Should The Texans Trade Deshaun for Trevor Lawrence?


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Pti boys and girls in today's episode to the texans trade to shawn watson for trevor lawrence. Is tom brady yet. The goat and to college basketball hansel conference tournaments but we begin today with ben rothlisberger offering to accommodate the steelers in every way financially. Just to play next season in pittsburgh roth. Asperger's said quote. I'm pretty sure. I wanna go one more year. I think i can do it and give us a real chance at winning unquote will bond. Is it a no brainer for the steelers to stick with ben. No tony is not a no brainer. Because i mean we're sorta end and i'm not one of those people to me ben. Rothlisberger has played all his career being underrated. Despite winning two super bowls and people just underestimate him and his career and i. I don't understand that so you know. I've been a big band. Fan a big ben right. But i can't say it's a no brainer at this point. If you can do this financially. So that the club doesn't suffer a paralyzing cap. It then yes. I'd like to see that done. I'd like to see. Ben roethlisberger finished have one more shot at it in pittsburgh if that's what the team wants. Is it a no brainer. No if there are other options they're going to explore them. That's what football teams do. But i hope it works out. Yeah look i think they owe him something i think. They owe him not to go out like that after he has done what he has done in pittsburgh but there are larger questions here. They've got a lot of free agents who are leaving by the end of the year. That looked like a team that was gasping. Rothlisberger himself was nothing compared to what he and cam. Newton dropped off the table this year. So what they've gotta do. They gotta say. Is dwayne haskins our quarterback of the future. Maybe but i don't know they have to ask themselves might do we go after matthew stafford to we go after the shawn watson and if they decide to do that then. What is ben's role next year. Does he become like eli. Manning was with the giants which just ends badly because he just standing here and not a part of it and and football teams have to consider all of this stove. because as i said dale. Look good right now no tony. All that's true. But football franchise also have personalities and no matter who's running them and it's still the same people essentially lineage. Running the pittsburgh steelers franchise getting some quarterback somewhere else is not what they do. I mean they got. They got some super bowls right. They got six of them and the two guys that produced those six super bowls. They drafted i mean they brought them in. They developed them. They became the face of the pittsburgh. Steelers terry bradshaw and ben rothlisberger. I'm not saying they should be slavishly. Devoted to that model. I'm just saying it seems like that's the personality through and through of the pittsburgh steelers. So i don't see them going out getting matthew stafford anybody else but but tony you're right. There's a lot of factors involved here and there's going to be a long offseason until they get this stuff figured out in pittsburgh i'm just wondering if they've reached the point where they have to sell off spare parts and be a real rebuilding situation in my real rea- might so don't tony. Romo is gushing over the matchup of this year's super bowl quarterbacks. He's like you on steroids. He likes the battle between tom. Brady and patrick mahomes to a fictional matchup michael jordan facing lebron or jack nicklaus taken on tiger romo says that brady winces seven super bowl. He'll seal up the goat discussion probably for forever but if mahomes wins again the door stays open. Is tony romo right okay. So let's review the last time we heard from tony romo. I believe chaired. Henny was under center on a fourth down play for kansas city. And tony romo said. They're not going to snap the ball. Don't worry about it okay. It's not a real. They snap the ball and in many through the past. And that's how kansas city one game now to romo's particular position here in this goat conversation which is a thoroughly manufactured absurd conversation if if mahomes wins a second. Is there still a conversation was here. Because if you're going to get to three or four or five or six. He got to win too. So yeah it's ongoing but you mentioned ben roethlisberger. A little while ago having to he got to when he was twenty six years old in two thousand eight. How many got now. He's got to anybody talk about him as the goat. No nobody saying anything like that to go to me by definition is all time. What are you talking about patrick. Mahomes all time at the door stays open for discussion. And i think romo's point is brilliant. I think it's brilliant. I think use the evolving of other sports and great athletes other goats is a great discussion. As opposed to the lame. Discussions was take enough into account when people have these usually romo's taken into account and by the way one match up there wasn't there wasn't fictional michael jordan's first. Nba finals was magic. Johnson's final nba. Final so i think that was his ninth and final one so we have seen that sort of. I don't wanna say passing of the torch but one guys on the escalator up in one is on. Es later down gulps all of them he mentioned in this discussion romo so i think he's on the something here. Yes i look. I pump the brakes when people start talking about kansas city. Winning five or six or seven of stupid. It was like miami heat. Went and five or six or seven and they'll stop but when you discuss it this way with a little trepidation i think tony romo is put the best conversation out there on this topic. Okay is a long way to go from two to ten. Brady's been in ten long way to go from two to six brady as one six. The guy with the second most appearances is elway. And it's only five i again. This is an all time conversation. Let's bring in nicholas okay. This is nicholas but it's not nichols against tiger yet. Nicholas against greg women. It's greg norman who nicklaus said. We're going to be great. It was going to be number one and one and he finished with two. I'm saying my grace of all time. I've talking about a twenty five year. Old pitchers came up with bad arms. Going to be the greatest pitchers and matt harvey. Yep doing the. Ncaa has a rule that every team going to the ncaa. Tournament has the test negative seven consecutive days before travelling to the tournaments site in indianapolis. This has led some coaches notably. Tom izzo chris mack louisville to wonder whether team should participate in their conference tournaments because if they get positive tests from their they're out of the. Ncaa is said quote as i look at teams that have a legitimate chance to get to the final. Four like gonzaga. Baylor vila-nova michigan iowa. Virginia why would you play the conference tournament. would you rather win the big ten the ncaa. So we'll bond should college basketball players conference tournaments. Yes of course they should your your different. Jim valvano how did he get to the final four won the championship. He went and won his conferences tournament. And the only way they were getting into the tournament was to win the conference tournament so no brady not much i. Love is oh we would just have to have a knock down drag out disagreement over pancakes on this one. So no you know. And he's conference tournaments produce money they produce teams that get to the final four. So you want to just say oh. Acc we'll just take. Virginia and i don't know who else is up there and everybody else can go home. No because one of those teams could win the conference tournament and therefore qualify ultimately for the. No there's a no brainer. I understand. It's hard to understand other things happen. I get all of that. You play the supposed teams just said. We're not playing in our conference tournament. The one of the teams in two three four five slots opposed to do. What are we talking about here. Plan or turn turn now maybe first of all is oh told the athletic this thing okay. Second of all. I think he's talking about teams that would just qualify anyway like these are really good teams. That are going to be invited. Anyway i think the easy solution is take the conference tournaments and kick them up a week or take the ncaa and kick it back a week. But if he can't do that. I understand this. It's sorta like college football players. Saying i'm not gonna play in a bowl game because i wanna play in the nfl in small conferences. Like we're is the america east. It'd be great to win something like that because you basically want in done. If you get to the ncaa's but in the larger conferences here's the problem. Might the longer you spend at a conference tournament the more you expose your players your coaches your stay up to the possibility of corona you test. If you test positive on wednesday and you can't go to the tournament you have no chance. I don't think this is crazy. Dogar day can keep you in a hotel with only the team and the staff and keep you out of the rest of the world. Okay which is just got virus everywhere. The better off. You are coaches now. If you can sequester your players and your staff you keep them away in the main from the virus. You can't do that on campuses or people are going home a hard. The storm incites huh tournament. i mean just. Don't think hotels rake the texan. Say they have no interest in trading to shawn watson not even trevor lawrence in the miami heat would just an nba finals. So how do they feel about a six twelve star. You're an addict you feel yourself in an addict. Have you gotten the virus. No i haven't gotten. 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Let's get the first one producer over the loudspeaker that jaguars would be blank to offer the number one. Pick for deshaun watson how they would be impetuous now. Let's let's be clear on this houston is saying that they're not going to trade shawn watson but we're just going to put this in because this is a game that we play when you go back to people at clemson they all say the same thing. They say shawn watson was great. Trevor lawrence greater bigger stronger bigger arm. Even there's twenty five to twenty eight teams in this league. That would throw over their quarterback. Right now for watson and i am including seattle green bay tampa and baltimore in that but this guy. Trevor lawrence is alleged to be like the pick of the decade. There are very very few teams out there. That would not take to show on watsa. Kansas city is one of them. And then you get into maybes. Mike maybe arizona wouldn't nation heroes. Zona would balk game maybe buffalo. Wouldn't i mean there's maybe. The chargers wooden maybe cincinnati. Wouldn't if it's me. I'm gonna make the pick of trevor lawrence if jacksonville. I'm going to make that pick. He's gonna cost me less money in the short term and he's four years younger. The jags would be smarter than usual to make this trade smarter than usual now. They were pretty smart. As far as i'm concerned with the hiring urban meyer one of the few times like the college pro you know transition and so this is a time where the jaguars will get it wrong so often they got it right with the head coach. I would trade and take this shawn watson absolutely travelers jeff lawrence. I'm taking shawn watson. I know what the results are watching. I don't know what the results are going to be with. trevor lawrence. Yeah i'm yeah. I'm staying with trevor lawrence. What's next the miami heat should feel about where they are. They should feel sanguine now where they are bad. They're six and twelve. They've lost five and role in the east only ahead of detroit in washington which you really bad teams but they have been hit so hard by corona virus and by injuries at this point i want to get these facts straight jimmy butler as miss twelve out of their eighteen games. Avery bradley as miss ten tyler. Heroes ms seven. They've used thirteen. Different line of these are the people who started the fourth quarter for the miami heat last night. Gabe vincent max stroz. Casey opa paula and precious. A chewier and tyler herro. That's not an nba team is just not so. I think it's going to turn around. They were in the finals last year. I think it's going to get better is better but it. Maybe next year they should feel lottery bound. And that's what they could be tony. Only three teams have worse records. Detroit your washington basketball team and minnesota. That's can't this is hard to recover from by the way. No one should be criticized the turnaround and coming back into a new season and not having to have a not being able to have a healthy jimmy butler. This is sort of foreseeable if you didn't foresee nba six and twelve. You can foresee being seven and eleven. They weren't gonna be good. They weren't going to get off to a good start with the illness injury. You're right about that. But tony maybe you just take a elvis. And i know a pat riley. Run team would never do that. But if they took the l. and they wound up hiring the lottery. I don't even know who's gonna be the top of the lottery but miami has nothing to be ashamed of is now like they're tanking. I'm not suggesting they will take but just to work out in their favor. I'm just saying. I think they're gonna go up quick steep winning my words. This game is over. Let's take one last break but still to come. The eagles coach makes a bold statement about his quarterback options and jock peterson leaving the dodgers paradise. God five he's getting thousand liam and he's coming to the friendly confines baby time people have thirty six birthday. Marcus saw not palca gonzalez. Older brother wait. he's coming. Marcus always was drafted by the lakers. Never got to play for them because he was included in a big trade in two thousand and eight that sent him to memphis for among others. How the saul yes. Mark was traded for his own brother. How went onto win championships in los angeles with kobe. Bryant mark went on to become a three time all star in memphis. Nba defensive player of the year in two thousand thirteen first team all nba in two thousand fifteen. Nobody knows this because nobody knows an emphasis in the league. Oddly enough marcus. All went to high school in memphis in two thousand nineteen mark was traded to toronto where he was on the championship team. Now he's playing for the lakers finally having come as a free agent getting nineteen and a half minutes a game. Four points and close to five rebounds. Kalganov played with kobe. Mark assault place with a broad calamar played together for spain in the olympics and they won two silver medals. You'll tony instinctively. I think. I'd say how had the better career individually but how was never first team. All eight like mark was mark's. Got these two titles. One in canada was some part of like another national team his whole life. I mean they own believably great careers. I guess power little better six time all nba but but mark mark behind pretty well still playing at the anniversary. San francisco forty niners on this day. Twenty six years ago the niners blew out the chargers forty-nine twenty six at the super bowl in miami steve young had a super bowl record six touchdown passes. This was the forty niners fifth super bowl title their first in five years. The previous four were built by bill. Walsh around joe montana. This thing was also built by walls coach by george siefert and driven by young. After years of being in montana's shadow young stage. All to himself. Montana had moved on to kansas city. The most memorable video from this game actually occurs on the sideline not on the field young gleefully. Would somebody get this monkey off. My back and linebacker gary plummer obliges lifting it. Off in pantomime and saying it's gone forever. Indeed it was young was later elected to the hall of fame. More importantly though he's been a regular guest on this high quality program. The monkey really was joe. I mean steve. Young people have no idea. I have some ideals current. Nfl for the washington post in their locker. They were the team you know they were the warriors a football then and joe just was so bad to him and steve young so gracious the whole time. It is one of several reasons. I have always rooted real hard. For steve young a melancholy trails. John chainey the longtime head coach at temple and the winner of the division two national championship before that at cheney state died today at age eighty nine. John chainey was a force of nature during a basketball game. Prowling the sideline staring down referees with the evil eye when he felt he was wrong. Shady famously got into shouting matches with fellow atlantic. Ten coaches like john calipari when he was in massachusetts gerry. gimelstob george. washington. Chain was a giant in the big five. He put temple back on the basketball map. He coached the owls to five. Ncaa regional finals and to seventeen nca appearances. He won five hundred sixteen games at temple. Each one plane is match up zone. Defense you had the number one team in the country in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight in all cheney one seven hundred forty one games in his coaching career for all that and for the practices routinely held at the crack of dawn to instill discipline. Cheney was elected to the naismith hall of fame. Tony a lot of ways. John chainey reminded me reminds me of gregg popovich. There's this real growth public personality largely and people can just be. Oh my god. I don't want to be near that guy and then if you were around i was around and you've got to sit with them and know them. There was no better company than either one of them. Then then pop or the john chainey at the final four every year for more than a decade. I was one of the few people who was fortunate enough to be around john thompson. John chainey george raveling and we would sit and have started about ten o'clock on a sunday night. It will go until about four in the morning. There was nothing better. I can't believe we've lost johnnie today. And we go to the big finish lakers. Lost the pistons. We'll vanessa significant. Is it no the second. That of back to back in eighty in plano significant only to the pistons and people in detroit new eagles head coach nick theory on he says philly has to top notch. Quarterbacks you agree with that. No they have to quarterback us i'm not going hendrix junior. The especially the rob manfred with an emphasis on diversity at the amador rebels of the dunes out of the choice junior is top notch and this is a great hire to do exactly that jock peterson. Left dodgers signed a one year deal with my copies. You like the deal. Here's essentially the same players cost war who the washing. It's a good fit. I would think mass won the jazz. Go for their eleven straight tonight. They host the mavs again. We got donovan mitchell questionable. I'm going to stick with the with the jazz tony. I'm not going against them like you always do. I love them. Not only against a lot of time. We'll do better the next time. Sony corn on mike will have a great weekend knuckleheads. You can get the pti podcast on the espn app or apple podcasts. And now here. It's sports kylian grandson at the senior bowl. Shoutout cousins in the attic your.

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