The Secrets of the Self: Pitfalls


Today's daily breath is made possible by all birds. All birds shoes are made from natural materials. That would make your feet happy like back to Daly Brett. We continue our exploration into the book of Secrets Secrets of today. What I'd like to do is actually mentioned a few patrols that people on the spiritual bought what are susceptible to anyone who's experienced spiritual seeking or being spiritual junkie as they call them Goes to every workshop away every seminar on spirituality and there are some pitfalls that happened when you become a spiritual junkie and here's how you avoid them number one knowing where you're going knowing where you're going. There's an ancient Zen aphorism that says a good traveler has no definite plans and is not intent intent. On arriving. I repeat that a good traveler has no definite. Plans is not intent on on arriving. That's me by the way I travel all the time in some people have to take LSD and all these drugs do take a trip. They call it tripping. Okay but have you ever watched a baby. They're tripping all the time so happy and joyful they said what is is. This may be taking a kid. I wish I could bottle that they're tripping because they'll where they are. The Judy is the destination insulation. So if you know where you're going or you're not with me hard. Work driving ambitious exacting. Exacting plans a goal. That you will get to and you're never present right now for that. The new arrive where you will arrive. You won't be president. President anyways was the point to the West. bitwell is relax. The point of arrival is now in fact. There's no other point of arrival other than now think about it. Have you ever been anywhere other than now. Even when you're planning in your imagination to be in the future you're doing it now. The bus is history. The putsch future there is not yet. Now I'm alive. Good place to begin. So once you know this pitfall then can you will also avoid the other pitfalls and what are the other pitfalls struggling all the time to get somewhere. Menu have already arrived because the place. This is always down. It's also using someone else's map people say I want to worship. Jesus Christ do you really WanNa wish of Jesus Christ or do you want to have the experience that Jesus I'd do you want to worship Moses or do you want to have the experience Moses. Do you want to worship the Buddha or you only have the expense but I had I would say organized. Religion is buying into somebody. Else's story true spirituality atrocity is not buying anyone story but they're not buying the map but say how did they get there and here is what I'm going to do to get there so don't use other people's maps including mine. I'm just giving directions by the way and pointing the way you don't need to worship my finger pointing the way look in the direction that that way finger points and then if it seems attractive if it's not attractive don't go but don't use other people's map don't try too hard to always improve. Prove yourself you could just as you are. Imagine somebody was perfect. It would be so exasperated to be around them but if you have negative traits buzzed trade. Somebody interested in knowing you because that makes you interesting who just always positive always negative. While I don't WanNa be around you. Don't try too hard to improve yourself except just don't set a timetable. Don't wait for a miracle. Medical the miracle is happening right now and what is that medical existence and the awareness of existence. There's no big America Geico. Why is their existence? And how come you're aware of existence. There's no big a miracle than that if you accept. 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