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the thursday which means we visit with danny mac a big week over at scoops. Hq it's going on. It has been a great week at The headquarters the world headquarters scoops rape says Obviously you've been doing great work. And we have added a burning nickless to our arsenal and bernie is writing daily columns and for folks that are listening to this. If you wanna get bernie maglis daily columns which he's brought back the bits. Just go to scoop. So danny mac dot com. You can put in your email. It'll get delivered right to your inbox. And then we also added Charley marlowe and And martin kilcoyne from channel to so martin is. God visited me on mondays. He's got the kilcoyne conversation on tuesdays. He's got marlow and martin on thursdays and we're going to be adding somebody else very soon a hall of famer on friday so that's coming up as well so keep coming back to the site as we add more spin fun man. It's been great and reading bernie reading the bits yesterday or a couple of days ago. I guess has been fantastic bernie back in the mix and you know that. He's got a lot on his mind after A sitting on the sidelines and a lot on his mind as we enter into. Hopefully what will be an interesting if nothing else. Baseball offseason here. Yeah i mean barney's to me the foremost authority in in sports in town and has been for a long long time and you know to be able to to to work together to collaborate with bernie and to get him back writing which is right in his wheelhouse and give him carte blanche to do what he wants to do right what he wants to do to bring back the bits which is something that he talked about So many people have asked him. You know you do the bed. Stu the batson. He's he's doing that again It's just awesome and once sports really gets back in full swing. That's also in his wheelhouse. I mean he's great at analysing baseball or basketball or football. Whatever the sport is it's going on at that point and with so many people that love baseball here in this town. You can imagine that they're going to be going to to read. What bernie asked to say to break down a series break down the night before. Look ahead that kind of thing and the be no stone unturned when you think about burning covering the cardinals are danny. Mac is with us on a thursday on the chris. Rabi sean scoops at danny michael's talk about the cardinals a bit of a different winter meetings. Week dan i guess. First and foremost is we get some details about the minor leagues for at least invitation for Affiliate clubs to return right now where we stand. What do you believe is realistic In terms of a minor league season. I i guess i would say what is your hope. We all hope that there is based on their as much baseball as possible on the field. But a where do you stand right now in thinking about minor league baseball and then how that goes hand in hand with The big leagues coming up in the twenty. Twenty one season yeah. It's a great question. Chris about this time in the season like right after christmas normally the cardinals had done what they would do with their top prospects and bring him into a camp Used to be done right after. The major league season was over and the minor league season in like october november and then they pushed it back to leading into spring training. They're not even going to have that. This year doesn't look like so that's problematic. I know some teams have done that others have not with the testing. And and just you know this all the different things. You'd have to go through to make that happen. They pushed back and we spring training around the corner. Normally as you know have been down there for so many years. It's a packed house people. And so you know. How are we going to be able to congregate hour. We're going to be able to if the vaccine is not been distributed yet to the general public of getting to major league players or even personnel around. The cardinals can you have at spring training. So will it get pushed back. And then how does that dovetail into a minor league season. I do think we're going to have minor league baseball. i just think it'll probably piggyback on. What's going on in terms of their spring training getting going with the major league season and then you know see what kind of a semblance of a season they can put together. But i do believe we're going to have minor league baseball. I'm just not sure when we're going to see if there obviously still are some big big questions in terms of The cardinals and their personnel. And you know. He spoke to tommy edmund earlier this week about the departure at least for now departure of colton long about adam wainwright yada your molina as well still a question. Has your gut changed over the last couple of weeks. We've talked a lot about adam wainwright and yada. Your molina has got changed at all when it comes to if those guys will be back if one of them both of them. Neither of them will be back in a car uniform this year. As it pertains to yada yada by the way great busy time edmund and that's up on the site right now. Fans wanna go Listen to that. But i just think that the marketplace might be shrinking a bit for him when gary sanchez was brought back to the yankees and tender to deal. Looks like mccann. Goes to the mets Yeah you know does does yada goto. The angels is san diego possibility. Tony the rooster with the white sox. I mean i don't know i. I just think that maybe when you think about what is the marketplace for a guy that's thirty eight mile edge hell of a player hall of fame player looking for a two year deal. I'm just not sure there's a big appetite for that. And then when you look at how is played in twenty twenty with the offensive numbers. You know yati who he is but he's not like a guy that's going to go out there and mash she's gonna be a great defensive player he's going to be like a coach on the field and those are intangibles that you do pay for. But the intangibles the cardinals pay for as opposed to other teams are legacy what he means to the franchise what it means to the fan base. And that's important. I think to the cardinals in so that's the first domino. That's gotta fall. And i just think there's more and more signs that would point him coming back as long as the the shake out and any winds up in saint louis. That's my personal opinion. I don't know that from the cardinals. But i just kind of read. The tea leaves of what the marketplace wa- is looking like you know we've talked so much adam wainwright and what he's done last couple of years on the field how important. He's been to the cardinals but you know him as well as anyone have spoken extensively with adam about what he does off the field. Dan and it must have been really special for you to see Adam get the roberto clemente award at the beginning of the week. Yeah really well deserved and Having been a part of a number of his events in and just seen him behind the scenes with fans whether or not It's for charitable cause or not He's what you want in the modern day athlete. He's he's what you hope. That guy is going to be. Which is you know somebody. That clearly represents the franchise well between the white lines. He's a competitor. In wins in has success in keeps himself in shape. And all those things that that. That's that's a given. He's going to give you everything he's got. But then you're always hoping that that that player is somebody that's going to represent you in the community and go above and beyond and and he's done that so he's a desert deserving member. It's pretty cool. The cardinals have had now. Six members of the franchise at have one that. And how about the battery made of your your molina and adam wainwright. I'm not sure there's other battery mates that have ever done that in baseball history but we have one right here in saint louis have spent their entire big-league with the cardinals. And that's that's pretty special. Dan mclaughlin with chris. Rabi sean scoops. Danny mac dot com on a pivot for a moment and thank goodness for some local hoops. We've seen some great basketball out of slough illinois mizzou. I know you've been on the call for number of us lou games. Ask you first about the billikens. What impresses you most about the billikens and about what travis ford has been able to do over the last couple of years since arriving. Saint louis to get to this point. Where again amidst an unprecedented college basketball season he has them positioned as one of the better teams in the country. Chris their deep Really deep i mean. They're they're seniors are really good. Sign french and jordan goodwin going go down as two of the great billikens ever in devante perkins might be their best score and he's only been around for a year and a couple of months after being a juku guy in and he's smooth is any division one player you watch in the thing that travis has been able to do is go recruiting class upon recruiting class. And i think what we're seeing right now in in college basketball. Is that if you have the non one in duns so if you have players that have been in your program. And they're juniors and seniors. You're going to see the upsets k. You and kentucky and duke. That do get a lot of those wanting dunn's because those teams just didn't have the time in the summer and in the fall to get integrated into the system those coaches and so when you have these players that have been in programs for a long time there at a benefit there in an advantage. And that's why i think Teams in the ten are having some of the upsets that they've had in non conference play the rpi for the eight. Ten is shooting way up because of what they've done in non conference and so that's why i just think that if you have those kind of teams that have the veteran leadership you're going to have a chance to win and win a lot of games in two thousand nine hundred and twenty twenty one. Because they're used to the program and they're used to playing division one basketball you're integrated into the system of that particular coach into travis travis's credit he stack those recruiting classes and so he reaps. The benefit of what is a horrible year in a pandemic but for sports for basketball. He's going to reap the benefit of what's going on here you know illinois certainly deep as well as a lot of fun to watch them Beat duke the other night at duke mizzou using their depth to pick up some nice winds early on we just need to figure out a way to broker this tournament. Yeah in saint louis with slu mizzou illinois and then somebody else throwing bradley and sl you missouri state. Gimme somebody else but come on this year of all years. Let's make it happen and and you know we're hearing about all these teams like i was talking to the other night. I guess it was. Maybe the idea of central arkansas. And he was telling me about similar teams in their position. That in a normal season would go play The dukes or the kentucky's or whatever and they fly in they get paid and they might get beat more than likely they do ninety nine out of one hundred times but then they get out and he said a lot of those schools are being asked to go fly and take on these teams that need games like the bigger the the bigger conferences. And they're not doing it. Because there have been instances in college basketball what were those teams will fly out. So they accrue the cost of that they show up and then either their team or the opposition gets hit with cova in. So you. don't get the payday and then you have to fly back out and go back home and it. It's it's a waste and so this particular time. If you could hop on a bus and make it happen. You should do it. And i got. I wish slow is playing mizzou illinois or vice versa. Could set up like you're talking about and the other thing too that i'm seeing in college basketball. I don't know if you agree but there is no homecourt advantage in my mind. You know when at duke right losing twice at home now. Illinois granted is good at michigan state. That's a good team But in those games. Not having the cameron crazies. You don't think that makes a difference. Of course it does and so the home court advantage is. It's you have a little bit because there's familiarity of being on your home floor and understanding the rams and the shooting backgrounds and you're sleeping in your bed and all those things i it's just easier beating home but without the atmosphere of that crowd. That is a massive factor in these games. And that's why. I'll be fascinated to watch Mizzou and illinois on saturday. It's a huge game for mizzou man if they if they win that game their top twenty five top twenty top fifteen maybe if they knock off illinois and they get the the bragging rights game at home on saturday cameron would be fantastic to see a game when it's rocking and rolling when you've got the full student section in there. Where else would you love to see college. Hoops game Camera would be one. I've done a game at north carolina. That was pretty cool That was yeah. That was really cool. I'll tell you a great place if you've never gone. When they were really good. That is his loud is anywhere in. The country was wichita state. That is a neat place to go. See a game and not many people would say well. That's a great place going to k- you. I've done games at ku and allen fieldhouse. There's nothing like that so probably. The best experience for me was ku and the game. I'd like to go see that. I haven't had a place with iraq and crowd is cameron. I don't know your best place but that would be mine. Yeah that'd be pretty cool. I mean Even the other night just just thinking about Not seeing the fans in the stands at how small that building actually is on top of you they would be It'd be pretty fantastic. Mclaughlin is with us. Let's get to a get to a little thursday list buddy okay and left week. We did things or hobbies are skills that we wish we had. We don't necessarily have a little bit lighter this week. How about top christmas movies. It's christmas movie season flipping around seen. What's on the tv. Let's go top christmas movies and once again you have first pick go a christmas story. Shoot your eye out kid Him getting kicked out on the you know the slide by santa. It's always a favorite in it. It can generate laughter and fun for the entire family for the youngster in your life or for the middle kid in your life or for the older kid in your life or for the grandparent. So a christmas story. I'm not sure it's my number one seed but certainly at the top of my head that has got to come up there. He had definitely Like you said transcends age transcends generations and yeah one of One of the best ones are. I will go. Let's see here and there are a couple of different ways you can go. You can go more new schooling go more old school just kind of For a variety of reasons. Personal reasons. As well i didn't go home alone. Number one and go home alone A classic obviously actually some personal connection as well. I'm couple of blocks away at my parents house and actually went to preschool at the church. The home alone church in there that the home alone home is in the neighborhood as well. So i'm going to go home alone number one absolute classic vintage macaulay culkin when he was you know. Throw in ninety six with movement. That's my number one his home alone. Yeah i had a good singer back then too. I i. I'd have to go even though this should not be one. That tugs at the heartstrings. Or maybe it does depending. If you've are imbibed iot assume but I take christmas. Vacation is beautiful is one of my favorites and You know alkyl. Eddie is I'd have more in my house. I don't know about you but uncle eddie. Make it over to my crib. That's one of the best. Let me ask you before. I get to the next one because this is one. This is an argument. That always happens. Do you believe diehard christmas. People love to have this stupid argument. Why are we going down this road. No it's not a honest asking it in mind it no. It's not christmas music movie. No good it's not going to be. It's not going to be Around the diehard. It's not one of the choices. Now i will go. I will go with my next although elf. That's a good one. Very quotable. Very quotable Just a classic classic performance by will ferrell elf. Jon favreau directed l. is my my number two. I'll go it's a wonderful life. I know that's an easy one out there and everybody sees it. But it's a wonderful life always tugs at the heartstrings and brings a tear to my eye jimmy stewart you know great Great acting in Obviously i'm going. I'm going elf. That's that's their yup for sure. You're you're tugging at the heartstrings. Here you're definitely going when you said tug at the heartstrings. I didn't know if you're going like the The harold and kumar christmas or what. I'm not let's see see you got christmas vacation. Christmas story wonderful life. A lot of people might say those are the top three. I've got home alone elf. okay. I'm going to keep it somewhat fairly new school. I'm going to go bad. Santa is my number three love bad santa so good so good so good and the tony larussa connection. He's big billy bob guy right so bad santa. Just another absolute classic. That'll be my third choice. I will go with scrooge d- with murray not many people go down this road. And i do think it's a sleeper pick on this and Scrooge is is right there for me. I love scrooge. I've seen it eight thousand times. Yeah screwed his one of my favorites. I'm going let your eyes wide shut. Well that was there too. And i did think about that. There's a couple of really nice scenes in there. But i went away from it. I thought tom cruise and nicole kidman did a really nice job in that flick It's not one that i'd probably bring the kids out to sea but You know it it. It does fall on the outside looking in potential moving up on the list depending a what time of year. We're in and what what arctic. We're talking about all right. I will go for my number. Four all go With an arnold and i'll go jingle all the way jingle all the way. Okay that's fine and then my final pick will be the animated old school. I don't know what you but rudolf i will watch the old. Yeah like the claymation rudolph right. The claymation one. I'm a big fan of that. I know that may be not on. Somebody's list. But i do find that if it's on i stop and i watch it. Maybe i'm more intrigued by the claymation more so than the storyline will. Then i'll go eyes wide shut number five. What about You know you gotta go jim. Carey's gotta get in here with the grant drench out take the grinch number five which they are remaking and. I believe like this week or next week. There is a live like musical version of the grinch. Nbc's shoutout to the grinch No one's going to be able to to do what jim carrey did. He was awesome in the grant. It was unreal. Yeah like eight hours of makeup a day. also. I could list and if you want to Not stick up for eyes wide shut. You can tweet us. You can email me chris. Scoops danny mac dot com another fun edition of The thursday list maffei appreciated man. We'll we'll see what transpires the next week or so as baseball moves out of the winter meetings and we hopefully Start to have a little more movement. Look forward to everything happening on a daily basis. Scoops danny amac dot com including bernie. Who's right smack dab in the middle of his first week and appreciate the time man was funneled. Talk next week. Buddy thanks mac. That's my great pray.

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