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Hi, I'm Chris Kepler. And welcome to does this happen to you. I'm an actor voice actor audiobook, narrator and writer, I love tilling and sharing stories about the strange experiences. My friends and I have while doing mundane things like grocery shopping. That's why this podcast features. Funny stories from fantastic writers about our daily anomalies. A micro audio book about life in befuddling just for you. Our story this week is from teasha Blake who you'll find on medium dot com. And here is single women. Fear not YouTube is here for you with an array of clean cut mostly white guys who can show you everything you've been doing wrong. It's brutal out there. If you have half a dozen single friends chances are they've all. All said that to you at least once if you've recently become single yourself chances. Are you never gave it much credence until you parachuted into the particular jungle that is modern dating. But if you've been single long enough how long is debatable a few months for some one weekend for others. You're probably already echoing. It's a brutal out there. Now, I don't advocate staying in a relationship that slowly killing your soul for fear of being alone. Anyone is better off alone than with a toxic partner that said and knowing firsthand how brutal it actually is out there. I can now tell you ladies that there is hope there is if you don't already know a whole segment of YouTube on dating advice for women by men, if you let them these clean cut presentable guys will tell you all you've been doing wrong in. The dating scene. They teach you power moves and texting strategies. So you not only get a man, he high quality, man, whatever the F that means but more on that later. I stumbled upon these channels by accident, I swear and ended up watching a video or twenty the worst part about them. They're quite addicting. And they do teach you a lot allow me to share what I've learned high quality women want high quality men. This is the bedrock of all dating advice. Channels for women. The very first thing you need to know is that you don't just want to attract a man, you went a high quality, man. Because of course, your high quality yourself. No question about that. Sure. You can't afford a mortgage and have some credit card debt. But you're shoot closet is to die for and your artisanal candle business is going great on Oetzi. Sure, you spend half of your evening, stocking, your excellent social media and the other half swiping right on dating apps. But at least you're moving on and your man. Well, he is toll hand. Awesome successful. He has a six pack and has already put a down payment on your future. Love nest where is this mythical creature who's not already married and has three kids with cute blonde. Always cooks dinner is never tired. Stacey. You don't know. But if you change one or fifty things about yourself, you're sure to find out the reason, he's not committing you jumped in bed way too soon. That's right, ladies, the reason he's not committing to. You is not because he's a thirty seven year old man child with an inflated ego and mummy issues. No, it's because you had the dust city to sleep with him on the first date because you see men can't be enticed to commit based on your sharp intellect. Interesting conversation and witty banter. No, the committing game is actually a game of how long you can hold him off building up his and your horn Innis. To the point of explosion in this game whom ever exposed. I loses in this scenario losing to a man means committing. Everyone knows men lose their freedom as women gain a boyfriend keep up with the rules. There's one thing. They don't consider though what if halfway through the date. We as women realize the guy is boring af and seeing no future in it decide we might as well just get our needs taken care of before never texting or calling him again ever consider that relationship geniuses men. Don't actually want to know how many people you slept with even if they ask don't fall into this trap. Ladies if a man asks, you your number find a way to change the conversation. He might be asking. But he doesn't really want to know. No man lice to think of his woman in someone else's bed. Well, some do but fetishes our topic for another day. It's funny. How girls don't mind so much when they received the information? It's a cultural thing as women we learned to expect a number in the double digits or triple as we age and start dating older guys. However, exp. Expect women to get into bed and go immediately wide-eyed. Oh my God. Is that a penis? I've never seen one. So never seen before. I'm not good at this. She bats her. I like she's like a scared dove. And then proceeds to completely blow his mind in the minds of a lot of men women being amazing at sex is a skill that should spontaneously manifest itself completely disconnected from practice. So don't forget men. Don't want to know how long you've been betting at that pitch before you learn how to score a home run or some sport metaphor that works. I'm actually not good at this. It's extremely important to be precise. When texting according to the YouTube gurus, no spontaneity is allowed when texting your man ever, unless it's been carefully studied, they offer a whole set of pre written text, you can send post. I date text to entice him to a second mid week. Text to turn him on text to get him to call you when he hasn't text to get him to introduce you to his grandma and make her name one of her kittens after you. It's all pre written. You don't even have to think. Actually, it's best that you don't Oriole send him one of those vomit text telling him all about your day and men high quality men. Absolutely hate those. What you wear do and say on a first date is crucial show a little skin, but not too much. Don't let the coversation die down with these five first date conversation topics even if you've already been carrying the dialogue all by yourself all night. Anyway, you don't want him to have to think do you. If he does he might start asking yourself why he didn't marry blonde Stacy straight out of college in the first place, even if everything is going. Well, deferring nightcap is the best strategy, and whatever he says, whatever you do do not go to bed with him. Don't forget you want him and all his unresolved psychological falls that make him a void responsibility on a daily basis to commit. Here's the reality. People are messed up any kind of coaching like advices fine. What is geared towards making people better humans. I'm. Fine with that. What makes no sense is to promulgate this idea in the minds of single women that there is a high quality man out there. Just waiting for them. The term high quality man itself makes me shudder. And so does high quality woman. What exactly does that mean? It means some people are made with better quality materials. Much like leather handbags or silk, scarves. It means it conflagration of perfect qualities people just to well adjusted with such great jobs and wonderful family that puts the rest of us all to shame like ide- K aband- of unicorns side note, a group of unicorns is actually cold a blessing because they're so pure and innocent is there anything more conceited. Here's one thing. I've learned not from any of those YouTube channels, but from life, everyone has issues these sweetest most emotionally will adjust guys are financial. Broke the girls with the six figure salaries and the Victoria's secrets models bodies have over mothers who constantly chip away at their self esteem. That charming put together forty something bachelor has an ex wife who hates his guts for a reason that perfect couple. You see all the time on Instagram. They're screaming matches make the neighbors wonder if they should call the cops everyone has some issue. Trying to recognize him work on yours is the best thing you can do for yourself and for others, but believing there's a high quality person out there waiting for you. And that you deserve them because you're high quality just as you are is delusional work on yourself and try to find someone who's genuinely working on themselves as well that won't make it any less brutal out there. But neither will blindly follow advice that are based on nice sounding labels instead of on how complex real people. Actually are. Meanwhile, I genuinely think the YouTube dating cruise for all their lessons. They taught me a lot. But especially that there really is okay of crazy out there for real thanks so much for listening. If you enjoyed the story, let me know and share it with your friends. Follow me at Kris K, K aria on Twitter or Kris K Kepler on Facebook. Or check out my website, WWW dot Chris Kepler dot com.

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