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Silver & Black Pridecast Ep 24: Cutdowns to get to 53-man roster, Hard Knocks finale


Yeah yocum back to the silver and black pride cast. It's levi damian here as is often the case. I am joined by my partner in crime time tyler smith <unk> a raider dominance and we're going to talk about the cut downs and who made the fifty three man roster and the hard knocks of finale and whatever else pops into our <hes> disgusting crazy leads so tyler <hes>. Let's start with the cut downs. <hes> skull quarterbacks lead us out well. The quarterback battle was pretty interesting in training camp. <hes> mike glennon looked good. I thought need nathan peterman looked a little bit better. Unfortunately peterman as we saw during hard knocks <hes> this evening recording this on tuesday night <hes> he got hurt on a sack where his <unk> arm was sort of bent backwards when he was passing the ball <hes> but he played through the injury and play through the rest of the game. Unfortunately he had to go on. I r so they that <hes> eh just derek carr and mike glennon which enabled the raiders to bring into sean kaiser <hes>. I didn't necessarily expect the raiders to keep three quarterbacks because they had so many other guys that i know they wanted to keep <hes> but three quarterbacks we have now. I'm just kind of disappointed. Peterman is not on the roster because even though i wrote article about <hes> maybe a little over a month ago thing how terrible nathan peterman was and what a bad idea to was that <hes> jon gruden was really starting to like the guy <hes> <hes>. I like the guy too so. I'm a little disheartened that he's not on the team anymore. Wow so he's starting to girl on you to do this. Guide early on. You know what i'm saying man here well. I thought the whole thing was just it was just so weird. The whole the whole quarterback thing is like so they they signed the sean kaiser and you and you think ok well well. They bring kaiser apparently was may ox like top quarterback in a couple of years ago when he came out the highest ceiling. He thought he had add us like all right. Well them kaiser. They're gonna be letting go one of the other quarterbacks. That's kind of a kind of a given right. They're not gonna doggone got four quarterbacks right and then when they official on the guy that let go is drum roll josh moral whiskey tango foxtrot that so then everybody really was like really. They got four quarterback so what's going on am i. I thought was is that okay so what could be the method to their madness because there's no freaking way they're keeping for quarterbacks. They're they gotta be gotta. Be gotta plan. Dan here and i was thinking well. Maybe they're trying to trade one of these guys. Maybe that's what it is. They're just they're working on a trade. That's in the works. Maybe and they wanted to jump on kaiser heiser to make sure nobody else got him or something like that. And you know try to get a little something for glenn in or peterman <hes> i'm not that high on on peterman not because of his past or anything like that i just i looked at what he did in those games and like his last start. They're against the seahawks. He averaged five point two yards per attempt. Mack brown had a yards per for carry five point three which i found i was just kind of looking at the box score and when i found that number i was like okay. That's that's absurd and you know will you can complete a lot of passes but if they're all dislike little dinky dunk things and we found out last season derek carr can rack up over four thousand yards in dinkins he can dunk and the raiders can go nowhere with that. You can't do that game. He can do that thirty eight times a game and you'll you'll go five and eleven if you do that <hes> but you will certainly get your stats do yeah. That's the thing you drive will eventually stall. I mean you can dig dug and you can pick up a couple first downs something like that and you can get five completions in pick up twenty yards and then punt. I mean you're not you're not doing much but anyway i don't want to. I don't trash peter to his <hes>. His previous bugaboo defected. He kept throwing interceptions and now he's like extra careful trying to take care of the ball well. He's not taking any chances than you here. You know <hes> gruden <unk> it at a practice saying similar things that you saw on hard knocks where he's like. He wants peterman to push the ball down the field and he's just not because he sees glenn. Come out there in throw three interceptions or another games. He actually turned the ball over a couple couple times. He's thinking hey as long as i don't turn the ball over. You know i'm gonna be in john. Gruden's good graces here. I'm not i'm not throwing the ball to the other team. That's what everybody's on my case about. Those long as i don't do that i'll be good to go so apparently that was enough <hes> he he grew on you. He grew on gruden in <hes> unfortunately messed up is a is neither is elbow there and he landed on partial season. I are because that's why he had had to be on. The roster is apparently it was just too. He's just important for the possibility that he could be back. <unk> had down because that would have him out the entire season and so in a few games. They're going to have to well. They're going to have to decide whether they want <hes> peterman to be on the active roster <hes> whether they want 'cause they're not gonna. That's that's what they're you're headed for right because if he's going to be out for only a short period of time maybe half the season or something <hes> partial season. I are than at that point. They're going to have to revisit who they want to keep on the roster just to make an opening somewhere at some point yeah because they're not gonna knock me like oh come on back peterman now we'll have. We'll keep four quarterbacks now i would. I assume they wouldn't do that. We assume but i'm not gonna put that pass jon gruden no yeah gruden loves his quarterbacks and he always thinks he can he can <hes>. He takes these these projects and he can. He can create something great even though we haven't i mean his most successful quarterbacks were like long term like long in the tooth <unk> savvy veterans like rich gannon and brad jones for guys like that it was brad johnson this than the other guy like brad something <unk> with bugs yeah <hes> yeah so. It's not like he's he's had a history of taking these young quarterbacks with a spos- at high ceiling creating something something great from them and who knows maybe peterman. Maybe do maybe peterman or kaiser's the kaiser's the guy who else well about about it was mike knox favorite quarterback in that particular drafted draft which on my end <hes> gave us patrick mahomes andrew shawn watson in the first round around the year <hes> so me like him more than either of those two guys who have proven to be high level starters so as far as me is concerned. There's there's some talent there and maybe you can get something out of them. Who knows question is yeah well. The question is though is i mean i mean. Do we really think that this was may ox idea or was this. I mean 'cause gruden's the quarterback guy. Gruden wants to bring in a quarterback doc. I mean he could probably just kind of look over at mac and say what do you think and maybe like two thumbs up because he was my guy coming out of the draft. I absolutely louis approved but i it's a question of who is the one pound in the table. The ring in kaiser was because he was number. One guy or was it written the quarterback guy. I don't think we'll ever know the answer to that question and i'm not sure it matters at this point yeah. They're gonna be in lockstep on whatever that decisions going to be all right so let's move on further quarterbacks <hes> most important position football but let's say let's look at the running backs where i think the the real shocker decision was the full back keeping the undrafted alec ingold over for the veteran the savvy veteran keith smith keith smith didn't <hes> didn't last very long as he was unemployed for very very long less about a day before he was. He was signed by the falcons so he he certainly <unk>. He has valium the falcons side would you <hes> did you think think in gold deserved the job over him. I kinda did <hes>. I kinda saw this coming. In the first preseason game against the rams you smith was out with of injury and elegant gold really showed up in the passing game <hes> his his blocking can be improved but as far as a target for for mike lennon and nathan computering later on in the game and he was really solid <hes> and i know gruden likes to run the spider t._y. Banana play who's the target and the spider two banana play. It's the fullback <hes> an english show that he can handle that <hes> a lot better. I think than smith has proven over the years even though he did score a passing touchdown against the packers <hes> and but i think certainly did enough to earn the job and <hes> he's missing that much time with injury. I think just put behind the eight ball so i would expect that move well. I'm i'm kinda with you on that. I thought that they were gonna go to keith misses the keith smith as you hello <hes> massages guy his special teams guy the is much z. liked him but i have to say that i mean we saw that ingold. We'll proves that he could do the things on offense as a fullback that heat smith can do and i think maybe a little better but really what was going at the end of the day it was gonna get angled on this roster is whether he could play specialties and i saw him make a couple of us. Special teams tackles and i think that was what put him over the edge. I think that was this would did it. <hes> gruden saw a certain you know a cut a little bit of a cut above at talent and he we saw enough on special teams to say okay. Let's <hes> let's make a change here and <hes> so when you're talking about a fullback and it's it's so it's like i don't wanna say it's exactly the same as trying to judge a long snapper but it's not all that far off you. You gotta be able to block. He's got to be able to catch his gotta. Be a and this case you. Gotta play specialty. I think in gold showed that <hes> but <hes> he was the only yoke decision to make on the offense. I think i think they're actually you know. There was a decision between doug martin. Mandy onder washington had to be made as well. I don't i'm not i'm not buying this doug martin place on injured reserve that he's injured because they really they reached an injury settlement with already <hes> if they really intended on him being you know being their second back yan josh <hes> shakeups that would have waited whatever game or to whatever it took for for him to get healthy again and then you know they went with him then but i think they <hes>. I feel like to deandre washington enough to make that change juicy. The <hes> i mean i saw i saw different deandre washington. I don't know about you but i saw i saw a guy who early in his in what i watched his college date before the raiders ever drafted in when i watch his tape i wasn't impressed. I didn't like what i saw. I didn't have him on my raiders draft radar because he just he danced too much. He did a lot of wasted movement he he would do a lot of <hes> you know stutter stepping that wouldn't thing except set for allow the defender to get more time to tackle him and i saw in his i saw also he take a lot of clean shots a lot of really hard hits. Let's in practice and in games and i didn't see that the andre washington this preseason. I saw very different player and i think he earned his roster response. Yeah i saw a guy who has matured a lot over the last year <hes> even from last season two seasons go us almost a completely really different person. I mean i saw him. Play college to at texas tech and he's you know almost a a typical what you call a big twelve running back in that conference they pass house constantly and the texas tech didn't run between the tackles a whole lot almost like washington state in that regard you know they have the air rate and and that's what they do and washington was. It's more of a running catch the ball out of the backfield and try to make somebody miss guy and when you have uh also the raiders likes to run between the tackles. He just didn't really just didn't fit in my mind. <hes> and i didn't take jon gruden offense but in this preseason he's been running hard. He's making one cut and going. He has i've been running with authority and he seems like he knows what he's doing so i definitely support him being on the roster right now over over doug morton who's a year older than he was last season when he was pretty good <hes> but nothing special. I think washington could be something special as a backup now i think they could have gone either way but i think really what it comes right down to is is the youth factor you get a lot more speed <hes> miami not a lot more. I mean doug moore. Martin still got some something lab tease. I mean average four point two yards per carry last season. He's still got something left <unk>. I hope that he catches on someplace else but i think it's just matter of down to the youth thing. If you can take day the younger supposedly faster running back echoed the thirty then at the physician especially one of the wide receivers where <hes> there was a glut of receivers on this team. I thought i thought it was crazy when it occurred to me the other day that i may if you consider i wayne harrah's is more of a special teams guy than the raiders have entirely absolutely entirely new wide receiving corps. There's not a single wide receiver on his team. That was on this team last season. <hes> like i said if you consider dwayne harris a special teams guy. He's gonna need using in gadget stuff too but that's really what he is. In the end there was a lot of guys that they <hes> that they could keep and they wanted to keep and it made for a really tough decision at least one. I don't think that cutting marcel eighty was tough a decision as jon gruden liked to you say it was i think that was he's just he doesn't providing thing unique to this offense. He made the practice squad and i think you should a predicted that he would like keelan. Dos was the guy that <hes> a lot of people were up in arms about out. I'm two minds about that. What are your thoughts on <hes> keelan us well when you look at the at the raiders they had zero oh in the way of legitimate threats of the wide receiver position last year and when we looked at their roster and camp <hes> at wide receiver <hes> this year they had approximately ten <hes> so i always knew it was gonna be a real tough decision to get rid of for five ten. They're all really really well. When you look up and down. I'm counting guys like rico gaffer d- <hes> you know guys like even like pearson is a weapon on special teams and he can play way. He wasn't that great but he can play. He would've played unless you're seeing at some point. During the season he would've played <hes> so but they had to get rid of several several of them and several of them up on the practice squad. <hes> keelan dasa was obviously the hardest decision but when we look at hard knocks tonight we'll get into later he had doc several drops in seattle game <hes> and he had a key drops during practice throughout the training camp so i'm not shocked but he was cut. I'm a little dismayed about it because i think he has a ton of talent <hes> but i do think he ended up with a place where he should be which is the jaguars because they about three deep in the wide receiver position as far as real good talent goes <hes> any as a lot better chance to break in the bat roster that he doesn't oakland now now he had to make it. He had to make a decision for his career and it kinda sucks. I kind of feel bad for him in a way because you know i mean he's just it's just the timing is a bad timing issue. If he'd been in camp with the raiders last season there would have been no question he would have made it over there. A lot the guys who might have been you know third or fourth receiver pressure on this on that team last year would have moved up the depth chart quickly with the the injuries and and whatnot they had air but he's just you know cotton a numbers game in this situation and he has to go for his for his career interests. He has to go where the numbers are more in his favor and i think unfortunately i think in some ways i think gruden might have kind of taken for granted that that dos wanted to be a raider so bad that he's like. You know we we <hes> we cut him. We think he's going to clear waivers and when he does says he'll resign because he wants to be raider and i said no because i gotta go were i have. I have the best chance of breaking breaking onto the roster and you know he still in the practice. Wherever the jaguars she's still not on there. They still have to call him up and you know as we know people are bragging be stolen away live from it by any team any time but i think i think <hes> gruden was a little disappointed that keelan said thanks but no thanks and that's kinda. I think that's why it's part of the reason why he can add a little a little bit of a jab in a way. He said some nice things but he also said that. The tape deep thought that he was a story. That was a story for you guys. He said that's what the t._v. Said and our tape said something different what your tape said something different than the fact that he that he led the team in in in <hes> in receiving i mean sure he had a couple of drops. One of them was a really tough catch so it's hard to say that was a drop. Okay was on the sideline yet odar. He should have made the catch but it wasn't exactly an easy one. The other was a flat out drop. I mean there's no question about it but <hes> i mean he did a lot of good things to and for what it's worth and i don't normally put out more than one fifty three man roster projection because i think it kind of defeats the purpose of projection to put up more than one of them but i put out one and then the next week they had there were a couple of moves hooves including putting doug martin on e._r. That really changed the like the way that and there was some question marks i had one of them was i had keelan. Dos not making the team. I fifty three man roster because of the numbers game but just not just at wide receiver but of the whole fifty three is just like keno who who else are you gonna sacrifice dina to keep a seventh wide receiver or six if you're not counting dwayne harris and goes to show you the roster construction that may have ingredient have done in fairly short order because there is a ton of guys that they have cut in the last weekend can't <hes> that would have easily made the team last year but just aren't good enough to hack it right now the defensive tackle position and we'll get to that in a minute but that's that's another one that was just just loaded with <hes> with talent and <hes> and they put in. It's one of those unfortunate like situations where are or you had another undrafted rookie really shining and of course of course he's. He's not at a position that they desperately need an undrafted rookie to really step up. He's at that position where <hes> where they're. They're kind of jam packed but <hes> <unk>. I don't wanna get ahead of ourselves. They keelan dos thing is it's unfortunate. Alameda native wanted to be a raider but he's gonna make his career in jacksonville. <hes> okay so let's through one of the other pass catchers tight ends <hes> and really the question here was derek carrier versus luke wilson. That's what it came down to because we knew that waller and we're going to make the team. <hes> i again incorrect. I i went with luke wilson on this this one even though i was very shaky on it because neither guy had really shown much i honestly i was thinking the they might not keep either one. They might they might search the waiver wire to see if they could find somebody who who could be an upgrade for for for them because neither one of them really jumped out jumped off the tape to me about maybe a month and a half ago or when when training camp was in the first week <hes> i i thought some chatter i think it was on twitter that the readers coaching staff absolutely love derek carrier arear and no matter what you hear he's safe. I can't tell you who said that or win. Executive said that but i recall reading and i've sort of kept that in the back of my mind <hes> so and i saw i predicted that luke wilson would be gone in favor of their care and you know that for a fact <hes> and so i'm not entirely shocked <hes> i oh i i did expect them to keep three because i remember jon gruden complaining so much when he was down several tight ends during his practice with the rams he's like i can't even run my offense so i figured they would keep at least three tight ends if not all for <hes> so i think carrier in monroe and waller are are probably the right choices i think while we're just gonna get obviously even the majority of the playing time and <hes> and moreau. We'll get some as well and i'm very interested to see how waller doesn't this offense i can be. I think he can be a serious weapon. <hes> both in real life in on fantasy teams as well. I agree with you while while her and i'm basing that solely on what what i've seen in training camp the dude is very dominant <hes> if he if he's got the mental side of the game he's got the physical for absolute sure sure there's really no question if he if he's got the mental side of it he could be very dangerous because jerry coke was a very smart player he was very atlantic and he was very smart and that's how he was able to gum go on and become layers raiders leading receiver last year and go to the pro bowl is because of that combination of smarts and athleticism i with it's so funny funny. You say the derek carrier somehow safe just like what the heck the derek carrier do to deserve to be safe and the the reason i had wilson the megan the team over <unk> because there's a million dollar difference in their salaries during the season that no dead money if they cut carrier they often <unk> or a million dollars more than wilson for what i don't really know i mean 'cause carrier is supposed to come in <hes> <hes> opera legitimate second option tied in last season heated just about nothing and then dern waller comes in and thoroughly outplays him just instantly outplays him and it's just like if gear had any value you would have it wouldn't have been that much of a of a leap in production shen from one to the other and that's the way iceland the coaching staffs. He's the differently in and we'll see if a carrier can step up and and do something more but the suv onto the other blockers on the offensive line the actual offensive line <hes> and i was i really thought that and i i mean i know brandon parker was third rounder. They traded up for just last year but man is he looked bad. Oh my lord is he looked terrible practice preseason. He looked <unk> as he has looked as bad or worse than they did last season but they just can't give up on them. They just can't let him go and so instead. They have two tackles. I'm sorry four if you count the stars but two tackles unusually you you've situation where they only have a one swing tackle but they have take offense lineman making the team <hes> part because gave jackson is injured but to keeping tackles when you know is is just is one of those things where where they're just kinda refusing to give up on somebody after a year and i don't know it's just in may of <unk> raved about andre james but he's currently if you think of debbie as the backup center james the third string center these those is to move there really actress for me yeah i. I'm not sure about the parker move either parker <hes> was on the right right side of the line when basin peterman got hit and he's partially if not mostly responsible for that happening <hes> and i haven't seen him make a a play the entire preseason that was any good <hes> and i have been watching so. I don't know what on earth the coaching staff sees in correct. We don't know what they see in derek carrier either i just i read that in iran with it <hes> but they see something in him. Maybe they see if we devote this guy we can trade him or maybe they see you know if if a tackle goes down we're in we're in deep trouble but in my mind brandon parker appear is almost worse than not having tackle there at all because he's actively making the team worse so i really don't know what they're thinking here <hes> as far as the other backup guys guys. I don't really have an issue with them. <hes> andre james's find lester cotton ended up on the practice squad. I think he's about on that level. You know you can put them in there and he'll they'll be all right. There's nothing spectacular but he'll be all right but brennan. Parker is actively awful and i can't see him staying on the team for very long. I don't pictures of mike mayock or something. I i really don't know that's just the they just don't want to give up on a player they spent can't they just traded up in the third round last year which i rip that when they did it in the first place why trading up small school offensive tackle with struggled gould against you know against pass rushers when he actually faced them on the division level. It's it just was was like who's weird then and it's weird now and you just wonder when that the experiments gonna end especially considering david sharp actually looked he's he's a he's really improved in his <hes> his development mm it over the reentering his third season. Stay brought him back but <hes> yeah and they're andre james thing i can only my only theory on that is is the fact that since they think jordan debbie might win the starting guard job. They want an actual. They don't want him to be the backup center while he's being starting guard so while debbie is starting at guard they want to actually have somebody who's simply their your only job is to be the backup center and that would be andre james <hes> even though games did not look all that great. I didn't necessarily see <hes> <hes> all the things that grew raved about but <hes> i'm not offense of lying expert. He might ease not either. Maybe i don't know but <hes> <hes> but that's the theory i can think case then as soon as richie. Incognito comes back from his suspension <hes> than and having james on the roster would make zero sense so we'll see after a couple of games if if he's still around on the roster on <hes> i'm thinking when the john gruden's going to be moving to las vegas here in about a year and he really needs to understand the sunk cost fallacy and needs to stop throwing bad money after good with brandon parker. That's that's that's definitely the case so let's switch which on the other side of that line with the other big fellas and look at the defensive line where they kept nine defensive linemen and and <hes> and then promptly dropped one and then resigned in josh mar which turned out to be a just the whole maneuver to guess keep peterman so they said <hes> wink wink nudge nudge marla woah. You're cut <hes> come on back now. Don't don't go too far because it just like josh morrow. He's a supposed to be a starter. Why is he being cut to sign a quarterback but <hes> that was why. I guess you know like a i think they did a couple other place in the n._f._l. As well well i can. I can sort of understand why they would do they with morrow. In particular <hes> just because he's a defensive end who does not rush the tasks are very much and he's also invested veteran almost four years so you won't have to waivers and you can just be released and brought back link but he's not a guy who would be in danger of another team trying to poach him because he can't pass rush. No i think he's probably a guy that will be safe at the raiders could say okay. We're gonna release you and they would feel good that he would be there when they came back to him. Yeah well they they. I think they would feel good that he would realize his best his best sich who already had paid as a starter like you said he's not some likes speed rusher who other teams are going to be jumping on the phone to to get him in the building. Yeah that's a good point and morals. The images spoken to him. He's he's got the right. He's got that kind of character you could you could see them. <hes> him being like yeah. That's cool. I'll i'm down for that probably probably made some money out of the deal in some way getting cut and resigned getting a new contract kick mchugh couple of hundred thousand dollars like that. It's a good way to make a they make a few bucks in a couple of days time the <hes> <hes>. I guess this was this was. It's a tough call in this this defensive line because you had a situation where you had <hes> several defensive tackles who could have gone either way day and it was really between p._j. Hall just analysis and anthony rush may has let's be honest. He was the second round pick nick last year just nelson's placed on injured reserve and his his season's done because he was placed on injured reserve before the cutdown anthony rush being undrafted free agent who pretty much dominated the preseason went slipped through waivers to the surprise surprise of many and made it to the end decided even though he had a lot of interest from other teams according to a source of mine he had had as many as seven other teams calling in join their practice squads and he decided to to stay with the raiders so that's it's kind of a coup on their part they could just as easily lost him at if <hes> rush was like kind of a put off being cut or a he found the team that was close to home rule number of things you let him loose in. You take that risk that he's not gonna come back. He decided to come back so so they got a little bit lucky in that yeah i was pretty surprised auto rush go i felt he was the most dominant defensive lineman they had <hes> in the preseason and unwashed a lot of preseason games and there i can probably count on one hand. The amount of defensive tackles life seen his ability even though he's playing against second and third string just the amount of sheer size and speed strength and that combination that he that's his is a really really rare thing to z. in football today there's just not that many people who are shaped like him who have his just cheered country strong strength. I mean it's just ridiculous. It's it's it's beasely and so i'm i'm really glad he stayed with the team on the practice squad and i wouldn't be surprised that he's called up sooner or later i. I wouldn't be surprised if he's stolen by another team. You know 'cause building. They raiders talk about you. Know these raw you know so in a lot of teams will sees rob but they'll also like. You said. They'll see that that there's rob potential there. There are serious rob potential not no different then you know drafting somebody draft these guys that dominated the college level and you see rob potential in you and you draft them and <unk> develop them. You know this excuse that he's rise the only go so far because that's the whole thing that you always say about draft picks. Is this gonna take a little little bit time so why would you why would you make it. Why would you change your philosophy on that just because he's undrafted. It just doesn't make a whole lot of sense but apparently other n._f._l. Team felt the same way or he would have been claimed off waivers but he was on a practice squad. Any team can just decide get an injury or or anything at anytime just decide. Oh though that's the guy wanting psych that and he's gone that's it and <hes> so they better hope they figure out what they want to do with him. Sooner rather than later because he'll get stolen away otherwise they they brought in cory legion and <hes> i pretty much knew the moment they signed him. That was that was for sure well up to this year. I'd probably take legia over rush but three years down that would be the reverse. I would take rush three years from now over <music> just about any of the defensive tackles readers have currently on the roster <hes> well. I think lead you to be like thirty two by then so probably yeah. I like him a lot. He did some really good things with the chargers the last few years you showed a lot of good pass rush ability <hes>. I'm a big fan of leisure. I'm glad i'm glad he's on the team. You know kudos to the raiders for being there like <unk> to bring him in the moment. He was healthy enough. You too rod in because that was really what it came down to you often. You're not often able to to scoop up a a season season <unk> successful veteran at any position this late this close to the season <hes> that's worth a damn that it was really just a matter of he was taking he took the most of the off season to to get right again from his injury and the raiders were there to catch tim like right when he was a healthy enough to do sign to the team they i think they got a they made a pretty pretty savvy moved there being able the bring him in to the fold not to mention. I i agree a lot of the guys you would see brought in by teams in the last week of training camp kinda no names kind of guys that you haven't really heard of but their organizational depth and guys that a g._m. Like mayo with make his living knowing who they are but <hes> but the normal person generally doesn't know who they are. <hes> legit is a guy who do know who he is because he was a first rounder <hes> university if you don't know and he's quite good <hes> so yeah absolutely big props to the raiders are bringing him in about time one wonders if they should have done the same thing with <hes> with brandon marshall winning a little bit to to bring him in because he clearly wasn't healthy during the first part of camp now yeah we'll we're going to get to the that linebackers nexus <unk> leauge it is the <hes> that he also brings the ability to to shed some in some secrets from the chargers from their division rival charter said he's already started do that so that spring him and so you mentioned <hes> brandon marshall let's talk about those linebackers and that of course was the shocking move of the group <hes> not bringing brandon marshall back any they featured on hard knocks the fact that he took the off season to get right in and and he in that conversation he was talking about he was worried that it didn't even matter at that point this late and camper whatever what he looked like they they'd already quote solidified their opinion and it's like <hes> spoiler alert yeah they already had and that's just not fair. It's not fair to sign a guy guy who's not healthy have him not able to practice for awhile and then kind of trying to work his way back and you've already just made your mind up. You've already decided aided that he's just not. He's not. He's not the guy that you wanted. He's not as as healthy as you wanted on and it takes time to get healthy. You knew that you knew that going in and it's just it's just <hes> it just sucks they only early keep four linebackers and which is a little bit shocking to while they brought back kyle wilber they they cut him initially brought him back. I think it was kind of similar situation do the josh moro deal kind of cut and reciting type deal but <hes> which is kinda funny considering hard knocks is there <hes> paul guenther said brandon marshall as one of the reasons why they weren't bringing him back is 'cause they're only keeping four linebackers and then the next day they recycle delivers like well so so much for that. It's just yeah this kinda sucks. You feel kinda bad for the guy. He really wanted to play for the raiders. Yeah they're keeping <hes> nicholas morrow and he's actually starting now and they've got marquel. Lee who is backing up everybody. I think back in the middle linebacker they have listed on the roster is perfect yeah. He's the only middle linebacker right. That's the only we want to have with him and i was so sure that nikola nah that moral is technically starter because i think they're what they're looking to do. Probably probably i mean the league average about five years ago or something was like sixty percent. There were around sixty percent nickel defense and i think they're up up from that now. They're keeping few linebackers mainly because <hes> moral and leak and pay place special teams just going to be whitehead imperfect out there most of the time and they're just playing a lot of nickel there that joiners barely barely ever going to leave the field and he's the nickel corner. I think they're going to be playing nickel about seventy certain five percent of the time and so they'll be running a four to five out there against probably four wide offensive formations nations <hes> you'd think they'd want someone who could cover a tight end. <hes> hopefully you can do that. Football is finally finally back and nothing adds to the excitement of watching that first game like having a shot at a million dollars draftkings the leader in one day fantasy football is celebrating liberating the start of the season with an extra special week one contest new users can sign up today and get a free shot at the one million dollar grand prize just by using code code s._p. 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They're going to have <hes> abram out there. Running around trying to cover the cover the tight tight ends mid short routes and via the have carl joseph covering the deep and that they <hes> and immoral will play. I'm i wouldn't expect him to play more than thirty percent of the snaps on defense honestly and that's kind of an if if one of those snaps is the first snap of the game then you'll be credited with the start but otherwise i mean that's basically what i expect. I mean i can't even imagine that lease. He's getting a barely see the field at all. He might be almost purely a special teams guy. I mean if you think about it. If you look at the snap counts late last season he had fallen fallen off considerably jason cabinda were were sharing snaps of both getting sometimes single digits in percentage of the snaps so you know they're just going to play a lot of they're gonna play a lot of nickel and nick nicholas morals gonna come in for you know <unk> around thirty percents of the snaps and that's that's pretty much it nina kyle wilber and and markelle lee playing special teams in a nicholas morals. Gonna is gonna he plays a good deal of special teams as well. It's a bit of a shame really because i think moral played really well late last season linebacker backer. I think he's a very talented guy. <hes> not to mention these a great teammate <unk> i spoke to him during training camp for podcast and and these he's a great guy is very smart and <hes> and i think unfortunately it might just be a situation. We're just on the wrong team. He just he just needs the right team to be able to see the field more than he seeing right now or is unfortunate because he'd seem girls. Yeah yeah see the guy that i liked a lot. <hes> i saw them. Play a little bit of penn state and i it's a place where they really tried to middle linebackers. <hes> and i don't necessarily think oakland is a place like that. <hes> but i i do like what's been brought to the table. I've always really been a guy who likes having that big strong thumper middle middle linebacker <hes> in the middle of defense and i've always thought that way because what the coaches say they want to do what's their game plan. We want to run the ball. We wanna play defense. No the best defense is to have somebody who can stop the other team from running the ball they wanna do and the best way to do that is to have a giant stiff middle linebacker but in today's n._f._l. If i i can't come up with a tight end if he can't cover a running back over the middle on a little slammed pedder then he's essentially useless because they have so much balanced with passing these days and some teams even you pretty heavily toward the past <hes> and we'll do more of that in the future as college offense to start to leak into the n._f._l. As we've i've already seen with kingsbury and and even shamanee's offense <hes> a guys like cabinda if they can't cover then they just don't have a place yeah well. I i was mentioning moral. I mean he's he's good in coverage and cabinda for his part party. He thoroughly outplayed mark kelly. This preseason and i thought that you know i didn't really think they were going to go into the season without a backup middle linebacker. I mean you can always have a marquel <unk>. Get back up we he could probably in a pinch backup linebacker spots but you know he's in that aspect. He's a maybe a jack of those trades master of none and to be certain cabinda was more events specialized mostly in the middle linebacker spot. He could probably play the other ones as well. I just i thought that that <hes> that was more valuable but special teams is more valuable to them and they just i think they're gonna have to linebackers bekker's on the field so much that they figure they have to hear and vaunt is as the starters moral and markle has has his kinda just their special teams captain so that's what they're going with for now and and linebackers benefits for the raiders for a very very long time so it is a little concerning when you see the lack of emphasis in the lack of priority that the team puts what's in that position when people generally think of it is so very important but apparently they don't well what they do put importance mortenson now and the reason why they're all the linebackers because they wanna keep a lot of defensive backs and they came out of the <hes> they came out of the cut downs with count them eleven defensive backs on the on the roster eleven which has ads quite. It was quite a few <hes> they you know they quickly. They put isaiah johnson on a partial season i are or i are with the potential potential for him to return other than him may have tan <hes> endow eleven was the one that shocked everybody but <hes> <hes>. He's a special teams guy so they liked him for that. <hes> as far as the quarterbacks are concerned the big question was between keyshawn john nixon and nevin. I'm sorry nevertheless nick nelson and watching that packers game woo wow outed nick nelson got smoked and keyshawn nixon look fantastic so if nixon had already beat nelson and for rasa spot he certainly did in that game for a guy who was apparently trying to make a football team have the performance at nick nelson put in against the packers yeah. That's that's gonna be the opposite of what you want. That's about the worst you can possibly do. If you are a bubble second or third string player trying to stay in one of the last spots on the fifty three man roster he essentially seals his <hes> <hes> his fate as either being cut or put on the practice squad just with how badly he got toasted <hes> and just so how easily the receivers did so. It was was just an awful showing one of the worst. I've seen in a long time whereas conversely keyshawn nixon look basically impenetrable. You couldn't complete a pass on the guy so they definitely made the right right call. Their nixon. Absolutely proved himself deserves to be on the roster. Cornerback is one of the deeper positions on the team and i've been saying that since before training in cabot when just the sheer number of guys they drafted or signed free agents than they had from last season like nick nelson and stuff like that that eh it was incredibly deep and that was i was saying that when we'd we didn't even know the name keyshawn nixon i mean we he had been insight as an undrafted guy but he was he didn't his name wasn't any more significant than any the other quarterbacks that they signed as undrafted free agents like dylan mabon or no offense to hammer any of these other d._j. Killings and isaiah langley and all these other guys they they brought in and i would say probably halfway through training camp we were still the the staff was gruden was raving about nick now talking about. I really like you know realized. That guy is really really looks. Good and nixon. I could tell that he was getting he he was holding his own but he certainly wasn't to the point where he would hit secured a roster spot so him for nixon the to not only beat out nelson but to get us spot on this roster that was so very deep was a hell of an accomplishment and you just watch them and i can't help but wonder he he played in the s._e._c. How how in the world the guy not go drafted it because he's not he's not a project. He's ready now and i. I don't think i've ever seen anything like it. Honestly i don't think i've ever seen a guy <hes> so just like burst onto the scene the way that he has out of a major conference and he's like this. It's really really something. It was really something to watch out of nowhere. They did it sort of reminds me of when jalen rashard <hes> wasn't freezing southern miss but again that's other. That's gonna not a power five conference. He wasn't going up against georgia every week. He was going up against louisiana lafayette so it's not a great analogy but but that sort of performance is what you have to do if you're an undrafted guy. You wanna make a team and he did it now. Jalen richard is a fairly good example <hes> i i i would my main stipulation would just be the difference in the positions you're talking about. You're talking about like a little quick speedy in running back who they probably think well. He's probably maybe he can't hold up against <hes> the the the size and speed of the guys in the n._f._l. So he was a tryout player. Fag end and with nixon plays one of the toughest position in football especially in today's day and age to be able to keep up with receivers when they get all the advantages on the on the n._f._l. Field that they do to <hes> to do that was i mean what what a tough tough job so kudos kudos to the scouting department for for king on him and for him coming in and just showing up big time so so early on the other other the other defensive backs the safeties who mentioned eleven i mean i think there was any other surprises there. Were you surprised at any other people they can now. No i mean people who've been chattering about treating karl-josef all offseason long but i never truly believed that it was ever going to happen. I think they're going to give him another year <hes> to prove themself to decide whether they're gonna sign them long term or not. I wasn't surprised at all about who were on this team. I think they all deserve to be there. Yeah i mean it seemed almost like a like a foregone losing to be joseph and abram starting and riley in harris as their backups and that was <hes> and i thought that was it. I thought it was just like they're gonna keep those four safeties in like down levitt really i remember as i spoke to eric harris last year and i i asked awesome point blank. Is there anybody. Is there anybody in this camp that has really really stood out <unk> stood out to you and he said down levitt but he also was his roommate and training camp so i was like well i i mean you pick the easy one you know so i didn't really necessarily cavaliers by into what we saying for that reason but <hes> i guess he was right. I mean the and when you're in a position like ca- undrafted guy in that you'll for harris or limit the the way into the way you break into this n._f._l. Is through special teams and maybe maybe a harrison pressed upon him that the concept may be new already knows yeah well. You need guys like that those those real ballers on special teams. If you wanna have a solid business i was watching a video made by john walk of espionage and set out to him the other day on the two thousand and six. I believe it was six chargers. <hes> who had the top offense number one and the number one defense but missed the playoffs and why because they're special teams was that bad they gave up kick return touchdown punt return touchdowns. They couldn't kick steal. It couldn't kick an extra point. They would miss a field goal and lose a game by field goal. I b- i think they went nine and seven when by just the ritual their offense defense defense. They should have gone fourteen and two so you need guys like that. We're going to step up on the return or not you know the coverage teams <hes> or you're you're going to have a bad time. Football is special teams as they say and there are a few guys that we know that the raiders do not discount special teams. They have a few guys on this team that their whole purpose is to play special teams and there are a lot of team a lot of teams in the n._f._l. That value special teams and they have guys on there that are that most of the snaps on special teams but but most in most cases they put most of their emphasis on their bill ability of their actual natural position. Whether if you wanna call it that is you know. If like dwayne harris did he you did. He make the team at all because of receiving no he didn't. That's not to say bad receiver. He could probably play pretty decent bid a slot of slot receiver xaver if he was called upon to do it but they don't call upon them to do it. They want him to do one thing and one thing only they want him to play special teams and because he and he does everything specialty lead them in tackles last year he was there punt return. He was our kick returner. Any i mean he had that he had that that moment where he batted the ball <unk> recovered the ball right before the goal line in stepped out so that the ball so that it was a penalty and they took they got the ball at the forty and even the announcers were were fooled thinking that he made a mistake and he knew what he was doing all along asked him right after the game if he didn't he was just like of course but he knew and of course there was the one where the against the broncos where they batted out of the end zone he recovered returned it ninety nine yards for the touchdown i mean the the buddhism is a weapon above his shoulders on special teams in and you don't often see that usually special teams guys are all about how fast can you get down the field to cover that that kick in how how shifty are you to be able to <hes> and fast are you to get down the field on amin to return a kick or punt but but he's got he's got the the the mental smarts due to succeed on special teams and and the raiders value that can't <hes> i'm with them with them on that for sure yeah absolutely that play against the broncos where he returned that punch all that way was just and the raiders went on to beat the absolute pants off the broncos and with that play. Maybe they would have started off a little bit slower. Maybe the the game would have been a lot closer <hes> but with that play. I think to give them a lot of confidence. You need guys like that who can do that who are smart like that and they can can make those sorts of plays ways. <hes> you need those on all levels but special teams is a lot more important than it's given credit for. I definitely agree with their philosophy episodes ebisawa. She is actually i. It's probably one of the reasons why he why he jumped at the chance to coach withdrew. Again is the fact that gruden basically says okay okay. You get like three you get three players. They got down levitt. He got kyle wilber and he got dwayne. Harris knows our guys that are they. There supposedly play other positions because they're just beside chiefs players there on this team because they're they're his guys and and if i were whereas special teams coordinator i would be pretty stoked about a head coach giving me that kind of power as well so it's pretty it's pretty good see. Of course i mean i'm not when i say that i'm not talking about the kicker punter long snapper. I mean obviously those are only special teams guys but those those are they're only they're only position that they don't have you know positions. They play on offense or defense can such. I mean that's another. There was no surprises by the time the cutdown got here. We know it was going to be daniel carlson kicker in a._j. Cole beat out johnny towns in <hes> in camp boy. Did he beat him. Many beat him to a pulp. It was all that call had to be was passable like a marginal average punter to a beat out johnny townsend who is typically the worst punter in the n._f._l. But he did a lot more than that cole he looks like a real find and and <hes> again again nice work by the scouting department for bringing him in because if you look at his stats he didn't do anything impressive. If he averaged there's like forty two point three yards punt but <hes> those numbers can be a little misleading. They say the numbers never lie but yes numbers often lie and his numbers. I think i think we're they're misleading. Because if you're on a you're on a team that has a good offense and that offense marches down the field and gets the other teams territory lot. A lot of your are going to be shorter that doesn't that just means. You have to be better at placing them. I have had shane likelier but look at the time in which he was the bulk of the time. He's with the team. The team is so terrible that he had to just completely just blast the crap out of the ball and rack up his average because they weren't getting in the other teams terrier territory very often so anyway. I'm going on allah punter which i think i wrote like a thousand word you had. It's an article about punters in the heck out of people but it was better than running on a browns helmet. That's for sure well i wrote to and then i had one guy at a guy comments complained that we had two straight articles on punters. One of them was the fact. I think the first one was that jed. Johnny towns that had been signed by another teams. That's it's just news smell like a long form article and so just like okay. You're gonna complain about having to ours. Lem pinter's all right all right. How about let's make they get three so after feeling joy. If he listens to this i mean he knows he is. I'm sure he'll <unk>. You'll enjoy talking about him again. I can't remember the day was when he you know you are. If you're listening to this anyway so <hes> i guess you know the long snapper trend seed beating out. <hes> entered apollo was a bit of a surprise because they made depalma. The highest paid long snapper in the n._f._l. Last this time last year and and then he got hurt after on his second snap of the season in seed comes in for him and then wins the job. He's crazy. N._f._l.'s crazy crazy place peaking. It'd be ready yeah. Speaking of annabi crazy crazy place <hes> raiders had cameras into document <hes> well as much as the raiders would allow them to document and we just <hes> tuesday night was the finale. The harbor knocks finale <hes> been. I've watched all of them but i haven't found in the be like all that fascinating honestly i. Maybe it's just because i it's kind of old news for me. I am like yeah he. I remember them. I remember when that happened. I remember that happening. I saw the back of my head. A couple of times on the show people people like you and i who <hes> who cover the raiders professionally. None of this is new. None of this novel and none of this is particularly really interesting because we've we've written thousands of words about it <hes> but last year when i was watching the browns hard knocks it was very interesting 'cause is i didn't cover any of that <hes> and also i'm sure mike may i kept a bit of a lid on what exactly was going on and we didn't see any of the i'm actual cut conversation d think while they control the narrative all the way that he made sure that there were a lot of closed closed doors. Yeah we saw a lot more <hes> as far as letting the cameras into the organization with the browns and especially the jets <hes> <hes> they they were really open but but the saying goes there were thirty one teams and the raiders and the raiders kind of do things their own way and they always have <hes> and and the raiders made it very clear from the very beginning that that hard knocks was a nuisance that they did not particularly want participating. We're but we're being forced to do so and so they did the whole show more or less under protest and so the things that were a big deal on the media in the media were not big deals on the show and the cameras were essentially not allowed to go anywhere that that may not expressly want them to go so it was a little less of an immersive experience than in past season the fact that they in the past seasons. You'd get a lot more room when the player was cut. 'em we saw a couple of those in the in the finale. I think they've finally kind of let the camera the room for the for the final cutdown stuff like that but you could tell a a. R. knox's really really having to try to try to cover these cuts without being able to actually you you know get in there for the for the for the actual cut like when ron all it was let go i mean they. They talked about <unk>. Put a couple of snippets of him being on in last chance you and and about him can i get about gruden ripping him but they did. They weren't in the room when he was let go and that's just like a little something you a you expect to see that was missing in the raiders. Were saying no we're not. We're not let that happen and it almost seemed like you know how gruden was in some ways toying with them and toying with the audience in a way how the players it's almost like the <unk> if they featured player heavily in most cases that player was that player was gone. I mean luke wilson. He was featured a lot and he's gone. You know running all gone yeah the thing about this show. Is you wanna root for the underdogs and the guys who are long shots to make the team <hes> but as i said in the article that i wrote this evening they're they're. They're long shots for a reason you know. They're probably not gonna make the team. They're just good human interest stories but but but if you saw guy it was probably foreshadowing he wasn't going to be around for much longer <hes> but we did learn a lot of pretty interesting things about the the team and you know how it works in practices going <hes> we did see jon gruden with his coaches carpooling to work in the morning at god. God knows what time <hes> but and you live in california leave. I don't how much does gas cost in california that a man who has a hundred million dollar contract that makes ten million dollars a year is not willing to pay the price for gas to drive himself to work in the morning and that's the kirpal with his coworkers. That was such a joke. I mean i a lot. He's just bullshitting that <hes> there's no way that the reason that car pooling is because of the cost of gas. My tongue is planted firmly in cheek. I asked this question but <hes> it's it is fun to see them together and it's fun to see jon gruden rocking out to metallica. He's he's really been the star of the show because they have it. Let the players be the star. Even in an tonio brown they really kinda tried to hide him. Not give a whole lot of tape on them. <hes> but gruden they put front and center as far as coaching you know just just is coaching style the way he teaches film just the way he deals with people and he's the free charismatic guy and he's he's really sort of been the face of the show and i think it's been wore enjoyable than it would have been without as interesting guys. He is gruden being the t._v. Personality that he is her knocks axes able to survive a lot on his personality alone. I think they knew that in some ways in gruden is fine with being he's like put the cameras on me. I you know he has plenty of entertaining things to say. Take the cameras off my players much possible off of any of those story reliance or the or whatever offense i might be running any kind of secrets or or a any kind of narratives that you guys want to spend that i don't want spun bon and just <hes> and i'll be your your source of entertainment and i think that they also a you could throw <hes> brenston buckner into their to he. He turned out to be a bit of a character in his own right and uh they he became a bit of a star star. You will on the show for the things that he would say would to his players and whatnot so the the they preferred that way if they can they can let the light hearted stuff be the focus we saw a lot of luke wilson because he's a funny a guy and he would and he jokes around all the time so so the dakota yeah yeah go ahead. Mike him up follow him around. He'll keep you entertained while you know so you're not bringing controversy to to to the raiders and of course antonio brown <hes> the i'm sure gruden probably would have preferred a little bit less of the antonio brown's stuff but you're not gonna keep antonio brown away from the cameras especially when he's not around the facility when he was when he was off dealing with his foot injury stuff in his helmet stuff. You're simply not going to keep him away from the cameras but that was probably about as controversial as they got tonight. They actually featured a lot more than they have having featuring him in recent episodes <hes> we saw him <hes> working in practice <hes> and just torching the raiders corners now we we were already discussed that the raiders corners and their defensive secondary or vastly improved the season for from recent years. It's very deep position for the raiders right now but but not one of them except maybe lamarcus joyner on a good day can hang within tonio brown. He's he's just making circus catches and he's just clowning guys and ah if he can do that to the raiders and he's going to be able to do that basically everybody. You're preaching to the choir. I saw him do it in practice and the only we didn't get to see a lot of a lot of it. We got to see more actually most of it. We got to see in the off season before training camp. So hard knocks data me get didn't get it to see any of that which saw basic rebel and the reason we save maybe lamarcus joyner is because the he came in for all of one session in one day of training camp and that was it and it wasn't even team sessions it was one on ones and he had the ball thrown his way three times two of which were catches and the other was knocked down by by by joyner so our opinions of his performances at camp based on what you saw in hard knocks knox are formed entirely on those three passes and they they put him on slow motion. Just kinda really draw out just to make it seem like they'd gotten a bunch of footage on on him but really they didn't. They got about ten minutes of an three passes of him at practice and training camp before he left the field and you know they got once they got a chance to get some more once they you know they broken gap and they're back in alameda over this last best episode they were all about. That's why we saw him. You mentioned he was featured more than the other episodes because they were using absolutely every piece of footage they had him on the field off the field for the first four episodes this last episode they actually were able to get a pretty good amount of stuff of him on the field old when his new helmet and <hes> hell the guys saying what it looked like looks like a mini fridge funny stuff again light hearted stuff that you know that's the kind of stuff that jon gruden wants out there all the joke joke stuff to make ever make the raiders seem likable because in the end hard knocks what they are is n._f._l. Propaganda and i don't wanna say that in a negative way necessarily but that's really what they are. That's why they continue to get the contract with n._f._l. Their job is to come in here and make the n._f._l. Seem intriguing with the personalities and entertain people with them to get them interested and get their passion drummed up for the n._f._l. Season that's around the corner and they came in there and made the n._f._l. Look bad and if it'd be like wait a second. I don't think we're going to let you guys in your anymore because you're making it look like crap. They want they wanna see antonio brown's big personality but mostly also they wanna see the likable side of him because if you have people like not rooting for him because they see him on hard knocks nee sees a jerk or whatever that does the n._f._l. Disservice they wanna see his they. They want you to root for him. You want him. They want him to be the main character in a good way a have have him joking around with teammates and and an have him like burning the defensive backs. Have you be like oh. I can't wait to see him on on the field when the when the season gets here and so they were able to circle back around to that for this final episode after beating the <hes> <hes> dead horse of his his feet and <hes> helmet issues for the first four episodes actu- into it seemed to wrap up the foot in helmet issues we saw him getting a massage table at his home and his student looked like they had all new skin skin and he said i'm trying to make calluses on this. <hes> you said that burned a little bit but they didn't <hes> impeach him from practicing so i i don't think the feeder that'd be an issue for at all essentially <hes> and he said drain out this <hes> and you seem to be finding the helmet so i mean as far as defeating the helmet but the you know the media made a big deal of it but i think hard knocks sorta went out of their way to say these are big deals and your own saying it's about the message they were trying to put out there. <hes> and i think there are pretty effective in doing so because if they wanted to they wanted to get me hyper the season well damn it. They did it because i'm pretty hype right now. I don't know if the hard dogs people were trying to make the media seemed like they're insane and i don't think the media wasn't saying i think the the raiders were trying to get everyone to focus on the foot injury and say that it was a serious thing because <hes> other the alternative is that he's just skipping out on something you know he's soft or whatever when it comes to injuries in causing players to miss time the the the team wants everybody to either think or realize that that injury is serious and if it weren't serious that player would be here on the field right now practicing axeing with his teammates and the helmet thing obviously was an issue because the moment they said it wasn't when jerusalem kitten rosenhaus came out and tried to spin it like the very next practice antonio brown wasn't on the field and mike mayock came out and gave his ultimatum so the i don't think there was much overreaction going up the i and i also believe if that even the biggest supposed- over action of all that he might retire or whatever if he doesn't get the helmet woman i think that was i honestly believe that came from drew rosenhaus himself. I don't think schefter would put that out there unless he got it from unless he got up from rose. I think that that that was their way of putting it out there to just a upped a balloon to try to get the league to bend to their will let him have his helmet. He's very serious. He's so serious about these very very very serious about this man his helmet he might not even play <hes> that's how serious he is about this and of course immediately backed down from it when the n._f._l. Says now sorry. We're not avenue at it. It's it's just a big. It's a big game in a start to get really annoying. <hes> the the whole thing got really annoying and we of course have to cover every bit of news that comes out about it and then of course the readers of are trying to shoot the messenger her dislike look. We're just keeping you updated on stuff. We didn't if we didn't tell keep you updated on stop. You'd go and find out someplace else need hop in the comment box and you start start talking about it anyway so it's our job to keep you updated on things as as they developed a nasal we're doing i wrote many articles tools on that and people were getting upset and if you're like oh it i can't wait for the season again here. We don't have to talk about this again and i'm like well. This is this is news. Was this is happening. I have to tell you about it but if i if i ever see the word shoe air advantage you gonna shoot myself to his shoot shoot. Shut whatever. I don't even give a shit this point back again it'll be it'll be too many times it it. I never even heard of such a these type of helmet or different types of helmets <unk> ever had to deal with their talk about this type of stuff and it it was really more just like i kept saying over and over again. Just like really what i'm when i was frustrating australia the most about this is what i want to talk about. Is i wanna talk about antonio brown taking the field and playing football ball in camp and what he's doing in camp and actual football stuff like every other normal training camp. It's an interesting time it. Doesn't i need this extra drama in fact of the drama and i don't wanna use the term distracting because i think that's an overblown cop out. You know trope they they tend to use the everything's distraction yada yada yada but it's <hes> it was distracting me and those of us trying to cover actual football stuff. That's happening because it's hard to talk about the little things and stuff. That's going on the field when like when the there's this giant elephant in the room and everybody's talking mothers one thing just like okay. I guess that's what we're talking about now. <hes> it's like there's a really loud talker in the room and and you can't get a word in because they're just so loud and they don't stop talking and antonio brown's drama with his feet in helmet. Were the loud talker and you just don't even bother yeah. They're trying to get a word in just just smile and nod for instance. The cowboys this year and the cowboys are not a bad team but ezekiel elliott has been holding out until quite recently and that's all anybody wants to talk about. They don't wanna talk about defense. They don't wanna talk about the receivers who were hurt. They don't want any. They want to talk about ezekiel elliott and that's that's the cloud hanging over them. I mean teams like that. You don't you don't get to talk about how good the team is. What the actual team doing you have to focus on this. One stupid thing gonna resolve itself until then you have to write about the same all right well. I think we're you're either. We're focusing too much on this. Yeah the notes all right. We got event. You know i mean we <hes> we frustrated to the fans. You're frustrated reading. We get frustrated about rydin. We gotta event get it out there. A speaking of getting things out there <hes> we're talking about hard knocks. Our evan evan grow our <hes> one of the writers <hes> in his podcast. The just pod baby was featured on hard knocks tonight. <hes> there is a little segment there where you heard her people talking from podcast on radio when he got i think two or three little snippets of of his show oh <hes> on the <hes> when they were talking about like the fifty three <unk> roster cutdown stuff that was pretty cool a little credit in the credits. He's he's pretty stoked about that. I was pretty heavily weren't name is name was there at the end. Evan grooten just pa baby. It's gotta be pretty cool for him so so shout out to evan podcasts and we would have gotten on the show. I know we should have made a podcast but we got busy instead. We're sitting here pimping. Somebody else's podcast. It's on our network though so you know we're all rolling this together so and and we love evan we support him. The congrats do evan evan gross <hes> just pod baby on the silver and black pride podcast network this this is the silver and black pride cast. Which is the flagship <hes> podcast but now we can't. We can't take all the glory. We got. Some heard pretty good podcasts on here clearly because we're being featured on h._b._o. Show so you know we're big time now we are. We're big stars or or avenues his so getting regrets grads evan. Maybe maybe a i've been a guest on his show. Maybe we'll have to have him as a guest on our show happens. I guess you all just had to put up with me and tyler <hes> and i guess we'll talk to you on the flip side nine when there's which later this week maybe we'll see about preview in broncos. Yeah we got a big game coming up so we gotta talk about it all right so stay tuned for that and we'll talk to you then on the silver and black pride cast.

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