How to reverse Diabetes with Robby Barbaro and Cyrus Khambatta


Hello my friends of the epic title community and welcome to twenty twenty one a year. Such promise excitements. We turn that page and we shall not name your twenty twenty. Because i think we all learned something from it all avenue she. I'm excited. I know you. Allies toddler years. What we focus on a healthy more specifically may have set some goals as always. I'm here to help. facilitate talk. everything where it comes. To recipes fitness human physiology food applies to it. So please do not be afraid to reach out to the payment. I hear for on top of that. This wake of jump back in the kitchen with excitement. Delivering you guys. Those recipes. Keep talking about those tips those hacks and of course more expert podcast guests and let me say thank you to everyone listening in. We had such a phenomenal growth in twenty twenty that in twenty twenty one we have had people reach out to us with prolific expertise well known individuals and just a blessing tonight that this podcast has grown so much that people want to be honest Of all walks of life. Say thank you to everyone. Listen that could not be possible without you so yes. Speak side of the guests. We have in store be excited for the topics that we cover. And how you ask and continue to learn about your human performance on pumped and let's begin with our first episode of twenty twenty one on a topic. I think he's so important. I understand whether or not we succumb from the symptoms itself. Today we have in the short robby and cyrus of mastering diabetes and we are talking how to reverse diabetes. These gentlemen are as charismatic as they come. It makes sense that dr be juice them to me much. All four of us in a room gathered. Sir batu batu here to be some form of funding and tell you that mosh now. What i love about this episode if you have diabetes each gripe for you if you do not have diabetes is also right for you because we learn about what happens with insulin. How your work goes on. With the beta cells will beta cells off and ultimately. I think this is such an awesome opportunity for us to learn about something that can help. Prevent the onset of god babies whether or not we have on dosa helps us learn more about how we can make out food choices. What's good for us is fat actually bad for us or is it good for us Carbohydrates leading or not leading to diabetes. All these questions we talk about in today's episode and one that i think everyone is just going to walk. Why going a honey to ask more bit because of that. Don't worry i've more questions ask for these two gentlemen. This program is from helped. Thousands of people around the world have an amazing book. Mazarine diabetes that. I've read twice taking notes so plays if you feel compelled. Definitely get book. I talk about a lot and all that can be found in the shirts as well and of course. If you want to continue to support this podcast lever of you. Wherever you listen to your podcast on apple you can lock it. In review rod comment four five star. Whatever you wanted a and of course if you think someone in your network is going to benefit from today's episode definitely share with them on instagram. All share your existing network in general we love to share it and the boys do to. You can definitely follow the handles. So i'm excited to kick things off of this episode. I think it's an exactly in the wheelhouse of awesome community that you guys and please continue rate chat with any asks on these topics. We're going to cover a lot of carbohydrate and diabetic questions. This week. I saw welcome to their first episode of the epidemic podcast for twenty twenty one and rubbing siris boys. Let's get cooking robby Welcome to the epic table podcast. My friends it's great to be here banks and can't wait to get get in depth with some really cool conversation here today absolutely now. This is interesting. I've never had to other people on the podcast at once via technology. So i'm not gonna have a buzza site. I just trust you mitchell. Gentlemen to be added like ants. This person u2 The o'hara is say masters behind massine diabetes. It doesn't make as much of an impact. You are the geniuses behind mastering dawkins that as such a great book man. Such a great book man. Who is that. Who who who book names. Actually robbie was the one who came up with the with the business name. Mastering diabetes and book name. So i'm gonna give him full credit for that. Tassie that branding a win. It's right there. Takeover offer seo possibilities teamwork. Dan jack as subtitle shows like the key is that we're talking about addressing all forms of diabetes. That's why the were mastering is key because you don't necessarily reverse type one point five but you certainly can't master it and get it under control and avoid the complications. I love where you have credit segue when we already rubbing you know this. This is what i'm gonna do my listeners. I'm sure we'll have a good foundation of diabetes. Gentlemen let's let's lay. The let's go award is taught one was one point five. It's tough to prediabetes. Let's lay the foundation just so everyone stands where he's for those people who may not may think they do but about to mind mind-blowing let's go forward bom. Let's start the mind right now. Okay here we go. There's many different forms of diabetes. Type one one point. Five prediabetes type two diabetes and station diabetes and lo and behold. There's also now type three diabetes that has become pretty widely known in the past ten years so it can get really confusing but a simple way to think about here. Is that if you divide diabetes into two different groups group. One is called. Non insulin dependent diabetes guy and the other one is called insulin-dependent diabetes. That's one way of thinking about it. Another way of thinking about it is which is even simpler in my mind. Is you refer to it as either. Autoimmune diabetes or non autoimmune and that really makes the distinction very clear so the autoimmune versions of diabetes. There's only two type one and type one point five so type. One diabetes is what i have. It's what robby has. It's generally what affects young kids. You know you can either be born with type one diabetes or you can develop it at the age of two three five fifteen somewhere in. Adolescence is pretty common and according to the research type one diabetes generally affects people up until about the age of thirty. So it's an auto immune reaction which means that your body has been co worst or so your immune system has basically been tricked into believing that you're beta cells are actually dangerous to your health and we can go into detail about the sort of dietary and environmental causes of that maybe later in the podcast but for the time being suffice it to say your immune system is actually mounting the attack that's actually compromising your own beta cell status and as a result of that your immune system is destroying beta cells which then cripples your ability to manufacture and secrete insulin so people with type. One diabetes generally go from being quote normal and healthy to fully insulin-dependent within about twelve to eighteen months. Which is a pretty fast Reaction pretty sort of fast sequence of events that that goes from being healthy to completely insulin-dependent now type one point. Five is very similar to type one diabetes. But there's a couple of distinctions number one type. One point five diabetes people generally speaking over the age of thirty as a year older than the age of thirty which means it's adult onset. It is still an autoimmune reaction just type diabetes except it is a slow were progressing version of auto immunity and the reason for that is actually fascinating your immune system manufacturers proteins called. Antibodies and. antibodies have a specific responsibility to basically go and neutralize a foreign threat. So you know in the case of the corona virus or the flu Antibodies are what your immune system manufacturers in order to specifically neutralize a very particular protein sequence that comes from one of those two viruses in the case of type i diabetes and type worn your immune system manufacturers auto. Antibodies that are specific to the beta cells specific protein fragments on the outside of beta cells. And so in type one scenario you end up with usually multiple antibodies. Which makes it a fast of insulin. Pens and in type one point five diabetes you end up generally producing one antibody in only one antibody and again this is relatively generalized. Some people produced multiple but in general majority of people type point five produce only one and as a result of that. It's an adult onset. Slow progressing auto immune version of diabetes. You've you've fallen. Yes so by the sounds of festival really well presented. Thank you so much. sorry. I see a sign that onset off the age of thirty generally speaking is point a one point five and this instance on the one antibody is the is the root cause. That's exactly right. That's that's type. One point five like in a nutshell are okay. Continue on play. this is okay. So those are the autoimmune versions of diabetes. Now if we go into the non auto immune category. We're looking at prediabetes type. Two diabetes generational diabetes and type three diabetes. So let's walk through them. One by one prediabetes and type. Two diabetes are there linked to each other. They're basically like cousins. So before you develop prediabetes you develop another condition called insulin resistance. So insulin resistance. Is basically the root cause once insulin resistance progresses insulin resistance manifest itself i as prediabetes and prediabetes state. You end up with an elevated. Fasting blood glucose first thing in the morning you can end up with an elevated fasting insulin level and you can end up with High blood glucose sort of all throughout the day as well so that you can think of prediabetes as being a warning. Sign that type. Two diabetes is on the way. Because if you do not put the right lifestyle into play when you have prediabetes and you let insulin resistance. Continue to grow over the course of time. You will eventually develop type two diabetes so type. Two diabetes is basically prediabetes on steroids. It's it's what happens when you have become more and more insulin resistant to the point. Where now you're fasting glucose elevated even higher usually greater than one hundred twenty five milligrams per deciliter fasting. Insulin is certainly elevated as well. Your post meal blood glucose as elevated your post meal. Insulin is elevated and result of that. Now you're beta cell The population of cells in your packers are over. Secreting hyper secreting insulin. In pretty large quantities. So type two diabetes is really sort of classified as being a state of metabolic distress. But the beauty here is that you can actually go from type two diabetes and you can move back into prediabetes and you can go for prediabetes and back into insulin resistant. You can go from insulin resistant. Back into non diabetic. So it's like a two way reversible path and in about eighty percent of all cases eighty to ninety percent of all cases. You can move from type two diabetes all the way back down the spectrum. Two zero guy there are. There is a segment of the population. Ten to twenty percent of all people who will not be able to reverse type two diabetes and these people are the type of people who have been living with type two for sufficient period of time that the beta cell population in their pancreas has accrued a significant amount of damage and as a result of that. They just don't produce sufficient amounts of insulin anymore. So you can almost think about it as though they are similar to people with type one in that they have a compromised beta cell population. It's just that they're beta. Cells have been over working for a very long period of time and as a result of that. Some proportion of that betas population has now died. You make isn't making sense absolutely just Phillies nece asking for a friend seriously. Fearlessness what are they. Oh perfect okay. So beta cells are basically a small but extremely important population of cells. inside of your pancreas. That are the only cells in your body that are capable of manufacturing and secreting insulin. Now important because insulin is a required hormone for life now. Insulin is always talked about not always most of the time. Insulin is talked about as though it's a threat as it's a bad thing and that you'll see this all throughout the internet as you go Searching learn more about diabetes and insulin. People are constantly putting a finger. Insulin saying insulin's bad for you instance gonna make you fat going to raise your cholesterol level. Insulin is actually what causes insulin. Resistance in diabetes the whole game down insulin and unfortunately the fortunately that information is not true. Insulin's is a required metabolic. Hormones that is Is absolutely required for life. And it's actually not a dangerous hormone as most people want to believe or or think they believe the reason for that is because you dan your non diabetic. You manufacturer insulin. Guy your mom your dad your sister your dog monkeys raccoons cats all mammals secrete insulin because again insulin. A required hormone for life. It's just that the problem is not insulin. The problem is excess. Insulin production when you when your lifestyle creates a scenario whereby your pancreas has has to work in overdrive and secrete excess amounts of insulin the excess insulin or what's called hyperinsulinemia becomes extremely problematic for all tissues in your body for your nervous system for your liver for your kidneys for your muscles for your brain for your thyroid gland for your sexual organs. You name it. So the hyperinsulinemia state is actually is what causes metabolic distress but having a normal insulin level and secreting Physiologically normal amount of insulin is not only helpful but absolutely required so point. Being the beta cells are the only cells in your body that can manufacturing secrete insulin. So that's a good thing you want to preserve beta cell function as long as possible when beta cell health becomes manipulated either to overproduce insulin or when they become crippled end. They are now not producing a sufficient amount of insulin. Both of those scenarios can become problematic course of time boom absolutely does this is and this is really really good so i think it's great to identify you. Talked about the pancreas. The better cells their all their lousy insulin insulin resistance and where does that. Put us on the next part of the continuum. Okay cool so now. We have two different to other types of diabetes. That we haven't really touched on. We already did type one type. One by five prediabetes type two diabetes. Now just ational diabetes. This is what affects women. When they're pregnant. Usually women discover that they are living with jeff station diabetes at the end of their second trimester the beginning their third trimester because they go into their doctor and they take this test called a glucose. Tolerance test and the glucose tolerance test is is not a fun test to take at all. You doctor's office. They give you a solution which is water with seventy. Five grams of glucose dissolved inside of it. Which is a very. It's hard beverage to put down but what you do is they they. Test your blood glucose before a test your fasting insulin before you take that the take. That glucose beverage. You drink it. And then they monitor. Both your blood glucose insulin levels over the course of the next two hours. What they're trying to determine is in the presence of glucose challenge what happens to your blood glucose and what happens to insulin in your blood. If you drink this glucose containing solution otherwise known as a challenge and over the course of the subsequent two hours your bug because is elevated Depending on the country you're in depending on the organization that the hospital follows. It is all over the map as to like what is the quote unquote like you know. International definition of justice diabetes literally does not exist today but depending on which organization you follow if your bug because generally speaking goes above one hundred eighty at any point within that two hour window. You fail the test. And then you are diagnosed with diabetes in other words. What that means that. When you consume glucose and you are challenged with glucose your body is incapable of handling that glucose of metabolising glucose properly and as a result of. It accumulates inside of your blood thus jeopardizing the health of your baby right. So that's the that's what just diabetes is all about is is it's a state in which not only the moms glucose gets elevated but as a result of that the baby's health compromised and it can lead to a number of complications for the baby when the mom is delivering right. I'm just gonna. I'm just going to inject you quickly clarify for everyone. Essentially what's going on is if if you are a bob one hundred and eighty it just means as you said cyrus that your ability to metabolize glucose is inefficient as in effect. When you take on any form of energy. Through the form of glucose your body will break it down if it stays around in size elevated breakdown. Obviously it's not going where it should be. Because i mean that's issue is so why before you continue on y second trimester is that just because it's getting closer to the babies. I guess closer to that birth. Is that the reason. Why test then Yo that's actually a really good question. usually what ends up happening. Is that among a women. Become naturally insulin resistant. Over the course of their pregnancy is just a normal physiological process and Scientists believe that the reason why that happens is because it's the mother's body's way of directing nutrients to the baby. It's actually fascinating so in order to really understand. We have to go backwards just a little bit here. Insulin resistance is what happens when your muscles and your liver are are when their ability to absorb glucose from the blood goes down over the course of time so if you eat something that contains carbohydrates or you're provided with this glucose containing solution and there's glucose inside of your blood glucose should go into your liver it should go into your muscles and be quote unquote disposed of inside of both of those tissues easily in your body. That's what would happen. Because you're non diabetic feed you glucose containing solution or you eat carbohydrates from whole food and glucose from that should go directly into your liver in directly into your muscles and will also funny enough go into your brain and as a result of that your blue will stay nice and stable dam which is a good thing and that means. You're not diabetic. But in the situation where you develop insulin resistance insulin. Think of insulin resistance has basically being a wall a temporary wall that your liver constructs for itself and your muscle constructs for itself to prevent glucose from entering both of those tissues. Gay now the reason that your liver and the reason that your muscle would construct. That wall in the first place is because when you consume diet. That actually is high in fat especially saturated fat. Then the saturated fat actually causes a metabolic traffic jam inside of your liver and inside of your muscle then overloads both of those tissues with excess fatty acid deposits. Caso the whole name of the game when it comes to insulin resistance does not start with sugar it starts with fat. It starts with lipid. So if you overfeed on fat from your diet especially saturated fat your liver and your muscle ended up taking up. Excess quantities of it beyond their designed beyond their physiological design and as a result of that their next action is to say. Wait a minute. Hold on hold on hold on. Let me block more energy from coming into these tissues. I don't want more energy block it now. The simplest way to block energy from getting into a tissue is to not respond to insulin. When insulin comes around gay because insulin is the most powerful anabolic hormone in your body. Insulin's job one of thousands of jobs that insulin has but one of the strongest responsibilities that it has inside of your body is to go to your liver and say knock knock liver. There's glucose in the blood. Do you want to take it up. Knock knock muscle. There's glucose in the blood. Do you wanna take it up and your liver and muscle under normal. Circumstances would respond by saying. Yeah give that stuff to me. So in your body dan. You're not insulin resistant. You don't have diabetes. As soon as insulin comes around in your blood and says hey knock knock knock knock muscle. Do you want this glucose. Both your liver and muscles say yes. Give it to me now. And they open the doors. The doors inside of the cellular architecture that enables glucose to get inside both of those tissues. And that's a good thing because glucose escapes the blood and gets inside of the tissues where it belongs but in a person who's living with insulin resistance when the fatty acid deposits accumulated beyond their normal physiological design. Then both of those tissues have basically created an at a self defense mechanism to say. No no. no don't talk to insulin. Next time length comes around. You don't respond. Don't respond so then went. Insulin goes knock knock. I got some glucose to take up both of those tissues. Don't respond and by not responding to insulin or not responding to insulin. Well insulin gets trapped in your blood. Causing high insulin levels glucose gets trapped in your blood causing high blood glucose and this is classic insulin resistance when both glucose and insulin are present in excess of their normal physiological design in your blood simultaneously so going back to the description of a mom right. We asked we were talking about. Just stations diabetes. Why would a mom become insulin resistant. The first place. The answer is as the baby grows. Part of the normal physiological design is for the mother's body when she eats food to be able to take those nutrients not only use it to fuel her body but also to send them to the baby so that the baby gets a fresh supply of nutrients everytime the mommies and what better way to give your baby nutrients than by blocking glucose from getting inside of your liver and blocking glucose from getting inside of your muscle. if the mom's body basically blocks glucose from getting of both those who are not blocks but reduces the at which glucose gets inside of her own body than the glucose goes into the baby's body and as a result of that the baby gets a fresh supply of glucose and it helps the baby. You know metabolize glucose use for energy and grow over the course of the pregnancy making sense yemen. So the question is then what happens if so if it's just to clarify is it an occurrence where the able to still store it and provide for the baby but can still be having just diabetes. Or is it the case where they do not either within or providing off the baby nor but they're still elevated like what does that spectrum work okay so this is a question so so let me let me be real clear here A mother becomes naturally insulin resistant over the course of her pregnancy again. To sort of shut or direct glucose towards the baby get that sort of like the scientists. Believe that's the primary reason why mom would become insulin resistant now. That's sort of a normal physiological process. But in the case of generational diabetes. While we're talking about. Is that level of insulin resistance. But way more so if the mom is living an insulin resistant lifestyle. She has a high fat diet. she is sedentary. maybe she's overweight. maybe she has some other You know chronic metabolic conditions as well. A combination of those factors can make the mom more insulin resistant than she would otherwise normally be just from pregnancy so as a result of that now she is living with an excess quantity of insulin. Resistance incited for monte then elevates her blood glucose values k and by elevating her blood glucose values it puts her in a state of metabolic distress and increases her risk for chronic disease. But it also elevates the risk for complications during delivery and it increases the risk for that baby to develop diabetes. That baby is delivered. So the baby one diabetes would get or. Is it. actually insulin resistance in. Generally i would be insulin. Resistance causing metabolic dysfunction in prediabetes and type two diabetes down the road right. So what's interesting here is. I mean we've seen this before we we've seen over the course of time that there are now babies. I'm sorry there are young. Children who have type two diabetes. They're literally young children who are like eight years old. Who who have a body waited two hundred pounds right. They weigh forty pounds. More than me in the eight years old. And they're living with type two diabetes already. I mean this is. This is happening. All across the united states All across the world that happens as a result of poor nutrition from a young age. But it also it starts in the womb so if the mom is overweight if the mom has type two diabetes if the mom is insulin resistant she from day. One predisposed her child to the development of obesity. The development of insulin resistance the development of prediabetes of type two diabetes of cancer heart disease. You name it so that way when the baby is born into this world. The baby is already in advanced risk for chronic disease and then it can continue to grow as the baby continues to grow himself. This is firstly knowledge. Bombs bid super devastated. He'd that's something out of control of the baby that comes on the responsibility so passionate agree very sad. Damn one in five adolescents. Living with some form of diabetes. Right now one in five one is that's crazy it's devastating and it gets me real man. This is this is. The thing is i grew up in a world where las style and we'll have privileged because Grew up with a couple of brothers run around mom and dad were you know elise privy to certain things but even if i knew it new now i'm fortunate because i feel that my parents and their parents living different food choices to what we know now which we will get into. But i don't shy away from this phenomenal track. You buy on but just a couple of questions on that. So i see. We saw just to clarify those. They seen in following along. We have pregnant. Women have a natural state of insulin resistance however if certain last choices it can cause it to be to insulin. Resistance where it will lead to station diabetes Any jumping stars forever. You know say. Somebody's not correct question. How common is is just icing diabetes. that is a good question. I'm gonna pull up the statistics for you right now. Because i don't know about the top of my head But give me a few minutes. I'll pull it out for you right away. Bowie of like one in five. So is that across america. You say cross. The what was was the study. I read on. It was in america. that was definitely. Yeah and it was looking at different Ethnicities and unfortunately. It's the tino's in african americans Being impacted more so in. What's the con. Just assume i guess but like the suggestion is education right. You know if that is a really complex puzzle. That's going on there. But i think education is certainly part of it I think access to food. Certainly part of it And it's it's just it's really sad to say the whole. Yeah what's what's interesting is Australia despite being a very health conscious country and nine what we do we still have big big pulmoddai bays in the uk. Dasa's well So it's not just a a nationwide thing for america. It's a global problem and i think for me. It's like this is why i love what i do because you same what you gentlemen do. We have the ability to educate now. It's like how do we take this this platform and do the simple things right. Because it's to wa- so simple as not indict but how do you try that same portrait for some people who do not have any idea. I love that point. You made about saying the simple things that there are so many aspects of what's going on in our current food culture that is just against common sense the so much fighting about this and that but like there's more we agree on than we don't agree on in one of our friends. David katz started the true food initiative. And he's moving on that just like we gotta wake up. Yeah yeah exactly. We make sure we do that. A lot of my listeners. Already health conscious already. So you know it's it's Saw quite often when not speaking to the people who who have the of the abbey don't have the knowledge but i do have the power to influence how we doing that study. Sr she got in front of ya. I got from the united states. It's between six to nine percent of pregnant women develop station diabetes. So it's it's not like a an overwhelming number however sixty nine percent is you know. It's it's growing over the course of time. No question and you know. It's a significant it places. A significant toll on the us health Healthcare system but okay so like a question to is you probably. I don't know if you know the answer. This one but just diabetes. Isn't that common. I don't know much about it. And is that like so in terms of reporting may be sixty nine percent but how often is it reported. And how is it reported. And i'm i don't wanna question any studies national obviously as the methods and more the more we look at studies we more or look at the reality is one of those things where as it becomes more popula that will actually increase the fact. It's not that commonly nine. Yeah it's kind of like You know testing for covert. It's like all the number of people who got diagnosed with covid increased last month. And it's like well the number of people that got tested for covid actually increase in. That's why the more people with the actual diagnosis right. It's the same thing you know. When you're screening more women who are pregnant diabetes. Yes the number of women who get officially diagnosed. We'll go of questions asked okay. Well let's leave in asterix next to that one which is a rather than as a percentage of risk. Just avoid it are. Let's continue on. This is amazing. Size thank roby. Plays chime sars his crushing it right now did but yeah i can feel your energy jumping you call your your listeners legends. And all that we know you're legend like you gotta understand the man on the line here. Dr cyrus. Kamata is a true true legend. I we haven't gotten into siris is background is education is biochemistry just like knowledge. It's outrageous like. I do interviews. We talk on the high level. As of general things is also the you know the fun arguments and games with people who on like dig into the deep biochemistry. And i've seen cyrus show up to those and it's just it's just a lotta fun that we all have roles right and I know you both know that. Amount on this topic i just. I think it's so funny when you in this wave and we could definitely go into your backgrounds. I'm going to do that. Actually intro just so we can handle much more of the weeds. And i'm going to have you guys and more than once a week. We can chat all things about your family you outrage speaking of legends robbie sars who would continue robbie you take it over fire the question it will reno who answers yes way all right so we've done prediabetes we've done just station is. Is there a top three. Yes there is a type three okay. So tight three diabetes is otherwise known as dementia otherwise known as alzheimer's disease and the reason why they referring to his type three diabetes is because there is a significant body of research is now showing that that people who develop dementia and or alzheimer's over the course of time as they become older significant proportion of that population is living with insulin. Resistance and this is not necessarily just association. There's evidence to show that people who develop insulin resistance that insulin resistance itself has a dramatic detrimental effect on noor on neurons inside of your central system. A.k.a your brain so as you become Scientists generally think of insulin resistance as being a problem of you. What's called your peripheral tissues. Your liver your muscle. Basically everything from your neck down but over the course of the last ten or fifteen years. They've started to realize that. Insulin resistance also does affect the way that your brain functions and especially affects the way that your brain functions over the course of time and so Neurons inside of your brain can take a beating when your blood glucose value is elevated. And especially when you're insulin. Level is elevated over the course of time because both of those can affect the way that these neurons function and so when you're living with insulin resistance and or high blood because and or high insulin over the course of time The chances of you actually developing cognitive impairment or cognitive decline over the course of time goes up dramatically and so the two of the leaders in this world are isha in dean shares. I don't know if you've had them on your podcast but it's not. Let's get him on this. Mike that happen. oh gosh. They are unbelievably smart and they have actually helped me understand the connection between insulin resistance and dementia alzheimer's and is a very strong connection. And because of that that's why they are now classifying dimension alzheimer's as actually a form of diabetes of your brain. How my friends. I'm sure we know by now. How much i feel about. The world is sustainability particularly as it relates to food being a chef. I have a responsibility feel scenario in deathly impact on. That's why when. I make these decisions to be talking about this area. I want to be doing so with enough resources to make your own informed decisions the future of our families and our planet to die. I'm excited to talk to you about an ingredient. I have been very blessed to have worked with for some time and his wants. So kuhn only is very lane. High protein and super tasty easy to add little flavor to it's also walt court and the most abundant sustainable fish on the planet. I'm talking about wilde alaska. Pollock it is the most abundant sustainable fish on the planet as so incredible story behind. That alone is amazing. So yeah as i said. It's great icing. Very good for you as well knew looking off the planet site for you the planet. That's really good win so over the next few months seeing lots a recipes coming across my instagram using fishing. He goes to do so as well. That if you at the market or somewhere where the fisher has an option vein wild west apology just no you have the option to be consuming. Abundant sustainable fish on the planet. And looking up to you and the planet as well it's fascinating. I wish i just had like that. Mizuho precaution nike. Make that sandstone dramatic ravi day man. It's crazy i love it. I love it. I've actually heard them bo. Speak about this and it's just crazy to think it's not actually you know it's not crazy. It's it's believable. Because of how much our body is intertwined and how much everything can be affected with through because of a. i'm assuming it'd be the inflammation inflammatory. Response that occurs that causes chronic information which affects the messaging and the brian. And maybe the onset of the what the bit amyloid in the to a distant kind of untangle pro is that is that essentially an assumption that right you know. I don't actually know the specific mechanism. So so i'll tell you. This research is used to believe that dimension. Alzheimer's was called specifically by emily plaque. That accumulates in specific regions of your brain and so as a result of that they developed a whole collection of pharmaceutical drugs to try and come back the accumulation of that black and one hundred percent of all dimension. Alzheimer's drugs that have ever been created failed one hundred percent of them because the pharmaceutical drugs are ineffective in secondarily. it's not the accumulation of the beta amyloid plaque. That actually causes the dementia right. So one simple way to think about this is though nerves are just like other tissues in your body. Caso part of the reason that that diabetes can be such. A problem can be so detrimental over the course of time is because when your buco goes high every single tissue in your body is affected. Your vascular is affected. Your liver your kidneys. Your sexual organs here is the capillary blood vessels in your fingertips and toes Your nervous system your peripheral your central nervous system. Everything affected and so. That's why the list of complications of diabetes is tremendous gay. My professor in graduate school came up to me when he says pop quiz cyrus. How many people died from diabetes You know over the course of the last years. I was like i don't know two hundred fifty million. He goes no less like two hundred million. Less hundred million less fifty nine less five million less one hundred less because zero was like what i was. Zero people died from diabetes. He goes you diabetes. You dive the complications of diabetes. And i was like oh is you're talking about he. Goes you die of failure. You die of kidney failure. Liver failure of pancreatic failure. You die of limb amputations you die of. You know all the complications of other tissues that are exacerbated by living in a high glucose and high insulin environment for a long period of time. That's the reason why every tissue in your body is negatively affected in. Your brain is definitely You know part of that metabolic dysfunction and why we always hear his word diabetes bert. I think that's a thing. You just summed it up perfectly. Why we are trying to prevent and never have diabetes in the first place. Because that i. I am actually play on the going up. I didn't know diabetes in terms of the actually ever hear of anyone dying of diabetes at a title. Someone had to on this sounds bab obviously spot themselves with some insulin you know. And that's that's all. I thought it was like okay. Cool people just handle. They'd have they don't have the ability to do it themselves. And so like when. I was like my teams but to heat that makes so sense because it is a catalyst for a number different physiological problems that occur as a result of its issues. So oh wow okay get motion or let's go. Let's this is great now. The spectrum of diabetes and Is is anymore so at the time of this recording. I think those are the diabetes. Than i am i. It sounds like sars and the experts. So i'm just gonna. I'm just gonna claim that as the that's constitution right there now call about her missing some of the other ones which is not going to but there's there's type three see there's some other ones but in general of the ones are impacting. What significant numbers of people. We covered the phrase. Lovely thank you robby. Robby robby. i'd star. This is where i think you've now laid the foundation. Let's let's talk about it. I do wanna talk about that. 'cause you you know you highlighted that. Let's just do the brief common things that people may or may know about as risk factors associated with diabetes Both pray at both tight wanna talk to and then let's go into fat because this is a. This is a big like i guess. This area is pretty grey. To an extent i love you. Boys just jumping and smashing out of the pox. I let's quickly respect. Factors taught one and talk to okay. So risk factors type one The the way that you let's put it this way. The symptoms of developing type one diabetes Let's let's start with those because most people don't even know what those are kind of The first one is going to be excessive thirst. The second one is going to be unexplained weight loss. The third one is going to be frequent urination and end. The fourth one is Extremely low energy a so. If you are experiencing one or multiple of those symptoms what could be happening is that it's your brains way of saying. Hey there's a ton of glucose in the blood right now I'm trying to flush that glucose out of the blood by number one making you very thirsty so go drink water and then number two. Because you're taking on a lot of water. You end up just frequently urinating and flushing fluid out of your body so it's literally a mechanical way of trying to lower because value out of your blood by taking on a bunch of liquid and then putting it out and so in the process of doing that you also become electrolyte depleted. 'cause electrolytes flushing the toilet as well and so that can lead to a lot of cramping and You know extremely being very uncomfortable and so any combination of those symptoms is indicative that type one diabetes may be developing so just jumping before everyone just assumes that round three o'clock when they get really tied they have babies would like you to says clearly like dead that's a i guess a concoction of all those close on as opposed to just being tired right. Yeah i mean all of us get tired. You guitar guitar. You go for a workout. But if when. I'm saying you know a collection of those. If you're if you're chronically tired meaning from the time you wake up in the morning to the time you go to sleep at night you just can't seem to keep your eyes open and you are effectively. What is happening is that you are malnourished. that is one indicator another indicator is that when i say your frequently urinating i mean fifteen to twenty times a day thirty every thirty minutes clockwork just going going going going going and when i say that you're thirsty i mean this is the most insatiable thirst you've had another long time if ever right. I don't mean you're just drinking three liters of water instead of two. I mean you're drinking one to two gallons of water per day. No matter how much water you drink you are still thirsty. So this is like these are also yes. It is a big one too. Yeah yeah like how much what are we talking is it. Like an percentage relative to an individual do not That's a good question. I don't know if i can answer it as a percentage per individual. But i've seen as low as five pounds and as much as thirty to forty pounds and just for context here. We're talking about people. Type one diabetes people with type. One diabetes are generally not overweight or generally not very overweight in comparison to the general population. General tends to be More overweight so if you take someone you know on one hundred sixty pounds. And i met my ideal body weight. Someone like me could have losing ten to fifteen pounds. Which i don't have that much mass to lose and that right there would put you in the underway category And that's a strong indicator that there's you know some type of metabolic dysfunction yawn it chai this is This is powerful stuff gentleman this stuff. You moving voters all right. Let's continue on so you got symptoms that you wanna go onto symptoms of taught toured your continue with risk factors and associated taught one flag question. Let's do so. So what i'll do. I'll do risk factors associated with type one. And then robert you wanna take over on Know risk factors for type two. Okay go there again. Risk factors for type one include. This is fascinating not being breastfed for a sufficient period of time. The recommendation is to breastfeed your child for at least a year. The first year of life and Babies who are breastfed for less than a year especially babies who are transitioned to cow's milk formula within the first few months of life are they significantly increased risk for type one diabetes children who are breastfed for at least a year but then end up consuming. A significant amount of dairy products. Early in life are at a significantly increased risk for type one diabetes and there's another potential cause of diabetes that is only becoming more known in today's world and that is a bacteria known as m a p. m. a. p. stands for micro bacterium avium paratuberculosis. Oh don't worry it's not going to be on the quiz. what am i is is. It's a bacteria that starts at originates in the intestinal tract of cows. That are in You know large industrial farms and cows. That are in these. large industrial firms. Generally speaking over five hundred cows per farm if they develop the bacteria inside of their intestinal tract the cow develop a condition called yawns disease and yawns disease causes muscle wasting and the cow generally dies in a very short period of time so if a cow ends up with bacteria when the cow goes to the bathroom the fecal matter has the bacteria inside of it so if account You know it is. Fecal matter contains the bacteria the bacteria is still alive. Once it comes out of the cows body it gets onto the hoods and onto the for and the skin of other animals in the vicinity when those animals. Then go to slaughterhouse now the live maybe bacteria is actually on the outside of the cows bodies and as a result of that some of that m a p bacteria game to the gloves and the boots and the suits of the hasmah of the of the slaughterhouse workers no matter how much sort of like personal protection protective equipment. There were some of that. Bacteria actually gets back in to the meat. It gets packed in to the dairy products. And some of the Actually escapes pasteurization. Once it before it gets to the grocery store and so there are some studies that actually demonstrate that there is a live bacteria inside of products annual grocery store that you and i don't even know about now why is important. The reason why it's important is because in a few studies they've gone in. They've actually tested people. Type one diabetes to find out how many of them test positive for bacteria are the mvp dna inside of their immune system. Yes how many people guess. What percentage of people living with diabetes test positive for bacteria. I'm gonna. I'm gonna. I'm gonna say seventy percent just to be hard. Seventy percent of the answer is one hundred percent. Omar one hundred percent of people test type. One diabetes greenwich. This is not a study that contains thousands and thousands of people. But when you see a number like nat. It's indicative that there is a problem and that it's worth paying attention to it's worth more scientific investigation. We're talking about an overwhelming proportion of type one diabetes population that test positive for mvp. And that's one of the reasons why scientists are now thinking that could in fact be not just associated with but causation uil in initiating the auto immune reaction is mon blowing crazy. We'll the fact that it's not even ninety nine percent. It's one hundred percent. That's a crazy unbelievable. When i first not. I was like i just did. It floored me like whatever studies being done to associate the two That that you know other. That's been young. I guess pasta right now for the funding or anything you know so. I don't know of any studies that are like current studies that are being conducted carried out And honestly this line of research in my mind is one of the strongest lines of research. That i've seen in a long time. I mean granted. It's a small collection of papers but a lot of them that not only can bacteria potentially cause type one diabetes but it can also cause crohn's disease inside of humans as well so it starts as a thing called jones disease results in two autoimmune conditions inside of humans and I would like to read more about it over the course of time. No question jan. Like i said you said that i was thinking. What else is it. Actually being a catalyst for what else is doing to body. This bacteria is so i. I wish i knew the answer probably doing a lot. Yeah i shy from and would you say. I mean practice. Yes the practices of where we get dairy from. You'd think the ones you slipping from the high price series will ganic is. It's still eat still to come to seeming sale time. Will i keep. It was not your typical. It was like a beautiful raised cow versus being inside. A you know a factory. They both within the same of risk of having this issue to play with no definitely not definitely not so the only reason to mit exists in the first place is because there was an infected cow but she writes an account developed the or or Was infected by the bacteria inside and that generally happens inside a larger industrialized feedlots. Because it's easier for cows to not only developed that bacteria but then spread amongst other cows. Right what if you're talking about a non diseased cow whose grass-fed fed living on a pastor. The chances of that count having you know maybe bacteria live inside of their body is very very very small. But it's not necessarily zero yet. Now makes sense blum guy. So respect is i cannot believe the first one and definitely did not know about the second one. What have you got us man okay. I've got some very simple basic factors for you for type two diabetes. I don't think i'm gonna blow your mind with this house. Risk factor for type. Two diabetes is being overweight. It's simple and clear you carrying access pounds you letting that add up over the years. You're increasing your chance of developing type two diabetes if you're inactive you're increasing your chance of developing type two diabetes. There's also a link with your family history. But i think you could make an argument that has more to do with the family. The parents teaching their kids to eat. You know it's it's the fork. It's a dietary pass along more so than just genes itself but it's technical risk factor. You can also look at race and ethnicity which we talked about earlier but african americans. The tino's native americans and asian americans are all at a higher risk. Now your age impacts your risk for developing type two diabetes. If you're older than forty five chances increase again. i think that's lifestyle factors catching up with you. And cyrus mentioned this earlier but prediabetes diabetes both increase. Your chance of developing tattoo diabetes for out. I mean it's it's you know it's a lot but it's also i think the top two diabetes something that we've all been more familiar with given the law saw out of it and how much we haven't been more of control if you will over it so you know. It's still amazing tomato. I think that's that's the one that is more control. I think that's in my eyes in us intel. But that's one you would think would be reduced. I right oh absolutely. I mean in america have over. Eighty five million people living with prediabetes. That don't even know it okay. So it's ridiculous. Well now you guys have got this wonderful book with this brand company amazing empires going to be happening even further an hour. Talk about some of the studies that you guys talk about in your book in association with fat obviously saturated fat particularly casaus. You mentioned this now. Saturated fat or fat and generals had this biggest continuum of good bad. Good bad goodbye. Where are we at with guys. And where where should we be concerned as it relates to diabetes greg Very like one and saw that's going to open up about twenty questions. So i just got my notebook ready okay. So let's talk about what types of fat we are referring to the first by speakers in order to in order to have this conversation in order to like really talk about diabetes with precision. I think it's really important to make sure that the language that we use is very very specific and very clear. All too often in the world of diabetes unfortunately people throw around terms they throw around the word carbs and sugar and they they don't really define those words properly and as a result of that it leads to a lot of misinformation a lot of confusion and then you know people end up getting hurt over the course of time so i said earlier that the consumption of a diet containing excess dietary fat is indicative or causes insulin resistance and that is a true statement especially if that fat comes from saturated sources. So that's different than me. Saying fat causes diabetes right. Because that's the technically in an inaccurate statement so to get into more detail here. There's basically three types of fat that i think are worth paying attention to the first type of fat are called. Trans fatty acids so transfatty. Acids are was on his trans fats and they exist in In foods in the grocery store that are you know that orgin they occur naturally occurring foods and they also occur predominantly in Foods that contain partially hydrogenated vegetable oils. So the reason they exist in the partially hydrogenated vegetable oils is because this this process of hydrogen nation is what food manufacturers used to turn liquid fat into a solid fat at room temperature. It's just a chemical process that basically says hey liquid let me modify structure just a little bit so that you become a spreadable substance and then as a result of that it increases shelf life and it makes the product more appealing to customers so they can make more money it slowly what. It is so food. Manufacturers invented this process of hydrogen nation that takes liquids and turns them into solids and so margin is a perfect example of that. It's gone through hydrogen Process it contains partially hydrogenated vegetable oil and as a result of that anything any product hydrogenated vegetable oil goes into become suspect like cakes pies. Cookies biscuits breakfast sandwiches crackers microwave popcorn you name it. It's all over the place so if you just pick up a product in the grocery store and you look on the back and it says and like partially hydrogenated vegetable oil partially hydrogenated canola oil partially hydrogenated rapeseed oil. Any of those are suspect. Because that's where trans fats. The majority of trans fats in our diet occur so just just jumping in quickly vastly possibly versus fully. Is that even a thing. Not that we should like if it just says. Hydrogenated is a problem and my second thing is more of a noise module. Did you say this is more a question my listeners. Whoa colored actually is what you call her margarine. Actually i don't know right. No masty daddy's bad and just continuing on ours as you were talking about for marketing aspect benefits of prophets. They add coloring to it to replicate butter because it essentially was seen as easy widespread butter. That wasn't butter. And that's the reason why but versus margarine has. The situation is worse being similar and murdering more. Yeah easy to spread through these partially hydrogenated oils. It also seems very smart about a you gentleman the softeners go. I d. I'm going go read about that one. That's facet it's all right anyway. So my question back from hajj. Hundreds and hundreds is partially or fully zach is continuing now or is it just essentially the same thing that you know. That's actually a really good question. I'm not gonna say that. I actually answer that question. I took the reason why they're called. Parson androgen vegetable oils is because the oils have been hydrogenated enough to make them solid at room temperature. But the end product contains both hydrogenated as well as unh- hydrogenated oils and that's why they are fatty acids which is why one if one hundred percent of all fatty acid chains were then hydrogenated. Then they could technically call it a fully hydrogenated oil but i think the result in product has both hydrogenated an hydrogenated. And that's why they call it that. But i could be and that's one of my listeners. You can trust these two gentlemen because they on up to what they don't actually know but that means what they do know is what they do actually ni- anyway. You got continue on women. This is amazing. Okay so transfatty. Acids are a pain in the butt because they are with at a long list of cardiovascular conditions including congestive heart disease stroke atherosclerosis or hardening of blood vessels blood vessels as well as high cholesterol and high blood pressure so there are studies that show that people who consume more transfatty. Acids are at higher risk for all of these cardiovascular conditions and there are randomized control trials that showed that people who consume transfatty acids actually have higher ldl cholesterol. This is very well known so not only can raise your ldl cholesterol. It can also reduce your hdl cholesterol so it gives you more of the bad cholesterol and lowers the good cholesterol. And it can also accelerate the development of these athletico at therapeutic plaques inside of your blood vessels so all of that is terrible news for you because impairing the function of your cardiovascular system. Trust me is not something that you want to be doing over the course of time day. So when it comes to the second of fatty acids reluctant saturated fatty acids the saturated fatty acids are also naturally occurring fatty acids that are found all over the place. They found in both plant foods and in animal foods. But they're mainly found in animal foods like meat poultry fish shellfish dairy products of all shapes and sizes as well as eggs and they tend to also be found in vegetable or i should say plant products including vegetables. Coconut oil palm. Oil cocoa butter avocados coconuts nuts and seeds as so there definitely present on both sides of the spectrum. Now the reason why. Saturated fatty acids are the most problematic form of fatty acids. Especially when it comes to insulin. Resistance is because that's what the studies show if you look at animal studies says he's studies that are done in mice and rats that are what are called preclinical data that help scientists understand what could be happening inside of humans and you go and you try and find out. How do you create insulin. Resistance in laboratory animals every single not every single most of the papers demonstrate that the way to make animal. Insulin resistant is to feed them a diet. That contains a large amount of saturated fat. If you look at the work of gerald shulman from yale university. He's one of the most prolific authors. When it comes to insulin resistance. He's actually him. And his team have worked out the mechanism the exact mechanism whereby saturated fat in excess quantities. In your diet negatively affects the function of not only the insulin receptor but the downstream signaling molecules inside of cells in your liver and muscle that are directly connected to the insulin receptor and as a result of that saturated fatty addis at fatty acids in your diet impair. What's known as insulin signaling. So the more fatty acids in your diet within hours insulin signaling inside of your liver and insulin signaling side of your muscles goes down and that's a problem because we talked about earlier when insulin cannot communicate with these two tissues well than glucose ends up being trapped inside of your blood causing high blood glucose so are problematic now. I'm sure you know this. Dan more better than most people out there but in the blog is fear and in the you know in on instagram on facebook on youtube. There's this massive debate right now. About whether saturated fat is good or saturated fat is bad right and there's a whole collection of authors who say things like there is no human clinical data that demonstrates that saturated fat increases hdl or l. Cholesterol there is no human clinical data that demonstrates that That saturated fats saturated fat impairs cardiovascular health. You guys have seen this. Olive replace fatally. I'm going to be up. I can hear always news is going. I'm so confused because there's always like essentially everyone is a lot. There's a lot of stuff out there. Yeah so size. Help set the story straight okay. So so trust me. Sometimes i get justice confused as someone else i trust. I feel it all the time because these new studies come out and these new marketing campaigns. Come out that basically say you know. Saturated fat is not bad for you. Saturated fat is good for you. And that's leads these marketing campaigns. That say you know. Eat one aga- day for good health. Eat butter is back. You know red meat is not bad for you. And i'm looking at this stuff and i'm like is there truth to that or is that pure marketing. I don't understand right. And so there's entire books written about the fact that saturated fat is is good for you and it can be very very very confusing so we could. Do you know hours and hours and hours of podcasting about that but to save time Note this there are human clinical There's plenty of human. Clinical data the demonstrates that lipid overload or excess consumption of saturated fat increases insulin resistance thus setting the stage for prediabetes and type two diabetes and there's plenty of data to demonstrate that there's also plenty of data that demonstrates that when you consume excess fatty acids especially saturated fat. It increases your risk for a thorough sclerosis. It increases the formation of Arterial plaques it increases. Ldl cholesterol and triglycerides and can cause a significant impairment in overall cardiovascular function. but again. there's plenty of people out there that are going to call me a complete heretic for saying that. And if you wanna do that then that's fine you can do it. I know but this is dan. This is one of my favorite points chime in here. Just throw something down. We as people living with type one diabetes cyrus myself. The hundreds of taiwan's we've worked with. We end up being the most fascinating test subjects for insulin sensitivity. Because we are injecting insulin. All the time to manager douglas levels. We calculate how come we're consuming and we monitor. Our bug glucose values all day long. Many of us wearing continuous glucose monitors where we actually see our bubble Values every five minutes on a graph twenty four seven and for anybody out who's confused. Okay decided you're talking about you. See all this news release papers. Like i just don't know what to believe. The good news is if you're living in any form diabetes particularly type one or using insulin you can answer that question in your own body and know the truth beyond any shadow of doubt no matter what anybody tells you based on simply putting to the test and the numbers speak for themselves. The data speaks for itself when you start reducing your saturated fat intake replacing that with whole carbohydrates and see your fasting bug because drop your insulin. Sensitivity skyrocket wade started. Just fall off your blood pressure. Normalizes your chocolates theorized. Drive your question drops all of a sudden like you know what i have my answer. I'm ready to go. And that is like honestly. I was thinking that because you have to have that monitored all time. So it's not as if is if you're going every so often like you are an actual subject for yourself and so for me. You know bless them have had to do that. And so i actually don't know like i do now but i'm sure people don't know what a healthy tossing blood sugar level is not healthy Fasting glucose and insulin levels should bay you guys know it is and so for you to say every single day wake lee what is going on and you probably eating the foods respective. So what you're talking about that. That's a big deal. My question no mar on the caveat you know we both dr bay really well and we talked about plants. I've esi we talked about. How microbiomes never the same does and this is opposing question. That i don't know How much scan little worms but judy. How differing and dynamic gut microbiome are also susceptible to different levels of sensitivity when it comes through saturated fat or fat in particular that you know of so pretty that question essentially what i'm saying is just because some people can't handle it can other people handle it and not get as impeded of the effects and not encouraging any other way. But maybe i'm i'm trying to size the reason why that may be diversity in what people say in studies because people different yet. There's no question about it and one of the things that i want to be like super clear about is that One of the things. I've learned over the course of time. Is that there really is no one-size-fits-all prescription for all human beings. I wish there was. I honestly wished i was making so much more black and white but In the same way that you know human beings are different shapes different sizes different genetic backgrounds different metabolic rates different hair-color you name it different levels of athleticism different disease. Risks as a result of that there's a considerable amount of variation from person to person that is worth paying attention to no questions asked. But with that i will say that yes. There are a collection of saturated fat. Are sorry there's a collection of Lipid processing enzymes. Whether they're enzymes that are that that store. Fat inside of your adipose tissue enzymes that breakdown fat inside of your outpost issue enzymes that oxidizing fatty acids inside of your muscle and liver and beyond the your dan churchill's You know what's the word. I'm looking for like the way that your enzymatic nature exists inside of your body inside of those tissues is slightly different than it is for robbie. It's slightly different than it is for me right the action of these enzymes and what they're capable of handling and how much is based on your genetic makeup as well as your lifestyle so that being said yes. There's going to be individual variability between you and someone else but the most important thing to take out of this conversation. Is that a diet. That is high. In saturated fatty acids at a certain point becomes overwhelming for the majority of the population. Okay so i'm not talking about the two percent of human beings that are capable of eating extremely high saturated fat diets without any complications down the road. I'm talking about the ninety. Eight percent of people. Ninety percent of people to whom eating a diet containing a significant amount of saturated fat causes problems and again we have plenty of clinical data both from like randomized controlled trials as well as epidemiological data that demonstrates that consuming diets that contain significant of it. 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Crucial sort of course as always support things are generally believe in being in this world. It's important to be selected will not grains is something. I'd genuine stan boy. And his wife's name affiliate formation that can go to athletic grains dot com forward slash epic to pick up your first sitution pack. I said big fan every day after grants. Yeah it makes a lot of sense and just to clarify. I call them my My bowl team of army warriors. When you were looking for the right terminology for we work out a few times a day you know he make. Sure we keep healthy and active army warriors. Man just the puzzle involves carving out and then make sure you keep them tars i. Sometimes they get too much broccoli. You like oh cauliflower. That one coming anyway. Okay so this is all really cool. There's a particular study that. I did notice in the book known as the epic study. You guys remember the referencing neo. Do you wanna talk about this. 'cause it's a pretty big participation which supports what you're just saying sars. Yeah okay so the epoc study. I mean the episode is actually a collection of studies but the term epic refers to what's called the european prospective investigation into cancer and nutrition. And this is just like a collection of studies that was done within the past fifteen years or so since mid analysis essentially. Yeah it's it's a collection of studies that investigate various aspects of human physiology that that analyzes of very large data sets been collected over the course of twelve years or more Actually i think it's more than like sixteen years right so what researchers do as they say. Okay there's this massive database that's followed people over large period of time. Let's peer into that database and try and find out how does thing a correlate to thing. Be right how does saturated fat correlate with diabetes. How does Activity level correlate with obesity. How does smoking correlate with cancer right and so the what what epic researchers have done is basically analyze this data set over and over and over and over and over again from different angles to try and figure out. Well what do we know. What can we learn from people that were participants in this. Study right one of the reason. Why such an awesome studies. Because it's one of the largest collections of data that's ever been collected specific to investigate the connection between nutrition and chronic disease. In general right and they've studied over five hundred thousand participants over the course of twelve. Fifteen years. I don't remember the exact timeframe but it's it's between ten fifteen years ago so one of the things that they discovered was that meat especially processed meat like bacon. Cold cuts sausage. Hot dogs hamburgers. These are the types of foods that are highly processed that you find in the deli section in general they increase your risk for type two diabetes and they definitively determined that by studying this data set and eating a diet. Rich in fruits and vegetables actually reduces your diabetes risks. What a concept right. It's almost like it's of course that would be true. But again they have to Rigorous science and millions and millions of dollars towards it to really like show the data right now. What's interesting here. Is that when it comes to saturated fat they. The researchers found that. If you simply replace five percent of the saturated fat in your diet with fructose. Okay and this. Fructose comes from fructose containing foods. Either whether it's fruits or whether it could even be refined for us they don't specify simply reducing replacing five percent of saturated fat with fructose containing foods reduces your risk for diabetes by thirty percent even though the world of diabetes is constantly pointing a finger at fructose saying fructose causes diabetes. Fructose causes diabetes. They also demonstrated that replacing five percent of protein in your diet with again. Fructose containing foods reduces your diabetes risk by twenty eight percent. Okay so again what. They're trying to establish year is that saturated fat is more problematic than fructose. And that is a huge huge point in the world diabetes because people are constantly saying sugar causes diabetes glucose causes diabetes. Glucose is bad for you just as bad for you. Stay away from that and eat more. Fat rich foods eat akita. Genyk diet eat more saturated fat. There's no problem with that. But yet the data shows the opposite. Yes goes back to that wall. You talk about with respect to fast and it's buried entry so this is this. Is this the first. I really heard of this because obviously sugar has always been so prominent as the main course of issues when it comes insulin. So can you can go into the weeds a little bit on how that actually works at the cellular wise find more prominent even though the the data shows that. Why why's that just be more specific on that. Okay so the question is why is fat. More problematic for diabetes than fructose. Yes okay so if we look at the cellular mechanism Here's what actually we. We go into like a ridiculous detail in our book about this Who also did you want to leave geneva for the book. Let's put it this way. Let me try and describe the photo this in the book. Maybe and then you know if somebody else wants to you know if your listeners wanna get more information just go to the book you'll find. It guarantees your pick the book regardless because of the amount of knowledge. You guys have dropped and you're not going to remember sticking up to other repeat this episode of few times or they have to buy the book so that you can buy the book the going okay. Perfect so for those of you. Who have the book you can follow along on. Page seventy two and for those that. Don't have the boko vegas over i. Now i get so the way that this works is that fatty acids signal to Fatty acid receptors. A transport proteins. I should say that are in the cellular membrane in your liver and in your muscle so your liver contains billions of cells. Your muscle contains billions of cells and no cells are Glucose dependent they like glucose they feed off glucose they burn glucose for energy and both of those tissues can store because energy so glucose is a currency that both of those tissues know how to operate using okay. So under normal circumstances glucose comes to the door of the tissue glow comes to the the the cell membrane and Glucose accompanied again by insulin. Insulin attached to the insulin receptor and what i said earlier was that instant says. Hey knock knock there's glucose available and the cell says okay great. Let's bring it but in reality. What happens on a biological level. Is that the insulin. Attached to the insulin receptor and then inside of the cell. There's a change in the way. The insulin receptor actually There's a there's a. What's the word i'm looking for charter. See there's a confirmation. Change us what they refer to it as so basically just means a shake change so the inside of the insulin receptor on the inside of the cell. Basically confirmation changes which then initiates like a whole collection of domino's is a picture in your head. One of those. You seen this before like you knock one domino over and you can start a cascade of domino trains that all lead in different directions. So that's what happens. Insulin signaling is horrendously complex and it's not like insulin just tells one or two things to go do something inside of a cell. The insulin receptor is a master receptor inside of that cell which then initiates multiple biochemical pathways to initiate at the exact same time some of those biochemical pathways end up signaling directly to monaco andrea. Some of those biological pathways ended up going to the glycogen granules and telling the glycogen granules to start growing some of those pathways end up going directly into the nucleus to tell dna to start replicating at some of those one of those biological pathways. Ends up telling these these glutamate receptors. I'm sorry these these vesicles inside of the cell to move to the cell membrane to open up to allow glucose to get inside of them so think of there is being like thousands of little spaceships. Inside of the cells gather little like circular spaceships and as soon as the insulin signal is relayed to them these spaceships literally move to the top of the cell or to the to the right to the cell membrane and then they dock at the cell numbering and then the cell membrane opens up and allows glucose to get inside of those glucose transporters they then close up again literally physically pull glucose down into the inside of the cell and in the glucose ends up going to multiple locations in either goes to the monica andrea to get burned or it goes into the glycogen granules to get stored for later use. And so. that's what's supposed to happen under normal circumstances but again insulin had the first dock at its receptor. I'm sorry at its edits a receptor. In order to initiate the glucose transporter to get up to the surface to take the glucose it now. How does that factor problem well. When you're consuming a fat rich diet especially saturated fat what the saturated fat does is it negatively. It actually changes the operation of the inside of the sailor. Receptor of the of the insulin. Receptor guy so the insulin receptor recognizes insulin and again what the insulin receptor supposed to do is change shape so that it can start the insulin signaling process as soon as it changes shape it's supposed to knock its first domino. Its first domino's known as this thing called. Irs one that's the name of the protein itself irs one is Cannot communicate with the inside of the cellular receptor the insulin. The insulin receptor effectively. When fatty acids are present. And that's a huge problem. Because if the insulin receptor cannot tell. Irs one what to do than irs. One cannot tell hundreds of downstream players. What to do. And so the entire insulin. Signaling process is almost like inhibited from the get-go is this making sense. Yeah dude i'm sorry nights recognized Can you hear my pen interest. I can't now all right. So what ends up happening. Is that the the fatty acids negatively impaired the action of his. Irs one molecule on inside of the insulin receptor and as a result of that the galut four vesicles or the glue to vesicles depending on which tissue. You're in do not trans locate to the cell surface as well as they used to and. That's a huge problem. Because if they can't get to the surface they cannot allow glucose to enter the cell and so glucose is on the outside of the cell. Just hanging out and waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting and these gluten vesicles on the inside are not physically getting to the surface of the cell. And as a result of that glucose doesn't have a signal to come inside of the cell so that we stays in the blood so insulin docks at its receptor and glucose gets trapped in the blood and as you can tell by this. Both insulin and glucose basically still hanging out in the exercise environment. They're not going anywhere. Because the inside of the cell has become relatively dysfunctional. In addition to that this this The accumulation fat inside of the cell can then go. Negatively impair the function of mitochondria and actually impair the ability of maddock andrea to utilize glucose fuel. And they can actually start to produce more free radicals and as a result of that the free radical generation has gone up so now this the inside of the say their architecture has become slightly more unstable a little bit more inflamed. The glycogen granules does not increase in size because it cannot get glucose inside and so as a result of that now glucose effectively trapped outside the cell and fatty acids are the the molecule on the inside that has sort of created what i refer to as a metabolic traffic jam or created an ability for insulin. Signaling to basically get shutdown. That's a problem. Huge problem. And i just wanna make sure ever knows that this will be in the final paper send mark also at night. I feel like glucose myself back in the day. When i used to go out to the clubs and didn't get led into the baas you i'd go home and you're familiar mom and dad wanting a nas not to themselves not annoy them. So i'd be the one that stuck around and causing inflammation and issues at high sets great of the house my metaphor. That was that perfect. But we gotta we gotta work on his metaphor and get some more like bouncers totally Man good solid. Sarah sightsee huge. Should i mean. Here's the thing dan. It's like your average person. Who goes onto youtube or instagram. To try and understand. What do i eat for diabetes may or may not here this podcast right in may or may not understand insulin. At this level of i'm sorry Diabetes level of detail. They probably don't. And that's okay. Because i tend to be a super now. I love this stuff but what we are the whole purpose of what we do in the whole purpose of what you do is to try and make stuff relatable for for everyday people so that they know exactly what to eat and what to do so that they can make things like diabetes and insulin resistance disappear right exactly. That's the idea. So we this being said where soil of i would like to officially claim that you gentlemen are the longest single episode. Podcast add to the point that can be divided to this alone. So we're gonna go to is this. So i wanna talk about mazarine diabetes. What you guys do. And just as a teaser. We gonna do a little bit of a tease. And the fact that next we re talking about the action plan and more about food specifically. Because right now i feel that would be a least another whole episode at his. I would you gentleman. And i'm sorry to the audience if they wanted to dear arab it long. No let's do it. I apologize ten talk a lot. So i'll stewed way. I'm so please listen to my voice. Do i sound excited about life right now. I just crossed west talk about this book was done. We talked about new york times bestseller introduction. Figo is it's it's credit. Pathway yourselves obviously you've got the online support as well to about like what. What are you guys doing. What's next in credible. Because you got this foundation of knowledge. I think i her. She put it pretty simply. You look people like yourself in with my invitation. My respect women's the very high end stuff to make that super reliable. So that's what i love about. You know skimming through said skimming through what i've seen so fine. No the action plan will get towards the end of the book. You read a pathway able to truly understands and take away an action themselves. And i found that in a world where these this so many variants and as you said. Overtime diabetes is vote abbott. So as our knowledge yet don't think people caught up to both of those evolutions yet you making it super easy for us to elite. Have the opportunity to decide so how. How's your world's changed. And what can we expect more for other than another episode. The table guests robbie. How's your life changed since You know i will say it's it's changed in the sense that there are more testimonies coming in and that is just everything wrong thing man. It's just it never gets old. It really never gets old whether it's like an email or dm or somebody went through our coaching program and shares their success Assist it's why do it we do. So that's the best part. Yeah exactly and so on just one of the listeners who haven't been to the website yet monitoring diabetes. Don't all you've got everything from your coaching. You method you recipes. You know. I'm getting involved with that. I'm sure this is what he get testimonies as well so you said she tight quiz little co action that gentleman who did your back in fantastic quarterback. I'm assuming that helps identify using individual. Where you're out with your your insulin and potential debate that situation that exactly right so people go through a sixty second ninety second quarter where they just answered some questions about the types of foods that they are eating and the frequency with which they're eating them and then whether or not. They moved their body in approximately. How much and then based off of that. We put them into one a four buckets either low medium high or very high insulin resistance and then based off that we kinda give you an action plan. That says okay. You scored high. This is what it means to be high. And this is what you can do to try and reverse insulin resistance and become non. Insulin resistant altogether unreal. You know what it's so funny looking through all the different steps as well you can go through. We haven't talked about. I know we touched on animal. Fats versus plant based fats We didn't talk about fasting. We didn't talk about you. Know obviously daily movement i feel is a is something that we all in our industry just to encourage. Anyway mathur it. This is so much so much data on to go with those after mentioned food choices. And that's where. I'm excited to continue the conversation side. No doubt rummy size it has been an absolute pleasure having you on today. I've thoroughly enjoyed compensation. I broke down noted out in the same. Vicinity of compensation i didn't even think was possible Other than you guys knocked bay. And i can understand why dr banerjee saas is just make sense But gentlemen thank you on. Thomas afternoon And i look forward to next installment and of course getting listeners to share their favorite thoughts from today so gentlemen. Thank you once again. Dan you are the man. I it's been a pleasure getting to know you and i feel like rolling very typical expert here but I love the fact that you're trying to change the world using food because food is something that people have at. Everybody has to eat food the story and you know we do it multiple times a day and i love the fact that. You're you're promoting evidence right. You're not just saying this is my opinion. This is what i think you should do. Your all about evidence Love it and i can't wait to come to your restaurants an east and learn more so i just want to throw in there man. I appreciate you living by example because your physique. I'm seeing on this on your instagram page man. It's like you know. Thanks for showing up eun. Cyrus could have some fun of across their class. I'm i'm happy to join. But i'm not gonna put in the level of performance in santa monica seeming la. Yeah yeah man. I'll take you to the farmers market. Yeah that's my boy. What what a couple of fun times ahead. We have appreciate you youtube great talking with you.

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