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Would you like to accelerate your career and reach your full potential in just minutes a day? Welcome to the lead ex yo with New York Times bestselling author and eat five hundred entrepreneur Kevin cruise. Hey, everyone Kevin crews here. Welcome back to the lead X leadership show. And we've got another special episode for you. It's another instance of two blokes chatting about leadership and also we chat about a and also we talk about personal branding. And every time. I make this joke that it's two blokes chatting about it makes me think of between two ferns. I guess that would make me Galvin Akkas, but not quite as funny anyway as part of my media tour for my new book, great leaders have no rules. I hope you've already grabbed a copy. And if you grabbed it and love it. I hope you'll leave an honest review on Amazon, but as part of my tour, I chatted with the famous Chris Ducker, Chris is the number one guy in the planet at this point. When it comes to being a successful solo entrepreneur when you're building off your brand his book is the rise of the euchre per nor. He has an annual you preneurs summit. He's the host of the U per podcast. And it's really amazing what he's done. I mean, basically Eaton's own dog food as they say to just build a huge, thriving multimedia company around this one idea and being really niche focused on that audience, but he talks. To me about some of the ideas in the book, and we talk about my thoughts on how long it's gonna take for AI robots to actually replace our managers, specifically, the bad managers, and so it's just a different format. I hope you enjoy it. We're trying to mix things up. Keep it interesting. And before we start the official conversation again, please visit lead x dot ORG. There's a free trial, and you will check out hundreds of book summaries podcast webinar archives, micro video lessons. 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Preneurs mastermind community a place where no entrepreneur it's left behind in their pursuit of building a business. They can be proud of. And now, here's your host serial entrepreneur in bestselling author. Chris Docker is douger. Well, Hello there. Everybody and welcome to episode number three hundred thirty seven of you FM. I'm your host, Chris DACA. And you my good friend there in the right place. If you are an entrepreneur the wants to build a powerful future-proof business based around your personality, your experience, and the people that you won't to serve. Yes. Welcome to the world of the UPS. All we go such a good conversation today with my good friend, Kevin cruise back on the show. I think for his third stint with us over the course of three hundred or so episodes, we like to bring him back every hundred also episodes fantastic conversation. But Kevin on what we really need to do as leaders now going forward into these very busy very changing world. However, before we get crack in just a quick reminder that upn are FM is brought to you by the UPS mastermind community the premier online community for entrepreneurs. Wanting to build a profitable sustainable business based around the experience, and those they want to serve community members get exclusive access to accelerate training library, which includes everything you'll need to know to build market and monetize a successful business and couple that together with a monthly mastermind Kohl's discounted tickets to a live events and access to all enthusiastic supportive member. Only forums, and you've got everything you need to succeed. If you're serious of that building the business of you as I call it and in the most rewarding profitable way possible. Then you must join us. So be sure to head over to you pronounce dot com today for more info so onto that conversation with Kevin now, he says and get this this. This is like serious stuff hit we need to just look at this for a minute and just hit the pause button. Here. He says the great Lee. Leaders have no rules. Actually, that's the title of his new book, and a brand new business model that he's building around that book as well. Which is really really exciting and very interesting from UPN ecosystem perspective as well. But imagine having no rules. Why should we have the rules as leaders a very interesting conversation? We go deep on this, particularly when it comes to the robots coming to wipeout us humans. I and all that stuff as well. Very insightful stuff. Enjoy enjoy. Enjoy is myself and Kevin Kevin welcome back to the show on. Hey, it's great to be here. Love talking with you. Chris. What's great to have you back on the show? I mean, you're busy. Boy. I mean, it seems like how many books have you Britain allied, seventeen sunhat almost this'll be the ninth. Wow. I mean, that's impressive, man. I mean, I know how much goes in to each. Book I've written which is to. I think that the the idea of writing nine is crazy, but and this is the reason why one of them is showing. Yes, new book is Al you guys. I call them white to dig into this in all transparency. I have locked read the book yet on soda can folded digging deep. Great leaders have no rules is title of the book. And I love this. I see myself as a leader more so than any other. So let's hype of labeled as I do many people listen to this podcast also do as well. And what I love about. This is that this kicks off a brand new business for you. And this is a thing that you've done several times. Now, you kind of Bryan new book, stop a new business. Start a new business. Rodney new book it's a thing for Kevin that a little bit yet. Well, Chris I think they go hand in hand. And like you I mean any one who's at any? Business success? You'll get people come up and say, oh, you know. What's your advice? I wanna start a company someday at cetera, and people are often surprised, I always say the first thing you need to do whether you want to be a great solo preneurs, and and and consultant or speaker or build a big business. It doesn't matter is right. A book write a book. And I I've done it. I mean, I've had a I've started or co founded in sold a five different companies. Now, I've started in failed at some of the other companies. I've started early on in the big difference. Marketing wise was the ones that failed. I didn't start out by writing a book and ones that I've had the biggest success. I've always started by doing a book. And it's part of it is is I think it's easier to brand a person than a company, and if you plan to build a big company that can be a little bit of a problem down the road. Because then, you know, if if you named your business after yourself, and you sell the business, you've just sold your name as an example. But in most cases in especially in this day and age to cut through the clutter to gear to build trust people want to know who is behind the business. Now, what are you as a person all about they want to relate to a person, not not a cold brand? So, you know, the the root word of authority is author my friend, Chris. And so I always say just establish yourself as a thirty get your your best brand out there in build a business around it. Do you think that maybe having the book in place as well axes may be some as some sort of a road map so to speak like something? Follow while you'll developing and building business as well. Yeah. That's right. I think now I I don't like writing books. I always say I like having written. I don't really like the writing part. But once it's done a single, really. Starting process. I generally, I do believe actually I I'll be speaking with a with a with a loan Arolla with a fiction author not so long ago, and she was telling me that she loves the writing process, but heights, the marketing from thing what it is actually I came to my own conclusions on this is that creative people like fiction rises, don't get marketing as well. And they're full don't enjoy an preferred to enjoy the mole creatives onto the woke which is writing the developing story, whereas us Panetta's business people, we get the mock saying angle, totally. We just hiked to in the work. We draw the just having done a mock, it, would you agree. I would agree and I loved on this issue a little bit because I think what both the creative person the fiction writer, and then the entrepreneur marketers what we have in common is. Sort of the power of storytelling. And so a fiction writer knows about building stories in in her books. She needs to embrace that storytelling part of marketing in you. And I've talked about this earlier on a few occasions if we're doing our job building our brands mean one of the first things we've gotta do is kind of think about like, what is our zero to hero story. You know, what's what's that story journey? And then as we start to. Evolve with our customers, it's not so much that we're the hero anymore. But we're now the guide were the Yoda teaching the Luke Skywalker of the world, you know, how to how to take down a death star. So I think to that's where the commonality all blooms having you come back on the show because he's not dropping Star Wars referencing incident excited. You you can come back. But just don't turn it into a like a quiz show because I'm gonna fail miserably. I'll I'll be bad at the details on meet look we had Tom Ziglar on the show a few weeks back. He didn't mention Star Wars. Once you think he's going to be invited. It. I'm just joking. So Thome, you will welcome. Anytime. You want talking let's break down the book a little bit. Then. I mean, if if it's okay, we kind of wrap up the gel so back and see how you're going gonna develop the business around this big thing here for me as a person who employees hundreds and hundreds of people as you. Well know, you say you go to close Europen dole policy. This is something that's been around for a long time in culprit speak break that down because that familiar is a big one. Yeah. That's right. I it's so, you know, the book is about leadership, but broadly, speaking it all starts with self leadership. You know, how do we be more productive in be more engaged in what we do? And it's we lead our families same thing and at work. It's how do we get productive and also engage? Our our team members, you know, keep them happy and retained in that open door policy. I mean, first of all it's it's from a long time ago when people actually had offices indoors do now, it's cubes or work. From wherever you are. But metaphorically, you know, that dreaded got a minute, you know, knock on your door. Now, it's a tap on your shoulder at your workstation, or it's the buzz of your phone as someone through slack. A saying, hey, you got a minute in the problem is two-fold verse. The obvious problem is as the leader as the manager. You never get any work done. It's very hard to get into the flow get into the zone and do deep work win. You've got this constant barrage of people coming through your quote, unquote, open door, but the other problem is Marshall Goldsmith executive coach he's done some research on this great. He says if someone's coming through your door all the time if someone stops through once a day unplanned unannounced, what's going on like did you hire the wrong person? Did you not train them? Well, did you give them the tools? They need more. Is there even like a problem with psychological safety where they're afraid to make a decision they're afraid to implement that solution because they don't want to. You know yelled at or messed up or penalized in some way, so better than an always open door policy. You don't want to throw everything out. But it's more like close your door in open your calendar. You know, maybe it's office hours. So the last couple of hours of every day is the time for the pop in meetings. Or maybe it's every Friday and Monday, whatever it is everybody can do what's right for their organization or their work style. But replace that, you know, open door policy with something that is more scheduled and consistent in push that decision making push that risk-taking back down on your team members. Interesting. Okay. So obviously somebody who has voted employee's as you to many, many people will do the listening in as well that that sounds like a law sense right in regards says, okay, we're gonna get together every Tuesday and Friday at ten AM, and you know, any other time unless it's super Winona touch by kind of thing that's will. Get on with. Let's push it through up, blah. But let me ask you this question. How does that work that in in the world of the small phone bright because we can say, well, I'm going to be speaking to Chris ten AM on Friday, but it's Wednesday in I could just send him a quick message. Black hole something like how does that work? Well, we certainly train people how to treat us. So. When would I respond to that slack or that text message from Chris out of the blue, and I responded one minute an answer his question. I've just trained Chris. Hey, that's a great way to get a hold of caffeine and get my my problem solve it. Again. I think the idea is not that. Smartphones are bad. I've got a smartphone. I use it. But I'm using it with intent, and it goes back to this broader idea of leadership you want to live with intent you want to lead with intent intentionally so instead of being like Pavlov's dog where every time that phone buzzes were region for looking and half the time, it's a waste of time. And now we've just interrupted our our flow our zone instead put that thing on airplane mode. Don't let slack interrupt you until you're ready to process instead of checking your phone, you're going to process your phone like some of us. You know, maybe it's every hour. Others three times a day. You know, eat teach their own. Okay. I love this. Okay. So. Also in the book, you talk about being likable, but not liked which I think is a very interesting concept because here I am always talking about the fact that you've got to be loved. Love you, not just like you. And that you've got to become somebody's favorite. But you also talk about why even if you don't like somebody, particularly you gotta love pretty much everyone break that down as well. Those two things you know, this. This was my greatest failure in my twenties as a as a young entrepreneur without any like official leadership training or anything like that. I mean, it was all street smarts, which kept me pretty dumb for about a decade when it came to the people stuff, and you know, the there's this legendary former coach John wooden basketball coach who used to every year, he's a college coach at new players every year. And he is I lecture would be I am not going to treat. You all the same. I am gonna play favorites. And I'm not even gonna like you all the same. But I will love you all the same. And it's talking about love at this higher level. You know, the Greeks called it like a GOP a sort of a love for fellow man. And. Woman meal of it's it's a higher love in. So even if there's someone on your team that kind of irks you or their styles different or you just don't like them that much you can still love them and care about them on a higher level. And I think that's where it all starts leadership coming from from carrying. And I mean, this sounds crazy, but think about your own kids, and you know, I've got three teenagers. There are days when I don't really feel like I like one of them because Louis, they're active. I want to get out of the I don't want to have that. I don't want to be in the same room with them. I want them to go out with their friends. I'm not really liking them. I still love them just as much as I always have in in terms of that likable. You know, it's that need to be like if we need to be liked than all of a sudden, it slows down those tough decisions prevents us from giving that tough feedback and most people they got enough friends. They don't need their boss to be their friend. They need their boss to be a leader of to make them better. Help them with their career into into get that team to get that comes. Growing in the right direction. Love this. Okay. This is good. So okay. Dommage good, sir. I didn't know Arbor the green. Pretty good. Surprise, you go you did. So okay. Let's let's let's kind of hope around a little bit. So your company is lead. Ax. You focus on developing the leaders of the next generation as you call it. So kind of my question is. How how how there's like the next generation of leaders differentiate will how how all different than the ones we've got right now, the ones are sort of yesteryear. What do you see what are you folks signal when? Yeah. Next generation leaders. Well, there there's been some big research studies and the way we lead the way we influenced people people haven't changed that much of the principles are the same. But the way we learn about it is is evolving or wanna learn about it. So we're entering the age of millennial managers. Malate millennials are twenty five to thirty five ish. First time managers average age is around thirty that cohort these first time managers, they don't want to sit in a room of power points. And learn about leadership like that they want personalized they want to be coached. They wanted to be on demand. So this is going to sound a little crazy, Chris. But like I was semi retired from last eight years, and then I took all of my money. I'd read about Ilan. Musk doing. This is firebase. I took all my money dumped it into lead ex just over two years ago, and we built the world's first executive coach with IBM Watson. So it's the first AI coach, and we released it just a late last year in it's a new way for leaders to you know, new managers to learn about leadership and get get coaching from a from a robot. This is interesting. Okay. So. It's huge. You know, it's it's it's here already. It's coming for us. Whether we like it. All right. I'm aware just having a conversation with my dole twos finishing up a loss year at university right now in London, and she was saying that she feels like a lot of what she's being told as a business communications, mocking Maija. A lot of what she's being told is fundamentally gonna be row ball pallets maybe three four five six years from now where does that leave her? And I was like, well, you know, you can always come work for me. But. Joke. It might also. Well. But but no. But what I'm getting is like how is that going to affect? It's great and everything, and I agree with you that, you know, the millennial crowd they want everything on demand on everything. Now, you know, an access to everything not owning anything old out. You know that sold stuff like house, I can affect things in the future in regards to the whole side of Chris, I think people worry about the robots are coming for jobs. What's going to happen? I do we've we've been about this for like forty years. This is becoming a reality. Now. What's what's going to happen? I the robots are going to take our bosses jobs. So in five years sixty seven percent of all managers will be replaced by Dan curious. We are going to love our new robot boss more than we love our current boss. Why? Because in white sixty seven percent, that's the percentage of of people who are not in. Gauged at work the leaders who know how to engage in motivates our team members that thirty three percent, roughly, they'll keep their jobs all those other managers are ineffective and a robot can do a better job. And here's why we all have those bosses the ones who don't engage us who they don't look up from their laptop when they're talking to us. They don't make eye contact. They don't know the names of our children. They're boring. They're dumb. They're mean, they're unfair. They have unconscious bias all of these things the robot not always the robot impersonal and going to be sort of algorithm driven. But we as humans all ways personalise humanize our objects. We give names to our cars soldiers in the Middle East cry when their robot robots in the field. Get blown up we are going to humanize a robot bosses in a robot boss, they're going to everything about us. Chris they're going to know your personality your strength every experience ever had. They're going to remember. Your career aspirations? They're gonna everyday be matching looking for opportunities for you to join a committee go join a networking group at cetera. They're gonna remember that your kid's birthday is this weekend. And on your way out. Hey, happy birthday to your daughter. It's a big one she's turning twenty one your robot boss will be better than your human, boss. See this some of that. I would agree. Some of it is good. There's no doubt about that. But some of it is not so good. Some of it is downright scary. To me. Maybe I'm mean you, and I are roughly the same night used to insult you by saying oh. Although I did. But I I just I do I feel like I mean, I think we should bright look technology in general should be embraced. I genuinely truly do Alani oddly believe across the bold. But they're also things like this, for example. I look back at some of my men tools, and I've had two or three really old mentors in my life that I feel. Yeah. Okay. Sure. I might have to learn, you know, a lot of wall. They told me Vira rope all type of setup. But I wouldn't have had those relationships to pull back home to recall to talk about with my family with my friends and clients and things like that. Is this not maybe something that will become a little sterile painting? What I would say first of all we this will occur, and we won't know it's happening because right now, the average manager might let's just call it a managed ten people call that's their span of control, but we already know that's increasing because of budget cuts so most managers now that used to manage six people on average. Now, it's ten soon will be fifteen then twenty then thirty and as span of control gets bigger, they can't they don't have the time to meet with Chris once a week the way, you know, she used to then it's every two weeks through four weeks. So it will be a long time before we even know that our robot bosses are boss was gonna stink. Oh, wow. Now, my one on one meeting is every two weeks. Now, it's three weeks. Finally jar says, hey, inbetween, you're meeting once a month with your human boss, just go check in with you know, robo boss just to just to have fun check in and get some feedback. That's how it's going to start to happen. You'll still have your human boss, but was less connection. Now, Chris I would like to think that you, and I we would make great mentors we'd make great bosses in. We will keep our roles because of that and were high performers. We know how to get to our bosses and build that relationship. So I think a lot of people will be just fine. I think it's replacing the ineffective bosses and. Occurred for the best spin on this, basically, it's inevitable, man. Just say. Basically, it's just basically inevitable. But the the robot designers are going to do everything they can to make it feel like human experience again. Hey, I can look at our face. And know if we're stressed out or not they can analyze our Email patterns and know, if we're increasing our stress levels, your current boss can't do that. So now you pick just like you're picking your game avatar, you know, what this week. I want my boss to look like. Winston Churchill and next week. I want my boss still looked like Mick Jagger, and the persona we can pick in that persona will relate to our specific personality. So we might feel like we've got a better connection with the AI agent than we do a lot of humans in our life. Okay. Good. Let's let's talk this discussion. I feel like we can go back and forth all ages on it. But what the most important thing actually that will take away from this. I'd say, I I think you clearly said that like people like mentos, and then, you know, the a lot of the UP knows how to do this one on one coaching rights thing that ultimately copy replaced to zone degree because people will always wanna do business with the people with that sort of type of thing. But I think also to get to that and goal of working landing new coaching clients, for example, we can use I and we already all with things on. Souls for Facebook advertising and stuff like that. Like a lot of that stuff is already an already supporting us in marketing efforts, particularly so it ain't a bad thing. I think we just gotta we we've like you say, we won't even realize until it's kind of a pulse. And then it's like, oh, yeah. Cool that that kind of works in Chris let me just leave with this last thought to underscore that is I would encourage all the U preneurs out there to be thinking about okay? If the way this crazy, Kevin cruise guy says what part of what I offer cannot be replaced and part of that's going to be processed and talent. But also your brand people. Look if let's say we wanna learn about time management. There's a thousand time management coaches out there. Right. I'm going to pick the one who I want to work with because of who they are. There's always only one of you. So you just have to be unique position and tell that story, and then the robots in the other human coaches won't be able to beat you guys. I being told that about. This for years on this show. The his somebody else telling you exactly how it is. You can listen to me. Okay. You also talk about and this is a very interesting one as well. And this necessarily kind of relate to everyone shooting, I eight on this go too deep, but you talk about revealing kind of like everything about a company and everything about what you're doing even people salaries, which I think for a lot of peel the is kind of the most personal thing that rive it work. Explain you thought process on that little bit sure will again Christine old school wisdom unite. Remember? Well, you know, you're raised like there's certain things you don't talk about especially salary is just not not what is done and companies used to you know, that was like a low rule in other rule. You just don't talk about that. The reality is now this day and age both with the technology power. And the generation that both of our daughters are now in they don't care as much about privacy. And they're more open about these things. So. Anyone can already kind of go onto salary dot com or pay scale or these other services in see what going rates are and often. If you're in a big company, what the, you know software programmer level two is making in my own company. And as we see was like gender pay disparities. Secrecy is not a very good thing in terms of of equality. So if you're not willing to share your salary information, you just need to challenge yourself. Well, why is that have I maybe I haven't thought through why one person is making exit other person's making why win you've thought through your system. Then, you know, you're you're on solid ground. And I think this is where a lot of the the Silicon Valley companies do very well they have a formula. They'll say, you know, we we start at seventy percent of going rate as measured by this service. And we're going to up at two thousand dollars or pounds or euros or whatever it is on these cry. Eighteen and I think having that kind of system takes all that vias out and gets everybody on the on the same page. But even as a you preneurs small business you like right now we in my own company. We messed up something really bad about three days ago. We introduced a bug that broke coach Amanda for a lot of people. Now, I could hide that I could make an excuse not to talk about it. We are currently craft need a fall on my sword. Apology saying, hey, this stuff is hard. But that's not skews. It's you know, we've this is what we're gonna do to fix it. We're going to make amends and hopefully people that will drive trust trust in me trust in the brand. And that hey, we're going to know exactly what's going on. And there will be ups and downs. But we're going to be in this journey for the long haul of then. Okay. Great. All right. So I guess I'm probably my my kind of final deep dive here. As we kind of wrap up here is is leadership. And you talk about this in the book. I know leadership is not a choice. Many people think that it is something that you choose to do on, you know, a career an avenue that you choose to walk down. But you're saying that it's not a choice pa- site. Why is that? Yeah. Yeah. What was really wrong, many decades goes when they when people thought leadership was about thirty in power, and then, you know, ten twenty years ago that evolved and said, hey, you know, you don't need power thirty to be a leader. It's about influence. You can choose to be a leader. You choose to make a difference. But I say that's correct leadership is influence, and if that's true than we are all leading all of the time because we're always influencing psychologists, call it social contagion, and it's funny how behavioral psychology works. If you and I don't know each other. And we're in the the cafeteria line the Buffy line, and I grabbed the fruit Cup instead of the French fries. You're a little more likely to grab the fruit Cup. They've shown a study. If you buy something on an airplane, the people sitting in your row, even if they don't know you they're not related. They're more likely to buy something as well. So there's all we IMP we influence people all of the time our emotions are contagious. And so if you think about that leadership is not a choice, we are leading all the time. It's critical that you lead with intent. You know, you're leading your kids down one path or another am I gonna make it home for dinner tonight to have dinner with the family? Yes, or no now, you can't do it all the time. But just no one choice leaves in one direction. Another choice leads another am I gonna have date night with the spouse this week or my going to blow it off and stay in the office. One choice leads in one direction and take it for me. Another choice leads you slightly down another direction at work the same thing. Do you walk the halls with a smile making eye contact asking people how their weekend was or do you put your head down? Hope nobody stops you. So you can race back to the next meeting. We are leading all of the time. I agree with that on a percent. I love the fact that you say, you know, when you do this this isn't going to happen. And so I mean, I being saying it for years that when you say yes to something. You instantly the very same time say notice something else bingo. Yeah. I grew down to present. What a great chat as always. It's a pleasure to have you on the show for you guys shooting in if you wanna find a little bit more about the book you can head over. It's no rules lead leadership dot com. You can such a great leaders have no rules on Amazon bookstores and all that fun stuff as well. Kevin we will links to that, by the way and everything else that we've gone through hearings. Luna lead ex and everything over on the show notes you've dot com. Four slash three three seven. Kevin. Thank you brother for comment on. It's always a pleasure, Chris. It was a lot of fun. And hey may the force be with you with you month broad view, you guys. Tune in go swing light sabers and think of me and Kevin today, I'll be package again next week until then take right calf by now if you enjoy today show, I'd love for you to check out the UPS Ma. Mastermind community. It's the go to resource everyone wanting to build a profitable future proof business based around their experience, and those that they won't to serve. So whether you're just starting out, or if you've been working hard on your personal brand and building your online platform for a while, the Panama's Dimond community can help you take everything you've been doing to the next level. There's lots of training live moss to mind, Kohl's and thriving community forums where you can get the feedback advice and more energy and encouragement than you'll know what to do with the mastermind community is the perfect place for anyone wanting to learn how to build market and monetize that personal brand. For more info going to get started on your new Uganda journey head over to you know, calm today. I'll see you on the inside friends if you'd like this episode of the lead X leadership podcast, please take a minute leave a rating on itunes or Stitcher. Her readings are invaluable for attracting new listeners, and I like to convert those listeners into leaders because you know, I'm on a mission to spark one hundred million leaders in the next ten years. And if you want to become the boss, everyone fights to work for and nobody wants to leave checkout. The lead x platform with coach Amanda at lead x dot org. And if you have ten or more managers who could use some binge worthy training, send me an Email at info at lead x dot org. Elliott x dot ORG. And we'll talk about getting set up with a totally free pilot for those managers. See if they like it if they don't that's fine. We go away part is friends. But if they love it, you've just found yourself a new resource for them. Remember leadership is influence your always leading. How are you? Gonna lead today.

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