September 25, 2019: The Bricca Family


Today is Wednesday September twenty fifth two thousand nineteen on this day in nineteen in sixty six the small community of Green Township a suburb of Cincinnati Ohio was drastically changed for the worst a young couple all named Jerry and Linda Brecca and their four year old daughter Debbie were brutally murdered in their own home when their bodies were discovered two days later under the community of green township was forever scarred by their loss welcome to today and true crime podcast original every day. We flipped back the calendar to this date years ago and recount one event from true crime history. I'm Vanessa Richardson and today I'm joined by our guest host Patrick kinds of the true through crime obsessed podcast. He's here to discuss some of the historical aspects of the break- family well. I'll cover the narrative everyone. I'm Patrick and I'm here to dive into into the brick. A family murders due to the graphic nature of today's crimes. Listener discretion is advised this episode features discussions of graphic murder including the murder of a child extreme caution is advised for listeners under thirteen. Let's go back to the evening of September twenty fifth one thousand nine hundred sixty six the evening of the killings after a long day at the office. Jerry Briscoe was eager to get home. He'd spent his weekend working hard hard to earn a promotion and he hoped he'd get enough sleep to go back to work the next morning he pulled into the driveway and smiled when he saw his wife and and little girl watching television in the living room he was so happy to be home. The son had long set as Dick Meyer peered through his window blinds lines. The brick is empty. Garbage cans had been sitting at the curb for two days now to make matters worse. He could hear their dogs barking. They'd been barking ceaselessly for hours and it was driving his wife up the walls. Meyer had known the breakers for three years ever since they've moved in two doors down. They were a nice young couple. Linda could be a little aloof at times but she and her adorable little four year old. Debbie spent a lot out of time tending to the garden and waving at anyone who walked by but they hadn't been in the garden for two days. They hadn't gotten the paper for two who days Meyer had even called the Monsanto plant where Jerry worked. The kid hadn't punched into work for two days. Something go dreadfully wrong at his wife's. Urging Meyer called his friend and neighbour Richard Johnson Richard had also found the stillness of the brick home disturbingly suspicious together the two set off down the street flashlights in hand to investigate the situation as Meyer approached the brick home. He imagined the best possible scenario he would knock. Jerry would answer Linda Debbie would say hello. Oh they explain. They were simply taking a couple of days off to be together. He would invite them to dinner. Everything would be fine. Everything would be the same mm but the barking cut through his daydream. He looked towards the backyard fence but no dogs moved between the slats. His is followed the sound to an open basement window. He could hear them panicked frightened and lonely. The brick is never put their dogs down there and if the bricks hadn't done that Myers breath tightened he and Richard froze when they reached the brick driveway. They looked at each other both of them nervous. Neither wanted to go inside but they needed to know for sure. The men steel field their nerves nodded then approached the front door. They rang the doorbell then waited after they were met with cold silence. Meyer reached his hand forward and tried the KNOB. The door was unlocked. Meyer pushed it open and slowly peaked his head inside as his face past the threshold. His nose was flooded with an odor straight from his past. He'd smelled this before more than twenty years earlier. During the war rotting human flesh sh the smell was overwhelming both physically and emotionally. Meyer asked Richard to go call the police he would stay here and guard the door for Meyer stood outside the brick home for a long time dreading what he knew would come next. The police were only on the clock fourteen eighteen hours a day so he was sure Richard would have to knock on a couple of doors to get them out here. He wanted them to take as long as they possibly could. When they finally arrived Meyer took another deep breath in he warned them of the smell as the officers walked past but there was no way they could have been prepared. They exited the house gagging and coughing before departing they later returned turned with industrial sized fans. They blew the foul air out into the night sky waiting for the stench to become tolerable after after some time. The police finally entered the building. Meyer watched as one of the officers exited the house deep sadness in his eyes. The officer officer said three dead a man a woman and a little girl. We think they're the brick but none of us knew them while they were alive. Protocol dictates we receive a positive identification but their closest family members aren't answering our calls Myers. There's heart sank. He knew what they were about to ask and he knew he would agree. The officer continued. We'd like you to look at the bodies. Meyer wiped a tear from his eye and nodded then he followed the officer inside will learn about the specifics of the murders as well as their fallout within the community after this and and now back to the story on September Twenty Fifth Nineteen Sixty six Jerry Linda and Debbie Brecca were murdered in in their own home. Their bodies would be discovered by their neighbors. Dick Meyer and Richard Johnson Meyer was a combat veteran during World War Two but but nothing could have prepared him for the display of gruesome violence he would encounter in the brick home that day patrick will take us through the rest of the story. Thanks Vanessa. The home had been ransacked with items thrown in every corner. Jerry in Linda's bodies had been put on their bed laying face to face one on top of the other. Linda was wearing her nightgown and had been stabbed eight times with a very long knife six of those stabs CBS had pierced her right chest. Two of them had pierced her head. Jerry had been stabbed in the back four times three times in the neck and twice in his head the couples blood had covered their bed and most of the floor and their flesh had begun to rot as horrific as that site was the most disturbing aspect of the crime was the fact that Debbie their four year old daughter had not been spared the young girl practically still a toddler had been stabbed four separate times each blow had been powerful enough to pierce her entire body and her corpse have been found laid out on the floor of her bedroom. Investigators surmise that she had likely likely been asleep when her parents had been attacked this means that the killer had likely murdered Linda Jerry then went out of his or her way to kill Debbie as well an unnecessarily elite vile act in addition to the brutality several other aspects of the crime stood out to investigators. The brick is dogs had been locked in their Baseman c'mon. The brick is typically kept her dogs in the backyard so it seemed that they had been moved to the basement by the killer to make the situation with the dogs. Even stranger evidence at the scene indicated that the dogs had been sedated likely to keep the dogs docile during the attack additionally a window to the basement had been left open indicating to investigators investigators that the killer had likely snuck into the brick is home through there to make matters more interesting. The bricks kitchen seemed to be missing. A single carving knife had had the carving knife been present its size likely would have matched the size of the wounds made in the body's. It seems that the killer had broken into the brick is home and use their own knife to do the killing doing unfortunately the murder weapon was nowhere to be found so this theory would not be confirmed one way or the other officers believed it was likely the killer had thrown the knife in the garbage cans on the curb as he laughed as the cans would have been emptied the next day and taken immediately to the dump. The murder weapon would be lost forever in an unsearchable pile of trash. All of these details together suggested that the killer likely knew the Burqa family personally and the attack would have required careful planning the killer had got to have brought sedatives with the express purpose of using them on the dogs. The killer would have known the layout of the brick home and the killer would have known the trash pickup schedule yet even with all of this information investigators were unable to find many plausible suspects. They're only lead a veterinarian who had temporarily worked for seem. The most likely suspect backed however he acquired a lawyer who refused to cooperate with the police and the investigation stalled indefinitely the murder remains unsolved to this day however however the effect the crime had on the green township community was stark and immediate before the brick murders green township was a place where everybody left their doors unlocked and their windows open the area was so peaceful and crime so rare that the Green Township Police Department was only open fourteen hours a day people were friendly and trusting and spent their evenings as cooling off on their porches chatting with their neighbors however after the murders the climate change drastically newspapers at the time reported that residents started buying ice picks tear gas guns shotguns pistols ammunition door locks barrel bolts and door chain guards in an effort to protect themselves. They adopted an overwhelming number of large dogs from their local shelters. They petitioned their city governments to install more street lights and they moved a Halloween festivities to the the afternoon rather than the evening. They also expanded police hours to twenty four hours a day. The small community was forever changed by this single Google brutal crime. It's memory and the mystery of the killer will continue to hunt them for years to come hello. I'm Vanessa Richardson. Thanks again Patrick Trick for joining me today. Thanks so much for having me you guys you can find my podcast true crime obsessed on spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts for more information on on the brick of family murders listen to our unsolved murders episode on the topic today in true crime is a par cast original. 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This episode of today in true crime was written by Giles Hav Seth. I'm Vanessa Richardson.

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