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dan shack on his guidance internal can nine commission think one shot then now for three to four street astrologically for hello again thank you for joining us only podcast known as space not so i'm your host andrew downplayed that's all i'm good at and with me as always is professor fred watson astronomer lodge hallo fred well you doing better than i am cause i'm not good at anything august you stop now like otherwise you wouldn't be jet setting all over the world doing lectures and conferences cindy clips is which is clips of doing this week while really second of july strong gusty which clips this one a it's the one in south america okay that'll do i'm sure it'll be in the news that people will be able to look it up gingerly that's right now we're a bit the coveted a twoday 'em we gotta talk about elon musk's satellites because it looks like 'em they're they're upset upsetting some of your colleagues as they did in fact warned him about that when he came up with the idea of putting a lazy internet satellites into space well he's put some up there and they brought in people anticipated we're also gonna talk about the star trek logo because they founded on my eyes dropped it but it's today israeli they add a couple of questions one from brad about a black holes in will be easier to detect or say we've the james webb telescope good question and simon straight asks is ice singularity die mentioned list so we'll be focusing again a fair bit on black holes because people just seem to wanna know more about the imprint so will drawn filling the blacks the blanks as much as we can now let's get onto this issue of these satellites self elon musk is set up a few already a he's planning to launch about twelve thousand if they things and they astronomical world is a little bit a gold i think it'd be fantasize nuts that's right it's this it's just suddenly appointive great discussion in astronomical world at the moment because you know it and it is a something that will impact on the night sky and ashley the daytime sky is wealth radio strongly was his radio strong numbers don't care whether it's dial nine feels affecting righty waves so on what we talking about here well this guy constellation of satellites a in a project called styling a that a already sixty of them but they were launched in may and they're the obits around about five hundred killer mason's but a style link in his eventually configuration will have a mall then just one shallows offensive lines have been put it that way there will be some bitter about double that ties and i think some slightly lower i can't remember the exact configuration but these things twelve thousand satellites in orbit around the sticky if you want is effectively global coverage a only only internet and that means wherever you are you'll be able to be in touch with the satellites in the styling network unease their ideas to bring they benefits of spice that we all you know the both of us who lives in nations likely u s the uk europe a australia effectively take for granted but a lot of places in the world don't have that it's not they do not have the benefit and so in that regard this is a you know it's got a i think good motivations although some some question whether it imprinting the the the western values on communications and things like that so the entire world is necessarily a good thing it depends entirely on whether than the rest of the world once it a it's so you know it's not uneasy ethical problem to solve but they they ethics should be clear a when it comes to putting a lot of stuff into space because whilst astronomers certainly don't have a the exclusive a owner ownership the shape of space 'em it's you you could put it on you could put it in very nice words that she i might just might just on quotes and astronomer a little upset of the tree usa one of my colleagues have just come to work a a he says the natural nice guy is a resource not just press java's but for all who look upwards to understand and enjoy the splendor of the universe and he's dead degradation has many negative impacts beyond astronomical and there is another comment that's been made which is along the same lines although astronomers cop make an exclusive claimed to the night sky nonstick and anybody else so you it's not it's not just spacex we talking about here because they're at least two other companies and i think sam son got planning something called one web a and there is also something called the the project which is amazon's version of the same same thing between the two will put up ten thousand stuff so we're talking about meghan yeah yeah that's it from two questions in my mind trade one of the rules when it comes to paypal private people wanting to put stuff into orbit a because i mean there's a cop blatch tonight yeah if i wanna do it cannot do it a or are they rules about positioning and a and a you know the other thing i think is congestion what what these guys what happened with so much stop made it got a lot of junk exactly so on the first policies that yes there is some a you know there there is some licensing a project called the realized the way you put things things you know she particularly applies to the gestation reopening switch a much much higher than the styling moms just stay cereal but it's a very very tightly controlled because that that that's a very specific kind city thirty six thousand kilometers says above the surface so but so louis oversee fellow freia although the ecommerce giant injected spacecraft into the same over the occupied by something else or else be a collision and i'm not just going through the second passive income and that's one of the dangers was styling that a you you've got all these space craft very large numbers and they they way instead of a ton eight just something about that they're not small you know they're not none of cuba's example a so a collision would a really inhibit they use of space further because they've called henry all over the place and you'd likely get a kind of a domino effect with a with a holy space craft the science behind so yes you're increasing a you know twelve thousand these two and a half times bigger than the number of operation is satellites at the moment and then another ten thousand so that you're talking about staggering numbers in collusion's not they're not impossible we've seen several collusion some intentional coast as well so what's the reaction of astronomers well a number of organizations have a have made statements about this and i might just not as well that elon musk himself seems king change a listen to his traumas and listen to that concerns so it's not a question of things being dismissed there is a little bit of a surprise in the on the planning that went into these satellites that seems the slightly wrong because they you know they the result of the z estimates majoring planning was the there will be no effect on they a on late night sky i messed jesting defeat hafer moment decide i have a couple of little gas sort of come say hello a freight oh i have my grandson he and samuel kun you sign the radio right now he's got no shot on me i'm not surprised lollies so you know jerry tempting tempting yup and i heard afraid they're not gonna call it an nfl hello gonna present for me isn't that none of us all come on get it light you just gotta finish doing this is that okay they gotta go the rest weights sounds good all right we will hurry up a total loss and i'll be out of the minute i kinda try thanks cades about is so adorable sorry threatening whenever i own this know that they're terrific little cameo now where we sorry that's all right you're gonna leave this putin yeah so ladies and gentlemen welcome to they run the show with andrew done plea in various grandchildren why neither unrolling sooner or later i had to mine role on the side of the world so is unlikely to happen just going by to elon musk though as i said he's you know the the planning suggested that there would be really no interference in the visual opinions of the night sky but that's been proved wrong these satellites have brought to the expected a very talk by spacex is a you know turning them a in their obey in such a direction that they're not directly reflecting down to the surface to the same extent that old remains to be determined still in a stage where they community and despite the space command cnn astronomical community a sort of deliberating while they ultimately facts of this is likely be from what i've seen andrew and i think the professional telescopes it will be affected most a what a cold wind angle imaging telescopes telescopes basically say king very large areas of sky a full images rather than doing spectroscopy another kind of stuff like that and on the lodge a number of these there's a thing called style and scott pruitt signings bring up the tree that says substantial telescope operated by the end you european southern observatory has to to wind angle imaging telescopes in chile a they vsd the this they they lt survey telescope is what we see stunts full on vista which is a another wide angle telescope so these a significant facilities fees they could find that work impacted by having satellite trials going across the images now the other side of this as far as visuals strongly meal visible light astronomy come sunday sent a they affect a mcgowan latitudes which is where it all began sooner michael facility is a is is only limited to the first hour and a half of some of the night and the last hour of the of the office of the night when the sonny's reflecting on please spacecraft during the middle of the night they're invisible visible so that's one a mickey guys in fact boston still they will have any facts and there's no question about that they'll have an impact on the stormy they impact on radio strong him as he's likely to be bigger because these beaming down a san diego signals those down to the ground that's right now for us in australia it's not a great impact because they australians going gonna make sure i i'm ten is wicked much lower frequencies enough so that that that blind to the frequencies styling will will they made but it's still a consideration for opposite of trees that was the high frequencies and one of those for example is alma they become a large millimeter right which we spoken about many times but findings were compromised by by these constellation spacecraft to it's a it's a really interesting time wherein on and you know you could regardless sixty satellites is a bit of a pilot's a project on a certainly a wakeup study whether it will change the overall plans to launch the styling constellation remains to be seen but i hope we find a good outcome role users of the sky well i must say it does sound concerning a and having twenty thousand plus if they things up they why am i just can't imagine not costing some kind of problem somewhere along the line and that that must have a lot of people worry that and then watching the news so yeah let's have common sense provides but i'm in spices water and it's a it's a place that a lot of people want a billionaire commercially and a a hair opportunities are being ignored and this is one of the most suppose you're listening to space nuts with andrew dice clay infrared watson hair off space nuts reminder again that you can become a patron of this podcast by going to patriot dot com slash slash space not a lot of people have done so paying a very small fee once a month to become a patron but you get extra benefits is one of those a commercial free version of the space and that's podcast were also on instagram at bites hq p i eight zayd that e s they hq a on facebook of course where a lot of people follow us all out of a price but there were so many astronomy groups at that part caskets 'em posted to and you to of course so be a part of platform that suits you know freight down we mentioned at the beginning that they had found ice star trek logo on mobs and who dropped it well my state by monday it did that's right so this is this is a lovely story about m a l excuse me a land full amount that has been a observed by the mars reconnaissance orbiter space craft a which you'll remember on board a chemical high rise the high resolution images on the only a mouse reconnaissance orbiter so it could take really detailed images of the surface of mars many one of these a in they area known as the hair loss plan this year a it's a hot just love the names of stuff on each time like jeff nihil did they not yet released it's good stuff but there's there's this view that he's clearly the star trek logo on they on the ground is pretty big a i don't know how many makes his longest is but it's quite significant 'em however it's not and he soon because when you look at indy child you find other examples whole around it it's a you remember the star trek logo is a kind of cresent shaped a i don't know you you might almost call it a cake with a short up stroke a ton of upside down and you've got the star trek logo it's an upstart dan nike like that's what it is they said that says not to on but not to a geologist speaks of one thing only now they send you lose because this is the shape assuming well known in fact she's i learned about these at school ended the geology of schools hundred years ago and we talked about these things called buckeyes b s c h n a box can do and that formed when you've got win predominantly from one direction and you get a sand dune the discretion shaped and so what you've got here is not the unit itself but it kind of facility the deal because of what they saw to have happened in this field is bucking dooms it's a mouse is that the jews were formed by constant win spades and then there were lava flow and the lover on its way around the june scripture due to a crime bagan fairly solid and to what you've got the left is a kind of negative of well these dudes much of looks like a as a see lava flow solidified it left the traces of the dooms themselves so there were these little chaperones rooms all over the all over the not a punch to the surface of mars and as you said looks exactly like star trek logo or if you truly upside down the nike logging missing date so there is some pretty simple really but it's a it certainly court a few people of god recently so we thought we'd explain this now let's knock off a couple of questions before we finish up fred bread from indiana i think he's a messy just before he felt he says hello big fan of the podcast have a two part question from fred now that nasa finally got i pick of the black hole in our galaxy do you think the james webb telescope will pick up anymore since it began better tell us got old will not pick up anything like that since a dozen had used radio waves for rum signal a second question will be is wheel a wheel nasa build a radio wife telescope to fly into space to look at black holes or is that even possible love the show 'em thanks guys bread from indiana people like i said earlier people are just kept divided by black holes and now we've got a photo one they asking more and more questions about so pot one of the question james webb telescope scott will it work qena gonna do to first game because what brand ask saint pop to ace will nasa builder radio telescope declined to space to look for black holes or it's not impossible no it's not actually a radio radio telescopes like that a a one of the ways we detect black holes because they see the radiation that comes from the disc material spinning into the black hole but actually allows you to pick it up you can tell you go by looking at the frequencies the dream missing and things of that sort and there are certainly radio telescopes in space on the show at the nassau price went up suspect they don't the japanese set and they do a so the second pop you're crushing brad is on the money and it's not impossible into the first part though and we're talking about two different things here so a a bronze first base is do you think the james webb telescope will pick up any more pictures of black holes on in these comparing with the one that we saw earlier in the year from the event horizon telescope and the answer is no the james webb telescope he's looking for infrared radiation now accretion disk surround black holes doing infrared so the james webb will certainly discover other black holes but what it will do is give us a picture of it like me event horizon telescope 'cause you might remember that telescope effectively a whole array of radio dishes mimic to go the size of the james webb telescope is six point five majors in the future and he's not a it's not a you know anyway they're big enough to to how we all want to be bigger and better tell us got for the purposes of photographing by cops it's not but it's a good telescopes a finding them by their mission they made you can't see the day challenge it but you but infrared is a good 'em dry sense of what you know what black holes do when when they go building up stuff the does it and you know whatever's disappearing it's a black hole whether that stuff obviously infrared radiation so on yes judge went will suddenly announce our understanding of black holes but he won't send a picture like the one we saw earlier in the year mckay way still waiting for them to take a picture of the one in the middle of l a galaxy but it's while i think this will ramp up here aspect yeah i think they've already got the data has been working on it so they took the took those images at the same time as them a seventeen year old memories working months they've got a bit of a break such a thank you brad feel question appreciate it and hope things well in indiana a it's in indiana summer i would imagine a which would be lovely i think now let's move onto simon's streets question he says great show which is he talking about it when the name i love astrophysics and the northern hama from fred anti ozzy i'm a from andrew i think he's telling you better accents doing relaxing doing odd identical do you oughta anyway 'em he's an amateur amateur physicist he said i just wanna try i handed a couple of questions well all all will put a caveat hey simon begin to answer part one part two we're going to review because we were just not in a position to give you an answer to that at the moment so why would they 'em the first question you've said it so singularity is i mentioned louis question mark if so are we talking quantum's kyle's hey let's assume physics doesn't totally breakdown if the singularity has no sauce by its momentum in position a a known to an ultimate precision hopes so to avoid heisenberg spinning in his grave can we say singularity have a degree of fuzzy in this it's a great question and a you know simon's probably as well qualified to give the answer is i am about let me have a shot fifty so was he talking about here with heisenberg heisenberg zona heisenberg right physicists to in i think what's the nineteen seventies maybe the twenties probably the twenties a plus elected what is now known as they heisenberg uncertainty principle which is well proven in quantum physics and that is the if you've got a popsicle you cannot in eastern no honoring position which is easy enough you know his position all you know it's momentum now the momentum is the product of massive speed so it's like saying you could know spayed or you could because we know the massively popsicles you know speed while you know his position but you can't know books with ultimate seventy hasso on this always gotta be and uncertainty if you measure the position precisely then the speed it is fuzzy we don't know quite well the speed is and vice versa if you measure the speed you you've got fuzzy position falling onto a what a salmon complete show or postulates from nice that's a singular americans hate to see pointing space way yes physics does break down a and and has a no die mentions it's laughable is a is a degree of fuzzy nece in the position on momentum off singularity and from my you know thinking about what little i know physics i think the answer is yes a black hole positions probably at some level on on knowable double a if you know the velocity of a black hole and you cannot she mentioned the velocity of a black hole by looking at the red shift to the line the database a you could probably mentioned the position a at some level of accuracy depending on what kind of telescope using whereabout see these that's it's exactly what happened with event horizon telescope we just we were just talking about very precise positioning of the instruments the determinant the position of the black hole but knowing both those two things with a high level of certainty he's probably not possible so yes i think senior lawrence's do have a degree of fuzzy this just as i do very very good and lost a thank you so i mean that's a great question he he goes on and says pay think fred thanks ray corresponding with me after my excitement about meeting a dime jocelyn built in l a and if you remember that but i i remember sending you only eight mile a quarter wall back sorry well yeah yeah love and he will try to answer paypal because we we we might ask you a question on the podcast but we do try to answer some of the online or we just you know acknowledge you send it i do i do try to get back to everybody when i can and i hope i don't miss anyone but if i do apologize but we're getting so many now it's very very hard to keep up and i mean i haven't got a secretary and i'd be a pretty high press secretary as it turns out so we do the best we can mean they should recruiter wannabe grandchildren that probably make it really good secretary i would and hostage shyness they wouldn't be a lot more talking then they show that struck a thank you to our 'em question news this week air inquisitors maybe brad and so i'm in a thank you for edits a just a lot of fun and i'll look forward to the very next one so do i andrew and i hope you have a great time with your grandchildren and and enjoy your rest and we'll catch you a very very soon fred watson and he's astronomers lodge and for me andrew dice clay thank you to everybody who's listening thank you to our patrons thank you to our social media followers

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