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It it's Tuesday July twenty third welcome to skim this where breaking down the most complex stories of the day and giving you the context on why they matter burst the U._k.. Has a new prime minister and he has a pretty long to do list. We'll connect the dots. What's on what's in store for Boris? Johnson starts tomorrow then the trump administration is proposing a new rule that could cause over three million people to lose their food stamp benefits. We'll give you the details and finally the W._W._e.. Has a new champion and she's making history. We're here to make your evening smarter. Let's skim this. The most complicated story today is about Boris Johnson the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom he was declared declared the winner earlier today after his party voted on who should get the job. This comes just two months. After Theresa May announced she would be stepping down from her post. Johnson takes over ten Downing Street tomorrow but when he moves in he won't have much time to settle in and arranged is the furniture here he is in his first speech. After the vote was announced original eventual times this morning there are new incoming leader they win coming leader has ever faced such daunting set of circumstances it said so today we're going to get into the three rebe issues on Johnson's play Brexit Iran and the U._K.'s relationship with the U._S.. I up brexit. That's the British exit from the European Union back during the two thousand sixteen campaign for Brexit Johnson was one of the faces of believe leave campaign meaning. He wanted to leave the E._U.. And then voters actually went that way the prime minister at the time David Cameron stepped down and Johnson was a favourite to take his place but then may one a fellow conservative who was pro will remain for the last three years Johnson has been a bit of a thorn in May side I as Britain's foreign secretary then after he resigned as a member of the peanut gallery meanwhile maze been negotiating with the E._U.. Over the terms of the U._K.'s departure. Archer trying to decide how trade travel visas and border issues will work and when she tried to bring that deal back to the U._K.. Parliament Johnson was part of the group that kept shooting it down here. He is in January during an interview with L._B._c. a radio program in the U._K.. People move feel betrayed and I think that will feel that there's been a great conspiracy by the deep state of the U._K.. The the people the country means deals never made it through the finish line and the U._k.. Miss Deadline after deadline the E._U.. Gave into extension request but now there's a final deadline looming October thirty first Halloween and Johnson says he's prepared to have the U._k.. Leave the E._U.. That day whether they have a deal or not analysts warned that leaving the E._U.. Without a deal will plunge the U._K.. into a recession the British pound has been losing value recently and reached at a two year low last week. The pound's value rose a little bit today after Johnson one and then went down again so that's the first thing Johnson has to deal with the second. Iran tensions have been escalating between the U._K.. And Iran recently on the one hand Iran spent the last two months threatening to pull out of the twenty fifteen nuclear deal after the U._S. pulled out last year and even though the U._k.. Is Literally on its way out of the E._U.. They've still been working with the rest of the Union to to keep Iran in the deal to continue keeping an eye on Iran's nuclear program. If Iran keeps pulling out of the deal they'll get closer to developing a nuclear weapon on the other hand. There's drama on the high seas starting this month when the U._K.. Said an Iranian Indian oil tanker in Gibraltar was violating E._U.. Sanctions so they detained it then Rhonda back at the U._K.. Last week by seizing a British oil tanker in the Strait of Hormuz near the Gulf of Oman through which a fifth of the world's oil passes. And it's a little tit for tat with the U._K.. is threatening serious consequences and yesterday Johnson's replacement as Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt announce. He's planning to form a european-led security force in the Gulf of Oman to help ships pass through safely <music> but Boris Johnson hasn't said how will handle that yet earlier today. Iran's foreign minister extended a small olive branch by congratulating Johnson then a warning. He said Iran doesn't want confrontation but that they'll protect themselves if necessary eh one place where Johnson's hoping to avoid tension in the special relationship between the U._K.. And the U._S. this morning president trump tweeted his congratulations to the new prime minister saying quote he will be Great Johnson has said he wants to have a strong relationship with the U._S.. And there have been reports that he even plans to visit soon maintaining that relationship and strong trade deals is a big deal for the U._K.. Because once the U._K. Brexit's they'll have to fend for themselves so what's the scam. Johnson has a lot on his plate but he's already said he's ready to face these challenges head on even if as he points out his to do list seems daunting this morning I asked you don't did do you feel wanted identity remotely to me and I think that we know that we can do it and the people of this country are trusting in us to do it and we know that we will and everyone's getting right to work. The European Parliament's Brexit Committee is going to hold a special meeting tomorrow to discuss how to move forward with the new U._K.. Leader and on Sunday all the current signatories of the Iran nuclear deal including the U._K.. Are are meeting in Vienna to try to save the deal back home. Johnson will also have to sort out his cabinet. The Foreign Office minister the Finance Minister and the International Development Minister have all announced bear out so we don't know what a new Johnson cabinet. Would look like yet. There are reports that might require a loyalty pledge meaning that potential cabinet members would have to support a no deal brexit. Come October thirty first. If you want to know how Brexit is going to affect your wallet here in the U._S.. We've got a great explainer. You're on our website. The Skim Dot com slash money today okay the trump administration proposed a new rule that would make it harder for some people to qualify for benefits through snap or the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. It's expected to save two point five billion dollars a year in the nation's budget but would potentially cut food benefits for over three million people so what is snap. You probably know it as food stamps. It's a federal program under the U._S.. Department of Agriculture that helps low income families put food on the table generally to be eligible double your total household gross income has to be at or below one hundred and thirty percent of the poverty line the Center on budget and policy priorities says that on average each person gets about one hundred and twenty six dollars worth of benefits per month that comes out to about a dollar caller forty per meal so not exactly fine dining but it's not the only way that people in need get help. There's another program called Tanith or temporary assistance for needy families. It's federally funded but states decide who gets what it provides cash assistance for some families in poverty in over forty states residents who qualify for Tanith automatically qualify for snap even though the income threshold for getting ten of benefits can be different than it is for getting snap benefits depending on your state Republicans say that this creates a loophole so that people with higher incomes are able to qualify for public assistance. This proposal from the trump administration wants to do away with that automatic qualification and the U._S._D._a. says they can do. This without Congress they can just write this new rule. One Person Republicans like to point to to defend their position here a guy named rob understand her. He told lawmakers in a hearing last month that he was able to collect food stamps despite it being a millionaire as an effort to highlight flaws in the system Democrats said that under sander basically willfully defrauded the government and according to a recent report by the Congressional Research Service snap fraud is relatively rare. Here's as Lisa Davis from no kid hungry. A nonprofit aimed at ending child hunger in the U._S.. She testified last month before a House Committee and she said this loophole Republicans are worried about called broad-based. Categorical eligibility is helping bring people out of the poverty broad-based category eligibility is working exactly as intended it encourages and supports work and it helps low income families built financial stability and move towards self-sufficiency. These are goals that we should all support <music> around forty million people receive snap benefits. That's about twelve percent of the population but snap isn't a pixel like we said the average benefit per person is less than two dollars per meal. A number of studies have come out in recent years saying snap benefits are insufficient for a healthy diet. The proposed rule is currently open for public comment for the next sixty days after that it could take effect at any time <music> you might have heard that there's a gender gap in the U._S.. Military and that extends to military academies according to the Associated Press less than thirty percent of students at West Point the Naval Academy and the Air Force Academy are women turns out that number might be slowly changing according to a new report released today the number of women being nominated to go to those academies is going up and yes we did say nominated. Donated the report says most applicants need a U._S.. Senator or member of Congress to recommend them as part of the process some of the lawmakers making the top of that nominating list in the House of Representatives is Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick from Pennsylvania and Greg gianforte Forte from Montana in the Senate Senators Cory Booker from New Jersey and Maisy Geraldo from Hawaii but it's not time to pull all the champagne and celebrate just yet. We have to keep things in perspective while more women are getting the seal of approval men are still still getting nominated about three times more often representatives for lawmakers. Tell the A._p.. It's because the list of women applying is still small but a rep from swan the service women's Action Network told A._P.. That lawmakers could be doing more to help recruit qualified female all candidates especially now that more roles within the military are now open to women before we go today. We've got a fun fun fact coming to you from inside the ring. If you feel like you've been wrestling your way through the week we get you so does Kelly Kelly. She's a wrestler and former divas champion. She left the W._W._e.. In Two thousand twelve which is short for world wrestling alling entertainment so yes it's entertainment often scripted but it's also super physical and can be very dangerous in May the W._W._e.. Unveiled the twenty four seven championship in which the winner has to be ready to defend their title at all times as as long as the rough is around and last night they invited a bunch of former wrestlers back to the ring including Kelly Kelly she became the first female twenty four seven wrestling champion after tracking down her opponent backstage and kneeing him where it hurts clear. She is winning the title from the W._W._e.. So here's to you Kelly Kelly a woman so great. They named her twice and that's all prescription.

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