British Airways Fined Record 183m Fine for Data Breach - DTH


these are the daily tech headlines for monday july eighth twenty nineteen i'm rich lino bucase information commissioner's office announced plans defined british airways one hundred eighty three million pounds and for violating gdp are rules in twenty eighteen data breach that affected over three hundred eighty thousand people be i ceo's investigation found that port security arrangements led to the breach of credit card information names addresses travel booking details and loggains gdp are allows for a fine of up to four percent of companies worldwide turnover with british airways fine amounting to one point five percent of its twenty seventeen revenue british airways now has twenty eight days to appeal the ruling amazon subsidiary city area kuyper systems from application with e u s s e c the launch of fleet of satellites to provide global broadband coverage according to the filing this would include three thousand two hundred thirty six satellites in ninety eight orbital planes at altitude ranging between three hundred sixty six and three hundred ninety one miles above the filing also acknowledges the need to share spectrum competing companies like spacex one web in iridium kuyper systems could begin offering broadband service efforts phase one roll it up five hundred seventy eight satellites although we should note they finally did not detail when or who would launch satellites movie past shutdowns services customers as of july fourth at five pm according to ceo mitch low the shutdown the last several weeks to complete work on a new app during this time the service won't accept new sign ups or charge existing customers subscribers who have already paid for the month will be automatically credit downtime wants movie pass resume surface a security flaw in these seven eleven japan seven pay mobile app resulted in roughly nine hundred people losing a total of fifty five million yen since launching on july first this caused by poorly implemented security password reset which allowed anyone to request password reset on accounts and have that reset link sent you an email address not linked in that account requesting in reset only required email address date of birth at a phone number end users who did not put in a birthday drink account creation received a default of january first twenty nineteen seven eleven japan has shut down the service on july third and promised compensate all users who lost funds apple is testing by metric simon's on the web with i called dot com users running debate is if i was thirteen i was thirteen and meko west catalina who go to beta i club dot com confused assigning with space eddie or touch idee at ww dc this year apple announced that signing but apple tools will be available to developers this summer head of the features public launch in september brazil denied claims by the uk k's internet service providers association but it plans to enable dns over https by default in the fire fox browser in the u k b i s p eight and the uk government have expressed concern that dns over https could get in around round i spe blocks on site either banned by the government or voluntarily block biased piece at the request of child protection groups or parents firefox includes support for dns over https since november twenty eighteen but it is not nailed by default brazil did state isn't talked with european partners to bring the feature to more european users tesla ceo elon musk tweeted that the company will most likely begin upgrading older tesla model with the new customs self driving chip by q four must previously stated this upgrade will be free for anyone who purchased before self driving software package and would upgrade cars based on these hardware to platform tesla vehicles produced since march already used tassels new chip design chrome browser canarian canarian nightly builds show a new feature called global media controls when videos playing in any tab on the browser a player i kinda show next to your real bar clicking on it reveals for the controls letting users pause play or skip forward and backwards in the video without switching to the tap early tests found the feature didn't work with all video sources currently no word on when or if global media controls would come to the main chrome browser released channel and finally alphabet self driving car subsidiary waymo began testing complimentary why fi in phoenix based waymo one self driving fleet along with making sure all vehicles come with an install child seat this father's day edition of ad free music streaming from google play music for passengers launching april waymo one service is currently

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