Yeah, I Said It!: Theres a razor thin line between success and failure for the Steelers


Pittsburgh steeler fans welcome back to another episode of Year I. Set it. For those of you on Youtube, and even for those of you listening on Podcast, you can tell that this is not lance. Williams? This is behind the steel curtain editor Dave Scofield I'm stepping in for Lance Lance's dealing with some minor ailments at the moment. I'm just going to call it I. Personally I think it's because you know. The man turned fifty and I was getting old I. Don't know you gotTa. Bust on Lance a little bit. But I'm here for episode of Yeah I said it, and I teased it in our in our twitter to say I might have someone joining me for this show, so actually do have someone that is going to be joining the hair, so I'm gonna go ahead and bring him up and say hey, hey, buddy, how you doing today. Hire. Good it's great to be. You're you sound terrible? You sound you know maybe just a little bit too angry. Snap into that snickers. Cigarettes. What a difference! That's yours make. Hey, what's up? Yes for those dog once? You might not understand what's going on, but if you heard it now, yes, this is one. Former editor behind the curtain. On to talk some steelers with me today, so we're gonNA, talk about the steelers stuff I I didn't agree to that. We're going to you. Know what? I'm trying to see down the bottom. I'm wait for him to finish his Katie and then we will actually bring back in we. Don't WanNa live cameras, he. Chews on a Candy Bar, but yes I just happened to be Story was I was. I was actually communicating with Jeff today because. I help run softball league. And there was a fire or one of meals and Jeff played their last night, saying Hey Jab. Yeah, how was it and everything and just talking up like I'm going to be doing the podcast later days ago? What time you going on and I'm like? Who after you know hopefully around four o'clock why you WANNA come on. Sure, I'll come on and hey, I'm not gonNA turned him down, so we have Jeff Hartmann sitting out. How are you this afternoon? I'm great great. It's Friday. Excited to be here. It's I've missed this place I tell you that missed jabbed. Miss Talking with you. All about steelers football in a you'll skinner, said like came off a bender I agree he's in. I'll be honest with you. Brian's the PODCAST director so I said Hey. Yeah, there's a chance that maybe just Komo's Brian is like Oh, I got this. Brian's intro this was his idea of what an excuse to eat a snickers. What really was man? I have not had a candy bar in months. Because you know I'm dropping down to sixty five. I'm my lowest weight ten years. And but today look good that sneakers was. It was the mini. It was the bite, so the fun size, which is not fun by the way it's not. A little bit of candy. I've always had a problem with that. They fun size, but I think a fun I think enormous. I think is something huge and I'm like okay. We're just allowed to have a little bit of fun I'm like not fun okay that. I I digress. Can I make a comment? Meyer at the softball field that means. Jefferson was burning up the base paths. Burning about their. The outfield smelled like burnt popcorn best. A survey well, people are probably wondering how the word of the softball field catch on fire because it's. Drier works off. Week it's been very dry and they hadn't had to mow the grass sense and they went over, and apparently when they were mowing the grass, one of the pieces of debris still had something live with it and when the mower hit, it sparked it and. Wish luckily no one was hurt. Except for the grass on the field so. That's that's an intro. That's an intro there. Let's talk about some stuff with steelers. We talked about it last night on the preview that that we mentioned about the situation going on with the Washington franchise, and and not just the name change, but the the breaking news that happened with that yesterday. And unfortunately, because I'm still so busy, I don't feel like I have educated myself enough on the topic to come on and tell you all everything about it, so you all are probably has educated about as I am. So I'm just going to direct you to behind this curtain dot com where Jeffrey Benedict. He had a piece of went out there this afternoon. which covers that we just don't want to act like we're ignoring the issue, because ignoring the issue is not the right answer in the circumstance, so but at the same time we also want to make sure we have the that we're bringing things to you. Fully and accurately which? I also admit that I. I'm not able to do it this time. So. There's also some other stuff that's been the website and this is kind of what we're. This topic came from tonight and it was an article. We actually did in two parts. called. The what ifs of the two thousand tents? And it was if this wouldn't have happened. How would that have changed the steelers season? For, those of you might not have seen this article it. It really laid out some some crazy stuff. It started off with you. Know what if what for Charbonnet Hall had two fumble in, and I'm going to get the number on in the two thousand ten super bowl you know and let onto forty forty forty five. Okay? Yes, forty was in two thousand five, so yet had to be forty five. So. That was that was a question it went through the entire decade brought up the issues of what if Joe Haden wasn't called for that pass interference. Against against either one of the pass interferences states. and. It got me thinking. And I've talked to you guys about this. How? Narrow? It really is in the NFL between a win and a loss. I mean one thing doesn't go your way, and you go from the two thousand, seventeen thirteen and three steelers who won who pulled out a lot of those close games to the two thousand eighteen. Nine six in one steelers who missed the playoffs just because they didn't come through on the right on the right end of those close games. It is a razor thin margin of error. What Jeff. Wouldn't you? As a former coach and everything I think you and I talked about this before. There's times in every game it could. It comes down to one or two place. Does. Yeah, that's Joe Gibbs. Famous Washington COGGI's to say. Is it a game of football? When the winner and loser can be boiled down to sometimes three or four plays, and it's the truth, and you always have those two yards in a cloud of dust, which me nothing, but then you have that pivotal pass interference call in the end zone. You have that. fluky bounce that goes one teams way, not the other I always think back to two thousand seventeen. Sunday night football Green Bay packers at Heinz Field Not Aaron Rodgers. Hunley was I believe now wasn't hunting. It was what was his name is a quarterback I drawn. Talk. About. You're right I was. In he was shocking. Everyone in all of a sudden, it looked like. Oh, my Gosh! The Green Bay packers without their all pro quarterback might come into Pittsburgh and beat him and Worn Brand Tonio Brown's bread dig yetlis catch on the sideline where no one thought that he got his feed in no one thought that he had possession of the football turned into a Chris Boswell field goal in. They ended up winning the game and it was. Users think about what could have happened in terms of. Let's say his. He didn't have possession of the ballers TAP Down Bounds. They lose that game now. The sudden it's a totally different in the in the article. The which I read today. highlights a lot of is inserted part one a lot of those scenarios where it's like. Wow, this. Just what happened different? There's a ripple effect, definitely a ripple. Brian. Those you WANNA highlight owner. Your thoughts on I. Love Those those are great, and let's go back to a very glorious Pittsburgh steelers win. Two thousand five well, it was January fifteenth of two thousand six. It was the divisional game. But, if something does not happen, not just in that game with the very night before a domestic dispute between Nick Harper and his wife, which led to her stabbing him in the leg. We have a kitchen knife. If? That doesn't happen. Maybe Nick Harper. Drew Bettis fumble all the way back for a touchdown, and the colts beat the steelers in that game. There's no super bowl. Forty victory the Seattle Seahawks, Jerome Bettis, he goes off, and he retires in I. Don't WanNa see disgrace, but on a down note. So. Thin Line. Yeah, there's a very thin line. It's razor thin between success and failure. Yet. There's so much more to that game you know. If I, always say what if and This is me not really conspiracy, theory, or anything like that but I'm telling you. The NFL wants games to stay close as long as possible and I'm sorry. Trick Paulo Malou intercepted that ball road over, and as he was getting it up, his knee knocked it out of his hand, and they call it incomplete on an overturn not just that they would. that. They thought that was evidence to overturn. That was to be that as example number one of the NFL. Wants to keep the Games competitive for as long as possible that ended that game, that game was going to be done at that moment, and it's not that I'm not saying that. The NFL wanted the colts to win, which they probably did, but they at least one of the game to be closer for longer than that, and so there's so many things in that game which then leads leads to a superbowl steelers. The steelers have the experience the playoff experience to them when the Super Bowl three years later. You know it's a big ripple effect, but that's what if that's about all the what ifs. The question is how do you keep those what ifs from happening and burning you all the time? Because that's what to me, I still say. That is the difference between two thousand, seventeen and two thousand eighteen. You can even say it was. The the amazing leg of Chris Boswell in seventeen to whatever happened to Chris. Boswell, when eighteen. That I want to on one player, but I'm just like just one little thing is the difference between you know a one point loss in a two point win. So. What how? How do you control your own destiny more? Is it really all up to chance on some of these fluky plays or not? What do you think Jeff? You need to have luck on your side. That's important in any sport. Whether it's you know you think about your golfing. And you hit one into the trees, and somehow it spits it out and you still have a shot like this. I. Mean there's no skill involved, but you've acted chosen eighteen. Just think about some of the things that the steelers could control that they didn't. Really untimely fumbles and that was. Could be a sentiment for two thousand and nineteen as well. You think about Juju Smith Schuster fumble against Baltimore Week five in overtime you think back to into doesn't eighteen the fumble against the saints you think about James. Connors fumble against the browns. All these circumstances that the ball doesn't downstairs way, but the ball shouldn't be bouncing in the first place. You. Know so in that regard. If you do your job not to steal, you know. The slogan from that guy at North. At, the same time, if everyone just does their own job in, you don't have to leave it to chance all the time. Chris Boswell had a horrific two thousand eighteen season, but at the same time if they would have converted more than. You have had to rely on his leg to win games so I. think that there is a Lotta luck involved, but I also think that if a team goes out there, and they take care of business and I don't mean necessarily from running up the score in dominating by seven touchdowns, but not fumbling the ball, not turning it over. You know taking advantage of opportunities I. Mean How many times we see defensive back before Minkah Fitzpatrick where the ball hit them right in between the numbers, and they don't catch the football and it's. It's an easy interception. can't convert. Sites Elton Seventeen against the Patriots yet. Is the first one I thought of. Brian disagree or you might have another topic to bring into that, but that's what I think. I didn't get a control which you can't control. I agree with everything you're saying, but I want to add one thing. Go for the throat, so I've been watching a lot in a lot of old shows. Excuse me, not old shows old games from the seventies, the late seventies, even the eighties, and when Chuck Knoll was coaching even. Even seasons when Pittsburgh wasn't that great? I'm talking eighty, four, eighty, seven or eighty four, they went to AFC championship game, but those are not the story teams of the eighties and nineties. The two thousands excuse me the seventies, the ninety s thousands, but they scored quick. They scored often, and they went for a whole lot more. There's a lot more conservative approach for the Pittsburgh steelers where though rely on their defense more instead of taking chances and scoring more more often also. Not Being Conservative, when you're protect when you're up by fourteen, because this generation of the Pittsburgh steelers seems to lose leads a whole lot more than they ever did before. There's not much that I complain about on the coaching and of the ball, but sometimes the approach without going for that throat. Here's the thing when you put your boot on someone's neck. This is not not don't go out and do that. Condoning any violence, but you go for the kill in Spartans. You go for the kill and you've got to do it a lot quicker to not let those those little tiny instances. Just mess you up, so you widen the mart? Yeah You. Guys have really sum this up really well. You really have and. But of course you know I'm GonNa have to throw something else in their coach Tomlin says this all the time when people want to ask him about a bad call or something like that, that really affects the game. I think back to the to the chargers game in Pittsburgh in. In twenty eighteen with the constant false start penalties that were not called and things like that going on and things of those nature. and His answer always is. We can't put ourselves in a situation or something like that is the determining factor. And that's what it comes down to. If it's just all those games I if if you're season's success, is the difference between all those games having to go your way versus none of them going your way versus fifty fifty split. then. It's going to be really hard to get all the way to the Promised Land and hoists that Lombardi. You've got to be a team. That's just still a step above that. When when those things don't go your way, you can still get the win, and that's seems like that's always been. What? Usually you know it'll thirty one team summer nowhere close, but could be grouped into that category every year because it takes that team. So sometimes it just all goes their way. It really does, but you could have everything. Go your way and nothing go for the other team, and that other team can still win. You know that almost is what happened in well. One two week three last year. But now we also chalk that up to you know. The James Connor Fumble in San Francisco, but that was almost one of those games that the niners didn't do it. I mean they had all those turnovers into anything right and yet they still able to overcome and win that game so. Bottom Line is you've got to be good enough to take that luck. To take the luck factor out of it more often than not. Would you agree with that Jeff? Yeah Yeah I mean I, think the. Teams that I mean I'm saw it. In seventeen teams almost always have that lucky streak. It's GonNa. Run out sooner or later. You know it just is the the ball that. We talked about this a lot last year on our podcast. took the ball away so much. Can you actually rely on that again in. That's difficult to do because you can't I mean yeah, you can. Always a strip sack is phenomenal. You can't always rely on that play, and that's where the offense was just so. Awful but Job Man is driving me nuts in the live chat. Buff come on. How many? How many times has he mentioned brought? All! I've been looking, but. See now I had something to say. What it was so I'll just say. Seattle has two losses. where? I am quite tired. I do have very I mean all everybody in my family. There slits no. We're we're I'm not used to doing doing. PODCASTS with natural sunlight this time of day, so it's like you got a little bit because the sun's coming in your. Room, people might just be happy that they can actually see me without me to turn on lights and bring him into my room, but. I learned this Dave Jeff. I learned this in ninth grade history class that the KGB used to go after people at four am or four PM. Because that's when the by the human body is the most tired. For some reason now I don't really know how to. How to back that up with any fact but. I remember my ninth Grade History Teacher saying that and I always thought that was really cool. So there you go I'm going to jump in and say I was run a little bit late and I'm struggling right now because I usually have a four PM Cup of coffee and I can feel that four pm going on, but. Maybe, maybe we should, we should come back and. Bring it back to the steelers, and we want to go back to the KGB talk. You get it all here. Hasn and your steelers all in one place. I'm just glad you said. You said ninth grade history, not seventh grade health because you just never know what to. I way I bet you guys have some great stories. On what. Health Yep. Our. Stories dot questions I have received in seventh grade as a teacher, but add. That's a show for another time well I'M GONNA. Ask you a bunch of questions after the show. Out. Big. Nine today explained is making a whole summer series for kids. In Hey adults. You'll like it to seven. This week were logging a big corona virus mystery six. Will. We have a vaccine five? We get serious with science when the virus goes into the body. It's like a little soldier on a secret mission. I mean not. Fit Foods flaming is also really sticky at the same time like maple, Syrup. For. Scientific lose to find the answer. Open this door over here, too. One why why? Why? Why? Koop back with us to the island of explained every other Friday wherever you find, the today explained podcasts. Ryan brought up something here. That said about you. Go for the throat everything and it's kind of like the old saying that. I don't know where it comes from, but I know I've heard a lot. Prevent defense prevents you from winning. When that goes into that, prevent defense so early because they have a lead, and you get more worried about protecting the lead then you do. You know doing your thing and winning the game. We've all seen it so many times. We've seen how how it's all about momentum because it's all. A game because we saw it in the super bowl a few years ago I mean we all remember twenty eight to three. You know once a team comes back from that far down and ties the game. It's very rare that they don't win it because of of rolling back, so that's why you know. That was a lesson in the Super Bowl on the biggest stage that every team needs to remember now that they're like we don't let up. We don't let up. We don't let up. steelers didn't really have a chance to let up all last year, so that's something that I would like. I hope this is an issue that we that we have to talk about. In Two thousand twenty is at Oh. Man, we don't want the steelers to let up because that means they are getting leads and playing well. But they need to create their own. You can create your own luck, not by creating the luck, but by not letting luck effect you so. Why go ahead Jeff. I mean. They led the League takeaways last year and averaged eighteen points a game. They never once scored thirty points in an entire season. I mean think about that like think about how dreadful that is. In San Francisco game, they were gifted field position in the first quarter in. Did what they scored three points I think correct me if I'm wrong. They had three turnovers in the first quarter and I think they got three points of this turnovers. I think I think was six. Did they get feel goals I? Because I didn't okay, I think both of them. They were in fuel range got the turnovers so one of them they got pushed out. Because rough got sacked, it was a he was flushed out of the pocket and then add upon it was awful. I. I hope and pray that they have a chance to protect a lead because they never had that last year. You think back even to the Games that they won big Monday night against Cincinnati. They weren't. They didn't come out the gate. Really strong. They eventually took them over. And you know we also have what happened with Dalton. Et Cetera even the Monday night or against Miami. It was not a it was a close game. I was there I know. I don't know, but now that the offensive coordinator is back from injury. They, might, they might be in better shape to score points position, and be able to take advantage of those those turnovers. I was in the stands in two thousand, seventeen in the playoffs now little bit so I guess it was technically two thousand eighteen but the two thousand seventeen season I was also there for the earlier game with Jacksonville, so the fact that it was Jacksonville I was a little Leery, but there was something about that two thousand eighteen team that even when they got down, you still felt like they weren't completely ever out of it because they constantly kept finding away to win and finding a way to the way to win. The problem is you can't do that every time. Because all it takes is one time you come up just short which you know three-point short now granted. They scored. Basically time was expiring. To make it that close. All it takes is one one. It's this isn't. This isn't NHL. This isn't NBA. This isn't MLB. You're not doing best of seven in the playoffs. It's win or you're done, so you you can't. You can't rely on I'm going to have that magic moment to come back and win nine nine out of ten games down the stretch because it's not one loss. It's GonNa. It's GonNa. Keep you from getting there, so you you have to be able to. To. Set Your own destiny, and that's why the the whole point of yeah I said it. There's a razor thin. How do even remember how he said it? said it raises. yeah, it's razor thin line between between success and failure margin of error. Things like that. That's why because that's the nature of the NFL. If you're if you don't want if you don't want that line to be razor-thin, then you've got to. Rise above that constantly, if you flirting with that line all the time eventually, you're going to end up on the wrong side of it. Jeff can I petition the behind silk. Curtains podcast platformer lease on together that anytime. The two thousand seventeen divisional playoff loss against the Jacksonville Jaguars mentioned. It's not referred to as the two thousand seventeen playoff loss John oates debacle. I feel like that is right. It's justified if it weren't for that. I could say a few words, the adjective, not so nice adjectives to describe the horrible rendition that he did to. Our Star spangled banner the just the steelers. It killed him for the NE. and. Thanks for coming. PODCAST A Better, but he just Jeff Outta here. All right. Now. It's it's going to come in place for those of you bite of joy late. We brought our buddy. Jeff back for Shelly, said he was I, was chat with today's said. I'm around couple with. US, come on, let's let's talk some steelers so. So, so that's why Jevons here, but it's funny because I being at that game I don't remember the Star spangled banner all ever Missouri. It was very forgettable. He's a rock and Roll Hall of Famer Shrine I just saw him in concert, in February, and he was absolutely amazing I mean Gosh. Layoff Johnny OATES. Legend. John John oates debacle. Different, because that was the game where? You couldn't take the clip of the game because it was, there was flooding in Pittsburgh. It was flooded out. I had to take the train over and I get on the train I'm like where's my coat? Whereas my coat I forgot my coats IDA sit there without a coat on in January in Pittsburgh and watch the game so yeah I was that guy, so that's always gonNA end. If they one, it would have been a big deal. You know, so. It is what it is, but. My brother was at that game and he says he doesn't remember it either. You know why because when you're there. Think about it. You know what? Gary for coming back I'm jumping in. Our Here's. Christina Aguilera Tobacco when she actually messed up the national anthem. Did. Screwed up. Or. Maybe it was. That was the problem. So. We don't call. It sounds then. I. John? Touch own zone of and he's a champion singer, six number one singles in his career. And you know what if you call me? John oates of podcasting I would be proud. And he drops the MIC with. The giants rockall is vital forever. Be referred to. The Chad Denton Frank Web. Fresh. Frank Web in and Dick sign or they. They talk about him all. In Your Absence Continue I'm. Just Frank Web Story. I'm really I'm really concerned because. Get. Rodgers. Deputy editor Michael Beck. He's doing his ADC ninety. Man Almighty men on the roster going through one day at a time I'm afraid by the time he gets to one frank web. That that he's not going to. You know it's not I mean. Every to get there to where he could finally bus that out, and by that time it who knows how the roster's are going to be, but I'm GonNa, come back and ask you guys this because I like looking to the future, but we also got to learn from the past and that article. Yesterday and today the first five yesterday the next five today. Fantastic makes you go, check that on the site. I really wish I would've brought it up because it's cast going to mess up the numbers, it's cassidy. Nine seven seven, I think is the author for that one. I got the numbers wrong I apologize, but I guess six, seven, five, three, zero, nine actually I. think that might might be better. Was it or was it four one one? I don't know. We we can learn from the past to prepare for the future in the two thousand ten's. When the steelers had all this amazing talent supposedly, but yet they never won with it. Was the problem that they were they were, too. They played too much at that razor thin line rather than above it. That's the ultimate question. Are you playing at the? If you play below the line, guess what? You're going to have the losing record and you're GonNa talk about how you know next year's draft. Pick Copa Nets in the top ten. You know that's not the Pittsburgh steelers to me. The Pittsburgh steelers are always either playing at that line, or above that line now in two thousand seventeen I. Don't know that they were playing above the line, they were just planning on the law on the line, and so many things went their way and what's. What's sad is the one game where the things didn't go their way. which a lot of people brought up as we will call you, know Jesse James caught that ball is what that's known as that. If the steelers would've had that all look how different things would have been, but they needed that to go from thirteen and three to fourteen, and to in order to be successful I mean you're a thirteen and three team and you have to. And you have to have all you have to get the right breaks or just a meaningful correct call in order for you to be successful. Is that the steelers problem? And how do you rise above that line? Who wants to go first? Brian. I don't know how you rise above that line, you know. because. Unless you. Just become more of a cohesive unit and just play mistake, free football and go for the throat like we talk about four. You're never going to, so it's. It's a philosophy it is. It, you know it happens in preseason and happens every day under the bubble when you're not on the field, but. It just happens when you are committed to sometimes altering your philosophy. Realizing that this isn't working and being tired of escaping by the skin of your teeth. Jeff I've got a specific question for you from another Jeff Jeffrey benefit. At says and this is a really good point when it comes to specifically two thousand seventeen, which might have been the year. You know when you lose. Know Ryan Shazier late in the season. You weren't on that line anymore. We're the steelers above that line. And the she's ear injuries. What caught them brought them back down to where they needed things to go their way in order to win the Games. Yeah I think. He was that dynamic defender that they didn't have them when you lose bad. EIB and you get. Sean spends off the couch literally and you plug him into play other than over like someone like Ford. It wasn't. I thought it was a poor coaching decision. and you can't replace that, you know. Ryan Shazier was talent in the skill set that he had is near impossible to duplicate. That you know, and so when you lose dad, there's a gaping hole. It's not a situation where you're like. Oh Mike. Helton God banged up. He's envy missing a few games. Mike. Helton's good, and he plays his role very well in the steelers defense, but he is in no way shape or form guy where you're like. Oh my gosh, what are we? GonNa do, what are we going to do without him? That was Ryan Shazier and so yeah. I think they were the line in then. When you take out of the equation, it only hours. Yeah, so I agree. Can you agree with that bad that that might have been? The the steelers were playing above that lie where they didn't have to have everything. Go their way, and then after the ear injury it. Things like that affected the more. Two point. Yes, I definitely agree with that because there was no next man up for Ryan Shazier. That's definite, but. Jeff brought up this game earlier and it was a week before. Against in Ryan Shazier played the full game and had a good game, but they were not. They were not performing up to par against the Green Bay packers in that game. They were not performing to par. Against other teams in November, they were escaping with Chris Boswell by the skin of their teeth that thirteen and three could have easily been a completely different record because they had one. You mentioned that earlier Daves. Go field. So what I'm saying here is Shakespeare if they have Shazia, they're doing a whole lot more, but there were other issues that does not make. The doesn't make Ryan Shazier the sole reason for that season going in the tank. I remember used to have a history teacher back at UCLA WHO said to us that there are times when you could feel the pfister history tightening around you. Boss thought about that talking not long after nine eleven, but this is another one of those moments. It is a hinge moment in the American democratic experiment. The entire globe battered by the current virus. We're dealing with some of our oldest wounds in this country, having highly new technologies, and it is a crazy time. I miss her client host of the show podcasts and what we're trying to do right now is understand our time and try to find some the ideas that might help us chart away out of it the best you months we've talked to Tomasi Coats about why the protests meet him actually hopeful tomorrow through cotto about the ways in which economics profession has misunderstood the concept, this measure, the concept of value to Elizabeth Warren about plan to combat the coronavirus trust doubt that about whether or not American society become decadent. He's evolving great conversations, and there are so many more I hope you'll join me every Monday and Thursday to stay informed, and maybe you get a sense of hope is well subscribed client show on apple podcast. spotify wherever you're listening to this right now. I'm. The host of podcast called reset from Vox Dot Com every week we tackle stories that deal with how technology and science are reshaping our lives. You know there's been a lot of scrutiny over the years about the power that these companies have a Mac. We tell stories about the new worlds. We are now finding ourselves. Like going to a music concert in a video game minecraft since the pandemic has. has become these two hub for these kind of virtual music, festival and stories about how certain technologies are being used to exert power over us. Other industry closer the cops and they start firing directly at me, so they fired teargas astro. I tell the stories because no matter how chaotic things get we still have a chance to learn and change the systems. We've created for the better. Listen to reset every Friday wherever you get your podcasts and subscribe, so you don't miss a beat. Later NERDS! Man This is just constantly evolving in my brain is we're talking about this. And and this this in two thousand seventeen just seems to be like a great year to talk about because of how everything I mean thirteen wins. Come on. But here's another part that that that goes with this I'm okay with the with the two thousand twenty steelers playing at that razor, thin line where things could go one way or the other. If things are going their way half the time, and it's not in those certain games that that happens because it's not going to be every game are gonNA. Be Some teams that hopefully you can just. You can just defeat. The key is to me. A last four games of the season. That's when you need to be above that line because I don't care if your own Ford, start the season, but if you're four, know at the end and making the playoffs. That's more important because. You could. How many times have we seen the best team in the NFL for the first half of the season? Not even be someone that people pick the win a game in the playoffs. It's not even about playing that way the whole time it's about getting to that level at the right time because playing it. That line doesn't matter as much during the regular season. You want to be above that line on at the playoffs. Dave can I say that I agree completely with you? If this was any other year than two thousand twenty, and that either and the reason I'm going to say that the first quarter of the season in two thousand and twenty is going to be paramount to at least be three and one and maybe four. No, and the reason you need that this year. More than ever is because parody might be out the window this year. The reason I'm saying that I think you're going to see it top heavy. In with the top eight teams in the League? Very top heavy, actually with the top ten twelve teams, and then a lot at the bottom, and not a lot of eight and eighteen. Not a lot of seven nine teams think there's going to be less of those teams just playing five hundred ball because I think if you're good this season, you're going to have really good. Records of the teams are going to beat the teams that they should this year because you do not have a preseason. preseason you do not have a training camp. You didn't have many camps, so the bad teams are going to be bad because they don't have the preparation to get better, the good teams coming in with a better roster or going to be, it's going to be top heavy because they're going to be better and there's going to be less parody. I think you're right. Brian it's going to be one of those years. Where either figure it out. One of those teams that figure it out or you don't based on the limited stuff, Jeff. We've just throwing a bunch of stuff out there. There's a lot for you to to break to break up there. I agree! And how Seattle going to do? There's this giant bug in his room I was like man. I gotTA kill that we'll try to think about. Babbit. Changes under, but I mean I definitely. This is going to be fluky going to be different than any other year ever before and you look at this dealer schedule like you said especially, you gotta start out fast. Can you imagine like the Bengals? Joe Borough has no repetitions with anyone physical like it none. He's going to be your day one starter and good luck I'll take Ben. Rothlisberger coming off elbow surgery for five hundred. Please Alex. Situations where I mean it's. It's a give it this year. Throw up, there's all no-holds-barred. That's what they should call this year, NFL twenty twenty. No holds barred. Let's get after it and I'm not talking about the classic hulk, Hogan. Movie. I'm talking about is. It's going to be fluky. It's going to be crazy things from engineering. What's at one hour of the holds bar? Zeus against the. The great tiny lister! Well, actually we can tie that back to steelers history because tiny lister played deebo, which James Harrison was named after. And there's your seven degrees. The Pittsburgh steelers so. This is going to be a strange year, and I think Brian has a good point that line might not exist in two thousand twenty has in the past, so that be good for the steelers meaning that that that thin line between victory and defeat I. But we just really don't know. I. I I think a big possibility that the teams that that already have the continuity. Don't have a lot of stuff to work through just talking about not having a new quarterback. They they have an advantage, but it's still up to that coaching staff. To to get going I was completely wrong last year, even though they went on the road I thought the advantage with for the steelers when they played on Thursday night because they had a more experienced coaching staff to get their team ready well, that didn't happen. They went into Cleveland and the rest. Is History with all with all of that? So maybe if they were home, it would have been different, but they also young young quarterback other things that come into play there. Sometimes you think. Oh, the steelers have an advantage because. Yeah then sometimes they don't necessarily either just wanted to throw out there. That Dave Shipley through five dollars into the tip jar with a blank comments, and he says his question is a couple above. There we go. We said we must be confident and somebody in somebody after the season will be, or or was it that the grievance made? Ticked off. We'll say it that way. Just keep a little bit more. G. Rated the head office ordered by bunt too much money. He saw throughout body pre. Since. have got his thoughts on Iraq because he has because he's just coming right now. Jeff, what? What's your thoughts on the whole bunch appreciation? there's no way to. We're going to try to negotiate a long term deal, not know the ramifications of the cap and twenty twenty one. Though, it's one of those situations where yeah you can be mad. He asked for two million dollars more whatever he's. He's entitled to tens idol doing what he's doing in the collective bargaining agreement now with that said. If the steelers units Cam Hayward probably not gonNA. Get deal, either, because if the finances between these the NFL NFL PA. Don't go well in the salary. Cap Drops seventy million dollars next year. They're not gonNA to afford a lot of players, and so they're going to have to definitely wheel and deal and make some things happen. That's probably the driving force. It's also why they haven't signed any of the rookies yet I mean. There's there's a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes here that a Lotta. Fans are just completely ignoring, but it's worth looking at you. I! Don't think it. depre- where the right price I think they would bring him back, but as of right now. You don't know how productive he's going to be was last year a flash in the PAN or what is the salary Cap GonNa? Look like in twenty twenty one. Those those I wouldn't sign a long term. Not Now, Brian let me mention but debris real quick first of all. If you don't ask you, don't get, but I have no problem with bud saying. Hey, wait a second. I was a defensive end in the edge, rushers, and I think the role is a little bit crazy. Screen it. No. You looked kind of Pale Lance Williams. That's his line that he says all the time. So WE'RE GONNA ask. You'RE NOT GONNA get. Here's the thing we were talking about this last night. Jeff when we were talking about. On. April twenty third about the draft. We weren't talking about chase young from Ohio state as a defensive end or linebacker. We're talking about him as an edge rusher. So they need to really change the designation for these franchise tags to just make them edge rushers and not have a defensive and making. Two billion dollars more than an outside linebacker I really think that should be grouped together different because there's really it's kind of hard for him to get that two million dollars extra when he's, but he is doing the same exact thing as a defensive end just because of the category that he's there under that needs to be changed. What are your thoughts on that? The players had every opportunity to have that bargain the collective bargaining agreement they didn't do. It was by answer to that was. The players had their chances March and they they signed a collective bargaining agreement that states that the franchise tag is labeled as a linebacker, and as a defensive end, and so if I'm if I'm you know bud debris I'm going to my team rep saying we need to get this change because affect my my paycheck. They if they did that, that's on him. Like Jeffrey brought up in the live chat, but free is tied to the linebacker which makes him the same as they're saying. More like Devin Bush. And he is a four three defensive end. On honestly I don't. I. Don't know that the owners would have balked at redoing that at all. I don't know that they're really what have not. They could have done easily, so maybe they'll both agree on after the fact because it's just better for everyone I don't know Jeff Yep. We WanNA. Thank you so much for coming on and joining us. It was great to to get our. Our good buddy back here to talk some steelers, football and and. What's right. Country Leave lists enough. I'm waiting for. It's a new Jeff. You know what I mean so what he ended. I'm waiting for tobacco stream across the screen and come out. I was I was waiting for well then. I'll carry are. America. So, we WANNA make sure that you all know to check into colors. Don't run sorry. Artie. Luckily! We don't have any time for any to. Yeah make sure that your check you to buy still curtain dot com. One Stop Shop Probably Pittsburgh steelers. We're doing everything we can get you the best content. We are hoping that that next week this. We're talking about training camp starting. You know just a few days. If they can get. Everything worked out. There's been his anad. There's the news on that. Let's say there's been new saying that the developments are looking good. They just haven't definitely come out and said that it's LV reporting on time. Yeah, that's that's what's going to be happening, so we're looking. That's the twenty eighth correct. I would be. Wheelers could be the twenty nine because it's always forty days before your first game. They play Monday night week once they could be the twenty nine, hundred, twenty eight. Well, I thought it was that what it was because I? Know before was always before your first preseason game. That's why they would have been early with the hall of fame, Game. It's all confusing, but in as yeah, and then you get football back. Who Cares listen everyone right now is just kind of holding there collective breath. Making sure everything's going to happen, and that's kind of what we are, too, but we're going to. We're going to keep coming at you with BINDIS SUKER DOT com, or coming at you with the TSE family of podcasts. We'll have Tony all tomorrow around noontime for for steelers Brunch with Tony that we have Sunday. Not exactly sure on that show but we know we. We've got home in the hater coming. We've got a make sure we're getting it. Together Monday. Brian Tony back with QNA and retro, and then my my brother and I back with some static on Tuesday Standard is a standard Wednesday preview on Thursday and then back to yeah, I said it. Hopefully? Lance winds will be back for that next. Friday any any last words. steelers go steelers Brian. Come. Out? Perfectly. Perfectly for Seattle has two loss. Any Andy Van Slyke AB. It's like in the background of Jim. Thanks. Joining us today, John outs roles. Jonah's debacle. Air When we get together. Fun talking about. Just ended. To turn in Tele Friend. It's subscribed.

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