New podcast! All love. Heres a preview


Hey hey light work subscriber. That's you it's danielle and i have something brand new for you deeply new entirely new. It's a podcast series from from me. It's called with love danielle and before you go check it out and become a total devotee of that. I just wanna thank you for all of the positive feedback and encouragement and the listens and the religions that you did with the light work series. It really fueled me to keep making making more and so i have and so i will with love danielle new podcast especially for you. Go get in there. Thank you so much. I think their hope is a form of resiliency and that we generate hope by sharing our stories stories about what we've done in order to heal and about our ideals and what's worked and what hasn't so i'll go first. I'm danielle laporte the port you might know me from my book. Call the desire map. It's a heart centered approach to design your life and essentially this is a one woman show about self self-realisation and i'm here to tell you that i have had to fight for my joy and now i fight way less and i flow way more. I have had to burn the illusions that i was ever not. Worthy of joy in the first place i have done the dark night of the soul and what was wants. Really agonizing looks really beautiful from this side. I've done wilfulness and anxiety and loneliness and social on media. They're all related by the way i've done some really sweet success and of course miracles and leadership. I've rolled it all into in my deep attention on climate crisis. It's not a change. It's a crisis. There's clean eating. There's the religion of my life also known as has friendship betrayal and brain chemistry research has been the power of forgiveness and god. There's always been god. I spent the last <hes> five years reprogramming my own nervous system to be able to identify real love. I have a lot to tell you about that. Were this podcast is called with love danielle now and it is officially launching on august twenty fifth. I'll be talking about compassion self help fatigue sex joy serving the world and this is about a spirituality. That's way more rock and roll than it is oppressive. I'm here to help you. Turn your anxiety into power personally. Yeah i wanna live more deeply but lighten up. You're going to hear about all the ways that i have finally figured out how to do that. I am not into making in grand motivational promises but i can commit to showing up as fully sincerely authentically as possible with the intention of really alleviating suffering an amplifying joy just for starters. It's about doing everything i can help. All of us feel a little less crazy a lot dot moore full of possibility and clearly heart of the solution. There are two types of episodes in this series. One is my sunday sunday sermon where i'm just waxing as philosophical and as useful as i can and on thursdays i drop q._n._a. Style episode you can send injure questions to me to danielle laporte dot com slash with love. Anything goes subscribe now so you don't miss the first episode or end the episode the following that i'm here to have a conversation about the self realization comes from self respect and then how we extend that dignity kindness to each other. I'm here for love because of love yeah.

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