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Welcome to Spies of London with me Paul dettman. So my name's Paul. I have been a fan of spy fiction and spy movies for my whole life. The first Spy book. I read which I really enjoyed and remember as being a turning point for me was Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy by John le carre I missed the TV show the first time around but the Alec Guinness TV series is amazing as well. I'd also read Frederick Forsyth The Day of the Jackal everybody like the James Bond movies in the eighties Rodger Moore remains my favorite James Bond, but it was John Lee carries books, which really made me understand that Espionage and spying is about the mind and the Brain as much as it is about dashing around with guns in 2017. I took this further home and became one of the very first Air B&B experienced hosts in London doing spy walks in Mayfair Westminster along the terms and later on Baker Street when I was looking at the second world war my May faith. What was the first one? It's a cold war walk which starts out the old American Embassy as it is now and the sight of the litvinenko poisoning and walks through Mayfair finishing at Fleming's hotel, which is also famous for its spy history. This tour is great because it takes in John le carre a locations from his books. It takes in the litvinenko poisoning lots of embassies the Saudi Embassy in particular Shepherd Market, which has links to espionage as well as lots of other stories in the past and even rare book shops the walk has everything. So I wanted to do a podcast because I wanted to be able to offer the walks virtually to people who either cannot or will not or don't want to go to London physically. You can listen now anywhere in the world to the Mayfair walk and the Thames walk which also box the new American Embassy but you can also follow them with your earphones on walking around London if you want to and it's totally free, that's the great thing completely free, but the podcast allows me to look at particular spy books aspect. Non fiction these days focusing mainly on the Cold War but also on World War II soe and very recent happenings like the navalny poisoning the podcast comes out every week usually on a Friday. It's currently a solo podcast but I do have some spy friends and ideas for interviews with writers and spy experts in the UK and although we are recorded and I am based in the UK. We had very much Global Outlook. We do welcome listeners from the US Canada five eyes countries and Beyond including India and China as well. So we try to be objective following some of my recent episodes. You might find me somewhat skeptical about the FSB and g i u but we do try to be objective where we can I try and keep episodes down below half an hour 20 minutes is the sweet spot for people doing commuting and also your attention span, you know, if you're cooking the dinner if you're driving somewhere. If you see to fit 20 minutes into most things the great thing is the podcast is completely free to listen to and I am even fighting hard job. To avoid any advertising you can find this podcast on any of your favorite podcast apps and if you're struggling to find an app, if you don't want to use the standard Apple or Google ones, please go to Spotify, and you can listen on the website and you can follow using your favorite app from there. We are also on Spotify. We are on Stitch. We are on literally everything overcast Pocket Casts off the new Amazon podcast audible thing that's happening soon. We are everywhere. We are completely free. We come out on a Friday and it will only tell you twenty minutes to Listen to If you like spies and you like walk by fiction and you like cold war and you're interested in London Spies of London, is the place to go I'm Paul and I'm really looking forward to welcoming you want to the podcast please go and listen. It is completely free forever.

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