The. Jim. Need? We can. Floor. All all you. Let me see you. Tonight. Like, not pay DJ. Excuse me cross. Three. Speaks. Across in. Thanks. Jim. Mind. Need? We can. Baby. Without shoes. There's no without a home. And. To be. There's no child with our. And. Without a me. Without? There's new without a play. There's no without. With. Without you. No. Without? And biz. Without? And they'll snow. Out of. One. The man say. Without? Say. Dog. See? That news. That is. Sometimes. The. All trim. Country. Being. Holly. Party. Pella. Everybody had. I'm. There. They. Doc. Dr. Aquarius. Leap cancer. Charles. Larry. Robin. Listening survive. Live. Key. Something that. From times. Kacha right now, Mr. clico put together. Got a week number. Right. Everything. The world. Four. Talk radio. What's fourteen? On the frame. Florida. Capitol records fig. Capital light in. Through. Talking all impressive way with the meek Trayvon that. You've got the here. The press by five south. Young. Feast free, sixty music voice. You got the year Willie Brown? Let's not forget about freedom. Fleet. After his for everybody. Playing. Everything. Because. World for. Step up is simple when naming. Thank you say. I'm so cool. Live in on animal. Winning. And I'm thinking swimming in pimp in what you know. I ain't Lynch in keep rid of the one time got to mention he going free Sal pension. Everybody got the. Keep real Epping the game of. So bright stop the smoke in Franken. See? The game. They call me. Oh. If threes when I'm the Wrigley of McCain. Got you feeling like you said if you want to the brief heavy body one child? Breakfast. Probably. Everything. We do. The world trade for that exit. Next on the Michael. Really need a wife. I don't really like never spend the night alone. Several. Not be girl. Clause. Most of these girls Hughes. Maybe Houston the press. He came how? Stash of the world. Picks. Women in my lifetime. Right. Pretty tricks. Kicks. Don't leave. Carshield. Key for money. Also, real Lisa, buddy. Bill. Alcohol win in the way, we together. Unique you're looking for. God bless. Say because. Like. She ate a so I made craft every night she had tears in Assamese short. I we were friends became was hard in my girl. We was. We were play fight under comes now. Can't think about pretty and how we used to the whole city. Wish you would have a pretty little girl with. Kiss credit, but. I love killing two one. Shame. And. Save from. Ken. What she would do a misdiagnosis cheer. We've floor who supposed to shy wanna give shy that DJ? Rob. Thank you for keeping vibes live. Let's go. Then. People call where? Japan fall thought Baylor. About. Thank you. Having this Browns. Define. Miss lonely butcher. No, y'all. I thought you live out and now you're gone. From. But that you realize. Alibis. Vacuum is. Do you want to? Turned around the frowns on the juggle when? Good people. Carried on. Dane is when you visit. He really was. People and all people. Would you? It calls you chain refuse. Nothing. No secret. He'll. Thank you. Tuesday. This is. Tuesday. Alone. Best. The best. Thinking. Floor. All in all. Announced tonight. Not. Excuse me. Across in. Need? We can. All the. If. Dr. Sometimes. Come and go. You reach. Life. You'll still loving. What? I never learned. I've been a fool. Well, well, well. Just like. A us. Just lead me. Should have. Sometimes. If. Saddle. I gave her. South. Yes. What's? Mike always said, I'm not much of a rat. Time. I was a child. See I'm from experiences. Maybe you can't color. Sure. Touching. Loves to the soul. Scott explained to your feel. What now? Now, I love you. Weekend of nearly unanimous calls from his own party to resign Virginia. Governor Ralph Northam continues to cling to office AP correspondent, Ben Thomas reports. I think he's been completely dishonest. The sharpest call came from the chairwoman of the Congressional Black caucus Karen pass who told NBC's meet the press needs to resign immediately that Paul to Saturday news conference in which northern tried to walk back his apparent acknowledgement that he was one of the two people in a photo one medical school yearbook. Pay. It is definitely not me the person in Klan garb, nor the one in black face. But he went on to say around the same time, he did put shoe polish on his face anybody ever tried that. But you cannot get shoe polish off to imitate Michael a dance content them said he would not resign because it would be the easy way out. Trad too. Yes. Now, you can. In the. Much. So he's leaving. He's come to. He said he's going back. The world. George. He's going. Live in his. With. That's some. Style. But he's found. Ticket. His. Serres go, in fact. Without? Then with him. Would. Casino. Whatever. No. I have. Witnessing. Now, Brandon seem glisten. He says he live. Marcy to see real. The movie action like for the movie with the nice. Caps. Would they? We. He said, it's. When the system. You say. List? Brig? Release. Honey. No. Whatever. You know? Nothing. Cheers. And. That would. And. In madrid? Kissed too. I sometimes see you. Hello. In your smile. Just. And I want you. So. The sun. And you time and time again. My heart over. Are you? As someone. Tell me. Kitchen. Happy to. For new. The move. Things. Call them now. Little swim. Comey local. Custody ground in the pan like. Nick. Gossipy got the need to turn what I blow actually thousand crappy morale trap. What that means? I got the hook up nigga city cook. Got a nigga propose city sugar with people come. Tatham ready put it down. Obey. Got molly. Look at new goes. What you need. Right. Keep a blessed. Fear black cab feel bad pitch out his back. Yes. Lean green white pills. Scarface feels like a car. Face bigger in the money keeps going like a heart rate. I got. I got. Floor. All. In augusta. Like not. Excuse me. Three. Me. Across in. Jim. We can. Are. Snip? Critical. With. And. Good. Keep it. Dauphin way, gotta bang. Forty in waste. Labbe hopefully, you wind up place. Never saw you come in. Pretty end up almost show. Ca someone. I believe only. Tell me what I gotta do. Get the hookah. Choose whatever you. Cool. Guarantee. And if you say. Which is. If you. What I gotta do. Choose to pick you. And it's. Would be. Really? This. In. The only woman. Real. Right. Keep it how. Keep it. Stowed in studio five's loud things feel. What s right? Bench way, high in my hand. Tara nonni. Rob. Bring you win with. Seven three record sink clipper reading, your boss. Still make you know we made. Jealous came Robin. Lease. Video with pastor. Troy. Shelley care with key. Nick. Bobby Willie Brown light skinned Bobby Brown? Judge branchy y wall bomb baby. Save radio. Rob. Win the. Sports presist, pony clipboard. She says simple woman. Cima savvy trees, Jack, see miss media. Robin Lim may. Worldwide distribution. Corperation girl. Foodie. The bad. Brad Berkowitz down. Dark star records real slick. With that girl. The same motion turn. Rob. Wins. You'll it went. Turn. Kish, rob? Win. What I'm Tom? All right there. You know? We done. Mich- to Kurt man. Hey, Josh Stewart. What what's your problem? Gabby talkin about me. Like, dan. Here's my deal. Later on. Smeal? Happen. I don't know. But. Hurts. I don't think we've been one remember. Think it was sexual. Thanks you. Look, really pretty. Better. Call. Paddy's take a couple of days ticket, believe them t shirt in your pan. Fillon habit. Real try power down. You'll cell phone the power of guilt. How town in the power of you'll mid? Only words that you. Key real x Rayed. Can you handle what about but enough about me? Let me think about him handily damn, right? Number put my name on nine whip that Thang off they better put a clay clay Monteiro Torey, Tom. The more will be fine cry. Credit from one plant you might lose around four five pounds of ready to switch. The candles power maternity slights. And when you buy. Big. Apple. Spoil my video camera. Let's make a movie star soon as a press report. You got to. Good. How you? Take a look at what? He'll big leg. Right. Oriented like we've been playing now got you. Should I let loose? The blindfold. Towels baby because we about to slip. You don't ever need a horse saddle? Grandchil- every feel hill. Hey, nobody in the world is solely. Do. Son. I wanna thank you out for credible. Have you that we also y'all of flexible future masters, you you you while? Goodness. Oh, that's why I left that. Call me. Okay. Sydney. Spend. Waist. Okay. Whenever. Thank you. Still. Those. I'll never. Got. Let's always late. We have a day. But I love him. Yes. Gonna walk to. Save. It's straight because. Him. Ask him is is easy. Well, wait your act in little. Makes me. With. But it's the. Well, Jen gone. Is a creature that is. Strain. Found that is gone mad a chain. FM is. Well, maybe. Madam. Is creating that is. Sure. You fun gone. Still. Baby. Payment two. Three rise. No hatred. The off raping freaky. Slip-up? Ramos still demanded million deal. Distribution. On the way informed came by whoever. One hundred m. Quite brake light the Beretta. European Willie stone. Philly trash money. Young bring. The house streak like still. Couch. Commend. Calabro took him bring them up for. On a curb working? Get you know. Confessions. Sketching living. King pink. Give a word folk. Perfect any streets. Spring Florida it and speaks good Phyllis coating. They rise. Prince monkey four. Black and white on play them. With each turn. Recommended. I copy don't worry. Don't worry. Contractually pottery prophecy got suggest in high cop. Meek mill trip. Don't convince Trump is the Limbaugh Mamie rebel Campbell. When shaken for holy Mike's you making. Today the lengthy to keep Michael Caine night. I'll be dead. And you play. The title tickets. In-flight with some bream easy with the main engine for different trainings. The boy main Brooklyn is in the Bill, and we waving to the hate is shouts coast to coast mixed safe, DJ dot com. You already noted is should boy main on you know, I like to door. You're also hard all day. Beat. Still. Beckenham betty. Poach bad. Born gives you bed. Baby is. Somebody gotta still. Season. I am on another level. Better. Candice to show you special. Together, say he been killing. This. Get into. Other stripping was biffing shoddy. Looking to. Triggers played. Keys in love. I don't know what to say. What a shame. If you will. Saved if you will you will talk if. Said in days ho-, fab propane can keep him one hundred killing. Lang only reason is giving maybe? Gang penetrating. Nicole? No matter. There. From. I'll be there when you. If you. And. The. Ding. With. In. One. Good. When. And those. As. Trust. Trust everything else. Anybody wanna trust in the Lord himself really party had thought with the people in the past had law on the things that we do just get prom that you take your off following the pan. Everyone else that she's the way. Five. The clash that we we said the trust really understand what trust must put in the dating. Save from the evil on around. Let's sucks that TV. As the reason that we need to be the words. To continue with this mission. Trust. You pray every father in heaven always understand that he's the one. Let's the people all around you really have to k walk on water. Make it rain shower. Just like you. You know once above you. Trying to tell you have to work you tell them Jesus die for me. Tell me what what? Was true. Pay. No. Every. Saying. History. Strove? It's the same. Symptom. Mistake. Location for communal inclusion knee German place to come. Location. Turn only Nardin. With this is Nord Amee is not enough. What you are the million tension was offer. So. Don't take news. Don't even. Mr. stern things go. Well. When you plan your location full song communal innkeeper's does need dumb place to come. I don't wanna fall. Person. There. We can show me. What's the move? Got is. Give me the. My making bud. Case four Kazakh commu. Joe's knee in place to come. The. Nordin? Come up with me too. Don't need. No. Nick. I don't. All. See you. I guess to like. Cruise to make from head. Not pay DJ. Excuse me cross. Kitts work three top skeets me. I say. Crossed in. Kid. Will. We can. Two. Turkey. Make. Sweeps. Tonight. This. The. Two. And. Stitch? Sweet. Follow when you would steps talk with you. Because the way for so long seems like everything out you complete. I'm completely depend on. Third. Me myself talk trying to give me. King to try. Every time. Peculiar? Doesn't common into.

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