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ACS (Part 1): Lee Eisenberg and Scott Whittle


Hey man good show plan. I lucked. Are you sitting down. Your mind is going to be blown. I'm telling you i'm not using hyperbole. I got a bird the expert on the line. We get deep into preventing mass shootings. You will be sold when i when we are done done with our conversation. You shall be sold and go to your congressman and let's get this thing fixed. I simply safe to is in their only ten percent of break. Ins ends are planned beforehand. You know about that. Did you know that these are just targets of opportunity. Just bad guys walking around. She house go in robert abbott. Don't have that be you. Only one in five homes have security because most companies don't make it easy expensive drilling wires to hassle simply simply safe protects your whole home every window room and door twenty four seven monitoring at a fraction of the cost and it's just fifteen bucks a month. That's that's all designed to blend right in your home easy. 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The co writer of good boys lee eisenberg gina grad on news paul bryan on soundtracks dave damage shakes for good sports and bird expert expert scott whittle calls in and now a mother's nightmare adam corolla yeah get it on get it on the judge to get under mandate chicken own man. Thanks for tuning in and thanks for telling a friend. It would love that you share saw the ratings a half hour ago. They went up so thank you for doing that and good day gina a._u. Handballed ryan chris went ahead and got herself a burt burdock root for multiple reasons one. I was attacked again then yesterday. Walking from one shop to the next to you as <hes> bryan suggested with the school shootings things yeah imagine <hes> some of these birds just sitting up at the costco or ten or twelve. They're gonna cause chaos well. First things first you can teach a dog to sniff out cocaine through metal welded into into a fender with coffee grounds they can smell or you can have that same be trained differently to smell backyard fruit or poultry torri. That's being transported or or explosives or whatever they can sniff out now. As i suggested twenty years ago they can sniff cancer out which i explain that drew twenty years or every time. I have one of these epiphanies. Everyone just laughs their ass off. I'm not kidding so you train a dog where you want and you can train rain crow to pick up cigarette butts and clean clean up apar- get answers to pretty much you give them a treat. They'll do their bidding. The falcons zwolle take care of the flocks of geese or whatever's over at the airport. They'll train the falcon. They'll go do it. You can tell a falcon go take out a drone the fat you can train at falcon to take a drone. It's easy here's hoping all animals are got him mercenaries with no conscious and no pulse and no thoughts of others and no remorse remorseless killing eating machines path real id. They're all laid you wanna get your dog and blow you. Give me some peanut butter. I'll turn your dog gay in ten minutes. They'll do anything savak like they look. They're looking at peanut off your dick and they get a look themselves. No i'm disgusted disgusted with myself a thorough paycheck. I'm saying saying i'm saying you wanna blow job from a schnauzer. You are a a scoop of creamy jif away okay. Hey realising your dreams that bird to attack that drone attack that other bird attack. You are a couple of a handful of popcorn from getting that thing to do all of your bidding. Yes agreed okay so now that we know a dog or a bird or any of god's creatures a lot of guys guys. I know will do anything for money and now all we have to do or reward and incentive yeah now. We figure it out well so i would say if you could get a dog. You can train a dog or bird to train the burn to go after drone train a dog to sniff out cocaine we could get our crow or hawk or al of prey active shooter somebody standing holding a gun in a prone position in the the middle of a big big box warehouse place or in the parking lot of the same warehouse place or wearing says pretty easy pretty easy to do the put the guy the padded suit get the mop handle him stand up in the middle of the hangar. You guys are practicing in out hawthorne and the burgess there. He gets his treat every time he met emily doable imminently doable and depart where well the cops are on their way if you think about with the right weapon and we get all nutty about assault rifles but we need a handgun got a couple of handguns and a couple of clips you can take out twenty people in a very short period of time. There's no police force. It's going to get there before you're done killing everybody. If the bird is just kind of perched up on the bar choice they have the have the places that the big big yeah rafters up those big box stores or burgess sitting up there you start your shooting the birds on your head it in less than ten seconds probably less than five seconds. If you really just five seconds is like if you do that thing. If you want to know what ten seconds is is when you're watching that m may fight that boxing match and they're beating the crap h._r. And you hear that like ten things. There's a lot of punch and still left to go there. There's a lot of time okay so now. The bird is on the person's head and you can't kill the bird with your long rifle. Uh or probably your pistol. I do not know you certainly cannot continue what you're doing. Worse scenario for everyone else. Being attacked not by the byrds is but everyone else in the walmart or wherever that person just flailing and shooting in the air wildly. I mean better than shooting at people cowering running probably running as their flights yeah. That's the worst case area not byron randomly. Somebody had a gun on you and your family. What would you pay for five birds attacking can that person's head many prize all right scott whittle. Our bird expert is on line three scott hi ed. I'm it's great to talk to you good to talk not scott. Thanks for answering the call. My pleasure a longtime listener and i'm excited. Ability contribute a little bit well. I have a couple of things to bounce off. You and i know you have a story of crow crow heroism. I want to i on on a selfish note. I'm being attacked by burn but but bigger picture. I'm worried about are nature at a macro anamika right so let's talk about. Both those things absolutely oh wait a minute. Sorry the p._r. Girl just got attacked. It's happening now. Scott got an angry bird and it's attacking recommend high if he has anything anything her hand. If you hold it overhead it'll tack that okay okay so it goes for the highest point point why are burnt so mean. Well okay so why ever. I mean there you know i. I'm not sure i'd say they mean but certainly they are killian evil. They act <hes> yet evil if you want but i'm pretty you're saying anusorn scott. What you're saying is when a giant python is squeezing the life out of an infant. It's not because it's mean it. Just does what it does. That's it's just major doing what it does right. Defense attorney on them sell than lawyer so scott. There's so many things to do here. I i wanna hear your story of the young boy that befriended the crowd yes so my father-in-law actually actually had a pet crow that followed him and his and his brother's to and from school every day they would sit on the window of their classroom connects tap on the glass and sort of hang out during the day and then they would follow them home at night. Yeah well let them get doing yeah so and then it would actually come inside at night if it was cold and just hang out in the house and then go out the next day and do what you know cros du <hes> but whoa at one point my father's brother or my father-in-law's brother actually getting bullied in the in the school yard and he called out to the crow and the crowd it came down and actually attack the bully permanent scar now. I don't know it's proof of concept adam. I really think you're you're ahead of your time on this thing. It's hollywood and it's two thousand and nineteen so our microbes gonna go. He used the wrong pronoun blessing the he she that transitioning get them or ah the verbal bullying gonna as they're going to be able to stop that psychological <hes> she's right so probably choose you could probably train raynham whatever you want him to do now very smart when the person is bowling the when the when the guy when the twelve year old boy why is bowling the other guy this is. This is many years ago right yeah. Probably i don't know forty years ago right. Here's the for sure. The bullies name was butch. 'cause that's what you've named while he's back then when bush was bowling your father-in-law's brother gasser brother-in-law that grow came out hit him in the head. That bully was done right. I mean instantly yeah. He said that as soon as that happened he lost focus on you know my father-in-law's brother and and just had to deal with the crow and honestly couldn't do anything because once it's on your head and pecking you in the head and here i think he just panic 'cause it's. It's just it's something nobody's used to having had done to them and i think it really hurts and i think it's a it's shocking shocking experience. Okay so now we live in a world where we're discussing. These mass shooting school shootings mass shootings. One side says we gotta confiscate the long guns the a. r. whatever's the other side says it's not damn. It's the pharmaceuticals or whatever they're saying. Hang the one one somebody suggests putting guns in schools. The other ones suggest arming the teacher with a bucket of rocks like these all nothing sounds very satisfying the crows oh thing sounds insanely satisfying to me could there so there was the el pasa walmart shooting <unk>. Obviously there could be three or four crows in the el paso walmart <hes> you could teach them fairly quickly to attack somebody who is doing shooting. Could we not absolutely. I think you can well. I was going to tell you that with you know. You're being attacked in your in your lot by mockingbird which is not as smart. There's a crowd and they can actually recognize human faces exciting someone there to actually attack them more than a stranger and and for the pro for me mock moore here comes the face of disappointment again am. I don't think they know who i am. I think it's more the face of disappointment. Ah maybe i've never been attacked by this. Bird now starting to feel insulted at like the beta male is walking as no threat because you're bald and my hair looks like nest tag. They have to protect chronic. Sorry for you something to do with that. Obviously has some syndrome. Leave him alone. He's not worth it that way. The parking space. I'm i am always parking in is open to win by the tree. Bird is attack delta hits you in the head and then you make the most embarrassing move ever ever so so let me just say a mockingbird ways to two straight and so it just the power of aggression as a biological strategy strategy. Which is you have this bird that you know you could barely tell it was sitting in your hand if you were holding it but if it goes after you're running around a crow weighs a pound a raven up the any here a common raven weighs three and a half pounds so if you had a raven coming down on you they they could inflict some serious like serious damage like go into the hospital. Damage is a rape up. Some is there any difference between raven in crows in terms of training ravens are probably smarter three and a half pound flying missile salami smart missile right and that's that's huge for a bird. I mean birch are surprisingly light. You know you wouldn't think you don't think about it but if you hold hold a small bird near hand they really way an ounce right now have pounds. It's like yeah. It's like it's like a guided missile. What would would let's say being naysayer be a contrarian what would be wrong with with costco or whomever our schools or whatever having some trained ravens well <hes>. I guess there's a couple of issues. One wouldn't be where you're gonna get the ravens events and <hes>. How are they going to be treated but certainly people have kept ravens in captivity and you know they. They like treats. They like being taken mm care of. They're very social. I wanted to be more than one of more than one in a place <hes> but <hes> with the right handler raven could certainly be very happy. You know l. walmart. How damn good would you guys feel with you and your family in a walmart in concert in a movie theater knowing there. There's a couple of train ravens just sort of perched up in the back on anything <hes> i can see the campaign led by. You and i scott gun violence silence. Nevermore people rave inc now done deal world. If i heard one god damn politician put this together. I start blowing before he was done. I'd go okay. This is something this feels like something to at least as an outside the box idea for what passes for ideas these days and to your point. This is not super new news. This is what scarecrows were invented for right. We know they recognized ignites people. So why have we not moved on from the scarecrow one hundred and fifty years well there there. There's two arguments both impossible. Let's get rid of all the guns impossible impossible. Let's get let's get people to quit doing wanting to impossible okay those here too impossible tasks that you're all feverishly working on and criticizing each other for how about this one. I think this one would work and it's pretty doable. And what about the prevention. Now we always talk about soft soft targets. I think maybe one of this guy's manifesto. There was like a- say hit a soft target earn. Someone's manifesto yes of course if you know there's no guns or no armed armed security or whatever it's a soft target you if you if we let it be known that these ravens are perched looking down. It's dark mark movie theater. You wanna go shoot it up because you don't know now as the gun person. You don't know if the mall has the ravens if the theater has the ravens. It's the school has the the ravens. I'd imagine that whenever the shooting started it would be interrupted almost immediately the and then then what i mean three and a half pound bird with these talents in this be going at you. What what is it one could do other than getting a fetal position position scott. I think especially if there's more than one you wouldn't be able to do much. I think you'd have to run or try to take cover somewhere because they just they're. They're they're just to know. The bills on. These things are the size of like a hawk spelt. They're heavy. They're made for tearing stuff. They actually eat meat so they're used to eating carcasses for example like you know in the in maine the lead moose carcass in winter and i can actually rip that frozen meat out with that bill so and they're not afraid live eagles. They'll scare eagles away so they're they're incredibly smart and powerful and they'll be coordinated. You know they'll they'll. They'll work together as a group so i. I think that there wouldn't be a lot you could do. I mean if you're if you're raven ready. You know if you have your your raven defense kit together. Maybe there's some kind kind of you know counteraction you could do but i think if you're just like a lot of these people are i think sort of out of their minds and and going somewhere it <hes> they would be that'd be hard pressed to respond right. You'd have to show up in one of those stupid suits that every once in a while she some guy in the internet has made a grisly proof proofs or something like that that you have to put that out in the parking lot of the costco before you came in right if you see someone of the birdcage on their head and they've been listening to the cure the dash for dash yeah i mean i am i am now utterly in love with with this idea we're looking at their talents talons and yeah you're right it. Wouldn't you don't need a baker's dozen of ravens. You need three or two to hit somebody in the head. That's it you you kind of if you have a big old. Let's save up a big area. Let's just say it's a stadium couple down on one end and a couple down on on the other and the way it works is whoever's closest so get there first and then the other ones will join isn't it like hawks owls or whatever they can spot a field mouse yes from hal far up in the air so this is really doable right scott absolutely and they also have <hes> incredible range as far as how far they can fly so you you can actually have a group of these birds. You have specific birds but you could also have sort of free safety birds out patrolling the area and sorta looking for trouble. This is all good and tell the manchurian candidate thing goes worth the evil trainer from russia puts puts a chip in one and then next mrs president takes the podium and now the birds we flash happier bird i. I don't know what the i know. This will never work. This will never happen but i'm pretty serious about it like i i. It's also in terms of what i want my my government doing. I don't want them putting up signs on the freeway that say click it or ticket. That's neither here nor there this kind of thing i would like all it's gonna take us for some private school daycare or something like that to implement this because they didn't have to go public schools. That's going to take too much too much bureaucracy some privacy some some theater group some like i said stadium was going to implement this and works once even kind of works once against some other something something that it'll be revolutionary also if you did l. a. s. d. i know you say the ravens are very bright but i figure after a few years on the beep. Keep they have to lower test scores. Go down just from the proximity to hang out with people and smoke pot all day. Get this rate and lack five asian. You might have to have a rotation going on the aso three and a half pounds is what the what is the average <hes> wingspan on raven. Thank you know have you ever seen a you probably have seen a red tailed hawk when common hawk across the country <hes>. It's only a few inches shorter than that so it's it's. It's it's wide. I mean if you if you spread your arms out it would just be. Maybe you know shorter than that so yeah so they're big and <hes> they're also also actually i mean there have been researchers not by ravens but that have been killed by birds you know they they actually if you go close to nafta off author or another you know sorta predatory bird they can go after the head and they'll go after is people have been knocked out of trees. They're really they can be really forceful yeah so and when you see it coming. There's just a fear factor. I mean i remember once. I was in oregon doing a bird survey driving down the road and i had one of these ravens. Come come at me. Sorta straight up the highway as i was driving towards it and it just looks like i mean this massive bird coming right at you as like the shadow with <hes> i think i think it would be. I think it'd be terrifying. What would definitely work. I don't think it'd be take that long to train them to do this. I mean they got them. They had the one protecting your your father's father-in-law's brother and he wasn't even trained to do that really just saw that the person was in peril ryan will did you see and france last year. There was a theme park and actually we're training crows to pick up garbage so that they would give them a peanut. Every time they brought brought back a piece of litter and they actually have a whole group of crows that are going around the park cleaning it up for them. It'd be hard to train them. I would every time you prevented a mass shooting. I forgive you to peanuts. I'm feeling generous. That's how i roll from. There are no limits. Listen limit payday ridiculous giga break you off a piece. I got excited at the generosity. I my feeling is all i can think is up calling mark garriga's. He knows he knows politicians. I saw adam schiff as backyard once the city now. You might be able to talk to you right with bird. Law law assorted good with it. There's actually a really important thing. I wanted to just in case listeners are thinking about training their own crows crowes. Which is the ravens which is that there is a migratory bird treaty act of nineteen eighteen which stats santa. Actually you know capture or kill or have of any part of actually any most birds. The united states are protected the you can't do that but you could certainly find a professional who could train crows or ravens or people who do that and even hand raise i mean you could actually you know i would think you would wanna start sort of a a breeding program for these crows and you could even breed characteristics one it in the breed them to be more aggressive. You could pretty fend for larger bills. You could read them to go for the is when they come down. I mean there's a lotta stuff you can do. I can see by the way if you ever look at one of these rob. Report magazines see the guy in the long circular driveway. It's got the hot trophy if he wife and a young kid and they're leaning against a german shepherd crows in the eaves it just just the same spot but with crow. You know you travel for business. Protect protect your family a peace of mind. No i mean you a._d._t. <hes> man i would feel good about this. What's a lifespan and one of these birds. <hes> you know for crows. It's actually pretty long. <hes> crows and ravens can live. I think don't quote me on this but i think twenty plus years oh so you you have a bird that can actually louis be around for a long time and have a lot of experience raise. Your kids discuss the mechanics scott like you would want this to work. In a large place a place like a walmart that has not great sight lines and eligible and dark places like movie theaters or concerts or whatever so would it be possible me guessing the enters yes would it'd be possible to train the ravens to respond to a buzzer like literally like some light or some buzzer. They were sitting on next to that. Any security. Guard can activate sutera sign line for a back. You know what i mean. Could we do it that way. Oh absolutely yeah. I'm sure they could learn the buzzer. I mean these are capable capable of complex problem solving. They've actually documented and easing. This is one of the birds it's tool using which is something that we used to think. Only people could do but they actually use sticks fix to sorta plant food out of something there now man you can pass by pertz can't use tools. That's absolutely possible. Train them to do just about any question night-vision. Are they knock terminal bird. They do actually have good sense and <hes>. I bet their vision is good enough in dim light to be fine. They're not al or something but you know what you go to the nightshift go then another thing we can talk about is als- because they can see in the dark and there you take something like a great horned owl. They're actually as big as reagan plus. They've got these talents. They're really a a terrifying predator. They actually take like a small animals like they eat skunks a lot and cat even outdoor cats. They can take so yeah they would be. It would not be something you'd wanna be hit with. I want to say i want to know how that works and say an als in the movie theaters and crows or ravens at the costco or the schools one other one other little sidebar note here so put the nocturnal ones is an owl all right i'm going to i'm going to make this statement. <hes> daniel shaver the guy in the worst execution in on u._s. Soil by a police department who was who was executed in mesa arizona. Mark is working on that case. Nobody knows about it because he's white. If he was black everyone would know about it but that's the world we live in fine. That guy is the reason that guy's dead is because his job with a pellet gun was to go a to the costco's and the big box stores where on at night whatever in kill the rodents in the end the pigeons that nested or blown up in there he had a pellet gun. They mistook it for a gun and now he's dead. You need this guy to shoot your road entcha or shula way your pigeons or whatever have you inside your huge boxer with the big rolling doors in the back and everything that could also be part of the ravens is larry bennett. The fringe benefits are fringe benefit right absolutely these guys they actually just loc- i live in cape may new jersey which is a beach town and <hes> about thirty miles from us they just just on the paper that they hired a <hes> falconer with a raptor to scare away the seagulls and they're paying them. I think it so they're paying him. Sixty thirty five grand a year to scare the seagulls away so if you had there's a lot of potential for animals to help people and it's it's happened a lot in the past. I mean people used to have have terriers and cats to keep rats and stuff like that away. <hes> i will certainly if there's one around and the animals no. They're not going to be you know. They certainly aren't going to be out walking around. They're going to be watching this stuff because they've got this predator around so yeah. I think there's there's so much potential there. <hes> you know again. You want to be careful about you. Don't wanna be capturing wild birds and stuff but if you start to some kind of breeding and training program you could do some really cool stuff well and in a world where everything is politicized is and it doesn't matter how good your idea is if it's from one side of the aisle or the other side i'll the other side will explain why it's never gonna work. You cannot graft on politics to the bird that there's no way you can you can hang on it. There's nothing other than preventing preventing this. There's many different arguments. You can have about the border the border wall or border security. There's always a counter argument to that. How could you possibly graft anything politically onto that you can see like sixty minutes doing a segment on the first school to implement this. You know what i mean like like that's right <hes>. That's right can see. I can see p coming after you but besides them. I can't imagine what they do. I'm gonna have my personal raven attack them serious questions peter problems with like canine unit dog being used for police from early. Peter would find it pro pro. Well hold on a second old pita. No new woke feta. Data has a problem with people killing cockroach lipstick on rabbits. Yes they have a problem with but now it goes way beyond that right but look fuck pita. Pita peta has turned into your crazy aunt who's wearing wigs way too much lipstick and makeup and showing up getting drunk at a kids party that that's the respect respect you now have for pita. They put you there because of their insane attitude about the ethical treatment of animals. The dog's getting treated like part of the force. He's he's got. The cops are cops. Yes if peter had its way. Dogs wouldn't be around because they don't believe in pets so if peter was if pena sort of had its way. I don't don't think we really have dogs. Let's say you know no dogs. No cats no pets yeah. That's such a delectable way to eat skewered meat. Pita bread. Ted is horrible organization all right. So what else do we miss. You put out can we train. Owls is as is easily as you could train raven no. I don't think so <hes> i in fact. I don't know about training als or what people have done. I'm you know people talkin o'connor's train rafters and just other kinda raptor so i think you probably could it <hes> but i just don't know much about it but i do know that around here. The is probably the most fearsome nocturnal predator where i live is a great horned owl. They're they're really big. Bird silent they have big talents and they can take prey as large actually one of their favorite player like i said a skunk a skunks that would this be possible if we had our trained rained al at the movie theater the cineplex a more on a personal and they showed a promo for an upcoming john waters move. Who'd could we attack. Can we train the al to attack the crow so we didn't have to see the fucking john waters promo talk to crow screen attack the screen and take it down. I'm thinking for the people who didn't want to see it. They could raise a marker flag or something in the crow could come in or the alex is out. I the extreme but dot com if you want it so this bird this mockingbird that's two ounces that is destroyed destroyed. This two hundred pound man's life that resides in our parking lot the way to get around. This is to walk if we if one held up something higher than one's. That's that's its first point of contact. That's usually what birds do is hit the highest point. I know that's true for birds like certain hawks and other stuff so that's what i would try i would also this bird is nesting which is why it's acting this way so mockingbird nest about four for weeks at a time so they'll you know in in cold climates like where i am like in the northeast. They'll mess. Maybe once maybe twice but just during that four week period period when they're brooding raising their young they'll be aggressive and then they'll stop. You just have to sorta for to build clearer there now this. Is this the second time it sounds like they started. They do nascar you guys 'cause. I know this happened a month ago and now it started up again so i bet they're remastered well. During a warmer climate they take they take time off. This is why there's we do have some months in between bird strikes look chris. I'm not gonna ask you to go out to my car alone. I'm <music>. I'm going but i need you to get on my shoulder. Okay we'll meet in the middle. Hold your hand up. Dawson has a question yeah. He's got a murder of crows regularly chomping through your front yard looking for food and stuff. What's the best way to let those cros know that hey i'm. I'm with you hang around. I'll take care of you. Maybe you protect me. How do you begin the suicide rate the way my father in law started to be friendless. Crow was his mother. <hes> who is now ninety five five ninety four <hes> she is sort of like snow white she goes out and feeds all these animals and they all come out of the woods and take food out of her hands and stuff so she feeds them every day and <hes> we have she has she actually has like the special connection with with nature i guess and so <hes> but i think that if you sort sort of give them what they're looking for which is probably food and sort of a safe environment then they're. They're more likely to hang around so i'm a little hesitant to say this as a naturalist because you know i sort of like in principle i don't want to alter these birds behavior from what they're normally doing <hes> but i'm sure it wouldn't hurt to like sorta throughout a little bit of of food they especially like they actually would eat meat the little pieces of steak or i like suet which is <hes> <hes>. It's it is sort of like a brick of virtue. It's sometimes it's peanut butter and you could break. Some pieces often thought out. They would love that scott. Let me give you a plug hamp as app out or is it coming i do. We have an app. That's come out. It's sort of one of those apps. That's come out and we're developing at the same time and the reason we're doing that because it requires a lot of audience participation patient or or user participation to get it to improve and get in and work well and that apps cults burji <hes> which is actually a sham che's aim for bird hammer or so it'd be basically pointed at the birds press a button and it records the sound and then it tries to tell you what it is that's out and we also have a book called the warbler guy and the work of the guide app which is a companion app for it and it did find all that stuff at my website which is scott whittled dot com and it's available on amazon as well. He can bookmark gone through scott. I'm glad to have you on call as a resident bird experts and call on 'cau- yeah and i i love the fact that i never the ravens and crows was like what's the difference what's the difference but the fact that one is significantly bigger. They're both and a little smarter and a little angrier and can be trained to do anything new sheriff ervin town man just eating frozen moose me all that stuff come on yeah. Thanks albert appreciate it. My pleasure adamant there. It's an honor to talk to you guys. Thanks very much. Thank you our right now. Look i shout out great ideas and and then i get on with my god damn life. I should pursue this a little. I know a couple of guys. I know a couple politicians see what they what they think. This might involve actually having to go to the kids school which i know you try not to do but maybe i don't know where it is. When olga drives you there drops you off the one on one coffee with the principal bender ear benazir yeah i don't i don't know no i'm the corollas dad surpassing following following the beta school my <hes> <hes> i don't put a lot of faith in other people's ability to recognize good ideas and move move forward with them quite taken by in a world where we are desperately. Searching for answers is in there. Just is no answer and all we're all we can do is kick the can down the road and while more tragedies pile up this to me again in a world where some political something gets grafted onto everything thing at all times. I don't know feel this is impervious to criticism. I just do couple of fringe weirdos pita but other than that the entire nation should unite under this idea. I agree. Here's here's my advice for pursuing this. Do not go the political route. Don't go representative. Don't get anyone who's in charge anything that's throwing. You're a great idea into the abyss. Do private enterprise like i can put you in touch with someone over at the coliseum runs operations in pilot program. We'll give this a shot and all is one person to latch onto. This like one media. Outlet visit comes the sensation. This is private enterprise. Don't throw this into the you're right. You're right but i love giving back taxes. You make off billions of dollars. You earn all right. Let me hit hit <hes> castrol edge you can tweet us at adam corolla show with a hashtag castro challenge with your question for for castro challenge brought to you by castrol edge formulated with fluid titanium technology three times times stronger fool off against viscosity breakdown leading full synthetic max patta drift pinto on instagram wants to know hashtag casual challenge would adam ever consider running multiple multiple cars and monterey. I did it one year. It became a little bit laborious hearing hard to this year. Yeah one was in one group the others in another group. I brought it to eighty to run with the bigger group. I brought a b. area five ten to run with another group and it ended up just like taking up the whole time and half the time it's racing and the other half the time is is eating and drinking and traveling and looking at stuff and not quite feeling the whatever the pressure is of having to get in the car and be sober and whatnot so <hes> yes to the quayle time it has it has been considered but the rally is is. I do group five a a and that goes off on saturday in on friday. It's thursday friday saturday but the timing works out perfectly. If you want to bring another car you'll go on sunday and it'll run into a whole bunch just stuff like the quiet so thank you and we'll be out there and income find us. We'll be driving the nine thirty five portion. Everyone's nice come say hi and then we'll beat the golden state theatre on that saturday night after the race on august seventeen so come on out without them rain. Say hi and thank you castrol astral edge all right. Let's see i'll play another kooky clip of dr true which is just just a clip. I drew. I find drew to be sort of miraculous in a way that he and i sat next next to each other for twenty plus plus years. He's a smart guy but he has no. He also has a lot of really dumb notions ideas and so here's a clip from adamant dr drew from yesterday this dovetails nicely to the time i took teresa strasser and her husband out to dinner and we're eating and everyone was ordering and i said look order. All you want order dessert order. Two entrees like i. I don't care but when we're done. All the leftovers are going home with me all right so you order. You like mike. That's you that makes sense. That's good. I was kidding douche. Oh the united take leftovers home. That's not fucking intentionally annoy just saying that's understandable and i get the point out. Drew your dick. Were you look at someone orders chicken parmesan and leaves three bites and i'm gonna that chicken farms coming home with me now. I couldn't imagine you not i believe them. You believe until you believe me making a joke joke you idiot who would a fucking announced that to a couple lowest finish that shit's coming home with me here. Let me tell you something this. I said what's wrong with you. Listen i would i would think i actually made this announcement when i took theresa and her fiance out that dinner it seems better facts right seems like you say more outrageous things. Do it's funny yeah. I clipped it a little short but i yelled at him. I've been out to dinner with you drew thirteen hundred times. Have i ever done anyone now and okay man of science. There's your clue that there's a pattern of tablets. I've been out alone with grew and we split it down. The middle drew never pays two outings in a row. Oh and he paid last time. I pay this time. We traveled the country together. We would go out to dinner but that was all we look forward to. After college there was some steak steakhouse that was in the college town and we go there and have a glass of wine and stakes he'd know better than a thousand times eating dinner with them thousands and paid and also as couples. We've gone out multiple times and i've paid fridge full leftovers. So what kind of analysis is this. What kind of analysis he'd been to dinner with me a thousand nine. I've never brought it up. Why would he yeah. You think that's his way of yes. Anding you know doesn't know how to do that. He's just he's perpetually confused. I would say in a weird way. I know the guy for a million years. Why would he think i would seriously say to a couple. I want to take you out for your. I think i think they their engagement jamin or something like that and i wouldn't now. I might think it but i would never now the food home at the beginning of the meal here the rules. Is there a thing with people like drew or they're so smart but they they're so the brain power. I'm making a big wide thing with my ours is so focused on medicine and recovery in addiction. You know what i mean like. He focuses that predict brainpower on one thing. I think slough off a little bit yeah. I get it all right kristie like she's super smart but like she loves the real housewives and us weekly office like you're very smart. You love these mindless things like she. She's like yeah like turn my brain off sometimes yeah well. Let's make a division between being very bright and like watching shitty stuff on t._v. Turning it off actively well i do believe in a in its own way like speaking of christie. I watch commercials awesome people. Go please just faster that shit. What are you wasting your time for and they're nonsense commercials but i'm actually sort of studying them. You don't have to be if you study crows or kids. It doesn't mean the crows are the kids have to be smarter than you or entertain you. You'd like to know how they were. Is this your <unk> justification for t j hooker and departure schramm j. hooker and i study at like i may time traveler avelar. Who's an anthropologist time traveler. We've gone back in time. I've got i don't come from a different galaxy and i'm like i'm just looking at all. The styles listen all the verbal stuff and all the stories trying to also trying to apply it to today. Like what are we doing now that everyone's gonna make fun of us for. I mean i i i could name thirteen things well what i'm saying. Is we get a little space from t j hooker and we never stopped making fun of it. Well we did did the same thing when we're watching t j hooker. We're making fun of manic and making fun of us for making shows from the sixties and the seventies. That's what we do so whatever it is. We're doing now. We're making fun of it all right lee eisenberg's out there pronouncing. It correctly reclaimed good. He's a very good writer. Oh i should tell him. I didn't want to tell my kids so he's a rope for the office for lots of years. I'm not a inch big fan of lee eisenberg. He pretty much every one of my favorite episodes seriously every one of my favorite episodes from the office. I've told you but i will tell him or i'll tell you you and then you can tell him. I say to my kids every once in a while. What do you watch like. What's everybody watching and and at your school. What do you seventh graders into and i fully expect them to go. Cardi b. Just took a stick and put a camera on the end. Eh duct taped to her head and we just watch her walk around and i was like they're like we're watching office. Everybody in your school the the seventh graders they watch the office yeah. That's everyone universally beloved any age. I didn't put them onto the off. Their day discovered the office office and that's what they watch and march show. It's easy to follow you. You can understand the characters in an enclosed space. It's it it would be perfect for a smart kid. Who's in middle school. Thanks i'm happy to be because when i when they when they watch junk. It's like when you see your kid watching junk. It's like the feeling you have when they eat junk. It's like they're consuming this junk. When you see him watching the kardashians you know what i mean my daughter's explaining how important the kardashians contribution to america as i go. I told you the the humblest brag law. I think the one good thing i've done is apparent steer towards like pixar movies like animated films like now she's into yeah ause radha to they will love all that but eventually they're gonna settle in on his show. Just pushing it off right <hes> all right. We'll bring leeann right after this one the five dollars you get one favorite. Stop products every month. You get break you choose. It's odd fan move john dick. It's time for the fourth month of atoms monthly. Not this month ship and includes a fifteen pack of dude wipes on the go flushable wipes leave you as clean as a whistle three packs of crazy go nuts flavored walnuts a snack the wound make you fat a beat beat by ace bracelet a helpful reminder to let you know that beats aren't killing you a copy of not taco bell material with the ray chapter signed by raise own self self and of course so bottle of mangrove or thirty three wines. The sixty dollar value is yours for only twenty five dollars sign up for one month or keep the shipments coming so prep appier males box and get ready for adams monthly nut hurry we will sell out alko presents definitely not role is shown mine nine perish florida forty nine year old man was charged with misdemeanor domestic battery after hitting his his wife in the face with other job burried. Oh ooh ooh wee. Eisenberg is in studio. Good boys is the name of the film. You probably seeing the spots all over the place. I feel like i've seen to billboards all over the place. It's very funny. I watch it on my computer last night. It says in theaters theaters next friday august sixteenth but that feels like billboards says i got that right. Why don't you believe that oh. I don't know why i'm getting screwed automatic already. What else seen it all right. Well good on your man. <hes> nice job funny and i know you wrote it with your partner. Jeans instead penske's. It's asta skeets step. Knits gate shot simple just rolls off the tongue. Yes he was. He got fired from crank yankers so they tell me it was a whole the thing he was like. Oh you're going to see adam. He's i remember who's the writers pierre the writer's assistant but he was. I think it was a two gig terrible. He's a great great writer and just really not good at anything else. Why don't you would say that. That's the way you know. His family talks about him that way. Writers are probably in terms. They're not <hes> <hes> swiss army knife. Not i mean the good at one minute writing. I'd say historically yes much pretty much. That's how they roll. Gene always had like <hes> <hes>. You always got the boot on his car. He can pay tickets and you know he didn't have anything else going on. Just his main job was getting the boot and then you guys fired him. No he goes to separate here. We got the boot and the booth widely fire. Do you know i think gross incompetence was the h._r. No i mean i think he was terrible. Date i was it was gesture silverstein right those guys yeah and they <hes> they had them start walking around with no pat because he kept trying to keep everything in his head down. He had a notepad and then the no pad wasn't sufficient and then he got fired. That was the that was the steps apps. I want to put this out there to all the listeners who when somebody the boss or gesture silverstein or wherever it is when they announced announced you for the third time you need to write things down. Don't argue with that. They're facing johnny rich history right forgetting shed. They don't just say that. Two people have steel draft raft right yeah yeah silverstein not that smart either because he <hes> we're doing a man show shoot once aunts and he got up he had a cherokee and he had a jeep cherokee like mid nineties or something and and i said i i said like let me drive. I know how to drive and so i jumped into jeep cherokee and setting with the steering wheel at some have or it's like if you can set it all the way up. It's like a tugboat or something right. Yes like a steering wheel. It's like it's all the way up and i'm like we're driving around this way for and he's like this how the car came and i was like. Where did you get the car my in laws and they brought it out from the east coast as long have you had is a year and a half. You've been driving busy tire times like other steering. Wheel reaching pulled a lever. Drop it down to normal. It's like oh thanks okay now. You're learning to drive again. Gene sat for him and then last week so this is produced by. Let's see that broke goldberg yeah. How'd that work. How'd you hook up with those guys we so he wrote the we wrote it on spec as we wanted to direct it and so we felt like if we wrote it that we'd have a little bit more control of it and then we sent it to this company good universe <hes> <hes>. I don't know what they've done. Don't breathe blockers and they have a deal southen evan or they had one and then southern read it. They were into it. It's the movies a little little bit. It's like a super bad with twelve year olds. That's to me the based way of describing it yeah and it's really funny and i i will get it to little more prevent. I'm using my brain here. I think it has a rotten tomatoes score all ready well. We we premiered at south by is live thought it was coming out this because because i checked it had a high rotten tomatoes score and i was like that's never a week and a half in advance but sorry go ahead i last time i checked. It was like seventy eight yeah. It's a good scorza north comedy yeah yeah yeah. Comedies are super confusing right now so i guess having a decent rotten tomatoes score might help us get out of the single digits or whatever movies are making right now yeah yeah. We'll take it so you sit down. You're right it. You wanted to direct you. Don't end up directing it. I co-directed it. We didn't get credit together <hes> d._j. Stuff but we directed together d._g._a. Work i've had aggression should come in with right like i don't get it like i co directed a movie too and they're like yeah now and i was like how about we pay for the movie and we just put whatever whatever the fuck credits on the movie that we do and they're like yeah you gotta pick one guy or the other the rules and like i. I don't even want to be in the d._j. How does this work mark sag after whatever they fucking take your money and then they force you into the world and then it's like yeah. We'll tell you what you can do and you can't do and i'm like. Are you kidding. Are you telling me that i can't right on the credits of my movie who direct co directed by kevin hench crow cannot know now. We're not gonna let you do it well. Why can't we tell the sucker debt and by the way all the assholes are where. Are you going to get you your your dental insurance. Fuck you you do it privately not assholes. I'll get the fuck after everyone love. Why do why are actors colossal pussies leeann. Have that's a tough one actress. I've never i've never met one. The twelve twelve year olds on the movie were were not that way. They were not yet yeah. I would describe as colossal was giving him seven months. You know what i mean is like one of the biggest one of the most has trouble i ever got into was the union was on strike like the sag was on strike and sag was on strike because because the commercial actors union wanted to get paid blah blah blah and they were making these stupid arguments like hey. These guys only worked two three days a year how they're going to support a family i said how about the fucking job. How about you sitting in a convertible. Eating kentucky fried chicken on p._c._h. Isn't a job and you don't need fifty grand dan because it's national you can get paid your day rate or whatever the fuck you work out with the director. You know why because we don't need you so fuck you and that was my thing and everyone went nuts on me. The writers guild is we've fired all our agents and we're going through the whole thing now but i feel like you get you getting in their fire. The writers guild fucked down. Here's the deal. If you're talented you. Make your own deals like people are like oh. You don't want sag down in after what about getting paid when you get when they go to change aims. Maybe they'll dixon. They offer him some money. Baby doll says adam corolla roll over in bed for that kind of money then they strike it. They make a deal l. or they don't exactly yeah. I completely agree good. Fuck sag after all the brighter skilled so you co-directed. We got a film by credit. I mean they said you said you're allowed to do everything except the credit. Oh that's nice that they came. They came to the set they saw that literally were sitting on each other's laps and directing as we do and then but that didn't matter is the decision made before. Did you flip a coin. How did that get this. Was something like i'll get the next one yeah right yeah again. I don't know is is the theater going to catch on fire for directed by or whatever they serve big or whatever we're the ones who make half as much money i mean we didn't it's not like they give you a premium for being two people doing the job of one. We're not as good as one person. We've acknowledged that so the two of us together form almost one man well the notion like the way sag works joined sag by them taking your check right so you get into sag by them snatching your first check and then going okay. You've paid your dues a privilege. The village feels a little on american to me. That's just me the problem is actors are such fucking coward pussies and no one says a word to these assholes astles ever. I don't give a shit fuck them. So where did you shoot the movie. I'm trying to picture like where it was but it could have been in kind of anywhere on vancouver which is van of the number. If you gotta go somewhere for a few months oh yeah it's it's great the base there in the summer. It was beautiful. It was incredibly stressful or shooting twelve year old kids sometimes eleven ten year olds playing twelve we down rather it was like the opposite of nine hundred zero lot of vancouver is a lot of super rich asians driving around in ferraris the real estate there we go round. We're we're doing the location scouts and they'd be like the point to a house and be like oh. This house is a twelve million dollars. It'd be like fourteen hundred fairness. It's it's like the crate the real estate there is insane. It is insane. I think must be a lot of chinese a lot of money. He's money and they've just come in and this flooded it and it's so much gotcha and then also you john claude van damme lives there so bad jack up the prices every why the real estate chinese junk benny penny a day so what's next what are we what are we working on and india and how how did this office thing become the hit amongst the twelve year olds. He were aware of it obviously but how does that work. Its way right even mean. Who is the target on yeah. I i don't know for coming back and we started episode. Seven so the first season of six episodes and then we start at the top of season two when only order for six more episodes and then luckily luckily corral did forty year old virgin which came out like a month or two before the show did for season two and all of a sudden we had one of the biggest movie stars in the world who was signed into a seven year contract and on the show but yeah i mean when we were writing the show we thought we were writing for. I don't know seventeen to seventy six or something thing and then all of a sudden wants a show one off and it was on netflix and stuff. I think i don't know why i don't i really don't know why the kids like it because i i mean i've weirdly spent more time with a twelve year olds than pretty much anyone my age and i have no kids of my own <hes> and they're obsessed with it but they they the things that they take out of the show are so different from us sure sure for me like we're in the writers all we talked about with jim and pam and the romance story and getting that right and making it feel authentic and then the other stuff obviously we spent a lot of time with two but that was really important and like the kids think that like kevin is hilarious tavern just like a completely different prism of watching the i mean it's great. Oh yeah well first thing it gives you a little hope for humanity and a world of mass shooting and kids eating laundry detergent you go there watching a good show good taste and also it's a weird thing 'cause like my daughter. Who's you know not a fan. Chill like a note oh to white. I know other guys friendly with them. Oh my gosh could you talk to him. I could talk in a good grazing. I could talk yeah very unlikely. Not you know he's not shawn mendes what i'm saying yes yes. It's a lot of weird range right thirteen year old girl yeah right yeah. I wouldn't think that that's what they want but they they dig it. They dig it big time and they're also now. They're making their way into friends. Silence is well which is and i don't know i can't speak for the entire populous thirteen year olds if my daughter is and i guess it's a netflix thing they buy the whole catalogue or all. Those shows are yeah. They're going to go off off is gonna end up on the n._b._c. comcast streamer and friends up warner brothers so it'd be interesting to see what happens when i mean. I'm not not worried about now flex but we'll see if those shows continue the popularity well. It's nice that like good music like you know growing up and you you know maybe your parents are listening to the beatles. You have now an appreciation for the beatles or you can enjoy the beatles as an adult. Play your daughter your kids. The beatles you know might my son played good music. He likes good energetic that there's no time date stamp on this stuff that a good shows a good show there was like in the in the the old days it was like well it's black and white you know kind of a weird bump but everything sorta shot in the semi modern era it's all based on the writing and the characters and if it's strong strong strong and the kids will respond a hundred years from now well the thing also that i think the kids do and i guess i did it as a kid but it's for whatever reason it seems we are now because i wrote it but the they he just rewatch it so they make through nine ab nine seasons i mean i worked on it for five and and they just keep going and then they start at the beginning of this yet yeah well. I've seen every seinfeld four times so why not the opposite is the ultimate comfort. Food is twelve or thirteen where you start to come online comedic. Li like us think about about when i was twelve or thirteen i discovered s._n._l. Huge just i what i taped it on v._h._s. On sunday mornings i loved that feels like when you come online musically a little bit size six seventh grade. I think there's i think you switch from sort of pranks. You know what i mean like having someone sit on a water balloon or something something like that which is super funny when you're nine but at certain point yeah you're right previous love you start hearing phrases and laughing instead it just yeah pies and faces all right. Yes gene so i again. I couldn't be a bigger fan of the show and so all the little nuances nerd stuff. I just gotta get one sure so the characters. I think like for kids and adults for anyone. They're they're pretty easy to follow everyone sort of has their thing in and it's usually in an enclosed space and it's it's easy for most people to pick up on but like episodes like the dinner party i think either you or maybe gene referred to it as sort of the who's afraid afraid of virginia woolf episode which i love so much because it just was the unraveling of this fabric this couple of michael and jan but even episodes like like the surplus a plus you see like kind of like a a gritty side of pan and like by seasons four by seasons five wisit challenge. Were you trying to challenge yourself to characters to be a little darker. I think when i think when you start off a show like that you're you're trying to have the audience know everyone's names john yeah. There's a lot there's a lot of characters but i'm saying that it's it's. It's kind of base level of like okay. Here's a story they were trying to tell and you want people to be able to follow along and all that and then as you kind of get into it. It's like oh you expect the going to do this thing. We're gonna. We're gonna slide to the right and i think part of it is because you know jim paramore together. She put as many obstacles goals in place to get them to keep them apart and then you're like okay. We need to do a bigger obstacle so we have to go to art art school away or we have gym moved to stamford furhter. You do all these different things and partisan the writer's room and you're like. I guess this is like wouldn't it be funny. If pam like pamela three dimensional characters not always sweet sweet she has she really cares about her chair or she cares about the copier and the things you actually care about it work nice to see that character have that or when you really care that white has a girlfriend dimensional ising the characters i think it was something that greg daniels kind of instilled in us and we talked about a ton the matching like i don't know in season one feel like you're trying to get like you said get everyone everyone to know the name choke up on the battle but consistent not swing for the fences do anything crazy and then you get a little breathing room and a little comfort and now you can start really turning it up well. I think the thing with the office to is. I mean greg. Daniels is the most impressive writer show runner crater person i've ever worked with and he has huge fantas. He wants forty version came out in my end. Corral was more sweet and lonely early and you saw that he actually you saw the range of his of his abilities as an actor he kinda shifted the character so that michael scott and season it was kind of an asshole and then in season two he it was a little bit more pathetic. He was needy. I think that was more inviting to the audience like if you watch if you watch these one and then you watch the beginning of season two. It's a different character actor like he. He lost weight. His hair looks better. He's kind of dress a little bit better and he's like he's more prone to cry rather than make someone cry and i think then you gotta root for them and then it was really it was a real adjustment and we were scared and was excited. I'm just happy that these things are <hes> evergreens all right <hes>. Let's a <music> a we should let me hit gyco. We'll take a break then. We'll do the news and you hang out crack wise gyco. Everyone's got the to do list. 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