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Someone tried to order a cake for two year old that said happy birthday lizard but the bakery misheard them sent them to kick this happy birthday loser. This is real looking at the White House. Trump up was like what is the cake I order for done. Junior say Lizard Good morning and welcome to morning Joe. It is Friday July twenty six along with Joe Willy and me we have the host of Saturday night politics on on M._S._N._B._C.. Donny Deutsch New York Times reporter Jeremy Peters is with US Republican strategist and M._S._N._B._C. political analyst Susan del Persio Politics Editor for the daily Beast San Stein and Pulitzer Prize winning columnist and so sit at the Washington Post and M._S._N._B._C. political analyst Eugene Robinson is with us this morning so take your pick joe at the top stories this morning when he wrote Moscow manage can congressional Democrats get on the same page. Nancy Pelosi meets with A._O._l.. Users warning this as one of the house speakers top lieutenants comes out in support of impeaching the president plus Congress takes action on one front and definitely does not on another the house passes a sweeping spending bill while Senate Republicans block election security legislation just hours after Bob Muller testified in case. There's any doubt about Russia which there should not be a new report from the Intel Committee shows just it's time aggressive. Moscow was and how unprepared the U._S. was to deal with. We're GONNA talk about that in the second but really the shocking thing about this is at Robert Muller testified that not only did Russia tried to interfere with a two thousand thousand sixteen election and not only did Donald Trump's all of his intel community and Kirstin Nilsson when Jews the Homeland Security said Russia undermined American democracy in two thousand sixteen we remember back then the warnings came but Moscow Mitch that being Mitch McConnell of Moscow Kentucky actually blocked that and said he threatened the people that were going to try to get that information to warn Americans. Now we have almost almost four years later the same warnings coming coming not only from the independent counsel which sixty percent of Republicans believe Renna Fair Investigation Republicans we now have the Intel Committee and the Senate run by North Carolina Republican Richard Burr saying what that the Russians tried to infiltrate all fifty states in two thousand sixteen to undermine American democracy accuracy and undermine of free and fair election and on the same day Willie Moscow Mitch blocks two bills that would actually protect us from a Russian invasion in this area well first of all. I want to thank you for bearing the lead. which is the red SOx historic dismantling of the Yankees last night at Fenway Park Guy Three you guys buren? I predicted that you guys we're gonNA sweep it so okay you win three out of four. Go ahead okay so we've pushed that to the side but yeah you're absolutely right the Senate report that came out yesterday from the Intel Committee led by Republican Richard Burr of North Carolina was damning but it merely reiterated what we've heard over the last two years that we've heard from all the intelligence agencies we heard from the Muller report we heard from Robert Muller's testimony who said memorably two days ago Russia's interfering with our elections right now as we sit here and will interfere again in our twenty twenty election. It's happening in real time. Now you have the Senate Intel Committee coming out in detailing in its its own way after its investigation what exactly Russia and other countries have been doing so to have Mitch McConnell step in between election security and this country and our future elections is what coming up in twenty twenty is outrageous. Yes I mean he wasn't we talk about it. Mitch McConnell talks about it. In terms of this conspiracy calls it the Russia hoax he said well. This is just another bill partisan Democrats. Who've been pushing a hoax well? The hoax is not a hoax. It's what Robert Muller's spent six hours the other day detailing. It's what the Senate Intel Committee now details in a long report with more to come. I don't know how you can in good faith. Sit In denial about what is happening and what's going to happen in the next election election well. We're about to get some blockbuster polls Donnie that are going to show just how much donald trump still is suffering out there in the polls. He can fire all the pollsters. He wants but they're onto him. A lot of Americans are onto him now but I wanNA talk about Moscow Mitch and let's just line this up for a second so you have Robert Muller a lifelong Republican the most respected F._B._i.. Director in the history of this country of a Vietnam war hero a guy that made the ranger the Army Rangers Dangerous Hall of fame a guy who said Russia is trying to invade America right now. They're in Moscow. Mitch says it's a hoax you have his own intelligence committee in the Senate led by Republican Richard were saying that Russia tried to infiltrate all fifty states back in two thousand sixteen and are going to try it again. Moscow Mitch calls it a hoax you have the Republican publican trump appointed f._B._i.. Director saying that the Russians infiltrated America's democracy and they're going to try again. Moscow Mitch calls it a hoax you have the head the director of national intelligence saying and that the Russians tried to infiltrate or election system tried to subvert American democracy and they're going to try it again. Moscow Mitch said it's a hoax you have trump's appointed director of the CIA saying that the Russians are trying to undermine American democracy that the Russians tried and sixteen. We'll try again Moscow. Mitch calls it a hoax. You have military Intel people people for Military Intel community knowing because they were fighting the Russians in two thousand fifteen two thousand sixteen and are still fighting them every day to stop them from continuing to infiltrate American Democracy Donnie. Jim Moscow Mitch says it's a hoax. Now tell me I understand that. There's a oligarch that I I've read is going to be setting up a big aluminum plant in Moscow Mitch's homestate. I don't know of that's it but how can Moscow Mitch so so willingly turn a blind. I not only this year to what his Republican chairman of the Intel Committee is saying to what Robert Muller's Chris saying to what the F._B._I.. Director saying what the D._N._A. is saying to what the CIA is saying. What the United States Military Intel communities saying how can Moscow Mitch keep denying that Vladimir Putin continues to try to subvert American Democracy Joe? I love that you call in Moscow Mitch because frankly it's a continuation of something I suppose I wanted to manage. Its He's at all people call him cocaine Mitch. Maybe I don't know maybe he's right. I mean he's he's only cocaine Mitsubishi's run and cocaine to Moscow because he's Moscow Mitch because you're seriously he he is he is he is aiding and abetting Vladimir Putin's ongoing attempts use to subvert American democracy according to the Republican F._B._I.. C._I._A.. Deny Intel Committee drugs. Are Republicans are all saying Russia is burning American democracy and Moscow Mitch. Mitch won't even let the Senate take a vote on it is UNAMERICAN Joe. You're doing this because it's something you started yesterday now. I WANNA wind back yesterday because to me so I've been on the show for ten years. Frankly have listened to a lot of listened to a lot we broiled on the air lot and what you said in a couple of minutes yesterday to me is the most important thing that's ever been said on this show on any show on this air and that we are at war it is time for the Democrats to wake up we are playing against cheaters and liars are steelers and with all due respect to Michelle Obama when they go hi when they go. We gotta do whatever we have a half to do. We actually have a government led by Moscow Bitch and criminal trump. Oh by the way we're GONNA call him unindicted criminal trump now because in two instances he has been an unindicted criminal so I I know in in regular when you're playing fair your school in President Trump just like when Moscow Mitch what we call him criminal trump and another message for the Democrats it is time to move forward. There are two takeaways from Muller that we're going to us. As we go to war number one the president broke the law and when he's out of office he can go and we'll go to jail and number two. We are vulnerable with our election systems. That's are two things we may not have won the battle of impeachment but we're going to win the war of putting him in jail what ever we have to do and we're not going to necessarily play fair and for all the intellectuals out there who's hairs going to go on fire but we're becoming like them. We're becoming like them. We cannot lose the next election. We will go back fifty years. We have to one of the joker just finished the one tool we have to use that the Democrats never use is fear start to stop talking about Donald Trump today and yesterday and start to paint a picture of what the next four years would look like maybe the next eight twelve years because he doesn't think he's going anywhere of the possible path to a dystopia in society. There is no more Kleenex. We cannot bring a knife fight to a gunfight was here. Here's the thing though Gene Robinson we don't have to look for years into the future. We can look right now and yes. We're at war we're at war in Russia declared that war in two thousand sixteen and they decided they were going to subvert American democracy and every one of donald trump's appointed intel chief said Russia is trying to subvert American Democracy Robert Muller said at a few days ago and yesterday the Intel chief the Republican indulge that I came into Congress with the nineteen ninety four. He's a conservative guy. The Tire Intel Committee said the Russians tried subvert American democracy in fifty states and they're still trying it and yet Moscow Mitch keeps killing any bill that would protect American democracy from Vladimir Vladimir Putin spies. What are we do about that Jane? Well you know what do we do about it. We we we elect this this <hes> Donny Deutsch Cottam criminal president we <hes> and we call it out. I mean we eat. I look I'm in total agreement with the <hes> when when they go we <hes> we get busy argument. I mean it is this is an emergency. This is <hes> situation <hes> <music>. I'm never seen in American politics. <hes> and we were in danger. We really are endangered by this president and this administration and the Senate majority leader who will not allow <hes> how will not allow vote on this this crucial legislation Gary He will not gene allow of on protecting America the D._H._S. secretary the F._B._i.. Director the CIA director deny had they all our military community. Everybody said that American democracy is at risk and Mitch McConnell Moscow Mitch continues to cover up for Vladimir Putin Newton and won't allow the vote he he does and Richard Burr is not a flaming liberal runs the Senate Intel Committee but that that report is chilling and one killing parts is that they <hes> the Russians were trying to infiltrate and snoop around election systems off fifty states in all fifty states. I mean so it's not you know if you think we are somehow protected protected by the fact that we basically have fifty different election electoral systems instead of lawn and therefore less vulnerable well that seemed like a good <hes> a good rationale but that's not the case they were in all fifty and the other thing is that a lot of the incursions looked like like recon missions you know so they would they would sort of map the terrain so that they could come back and guess what we have an election next year and they'll be back. It's stunning that this is what we fall into in this country speaking of that election now to adjust released Fox News poll finds Joe Biden defeating trump by ten points links nationally forty-nine percent. That's not even slows Yup but Democrats don't get don't get ahead of your smoke but I mean that's not even but that's not even close to an interest that's wait. He's making fun of Joe Biden and he's losing by over Tisby will sanders trump by six to a socialist by six Mamas and I'll tell you what if I if I if I without loss to a Socialist FEM Republican and I've been present for three years and I lose a socialist by six points. I think I just go home. The president does have an edge against senators warn in Harris and opole within the margin of error so they're really tied and Apollon this swing state of Ohio. He's big in Ohio. We keep hearing he's going to Ohio by time which President One eight points twenty sixteen chose a tough race for most Democrats but not for Joe Biden the Quinnipiac University poll has biden currently leading trump by eight points fifty to forty two. You're you're telling me that Joe Biden is crushing Donald Trump in Ohio too yeah. This is supposed to be as strongest Midwest State. All other Democrats are effectively tied with trump in the middle of forty all right so let's let's let's pass this round with Willie obviously a long long way to go but I will. I will say we keep hearing from the White House out great. Donald Trump is doing we have people that have been sucking up donald trump for three years. It's really sad I feel sorry for writing op ed saying Oh everything here's breaking donald trump striking down ten points to a guy he called sleepy. Joe Biden in a socialist is beating him by six points. Well look inside the state of Ohio Donald Trump one then in two thousand sixteen by eight points and if if you look at that Ohio poll and there's another South Carolina poll we can talk about in a second the Ohio poll makes the case for Joe Biden and shows you why his lead is so wide nationally in the Fox bowl. He's up eighteen points overall on Bernie Sanders but that Susan to me is the argument for for Joe Biden he can get back those states that the trump swept through the midwest whether it's Wisconsin or Pennsylvania Ohio or Michigan the states that were lost that sliver of seventy seven seventy eight thousand votes that handled donald trump the election joe biden can make the case that he can walk in and take them back he can and that's actually the biggest strength to his candidacy especially as we see shift in pole saying that Democrats want to see someone who can beat Donald trump more than they want someone one more aligned with their own values. There was something else in that Fox poll that came up and it was how Americans feel about the attacks. The twitter attacks that the president made against the squad if you will sixty three percent of Americans thought that those polls went to far at that those tweets went too far but with interesting is when asked among Republicans as if it was an okay political attack fifty nine percent of men said yes only forty percent of women said it was okay. Trump is is on the verge of really starting to lose Republican women and that will also lead to the numbers that we saw in Ohio and I just WanNa switch back to something Joe U._S.. Jean what can people do to fight Donald Trump or Mitch McConnell now I propose creating Americans for secure elections go out and attack every Republican senator for not getting behind it while they're at home this August I will tell you that a cable why doesn't take much they will feel the pressure and that is the way you move these Republicans you scare them and that's the kind of thing you do. It seems like a great idea because again a what American I want American would would not here. The warnings from Republicans on Capitol Hill from the Intel Intel Committee are from Robert Muller are from the F._B._i.. Director the CIA director are the United States its military and not say other saying that the Russians are invading us now that they're trying to undermine American democracy. That's their words not mine that they're trying to undermine American democracy and Moscow. L. Mitch is killing every single attempt to protect American democracy. I don't think that's a positive issue in Kentucky. My parents both went to University Kentucky. I Know Kentucky Pretty Well. I don't think they speak Russian like we're my parents went to school and Lexington. I mean it's ridiculous. It gets so why isn't every Republican in the united the State Senate demanding that we protect ourselves against the Russians well. Susan mentioned the women number in that Fox News poll take a look at the breakdown on whether voters feel Donald Trump respects racial minorities. Only thirty four said yes when asked the question that's down seven points from August twenty seventeen thirty four percent just after trump praised people in Neo Nazi march in Charlottesville Virginia fifty seven percent say he does not respect minorities looking inside the poll only twenty percent of minorities feel the president respects them seventy three percent say he does not most whites fifty two percent also feel the president is not respect minorities though a six point plurality of white men without a college degree believe trump respects minorities forty eight to forty two percent that margin shrinks to one point for white men with a college degree forty eight. I'm forty seven percent. Meanwhile why women regardless of education overwhelmingly feel that trump's so not respond. Let's keep these numbers up Sam style. You know there's just this overgeneralization. There's always an overgeneralization among the liberals about black voters well. There's an overgeneralization among the media about working class white voters and there's never separation between working class white light men without a college degree and working class white women without a college degree. That's a mistake especially if you look at these numbers thirty eight percent said he trump a respects racial minorities but fifty one percent of majority says he does not and that's that's quite a Fisher and suggests much more that that Donald Trump's demagoguery and his bigotry in his racism is going to even drive away some of the in the base of his vote yeah I think we when I was lost in the show you were talking about how little impractical terms trump's done to expand his coalition and that those numbers just drive that home if your president and you're sitting at low forties approval rating if you're seeing those numbers that we put up earlier from Ohio when you're running against your body hypothetical matchup normally I think the logical thing to do would be to try to do anything in your power to expand your appeal beyond the base that you have trump's done is precisely opposite. He's run a red meat campaign. He's agitated a bunch of women voters. He's launched highly racial racial attacks racist attacks against members of Congress all all in the hopes of juicing that turnout among white working class mail votes and the play is dangerous one both rhetorically and politically and those numbers suggest that it might not be successful in either hi. It's Katy Tour WanNa keep up with M._S._N._B._C.. While you're on the go subscribe to the M._S._N._B._C. daily newsletter. You'll get the best of what you've missed during this unprecedented era of news text M._S._N._B._C. to six six eight six six to subscribe live. I was probably overly polite in the way I didn't respond polite smile. Eh Joe Biden says he won't be polite. In next week's debate out of new apparently aggressive approach to his Democratic rivals in recent days. Biden has responded to attacks from fellow candidates on his record. You call that Senator Cory Cory Booker for advocating stop and Frisk searches when booker was mayor of Newark after Booker took Biden on over criminal justice and Biden said the healthcare proposal of Senator Kamala Harris is not legitimate and would wipe out private insurance is Joe Biden is among a number of presidential candidates were at the two thousand Nineteen National Urban League conference in Indianapolis and joining us now president and C._E._O.. Of the National Urban League Marc morial Mr. Morial it's always good to see thanks for taking some time on a busy week for you. You saw a lot of candidates. You shared the stage with many of them at the conference yesterday. WHO's popping down there? WHO's getting the most attention and the most reaction? I don't think we have marks Mike Okay all right. We lost this so let's let's talk about that back and forth we saw a little bit of their will get to mark Mario and just a second one we fix his mic. Joe Biden Maury Booker Cory Booker's going at two Biden on criminal Justice Reform Comma Harris at the last debate on bussing. What are they getting at here? I don't think you're getting anywhere frankly for few reasons. I think voters aren't stupid okay. They understand the nuances of things that happened twenty thirty forty fifty years ago and I believe in I've said this on the show before that Joe has a lot of what trump had the teflon thing trump's. The Republicans wanted trump so bad at one point they saw him as a winner. They're willing to let a lot slide and you're seeing that even after the horrific debate debate performance the first time around it has slid off him because every poll shows what matters to people's perception can you be trump and I think in a strange way by is going to bounce back to me like Obama after I really bad debate <hes> and all these guys do is not trip over himself. He just needs a B minus and he wins Jeremy. I'm just going to say that by was surprised by what happened on the stage. I think he just wasn't ready for it. He in fact said out loud this week. I was surprised with what Comal Harris thought we were friends. He said I think it'll be more ready to second time. Yeah exactly he didn't own answer for you can kind of tell when he said at the end there my time's up when is Joe Biden ever. I am done talking to me more to say. I think what's it's really interesting. There is whether or not Biden donning is the Jeb Bush of this cycle or the Mitt Romney of this cycle. Does he never really recovered does he keep stumbling and fall but you know his numbers have year right. They've come up <hes> or is he romney who kind of goes through this log and his wounded by the time he ends because he's had such a brawl with his. I think he's you okay but the interesting thing is this whole race thing to me. After what we saw only eight days he's ago in North Carolina or present basically saying go back to we came from people of Color and if there are nuanced race to arguments between the Democrats I think people guys there's a bigger beast to slay out there and we're going to talk about bills twenty thirty years ago world a good guy so I think any of the candidates start getting into a race fight on stage. You are missing the big picture. I actually think Biden may have been being a little strategic care talking about stop and Frisk because build the Blasi is going to be on that stage. Bill de Blasio came in as mayor saying I will end the policy and he did and crime has not taken the big increase that everyone thought so I think he he set that up is a perfect foil for Bill Blasi to go after Cory Booker and let them have at and Kinda keeps him out of that that whole issue altogether so there's been some talk gene Robinson this morning even of Joe Biden stumbling. We should all stumble so <hes> well. He's up eighteen points in the boxers. He's up to twenty seven points in South Carolina leading president trump by eight points in the state of Ohio. Allow me to stumble Huber's answer. I mean no he he is. He's he's more than old familiar. Joe Biden with name recognition at this point because everybody recognizes everybody's name now Biden does have a history and as as don he said a lot of it is ancient history and I I think what he needs to do and what he will do is in this debate is go back to the theme that got him that lead remember when he announced his campaign and he went right after Donald trump he went after the national emergency went after the idea that this is this is an exceptional moment in the nation's history when we have to get back on on on track we have to get back on the the course we had been sailing we we have to we have to stop this this this awful destructive deviation that this president is trying to take us on <hes> as he drives wedges between Americans and and and between us in our allies and everything else and and and that I think should be his focus in these perria taxes they come but but but that's that's a to to me in the Democratic primary that should be a winning argument and I think you know I I would advise all the candidates to to focus more of their fire on on President trump than on each well. I would double down on that argument meant for sure because at this point the enemy is within to an extent but it's the platform the megaphone and the ability to communicate to people who might be wavering on this and I wonder gene I mean we've got Joe Biden polling well among. An African American voters another area where I think he does well is exactly what he was talking to us about on morning joe at a bar in Philadelphia during the last election and that was about Hillary Clinton and he said she's not talking to us. Middle Middle Aged white guys from Ohio from Delaware from anywhere across America who's going to appeal to the disenfranchised trump voter. That's an area. That's really important and if you're too far left and you know you're you're you're all these democratic platform issues that are way over on the left. You're not gonNA get those voters. I think they're just as important WHO's GonNa do it. I think it's Joe Biden you know I I've been wondering for awhile if our traditional concepts of of what's left in what's right aren't outdated at this point. I mean you look at look at the policy positions that Donald Trump took in in winning in two thousand sixteen and a lot of them. You would think you know belong more on the left on on on the right <hes> so he's a weird time. When we're undergoing sort of realignment I worry less about what seems to what seems to write us to as to what seems relevant to me what issue seem relevant to me and and Biden as we see in the poll numbers we just ran over from we've just looked at from Ohio for example that Ohio state that a lot of Democrats think is is basically lost and all of a sudden you see him beating trump in in Ohio in polls and that tells me that that there are a lot of those voters you're talking about? They're not just in Ohio but the throughout the Midwest in the rust belt who currency by somebody who's on their side. That's not get shouldn't have to be exclusively Biden but but he's he's ahead of the others right now absolutely all right. We're going to get more with Marc morial after quick break. We'll be right back with much more morning. Welcome back to morning Joe. We have effectively connected now mr mayor the soup cans drain and we are connected our apologies to you. Thank you for your patients mayor morial. I'll let you pick up with question. I asked you got a big collection of Democratic presidential contenders down. I'm with you at your conference. Who impressed your group there the conference the most well I thought they all did really well enough thought they all did <hes> get things that were impressive? Here's what I saw. <hes> cory booker was passionate. <hes> extremely forceful in his message. Amy Klobuchar exhibited a great sense of humor <hes> someone that the CA- the crowd really did know and Joe Biden exhibited folks in this and <hes> seemed to have <hes> was the person that people most interested in meeting taking selfies with and connecting with on a personal level but all of them I think talked about the things that people wanted to hear voting rights <hes> economic growth urban development how you're gonNA stop rushing into fearance. <hes> how you're gonNA improve schools <hes> what are you going to do about the criminal justice system so our format gave the candidates eight to ten minutes to really develop their thoughts and then they took a series of Q._N._A.'s that I presented to each and every one of them so in that format <hes> we heard I think a more thorough discussion and you get in these sort of multi-candidate debates for these clips or in these sort of truncated truncated spin that comes across sometimes on cable television <hes> but Biden <hes> <hes> seemed to have what Joe Biden one of his great assets seems to be his personal style his ability to connect with people on a hersal level. I saw that in display cory booker did well. The crowd knows Cory Booker well <hes> amy club chart to some extent was new to this this sort of stage at the National Urban Delaney and Ryan who were candidates who got getting a lot of shine they also I think talk about economics manufacturing small business growth and development so it was a good discussion today. We've got five more candidates include Kamla Harrison I think great interest in her Kristen Gillibrand <hes> and may appear from South Bend who's here from who who's right here in the state of Indiana and they're all like little mini town halls where they do get to explain themselves and answer awesome your questions one asks you Mr Moore about a poll. We've been talking about this morning and just get your read on it. Coming out of the State of South Carolina where Joe Biden leads by healthy margin overall by twenty seven points but when you look inside the numbers among African American voters in south South Carolina Joe Biden has fifty one percent support. You've gotta go way down to twelve percent before you find Senator Kamala Harris ten percent for Bernie Sanders almost a forty point lead in South Carolina among African American voters for Joe Biden. How do he explained that African American voters from what I hear a very interested in electability the ability of whomever the nominee is to defeat donald trump but also to take on Donald Trump and I think it's early Willie it's early? We're we're just in <hes> in late July and so there's much time I think Comma Harris or Cory Booker or Elizabeth Warren or or the other all the candidates have time to try to make up this difference but with this reflects is Joe. Biden is a well known commodity someone with when people have worked with a part of the Obama administration and that long history and that sense sense that on day one he's ready to be president is what I think is helping him in the polls as well as his personal style. I've said this and <hes> <hes> work with many of the candidates Joe Biden has this unique quality all of the I've seen it at play where he is as comfortable talking to a group of truck drivers or firefighters as he is an African American church or at someone's kitchen table. It's not with Joe Biden simply about lot issues. It's also about leadership style and I think voters are assessing not just hard issues. They're evaluating that but they're also evaluating leadership style. I think a Comma Harris or Elizabeth Warren have not had the visibility ability as of yet or cory booker or Kristen Gillibrand but people to really assess their leadership style how they would function in an office like president how they would handle pressure so those things <hes> you know I think are in play and this is what I hear from the people who are here in Indianapolis. Sam Stein has a question for him. Miss Missouri. I'm curious is not necessarily policy issue for the Urban League but it is a political issue. That's dividing Democrats and I'm wondering while you're there in the room. What the appetite is for the party to begin impeachment proceedings? You talked a little bit about how electability is an acid for Joe Biden the flip side of that a getting rid of trump would be through through impeachment proceedings so I'm curious because the crowd sears yeah chain for it and you know what are they saying to you. I can people say while this sort of this response that there would be support for impeachment. It's more important to think about the end game and the fact that the election is just a little bit over a year away right and that the important thing is to change the presidency and not to get if you will distracted that that being said of course you hear people say some people saying yes we need to impeach but I also think that there are also not people don't well understand the fact that the impeachment is to step process and would require are not only a boathouse trial in the Senate and I think where people are educated about the the difficulty of the impeachment process think then they focus on we wanna get changed and let's do it through the ballot box. One thing I will say African American voters are art energize their fired up. They're ready to vote paying attention to this election washing issues and the other side of it is and as you know I've been around this for many many election cycles. There is a competition the African American vote that I've not seen every one of these candidates in one way shape or form is competing in recognizing the influence of African American codes particularly in a Democratic primaries all right Marc morial. Thank you so much than urban league prince. That's always good to have you in Indianapolis and tomorrow Hi. I'm cater and I'm Jacob Sobirov Katie Katie and I are teaming up for a special four part series called American swamp airing on M._S._N._B._C.. We are going to be digging deep into Fort Murky areas of American politics. Everything from Donald Trump's business ties to the way dark money is impacting our elections.

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