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I all right fine. I guess it's Friday which means we have to drop it. It's Friday which means we have a power panel except we don't it's just the two of us and a cast berry and John Ida Rolla just the two of US return what John we did. We made it. We made it and we tried. But I wouldn't have any other way John. Thank you for being here We have an awesome show ahead for you including a few late breaking stories that I hope we get to in this insanely packed. Rundown before we get to the stories though Just a few programming announcements first off. As we've been telling you about all week we will be hosting a special a three hour special forgiving Tuesday. It's our hope to not only provide you guys with some additional exclusive not exclusive but additional content to celebrate. You celebrate the show. Celebrate the fact that we're still around through all the ups and downs of this insane media industry But we also are hoping to continue raising money as part of ty DOT COM SLASH. 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And we're able to provide to you if you're a member you can watch it in the archives whenever you want to you. I dot com slash joined to become a member. Oh Damn little tasty taste. John tells a little bit about true. North Well in that little tasty taste and right now you can see not only myself. But also my co-host she was right there. Chevelle Ahmad Lena. We traveled to Norway and small barred and went on a sealing vessel that's been converted into a research vessel by climate scientists and we spent a couple of months up in the Arctic Just delving into a whole bunch of really interesting topics Almost dying it was a lot of fun and I think I just it'll look so good So Taylor who Taylor Gill. Who is our our cameraman. The cinematography is so good that drone shots or so awesome. It's just you know you wanna be affiliated something you can be proud of and I definitely feel that and now available as well as a bonus content to for the members love it. I love it so definitely become a member go to it dot com slash joint to get that bonus content alrighty well without further ado. Let's get to the news today. And there are some pretty Giant new stories including an update on the Tara. Reid allegations against Joe Biden. So let's get right to it so Joe Biden has finally personally addressed the sexual assault allegations made against him by a former Senate staffer by the name of terror read. This is a story that has continued to develop despite the fact that the Biden camp has attempted to pretend like it doesn't exist They had only addressed it through a statement. Denying reads allegations for those of you. Who are catching up to the story. I'm about to go to Me Brzezinski interview with Joe Biden this morning and I do want to warn you that There are some specifics and some details about the accusations. Oh for anyone who might have been a victim of sexual assault or is triggered by that. Please be aware but without further ADO. Let's hear what Biden had to say former Senate aide accuses you of sexual assault and please to our viewers. Please excuse the graphic nature of this but I wanna make sure that there was no question as to what we're talking about she says in Nineteen Ninety-three Mr Vice President that you pender against the wall and reached under her clothing and penetrated her with your fingers. Would you please go on the record with the American people? Did you sexually assault Tara Reid? No it is not true. I'm saying unequivocally it never never happened. Didn't never happened so that was him unequivocally denying the allegation against him. There's more from the interview but I wanted to get some of your thoughts before we go to other portions of this conversation. Yeah and of course I mean both you and I and we've we've talked about this numerous times now. Most of my thoughts are out there It was one of the things that I wanted was for him to have to answer to it himself But not because I thought that it would then solve the whole situation and we'd know for sure exactly what happened and everything it'd be better He denied it which of course he was going to. He did it repeatedly There are certainly issues that we can take with other parts of the interview including aspects of the story. That were not brought up which is frustrating. Because if you're finally going to have him being interviewed about it we'd Kinda like all of the parts of the story that we know about to at least be included in that and unfortunately they were not but this is I mean. This is sort of what we should've expected he's going to be asked about it eventually. We that that would happen. He would deny that it was true. And we'd be kind of stuck in the same position we were in before Yeah I I think that this I agree with you in that. It's important for him to address it personally and I'm happy that he has But this has raised more questions especially when it comes to his senatorial records and whether or not he's going to allow for a real investigation because Had She reported this there would be some documentation and that part of it. I'm super curious about but there were other follow up questions. Mika Brzezinski that I thought were important so I'm glad she asked at least some of these follow up questions we about to watch is an example of that data said during the cabinet hearings. I believe women. I believe survivors of assault should be supported in the voice is heard Kirsten Gillibrand tweeted. Do we believe women? Do we give them the opportunity to tell their story? We must be a contract. That says yes. Every time they now both support you. Nancy Pelosi falls into this category too as well as many other layers in the Democratic Party are women to be believed. Are Women to be believed. Unless it pertains to you look. Women are to be believed given the benefit of the doubt. If they come forward and say something that is that they said happen to them. They should start off at the presumption that telling the truth. Then you have to look at the circumstances and the facts and the facts in this case do not exist. They never happened. And there's so many inconsistencies in what has been said in this case so yes look at the facts I assure you it did not happen period period. But why is it different now? Do you regret what you said during the cavenaugh hearings during the capital here is was that she had a right to be heard. And the fact that she came forward presumption would be. She's telling the truth unless there's proof she wasn't telling the truth so I personally have noticed a difference in the way know. Democrats have handled these accusations versus the way they've talked about or commented on accusations against other high level politicians figures public figures like Brad Kavanagh with Brad Kavanagh Story. Which by the way I anyone who's watched the show for a long time knows. I believed her. I took it seriously. And that was one of the stories. That really broke me. During the trump Era Because of the SHAM FBI INVESTIGATION. That took place in that case. There has been no investigation in this case and all of a sudden the. Democrats are saying including Joe Biden that there's a qualifier like. Yeah believe women in like that you should like hear them out but then you need to do this investigation and you need to make sure that you know what she's saying is the truth. It's just an interesting like new standard. That's being presented. That was not the case and was not presented before. Yeah so I. I apologize in advance. I have a hard time expressing it because I think it's a complex thing that's frustrating me right now so at the end of the day. Assuming the allegations are true. The person who is obviously the most strong is Joe Biden in terms of the hypocrisy right now. My frustration is mostly as you're saying right there with other people including by the way members of the media like Mika Brzezinski. Who was doing a great job in the interview? Seem to take it very seriously today not a week ago or a month ago and honestly. I don't really care about her. That much as an individual as a member of the media with a gigantic platform on MSNBC or CNN. It is one thing to take it seriously now. Now that the candidate that I think we can assume you were supporting is the nominee versus doing it before in terms of women being heard like it's not up to Joe Biden. It's up to the media to talk to the person and to spread to her message and to be willing to bring her on that sort of thing. Joe Biden is potentially the villain in the story. But he's not the goalkeeper on whether the media talks to her and obviously some reporters didn't are getting credit for that right now and so it feels a little bit like to some extent. Is She's doing your job in asking the question asking the question. Yes that's good but also there's a little bit of light covering the ass of the media by implying that somehow that what biden had been stopping them from taking the story seriously or even asking him about it during the last few weeks since the story has been common knowledge. He's done many interviews but they weren't asked about it now maybe he set prerequisites on doing the interview. That's possible if so let us know that because that then again makes him villain that particular aspect but there's a lot of frustration. I think we we should have and it isn't just for him. It's also for the people who protected him up until this point. That's what's so bad about these sorts of allegations the culture that's been created. It isn't just the people that's doing it. It's all of the people who continually protect them and cover for them and it seems like we're seeing that same thing still yeah. I think you're absolutely right. I think that there's plenty of blame for the way. Joe Biden his handle this. I mean it has taken. How long for him to personally address it? We also do know that. The Biden camp released talking points for their surrogates and supporters and those exact talking points were regurgitated by female democratic politicians. Right what you heard Stacey. Abrams say her defensive. Joe Biden was almost word for word. What was in the talking points of the Biden Camp Gave people so I bring that up because there I I think that there is a coordinated effort to try to keep these accusations on the down low. Clearly that didn't work Because luckily we do have independent media sources like the intercept Ryan Grim Doing incredible reporting on this story and there was just this buildup of corroborating or at least elements corroborating parts of terror read story so for instance territory told the intercept that her mom had called into the Larry King. Show in one thousand nine hundred ninety three to ask what her daughter should do. And then it turns out. That video exists Ryan Grim reported on that then you have Investigative reporters with business insider finding two women who corroborated Tara. Reid story one of them being next door neighbor. The other being a former colleague of hers. This is all evidence that could have easily been found by these mainstream media sources that have unlimited resources. But you gotta ask yourselves. Why did they choose to try to bury the story? It wasn't until it became a monster of a story that they finally decided to cover it. And I agree with you in that. You know the way that it's been covered by them seems to be more in line with like trying to protect him as opposed to trying to get to the bottom of what's really going on. They could have covered this when the primaries were still happening because the allegation came out during the primaries that would have placed the Democratic Party in a much better position to beat Donald Trump. Because we would be able to make a much better choice in of having a candidate who's more electable but anyway. I think that things played out unfortunately the way that they were hoping it would. But that's my speculation so minutes before. Biden made his appearance on morning. Joe He did release a medium post That I want to give you a few statements from so he writes. I want to address allegations by former staffer that I engaged in Staffer that I engaged in misconduct twenty-seven years ago they aren't true this never happened and then he says responsible. News organizations should examine an elevate the full and growing record of inconsistencies in her story which has changed repeatedly in both small and big ways. He does not provide examples at all for for how her story has allegedly changed. Her story has not changed. Her story has been more. I guess she elaborated on it. More and shared you know the sexual assault component of it. But she has not changed her story so I don't know what people are referring to when they say that giving more context and providing more detail into what she experienced with Biden is not the same as changing the story. He also writes she has. She has said she raised some of these issues with her supervisor and senior staffers from my office at the time they both men and women have said unequivocally that she never came to them and complained or raised issues. News organizations that have talked with literally. Dozens of former. Staffers have not found one not one who corroborated her allegations in any way. No that's not true. The high level staffers who worked for him in the Senate say that they do not recall. Tear read coming forward and there was an intern. That was overseeing who corroborated portion of Terry Story. Tara Reid said that once she complained about the sexual assault allegations She was abruptly fired. She was no longer overseeing. The intern program She was an overseeing it and so she was fired abruptly. One of the interns did corroborate that. Portion of the story part was conveniently left out of his post One other thing so the former staffer he writes has said she filed a complaint back in one thousand nine hundred three but she does not have a record of this alleged complaint the papers for my Senate years that I donated to the University of Delaware do not contain personal files. There is only one place. A complaint of this kind could be the national archives the National Archives where the records are kept at what was then called the office of Fair Employment Practices. I am requesting that. The Secretary of of the Senate ask the archives to identify any record of the complaints. She alleges she filed and make available to the press any such document but it turns out that the documents actually are unlikely to be there An investigative reporter with a business insider looked into this and wrote the following. Joe Biden said the Tara Reid's complaint can only be found at the national archives at what was then called the office of Fair Employment Practices but National Archive. Spokesperson told me that they do not hold records from that office instead. A Senate historical office staffer said the fair employment practices records are governed by Senate resolution mandating that records containing personal privacy information closed by statute and records of executive nomination are closed for fifty years so when those records are actually going to be available to the public it'll be two decades after this story blew up so this is their actual inconsistencies in his story but hey hang your echo. I guess or at least a lot of ignorance in his story as to where records actually kept but but the frustration too. Is that even hypothetically? If we were find that that would show that he was either lying about the the An issue being filed Or not remembering it but it would be a it would be about sexual harassment effectively because supposedly the actual initial complaint wasn't about the assault so even that even if we found it which would be great and again it would that his recollection or the way that he's been talking about it as incorrect but it wouldn't prove the particular details right exactly. They were the only people who were there when this alleged assault happened. So it's it's a difficult case to prove but my issue with this has been the smearing of terror read the attempt to bury the story the lack of transparency from Biden himself the unwillingness to address it. These are all problems and it's the type of stuff that does not make him the most electable person right. So look we're principled. We're sharing the story with you. Guys these are the details. This is what we know so far. And you get to make a decision about what you feel comfortable doing It's just. It's such a devastating story and I hate the fact that we're having a conversation about a credible sexual assault allegation against the one person who could get elected over Donald Trump. You know I mean for all that we've heard from Democrats indicating that getting Donald Trump out of office is the most important thing. It's the top priority then. I wasn't this properly vetted earlier when it first came out during the primaries. I'm considering all of the other issues that were raised about. What a candidacy Joe Biden ends. Trump would look like and that didn't bother them. I mean adding one more into the pile is not going to. They were all in Yeah I it's unfortunate There's a lot about the primary that I wish had been had been done differently. One of the things that's frustrated me especially in recent days and even this morning as I was watching by talking about it is that It's not impossible. That new information could come out that would substantially change our perception of what happened or verify details but it seems unlikely that that's going to happen that perhaps you'll have More corroborating witnesses or you know a document will show that there was a a sexual harassment complaint or something like that but it seems unlikely at this point that something massive is GonNa come out. That's going to drastically change this story and so the status quo of you know. We don't know exactly what happened. He's saying it didn't happen It seems like that's probably going to hold. We'll see how it develops. Keep updating you all on the story but this is where we are now Luckily there was enough for him to address it and I think if there continues to be pressure then maybe he will release some of the documents. that people are asking for. There should be an investigation into this if I was disgusted with the lack of investigation when it came to the Brett Cavanaugh allegations. I'm equally disgusted by this for me. Party ideology does not matter what matters is getting to the bottom of it and making sure that we're consistent and principled and we don't use allegations of sexual assault as a political tool As opposed to something that we should learn from to improve society not just for women but for men for anyone who could be a victim of sexual assault. We gotta take a quick break when we come back. We have a pretty giant. Ty T. Investigate Story. It has to do with basically doing away with some of our rights in suing our companies that we work for if we get sick from corona virus that and more when we come back welcome back to. Typ Anna in John with you on this wonderful sunny and bright Sunday in Los Angeles kind of wish. I could go to the beach but obviously we can't. We're we're responsible human beings plus Gavin. Newsom has shut down all the beaches including those in Newport Beach All right so let me give you some member comments and then we'll move onto the rest of the news. The good doctor writes in and says Biden also said he didn't say in Congress to cut social security and Medicare Q. Video. Yeah that's one other thing. I mean he denies doing things that he has done as lawmaker all the time and is like outraged when anyone brings it up so it's a little bit of an issue. Matt says so much for believe women. Msnbc should've had terror read on the show. I only having Biden on to refute is basically pointless. The viewers must hear from Tara herself. That helped give all previous accusers. Credibility I want to note that reporters have indicated that Tara Reid has been approached by Fox News several times and has said no and she's hoping that either CNN or MSNBC Invite her to come on and share her side of the story. So she's not doing. This is like a political hit job to help trump even though she's being painted and smeared that way beyond Tucker Carlson tonight she wanted to. She could do the whole hour. She's not and she's refused. Engineer says Biden claimed many inconsistencies in her story was there no follow up asking what inconsistencies another fluff interview passing his journalism. So to be clear I don't think he mentioned the many inconsistencies in the interview. The big and small many inconsistencies big and small that written in his medium post but nonetheless. I think that Mika Brzezinski should've asked about it for sure like okay. Well what are those inconsistencies? Both big and small. Anyway all right. Well let's move on to the rest of the news. Workers for a major corporations including Amazon whole foods target and Insta- card are walking out on the job today in order to protest the unsafe working conditions and the lack of hazard pay and fair. Pay Considering they are considered essential workers who are putting themselves out there In order to do their jobs they're risking their lives so they deserve the protection. They're demanding now. One thing that we should also be aware of is while they're out there. Protesting and striking behind the scenes. Government is working the way that it has been working you have corporate lobbyists doing everything and anything possible to clear. These companies of any potential liability should their employees contract this virus on the job. Jonathan Larson to. It investigates wrote a very detailed piece about this Talked about how the. Us Chamber of Commerce is part of this lobbying effort and how they're already having a great deal of influence on some lawmakers according to his corporate lobbyists including former top aides to Senate majority leader. Mitch McConnell have been quietly working to curtail the legal rights of Americans regarding corona virus disclosure. Form show that lobbyists for individual companies and the biggest corporate lobbyists in the country have been pursuing legislative and regulatory restrictions with Congress the White House and Federal Agencies. So there are two things that you should pay close attention to when it comes to this story. One is referred to as the false claims act and that would essentially squash potential whistleblowers. The other is the private right of action issues and that blocks people from taking on corporations in court so this would clear these companies of any type of legal liability. Should their employees get sick or die from working during the pandemic among the lobbyists working on the cares act? Private right of action issues for the chamber. Meaning the Chamber of Commerce were G. Hunter Bates and Casey Higgins Bates was McConnell's chief of Staff Higgins worked for the then speaker Paul Ryan. I bring that up because this is just the classic revolving door of politics. They already have nice cozy relationships with these lawmakers and then on top of that of course they're always campaign donations and the the financial corruption that we talk about on a regular basis. And that unfortunately is going to persuade some of these lawmakers to push to protect these companies that are not providing you know just the bare minimum to their employees masks gloves social distancing you know the the guidelines that been told over and over again to keep people safe so they don't contract the virus. I have more but John. I want you to jump in. Yeah we'll figure about what's going on right now that this is a time when like in the last crisis Huge amounts of money are being handed over to corporations rather than that money coming with new strings. Attached to make sure that it's used in the right way in ways that are going to help out workers and all of that it's being accompanied with new powers new Like being unhampered by regulations especially with the meatpacking plants that in addition to what's going to becoming which as you're saying they're going to be forced during their workers back in the workers are definitely gonNA come back in. Because if they don't they're not only going to lose their job they're GONNA lose access to unemployment as well and now if they get sick or injured on the job they're going to be protected from any sort of lawsuits having to do with it and then at the same time we talked about all the different regulations on line speed and sectors. All of that that they're getting so I I'm glad that we're talking about this. Because you need to make sure that to the extent that we can we stop them from getting these new protections from lawsuits during crony virus? But what I'm worried about is them coming out of this crisis newly insulated from lawsuits that don't explicitly have to do with the pandemic that might involve injuries on the job or loss of life from other things and if they're being told that you guys have to get going east of rebel economy as much as possible and the overarching signal that they're getting from. The government is that you'll be protected from the consequences of whatever happens. That's scary right now in the crisis but I think it should be scary looking ahead to once we're out. What is the state? What what what is going to be the state of these companies. What is going to be the state of the oversight regulations that can remain? You make a great point and and what we've noticed in crises of the past is there are bad actors who use our moment of tragedy our moment of crisis to rollback regulations to further insulate themselves from any real justice and during the corona virus. I mean there have been a number of stories of the trump administration deregulating Entire sectors of our economy like for instance the EPA told a massive corporations that. They don't have to worry about any type of environmental oversight during the pandemic. That's a disaster that means that they can pollute as much as they want. They don't have to worry about the FDA coming after them. I'm sorry the EPA my apologies. They don't have to worry about the EPA coming after them. Also there is. A big story was covered by the intercept. About how William Bar? The Justice Department wanted to hold suspects indefinitely without even charging them during the pandemic. So there are all these rights and all these regulations that we have in place that are being rolled back right now and I worry that people aren't paying close enough attention. We already know about the types of civil liberties that were taken away from us Because people bought into the fearmongering after nine eleven and thought. Oh we have to do this. We have to give up our rights in order to protect our national security. We now know that it was all ally and we shouldn't allow them to fear monger to scare us into you. Know basically giving up are harder rights. That's what's happening and by the way I know that we're GonNa talk about the protests like Michigan. Nancy lockdown protests. And things like that and these are people that supposedly if you believe the reason. They say they're in the streets. The pandemic isn't the problem. It's the loss of your rights during the pandemic but which rights are they talking about? Are they talking about the corporations that are sending all their lobbyists? Dc right now to find out how they can be freed up to do whatever they want while being handed hundreds of billions trillions of dollars overall is that the loss of rights and freedom that these people are protest against no. It's just that they can't go to like a baseball game for a couple of weeks like once again. They have been so scared that they're distracted by all this stuff. That supposedly is Super Important. Super Super High Priority and the people who actual power right now the swamp. They've been wanting to be drained for some time it's all in DC and they're getting what they want and none of these protesters seem to care about it. Exactly you make such a good point and I think part of the problem is this. Isn't this should be a huge story. I mean this is what should be at the top of a rundown for every major news organization because this actually has a real consequences on people unemployed es and it's not really getting much coverage so if you're watching this and you wanted to get more coverage you want this type of story to gain more traction so people are aware of the types of rights They're having taken away from them then. Shared this story will include a link to Jonathan Larson's piece in the description box if you're watching this online and you know just share it. Share the stream share this video. Share everything you can. Because if you can't get the mainstream media to focus on stories like this and the very least we can kind of use our power to get this news out there because people need legal recourse people need the ability to hold their employer accountable if the employer has decided that they're going to save a few pennies and refuse to provide masks for their employees It's just it's out of control and by the way this lobbying is working so I wanna go to the last graphic here. Mcconnell said on Monday that any new relief must shield must shield businesses or business owners legal liability for their actions and then president trump has said he's planning to exempt companies from liability for their actions to facilitate them reopening. So you're right. Not only do they get bailed out on top of that they are basically held. They're not held accountable if they're not protecting their employees while they're on the frontlines doing these jobs. So why protect? There's no reason because they make it makes no economic sense for them to safeguard the lives of their employees. If they know that they're going to be protected and paid off whether their employees livered I. It's just out of control. We have more news for you including Trump's ridiculous and debunked conspiracy theories when we come back care and John with you. If you're looking for a bank to invest in to keep your money that will not do shady things with your cash and will plant trees. Aspiration DOT COM slash. Ty T. alright so we gotta get to these stories. We're taking too long with all these and I want to make sure to give you guys as much news as possible. Let's move on so Donald. Trump is known for his ridiculous and debunked conspiracies one of them being this conspiracy that the corona virus was developed by these mad scientists in a Chinese lab. The intelligence community has already come out to say that this is not a human made virus. But it doesn't matter because Donald Trump has taken it upon himself to allege that that's not the case. Take a look theories but yeah we have people looking at it very very strongly intelligence people and others what gives you a high degree of confidence that this originated from the Wuhan Institute of Garage. I can't tell you I'm not allowed to tell you that. Several sources tell C. N. N. That top administration officials have been pushing the US intelligence agencies for evidence to support that theory so far the intelligence community has not come to any conclusion saying today in a remarkable statement that all they know is that the virus came from China and that it is not manmade or genetically modified the intelligence community will continue to rigorously examine emerging information and intelligence. The statement said to determine whether the outbreak began through contact with infected animals or if it was the result of an accident at a laboratory in Wuhan so this this conspiracy theory like this attempt to make Chinese Chinese scientists. The bad guys in this whole case they developed some crazy virus and they released it into the world. That's not what happened. That's exactly what the intelligence community said. They're trying to figure out whether this was based on some accident that occurred within the lab or if it was really something that happened from someone. Maybe you know being exposed to the virus outside of the lab Maybe one of these wet markets. That's come up so they're still investigating this but what I find problematic John is that CNN's also reporting that. A number of top officials in the trump administration have pushed intelligence agencies looking into the origin of the novel Corona Virus to hunt for evidence linking the virus to Chinese laboratory. That's not what the intelligence community is supposed to do. They're not supposed to have the theory and then look for evidence to back their theory. We'll look I mean. Even if they do that I just WanNa make sure that what they find out is actually accurate. If there are being told to suppress information that that goes counter to that narrative or falsify information as we know they have in past international incidents. That's the worst case scenario. I'd be curious to find out which professionals are putting pressure on the intelligence community is it is it. The science people that trump speaks of Honestly I don't know I I do not. I do know that at least right now. If you hear the word China it is just part of an excuse to distract you from the failings of the trump administration. That is the only reason he has turned to talking about China. Fox News is inspired him to do that. He spent the first six weeks of the US version of this pandemic being incredibly congratulatory towards China. And you'll complementing them in a variety of different ways about their response to it and only once the death toll started to rise here and he got pressure to change is full of falling poll numbers that he suddenly start to be more critical of China. He doesn't actually care. And the thing is we can't stop if it was intentional or if it was an accident we don't have control over that what we do have control over is who our government is and how capable and competent are when a disaster hits our country. I mean ninety. Five percent of trump does is look for a scapegoat to cover up for his failures. I think you're absolutely right and Fox. News certainly helps them with that propaganda. In fact jared put together one of his legendary compilation videos. Showing you just that. Us government sources confirmed that they believe this virus escaped from the garage or the other lab in Wuhan. Do you think that's plausible? It's not plausible. It's probable but you heard the chairman of the Joint Chiefs asked about it. That the intelligence was inconclusive. But there's a growing belief that the covert nineteen virus originated in the Wuhan lab not as a bio weapon but as China's effort to find and deal with viruses to show the world. China was as good as or better than the US on that front. And when you look at Wuhan obviously that Law Institute of Technology is at the top of the list of suspects. I've I've been some sense. So many of these things look at them. I just said can't be true. It's likely conspiracy theory. I looked into it. I never saw any evidence. You have evidence tonight. They are saying that it is increasingly likely. There is increasing confidence that the virus code nineteen started in Wuhan lab not as a bioweapon. Let's just be clear about that. There is no one who saying that this was. How would we know that? China reopened wet markets about a week ago. And that's a real indication that Beijing thought that or the Beijing knew that the wet markets were not the source of the corona virus epidemic. We need to get the CDC into China. There's really a huge burden on China to tell us where this came from. Did IT COME FROM A lab? Did it come from a wet market? Neither of those are good answers. And this was a botched effort To contain this and it got out to the population so there's increasing confidence that that's how it starts. Apparently was accidental not intentional. We don't know but that seems likely again. You can do natural but still have a botched handling of a virus in one of these labs. It's just shocking. I mean do you think our own health authorities first of all? Do you think it would be worthwhile for everyone? Who dismissed out of hand as crazy and attack the people who raised the possibility. Maybe it would be time for them to apologize. It's just so ridiculous and look if trump really did have some sort of evidence indicating that this virus were created in a Chinese lab right. It was some genetically modified virus created by humans. You think that he wouldn't share that. Classified information with the public is the ultimate decision maker when it comes to declassifying anything right and he has certainly Shared classified information with the before so like like this ridiculous childish game where he's like. I'm seen some evidence but I can't show you what you're doing. Okay we're not stupid and we know what Fox's doing I mean they gotta fill their hours some some way and Tucker doesn't provide critical coverage of the lack of help that trump has provided to the states or to working class Americans So he's gotTa talk about something And the thing is look do. Does it matter where exactly this came from shore. I care about the truth and so I would like to know but one thing I do know. Is that finding out if it came from a marketer. Alab intentionally or by accident not gonNA bring back one life. It's not going to clear up. One case of Corona virus. That American has right now. It's here right now. That's what matters. That's what we should be focused on absolutely well. Trump is focused on some other things. So let's talk about that. That was the scene in the Michigan Capitol building yesterday as lawmakers were debating whether it made sense to extend the stay at home order in the state now. Luckily they decided to extend the stay at home order because it's too early. It's premature to open the state backup and have people go back to business. That means risk people. We die after seeing that video. Protesters showed up to the military grade. Method in military year yelled debating. Trump thinks that. Hey Governor Gretchen. Whitmer needs to negotiate with them. They're very fine people. Here's what is tweet said. The Governor of Michigan should give a little and put out the fire. They're very good people. These are very good people but they are angry. They want their lives back again safely. See them talk to then make a deal. He is the most consistent attention seeking tension escalating a person on the planet I mean he goes against his own guidelines the federal guidelines. He encourages violence on a regular basis. I mean think about how terrifying it is to be a lawmaker. Who has to make a decision right? You're not supposed to be influenced by anything other than doing the right thing by constituents magical terrifying. It is making that decision while armed. Protesters are in the room. Yelling at you. Yeah and you're you're watching them. I mean I saw photos taken from the floor Where state legislators were just showing photos of people with masks and assault rifles and the only thing stopping them from shooting you from them pulling the trigger. Is that the craziest best armed? People in our country haven't yet been given the The obvious go ahead from the president that when he said to liberate the city that was shocking. God only knows what's GonNA COME NEXT. But they could at any time. They've the clear threat of of of violence is there. That's the whole point of the protests. And what's so amazing is as I mentioned earlier. There's actual concerns about rights being taken away that these protesters are completely ignoring. It's all the BS stuff and they've somehow managed to convince themselves that in states where the governor is a democrat. This is an unacceptable violation of the constitution in every way possible in every patriotic Americans should be in the streets to overturn it and they're getting Told by the president to continue that but in Republican states with the same policies. It's totally cool. It's fine and trump is secretly telling those governors that they're doing the right thing by continuing it. It's amazing to me that they're capable of holding those two thoughts at the same time. No it's it's also incredible that Brian Kemp was told one night that what he was doing. In lifting the state homeowners was great. Right the pence and trump called him literally the next day. Trump's like yeah. I strongly disagree with Brian Kemp's decision to open businesses. Backup Georgia like He. He plays these juvenile political games. But it's not just playing games. It's playing with people's lives and this is insanity in purging. This type of behavior is insanity and I want to share one tweet with you. All from the Michigan State senator. Who tweeted about this? Her name is Dana. Pull Hanky and she Shared this image of what the scene looked like with the following message directly above me. Men's men with rifles yelling at us. Some of my colleagues who own bulletproof vest are wearing them. I have never appreciated our sergeant at arms more than today but I mean if you have multiple people showing up with those weapons you know. One person is not going to protect you if things go wrong. And that's what I'd be worried about. Obviously the lawmakers worried about that too because they're showing up with bulletproof vests by the way we're talking about this on the same day that Justin Trudeau Band assault weapons in Canada following the largest mass shooting their country. Twenty two people were killed. The swiftness in action and other countries is incredible whereas here in the United States. We either do nothing when it comes to mass shootings or we encourage more of this type of behavior in an effort to intimidate lawmakers. Exactly yeah well one more story for you and it has to do with Texas one of the states. That's lifting the stay at home orders. So many businesses in Texas are opening today following Greg decision to restart the local economy and Basically look out for profits over human lives now. This is a problem because the metrics that he's using to make. This decision are not valid given that widespread taste testing is still not available in the state of Texas so the Associated. Press reported that for the first time since early April every restaurant and retailer across the state of nearly thirty million people is allowed to open doors to customers. Although more widely in some cities than others and still under social distancing requirements hair salons gyms and bars remained closed. Another fifty Texans had died though from the virus the most in a day yet and an additional one thousand thirty three had tested positive. The third most in a day yet so that was reported the day before These orders were lifted. These businesses were allowed to open. So why is he making this decision? What is he basing it on? Well he says Greg. Abbott says that he's folks that focusing on the ratio of positive cases to a test conducted right so you conduct these tests and if a certain portion of those tests come back negative. He believes it's safe to reopen these businesses. But the problem is they don't have widespread testing so there are probably a ton of people in the state of Texas who have the virus. But they just don't know as we know you can be completely asymptomatic. Have the virus and spread it like wildfire. He's also focusing on the number of people who are being hospitalized but who's to say that people have krona virus but haven't been hospitalized because they're eysenck dramatic. It's just it's nonsense. It is but wait. And do you know the thing? That is fundamentally different. Between now and when this started that makes us far safer during the pandemic. No what is it. I was hoping that you would because I don't know I have no idea nothing. I have another question for you. Do you know the day with the most new Corona Virus Infections in California. I mean after all we've had weeks and weeks of social distancing and all of that clearly we've got a handle on it. The highest number was the most recent day that I have reporting for April. Twenty ninth had the most cases in one day. It is still out there. It's still spreading. We're still losing thousands of people every single day. The only thing that is fundamentally changed is that people have gotten bored. They've gotten normalized to thousands of people dying every day. They just don't care anymore right. Yeah I think about this almost every day now and I don't know if it's unfair to make this comment but I think about World War Two and I think about what Americans had to do during that time of war. I mean rationing things sending their their men their husbands their sons to war like they had to sacrifice quite a bit for World War Two and then you fast forward to twenty twenty and Americans WanNa get my hair done. I WanNa go to the gym. No you don't WanNa go to the literally. Nobody wants to go to the gym. You're lying I really. That's the one thing that I would willingly leave mouths for. You're you're totally right. People always wonder tweeted over this week. So people always wonder if Zombie apocalypse hit. What would I do in what you would do? Apparently is wait three weeks and then start winding and then let the zombies in because you can't deal with the fences anymore. That's what most Americans would do. Unfortunately not most Americans. But that's what three out of ten Americans would do. I know it's it's devastating and you know just going back to Texas real quick keep in mind that Texas is not the most transparent state when it comes to The number of corona virus cases and deaths in certain portions of their state. So for instance. there's been a huge problem with the nursing home and assisted living home deaths so there have been elderly people dying of a and their own family members. Don't know about it. They're not alerted to it until their family member ends up in the hospital and it's because Texas has literally pass laws to make it very difficult for families who have elderly family members in the CENTERS TO GET INFORMATION. Health information about Their family members and so I don't trust Greg Abbott. I certainly don't trust Lieutenant Governor. Dan Patrick these people care about opening up the economy more than saving human lives. And that's something that we should keep in mind anyway We are out of time. Post game is later so make sure you check that out go to ty dot com slash. Join happy half hours tonight. Check that as well and we'll see you soon.

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