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Subscribe to our podcast to get hot topics delivered every afternoon, and while you're at it, rate, US and Labor Review. Brain. Do Views Darts live right now? Briefings are back the President returns to the MIC with a wakeup call about corona virus in America. It will probably unfortunately get worse before it gets better. Wear a mask a mask. Whether you like the mask or not. They have an impact startling message for the woman accused of Masterminding Jeffrey Epstein's alleged child sex trafficking crimes i. just wish you well frankly. Sexual Politics Congresswoman Alexandria Cossio Cortes is allegedly verbally assaulted by GOP congressman on the steps of the Capitol. This scene, Day Republican congresswoman Liz Cheney is attacked by her male colleagues inside. Does this expose disturbing double standard that still exists in DC. Plus. Is this the woman who sharing it ticket with Joe? Biden California congresswoman and chair of the Congressional Black Caucus Karen Bass is live on the view to talk about rumors. She's on the shortlist for VP. Here come hot topics. With whoopie, joy, Behar sunny hostile. And Meghan McCain. Now! Let's get things started. Hello and welcome to the view so yesterday. Who got back in front of the cameras for the return of the White House press briefing where he appeared, he appeared to pivot on how America is handling ten them. Take up, it will probably. Get worse before it gets better something I. Don't like saying about things, but that's the way it is, and we're asking everybody that. When you are not able to socially distance. Wear a mask. Get a mask. Whether you like the mask or not they have an impact. If you watch American television, you'd think that the United States was the only country involved with and suffering from the China virus. Well, the is suffering very badly. Okay aside from saying nonsense like that. He did finally send to acknowledge that it is going to get worse before it gets better and he's telling people to wear masks and. Does anybody. Gather any hope from this, or is this just as a smokescreen? What do you think is happening here sunny? Well, I could jump in here I've. If it's if it's going to get worse before it gets better which he finally has acknowledged. then. Why is he prepared to send our children to school? That's what I'd like to know from him. and also. Where was Dr Burks where was fouled? CI Yesterday. You know trump considers himself an expert. I consider my dog who knows more about the corona virus. Then trump does so. We need to have Dr who was hiding. Oh, she's back in the thing. They're keeping her in the closet. Afraid to that, she'll come out so That's what I want to know that's. That's what I wanted to know. If it's going to get worse than you finally admitted, you finally put the mask on, and then he says eventually disappeared. Yeah, how many people have designed when eventually it will disappear? Then why of the children going back to school? I like to push this because I really think that think it's very dangerous what they're doing. Sunny what what I give you? The same question isn't a smokescreen, is he? Learning anything. What is this in your opinion? For me, it was too little too late. I mean we have almost one hundred and fifty thousand Americans that have died I agree with joy. If it's going to get worse before it gets better, we are a month away from children going back to school. We know that in many states like Florida. The governors are saying you know full steam ahead. Children are going back to school, and we also know that this president has said that he is cutting funding for those schools that are refusing to. Open and instead of maybe flooding those schools with money so that schools can open safely with the proper precautions, and so for me. I was dismayed at the fact that there were no experts standing alongside him like Dr Fao G. Who I believe is the leading expert in the country on this. So why wasn't he there? I want to listen to the scientists. I want to listen to the experts I. Don't WanNa, listen to the president because again. He's been peddling so much misinformation I just don't trust him, and if you look at the polls, most Americans don't trust him when it comes to his handling of the corona virus, and they don't trust the formation that he's been giving the country. Right, so, Megan, what is your take on the briefing? Yesterday's smokescreen is just something some something to be gleaned from this. Yeah, Sunny said that his poll numbers in regards to handling the coronavirus or really staggering it averages around twenty points the American public thinks that Joe Biden would be better at handling this pandemic them president. Trump has i. do think this is. is sort of a last ditch effort given that he sees how unpopular has handling has been I, actually thought I watched it I. Actually thought it was really good and informative up until the point, and excuse me for butchering her name that Epstein Pervert Lady. Gasoline I. Don't know how to say your name up until he said an answer that he thought she. She was like he wished her well. She's a good person. This sex trafficking lady. Why are you again? It completely blew up any conversation. We're having about the coronavirus any movement we're talking about when you know him. Talking about how things are going to get worse before they get better Lasorda, seeming to listen to scientists and talk about mass and away we've never. Never heard, but this is my constant problem with him in this administration. Is that even when he tries? He steps on his messaging, so agreed Asli that was the only thing I was talking about afterward. Was this weird comment about this woman who's accused of being a pedophile sex trang sex trafficking person with Jeffrey Epstein and I'm sorry I can't pronounce her name. Glenn Maximum. Maxwell right you. It took him yeah. To. Sent his best wishes. To to John Lewis and this woman is sending his wishes who are apparently he says I wish you well her well to other of convicted felons. To manafort, he said it to Roger Stone and now he's saying the to this alleged sacks sex trafficker. That's who he talks to and a lot of was saying he's signaling something I. Don't know I mean maybe this to that point I'm not a conspiracy theorist by nature, but what what is going on that you have something nice to say about this person who's being accused of the some. Some of the most egregious crimes, a human being can be accused of and there's a lot of conspiracy theories with Epstein her and their power connection, and it's the first time I ever thought wait like what is your connection to her? which I always thought up until this point nothing, so it's just bizarre and again we're talking about this or I'm talking about this and not the coronavirus. San and that's what what's ought to me I, mean I. I know that I have a legal note, but you know many people are saying that that was some sort of. Tell for her. Because he does have the power to pardon, he does have the. Yes, he does have the power to pardon. Go galet Maxwell because she has been I believe she's been charged with. For Her ledge involvement with epsteins sexual abuse cases. She's being held without bail. At this point. She has pled not guilty of course, but why would the president of the United States? Wish her well? That really is year, isn't it? Yes, let me you. Something it's not it's. I, yeah, go ahead to correct thing. Yeah, because I said he waited fourteen days to comment on drama was fourteen hours I get excited and the other thing about him is, he says I. Don't know her I. Don't know anything about it. There are so many pictures of him with her. Do we have to really? Are we ever going to believe that he doesn't know about this story? That is not following the story. His pictures plastered all over the place with her could be a break also how? Can we on an alleged pedophile pervert. I hope she rots in jail. If that's accurate, it's not that hard. Does Not that hard. Apparently it is if you're good friends. We'll be right back. Still ahead failing students. The outrage over a fifteen year old black girl jailed since May for not doing her online homework. Why did a judge just rule? She still shouldn't be free. Tomorrow one an all new view. The president's needs what she says about her uncle is exclusive now. Mary Trump faces the view Friday Mitch, McConnell Senate, Challenger Amy McGrath and revenge alone is bringing down the house this we. Still Ahead Congresswoman Karen Bass on making her shortlist per Biden's BP and her plan to get Mitch McConnell to honor late. Congressman John Lewis by restoring the voting rights act. Welcome back yesterday congresswoman Liz Cheney was in the hot seat that GOP conference meeting wish she was called out for criticizing the president's covid response and for foreign policy now Matt Gaetz even suggested that she ought to step down now. Some called it a pilot, but this warning Cheney said it's a good thing. Take a look on our side of the aisle. It's a healthy. Healthy thing for us to have those kinds of debates and discussions. I'm sure we'll have more as things go along, but the fundamental point here is that we're unified and making sure that president trump is reelected in November nancy. Pelosi is no longer speaker that we take back the majority in the house, and that we ensure that we hold the majority in the Senate. Right so. I'm going to start with you signing. What do you make of this? I think that. If you were reading the articles yesterday. A lot of this was gop. Versus Cheney and people were questioning her loyalty to trump because she did come out. In Favor of Dr Fao Cheesy, she endorsed. Senator Massey's opponent during the primary. And then she withdrew that endorsement, so she was challenged ally during this gop meeting but I. Think it's more. A question of maybe Cheney is reading. The tea leaves right. She's reading the cards and she realizes that trump is probably not going to win reelection, and so people are now jockeying for position. What happens in a host trump world? World, what happens if Biden is in office? Who is now calling the shots in the Senate and I think that is, it's what what is happening here rather than. Let's say all of the GOP against Cheney because she's not supporting trump. That is not really the case, because if you look at it, she votes with trump ninety seven percent of the time. Yes, she. Was Supportive of Fao G. Yes, she was supportive. Some of the, She was. She went against trump when it came to his position on mask and things like that when it came to the coronavirus, but she's been very supportive of president trump. She voted not to impeach him. RIGHT SO MEGAN! There's more to this. You think yes, yeah, just a few corrections with Sonny. Massey as a congressman from Kentucky, and it's about power in Congress, not in the. Senate and Massey is a member of Congress coalition yet. He's a member of the Freedom Coalition, which is the more Libertarians would have fringe elements of the party, and not only to change wars, his opponent, but she gave major money to it, and then ended up having to resend. Resend it for the money back because his opponent was accused of being racist and sexist and a whole host of really disgusting things, and what's interesting about the fight yesterday is it started out bringing up this this fact, the fact that she had not only endorsed, but given money in a primary, which is highly uncouth. I think it's tacky actually and if she is aiming for congressional power, which it looks like she may go up against speaker, McCarthy and Congressman, scalise to do so going forward diverse coalition diverse coalitions, and do you know who understands that better than anybody is Nancy Pelosi, and she does it very well with the squad, and she's at very well with how diverse the Democratic Party has becoming an how far left some parts of it are going, and much like the Democratic Party the Republican Party is filled with different factions, and some of those factions are the freedom coalition I can't stand the freedom coalition I don't agree with most things they do. In most things they vote for but it. It is a family and I, actually thought she was out of line by endorsing opponent and a primary, and if you start this trend where you're going to start endorsing people during their primaries, that is not a way to lead, and she's a highly highly ambitious congresswoman I thought she was probably GONNA run for Senate turns out that she isn't and I just don't think this is a way to get power away from McCarthy or scully's and I need to say in candidness. My sister in Law's advisor to Speaker McCarthy just putting that out there. Okay Joy! Do you feel like she's being targeted here? I Don I don't know. I find it so fun to watch you know gates and Jordan those two lapdogs. Triple each other to. To show their loyalty to the king, you know. It's fascinating I here's a woman who votes ninety seven percent voted with trump, but that's not enough. The King of England needs one hundred percent. You know I mean it's. It's a joke, but I agree with everything. Everybody says especially what you said. Sonny is true I think that she and Romney I think in well. When when this king is taken down, we might be the new, Republican Party I hope so for the sake of this country that we that he loses and they do. emerge victorious I hope so. Then we'll have to priorities. We won't know until we know, and that's you know that's why we keep telling people. You gotTA. Make sure that you get out there and vote regardless of what they tell you about voting. You can still do it. It's still part of the thing that makes the country great voting. We'll be right back. Hi I'm Lauren with us. One I started assets one to raise awareness for mental health as well as to provide one hundred percent natural products that uplift the spirits as well as combing eighty. We are so excited to partner with view today to offer you at least fifty percent off of some of our most popular products, including are essential oil therapeutic, grow balls and are amazing smelling piercing hand spray. Thank you for your support. And we're back. You know yesterday congresswoman Alexandria. Cossio Cortez was confronted by Florida. Congressman Ted Yoho who reportedly called her disgusting and out of mind in claiming that. The crime increases tied to poverty and unemployment. He ended the exchange by calling her something. I can't say on TV. which he is denied calling her, but he's also apologized for the confrontation. And actually. It's the whole story is crazy. What do you think is going on here Megan? I hate this and Congressman Yoho. One of the least impressive Congress people of my generation I can't think of one notable thing. He's done in his tenure and I. Think the idea that you're going to be going around calling women blank, which can, we can't say on TV because you disagree with them or you have. A political difference is not only reductive and sexist, but I think a lot of the men that are not only in Congress, but all factions of society if you are a mentally and emotionally. Emotionally incapable of working with strong women. You shouldn't work with them I think. Ted Yoho should resign if he has such a huge problem. He's not running for reelection, so he's going to be out sooner or later, but I just thought the whole thing was disgusting and I think we all strong women as everyone knows on the show. We're called this all the time. If you have an opinion, you're strong. Your this word and I'm sick of it I am so sick of it and I disagree with. Almost everything, but she deserves everyone's respect and certainly respect her colleagues in Congress. I think women are not putting up with this. Just, not going to do it anymore. You know, and it's not putting it up with joy. This goes way beyond politics though. Tell. Tell me what I've noticed that she. Well, I noticed over the years with the that she's been in Congress that she's kind of a flashpoint for the right wing mob. They go after her for some reason. was if she's not a person, they use her as some kind of prop to go to Bang Bang. Bang at her and I think that they're realizing she's a person, not only. Is She a person? She's a very tough tough girl. She's no shrinking snowflake and she talks to people until to the American. People the way men talk, and they don't like that and I don't like that and this Yoho or Yahoo whatever his name. He needs. He needs to get his act together and I'm glad. Apologize by the way Matt gets who I referred to before. It's a lapdog. He actually took his side this time with Yo i. mean somebody somebody should take his temperature. Maybe he's not feeling well. Why he says the thing that we always want from our politicians is that. They don't have to agree on everything, but they're respectful of each other. That's what you'd expect. What's your take on this? I was pleased to see some of the solidarity surrounding Alexandria because she deserves the respect that every other. Congress person deserves and especially that she was a constant as she was entering the capital to vote for her constituents, and so I was I was pleased to at least see that but I would agree with joy. She has become this punching bag and I'm not sure why that is. Is it because she's young because she's a woman because she's a woman of color, they feel that she is more vulnerable. They feel that they can take her on in that way and the fact that she was confronted by a man on the steps of their employees. You know where they are employed. Paid for by tax payer dollars is is in my view, really remarkable should he and he apologized for it? Yes, but anyone else that did something like that at their place of employment would be censured would be reprimanded at apology would not be enough and I. Don't think in this case. It is enough I think that. Congress has to take corrective action against him a and make a statement that it is not only improper. It is behavior that should not be sanctioned and should be. I think. censured. Because of the type of position that that they hold. She's also. She's and you know if she had him. As she had need him, everybody would be up in arms. But how does she know he wasn't going ahead her? You know what I'm saying, so everybody needs to get their their selves together. Because you know you come up on and woman now she will knock you out. You don't want to mess with Liz Cheney because she can beat the benign, so all those men were talking Kratzer same with Ao. She can all in behind, so everybody should out. She's become such a lightning rod, because she is so effective, and there are people on the left is. The Socialist Wing. Who are not effective and quite frankly do themselves a disservice, but she has broad appeal across the country. I think she has obviously higher ambitions, and that's why she's such a such a threat and like I said I disagree with her on everything, but this disrespect typically I do think lauded. Two young women is ridiculous. Yeah it's crazy and we're talking about women I have to wish a happy birthday to a real an another trailblazer, really Disney legend Ruthie Thompson. Who Turns One hundred and ten today? She worked on Disney's first animated film snow. White and the seven dwarfs, and for so many other women. She paved the way for women coming through our industry, and so we want all wish are happy birthday, Ruthie, happy birthday, we will be right back. Does. California Congresswoman Karen. Bass, think this sudden rise in Cova cases mean they'll have to close down the state again. How would she respond to the president deploying federal agents in California cities? She's live on the view next. If you like getting the story behind the story checkout, start here. The Daily News podcast from ABC, News every morning start here we'll get you ready for your day with inciteful straightforward reporting on a few of the day's biggest headlines from groundbreaking investigative reports to urge revelations shaping your world recently honored with prestigious Edward R. Murrow Award. Start here takes you inside the stories that matter and where they're heading next, so start smart start. He'll check it out on apple podcasts or your favorite podcast APP. Welcome back. California Congresswoman Karen Bass is on a mission to make sure that the legacy of the late John Lewis lives on by getting the voting rights act restored before November's presidential election, which just may have her, and also her name is one of the names that could be on this ticket. We have to say thank you for coming and please welcome chair of the congressional. Black Caucus Karen Bass good morning. Thank you, thank your name today. Thanks for having me on, are you? Thank you. You and John Lewis were were colleagues and friends for many years. What's what's your favorite memory of him? Will actually taking him to an organization that I started in south central Los Angeles thirty years ago because I wanted him to meet two generations of young people that he influenced and I wanted them to tell him specifically the impact. Had had that he had had on their life, and that was a really sweet moment. I'm so glad we did that. So congresswoman upholding voting rights was John Lewis his life's work. That's the voting rights advancement. With championed has been sitting on Mitch McConnell's desk for over two hundred days. We are just three months away from the election. GonNa, just sit on it. What what can you do to make sure this bill passes? Well. It just amounts to public pressure, but you know what we're going to introduce a bill because when we did it before it was before cova now it's even more important because we're worried that a great way to suppress the vote is to make people have to their lives to go vote and you know people should be able to vote from home and so we're going to introduce that also very soon next few days. Congresswoman Bass? I have to ask this question. It is rumoured that you are on the shortlist to be considered for Joe. Biden's vice president. Is there any truth to that? Are you being vetted? And what would abide in vast ticket? Look like what do you think you would bring to? It and I really love a straight answer. I know and I'm so sorry, but you know. Refer those to the campaign I wish I could be more forthcoming. Let me just tell you that I am so concerned about the way this country has been torn apart over the last three and a half years, and we need to heal this country literally because I am worried that when President Biden is sworn in January and I don't want to. Take it for granted, but we're going to do everything to get him elected that we could be facing not only a depression, but how many more people have to die, and you know I worked in the medical field for a number of years right at the beginning of the AIDS epidemic, and so I empathize number one for all of those families that have lost relatives, but also for the hospital workers who risk their lives, and so I am willing to do whatever it takes number one to get him elected, but also to make sure that he has a successful presidency. We have so much to do in this country. Congresswoman of vice president. Biden said this week that there are four black women on his list for potential vice presidential picks I believe would be a very smart move quite frankly for Biden to choose a black woman to be his vice president given that black women have long been the backbone of the democratic. Party, yet that support has not been reflected in who is representing the constituency in the white. House I mean every single. Voting Block as and demands for representation yet when black women asked for that representation, there questioned about it and told that they're asking for too much. Your thoughts. Well absolutely I mean I would love to see that I heard that to about four women. I would love to see that, but you know at the end of the day. Who knows better who to choose to be the vice president than a former vice president, and I'm hoping that whoever he picks that they have a relationship together like we saw with Obama Biden. I think that was one of the nicest things about those eight years. It seemed to be such a camaraderie and you know that's not always the case and so somebody who will work with him as a good. Good partner and somebody who was willing to take on some of the challenges. We face you know another big challenge that we face is the divide because this president. From the time he wrote down that escalator. He has attacked every ethnic group lately. He's focusing on Asians by calling by saying that the virus was caused by China and you know there's been this whole upsurge in anti-asian violence, and so the healing that needs to take place in our country is racial healing as well. And you know I want to talk a little bit about this crazy virus, because the state of California now is experiencing a surge in the coronavirus cases Yoga city is warning. That la is on the verge of shutting down again I mean I feel like I know what happened. But what do you think happens? And how did you get back to that place? And what do you need to do to get it to a level? That is workable again. It's so sad especially when you see all these other states who are doing all the wrong things and California did the right things and we did an early we were aggressive on the state level, the county and the city level, and so what they're suspecting now is, is that maybe when we opened up? It was a little too soon. You know we also have extra problems in Los Angeles in Los Angeles County. County on any given day you were talking about over fifty thousand people that are homeless, and then you know you also can't stop people from coming into the state, so the the analysis I think is underway, but I think the current thinking. Is that maybe when we decided to open up, we did it just a little too soon so I think it's very sad that we might have to close down again. It's kind of outrageous that fifty thousand people are homeless in just that one st in this greatest country this resoundingly. But. I know, but you know. Trump has decided to bring back his Jelly Karuna. Briefing and. And I believe this is just a way for him to hold daily rallies because he can't go out there and he's afraid that he'll get the virus, so he's doing it on television. If there was not one doctor there yesterday, so these are not. Taskforces about the virus at all. It's about him, but what is, he's bringing the briefings back at all. I'm sure that a lot of people and his team have told him. It's a bad idea because they always sticks his foot in his mouth, and yet he keeps doing it. What do you think is? His. Join it for well first of all. We know that he fundamentally doesn't believe in science, but also that he just can't survive without adulation and and I know he's not going to get adulation from a briefing, but he will. Be Repeated on a particular TV network, and when they lavish on the praise I think it is so sad. You know just hurts my heart. One hundred and forty two thousand people died. You know I say that several times a day because I think it is so profound, and sometimes you know you can kind of become numb to it, but those were individuals. Those were families and and the idea that. that he doesn't seem to be capable of empathy, he is never even made reference to the people, and he's also has been willing to subject his own supporters to danger as well by wanting to hold rallies, and after every rally what happens, people get sick including his secret service, so I think he does it for adulation and I. Think he does it for Appalachian. That's going to take place in the media. On Fox afterwards throughout the day in the evening. How Sad! Well there we go, and you know what we're not letting you go. We want to come back. Because got more questions for you. Okay, right back all right. The view from home is looking a little different these days, but this is still the one place in daytime good. Morning. Senator Co Gordon thanks for having where the biggest names in news come to be her show like yours visit easier, emmy winning view. Welcome back. We're here with representative Karen Bass Sunny. Yes congresswoman you wrote the George. Floyd Justice Policing Act that was passed in the house, but is now stalled in the Senate. Senate Democrats rejected the Republican Police Reform Bill that was written by Senator Tim Scott. We've seen protests across this country for the past month. Demanding police reform what needs to be done to make sure a bill can be agreed on by both sides is passed and signed into law well most definitely. We need the Senate to act and you know that is one of two hundred. Hundred bills that is sitting on. Mitch McConnell's deaths. That's actually a bipartisan bill. It was no small matter that we had all of the Democrats vote for that bill, and frankly if it wasn't for the hundreds of thousands of people out protesting I, don't believe that would have happened, and we even got a few Republicans two days after trump tweeted and told them not to do that, so we are working to get the Senate to bring it up, but at the same time conversations are going on with. With Republicans I'll tell you I had never had an experience like that before. Where my Republican colleagues in committee when we were voting talked about everything under the Sun, but the bill, and so I took that as a positive, and they came up to me afterwards and said you know. Karen I really think we can get somewhere on this issue and I won't stop talking to people I. don't care who it is, but mainly talking to my republican colleagues to see if there's something that we can do. Do! I did I do have a relationship with a Tim. We came together before he went over to the Senate and so I want to keep the conversation going with the situation like this as you know, it can take US thirty years or thirty days to come up with a bill now. We're only going to be in session for another couple of weeks, but there is still time for the Senate to act are for Tim Scott to come up with a new bill. That would be more. Would be better for the Senate Democrats to vote on. I don't give congresswoman. We were talking earlier in the show about Congressman Yoho yelling at Congresswoman, Alexandria Cossio, Cortez and the deep sexism that is not only in politics, but still obviously permeates our culture. What do you think about that? Obviously have I'm sure have some experience with it. But why are we still living in a time when men still think that they have agency to say such things about women? Well I think they still struggle with with who we are and our positions and she's so high profile. I will tell you the second that that happened I searched her out winning talk to her. Immediately all the women gathered around her, and we demanded that there be an apology, and so I know that Yoho apologized today. We don't think that's enough. We're not finished but I want you to know that we all surrounded her immediately. As well as a number of the men I do feel bad for my republican colleagues, especially the Republican women because Megan. You know there's only a handful of them I mean. There's one hundred and ninety nine Republicans, and there's about maybe fourteen women and so I'm. I'm doing legislation right now. Bipartisan legislation on women who are pregnant and incarcerated and I went to the Republican women had a really hard time getting them to be supportive of the bill. It was easier for me to get Republican men, and so I worry about what goes on in their caucus, now broke out a little bit yesterday with with Cheney but they especially are not used to dealing with women in the democratic side. You know there's over one hundred of us, and so the democratic men in led by Pelosi, so the dynamic on the democratic side is a little different, not saying it's perfect, but it is a little different that would exist on the Republican side it right. At the end of the day, they're still men right. Still men, so we all have to deal with men so. Trump deployed federal troops to Portland the other day. Arrogant to control black lives matter protesters. And just this week he threatened to send troops to other cities like Chicago. New York Philadelphia Detroit and Oakland now some things. Some people think that maybe this is a rehearsal for him on how he'll try to disrupt the election in November. He's already explicitly said he may not be willing to to accept the results of he loses. How will feel about that? And how can we stop him from continuously sending these troops into our cities for? Only disrupting even further well, the problem that we have is that he's a lawless president. I mean we're going to have hearings about it. In several different committees, he clearly wants to be authoritarian leader but I think when it comes to the results of the election. He can try not to leave, but our system just doesn't work that way if he needs to be victimized I, have full confidence that he would be removed from that Oval Office. Well you know. Is being an exciting fall. That's all I can think. We think you represented. Him as good to see again and keep on fighting the good fight. Right back. She is the trump family member who shocking claims are rocking the White House. Mary trump is live on the view. How does she say Donald Trump's father destroyed his son and tore the family apart. Is it influencing how he's running the country right now? And what's your response to critics who claim she's cashing in by trashing the trump family legacy very trump is live on the view tomorrow. Well best to sell for today you know Y'all look good. I meant to tell you that what we first started. We wanted somebody to have a great day. Take a little time to enjoy the view. We want you to wash your hands with else. Do we want to remind people? Put Your Mask on? There's a to remember, but we know everybody can do A. we'll see you tomorrow.

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