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Live from NPR news in Washington I'm Windsor Johnston presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, Joe Biden raised ten million dollars more than president trump for his reelection campaign in the last two months as NPR's Keith reports, traditionally incumbent presidents raise more money than their challengers president trump's campaign announced it raised a record one hundred thirty one million dollars in June, combined with the Republican Party campaign, Manager Brad Par. Par Scale said in a statement that this proved quote that people are voting with their wallets, and that enthusiasm behind president trump's reelection is only growing then within hours. The Biden campaign announced it had beaten trump's numbers raising one, hundred, forty, one million along with the Democratic Party, while trump had a couple of high dollar in person fundraisers in June. Biden's total came entirely through virtual events. Events including a big one with former president Obama Tamra Keith NPR news, Congressional leaders known as the Group of Eight, will meet with intelligence officials today, the close door briefing follows reports that Russia paid taliban-linked militants to kill American troops in Afghanistan NPR's cloudy agree. Saleh's reports. The meeting also comes after trump administration officials met with members of the. Senate Intelligence Committee the C. I.. A. Director. Director and John. Ratcliffe the director of National Intelligence will brief the so-called gang of eight behind closed doors. The leaders of both chambers in the intelligence committees will attend the top Democrat on the Senate. Intel panel Mark Warner of Virginia said he got some answers during secure committee hearing, but he has key questions now for hospital and others why there seems to be this unwillingness to. CALL OUT RUSSIAN BAD ACTIONS BUT I think why more better chance maybe address that tomorrow? Democrats have been calling for the closed door meeting with hassle clottey NPR news the Capitol, the Labor Department is expected to release its monthly snapshot on the US market this morning. NPR's Scott horsely reports. There is more than the usual uncertainty over the kind of picture. The report will paint forecasts for the jobs report are all over the map as economist grapple with fast changing conditions June could easily set a record for new jobs added even as the unemployment rate remains painfully high. Even before its issued, the report is somewhat out of date since it reflects the job market in mid June before a new surge in Corona virus, infections force governors in several states to close bars and other businesses, many economists are now monitoring more real time data, which shows consumer, spending and other activity suffers whatever the pandemic caseload takes a turn for the worse Scott horsely. NPR News Washington on Wall Street Dow futures are trading higher this morning after stocks closed mixed yesterday, shares across Asia were higher today. This is NPR news. The. US, Census Bureau has announced the first six areas of the country where households have not yet filled out at twenty twenty cents as form as NPR's e lo-long long reports, volunteers for the upcoming senses are set to knock on the doors of unresponsive has a starting in mid August. If, you live in Idaho, Maine West Virginia or in or around Kansas City, Missouri New Orleans or Oklahoma County Oklahoma a census worker may be knocking on your front door as early as July sixteenth. That's when the Census Bureau is starting the first round of in-person interviews with households that have not yet fill out census form online on paper or over the phone this week around eighty households in Boise and Nashville. Tennessee are getting an earlier round visits to test out social distancing protocols. Federal law requires every household in the US to participate in account of every person living in the country, the numbers are used to distribute some one point five trillion dollars a year in federal tax dollars for public services. Here News New York more than three dozen states continue to report a surge in the number of new Corona Virus Infections in California Governor Gavin. NEWSOM is rolling back reopening plans for the next three weeks in nineteen counties, newsome says the State plans to enforce public health orders using multi-agency strike teams in six regions of the state. Those teams will target noncompliant workplaces as of Wednesday. There were more than two hundred thirty thousand confirmed cases of Cope Nineteen in California. I'm Windsor Johnston NPR news in Washington?

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