The Great Gildersleeve 47-05-07 (250) Leroy Excluded from Craig's Party


Kraft Foods Company presents our Perry as the. Great Gildersleeve he. The. Great Gildersleeve is brought to you. By the Kraft, foods company makers of Parque modular every day. Millions of women all over America Serve Crafts parque margarine because it tastes so good. Do Market do. You'll like it. You like it like millions who say that they. Are K. Margarine are? Wonderful. It's made may has brought the flowers and the flies summerfield. Gildersleeve just plopped down on the SOFA, filled with righteous wilderness and sense of rich accomplishment, which come to a man only after he has just put out the screens. Good. Unexpected maneuver. He has trapped half the flies in Summerfield some of them. Buzz Sofa. Go, away, go away others, but their heads against the screens, trying to get out, Birdie is on the prowl with swarner. Love to move all. The folks who live on? These. Jeff around all the. Just bitten pledge in. These. Portholes live on. Darn. History. FAT CHANCE TO BE LIVING ON EASY STREET IF IT AIn't flag doorbells. Well what is it GonNa talk to your Dunkel. Will I don't know Mr Gill Sleeves? Kind of busy right, not great I. Don't I could disturb him, but if it's something important, let's give the excuse me. Sir. Craig haven't seen around lately. How's everything over Your House Motherwell, is she? Planted Hut, but He won't let me plan is up. I'm sure there must be some misunderstanding Craig. I'm sure Leroy would be delighted to have you played with it. Have you asked him nicely? Did. He say he's known me out. Just see about this. Where is this cut? that. Is that what that is? Our analyst. Them die if I don't. What of these international crises come up ready? They have to be faced. Cuddle along. To. I'm sorry to hear that about Leroy if it's true. Secret. Lou. Leroy. What do you think I'm calling you for? He made me do all work to. Name on the sidewalk. Flowerpot he did let you write. Something, bad! PIGGY. I thought so anytime you to get together. What have you done your shirt front and your trousers look at you filthy. Where have you been? To crawl onto the. Heaven's sake. Yes. What's this Craig tells me? I Haven't even heard what Craig told me it. Yes, you do in this country Leroy. A man is presumed to be innocent till proven guilty in their hand, you big dipper. Now. Let's get to the bottom of things here I want the factually Roy Plain facts without evasion without embellishment. Just tell me what happened e. Leroy. These two little hot. For a missile. Cheese. Into some you. Know. Any reason why Craig can't play nicely with the rest of your boys, Leroy. Me I mean. Is there any reason why can't be included well? Be Present in time. Rock. Who decided all that. That's not the Democratic Ueli Ri-. Presidency decided by elections. You all election. Whoever gets the most votes? He's elected? To, put an end of this argument. I think you should hold an election of officers all three. Along. Votes right there. Would you never vote be Yourself Leroy? Own Never. Coin Shane. It's not considered good for my boy you both and the other man votes review that way the result of justice same, but it's more modest and more gentlemanly. A made. Anyway that's the way it's done. You run along and hold your election of officers and see if you can't get along together like good sports. You heard me Leroy and take Craig Radio. Earth good children played ice. You better be mealy. Little pest. Would let them in my club either. Yes I guess. Manley's. Path. Knowing how to handle them ready I'll knowing how to handle them. Know I know. What happened? Leroy try to get holy yourself. You'll never have any friends. You know unless you learn to be a good sport and a good loser. Little, we always wait for the other to make the first move my boy, you must set an example you're than Craig. C., me nicer. That's all. We won't discuss now. Blow your nose. Business off the ask for heaven's sake. After all Roy's at heart afternoon. That's not upset him anymore. Shelly upsetting nearly walk in Psalm sitting with this is already my and. Now, I told you about making friends with other boys Leroy that goes for brothers and sisters to. A friendly gesture brings a friendly response. Really I never saw anyone so catchy. I! Walk into. Modules. Why don't you just run upstairs far because your old uncle asks? There are times when I believe you. Rub Leroy the wrong way. You said that's not for you to say. I don't know what this is all about but I assure you nothing to do to stay the room minute long. Happy Little family. I'm glad she's gone. You better be a little nice to your sister. Young man at the rate. You're going. She may be the only friends who have left. And stop that snivelling. I'm sick of it. No reason of society yourself. You're as much to blame as anybody. I wouldn't create comes over here the next time Vm does I want you to play nicely. You understand, play nicely. Okay, go upstairs and get clean up your summer. Man Can stand just so much when he's had enough, you had enough. found. I started out this day. Feeling fine put up the screens and everything. Alfred with both of you. What gets into children. Founded! Can't we do something about these flies? Billy Wright in issue supper. Let's go. Look like. There I'll be back in the play. Thank you. Tell, ME, come off! Well radio. Man, Leroy. Tell to go home now Leroy. Tell you. Just before. You see Craig's forgotten the whole thing or at ease willing to forgive and forget. Why shouldn't you? Remember my boy, a friendly gesture brings a friendly response. You go out there and play nicely. Effort in I mean it remember. I'm going to be listening. Radio boy from out, okay? What do you WanNa play I'm going to have a birthday party. WHO You can't come. WanNa come. We're going to have an organ grinder with a monkey. Mom. Who has seen organ grinder with the Marquis? Who hasn't seen monkeys. We're GONNA have ice cream in case. We am ice cream and cake every day practically. Got For me right now, the cake you're going to have tried than anybody who buys into one gets to keep it. who had show my mom, I? Don't believe I asked. My mom and we're GONNA pony to anybody that's invited to. The party gets dry on free. You can't ride on it. Again. Try to get yourself my boy. After all really wrong. Fortune Greg was over here this afternoon. Why weren't you nicer doing man? Gildersleeve, we'll be back very shortly. Most women genuine satisfaction out of planning little surprises, but regular meals and lunches, like crispy, hot rolls or Golden. Crunchy waffles and most women have discovered that the whole family and joins these streets more if they're served with delicious flavor, fresh park as the margarine. Of Craft, quality Parque is good for your family to for the splendor, energy food and a good source of vitamin A.. It's fresh, delicate estimated. Are you the answer on this program? Yes, now a case, fresh delicate flavor minute. What are you trying to do here anyway? I'm reading the commercial. If you don't mind, you're trying to sell something. Crafts, park a modern is at it. Yes, that's it well. Why don't you sell? It quite beat around the bush. You realize you might be born people now just a minute. What are the reasons for using this parque? The reasons why it's spread that taste wonderful, it's a fine energy food, and it's mighty economical to widen. Just say trying to Jaquet tastes good. It's good for you. That saves you money there I. Sure, why don't you say so well? Hey is terrific. Through Parkway. Day? Like it like millions in. Favor Lodger. Margarine A. R. K. A. Y. is wonderful. Now, let's get back to Gildersleeve and Leroy. Who is getting life explains. Craig's having a birthday party this afternoon and you're invited. What's so terrible about? That doesn't really hurt you. If you just put the whole thing out of your mind, glad doors and play get interested in something Lira listening to A. Valley twins, my boy! You're torturing yourself. I got presence. Now there's something to be thankful for. At least you don't have to give Craig present. I wasn't give him that. Modeling Clay I got for Christmas. But you don't have to get him a present. Modeling Clay. Can come to more kids. And Craig, Looking, I'm tearing out of the House grab the presence. What matters? Model airplane he's already got one. Leroy isn't there something you'd like to do? Did you call piggy? Dentist. You doesn't have to spend laughed at noon. They're. Getting new braces, Somebody else you can be thankful for you're. Not Dennis. Comes a truck. Pony. Polish in the truck. Well. He's not a very big party. I think he's big enough anyway. Gosh, maybe if I went out and stood around Ed, let me live Leroy. Have you no pride? I forbid you go out there and hang around? Maybe you have no pride but I've got plenty. Buck up my boy. There's no excite. Leroy. Why don't you Marjorie Gopher luck? Come Fun. This. Creates getting on a pony I know it harms the I ride. Well it's his birthday. Module Leroy feeling badly because he wasn't invited to. Craig's Party can't be think of something to do that would be fun. I'm asking. How about a nice game cheesy! For Kids. Well I'll do anything you want their. Did you hear your sisters? Do anything she can make afternoon classes very generous. That's okay. What would you like to? Nothing I guess. Well in that case, I think I'll go over to France. He Dhabi home for Supper Marjorie. George. Children can be so selfish. Organ Grinder in the monkees. Window. Monkeys take off his hat. I'll tell you what let's do Leroy. Let's go out to that shack of yours. How about that? I'd like to see your shack. You wouldn't like that. I would come on Leroy as a favor to me. We can have a lot of fun, nor what well we might cook something. Beautify in. Have you got a chimney. No, chimneys. Right away. Come on my boy. We'll go out the back way. I never heard of such a thing shack with no chimney, no smokestack. Shack without stack. We. Don't WanNa Shack Without Stan, do we? Know say. You have to free just passing through. We're going out and playing Leroy Shack in the backyard. That's what I'd. Say giving a couple of potatoes. You might make some potatoes out there leroy. A couple of spots. Yes, you want me to wash them. We're campers. We roughing Birdie on really Ri- yeah. Couple! Heard of any that's fine very. Coolly, right? We've got our provision now. Jars we can have a nice day for Lou. Country Expedition. Daily right. Ask the spirit. Let me, hear you say. Come on and say. So this is the hut. Looks Fine. You've done a wonderful job here. My boy I don't think it's so good. How do you get inside it? It call into their. She worshiped down little that. I don't think making. Watch me. Leroy! Really rooms. Okay. Well. How do you like it? Real. Hotline Z., Ventilation improvable. One of the best that's ever in. Any move over little. This is alive. Day! We can have more fun right here than they're having overtakes. Party is too, Young Leroy. Craig's little friends. In that Pony. Ride on your feet with drag on the ground. Can. Be like trying to ride on dog. Life. Wiring near the fire. I don't know. If you could move. Oh. We can have a fire. I'm sorry. I don't care. Anyway we don't. You don't have the baked potatoes. Campers, aren't we? Read a potato all agree. Meighan. My pocket. I only buy. You. Own, sure sure. I'll try it. We're. Ruth Right. No. Room of the holy. Ganji move your knees a little. The Wall Yeah. Why don't you build a bigger? Dark to. What is doing here nothing you said it. I only time. With. WHO's? Come on in and no I'll be right. Get in. A. Nursing is Lee Ryan there with you. He's in there I. Wonder why he wasn't had Craig's Potty. Delivered the invitation real. No, you didn't. Say Leroy Craig's having a party. I can't imagine how this could have happened. I distinctly told Craig sadly great. Maly Roy on. Sorry, there's been a misunderstanding crazy having a birthday party, and of course it just isn't a party without you. What do you think that? I don't think he wants me to come. I. Don't know what could give you an idea like. We need you terribly to guide the pony for this law and boy. Row whatever you. Would I'm afraid. Leroy not dressed for my goodness. That doesn't matter, and I hope you'll come to Mr Gildersleeve. Never Mind how you look. This is an outdoor party. A. Fangs, Modeling Clay just wanted. One right on the Boeing yeah, you take a ride Leroy, and then you can help the other. Voice regular voice. Together. Craze devoted to Leroy Leroy. CRAY! Can't imagine how he came to forget the invitation, but he seems to be absent minded sometimes. Little I do with modeling clay. Mercy just drop was present, didn't he? Is terribly careless. He's young are taken Mr guiltlessly. Deer that again. Would to come around and back. We've got a few grown-ups out there oh fine. They'll be ice cream and cake a little later regular Prodi say more grownups here than children. I think you're just terrible. When J. P Leela in your nappy noon missing. How wanted if you will come in, never miss a party, Leila happy. Birthday silly, little. Joke. Oh! I don't know how well you know. Missy Gildersleeve missions bullet, but sometime she imagined he's a comedian. Jerry very amusing hey. I'm supposed hooker. In on this I love La. Leila, remove that glasses down to. Give her a hand. Good always bossing. there. Thank you so much judge. Have you tasted the punch? I took the liberty. Yes, I pronounce it delicious. They tender. You. Cut for just half a cup. See what about. You next I just don't punch at. We always have it at parties home. Duke something for me especially when I'm dying and don't you just love punch at a Diet mission bullet? Punchy simply delicious soundtrack Ma. Mr. In Very. Thank you a little too soon after lunch for me well, it's a four o'clock PV it is. To go to my supper time. I'll have some what. Propose challenged I. Give you the young man who NATO Day. We are here to celebrate as well abroad up. Mentally Abso- as I've had the privilege of Masters Craig Book yes this is. A credit to. Yourself and Mr. And like some of the children in the neighborhood day. Are you trying to get my own goals? If the shoe on judge I think Leroy one of the nicest boys in Summerfield. We're always glad to had over here Mr. Gildersleeve You makes any trouble. Just throw him. He's never a problem in Crepe. will be again in just. Every day millions of women all over America craft why K Margarine because it tastes so good triad soon see if you don't prefer a monuments, fine fresh flavor to any other brand. It's true every day. Millions of women all over America, so crafts parque margarine because it tastes so good. Look I for a margarine made by kraft. Fit Do my. Case. Try Do. You. Like, it like millions in. Germany. Are K. Margarine A. R. K. A.. Y.. It's wonderful. Ladies and gentlemen tonight. Our program is being awarded a very special honor may I present the internationally syndicated columnist, novelist, critic and poet Mr Jimmy Style. Thank you. How as a student of Radio Entertainment I have long felt that too little attention is paid to the music, which is such an essential element in the best dramatic programs, and since Jack Meakin has done what I consider it very creative job with the music on the Gildersleeve Program I take pleasure in handing him. The Jimmy Star Plaque for outstanding originality and composing arranging and conducting music for radio. Many thanks Jimmy I'm very honored. Yes, Jimmy, it's nice to know that Mr Miekel. Is appreciated wireless. Good nightfall. By our. By John, wooden and family, all the music is my Jack Makers and put it in the cast are wall his. Louise's Erickson William Randolph Shirley Mitchell. and Richard Legrand. Is John Lying saying good night for the kraft foods. Company makers of the famous line of craft quality food product. Good night, doesn't it again Max Wednesday for further adventures of the Great Gildersleeve. And now special help in planning try PAP Steph the delicious Cheddar cheese food that melts into a smooth golden sauces, spreads easily for sandwiches and snacks, slices, and denise wedges when chilled per serving with Dr Pie for dessert, three to her family to both delicious varieties Golden Cheddar PAP Stephan the yellow package, and for mental pap stepped in the red package. Ask for PAP, staff. Have staff the delicious cheese food. Is NBC the National Broadcasting Company.

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