answered. I was like Oh and then moving to the next question like I don't know how you're supposed to move in that Bushwick bill question and the next question. I'm just like other Gulf face. At least it wasn't as bad as the now in the Torius roof flare interview. Oh my God if you go back I don't even think it's on the Internet anymore but jake and jared interviewing Rick Flair yeah and we opened up with duties around the plane crash invincible and then he got really seriously like a lot people died on that plane that was first question it. He just completely missed on how Yo we're trying to set the tone with sort sort of a funny you survived a plane crash joke and he was like hey all those people died on that plane. Crash completely changed the point of the interview and then he was also a hidden on Tasha the entire time that was weird while she was videotaped a coworker of ours a female co worker that rick was he well. He's also the age where it doesn't doesn't matter so he was shamelessly hitting owner shamelessly. He actually gave his hotel room number tour in front of her boyfriend that was that was dope. That's all move great. You can only do correct brick. Let me ask you Dan. We got we met Ric flair a few years ago at the I feel like what I what I would call the front end of him being pimped out for the last decade of his life. How does that make you feel? When you see that Shit Dude? We got them right before window in Philly yeah no Shit Super Bowl weekend but now dan he's doing stuff like signing with Dita's in in but I'm serious. Don't you just going to overlook wing Bowl. It's nothing wing Bo is tight. We've spoken to wing bowl before especially on backdoor cover bed early sports podcasts where we feel like we spent most of our shows talking about wing Bowl instead of the super bowl or any other bowls but what was the question. I don't know what your question was ric flair just moving onto a details. Didn't it make you sad. There was one of those Ron Bowler moments from the pot. Didn't it off the we'd raw stephen a Smith. We're when when Rick came into the office in Ric flair but then you realize sort of our first of all he's all this fuck I mean he's ancient or dude. This was three years ago when you and I met him and he was like literally about the fucking being die. He looks like an old baseball yeah oil yeah like there's been left out in the sun like thirty years ago. He looked like this and now an old baseball meant that won't stop op going woo and you're just like do what he I think he's over that now. He hates saying woo now. He said so many times that it's just kind of like made him jaded. It's part of of the point I'm trying to make though is that's just these dudes realized they had an old legend Rick flair that they could run around and get all this money with and they're doing it and I. It's not that I can blame them but there's something sad about the Rick flair story. There is something it's just it's just the wrestling story anytime that becomes a anybody that it comes a pro wrestler. You've seen the Mickey Movie The wrestler Yeah It's pretty accurate yeah all these dudes bear most of these don't make it pass forty five right and if they do they're just like broken men feel like it's sort of like the NFL where you think of the NFL and everybody thinks like Tom Brady and like thirty year career winning Super Bowl after super bowl and then you think think of wrestling and you're like their rock you wrestling do a movie stars Cold Steve Austin but most of those guys it's the Mickey Rourke version. You get you get Eddie Guerrero. Yeah you get that Crispin Wa yeah but well hopefully never ever ever ever ever again but yet dude. It's I yeah I don't know something about rick and seeing him give a look. I'm not saying I know enough about the situation to claim wholeheartedly that ric flair is just patently being used in doesn't want any of this for himself off and is just being run out there by these handlers but in the forty five minutes you and I got to witness and everything I've seen on the Internet and TV since screams that to me but he's also done whoever's. Pr People Are they're doing a miraculous job just to evade in all the metoo movements because ric flair there something there we saw enough to where they're out there for sure like the moments are there. We experienced one probably fifteen fifteen minutes. We actually like talked. The things that came out of his mouth were Hashtag Metoo -able if they had been recorded or some shit like I think they were fucking recorded. He's he's just rolling. He's from different air. No Shit I mean look I don't mean I'm not speaking badly on Mr Flare. He was incredibly Nice. I mean he couldn't have been nicer you do do it took pictures with us and shit. He was a terrible podcast interview for Y'all and I'm glad I didn't have to deal with that. Thank fucking God because there's nothing worse than when somebody bombs and interview we'd like right now like right now but dude it was something about it. It was something about meeting him. It was something about the way all that stuff because he's had all these health issues too and it's like look it's one of two things either one. He's out of money and he needs the money and he's all this fucking. He needs the money or two he's being used. It has to be one of the two it can't. It'd be like fucking ninety Dan. He needs to be at home hanging with his grandkids or some shit. He's not ninety shouldn't be on TV every day. Going Woo and Celena choose is for DITA's. That's not what he should be doing. Just doing the ric flair walk in and yeah they make any weird when he does it as an elderly man with like fucking bureaus yeah old man in the road does employ old man in a robe absolutely doesn't play. I think they started figuring that out though I think they stopped running them out in the robe because it it's some reason him in his hair and his old ass body in a robe screams flasher. Yes it just like you like that old man's about show me as peace. That's about to happen. Bricks GonNa take his peace out and everybody knows it when they see Reagan Rope nope allegedly. I hope he doesn't sue US alleged now. You never hear you probably well. That's why we have the insurance we have when I went and got insurance they're like what are you going to be talking about it. No point that I mentioned to them that I would just be openly discussing how rick flair may or may not be a flasher so my insurance people. Aren't you just get an Asian woman in the finger. Four Glock Allows Asians. He wouldn't stop talking about Asian. He wouldn't stop talking about Asian Asian women and how much she was another thing too. When I was golf channel Arnold Palmer or at he would just go on like he was very senile at the end and when he would give speeches to the entire company he would just go off about Korean green golfers he just couldn't stop talking about Korean golfers with the future of golf or kind of or just you generalities like it was almost like they took her jab kind of deal like the Koreans coming over with a different style of play like everyone has a great Arnold Palmer Story and they're like Oh yeah he's legend? He's awesome hydrates. My impression of Arnold Palmer was towards the end when he was super senile and he just went off the fucking rails about Korean golfers. 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God every split featuring specially formulated products to cleanse moisturizing deodorize is the also offer tools engineered to give every gentleman close refined appearance empowering men but providing the right tools for the right job you'll have heard speak demand scape for months and months and months huge huge huge supporters of the show fantastic tool manscaping dot com grab yourself the lawnmower two point. Oh use the code. Rb You'll get twenty percents off your entire order that's the code RVP RVP at Manscaping Ma Seo APD DOT COM rb P for twenty percent off your balls will thank you bumble bee tuna. Dan what were we talking about. We're talking to Arnold Palmer just about the future Golfing Koreans Oh shit man. You really got us to get off the week yeah but what was the I was like. Come back to this. I guess if if I'm GonNa have we'd brain and be the guy who can't remember anything. I need the other person in the room to not also have we'd brains bounce it out with Meth so that both of yeah but you didn't smoke the meth before you came in and smoke the weed before a game yeah neither did I. I still can't remember shit. I know the slippery slope Ross. So what the fuck are we talking talking about. It doesn't matter people you talk about people but were we talking about old people we can talk about people yeah Rick Flair Arnold Palmer. We're talking about people people fuck yeah dude. You're lost fuck it. They want to do another segment sure next segment what Nick sports betting so fun and Cool Bay remember earlier when you said you didn't WanNa talk about you gamble this week I can get into it. I planned to segment but quickly quickly Dan one of the things I specifically wanted to discuss with. You and we don't have to get into your you're losing your rough weekend or whatever but sports betting because you are degenerate philly trash I am degenerate Houston trash and it's one of the counterpoint so that you and I found in each other to make each other soulmate common ground yes. I'll all I'll just sort of explain on Sunday for example yesterday. I think I placed forty two bets. probably roughly fifteen thousand dollars probably in in different bet straight great. I made mistakes thirty six no happens. That's a good week. I made thirty six dollars at the end of the day. If you break even or you're up that's a win. That's a win. That is a win for those of you who are like that makes absolutely no sense. I know I know see I went down big Friday. Thanks to Boston College in Kansas. That's where I was at but but I think the best part about gambling isn't winning. It's digging yourself out of a hole I I'm I think that's a better feeling better feeling down like five hundred one thousand dollars. It's just like you keep on firing bullets and digging yourself slowly but surely to the point where like all right I only my bookie like fifteen bucks this week yeah a massive win best feeling in the world. It's sick and this is how you know you hate to watch sports Ross yeah but this is a degenerate gambler Dan when you get a win in and it doesn't do shit for you know you get down three hundred bucks. Suddenly the urge to to come back you go full is everything and that's what happened to me this we can do you accept that I had. I looked the things you know. They never go well when you're down like that and you're trying to fight back all your line of reasoning statistics window yeah and it's just full emotion but I got lucky and was able to dig out which is like that ultimate gambling feeling that we all live for is to wake up Monday morning and to know you made thirty six dollars on a fifteen thousand dollar gambling. Your bookie sends you the demo for thirty six yeah yeah but that's the that's the dream right is to get through the weekend without completely ruining your life. which is it's hard? It's very hard especially when you have no bankroll especially when you don't have any money and you're and you're betting on sports. Yes it's harder than you would think. It's crazy like people don't know this about sports I betting but it's really really difficult to do instead L. and when you don't have any must even if you win you still win there. You never wait so you win three games but lose one. It's kind of like you don't make a whole lot of money and it's also like you got to win. All three games actually make money and you've got it all three games to feel like you one which is the thing because he is our like if you lay points is always like minus ten yeah so that always annoys me too. It's like you you win two best but you lose the one and then the juice fucks you but dude. I'm just saying like you're like I at least one hundred ninety one ninety dollars right and then it just feels like you didn't win anything right. That's the beauty of it and that's why it's so incredibly dangerous for people who can't fucking control themselves which is hilarious because we are literally now unleashing it on the entire your country eventually. WHERE IS IT Legal Jersey New York Vegas fucking? There's always a weird Indian reservations who knows but I don't think it's on Indian reservation. I don't think there they they just like poker blackjack and stuff. Yeah I WANNA say Atlantic City Definitely Jersey. I know Chris Christie those the one thing he did that. He was the guy who led this whole movement that in a bridge did a bridge at one point shit ton of Burgers over the course of his life. I have to imagine that fell out of the chair at WIP wip in Philadelphia he did. I remember seeing that clip. There's a he put himself in a baseball uniform for some softball game looked very fat. Let's not even I don't know it's not even a super. What are you what is how do you get to that point in your life bag of well? It's not pretty but it happens like eighty eighty percent of dudes. Yeah it's weird. I guess that's the cool thing about being unemployed as I just have all day to work out. You do look good. Dan Thank you. You should feel good about hand. I'm trying to become gated you do. I look like I smoke meth. Do I look healthier. Now you look at it but the last time you saw me I was priced fat Ross no no you you are like a lava lamp you change. You can't wait. That's fair well during the course of the time. I knew you especially fluctuated well. I've fluctuated a lot too so did you. That's true that's true to thirty the and I thought I was fucking to thirty. Yes do you ever see like the. Ot of 'em videos where somebody was sending me pictures yesterday of me from backed act and and it's fucked up. I look like I'm about to die dude. I look like I ate shellfish and I'm allergic one eighty five now fifty pounds do we both. I bet that we can build a human with the weight we lost combined. I bet we could bill to humans easily Jeff bezos. We don't even need hair for him. Now just take the fat you just mold the fat. Just just get it shiny. You gotta shine the top a little bit until it gets gooden. Whatever back to sports betting look sports betting on the whole is chaos us and it's it's even for humans who do it responsibly? It's into a unit yet out the window to it's very very difficult to do responsibly you to stick to unit because when you win and you're like well I should be winning more. I'm going to bet more the greatest explanation forever the movie casino when they go into the scene where they've got this Japanese Wale in town and he goes up like three hundred and thirty grand or something and he's going to get on his private jet to leave and they make sure the jet that they full men on has problems. They're like Oh my God sir. We're so sorry like so he goes back. We're GONNA COMPU- for X. Amount of whatever BLAH BLAH BLAH so he gets back to the tables and he's playing conservatively right because he doesn't want to lose all the money already made he's not he's supposed to be are there any more but every time he wins a hand blackjack and he's playing with ten thousand dollars bets instead of thirty thousand. He doesn't feel like he's winning no ten thousand he it feels like he's losing twenty because he should have been betting thirty exact so we ups his bets and eventually he gives it all back that is it's all forms of gambling ambling but sports gambling is the greatest version of gambling. Is it not easily because the human element yeah. It's it's you China like stunt with your sports knowledge. Yes on nobody in particular point to yourself that you know sports. If you really wanted to break it down. It's you trying to stunt on like the greatest mathematicians in the world they are in charge of setting those lines and then you and mirror in our living rooms like we got this bro. The Lights are on in Vegas reason they're very bright as well for a reason the the brightest. How long do you think until we get this shit and Texas sports betting if you had to guess what about Philly Philly's closer I think it might even be? I think you can do pilots in Philly just parleys parleys. They always slow loophole now. We'll give them parlays. I the least winnable version of any sports bet you can blace just so that no one is winning right. There's nothing like winning a parlay. I almost feel ashamed when I went to Parlay Parlay though you just forget about the fifty lazy lost cost the one hundred fifty awesome because that one is all it takes men. It's just it's another eleven to one odds guys get so we'll just keep bringing everything back to golf. It's like I'll go play golf and hit like literally forty bad shots in a row and then you get that one on whole three forty first shot smoke that drive all just one Chris. Chris Shot Dan so pure. I've never smoked a drive. I've seen you smoke a drive. Monje like us like one good seven iron and I'm like and it's just that little bit of calm from that comes out and you're like I'm I now I have to experience is again. My apologies gotta go change. My pants and I usually don't even do that. I just go home. I drive home with the mess. I let sit in it so that I can remember that moment like what it felt like when I hit that one good shot finally pretty sick no no AH I get it. IBP twenty-three also brought to you by Indochino Indochino was founded on the belief that you don't need to spend a fortune on a custom wardrobe if you've never owned a made-to-measure suit if you've always worn a generic off the rack trash suit like a trash human. You have no idea what you're missing. 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She's also one author I think she should probably be considered a comedian. I think she's fucking hilarious. Also follows Ross Bowl and on twitter follows me on twitter for years now. We've been very close dear friends she's. She's never answered any my. DM's but I'm in the wedding party right. I wasn't a wedding party here in Mr Legend John Very personal very close personal friend of Mine we've never met. They have no idea who I am at the point but do she does follow me. That wasn't a joke. The point is they finally came to look trump acknowledged her and that was all it. I was GONNA take right. He freaked out on twitter as he does. Every single day as we spoke to earlier it's part of his his his his content strategy if you will and it works he was freaking out he said when all the people pushing so hard for criminal justice reform were unable to come even close to getting it done they came to me as a group and asked for my help I got it done with a group of if senators and others who would've never gone for it. Obama couldn't come close Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah bitching but now that it past people that had virtually nothing nothing to do with it are taking the praise guys like boring musician John Legend and his filthy mouth wife are taking are talking thing now about how great it is but I didn't see them around when we needed help getting it passed he called Chrissy Teigen. John Legend's filthy mouth wife and didn't he's. She's the only person in this tweet storm that didn't get a tag. So of course you went at him and of course she. I mean if you just go look at Christie's time line right now. You'll see some of the responses I think everything she said. Fifty thousand fucking re tweets ask wing. This is what we're here though for Dan wants so here for the president call it. Dan just wants to die right president calling John Legend's wife a filthy mouth woman though is exactly what I love about this country. We need that more yeah it is this is the this is the entertainment should do this in real life yeah but nicest twitter. The thing is trump fucked up because if you like all right Dan if it was you if you level an attack on somebody on twitter you call somebody filthy mouth tour. Whatever whatever you do something I probably wouldn't do you wouldn't do that? Let's say hey you come at some dude. You Bury somebody I don't know Dan buried buried somebody just pretend and then they come back at you and they succeed in encountering like they punch they punch back hard and you're like Oh shit. They had they had some some for me. You have to reply to that. You gotTa keep going you. Keep the back and forth going right. You don't WANNA lose. Trump just moved on which is deal. He just fires off Shit and then he ignores all he has some things going on in the White House right now. This seems important though is it. It's it's John Legend in Chrissy. teigen is foul mouth wife. It's a bigger than what's going on with Saudi Arabia and Yemen. I read about that this morning. Warning a little bit there now homemade shit out like should we talk about this fucking oil situation because I'm pretty sure they just bombed the biggest oil field on the face and we're just given all the weapons of Saudi Arabia. It doesn't matter which is a real problem though for like the I don't know if you'll remember this but last time people started freaking out about gas prices and there was oilfields getting bombed Shit did not go oh well for us for a while for like ten years it sucked Dick so if we could avoid that that would be nice just keep gas around two bucks here. Yeah AH gasoline flowing drive a truck. Let's keep it well. I drive an O five Lexus sedan that almost one thousand percent cannot not pass any type of emissions test. I think I might leak gas. I need that gas to stay cheap Dan. I don't even drive that much but I need that fucking gas cheap. I'm sad daddy. You didn't care about my teagan trump fucking segment. I'm not as close to Chrissy Teigen's you so I'm very indifferent with her. I tried to Google Google Zach Galifianakis movie coming out on Netflix Yeah the between two ferns Yeah Chrissy Teigen's in it so were you a fan of between two ferns on Funnier die or whatever humor okay. I think it's like one of the funniest things in the world gal this entire the cast stew for this movie is unreal. It's everybody but it's always been that was always the thing about between two kettles and he would get like the president to agree to come on and the show is just tim making fun of the person that doesn't stop in an interview start at some point it literally just shredding and breaking the person and they're obviously the in on it and they lean into it and that's what makes it so much fun but I was always so in awe of the tally Ho the powerful people well he was able to pull in there you ever thought about piven to that kind of style comedy. I don't nobody's ever going to be able to do it as well as he did it. I don't think just keep a straight face. The entire town like between between two plants like that and then just the way he I just think that's what it's like. If you found your perfect voice that was what he was born for I was born to like smoke pot and talk about anxiety and depression. He was born to sit between two plants and would the most famous people in the world and make funny jokes ever. I was born to call scarface and then bring your ass in here. It's slightly different life but I like mine. It's not signed bad life. I tried to Google Amazon. CEO earlier because as you just I forgot who Jeff Bezos was because again the pot Amazon ass was the auto credit. Would that pull up exactly what you would expect just. I don't know what to expect Amazon. Ask can you order ass online. 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Excuse me plus free shipping and returns earns next segment September Patriot on guest preview Dan. I told you I got to sit down with Todd Gresley rhymes with Elvis Presley right. He's as a as I said gallery director still kicking yourself about not making a movie cool. I'm upset about it. I decided I'm GONNA pull five. Maybe ten minute clip here from the interview from Todd Nice discussion so the young get a feel for how it went see exactly how patriotic dot com slash Ross Bohlin podcast works every episode on there is ad free as I mentioned we bring in one special guest each month for a focused special guest episode and then we do a hotline call extravaganza and we do columns and shit as well. It is a lot of fun it is cheap and you get to both support the show and receive additional. RVP In exchange our guest for the month of September is Todd Gresley. It is fantastic. Here is as a small taste for you right now all right so now we're joined by. Mr Todd Gresley grimes with what Gretzky is Elvis Presley Elvis Presley. I'm not not Gretzky. That'd be that'd be the same last name. It'd be a totally different Eski. I'd be a soccer or hockey player so you're the you're the gallery director for for a Oh five zero five gallery gallery in Austin and well first off. I guess the way I became familiar with you. I went to a show at your gallery or it was a I guess it was your sort of like reopening or something like that. It's anyone's ago it was just in the middle of a grand reopening right from art gallery which I changed to. Ao Five Live Gallery but we were doing a big thing for west and we had seven hundred entries artists come in to be one of the final twenty artists to this show during West okay. I know the big west with all the different art galleries opened their doors and homes open the doors for art so I'd over seven hundred entries like it was unbelievable and I got it down to twenty twenty. Seven people supposed to only be twenty but I couldn't decide. There's so many great talents in Austin so anyway you met me at the Big West Fest thing which twenty-seven artists artists and I was going on and on about how amazing these unsigned unappreciated artists all right around the city and I went around the gallery in it's phenomenal the collection Sheena work was just it was it was something I was very impressed by and I like art a lot. I'm thirty two years old. I don't have art money obviously Bernie means yet but I'm getting there and I've started a little collection and me and my wife Love Art and it's the reason we found ourselves your gallery that night and as as a result I wanted to get you on the show to just sort of talk about how the art world works and how you got into it so first of all. You're the art gallery director at a class that's right. How do you start like how do you? How do you become the director for an art gallery? I get asked a lot yeah so it all all comes down to halfway halfway through my life. I can't do math so this is why we don't know you could be dead before this. I've heard worse believe believing worst predicaments so around twenty four years old and I'm forty five even though people think I'm sixteen around twenty four years old I I do super good for myself. You are thank you and everything else in moderation as we might have discussed before the ship but no I twenty four years years old I was I'd quit the rock band I was in I had moved to Texas and we were doing really really well by the way I just wasn't ready for that lifestyle. I moved moved to Texas and I was. I got hired mileage. How you say companies on you want okay so I worked Pacific somewhere? Okay at at the a mall way up north. He's sound West called in Houston yeah but like not woodland's but like West. I don't know where it was too big. Yes I'm from Houston at I have not I have a house. We'll get into that later in the show so I started working in this mall. That's that's thirty minutes away from my house. I'm living in Montrose area. Okay so this little rinky-dink apartment and I'm I've lived in Montrose and originating apartment ironically enough. My Dad lived in a garage apartment and I slept on the floor for a full year anyway but that's part of that's part of how I grew up is exactly your story story right there. Yeah so suddenly I find myself working going from a rock band opening up for Lenny Kravitz and playing with cheap trick to working at Pacific somewhere okay all right okay so slight change in a big chair humbling humbling Yeah Nice drug down behind the truck because this is the nineties and so I'm employees and the manager comes me on day three and she says you're sober qualify off for this job like I think I know what I want to do with you and she made me a store manager at the galleria somewhere and so I ended up there and we turn the store around like we fix the store made it from the lowest part of the company to win the highest in the coming. They came to me and and they're they're very kind of you. Don't get me wrong but the raise wasn't what what I wanted and I just left my job after a year. I was like this isn't it. I can't manage these kids and I was a kid too. Don't get me wrong twenty four years old but you know kids as late to work mobile blood and I said this is often. What am I doing wrong well at the time there? Is this big art party sort of thing going on and I was invited but I was the wrong todd. This is not a joke and this is a whole another podcast. I swear it I ended this party and this guy's they're saying Oh oh well one of the reasons you're invited. They want you to interview. At this little tiny art gallery art gallery holy crap like things are coming full circle and later on the PODCAST. I'll tell you why it's full circle okay so I go to this job interview and they're like no. You're not the todd we're looking at different with a different last name the last night that's like I said hold actually Todd Gretzky yeah. That's Todd Gretzky there Dan. I'm Todd Gresley so anyway I do this job job interview anyway and it was to be the assistant an art gallery tiny art gallery about as big as this room times to maybe right is that of total for instance who incidence I got this interview and so and it being the assistant and within a year I was the gallery director wow again kind of like Pakistan like if I want something and I'm determined to get I'm going to go get it. Go full speed ahead. Whatever it is yes because I was told by my parents told by counselors etc that there are things that I just can't do right and when you're told that as a child and you know you can do you're going to go do it? Why were you told there were things that you can't do well for instance? I wanted to major in our at ball state university okay well. That's where I went to school in Indiana the ANA yes. I started my grandparents all right so I I grew up in a little town called Anderson Indiana. It's a Church of God capital in the world. Basically you know sandy patty hometown Christian singers. There's all that so grandparents are missionaries but very awesome supportive people another podcast however stories pretty interesting. I love it so I went to ball state. I did all through high school like when I was a kid. Even my brother would write down things and I couldn't write yet my mom. We'll just draw it so I started drawing this stuff and then I started writing these books and illustrating them when I started learning how to write and you know kindergarten first grade getting really good at and it was taken all the art class could high school. I take an all the art you could possibly take my junior fascinated with Asia because I knew I could not only do it well. There's this kid named ally road. If you ever here's this I'd be really happy he was we ran. Excuse me just move our schools from Lindbergh elementary to kill back elementary school for third grade and he drew this carousel sell not kidding like this. This is great this carousel with people and things all right. I said how do you how did you draw that. You don't have something to look at. He goes I saw it once and I referenced instance in my mind dances third grade damn they referenced. He's always always drawing. Stick figures like blowing each other when I was doing I wrote this book on King Worms Worm Kings capes and crowns and shit right so that's going to you and that s three lines connect the lines and everything that's the most I just did it on everything color the color and the angles and shit. That's the most I've gotten me jared. Is that fucking s whatever that thing is yeah so there you go. There's a little taste of my interview with Todd Gresley Patriotic Dot com slash Ross Bohlin podcast for the full thing todd we appreciate you as as you know Dan. You got anything else. The you wanted to touch on and talk about today before you and is skedaddle in and go out and dominate the rest of our Monday or what I mean. Is this where I shamelessly promote everything. I'm working on right now. Import Yeah Okay. I mean in part meaning. Also I really do. Is there any any I actually am doing things. I'm not just wandering around aimlessly into moving meth and smoking breath. Does I have a college football podcast with Rob Fox and J Coleman two of my other former colleagues and Co workers. It is called unofficial visit unofficial visit is on itunes still going to figure spotify but for now it's on I tunes and I'm GonNa. I'M GONNA try to get on every other platform but for now go listen great we still need to we need rob the figure out how to talk into a microphone because every time mean Jason Great Rob just doesn't know how to properly talk into microphones as a little head is flailing around of course Oh Yeah you know rob. Oh yeah he's not staring down the barrel of the MIC. It's like a less serious serious college football podcast very similar like back to recover you guys if you look at this. It's not that serious wow right then we actually did a comedy album me. Bouche jared was in a little bit we automatic Courtney Campbell whose ROB's it's six episodes. It's called spare bedroom. Okay the week is going to be in all my social media platforms which is on Instagram at Damage D. A. N. R. E. G. E. S. T. E. R. on instagram grand twitter. There is a what does that underscore so underscore gesture in underscore gesture on twitter It's been a battle. This thing's been done for months right now right and we were trying to get it on apple like because it's not the same process as a podcast is a comedy album right so we're going through everything. There's there's apple. I think still has the price like nine ninety nine which is not what we want. Okay we do not want to charge people money but if you go to the link in all my instagram handles and everything they're going to be the proper price for five bucks. It's like two and a half hours of just sketch comedy. It's great I spend a lot of time. We wrote recorded. I did a lot of like production into this podcast. I did a lot of FX and that's it's really it's. It's got a little bit of everything for everybody. It's it's kind of like an SNL type deal. Nothing really connects with the other. I've been excited to see I mean like you in particular but also rob and Jake Ah to continue doing content stuff on the side yeah. It's it's Kinda crazy now that it's not our job. It's an actual grind yeah you have to do. I feel like that's the way more creative when you get an appreciation for like what like you said. We didn't know what we had a go at our job right next. We didn't really know so when you're you're trying to do this on the side and you realize you actually love doing this stuff because you're making time for it. When you really should catch some sleep and stuff yeah yeah but or like go do other I mean I know it's one of the things that you realize you're doing it because you love it right so the I believe the first episode is free if not got no way to know the dates yet just go to the limbaugh called spare bedroom? It's GonNa it's on apple two It's on a lot of platforms but forever when you Upload Things Forget. The price is kind of fluctuates. I was watching a clip yesterday and chance the rapper was explaining that there's like four or five of these companies that that are that exists now and actually this is relative to what scarface and I would just Brad Jordan and I were discussing on an our caller earlier there therefore five companies where you pay a fee and they get your your music or your comedy album or whatever we would be on Itunes your movie movie in some cases I believe threat distributed so you pay like the five ninety nine a month or whatever and they make sure your shit is on every single platform spotify apple podcast bub-bubba above one of those third parties. CD Baby Okay which is Lincoln my bio. That's where you can actually buy the album because like everywhere else it kind of like uploaded to just sit the wrong price. The only proper prices on CD baby weird it. It sucks so we send in a request to apple takes like a month yeah APP because nobody really cares. No apple has like four employees on the apple podcasts side of things and I imagine that the music ones probably like twenty people or something and then they have literally every musician in the world emailing and being like I did my shit fixed or here's the price that needs to be changed or like the description is wrong so it takes a fucking wild reason but so this this his pocket or the comedy album is like it ranges from everything from the it starts with a Cockney Hooker in a Vegas Bachelor party okay and it goes. I mean Boutros stuff Robert Soft so you know it's like skin quality. Good content just just drown you know going out on a limb here. Is there a come joke in there at some point. There's a few come jokes. yeah fixing quite a few figured that very excited for my mom to try to sling my album to our co workers and you you haven't you haven't passed this point in your life yet where you've just given up on anybody ever thinking. You're a good person. I've gone past. That point has a long time ago yeah well I. I mean we like you know your parents. It's no what you do for a living and they are what you do for a non living and they have to explain it to you and then you just like there was a point in my life where that used to bug me where I remember thinking like fuck. My Mom mantell again see right now. It's more. I don't care what my parents say or what they think who they tell their friends when I have out to introduce myself in a social setting then what do you do is just like I really great and you gotTa Start on people well Yeah I. I have kind founded invested in myself lately. I know fucking sounds terrible should never ever say that ever again but that being said you should also do get into some multilevel Martineau NAF. God took such dark what did you did. I gotTa tell you every sales job in Austin is a pyramid scheme. It's insane all right. We'll pay you one hundred hundred percent commission. Yes nothing else and it's higher on site. You look you go in for an interview and a great fit. I like I haven't talked to you okay. I don't get these companies. This is how do they exist. There's so many there's a few of them in Austin though where they were hiring in sales yes and they were hiring ex and this is the thing this is a this is a very strange thing it is in some. I'm way multilevel marketing comparable in its companies. I don't want to name any of them and then get. My Dick sued off to name them no I can't. I'm still have the money to sue you. I thought they don't have the money to pay as analyses they should do. They somehow too but it's super super stacked so like I knew a girl who graduated from Texas State University and I'm not GonNa say anything else about her. Other than Texas State is Texas fucking state Dan. It's not Harvard. It's not other good schools she got a job but one of these companies in Austin and she was pulling in like three hundred thousand dollars a year the first couple of years that is the amount of money that like CEO's make and she was super super hot and she was like I mean of moderate intelligence ends I guess personable. I couldn't wrap my head around like why I was making twenty. Two K. and this chick was making three hundred thousand dollars a year working at a company selling like like extra printers and parrot cages and like the most random shit possible but that's one of those companies work in the fucked up thing is as some of these. It's a lot of young women that they hire for the most part and that's not like me being sexist. It's them being I was in college. I actually proposed to the fraternity that we should only get into a pyramid scheme where every pledge class has to buy into it so everyone every year just goes up goes up a level. That's the key right right. I mean fraternities are essentially pyramid skin. If when you think about it you pull your money you use it to everyone's benefit. The older you get the the higher you get up in the our fraternities weirdly socialist where we kinda sort of it is a little you put your money all on and then you all use. It never really thought about that because I think makes no sense. All the old rich white guys in the world hates socialism but they love their frat but yet like even these is companies. Oh an awesome. Most of them aren't on anything that how do you sell marketing to these companies. Most people most most of these companies like forty followers on twitter instagram. What do that's that's the best thing to? I'm going to interviews for like social media jobs with just brandon fucking companies. I went for like a company that nick sex toys and stuff yeah. They have like ten follow always especially now now flush competitor not not like. I think it's like an e. D. Thing what does he oh wow this function. I won't say the company but like what is he d they're like why do you think you would be like a good fit for our social media manager. I'm like because I have like I. I'm not even trying a stunt here. Let's just I have six thousand times. The following you have of your company you Tire Company and I don't even have big following Yo. It's funny but there's it's like an endless amount of jobs if you can learn social media and learn it from like the way you and I have a hired me they don't WanNa hire people that are verified and know how to run social media accounts. It's because they're like oh like that's intimidate. Well Dan they google your name and then they're like what the fuck and then they run for the hills but that's that's your fault that you joined the content game. This is the life you signed up for and being in the game in a box you do. It's like being in the mafia bro or the rap. Check it out. There's three ways out one of them's in a box one of them's in another you want another kind of box and then the others in a box but a very nice big box. It's imagine house like Jay. Z Mid your yeah so just constant grind right now got a job for the time being just in the mornings at a lifetime fitness. Are you doing personal training eventually eventually but for now I'm kind of just member associate making as much money as I was interning golf channel. Did you say humble eventually but for now you're just a member like you go to work out out there. No no no. I'm a member service. Oh thank God I work there because Dan that's I was gonna say that's not a job you don't nobody goes to the gym and then says that they were at that. was them going to work today so I thought that was instagram influencers yeah actually that's a very good point at what point what body fat percents to get down to before I can just start slinging I think TV the and Berry Energy three three three three followers no three percent body fat a three percent body fat yet is the percent you need to get to before you can sell me any any amount of T. Then I will buy your T. Maybe become a youtuber. Maybe you need to personally train me. Dan Steps are getting actually. It's not my biceps that I need to worry about every other piece of my body. That's running away I think as I waved my hands around so much when I'm in here talking my arms have stayed relatively in shape but everything else is like it's like a a an eighty four year old woman who's been bedridden for a month. That's the rest of my body muscle. I mean the only reason I'm in shape now because I have nothing else to do and now the job but it's early in the morning and then the rest of the day it's just workout and I work at a gym so there and you're already on there so you're Jackson Obama ready to fucking go ready to just put something through a wall fuck dude. That's a life but yeah go please. It would be very very the girl the man Dan if you follow me if you listen and subscribe to unofficial visit the College football podcast and of course spare bedroom which is a comedy comedy album. I'll tell you what I did this thing for this thing for months and I'll still laughing at the end so that's that's how you know it's good. You should just say anytime. You don't know how long you spend on something say thousand hours. That's what idea is that the the knock-on glad well Book No. I think that's like ten thousand hours and then you're an expert. Is that even true now. How the fuck could he know that is he a snake like a snake oil salesman Gladwin? Yeah no man go listen to revisionist history. It's tight. I don't think he like holds up something about him. That like it makes you feel a little uneasy. I know what you're saying but it's not that he's just he's too smart. He's smart and he uses guys like you and me who like to speak in more norm. Is He smart or is it. He's just a really good talker and he knows a lot about. I think everything I think it's both so so that's really what you just need to convince people that a lot but it makes me he makes me uncomfortable. I can't do it. He's too smart yeah the word he might be the words he uses in the way talks. I'm like like anybody's who's this smart and using this big awards has to be trying to trick me. It has to be a trick and that's just because that's the level of insecurity security. I have with my own intelligence. You GotTa get over that you just gotTa realize you are idiot buffoon a moron. I just get so much easier if you just I admit to that ignorance is bliss. Don't expect too much out of yourself. Okay I mean definitely try definitely. Go Out and be the best you but like different talk. Try Don't set these high lachey expectations that you're gonna be this this massive star right just like idiot. I'm stumbling into success. That's the key to life. You know what I would say though Dan I think each person has to figure out that outlook or the angle that makes since and for you that is absolutely the fucking angle like your comedy and your your sense of humor is all is just geared toward towards self-deprecation meathead. Yeah love where meathead yet isn't really software. Yes you start like started doing good explanation yeah. It's you start doing things ironically because you deep down want to do it right and she was like oh no. It's a Jo- really it's shirtless yourself. Ah That's what a joke what a clown this guy isn't that the weird thing about comedy though is like I always dave is one of the guys that makes me think about that that well every once in a while. I'll see David you live long enough for you to become the what he's doing a bit but I also know it's actually just him. He just wants to do it but to everybody else. It's a bit but it's literally just because he wants to do that. I feel like that's like ninety eight percent of your comedy now that's every like that's pretty much. Everybody Grandad's now. That's true that's true yeah. It's just just like oh no dude. It's it's a joke. It's a bit it's like now. You put it's GonNa be that Oh we're all we're all fucking literally doing this like every day trying to get back to where we WANNA be. No I mean minutes. Do the content game's the funnest thing ever it is because you get to do dumb shit in creative with your friends and entertain other people while I'm on. I'm a nobody no name and for some reason seven thousand dollars on twitter these are if you think about that in like we made seven thousand people fucking laugh. I guess for a lot more than that hopefully more probably more probably just because of the the plant knows literally it is impossible that is less than that yeah yeah but yeah no it's kind of like why would you ever follow me and it doesn't make sense without a go. Listen to unofficial visit and buy spare bedroom the comedy album that nobody asked for. We're going to anyway yeah. Dan Rea Gesture on Instagram at Dan Underscore Register on twitter. That's correct right yeah right G. E. S. T. E. R. Fuck Yeah. I even forget how to pronounce my name Hafez on just because everybody just thinks register I quickly. Did you picked it up. Yeah Yeah Weird though 'cause like I still say jared's name wrong on purpose I mean and Dylan's your Dan Jose Don's Los An- Shivpuri regime resource both to say it but I think I said it incorrectly so many times that I've ruined everyone else else. Nobody else knows how to say his name. I like that but yeah we had a lot of fun today. Dan I appreciate you coming in Dude. before everybody heads out we have some important announcements quickly again. Patriots dot com slash Ross Bohlin podcast special guests this month Todd Gresley director of my favorite Art Gallery in Austin to legal legal obligations to I have to say them now. You know what I'm gonna Sam because there's a lot of yahoo would probably never been here before as a result of Mister scarface being kind enough to join US number one. You need to rate and review do the show if you enjoyed what you heard that please go on Apple podcasts specifically. If you listen on spotify soundcloud that's cool. 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I'm kind of ashamed of everything that grant x with the video stuff but I I definitely stepped out your shamed. Would you agree. This wasn't good production value. I can't judge production election value but speaking of watch but you're GONNA need more video and hit some points so what Oh Brookwood if you're looking to donate September philanthropy initiatives support the Brookwood community for adults. Let's with disabilities in Houston T. L. Y. Slash donate four. BP The are the being the PR all upper case everything else lower case B I t dot L. Y. Slash donate eight for our BP quickly check and see what dollar amount James and Jeffrey Coker up to on our little fundraising thing here. If I can get the fucking Internet to work or not do do this is podcasting and nobody can see me. They just have to computer worked. we are up to seventy three donors twelve thousand nine hundred twenty six dollars leading leading the race by not much bill overstreet our arch nemesis has taken huge leaps and bounds to be only a thousand dollars behind does now at this point first of all bill impressive stuff. I thought we buried you sir. I thought you were done. I thought you were dead and gone. I thought Davis Bankston was the only other team we would need to worry about. TURNS OUT BILL NOT GONE BE. It Dot L. Y. Slash donate four the number four R. B. Get in there and make sure the James James and Jeffrey Coker stay at the top of the charts. I do not like what I'm seeing from both bill overstreet in Davis Bankston chasing us down that is not cool or BP gang get in get get in there and do your thing Dan. This is your last opportunity anything else you WANNA say say right the fuck now I mean I would donate to that. Call sounds like a great cause but I gotta buy a carton eggs today not you Aetna Edna 'cause isn't for your broadcast and it's for the people who don't Yeah Jester or Dan Daschle gesture on Van Mafia on. Hey listen if you laughed so hard today at some point that you felt pain then modano dollar now. You don't have to just a dollar. If you want to yeah the book. She wanted not every listener donates dollar. I get to live this dream dollar. You'd better give me ten percent of that shit because I used the money to that will do it for BP to twenty two thanks for having twenty-three it sounds kind of like a horror film like room to twenty three or something dangerous dangerous. Save my ass on the you did what I said I said. Rb Twenty Two twenty three and then you're like this is episode twenty three you stupid fuck but it does sound a little bit like a horror movie a little bit. I think there was the room something a hotel room three three three or something I watched that movie doesn't sound good. It wasn't good. I think it was John Kuzak. Maybe Morgan Freeman okay. Those are actors. Yeah Morgan Freeman cancelled or is he back. He's fine now right. I really confused because okay I had like you know how photoshop the shop pictures of celebrities holding signs today's my name all the episodes. You haven't been sued yet. I had to stop first of all because turns out that's it's illegal but then also a couple of my favorite signs everywhere Morgan Freeman and then when Morgan Freeman got like I don't I'm not sure where that ended up but de eh step granddaughter. It was something fucking weird where everybody was like. Oh No not America's narrator and I couldn't use the Morgan Freeman photos anymore but this leases awesome. Yeah I noticed recently. It seems like we've approved of whatever it is that Freeman did well doesn't issue. We're trying to cancel Chapelle for some reason so no no. They're not yeah no. It's no woodley's cancelling the vocal minority I if you're if you're again great stand up by the way the new one yeah I think he explained it so perfectly at the end did I don't understand how he does. I still think yeah but this one do. That was another level when you if you can't make fun of transpeople then you're literally saying saying they're not treated differently everyone else yeah. He does that all the time. He asked to explain all the jokes and I mean there's a few this special. There is a few like cringe moments where it's like. I spy expect it will but yeah but but like the grand like message throughout the entire things get those cringe moments come from is him and Neil not in writing together. Probably I think neil was the Polish to the chapelle genius because it is Neil so far left to chapelle would bounce him out a little bit yeah. Yeah Neal's very very far left which is weird to have a white guy with a black guy to me for some reason like well. Chapelle has been living in Ohio recently so or always did he ever fucking leave. He's from DC but strong DC why does he love Ohio lives on a farm you get away. Nobody really bothers him yeah but like we never figured out all the all the rich white people they go by forms in like Wyoming and Montana and shit like we were talking about earlier. Dave went to on you Ohio yeah why not I would argue though house like one of the three where states in America besides Mississippi and West Virginia that trying trying to think of like but if I pick the worst state I've been to Tam fucking difficult Delaware. I've never been in Delaware. I I feel like I haven't been in like I have not been to our shittiest states probably West Virginia outside of Morgantown. There's nothing have you ever seen the Randy Moss documentary commentary. I've seen part of it yeah. That's a good yeah. That's that's West Virginia. Okay okay. There's the Meth they've they've got the no they have huge Coppola Granules Arby's has the meets with Virginia has the Madden West Virginia has the painkillers and we all have the painkillers yeah in the heroine what that was another cool part. Dave stand up when he was like he's talking about white people in heroin epidemic. We finally got our own cracking epidemic. They don't care good luck. They already got we already got through this shit ourselves ed so stand up lies. I think I've liked the last three but this was this I think the best ones the small town comedy club in the set the second one of the Netflix Netflix ones yet the bird heard equal whatever it is. Where do you yeah that one was really good? That was my favorite when he's just kind of like cracking up at his own in front of one hundred people revelation for it. It might be that the bird revelation yet. His specials have been recently the new bill Burr special is bad. It's not good is bad ooh dude. I haven't watched it yet. It's it's like all the worst parts of this chapel stand-ups. Oh No. He's just going really all in on stuff but it's lazy and it's like Dude. You're better than that yeah because his old stuff the couple that I've watched bilberries are like some of the funniest stand overseeing yeah Bam. I gotta go watch now. He's like I think he's just too much comedy like does seem to be redoing Alaska's won. He lives like one or two a year. One every two one or two years Chapelle just dropped five in two years but he's also at a different stage of his career. where like Dave well first of all to them? Were pretty much fucking freestyle like one of these not even he's just like fucking around. He's smoking a jewel the whole time making stuff up at the top of the one in awesome. That's his worst one. Oh that was awful. Let's just be honest. That was a very bad bit of stand-up. That was a man that showed up and said. I don't want to work tonight and got one hundred million dollars for no fucking reason that was bad shit. That was not cool. WHO's backup also respect if I could do it I- Absa fucking lutely would absolutely would but the newest one there's no jewel first of aw which sort of bummed me out? I don't know something about watching David. The jewel me happy makes me feel better about myself because I don't the jewel probably shouldn't all all these cases coming out kids in the hospital over this past weekend and shit this past couple of weeks got real with the jewel and then now. I can't stop seeing the meam. Handgun Kills X. Amount of people government. Does nothing Joe kill six kids. we mango becomes illegal or whatever but like I'm not sure that's a fair comparison. It seems like big tobacco something to do with that yeah but doesn't the NRA wait. I thought big tobacco was already behind. All the Jewish it anyway are in the case. I like good old fashioned cigarettes. Yeah that's America. I agree with that. I'm not a jewel guy. I don't like the if you're gonNA smoke smoke for forty years and die horribly when you're seventy five right. Don't smoke a jewel die when you're twenty two because of weird and whatever sent word out in long or whatever yeah that's not the way looked. Nobody makes fun of like John Wayne. I don't even know if John Wayne died of lung cancer. I don't think he did people make fun of the kid who dies because he jeweled too hard. You'RE GONNA get made fun of if Joel Kills You. Poses not cool. Smoking cigarettes is cool. That's true there's always been sudden like inherently currently bad ass about smoking CIGS in movies Westerns for as long as I can remember I inherently the to give the army in World War Two just lucky associate lucky strike but by inherently what I mean is the opposite of that we've just been programmed to make cigarettes bad ads because you've seen a hundred bat ask the most bad ass people you've ever known or seen in movies and TV and then every time we see jewel. You're like that's kind of land yeah because it reminds you of like all all the things that are horrible about millennials. Come all the have serious yeah. That's what it does. It's got a bad rap. We got to leave this place. I hope you'll enjoy today's episode that will do it for. RTP Repeat to twenty three record produced by Mike Moody and Grant Davis at Permanent Record Studios in Austin Texas. We'll catch you next time on episode two hundred twenty four. RVP To four coming. I think Thursday potman gets paid gang gang gang peace be

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