Episode 53: Meanwhile in the animal world


Welcome to critter cast episode fifty three. I'm your co host. Corinna and I'm Cathy are other Coho. Yes and this is critter. Cast our Wacky wild and wonderful podcast about all things. Animals all over the world. We are not experts here. Critter cast we are just hardcore fan girls of critters big and small and excellent researchers and one of us is an excellent researcher and one of US hated research in school but is pretty good at researching animals. Today on critter cast friends. We bring you not an episode all about one particular species of animal or even one particular individual animal with everything going on in the world. And yes if you don't know what we're talking about. I'm very surprised you must only doing a great job self quarantining. You're listening to this in the future. Just discovered our podcast. And you've gone back and you're listening to all the action on three thousand right. Everybody lives underwater in tunnels under the ground. He you know he thousand in tunnels under the snow. We live underwater. Don't come at me. Jonas brothers have the rights for that song. Maybe you're right. Maybe we are talking about cove in nineteen the corona virus. Everyone is being encouraged to help. Slow the spread of this virus that you know. We don't have a treatment or vaccine for at this time to stay home as much as possible and to self quarantine whether or not. You're sick just to keep everybody else around you healthy and keep you from picking up germs and spreading them to author is yes so be a decent person. Follow the guidelines. And we're going to give you some really cool things to make you smile a little bit on a gloomy day. That's rate and some recommendations on things that you can do to be a really cool animal lover during this time. Awesome because you know. That's what we're here for. Yeah I love it. We felt like this was very important right now. Because there's enough bad news in the world and enough stress and the thing that makes me happiest when I'm really stressed out is happy animal stories. So that's what we've bringing you. We've we we're bringing you on the scripted podcasts. Critter cast genuine animal friends. He makes the joke. We laugh a lot. We also like to learn out shot. We'll talk about snails pleaser teeth. Or Gosh about manatees. We'll tell you why also scary to us and there's tons built excel because you are. Yes you are you are listening to critter cast and we are so excited to have you here today and like we said you know. We're doing something a little bit different today but we think that you'll really enjoy it. They're still going to be some nerdy science aspects. The stories as well as you know maybe just some cute stories to you. GotTa do both so. We swapped off each picked a couple different stories to highlight. I don't know who who wants to start. Do you WANNA start. Sure I can start. Go for it Do you want me to start with a more SCIENC- heavy one or like a funnel intro one. I have mine so I have a fun. One a science when and then a fun one so we can just spread them out a little bit okay. That sounds good. So let's start with just a quick little fun. One sounds good all right so a couple of episodes ago we talked about Koalas in the devastation that quotas and other marsupials were facing in Australia. I was a result of the really out of Control. Bushfire season And there was a lot of bad news in that one. Yeah some positive stuff. Yeah for rescue and recovery team so I have a couple more really really positive stories. That came out of that. Good so both of these are. I'm just going to do them together. Because they're both really short and they're about dogs and dogs saving the day in Australia during the bushfires not surprised dog saved the day every day. Obser- lutely so first of all is a dog named Patsy Ramsey hats. A good name. She's a herding dog. She is actually a shepherd mix and she live on farms and does a lot of hurting right so win. The bushfires were spreading to a town in Victoria called core young coral. Sure core young. Why not it's about two hundred and twenty miles south of Canberra? She and her owner Stephen or her handler. Stephen we're like hey. We know what to do so they hopped in their car and they drove out to the front lines where all the sheep were and it can be really really really really really really really hard right to get sheep to do what you want. `specially when they're panic that's why we literally bred dogs do it because is not easy. Dogs are the main way that we can do this. The only really effective ways right Safeway's and especially in a payment situation when it's there's a fire literally coming towards you you gotta get those those sheep moving in the direction you want them will patsy said I am here to save the day she spring into action and she helped to hurt over two hundred twenty sheep Let's see there was actually a flock of more than two hundred and twenty and she saved all but six girl. Right you go. She's amazing and you're the beautiful thing about that is that because she's a dog she's not going to spend the rest of her life feeling bad about those six now as a dog. So it'd be like I did a job. Did a good job did my work. She did the best. I was so good good girl. Patsy could good job. I know the good dog so then the other story that I have about a dog has been virga. Dog in Australia is a dog named bear. Bear is a herding cattle dog mix and bear was actually a rescue himself. Of course he was my know. What a good boy he was. He's a very good boy and like many of the herding dog types. He is very eager to learn and very smart so he was a little over energetic as hummy so his handler figured out that his favorite thing to do was to sniff around and who helped locate marsupials. Yeah and so. He actually been doing this for a while. As part of conservation efforts. His job was to walk through undergrowth and to sniff out trees where Koalas and qualls. Which is another type of Marsupial Were living where maybe wasn't the best place for them and they could be Either counted or checked on or if necessary they could be included in a conservation effort. Oh Yeah so. It was kind of perfect for hair. Koalas SNIFFEN Indo. Yeah because when the bushfires went through a lot of qualities made it through the bushfires right but then the danger was not having food afterwards right right or maybe having injuries that went untreated so nothing. Habitat your exactly. That was the big problem right So he and his handler Took precautions to keep them safe by putting on protective socks on his little posers And then they walked through the scorched areas after the fire was out and sniff out all of the qualities and survived so that they could be taken for treatment or two sanctuaries loses. That would make sure they were taking care of because death tolls can be so much higher for wildlife when there aren't efforts like that exactly so what a good boy bear good dog just those those star efforts on all accounts and her roic in the moment and one that can continue doing work such a dog after you know the fact for a long long time after the fact or Koalas and all the other animals in Australia because dogs are there to help them. Out and their handlers. Handlers are so both dogs and people working together help which is which is just a star team anytime you get a really good working dog and a really solid responsible owner. They can do a lot together absolutely so cool so sweet. I love it. What good stories to get started here? I think we'll continue on this track of like easy just kind of cute stories. And then we'll maybe get little older one. And then maybe take a mini pause and listen to some other podcasters and then we will continue on our journey. I love it'll be so fun so my first story for you. Cassie is about. Are you going to be surprised? No it's about a cat. I was GONNA guess us. How could it be? We all know here that like ultimately. I can't even think about all the numerous wild animals that I love. So whenever people ask me you know. What's your favorite animal? I'm just like cat cat. Cat doesn't matter specifically of course are domesticated house cats. Yeah so my story. I originally found on the Dodo. Which if you guys are not familiar. I them on facebook following their website. They have a lot of fun animal stories. It's a kind of website exactly not the kind of website to go onto for like legitimate sourcing right right issues but if you're just looking to smile about some animal things and cute photos does a great resource for that. Yeah so this article was titled Cat Pretends Not to like new baby then gets caught sneaking into nap with her. Oh I tell you that's kind of others to the story but details are really. What's the cat's name? The cat's name is Sonny. Oh and he is a at the time of his adoption. He was eight years old. They didn't say exactly how long it had been. But probably you know ten ten plus year old short haired Orange Tabby cat yeah. He spent six years of his life in a shelter. More than house. Like what area there from more why? He was shelter for so long. It seems like he's more of a quiet cat and quiet. Cats don't tend to show so he was in a shelter from the time he was to all the way up until he was about eight years old and they adopted him and it was like love at first they wanted him they him and his mom and dad just had a nice quiet life at home and everything was well and he's perfectly happy then and then they brought a baby. How dare they so his little sister named Hazel? He was very unimpressed with her. I bet the nice thing about the story. I was a little bit worried when I first saw it. Because a lot of times stories like this are all about how animals are so uncomfortable or so afraid of new babies that there is kind of like a dangerous specht and honestly with sunny. He was just very unimpressed. He did a little sniff and then he just did his best to intentionally ignore the baby all aspects of life. I several months if I don't look at it doesn't exist exactly. He was like no. They're like here comes to your sister and he was like ill. I don't know basically like baby. Corinna Corinna loved her siblings. I love my siblings very much. Still sometimes you know we're adults so we have different issues but so they thought you know. Well it's not the end of the world. We wish that our cat and our baby could grow up and be friends but as long as everyone's safe it's fine but then one night they of woke up in the middle of the night and realize that they sunny wasn't around sending usually sleeps with them so they checked up on the baby monitor and he had jumped into the baby's crib sleeping beside her later. Kind of figured out that he was probably doing this for a while before but when no one was watching but when they went in and checked on him and he saw that they saw him like I guess the jigs up and then from then on. He was not so secretive about cycling with her and he'll regularly do it all days and hours of one of their updates towards the end when they were like getting this story published. Was that one morning. She was really crying in her crib. And everyone's all around. He just jumped right in and nuzzle her face to calm her and snuggle her now. They nap together all the time they're like. I don't know why he needed to pretend like he did for so long. So we actually argument with friends for life. He had a reputation to maintain. Okay right he's like Cats and babies don't mix but actually they really do sunny and Hazel. We think we'll be best friends for a long though. Cute just such a sweet little story. I know I've mentioned this before but when I was a baby. My mom had a one year old cat. And he was such a good cat he was so so good and he was so patient and understanding with me because babies are not great at interacting with with animals without being grabby and pushy and his babies put everything in their hands and they're still learning how to use their hands and their mouths and that's not good not good. It's not good. Naturally babies and animals don't go together without assistance of parents and very patient and yes and a Lotta supervision. Yes and my my mom's Cat George. He was so good he tolerated me. Just hauling him all around and of course pictures me putting a bonnet on his head up poor cat and he was like okay and then when I got to be four years old. It was the first time he said. Okay. There's boundaries here. Yeah and you're old enough to understand them and we still a great relationship. See they have no? It was a oh. I see. Things didn't go so smoothly are how jake when he was a baby. My youngest brother midnight my oldest cat. Who is still have was younger cat when Jake was born and he also was extremely tolerant of Jake until he was about two or three years old fair. They only problem was that after that point. Jake was kind of like I am scorned by this cat. Oh No I cannot just do what I what me didn't have a best friend relationship from then on. But that's okay because he's my cat and fine art. Cassie what is in the next story that you have for me. Is it something a little bit more nerdy? A little more geek it is. It's super cool though. Okay okay so let me. This one's about parent parents parents parents but Aaron Judge Parrots. They don't have the parent. Okay only parachute okay. Parachutes power any any particular type of parrot in particular. These are the African Grey Parrot. I love African grey. They are so cool there so smarter so smart. If you are going to be that person that has a parrot as a pet. A highly recommended one. Yeah as opposed to you. Know like a macaw right right unless they know what to do with it. Don't get him a call so like you said. African grey parrots are kind of widely considered to be one of the smartest avian species And so this is a story about some scientific research that was done using them. Okay so people had noted before that a lot of animal species beyond humans have kind of an understanding of two different things that go together in interesting ways and one of them is currency so they kind of have the understanding of trading one thing. That doesn't have a lot of value for something. That has a lot more value. Okay so I'm not sure if you ever saw that. That mean that went around about the dog that watched people buying coffee and and cookies at a stand with money and so he found a leaf and went and lined up by his own cookie. I mean yeah. Animals do stuff is actually birds. Do stuff like that. Yeah for sure my dog does. Yeah thing that you taught her but yeah I understand. Yeah I taught her to her in reverse. What do you mean? So like? In in these instances the animal identifies valuable objects that they want yes and they bring something of you know all equal or higher value to be. That's what I want and your dog has the high value object and you have to find you then have higher true. That's very true. She does try to bargain sometimes but usually seems like there's some garbage she wants it and I'm like no you can have that. And then she goes haw shocks. I don't want it DEP- yup okay. So then the other thing that they've observed is that some animals have a really clearly demonstrated regard for other animals in their same species wellbeing. Okay and to the point where they will like make a little bit of a sacrifice for themselves in order to help out another animal and their species whether or not. They're related. Whether or not. They have some kind of like breeding relationship yet. They're just like Dude I have general human and or parrot and or you know animal kindness. Yes exactly and that that stronger. Of course if it's an animal that you know right exactly so in research labs and wild habitats alike. Plenty of animals have been observed giving friends food. Yeah so bonobos. Bonobo monkeys Will will pass morsels of meat to strangers Vampire bats will be so sweet embarked blood into Hungary relatives mouth. Oh so sweet. So sweet canines will tap their snouts to touch screens to to share sausages with their pack. Mates But we hadn't ever observed that particular benevolent behavior in Viet species. Right because birds are a little bit more out for themselves. Because that's that's how they live their social in that like some. Some types of birds will flock together right but they don't necessarily rely on each other for right viral core vid right exactly in which case on the particular species all for one and one for all great where and. Yeah. We've talked about that before. Go back and listen. It was awesome so these two scientists brooks and August von Bayern. Who is an animal behaviorist at the Max Planck Institute for Ornithology in Germany? Fun Right wanted to test the limits of generosity in parrots particularly African grey. If you're going test for something that you don't regularly see you on a pick. The smartest ones yeah exactly totally. Like I'M NOT GONNA PULL. I'm not gonNA pull like a Cockatiel race right. Sorry no offense to cockatiels. They're pretty smart too but yeah they're great but maybe like start off with someone who will pick it up easily. Yeah Yeah So. They set up an experiment that involved the transfer of treats to friends okay so the treats that they gave them were walnuts which are super high valued rates because they're not a part of their regular diet rare. Really good reward right. It's like a cookie. Yeah exactly Oh. Don't say that word so they they're really really really high value and they did this by training. African grey parrots. Oh an six blue headed Macaws. Okay so the macos to To Barter Metal Rings for Walnuts. Okay they basically taught him. Here's this medal ring. If you drop it in this place or you slide it through this thing we'll give you a walnut nice right. So then they put the the parents and clear chambers joined by transfer hole and they gave one bird the donor ten rings and the other was left with none. And they would actually Put these in a neighboring put the birds in neighboring cages. For Awhile so that they would kind of like guilt up a little bit of a relationship like hey neighbor Exactly and so even with out the promise of a reward for themselves. Seven out of eight of the African grey. Parrot donors would pass some of their available tokens through the transfer. Hold to their broke. Friends usually shuttling them from beak to beak. Aw sweet then that one was kind of a jerk. I mean or didn't like the other way. Maybe it was like I'm not going to give my treats to Karen. Now if it was Janet. It'd be different but okay. So on average about half the metal rings made it through allowing the recipients to trade the trinkets for walnuts through another window cool and they're not really sure if it was in spite of the fact that the nuts had such high value or maybe because the nets had such high value right right. That's kind of a hard one to test style. I mean you can do further tests to see if you can replicate the results with a lower value. Treat right but even then you're Kinda just like is this an overall general behavior or is it because they're like man this. I'm just so fortunate that I have to share. Yeah and I really like you so I'm GonNa make sure you get this too. I see you don't have any of it. I want you to have it to. And in some cases they would actually give all ten of their tokens. What yeah those ones are not very smart. Are they the smartest because maybe they got all ten back? Maybe it's a socialist agenda here. Okay so that's that's pretty cool. Isn't that your lucky but still like very uplifting and I'm a big Fan. Yeah I think between you know. We're we're outta halfway point with our with our three different stories and I think now is a good time to kind of shed the light on another fellow. Podcast GONNA pass some of our tokens along. We're going to take some of our listenership and share them except for a little bit different because hopefully you will listen to both podcasts. Because like we said we're encouraging people to stay home to to keep some physical distance between twelve and others but physical distance doesn't have to mean cutting yourself off no really cool experiences and having fun time with your family. Yep LISTENING TO PODCASTS. Is a great way to make sure that you're still getting worse. The world is right and do you can be aware of what other things are going on. And the podcast that we chose to spotlight today again from our lady pod squad promos emissions if you're in your era podcast her a female identifying or neutral identifying podcasters. And you want to be in this group. Please make sure to Upload Your Promo Jazz Air Promo Submission spreadsheet and let. It has a lot of times we pick off there because it's fun. I think it's fun to cold. Call people we get to meet so many new awesome pods that way. I know things that may be outside of genres that we would normally listen or even you would normally listen to get to try something new so today we decided we wanted to pick a podcast. That would help you find even more things to do. Yeah you're hanging out at home and that would be fun and uplifting and not furthering your yes. We Day okay friends. So this week we are sharing with you the Promo from T. and stump. It's a Regency Romance Review. Give it good morning healthy. I've got to tell you about this regency bromance. I just read your finished already. Oh I couldn't put it down. Have you read anything new? Not since you asked me yesterday. That's all right. I'll just find something. I've read before but Zoe haven't you read and reread hundreds of these books. They're my favorites. Far off places daring damsels. True love and Dukes and disguise since we both love these books so much. What if we made a podcast? Oh Kelsey I insist well all right. Let's do it join us. Real life friends in real life romance novel enthusiasts every other week on trumpets a Regency Romance Review as we discussed the book from our favorite genre. And what makes it steamy or tepid and as the regency period technically lasted only nine years. Generally we're talking post wigs but pre telephone. So whether you're looking for a book to add to your to be read pile or you read our choice already. We've got a little something for everyone reading along or just listen in. You can find a son you're pod catcher of choice and new episodes coming every other thirsty. So what do you see the every other week just like us? So that's so cool on a Monday you can get a critter cast episode on a Thursday. You get a t and strummed. That's episode perfect. Is Why not to listen to that. While eating tea and reading about trumpets I honestly like when I clicked on it I was like I don't know what this is but as soon as I understood what they were talking I was like Kassy's GonNa love this podcast and I'm going to be hearing this podcast in the morning when she starts when she presses play when she gets up. I'm the start hearing it because it just felt you know just for you. It sounds really also. It sounds like a really fun relationship between the host. They have good dynamics super down for that. I really like podcast where I can feel like. I'm friends with the hosts. Even if they don't know that they are my friends right like we're just all one big circle of friends exactly exactly high new friends. Yeah thank you for sharing your Promo. We hope that you get some new listeners from it and we hope you continue on in this uplifting and kind of fun lighthearted podcast road work. Oh my gosh. Are you ready for our next story. I'm so ready. I'm loving this break from our norm. But this is. I'm so here for the you know and we will probably end up finding species of animals that we're like okay. We have to do an upright now. We got to talk about African grays more absolutely. Yeah so it's time for me to give my science May. Oh my gosh so my science. Are you surprised again is about lizards? Ah I'M NOT SURPRISED. I like cats. I snakes lizards. What are you GonNa? Don't come at me. I like snails like it's fun. So specifically it is about a couple of different species of a normal. Oh Yeah are fun little. They started out as forest and jungle lizards and are now becoming more and more urban as build into their habitats. Which is what this research is all about. So I found this article. It was shared to science daily Dot Com. Which is where I found it. But it is like a full actual scientific What's the Word Journal Article Journal Article? Peer reviewed and stuff and it is by Shane Campbell. Staten Kristen winchell. Nicolas Rochette Jason for debt in Bar. Mayan and Raina Schweitzer. Oh and Julian Kachin. Lots of lots of people so much fun. Well it takes a lot of people to write a right. Article does most of the quotes from the like the Snapshot. I read whereby Kristen winchell but cool. I'm sure they all had yeah a pretty decent contribution to this article. So what they wanted to look at is that it seemed like they were seeing a lot of a knowles popping up specifically in cities in Puerto. Rico okay because that's where they're from and they see them more and more and the more we build into these urban settings and we have a lot of concrete and a lot of metal the more And you know we have climate change in all that fun stuff. Yeah the more that we see a lot of heat buildup in these areas that were previously forest. You know you had the cover from the trees. And the wizards didn't have to deal with higher temperatures right. But they're also seeing wizards beginning to adapt to be able to maintain all their normal behaviors and survive at extremely high temperatures. Oh just not something that previously were able to do. Wow T- Shen Yong. He's a very rapid adoption. Because Urban Ization Gary Robb and global warming has been very rapidly and they have been able to do what they showed in. This one population study is that the animals were able to maintain normal behaviors even up to forty degrees Celsius which is a hundred and four degrees Fahrenheit. Da like in the broad daylight son. Humans like cancer only with assistance. I cannot do my viewers. You're outside in one hundred and four degree heap without anything to protect. You know down exactly nothing. So they're able to just do this but what's really interesting about? It is that it's only true of lizards that are born within the city and not necessarily lizards that are born in the forest and I great gene expression or something exactly so not all of the individuals of these. I think it was fifteen different species. They observed now all of the different individuals had the genetic ability to express it and even then they could only see it when they were living in this. So right they call it a hidden. Superpower Nice jeans are only expressed in a specific environment which is true of a couple other things but out of times like you express your genes no matter what. That's just how their body is coated can can we make a t shirt that says express her gene? You teens dancer but yeah so that was really cool because previously you know this. This study in particular was published on March ninth in the Nature Ecology and Evolution Journal. So it's a very very new study which yeah. I mean literally like a week old which is Kinda Cool. Cool to kind of be just like up in it. Previously they'd observe the same species of wizards evolving like longer. Lynn's and larger toe pads. Because that's another way to kind of keep yourself right off the heat and help yourself. But literal thermal tolerance is a much more complex super fascinating that they were just able to adapt and evolve within very few generations. Amazing it's fascinating so-called. I did not read the full paper. I only read the article. That kind of like summarize for me willing to it. Yeah if you're interested in reading the full full paper it is available online like. Oh my gosh. That's awesome. Was there so cool? They really are. That's a really really needs a knowles. They're just cute little things and remember an animal thoughts. What that one guy turned into? Oh okay never read and more. The book covers freaked. Me Are you kidding. Me would have loved you know. I couldn't because so many of them were morphing into insects and at the time I just like I know well I know what you need to do with quarantine time you have. No some of us are not getting quarantine from our jobs and some of us can't work from home. Which is you know it's fine. I sure that's true for a lot of people in animal welfare right now. It's true we are on the frontlines as much as healthcare worker. No but or first responders keep dealing with the public though in order to keep those animals safe and cared for exactly and we're trying to think of ways to get our resources out into the communities that if they don't feel okay coming to us and also that we discourage people coming test but we also still need people to come to us to adopt animals so that we don't end up full right but just come into it up that one animal that you already know you want to adopt and then just leave exactly. Don't just come into browse doorknobs like twenty times a day. Nobody perfect why have another happy? Happy Happy Story for you. Excellent okay. It's a little short but it's local to rest Kinda Ish. Okay Yeah such a fun little story. You'd me okay. So this is about an exciting event that happened on January. Eighteenth at the Los Angeles Zoo. Okay it's a girl my little cousins. GonNa love this frozen her favorite. Oh awesome guerillas are so cool. So they had a really big breakthrough and a a new baby. Lowland gorilla was born. Which was the first for them in twenty years because most zoos. Ucla highland girl. That's what critically absolutely so it's really really great that they had this baby. A successful breeding Him or her. Okay well let me let me take you back a little bit. Okay to tell you about the folks so the zoo announced the birth of its first baby gorilla and more than two decades born to critically endangered west. Western lowland gorillas Kelly. The the DAD was thirty. Two and first time Mama Nadia. Nydia Nadia There's a an Apostrophe oh DJ India Javale twenty five years and. She's a first time mom but Kelly. It had multiple babies before and he'd always been a really good playful patient. Dad Oh good and she had been in a group with babies around with mothers around so they knew that she would be able to get it and she'd seen how babies were taking care of right so three weeks after the birth of the baby The zoos animal care was able to confirm that the as of yet unnamed baby gorilla is a girl. Because it's really important to let mom and baby bonds. Ya for a really time that that body to body skin-to-skin contact so they didn't want to even try taking video. I mean because that's the thing about zoos that are responsible. And when the breeding programs you set them up for success you have to set up the breeding a Lotta time because you want to make sure that your breeding healthy animals that are going to thrive and survive but you let them do their thing and that should be off responsible breeders not even in but you let them do what they do best and take care of that and you only intervene when you have to yet. So yeah. Maybe that doesn't maybe that means we don't get adorable photos of newborn gorillas immediately. But if you have a zoom lens maybe we can right right. Yeah exactly yeah. Oh and you know what? I just found out that she has been name. This just came out at the end of February. Her name is very well fit. It's July. What from Los Angeles? Oh my God. Welcome Angela doesn't make any sense where the their names are kind of all over the place in general It also sweets ray too because The way that the the baby was named was that someone who's been a longtime patron of the zoo named the baby after his daughter. Let's guys support the organizations? You love because you know a they can continue doing the lifesaving or impacting or superfund work depending on the organization that you love and support. Maybe one day in the future. You can name a baby gorilla. You don't know my Gosh. Maybe living the dream. Yeah I'm just just maybe amazing where if you support your local shelter. I bet they'll let you name a kitten. There's hundreds yeah totally. That's so fun so while you should not go to the zoo right now because there are large groups of people. Don't know this is right now. You can definitely follow them on instagram. And everywhere else on social media and you'll be able to see pictures of the little baby clinging to its Momma and nursing and serving her surrounding. Yeah I mean you couldn't see her right now anyway so by the time all of this comes down. We're able to get a handle of it. Were able to control the spread of this virus better. It'll be perfect time to go. See Angela Las Angeles County. Oh perfect you know. It'll be so fun so good and for those of you are thinking man you know like I really WanNa get out and do all these fun things. While the weather's nice by the time all days down it's going to be so hot depending on where you live. A lot of places are setting up live feeds hands and virtual tour. They're trying to get people involved and a lot of this. They're offering for free so it's amazing to those if you enjoy it consider making donations to these organizations and zoos and aquariums and we're by GIFT CARDS BY GIFT cards places. Buy Tickets that are you know. You don't expire. Yeah visit later. All all of these things are are really really important for all these businesses that are suffering. So you know your favorite restaurant or your movie passes or anything like that. Make sure to find other ways to support them at this time by the time. This all dies down. You can still go and enjoy them. The big thing is guys. It's a bummer. To miss out on the things that we love to do that involve other people. It's a bummer. To not be able to go shopping you know. We talked in the previous episode. About how cassie and I are both in the process of buying homes and we're not going to Kia and home depot and goods as it is a online shopping thing. You can have a lot of fun online shopping. So true be it will all die down and win. Does all of these things will still be there and the people that we love that might have otherwise. Gotten sick if we hadn't made good choices. Yep We'll also be there to enjoy with us. Yep So this is not a punishment for you. This is something that we're asking everybody to participate in to protect everybody else. It's an investment in our community absolute and honestly if you had told me last year that in twenty twenty I would be spending a bunch of time at home on my couch with my animals. Watch a net flicks being online. I'd be like okay. Sign Right up. Adding I would not have realized the connection. Contact virtual teaching to your resume. I taught online multiple times before but like literally everything. Yeah everything has to be remote an on. It's okay. I'm not stressed at all it's fine. He's okay I I was. I added some new things to my resume. This week. I added Pigeon Wrangler. Yj My resume was we. Will you guys follow us on Social Media Instagram or facebook or twitter? I think I showed it there to. You'll have seen my photo of me with are adoptable pigeon. So the so cute adorable. Let me let you guys know. I did it wrong. I didn't do it. Good the first time I went to grab her. I went in with not enough confidence. Fluttered away from me and then I was like I'm just going to do it. I'm just GONNA grabber. Got a picture of her but then when I was trying to like kind of set her down so that my hands were in the picture. She totally freaked out. Flew away from me all around the room working. What's going on literally? This pigeon flew to the door handle and was like hopping up and down on the door. Handle Open the door. You're not heavy enough to open precious though but I was like. Pigeons ARE SMART. People like to pigeons and movies are always or like you know moving their heads right being very smart but pigeons were literally used in several different wars. Yeah carriers and message takers of important messages. We trusted pigeons with our live. Absolutely and rightfully. So they're very intelligent animals and if you WANNA pigeon in your life check out So-fi at the elk grove animal shelter. Exactly speaking of it's actually time for our petty defense spotlight. He's not an official but we'll plug her too. I picked the animals last episode. Classy do you have a cool animated to spotlight? I have to same organization. John's good so we did dogs same. This time. We're doing cats. Yea these are both from alley. Cats rescue which alley cats A. L. L. E. Y. K. A. T. T. Z. O. And they're in New York New York New York New York New York New York Ohio Town New York New York rain so the first one is bell. She's really really cute. She's mostly white. She's got really light kind of jade green is one way ear. And then she's got some tabby spots all cues doral. She's about five years old. Okay and she's a lap cat. I love a lap cat. She loves her people to she really likes to be with people she likes to. Caudal does not super love being around animals. Okay is there is a little stressed out around. Got Spare girl. But she's very very very friendly and very social with people so she would be wonderful for a home with Kids even and with people who want to have some really good quality time and one pet to really dote on right. So if you're in the New York City area you've been looking around for an animal and you have an animal free home right now and you. WanNa bring one animal in and give all the love and attention you can take a look at bell. She's on PET FINDER DOT COM. I'm very nine her by looking for her through alley cats A. L. L. E. Y. C. A. T. T. K. Eight K. A. Yep that's right we'll post a link to and then the other one. I thought was really good kind of combination with her because she wants to be really in an only one. Animal Home Well this cat booker Would love to be around other animals so book are Oh my. Gosh he's adorable. He's got such a cute faces mostly Black Tuxedo. He's mostly black. He's got a little white patch on his nose. Just runs right up his nose a little bit adorable. And then he's got a white chest little white paws Really Really Classic Tuxedo Very Classic. Yeah he's a medium coat through he's probably really saw a little bit of fluff a little bit of fluff. He likes kids and he loves other CATS LOOK AT THAT. He lived a tough street life. He was a around the town and so he does have his left. Ear tipped because once upon a time he was neutered and put back outside and then he decided outside anymore. Hey I actually would like to live in a house. Yeah I wanNA couch. Give me a couch and EMBIID YEP so. He decided to walk into the first warm home that he could find. His Monster MOMS mez that he is a sweet affectionate playful yet. Really Chill Dude. He's got absolutely gorgeous coat. And is that melt hearts and he would love to come and help warm your lap. That's lovely so from alley and one for one for anybody so if you have other cats and you want a new cat checkout booker. If you don't have any other animals checkout bell yeah excellent stuff and again to restore Kathy's with alley cats so you can contact them to ask about adopting Bhai emailing them at adopt at alley cats. Wait hold on. Let me get the actual right one and just trying to do it from memory. Yeah adopt dot alley cats at gmail.com mail DOT COM. There you go so fun please do adopt them. And if you're not in the New York area and you're looking to adopt pet. Finder is a great resource because you can filter through what type of animal? You're looking for. What characteristics the organization? That animal is with identifies them as having so have a very particular home and you need an animal. That's going to be able to fit in or you looking for an animal of a certain age range right even a dog or cat with a specific breed or coloring though. I don't recommend basing your shirts off that some people have very particular preferences. You can absolutely still find a rescue near you. Big sites like pet finder and adopt a pet dot. Com are really good resources or just visit your local shelter not right now by your local restaurant right now. I mean most shelters are not follow your shelters recommendations because most animal shelters are not shutting down unless they feel like they daily have a lot of crowds follow them on social media. Find an animal. You WanNa go meet and then go briefly adopt and go home. Yeah I mean I know like at our shelter stopping by. Even if you didn't know who you wanted to adopt would probably still be you want to adopt right. Not just browsing. Even if you're just looking we just don't have the crowd so we don't have the worry arrive. Having too many in type and our facility is new. It's kept very clean. Were able to regularly disinfect. You be socially distant yeah exactly and built with Nice white hallways so there's just a lot of space for people to be able to a different shelter facilities so some shelters that no. They regularly have crowd. Were able not observing that six foot recommendation or who just know that their facilities aren't able to be disinfected as regularly are switching to maybe appointment. Only adoptions or you know meeting people out in more open spaces to to view animal so we are still hoping to foster out and adopt out animals in this time but each shelter is GonNa need to accommodate at differently or in order to keep their communities safe so that brings up something that I was thinking about. Which is that if you're stuck home by yourself right now and you're maybe having a little bit of cabin fever. You're feeling like you're not getting a lot of social interaction. It sounds to me like the perfect time to try. Fostering yeah because you're going to be home more than you would be home. Yeah and that's always recommended with a new foster animals. Don't know if they like being home alone or not. If you don't have other animals to occupy you currently you are the ideal a foster home for lots and lots of stress out shelter in out there even if you do have other animals at home a guarantee there's someone out in a shelter. Yeah that would benefit from hanging out on your couch with you. Especially if you're with me to foster a more active animals like dogs or cats. They'll encourage you to still go outside. Going outside is still okay. Yeah just go outside while maintaining your six foot personal bubble well and what a great way to make sure that you're still getting activity and sunlight and vitamin D right. While you're empire this still be a human a human. That enjoys some me time. Yes be an introvert. You an animal loving and even if you even if it's not outside but having a young active cat or a kitten the we're still going to breed when it gets warm. Oh yeah of whether they don't care about you know you can still find yourself being active and just having social interaction because yes it is a one hundred percent true that animals are not at risk of contracting krona virus. Or giving it to you. Awesome the only thing that might be a concern is if they were you know somebody else had corona virus. A human coughed on them did not clean their dog. And then theoretically you came into contact there's a small potential there makes recent studies and research are showing that you're far more likely to contract it by breathing in air particles around setting versus coming into contact. I mean still wash your hand. Which is something he should have been doing. All still sanitize frequently touched surfaces. Which is again something you should be doing all along. Yes but your risk of contracting it from foster animal is extremely low and what a gateway to lighten up your days. Yeah also to add some volume to those zoom meetings. That you'll be having your it depends on your job and whether or not they're going to enjoy you know puppies crying. We're very excited to see a cat pop up in my zoom video sometimes multiple cats buying your license cute cute. Get Out of my way like stomach. Yeah so that's that's the critter. Cast take on the world right now. You guys know. We like to take sometimes saddened disheartening news and try and find the good parts in it. Yes I wouldn't necessarily consider. Cassie or myself unrelenting optimists. I think we have a really good take. That it's a real world and this is a serious problem right but we don't have to let it take us down and we don't have to let it stop everything about our lives. We can be resilient. We can still participate in the world as human beings. We can have have to do some self care routines brainless difficult time right. Yeah I just have to do so in a way that keeps others. Say So. Please remember with this whole social distancing and self isolation and self quarantining that. This is not something you do for yourself. Some people do it for themselves into camps L. Safe but regardless of whatever level of concerned. You are about yourself. This is something that we do for everyone. Because it doesn't matter whether it's your parent or your grandparent or your neighbor or your friend or literally a complete stranger. Yes we should value everybody the same way one hundred percent absolutely be kind to all critter including the human human this episode alone so. I have an idea that I think would be Super Super Super Fun. There's lots of kids stuck home right now and some schools gave work to work on at home right but some schools were able to tie. They didn't totally understandable right. Well I think it would be so fine. If you'RE A KIDDO. Who's listening to this podcast or you have a Kiddo in your life I think you should have them do something about animals to share with us. Have him drop picture about their favorite animal or do a short little video about? They're telling us about their favorite animal. Cool animal fact. Yeah share it with us on any worse social media pages we put together an awesome compilation. Yeah and then. We'd love to send that Kiddo. A sticker yacht should be fun as sticker of any critter cast crew member of their choosing. Yeah so we officially have lovely artwork by our friend Zara who marked by Zara for every single one of our resident critters that are part of the critter cast crew both the reptiles and the mammals. And we are going to do another reorder sticker so of their choosing whether they're a fan of poppy or basil or midnight or actually you know what we don't have yet. No no we need a bug okay. In general if they're fans of any of them they can choose a sticker of their choosing. Fun It'll be a lot of a little be. It'll be great. Yeah so that's is doing little tiny bit of research and they can be many here that really critter catheters. Many casters mini theaters. So Fun in the meantime if you're looking for more critter cast podcast content so much more. Oh my Gosh cassie. Where can they find us? They can find all of our older episodes anywhere. You listen to podcasts including spotify back all of our episodes our backup streaming on spotify. Thank you folks that blueberry are hosting site for getting that sorted out. Yup that was frustrating. But we're back. And all of our episodes past Lake Episode Number Twenty three. I think are kid friendly. Feel free to listen in the car with your Kiddos or not in the car at home well on your Amazon Alexa. Popcorn drawing pictures of your home. Yes all the fun things. All the fun things. you can also find us on. Youtube. Maybe you want to watch some cool videos about critter. Cats can watch some of our meet the critters videos. You can watch our reptile Expo Law. So Fun Yeah. Those are critter casts on Youtube. Where else can they find us? They can find us at our website. Resource CRITTER CASTS PODCASTS DOT COM. You can find us all episodes are on there. Of course you can subscribe to our episodes right there on our website. You can also find our merchandise shop on red bubble. You can find some resources on how to help animals right now. All the Info on there is still specifically about Australian animals. And how to help them? Because you know s efforts go. Long past when the fires put out You can also resources on reptiles aided in owning your own critter. Yeah you can find some resources on who pick. And once you've picked one of those beginner ones that we'd recommend date how to set them up for success with our sheets so lots of cool things hanging out on our website critter cast podcast dot com. Or You can follow us on that standard social media. You wouldn't follow us on facebook at critter cast on Instagram at critter. Podcast and on twitter at cast critter. That's rate or the dentist of animal. Means the most recent of cool animal articles. Guess and the random pictures of critters we meet in our daily lives. Yes some of them are pigeons. Some of them are snails congregating. For whatever reason they were congregating for them are cannibals snails right. Some of them are our own resident. Critters out of them are owned resident. Chris just enjoy yeah. It's good stuff. You can always email us too if there's something you wanNA share with us or if you want us to talk about a particular critter that we haven't talked about yet. Email us at critic has podcasts at G MAIL DOT COM. We're always happy to hear from you literally in any way. Yes you'll leave us reviews to tell us what you like about the show. Shout out to our to our reviewer on facebook such a fun time we really appreciated your just kind of out of the Blue Review. It was so sweet so super shoutout to loading assured noting loading loading loading reviews there. Go I feel like I'm Cynthia. Cynthia Feazel was right. Thank you that was so sweet we love that. Yes so thank you for listening and if you've done all of that we've done some of that but you're like This isn't a one hundred percent. Crooner cast content and came for well maybe hop on over to Patriot dot com slash podcast and check us out on Patriots. So that's a place where are just extra super critter? Casts fanatics can go for super special content in exchange for their support of the podcast. You can support our podcast for many ways. You know freeways like listening to US reviewing telling a friend just enjoying showing us on social media. That's a completely free to support our podcast. If you're looking to give a little bit of money to support the podcast like for new equipment studio stuff excursions out to reptile shows and booths to you know put our outreach out there stickers and merchandise and all that fun stuff you can donate as low as one dollars a month all the way up to. I don't know however crazy you wanna get per month. Yeah and get access to additional content. I access to photo shoots and stickers and merchandise that we are working hard to be more and more active on Patriots on speaking of our next Patriot episode instead of being about a magical creature which is our normal patriot episodes once a month magical creatures this Fund Patriots special for the month of March. It'd be all about how to move because that's eight right now smell experience but also research. Yes yes so. So enjoy that hop on over to Patriot dot com slash critter. Cast if you're interested in listening to that episode or an episode fully about dragons or an episode holy about UNICORNS war existing Patriot words fully about a lake monster. Arrange that one to tahoe tessie ridiculous. All right well thank you guys so much for tuning into critter cast today once again. I am your co host Corinna. I'm your co host. Cassie and we love you all. We love you guys. We just know that our critter cast listeners are the type of people who are proactively social distancing because they care about yet everyone and they are washing their hands. For Twenty seconds well belting out Joe Lean or whatever show tune or other assorted song you would like also I read a graphic that you can probably state the entire opening monologue of law and order. Svu about twenty seconds as well. Don't done so you're just one of those people we thank you guys for tuning in and we will see you next episode or here you or you will hear us next episode on critter cast see you later alligator after while crocodile cast podcast.

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