Episode 103: A Beautiful Gem of WTF


Hello and welcome to the one hundred. Three of Stacy's coach Carla. It's a bit of a special bonus episode today. The I am bringing to you in order to help a friend of mine my somebody for a good cause if you listened to episode one hundred two you have Mitch In ways Al Galvin. He's a friend of mine who previously organised a thirty six hour charity podcast broadcast for comic relief. And he's doing I to die. Charity podcast festival for Sport Relief. Unfortunately awesome able to go because trains to save Hampton are stupidly expensive for no reason the confide them so to sort of my four not being now not been able to do a show in not being able to support in the way that I wanted to. I thought I'd just do a little extra bonus episode to talk about sports related movies. We've got a slightly different for for these episodes. So are we talking to a couple of different people for little short bursts of their favorite sporty movies? And then hopefully all get somebody to talk to me about. Why FAVORITES FORTY MOVIE. GonNa leave you only in suspenders. Bite won't be in the meantime if you'd want to hear more about the super part Where TO GET TICKETS? Which podcasts are going to be on that day where to go all the pertinent details from SUPOPORTED DOT? Kota UK that Suport DOT CO DOT UK. You can also donate via that page or you can go straight to just giving dot com forward slash super dash port the whole event tonight of sport relief which is a branch of comic relief. And I've got their fingers in so many different making polly's if he denied to them. You could be supporting people with mental health issues. You could be providing lifesaving. Maternal HEALTH CARE FOR MOTHERS AND BABIES. You could be healthy. Paid for the risks of trafficking or domestic violence. You could be joining the fight to end malaria. Comic relief does an awful lot of stuff both here in the UK and across the world. So if you want to find out more the difference that you can make by donating to the superport echo to comic relief dot com if you do decide to mica donation to Al's page that Super Dot Co dot UK or just giving dot com for slash super dash potent. Talamo sent here so that I'll get a lovely big ego boost for Bain so great and having the best looseness anyway on with the show. Two sports fringe brains to where she was like. Well don't WanNa talk at wrote able Escape to victory. So that was slapshot against this lobster. So it wasn't. Actually I is Eddie. Took those yet if those otherwise. I'm not a sporty particularly. We'll take may because all you saved Will know that I'm a bit she to have him watch movies. The kind like boy to me having a city well card book only sort of assumed in my own head throughout saint loads of sport movies. But I thought I'll have a look. I'm not one of these. You know. Top One hundred sports movies Lisa something area. Because I don't want to get one. I don't WanNa like end up talking about Donald for Kim dodgeball. Schlock fucking classic. That are missing anyway. I was scrolling through this list. And also yet you know how I wish joke about how bad I talk about. Cast like one hundred percent shouldn't bayliner also raging bull now. Notice any escape to victory out of us. These moneyball never sending Jerry. Maguire Neves in it like with those are very fringe like Jerry. Maguire is very fringe. It's not it's A. It's a film about professional sports sports movies number the team in the plays and that Roy victory in Almac Cohen is still a month ago. A Better promotion. It's promotion mo the sports that a thing but I think like major league a bull. Durham NOT HE KINDA. Push pushing it really. That's that's my knowledge ghosts. 'cause I'm not very sporty to site. It's kind of like it was very easy for me because it was like literally flip between walk and talk about that back then. We should curious his really also. I'm sure a lot sports enthusiasts would go you. You're pushing a bit there. I Got Out Shush. Very only tangentially. Sports varies a science fiction film and a wool movie. You know you kind of push in the definition there so and that was literally the slip. I thought well at least football's a real sport where he wrote a Book Martin Sport so yeah because only think about choosing basketball for awhile. Kosovo is really fucking funny and goods. But it's not real sport and I don't think he Malaysian totally depends on. How you WanNa define a sport anyway because when I was talking to Richard These earlier when I was like I think Komo choose the wrestler. He was like no wrestling's not sport. I was like hold on what and he was like no. The toy of wrestling is featured in the film. The wrestler is one hundred percent. Entertainment is not spoil and I was like. Oh but yeah but yeah aspect teak you have been but that's the whole wrestling though so it's it's included in the boot category on so if you look you know sports movies expect. That would be in there when he was number. One in the star looked tap. So is your vice. Spend so you've chose escape to victory. Tell me about this film because off not sane always so escape to victory. Nineteen ninety-one director John Huston a legendary film director eight. The Multi Volkan African Queen The money would be king legendary director right and he might escape to victory which is essentially a comic book movie based on a Comic Book. It's basically a like a a humor blend of genre agenda genre. Blend of you will move. Your prisoner will escape movie and football. It's basically Roy. The rovers to the SKYPE and complete popcorn flick is absolute bank holiday boxing. A lunchtime on the SOFA low commodity ended football and prisoner wool and Nazis and stallone's Stallone Michael Caine Stallone at the pay committees fine. This might escape to victory. I think it was just faster rocky too and before rocky. Three with his top pre. I think he's eighty eight. I think he might just before I blood so he was the big big new fresh guy at the term diplo is. It's it's interesting. The behind the scenes stuff for escape to victory as Ole Mouse quit possibly arguably more interested in. That's actually what's on screen because it's based on a film. A nineteen sixty two Hungarian feel called to haul in hell which itself was biased. On a real event that happened in World War Two where the essentially the Germans according to myth that is because it turns out the store. You hear that it was based on what is actually true so the of the real story is a nineteen forty two. The Germans challenged. I think it was in in Ukraine. The chairman's challenged the Kiev Kiev that that the local city team for Kiev to a football match and bicycling I said as propaganda accessories and they basically said. If you win you'll be executed. If you lose you'll be free and the football players that Ukraine team basically went. Fuck it. We're GONNA win and I won and Jesus that's a hell of a story but it turns out that that's not what happened. What happened was it. They played a series of matches. Essentially are guess you'd call friendlies between the German army was an army base nearby caves and it was I by curry team. A team composed of from from a big biking factory bakery show composed of players. Who happened to be from the local tapes? I think it was something like I'm GonNa let me check outs Domo. Kievan LOCOMOTIVE. Keough bicycling to win. The occupation started die. Complete football like become bikers and anyway so it was a series of matches some by one from the Germans one Sunday lost and there was no kind of After the war this came as the there was no kind of oppression or blackmail all notice with dogs forcing them to play. Gome point too. Nobody was executed at the time. It turned out later on several months like several of the players were arrested executed for the reasons but I wouldn't not no one was executed for playing these marches but after the will the Ukraine fell under the US Esau and the Russians the Soviets The story about the German full Ukrainian football players apply at gunpoint to basically cover up the shame of the Ukrainian players collaborating in inverted commas with with the German. We'd like layer upon layer upon liar of backstory. Before you get to the Phil they fill out originally written. Kite was based on the Hungarian. For Not your sixty two halls in hell which is a much Daca more serious drama and the original script for escape to victory or victory Coal with a much more serious film somewhere. Along the way the rewrites happened and it became a much more of a popcorn flick. A jolly corner of happy cheerful feel-good adventure movie essentially and you know stallone with. Castanon built like a brick. She takes he looks like just. Fanfare is clearly a ninety s bodybuilder physique. You'll probably apparently lost something. Like forty pounds or something tonight he still looks like a fucking. Adonis around next is genuine because they fill is populated one of the giving of the fool. He's not going to tell you I'll tell you what the plot of the film is right ten minutes ago plot the film is I'm maximum Is German VAM officer? He's on an inspection of a of a principal camp imbued with two essays the point of the POW's playing football and it turns out he was before the war he was a professional football retired for Germany. So he's attracted to the to the football. Goes off watching the kickabout. He's talking to Michael Cain who he recognizes as being a professional football himself before the wool and I have a bit about survivor. You know. Oh you know wouldn't be good to have a proper macura train you know. German law and Mccain agrees on the condition that proper diet proper equipment and all these kinds of thornton prove his conditions team. He agrees for the friendly once. She agrees it. The German High Command get Irit and decide to make some kind of propaganda high alert and destroyed to Mike a big deal. It becomes a big deal breaker. Come on get with this because the Germans propagandizing. If that's the word and it'll it'll get cancer the Germans who are pushing it as a big thing because according to the film. I don't know if it's true history at this point. Germany had never beaten England in football. So it'd be a big propaganda school if Jimmy could win this much against this mixed ally. Pow team at the same time. The commander go in this is just this collaboration Blah Blah Blah so actually twenty Stinger. They plot to break the tape out during the match. So you've got on the one hand and then you've got the guy in the middle of peer too. I just want to play some football. I so am I so what was interesting story. It's Kinda goofy and silly but it's kind of like an interesting kind of parable really you these guys you just WanNa play football and Bay chums and have a nice friendly match and then you've got. The Gym is on the one side. Wanting to Mike propaganda hydrate and that the shock on this one again kind of crepe rescue the propaganda angle boy creighton escape. So that's kind of life as part of the Gimmick of the film as the POW's are played by real. Football is an international team of footballers. I look amazing next to steelers seven. Please don't pints and smoke fags during Hof tight right so you go. You go dealers and Bobby Mu amongst the FE and Pele's the superstar obviously at the time and he's he comes in and he actually designed the the football place during the match analyst. Khanna's though so but it's pretty but you've got sandwich great back stories from this. Apparently I've read. Apparently Michael Caines autobiography goes on about escape to victory quite a bit because apparently he took the job just so we could make Pele editing. He would poison. Somebody's shit films as he does what he calls money movies where he takes job just so he can eat joe's the revenge so he could extend his house and have a few weeks in the Bahamas. I stuff like that. You say so combining fucking live your life. Yeah and then. There's all these which might be Apocryphal of the Mike. Can you fill particularly stallone's behavior? So stallone comes in who was a big star at the time and apparently one of the story says that he was hey plays in the film he plays a goalie. He's he's an American who who sounded with a Canadian commandos and he was taken prisoner of war to get an Hayes So this all this stuff about him trying to play football with his hands and all this kind of stuff and the guy you're shit golden so apparently as part of his training. He had the account medical his name. Unfortunately the England the guy who was goalie for the England the World Cup when England squad which try named Goalie and apparently he wasn't stunned with a paid any attention to the training at throwing himself around given the big. I am until like fractured ribs. Difficult new broken finger and then he thought he pint. Attention will told so he did. The training and then convict could become convinced as the best goalkeeper the wilders embassy and back again. He's all apocryphal. So don't worry at Pella something like two thousand dollars. The polite couldn't school past him. I'll now it's amazing. How good fell apart lake? I E you get ten shots all sides at every one of these ten shots which is passed fucking stallone's into the back of the debt before you can even fatal into all stores that stallone recite during the Mike and of the film the salons because he's The star and he's the goalie remember because he thought he should win. He should school the winning goal at the end of because he said he could get the ball dribble. Although the page pass the we'll deal with German players. I'm buffet into the the German goal in mind. He surrounded by fucking real football players through of like you know typical pretty crew of football fans who literally working with their offals at the time right eventually the gangopadhyay. The load and convinced him. That's not gonNA happen. Lie Guts Not GonNa Happen. So what happens is I'm eligible the end. We'll find it's an old in a film. I should've seen by the end of the Phil. It's really good you know good. I'm not football. He toy person but it got me got me going. You know. It's one of the things I kind of like about in the film things can appreciate. The film is that it elevates sport to a level where I can appreciate what it means to people who enjoy full bowl so to people in football it's life and death. It's the most important thing in the world when that matches going on. I don't feel about on not smoking person. But you put in the context of World War Two and its OS versus the Nazis and coins. So those kind of can appreciate those though that kind of level of intensity you know it becomes something I can relate to so at the coolest you know. It's it's pure comic bookstore so you've got the German cheating. They've got a crooked rest. Disallows you ally. Dulls and all this carnage. Though you've got you've got the place like dhoti tackling the outweighed players and all this kind of stuff you know that kind of punching him in the ribs and all its proper from each right philosophies and what happens is the big. Finale is penalized schools. These amazing overhead bicycle kick thing where he flipped over backwards and boost the the ball into the goal. Fucking amazing of Craig. Wild walls was supposed to win with the big huge Clark moment. Apparently so the legend goes because Sloan had been playing his vice aback when this event But we can't do that but what will do and they wrote a new ending Ford. Where in the last minute of play this a foul a penalty awarded and Slung GETS TO SAIF too big penalty at the end which is less of A. It's a it's A. It's a nice moment but it's less of a standard punch their moment than polite when he's anti gravity down physically You know but I am but he got eight yet. these backstories by stallone Can Discount not not a fucking off other? I'm not sure where filmed in Yugoslavia. Who is the longer I and and stallone would focus on a plane every weekend and go to Paris with everybody else you know and he was always ten of light and apparently Muck okay not to have a quiet word within Because he was at least ten of light and Michael Caine so basically said the next time you turn of light on Ida partly felonies. On time he would run smart but yes it. It's it's a real for me. It's a real comic book movie. But it's one of those ones that's not based on actual comic book. It's exactly the same thing you would get in his ann tight reference like victor or tiger one of those comics where. I just go well. Boys like wall and boys like football. So fuck it. We'll just put together. And we'll have an actual stricken battle cold football team that went to war. We justly clever story would so set before the war with a team. Who who who will Breakable they will sign up and then each week. It's a different story of h plywood. Goes off and some of them get killed some become heroes song wounded and all of a sudden becomes looking on volunteer eleven different stories or whatever over the weeks but he's look that kind of thing but it's very much a great skype homemade with a bunch of football thrown in and it plays meet replaced with all those kind of cliches archetypes in that context off. This is all the stuff about the. Yeah the AC- The cleverest pipes and talk it with the resistance and often. It's one of those ones. You're either going to be the worst we've ever seen in your life or you just going to get into and go. Oh this is beautiful and I'm not. I'm a big movie Fan but I'm not a big football sports financial and I remember. It wouldn't have passed and not eighty one. I used to buster comic which with British welcoming an H. Weeknight. Half of a full page feature about a different war. Phil and one of the weeks. They did escape to victory as it was a new one and also well. That's that's not going to please anybody very obvious to me as a kid. The kids who read comics there was the wolf cry The war comics and then there was the sports crowd. Sports Com AQUINAS. Didn't get an awful lot of crossover between the tiger. Eat is in the Roy. The Roe v Raiders in the battle in warlord victory. So I mean you had victim that was like fifty fifty split between war and sports and I just couldn't stand who the fuck it out with. I read in the whole thing because I just read the Wall Street in the sports one am. I might just read the sports strips and a full story but it feels like it feels like it's getting was just okay. It's just a Wade Wade film. It's just a beautiful jam of the fuck. I'm really disappointed. I'm really side that my my dvd things. 'cause it feels like there ought to be a big like feature-length behind the scenes document. -Tory about the backstory in the Mike. Another thing because it just seems to be so much Historian Street And and the behind the scene stories adjust like legendary economy. So we'd Bogey Block so it cure. It's just a fill noise so I would have seen like in the. It's when it was on TV the first time I thought. Oh that's not one that was. I think it was on Christmas. I remember it was Christmas. Enter I thought. Oh that's that one was embattled that time and I'd watch any Wilson governor a ton and I really enjoyed Alpha. Went up surprise enjoyed Because of all the goal in you know really give me some conned appreciation for football. I could I contain. I'm not yes. I don't really look for broad could watch. I used to watch the World Cup and stuff like that could get conned into insult to appreciate the the skill and all that stuff in the and the forwards in the drama or the intellect Conso. But it's but it's it's a. It's a wonderful batch. It film gist. Apparently a retriever. Apparently digital script when it was supposed to be a doc series trauma with so Trovato East by the film when you actually sore it because it's so different to what he envisioned. He contemplated suicide now. I know I don't know if that's true. But he's like Jesus Christ now pizza China but the but apparently there's a remake on the way I don't just ballot check this shit. I'll do so where you get re time so I did a bit recent partly bring my on the way so you be interested in the which way goes whether it goes. I'd like to see to remix. I'd love to hear a prop one that looks at the author looks at the real event or looks at mythology and does the bullshit kind of Russian propaganda version. Because that's like a really edgy. Date winning away winning and losing your freedom. That's a that's a good story in itself or I'd like to see a proper bonkers blockbuster they're just really go for the the Roy of the rovers aspects and sticks in other would know any the fucking. Footballs were made. Si- only amid olive. Got The opposite thing to you off of not seeing this film all. I don't particularly like wall movies but I do know football and I feel like every Mike of this could live. Who died on the footballers that involve? Because I'm just GonNa say this name based on performances for like adverts and stuff not very many goods Footba veges that go with it with the Kazakh football. And the football is that we talk to act and nobody really combs Terribly well so to be fair the the football is done on given to side that. Yeah these soon to be honest. I quite naturally stick. You know they're not cold onto pool. An awful lot is listen noise moments in there and the one thing the one genuinely memorable moment. I think the everyone seen this probably remembers is part of the plot. Stallone has to be. Isn't the goalie originally got another goalie but they have to get stallone for plot reasons one going to buy need to replace the goalie with stallone into the only way they can do that. He's sighing. The golden is injured so in order to be able to convince the German doctor. Who's going to check that ease injured? They have to injury so they have to break. He's all and there's a scene where a bicycle there in the in the bunk room. `unique says okay. Put you on your arm across these two blind least plank. I'm basically Michael tankage stamps on his Alma breakfast is all I need some. Yeah it's a completely. I mean it doesn't show you anything you only hate the crack or those sets everybody's Tayfun Agent. Anybody who's leaning Ray. You would remember that. That's the but it but you should. You should definitely watch it you. It's a good one to just have a bear just like a good Sunday afternoon type. Look a bank college. Boxing die talk. Maybe I got on TV and I'd like it's one of those names like Tom. Resist watching if I flip over the TV channel. It's on now matter what points I have to sit there and watch the rest of it from from a point on those I would definitely give it a well. I feel like I feel like a fully choreographed. Football game is probably going to be a bit more exciting than the usual football. I watched the Carribean cookies today. Because I happen to be a Villafane. That was a mistake. So yes you if you're sounding Now you're talking about real football. You're sounding like Charlie Brown's teacher to remark. I talk about football within the context of road. The robbers comex and Muko Canes Delicious Alone Movies Book which the actual football things thoughts any cylinders like. It's tips especially well. We've got three minutes before Jenny. Roy I want to go really slightly off topic and silently. What did you think of the movie the light I thought it was the beginning part of it? I'm saying this is somebody. Who's seen I don't know what's going wrong with the world of the mimics got shocking timeout. And it's garbage and it wins Oscars fucking. The cat is climate. It's complete garbage and it's it's getting these leg. Fog Star reviews colorful spices is coming out data big Polish. It and I'm sure that's GonNa win some because that's the way the world's going right now. Apparently you can just take a big old shit on a film on everybody's GonNa love it literally. He's onscreen and people. Slobber Clark's on our reading on the lot seriously like a kite so I thought after bliss through so quickly like also this film was reached and he gave it five stars archive it two and a half because I think the cinematography is great and the white is filmed And the performances mostly grey even though call fully understand half of what's being said but that fall corn made me want to do emerge and and also it's a whole bunch of pretentious claptrap and also. I wasn't sure if it was my sexuality show in Bro. I really hated every sequence in which we say anybody master by but the fact that goes forward show Willem Defoe's Jeez dripping through like a great floor. Jeez off the tentacle thing that might or might not have an oak next can really looking forward to that film was so looking forward to it. The butcher and it was really good. A company like these kind of generally like kind of Auty. Horror Movies like claustrophobic movie. Just two people stuck in a log house I can. I can get behind that kind of like look crafty in Kandahar. I can get behind that always having visions of off one of my favorite doctor. Who's is the Haroo finger right eye imprinted on me as a kid? So I'm really into lighthouse horror right so I was really looking forward to the in the. He's Gibberish Ryan got annoyed. 'cause that's alright tat date the which. I think he's a really good film like really good. Solid was looking forward to these and it painted Robert Pattinson in a different to me because he really carried that for confront like he was really fucking good like I just I just thought I just fucking even thought I is. It may a my just too old for this. Which just because I am the media anyway. 'cause rich was jason all over this move. But then ritual silent mandate which I. It's that's not totally which is thanks for stopping Bali. I haven't made a tech security you against invented by the law. I'M GONNA say probably shouldn't any of that on the EH own? This will get edited Stalked athletes get a fucking sports movies yet. Just to catch up ready. It's been a long time. It has been A. It's been too long and I feel it might be. We should schedule a proper episode at some point. Or just you know an actual chat without cool things and then go. Put that fucking slanted. Someone beset cassette now working in totally do it. I mean I've got a phone as well. But you know weirdly enough off find using funds so much Skyping identify what. It is a context I just hate using the phone signal shocking. In this house sit in a certain will be in the back garden quite frankly. It's cold and Wet right now I'll say Says SPLITS SIMPLISAFE So you you Rafa. A cheek may stole my favorites pools. Moving you it wasn't until I started looking through where it ranked on. Imdb in their top one hundred fifty four or something bullets movies in general in a sport. Smoothies apparently could not again. So I'm quite concerned I'll get a paying off another site Annoying noise Sunday nights at at but whilst I'm scrolling through mid showed me sports movies the I've only seen it so good film sale. I hadn't totally the opposite reaction because I was looking at schools movie sinking ship Thereof and I was scrolling through all. Haven't seen that. I haven't seen that. I'm not saying that I haven't seen that went on for a good. I just the blindside Through like that movie. That's a good movie. That secretary of good feel I mean it's a spokesman about horseracing so technically Say All would consider that school but I was just having this conversation with Lee Webb. Only all wanted to all want. Wouldn't you take their own oil? Wanted to pick the wrestler but more hobie said that wrestling isn't a sport over the wrestling. That's in that movie ease entertainment. It's not a sport. It's not like you know Olympics wrestling. It's like sports time resting doesn't count and also but reach. It's number one on this list of sports movies. I'm looking at should up and if I said that to my mate. Who's arrested in? W W he he'd be like it's because he no. He has to work out yesterday. Train yesterday. The after so I'll go to the level of fucking precision and athleticism you after you have to do some of those moves and not break your neck. Oh someone he's been honest like The lightest I w pipe view of the weekend and people were doing like fucking suplexes onto like wooden ramps Got A smart. I mean not just watch clips on on instagram. I've never seen him. Actually wrestle. Live at some point a will but it's not something overly interests me but I'm really happy that he's doing it. He loves it he. I watched him massive body slams off the top rope Star able throwing him onto his back. Yeah there was a recent to be where somebody to the moon salts off a off the top of the cage during a cage much advocate. You go so fuck it Hoi. Just eat just Mahar does a little fluttering Watch the woman wisdom of condolence who I mean I would never put on the but anyway we should totally go. See your friend Russell. I'm sure you can you come. Stay with me again for a weekend or a Finance. Nebi will stay there because the dog and we'll go watch my make cam in war. W W on the Saints Church. His Mum's arrests legacies families. So he does it to auto Like we will actually start talking about. You'll move Understood why people think about going into like combustibles regardless of whether they entertainment whether the can Emma viol- UVA. I've never understood that because it just seems Terrifying look you must have the light you must love adrenaline and search. I mean he's he's always always loved it. I mean I used to enjoy wrestling When it was WWF. W W way yeah. That's right but then I kind of just stopped. Basically around about the time of the ultimate warrior Novak Law and the undertaking was cool. Now just seems a bit all sad if we're told me Joe Still won't just half a little seat Dan annoyed same. Woo In gladiators today and he was old when he iglesias it. Just it just will remain when you say. Some of the arrests committed especially let Julian wrestlemania nunes. Delaware's have look this goalie has been Fucking and then he like. Takes the teas Zimmer frame to the fucking ring any oil now help any post James Brown and just throws his Cape off from can come? It's just very tentatively gets thrown in if the Reagan is let thoughts. He's jumped up for the Die Welt on him. It's good to see you. You've already got your check. You'll get your old good any here in Quebec League. If that road she talked about Alito just watched it was great. Alesha handle of it. It's one of those films. Now that are I miss you. Lean aside yelling. No the script sometimes than I g not better than. What's on the screen? Because that's the only onscreen. So how can I? Yeah I was watching against Dan. Arenas of not watch this in ages but such a special films so if a special occasion to get to watch it again and there are moments is still makes me laugh. I still watch it in all when they're playing the game and sliding hitting and all that stuff but I still get really emotional when I watch it too and I know exactly what's coming executives come. I know you know when The telegram delivery guy. Yeah that saint when he comes in to deliver the telegram away wondering Exactly who it's going to and yet still. I will get a bit upset watching that. You know an Indian team with Dotty and kit just before we go back to so present day I just did air quotes like you could see me do it. The dance like Walston was recording. And then I was like nobody's seeing any of the central probably just making a lot of savings near the Moi worth it fit but now asset Saturday enjoy watching and I watched the special pizzas little documentary thing on the on the Blu. Ray Walston admit inner city Saturday and so of sadden away as well because both Penny Marshall and Gary. Lafayette died now. And they're both in his documentary talking about making the film Cisco Obviously Penny Marshall directed it and she directed big and awakenings and I WANNA say jumping. Jack clashes well. I'm not sure if that's right I might have to wind EP Later by fifty might have done but then she got half brother. Colm Abi According to this documentary she just turned him a house aside. Okay someone dropped out have to get on the plane. You have to come and do thing. And and he said Saturday because that's what we do each other sadly just. The plane went down and adopted is put into the film and adultery was in as well. She played release Spaghetti show. Yeah had did I wrote it down. Her name is. Tracy Reiner so yes. She played Betty Spaghetti. But she is no nepotism or anything. She went down to to training. Days for tryouts for the film and she did really well so mums away here in the film. And that was it. An-and yeah she got to play that role. Which is Kinda cool? Was talking about what it was like working with Madonna. Madonna was like onset and apparently she was fine. She was great was Madonna's one of those people will just have zero time for accepting this move dot like Massage of hers that I've listened to choice of senior in any of the films of Dinka Care to. I think I watched China visa Eddie's love but to be honest to Peter In this in this film are really like I think. Also it's not. The character of May is probably not a fast stretch from a characteristic to off Madonna. We don't we don't know but I I kind of get that impression at probably not a big stretch lie but I did really like her in any Marshall said she needed a nice exactly what Madonna raise his how to say she's a singer that is true after last year's Eurovision watching the music video of this used to be my playground which is a some. I really like from the film with a lovely. So it's a terrible music video. The I was I was watching. I was listening to her son that well now. She's she's got a height to just you know Rackham Women's close to International Women's die but yet voices one hundred percent not for me like its own up at a low of Madonna songs. I would like if someone else sang. Them stink. I need to hit Youtube and see WHO's done. A cover of this used to be live playground. Houston it justice here a good version of it. That's what needs to. I mean in a a tease Madonna is fun and poppy and stuffiness stuff. I do like one or two things she did in the early two thousands late ninety s that I saw apply generally. I'm definitely more of a Chicago but you know this. It was co I I. She is very good in this film. Unless I must keep it that in her with with Rosie O'Donnell as well we'll see things she has to act against some really amazing women migrant would even like. I'm not an actress but if a was don't think could ever go for a film within like you have to act against Gena Davis Law. No thank you very much all him dreadful compared to this woman she said day trash. I Love Tina Davis. May I tasked kidneys Good I love Enough cutthroat island and I don't think she likes in a lot of people don't like it but I love films so much. It's such a fun as Sunday. Matinee movie that anyway but in this film she's amazing and I love her relationship with Lori. Petty he plays I think now relationship is is great even if sometimes I want give a bit of a smack. Rondo back of the head. Well this is the thing you say as a person We'd system I can tell you that there there. There's always been times where one of us is wanted to smack the on the side of the head of that is the nature of CICI's 'cause I think that's what I really am gravitating towards with this film because if I'm honest doubt no fucking thing about baseball or not even a smidgen of a thing I know you have to hit bowl on under this running involved all go fuck version of rounders get so. That's all I know about it but like with these film. I absolutely adore. It took for two reasons. The first is the relationship between kitten data because it is very much like a steady relationships of knowing that like you know the closest thing in the history of the world unbreakable relationship in fiercely. Loyal will defend it to the to fucking death do any impre- to lose a game. Don't even care at the tongs you Dropkick Meta fucking window session. Moving at the reason these films because it is just absolutely Chaka. We've amazing women. The rule different Only been known in the past two Combo. Top of feminity soapbox INCI that just because a movie has to women. Just not a feminist movie. My necas those women oftentimes like my best example is actually like Mafia era doctor. Who all she. If you took a cloudera on river and I may even sally spiral and reject the actresses and reject the dialogue between the law firm. He wouldn't have any Let the just the same Kooky in ECOMMERCE strong favorite character. Yeah there is women in this film like some of them aboard as some of Guaranteed some of them alike physically imposing some of them are very petite ladylike. This dances this Ones heavily religious ones. Which WHO's hell nothing? Her name was in the film like that and I I completely agree and the funny thing is in a way certain by two men. Suppose when you test we say in a daily of Mike movie about women literally stepping up to the plight walls minner of doing I would imagine I would just call shaved Like anything to a crash but often been blown away about this somebody for every woman to relate to in now even the critically a single mum when you go. Oh God. What's her name. That was happening with. Boy Who Jimmy do in Tom. Hanks throws a baseball at at at the world. Series Games in hits him in is one of the funniest things but yeah even her husband says she has Single Mum on a tour facebook gaming and stuff which is great and yeah are seeing all the women in this brilliant. Just brilliant even those. That didn't get really any dialogue. Either and each individual character was around which was reading nothing but I was watching that the making of it and I was saying this obviously is based on no quite actual events that is based on a real time in the Second World War in America where it was an American Baseball League lasted for about ten years from the forties to mid fifties or something like that so the research was they went out and they spoke to all these women and other women that playing at the end of the film in the data at two women and they went and spoke to these ladies and got stories. And you know tales anecdotes and staffer of the things that happened whilst they were playing 'em which has always helping devise create this brilliant film because I love them said even Penny Marshall. He was at an massive sports fan. She didn't know anything about the details baseball league until someone handed her a documentary. That was all about it. And it's a twenty four minute documentary film and film was created but she had to take it to another studio studio. She was with but effectively. What kind of interested in? It was like well. Who's WHO's GonNa play the coach? And she's like ignore his playing anyone right now just use into the story. And then she went off to do awakenings finish awakenings and we're going to give it to a male director and started it without her and then he got shelved then she came back to it and I think it was on. I seventy all someone when it had to sign with them to make films. They said we'll even do that. That go that go him. Even she was rolling. Arise that kind of comment and the other studio forty seven million dollars into it and she's out. How would you like to get your seven million back? And they said sure and Made elsewhere and then we go. This great film that still spoken about today is apparently still held up as one of the best movies made and the stars the film they still get. Fan. Mail Spoken to about it. A- scene through Gina Davis's as social media sites Does this agenda in film and TV sing shoes? She's a baseball event. And they were in the racing racing that Rockford peaches uniform and everything playing which is cool out some of the costs down to play as well including Gina Day. This is a big. Nfl something Senate still means not to that which is really cool and also had some really really great darnold. I mean some of the best lines all it does. That was like there was a period way. 'cause policy his top of our family like when we were young girl. Who was the Barbie dolls in the Princess's dresses and the Girlie girlie times mostly? It must see students like a hundred percent. Let's go play football and call him a fucking tray with like. We always used to look bombed over this movie because it had stuff for both of us. 'cause Vice Bowl and then also you know relationships and also like took on the wall stuff as well but that was the time when nearly every time the I used to crawl. I must still just come up to me. God there's not crying in baseball and not stop me from crying like adorable. Isn't it obvious I was watching his? I was watching that scene where Tom Hanks is having a go at his Jimmy Dugan somebody go element missing the throwaway ever any as Ernie he's quite Trying using your head. That's that lump is three feet above your ass which I really love. And that's when she starts crying. There's no crying in baseball. I love it. The empire comes over. What's going on Jimmy? If she's crying so you treat them as Vita like keeping mother. I think he says even though Pena's own or something you get thrown out of the game which it really makes me chuckle Tom. Hanks he's wonderful in. This phone tastes so good sake. 'cause obviously he did bake with. Penny Marshall in the eighties. Which is another film. My APPs Newton the dual lally only live that. Fill up until the point when I hate the I. H Randall is sort of implications of the relationship could not so and then I was like eyes. Pay Gross aren't I just don't think about it. The law films. I should do that more weight than thinks about Is just a fairytale. It's just film at the end of the day. I did have been a shock this well whilst watching when you get when they're trying to the girls are trying to figure out ways to get more audience into watch them in a and you got. Madonna's May saying what what if a key moment of the game it's like my my youthful pops open a month a full allow and it got Donald character counts aside. You think there are many. This country hasn't seen her breasts Akkas a time when Rosie Odonnell was doing really well and this really mater and I really really like Radio. Donal sadly Just recently. She thinks she's been very well. I think it's more to do with mental health issues and saying that ten cm out news items here in the canal which was in a bit worrying which is a shame because I thought she was great. She was a lot hunt. Yeah she was. She was great when I mean she. She scillies Does very few films way you get to say. Laudi remain being competent to anything really. Yeah so that was a revelation for low fast ice in a young stage just looking at the screen. She's a fine. She's playing sports really good at it because he had she has self is brilliant. Baseball player says completely natural. They love it when that doing you know the montage of clips for the Games. They're playing and she catches bull Falls into that. Basically if some bloke the audience and she comes out with a hot dog you miss him but it's hot yoga mouth which I that. Yeah it's just so much fun at this woman. Little bit suspicious is making a TV series of it. Yeah I'll have a little so Amazon I think also play. I'll get an umbrella over I want to. I think it's just because the film is special. Yeah just quite Social Adam. Just this is also the Blue Ryan. I got which you can quite easily get. Hold off. Amit Scott's deleted things and as a deleted scene when Malla comes back because remember in the film Mala an he was very quiet. Shy Ray shoulders won his sings blues really badly hit the ball and she gets married and she leaves will they show a deleted scene. Which Penny Marshall? I think she was doing deferring to cut it but she had to And seen where MARLA comes back but she plays for a different team and she she comes back inheriting out playing against the Rockford peaches and she thinks that she might be pregnant so remember in the movie the cut that you see where at Dadis sat in her bedroom and she's crying arise out and her husband walks through the door and it's the same that fuller's Off The telegrams at bull in the telegram is going. It's still makes sense as completely makes sense. Then you watch this scene that Penny Marshall Cocktail which is mal running to the base plate and Dodie Stop said but then Marla goes flying over and takes a really bad full and then it's a question of whether or not she lost the baby. Because that's yeah. Yeah so that makes Makes more sense again. Y DOT TV crying bedroom. Afterwards she might be pregnant dotty. What have you done and that kind of stuff? Which is so fast SARS in two minds about whether I would have liked to have seen. That scene in. The film has easing in the already a little bit the way she cuts it from telegrams seen to how it is in the film Telegram seen to Dottie in a bedroom and a husband coming home slash. Think that's heavy enough. Maybe yeah just be by. I still think that that delivery guy from with the telegram easy good smacking good loads of a a fully understand from the movie point of view the ability of tension. Good Heavens might at least remunerated that misery. Jay's is stunned maybe like caught. You think they'd send someone to tell you that yet husband's dead like dude come on a hot. You Countess blasted And then of course. The news is delivered by by Jimmy on generally in a puddle. It's it's one of those movies that it's like it's hard to recommend to people in the sense that it's not really baseball film. But he's also not really a wolf film but it's also not really a film of a deceased is. It's all of those things wouldn't and somehow it does all lienz really mellow it's One brilliant relationship film and become a family is team anyway but it is just one major relationship film and the sports is great not knowing hugely about baseball but watching them play on the way people have spoken about it. They do it really well and a apparently to properly and they're doing it time fitting as well so based will gloves today have webbing between the fingers of the Balkan slip through into might you in the face but the gloves using in the forties didn't have that so the gloves goggles with using in the film. Most lending to use in practice that we get bulls coming through in smack in face and some broken noses and stuff would have cheekiest Kind of authentic baseball playing is not just a coup Put in this stunt doubles Because I still love that scene even though it's movie magic. I love that moment when some hoping all over the place in is still don't when Dottie and hit and Marla I arrive at the field for tryouts and what's the name doors throws the baseball at Kit and she ducks and dotty catches it one. Behan to sign on there. That's not magic and I was cut Associate boss still bloody Lovett Loved that moment so much when she does the split to catch bull united Unnecessary I love it and in the world series where she some running to catch the foul dotty decision she runs and she catches it but the same time basically has to jump in full into the the players pit a level that it's really fantastic mover. Yeah this this has many vets. Don't glide actually. There's not much a fine boring about it now not get through. It's been awhile since I've seen you know. I think the last time I saw it was actually at your house which was too many years ago. But he's genuinely one of those films that long could happily watch it now appropriate happily watch again in compliments like. It's just so much to appreciate the film and on top of the fact that it's just chuck out with Amazing Women Doing Competently is such an oval. Great cost is even go in Tagliani. Who is she's not Shangahi script in the film? You just say player and she plays on the Racine Belles team but she would go onto play lots of different staff. She thinks she's in drastic. Pal Ray maybe swell but on TV. She's just finished Madam Secretary. She did that Four five Selena and which is really good series and today she was in that to Such a great cost and Jon Lovitz as well plenty. Love Him in it. Yeah I think he To think he's almost perfect movie. Yeah Yeah it's just that sometimes the opiates are forget about it. I mean I love the school fucking get hold of the score. I'd love to you because it's it's fun that reading moving and that kind of I guess spoke film. Kinda highpoints to as well which sounds ridiculous. Now it makes. Perfect sense are really. Yeah I just stupidly and really pathetically it does make me wish there was somewhere around here. I could go to join the team and play Bass will some things because actually guy might actually truly enjoy playing even if I could get up the fitness for me. The case of things falling ice won't mile told him. Alive always loved playing rounds enough around us as really great fun anthem. I even go a baseball and owner. Not Dad will play catch with me and one of the trips. He went to America. He got me a baseball and the baseball head on it. Mocking on the way your fingers would be placed to throw the different style of pitches. So House Bill. Sobel have which is really cool. I think I found that there was a softball team somewhere in marriage. But the bug is never seen to ever be playing Reading still exists with them still having any form of social media presence online. I'll east to any of it. Be Good at Sports. That involve getting things a wife Jacqueline in shot put for a while when I used to really does now of the of the noodle but not much better an quite concerned about what's going on around the stomach area to actually get again getting swimming. Poland do physical things run on my ass at work. I will ask me watching movies and say I'm watching a movie because it's from Film Studies Curls so technically I'm leaning Educational I'll have the new research center so that was episode. Two hundred three at superport sports special at hope. You enjoyed it off. Just Randall. Is that during the intro or did a lot of talk about superpower with actually telling you when and where it happens it's GonNa be insight Hampton on Saturday the seventh on Sunday the eighth of March. There are a lot of podcasts. That they're for free can just make a small donation. If you choose to arrive at the venue which is called the social. And they're ticketed headliners on the Saturday and Sunday evenings at you can get tickets from super pod. Dot Co dot. Uk. If you not able to attend in person much more sensory styled self than you can make a donation acid report dot co dot uk all via just giving dot com forward slash Super Dash I hope everything goes really well and lovely listeners. Also see you for a not so special not so bonus episode still be special because on Graham Wacko. Seru is grey. Well a case of the CO hosts were was ono's Gr- anyway shut up space. Have a good lovely smart and I'll see you soon. Thank you for listening to Stacy's pop culture parlor to get into truth me the titular stays. You can follow me on twitter. At Stacey's power send an email to stacy's parlor at g mail dot com or come and join the stacy's pop culture parlor facebook group. If you'd like to review for the show please do so on Apple podcasts or PODCAST DOT COM. If you like what you heard enough to want to give me. Some money should be quite spectacular. Actually you can go to coffee dot com forward slash STACY'S PARLOR THAT'S K. O. Dash F dot Com forward slash. Stacy's parlor the music that you're hearing right now is by the amazing bumps starbucks and you should really check them out on spotify or tunes or on their website. Thanks for stopping volley see next month.

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