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Monday 1/20/20 - Aaron Hernandez & Conor McGregor


Alright Bank today. Is Monday. January twentieth Chicago Dog Walk Carlos. Here Carl how we doing. I'm well how are you. I'm well you sound like you're getting over the you know the ending. Thank stages of being sick little fleming. Still yeah now I I was like a month ago and I'm still flying so I don't. I wish I could say you know to lose light at the end of the tunnel but I think like winter could just be a whole a whole flood month. I really think I read that. This strain a cold as a particularly Fleming called by G- after you get out of the contagious stages still the Flem hits you for like three weeks average as you could read what strain you have your my. My wife works in healthcare. And she was. She was telling me that she was reading. Because she's educating clients on it interesting. I didn't realize that there was. I mean I know there's different strains of shit but I didn't know that you could identify what you have and what the Flemish thing thing. 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Now you're having trouble sleeping get some of that. PM STUFF CBD PM. It should should help you out and maybe it will. You don't WanNa go with like some of these things. Take some type of medicine and make Shell Groggy and shift You're not going to really get that. CD MD cell and to make it even easier to discover the potential CB for yourself CBS's CD MD's offering our listeners. Twenty five percent of your purchase when you use the Promo code walk at checkout once again that CBD MD Dot Com Promo Code. Walk for twenty five percents off your order of premium. AM CD all products from CB MD.. Carl big weekend big sports weekend actually huge. So Saturday was McGregor fight Yesterday was championship up Sunday. Did you did you. I assume you watched both correct. Okay so what what was your takeaway from the McGregor fight. I feel bad for Dan. Bills Arianne for Putin zillion dollars when idiot forty seconds. That was tough now. You had a tweet that morning. Yeah I've been and dream and a cowboy or something but I woke up today knowing. Yeah and truth be told I knew pretty much the whole time but just in my mind that plus two fifty eighty five which is so like juicy and you know it's a it's two knockout artists going at each other punchers chance you never know but I knew deep down that McGregor's I just he just to the style of fighting against Cobb White was just to it'd be too much. Is he the biggest individual dog and pony. Show right now I would say hey man. 'cause dude who wants to watch may weather finding more. No the appeals gone. It's so he right after mayweather put up that rematch. Like graphic graphic on his instagram. I would not wanna see it. I don't WanNa drop that money on that fight again. It wasn't even it wasn't great. It just wasn't good do you think. That's because there isn't somebody who can. Aw actually box him at his level would be more exciting if there is well. He's just never been an exciting fighter. You know hundred percent. He's ever been an exciting fighter but if there was somebody who could actually knock him out. Yeah that I think then I think it becomes a little bit more sites true. That's true you're not gonNA I don't want a guy who's been known. I you know mixed martial arts to hop in a boxing ring and then it's like. Oh this is. This is actually going to happen this time when it's like no it's probably not like guys he's GonNa Make Star. He's not a boxer. But regardless like my like wow I wanNA talk about this too is because I'm and I know everyone's out out there but I really sucks that you know. Our our generation kind of got gypped out of having a real like fighter. The nineties Tyson like I was. I was still young in the nineties. The only ninety S. We don't really have that. Yeah my memories of Tyson are mostly on the downfall. Yeah nine people like oh Mike Tyson's punch out and but really for me like I remember when he fought Lennox Lewis. Yeah I just got waxed and I think the ear bite against Holyfield was like ninety seven ish. That's a very clear memory. Okay I remember that too. So but no as guys with like in our like our college phase and stuff when the testosterone is ripe for that and you should be getting hyped typed up for like big fight nights and having all the boys over like. I'm in my thirties now. I guess I can still do that. We have had a fight night together in my dad's garage awesome. There's something about being able to get everybody everybody together around a TV for a fight. The pacing of it's awesome. There's no commercial breaks interests like let's fucking rock and roll. You have obviously being much faster than a boxing but like to me I guess into your point. McGregor is the closest we have to that. Oh yeah I mean him. He wasn't as electric the Mike this time around. I think he's been a little humbled. He respected cowboy a lot so he wasn't really. There was no major vendetta there but I mean the guys on believable Talkin Shit. Yeah I mean. It's unbelievable it's not you. Listen to Him Talk Shit and you realize that talking shit is not a choice is not you know something you get better at your born with. No that's like that's his personality like that as his personality trait like good talking shit. Did you see the picture floating around and conor under McGregor in chocolate dull at a two thousand four UFC. Oh I didn't yet. So it's Conor McGregor like taking a Selfie with them with his arm around me look so joyous and unhappy. That's awesome so do you like him overall. Yes I love them. Yeah I mean he's I understand why people don't like him but I mean he's just just if you could if you're every time the guy talks you gotta pay attention to him then he got to at least have some type of positive emotion to ours whether it be. I don't know I it. Just he is electric either Mike. He's also a fighter too. I think people kind of forget that like oh they got mad at him for like fucking up that bus or their video him going around and like knocking out that at old guy and his bar or something for not drinking a shot of proper twelve whiskey or something. Yeah and people are like so disappointed with him and it's like we're not talking about an accountant here. We're talking about like your local pastor. We're talking about an international superstar known for Bashing People's fucking skulls. And so did it doesn't take all of it with a grain of salt. I think you don't need like some guy some church boy like you don't need like a Nice Guy America you don't you don't need Greg Hardy either but at the same time it's you just McGregor. He's a fighter his documentary. I have an I mean. It's just fucking awesome. Because they've got so much footage of him when he was a nobody living with his mom and he's just like looking dead in the camera being like going to be the biggest superstar mixed martial arts ever seen. I'M GONNA pay for all this. I'm going to be Blah Blah like him and his girl and I mean no shit dude you go back and watching that footage now. Having seen him beat cowboy and forty seconds and like all the paydays and stuff. You Go back and watch the documentary. I mean it gives me the chills and think about it. Yeah that's pretty incredible and I don't think he'll ever beat it could be. It's just not a good match for it. Could be a monster. emmys could be the scariest human being a world. Oh afterwards is D- Connors much more electric and he has a much cooler. Draw all the lead up in the fight stuff but Khabib is just makes me nervous to even think about that. He's wild boy he's a while boy he he just. I mean the guy used to Russell bears. He's a monster. But regardless that's KINDA WANNA WANNA get on the forefront is that this is it you know like you said Saturday night you know southern southern goes that late. Everyone's having a couple beers you know it's just fight. Night is the best. What did you do for fight night? It's about I had a bunch of people over my place. Yeah Yeah So. There's a ton of US yes. We watched the fight and it was just it was awesome. Did you guys all do like a group van Mo or how does that work who paid for you so we got lucky because there was Somebody knows a guy you they stole the cable or whatever big issue is now is with the fucking ESPN plus like you got to pay five bucks a month for that and then and on top of that it's like sixty five bucks or whatever so we had a We had a log at my buddy pays for it and I watched the Pfizer them so we always are logged on on my thing and then he he could make it here like a work party and he was at his work party in his boss ordered it and we were able to watch it on our logging. No it's not yes so worked out but all we got booted off like midway goes like you know chaos. It was it was I mean it was. We got it for free for a portion. We didn't get for for the whole night. I mean somebody you you gotta shared and it was only years we're stealing the boss was totally okay with. Oh exactly we paid for and like I. I helped a guy paid for the plus. It's kind of a gray area. You know it's like if you're upstairs with your dad and his buddies air you're dead. has his buddies upstairs. And you and your buddies are downstairs like what is like. They should have two. TV's being able to go hundred percents. That's what I'm saying. So that's what I'm thinking like. Well we paid for it and like I said Everyone Murad it was. It was two different spots but at the same time it should be. It should be allowed. Yeah but whatever ever that we ended up using someone else's logging and pay for ourselves. But where did you sit. I'm interested in ten guys in length the seating arrangement guy so we had like kind of a split squad type deal so people are watching it and then like another Romans too unlike a laptop but there was it was it was pretty cramped his partner. It's like decently big but it's not like like you know nothing crazy but six on the balcony six on the balcony but it was snowy out there shovel so those are still good. When you're like all right I'll have this whatever August? We'll go stand in the snow foreign. Yeah for sure and you know you did bring up documentary. I do WanNa talk about that as well as the Aaron Hernandez Doc. I mean it's been. It's a bit was a big sports week since we talked last Monday. I mean everyone's kind of talking about it. Did you catch it a lot. Like h watch Aaron Hernandez this is the sports documentary that transcends sports and takes over pop culture like I honestly I've heard it like everywhere I went last week. You Watch it to watch it even from people that are big sports fans and did you watch it it I did. You see the whole thing. Yeah would you think I thought it was I'm still left with my number. One thing is I still don't understand. Why kill like I ordered? Loyd yeah just. I don't think they ever really explained that. I think they like insinuated that they found out that talked about. CT They talked about his is that they found out that he was gay at some point and then he was trying to shut them up to the. What did he tell us to? What did he tell the two accomplices? Why he wanted to kill him? That doesn't make sense. Yeah I don't know maybe that was going to get back to his. You Know Baby Mamma. Yeah so there was some speculation there they also show just enough. C. T. stuff you've talked about junior say on the hit just enough in there to you know make you think about that. They just enough in there about his time at Florida to understand like okay. Hey this guy was clearly influenced there. They'd just enough in there about the family and a show. How fucked up? His Dad was. Yeah it was it was awesome. I thought like obviously the stories not awesome but I thought thought the doctor was awesome because there were things in there that you just don't get like the prison calls. Yeah like that's the you get those chains that makes a taco up a letter grade easily. I thought having Bob Kraft on the Mike and the testimony that was so telling when Bob Kraft left. I was watching and hoping you would. There be an interaction between bomb Cranston Daring Hernandez in no and he walked out and then they zoom in on Aaron Hernandez and he's turned around to see. You know as Bob Kraft Afghanistan something to me or turn around on the way out the door and no. I think that was probably the only time in the documentary series. I really felt bad for Aaron Hernandez like after the fact that I was like Ooh this guy that must've hurt him while there was just so many layers to a man from his father to the homosexuality to the C.. T. Not to like you said him going Florida and there was just so much. How about something? No one will talk about. I know as a younger brother with two very polished older brothers at like have in that relationship where he had older brother who was like four or five years older than him and he was like fucking awesome and super nice and everybody liked and was the quarterback at uconn. Like I'm. I'm sure that influenced him as he got older like. I'm not like my brother you know and it makes you want to be your own individual makes you want to be a tough guy like you know. What would I take away to is is a kid? He wasn't like an asshole like he just like a looked like a goofy kid. Like who like I've had I specifically saw. Aw and how's IT GONNA goofy kid. I went to school with Brian. Like that's just who he was but it was extremely good a football and then like the turn happened on seventeen. His Dad died and How about the one do with the the Bacon is underway? Did you like that guy. He was making some waves on twitter. The I was I was very. I was pleasantly surprised with like how serious serious everybody takes semi professional football. Yeah that was. That was something for sure. I guys go hundred two hundred yards three touchdowns someone you know was someone's held. Ghannam said he plays football that I was he was and they cut to like the game footage. And you're like man that sad. There's more people playing the game than there are. Yeah that's for love of the game and then you hear the plate the PA announcer as like gain of five. And I'm like who is up there you know to the PA.. Yeah yeah no but it was. It was it was really well. Done the the security footage was awesome stuff that I was. Wow I can't believe they have this. That's why it was so joke. Good just the two randomly killing two guys in Boston. I didn't know that they found the car like in his cousin's house and it was just like collecting collecting dust year crate. There is that there was the wife throwing out the gun box. How much shooting his body in the head? Yes shootout guy in the head because they got no argument at the Strip club. I mean it was just there was a lot going on and I know they told a story. Kind of weird wasn't chronologically at all. Like they would just go back and like they didn't get to Florida until till episode to right and it was like well that. How do I really want them to get to that? Urban Meyer Tibo story and they end up getting to it but housing I'll fuck. I don't think it did look like they were going to get it so they did tell it weird so I understand that people like don't like it from that aspect but it was really well done just from the calls. I sat the security footage. I it was. It was really good. I thought did you put yourself in his shoes at all. I can't say that it did highlight one year watching the documentary. Do you can you you know I mean I in prison. Yeah I don't think so not. I've never thought about being in prison to be honest with you. I mean some of those calls and he's he's like yeah. I love Harry Potter. Harry Potter's plural. But he also is talking about the structure. Mike Damn that kind of makes sense. He's like I don't mind being in here. Yeah Yeah I it. It did make sense when he's just like you don't got nothing to worry about. There's no expectations. There's there's there's nothing right. He had like a second apartment to just go in smoke as much as possible and like forget about everything. Yeah that was wild so like yeah I guess that kind of makes sense. Why why a guy like that would appreciate the structure of although like one hour outside in the jail? Yeah worst worst murder of all time though. That's a fact you can't do a worse job trying to kill someone if he did it like five miles away from his place or like. There's no way he gets caught not right their damaged only some of the video. Not all of it bubblicious gum in the fucking car with a bullet like at the scene like would it'll be doing come on that I don't know it was just. It was a wild story. If you haven't seen it I recommend you watch it. There's probably a lot more sense. If he walks us so but like I sat just taking a pulse of the week. It sounds like run in it but yeah I mean that is biggest the biggest comment that was going around and social media. How people were so surprised with his mom? I'm just straight up asking for a million dollars. You could give me a mill. He's like are you fucking crazy. I'm not giving you a million. That was that was something another thing on the list here. I'll just run through as quickly Dennis. The Gay quarterback from High School. It was rumored on social media that he wasn't actually the quarterback. Oh really his story had been inflated I. I haven't verified. I can only report speculation. That was that picked up a Lotta steam motto. People didn't like that Guy Yeah he seemed rather self-serving Odin fitting in fitting in Aaron Hernandez's crew because he was really good at rolling. BLUNTS is is in. I mean Um I know he got murdered by Hernandez. But that's just like a funny way to make your way into a crew. That was it. He was the roller. I tell you. Add Man at just rolls. The best one the roller I think that was it. That was that was your notes everything else. We've covered rank cry that was the other thing. CBS He was so fucking mad. G You're done. Why would you do that to Cronk? He's like yeah. I don't have a comment about that. And then to ask dad for comment that cows. CBS sports kind of thickened. It was CBS. So so. I'm quoting Ron. But yeah I mean that was a big sports guys this Monday. which is oddly enough? We're broiling into like a terrible sportsweek is it. I mean I wish I wish McGregor was this weekend. Yeah because you know give us something with the with the bye week before Super Bowl. There's nothing this weekend right now. I'm just you know. NBA College basketball at a shell. But not big at least off the top of my head Era Sara this is bad this is bad. Because here's the other thing is the slow drip that we've been getting the way the. NFL closes the season down. You can argue that the wildcard into the divisional round in the conference championships like each weekend. Because you only get two games as a day. Yeah so you're two games a day to gain today all the way into the championship round. They just build you up. It's like running on a treadmill and you just keep like building the incline up. And now we're standing here at the top and it's like what are we got. Nothing you're right and it's about to abruptly stop but there is good like I blog today. Andy Reid is he the best non like you see the best coach outside Chicago so like personally speaking. Is He the best coach for you to watch for like two weeks in the media coverage the stories that are going to come out about Andy Reid. Oh Yeah I I've heard from Arizona House just already that digital any Rita's Taco Tuesday advertiser every every Tuesdays Taco Tuesday really. Yeah that's from what I heard like like doesn't matter Andy. Reid tacos on Tuesday. What do you mean that he just at every Tuesday? and Andy. Reed's like for the chiefs. They had tacos over Tuesday. So the team the coaches yes. uh-huh does he. Is it his recipe. Because I know that. He was trading toggle recipes with some guidance airport. It's his I. I saw that but the reason we know about that is because the chiefs good. Yeah so like I think the next two weeks are going to be filled with people that are going to be coming out of the woodwork. Like Hey Andy Reid. I met him at a whole foods. Two Years Ago L. and we've become best friends. Yeah no you're right. We make guacamole together on Saturdays. Here right well all right this weekend hold on a second. Yeah Game Impressions. We have to talk. Everybody knows that you're the biggest bears fan on the world. Yeah so I mean I wouldn't say that but you know I mean I shouldn't. I'm not saying you are the biggest businessman world swift people say about you legend. It's more what about it. The bears former didn't all the bear score points yesterday. All the packers or by former bears in the packers they got Jimmy G. only had how many patents eight the ground and pound man who is at the most satisfy non bears victory against packers was at the most satisfied. You it was nice to see it was nice to see you. Don't the packers I remember. Many times wasn't in the playoffs but many times in the last decade were we got to break speed off of us in the first half the packers like that and see that to them. You know I didn't I didn't hate it and I don't know like unfair. I know this is dog. Walk now sports. I don't WanNA throw unfair Shay to packers fans that are listening But I wouldn't be doing myself justice if I had a large platform to just say I enjoyed it last night. Yeah I'm just being honest Harper's just like they don't want us to the bears went. It's the packers when either. That's just the way. It is an Aaron Rodgers drops. A one in three in. NFC Championship Games. His only win was against Kahlo painting. Kill Hannah Right. So so not Jay Cutler right. That's it for today. Everybody thank you for listening. We will catch you tomorrow.

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