Raising The Bar Season 2 Trailer


The following podcast is a deer media production. Hi, I'm Elliot. I know Michael Landau, and this is raising the bar. The founders of Dr which we started about ten years ago, we have over one hundred twenty five locations over three thousand employees, and we've learned so much about running and scaling a business. And we're actually doing it all over again, we just launched a new company in the massage space called squeeze. So many entrepreneurs reach out to us all the time and asks for advice how we've done it. And we try to talk to them when we can. But we decided that this podcast would be a former we could give back and help other people get their start and hear other stories from successful entrepreneurs all of it, you're constantly hearing. From budding entrepreneurs asking us for advice, and how to grow and scale and all the things that we've really learned in the last ten years this podcast is the place to go. If you're an entrepreneur and want to start your own business. Michael. And I are also brother and sister. And we don't always see eye to eye on everything. So you will definitely hear some bickering and some arguing and sometimes my sister needs to be brought back onto track. I'm always on track. Michael lakes to manse, Wayne. So you might catch a little bit of that show. Too much. He won't be on the show anymore. I'm gonna kick him out. We had our last season, which was really amazing. And now we are launching our second season with a whole slew of really exciting guests. We also really want to engage with you. We want to hear about your business. And if you're a budding entrepreneur that has dreams or goals starting your own business. But just needs a little advice. I urge you to DM me on Instagram. Allie Webb a l l I w and just asked us your questions, and maybe we'll have you come on the show. He couldn't be more excited to launch our second season raising the bar. We have an amazing group of entrepreneurs that you aren't gonna want to miss. Go and subscribe, listen to raising the bar. We hope you love it.

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