National affairs panel on Wednesdays throne speech, and government's COVID-19 response


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My Name REVEST AL we've been hearing from medical experts they were reacting to the prime minister's address last night as a political reporter. Do. You think that he met the moment. Well I think. The tone was clearly somber and serious. You could tell and you've been able to tell for a few days now because public health officials also signed. Sounded the alarm on Tuesday you can tell that in Ottawa the government is quite concerned with the acceleration the rapid acceleration of cases civically in in Ontario and Quebec and be that being said, I. Don't know what the prime minister said couldn't have simply been said during a regular press conference he used to have them every day that stopped this summer. It wasn't necessary. It wasn't necessarily something that couldn't have been set in that context especially given that half of that address to the nation ended up being about the thrilling speech. The Governor General had just read only three four hours earlier. So the the the the pretexts of the address to the nation I'm not sure was mets and then it turned even more partisan. Opposition. Parties chose to respond to it by essentially making their own political pitch and except for Jagmeet Singh very briefly at the beginning of his own address didn't even discuss really the pandemic and the fact that things are quite serious and could get worse really quickly want to get to that response and and and the politicisation to your point of that in a moment Cheryl. It is rare for prime minister to take to the airwaves and people there was some opposition. MP's they were commentators were asking whether it was necessary. Did you hear anything in with the prime minister said the justified that move? I don't know if I heard anything that entirely justified the move I think, I, agree, with Marie it is a very serious moment. The virus in parts of the country is escalating and it is important for people to hear the message to take stock and think about what's going on and act accordingly. But I don't know if it met the moment in that it was so important for the prime minister to get up in front of everybody in prime time where instead of you know making an address a house or having a press conference that could be replayed during the supper hour. News programming and delivered the same message and get that same. GEICO Saint Bob's across Germany. Not all for you. What was the point of the the prime time address? Yeah I think it also fell fell short it seems Away to the wait for it all day I was kind of wondering. You know there must be something very serious. He has to say and when it came down to it was really not much more than what would be set at a regular news conference or something in that a local health officer or something would say. Yeah. It was definitely. I have to agree it certainly didn't sorta live up to the expectation that there was something very dire and important that needed to be said, do you think people would be paying attention to it? I? Mean you're in Vancouver he would be on the middle of the afternoon in the West Coast and across the country. No matter what time people are busy school and there's work and there's a combination of working from home in school from home. Do you think Jeremy that people would have been paying close attention to this? I don't think that most people would have. Made. Gone out of their way to watch it. That's for certain. I mean, three thirty in the afternoon as you say, people are picking up children from school people are trying to get ready to make dinner or they're coming home from work if they get off early or they're at work if they're working a nine to five like most people. So yeah it certainly wasn't something that I think was widely watched out here anticipated Marie you mentioned the opposition response let's have listened to earlier of the DP Jagmeet Singh and I know people are worried about how we're GONNA pay for all this. I know. It's not your fault workers that have lost their jobs small businesses that are struggling. You shouldn't have to pay for this pandemic those who profited off the pandemic should be paying the price and I know liberals are afraid to say the words let's say clearly, we need a wealth tax, the wealthy must pay their fair share those at the very top. MERIVA. I'll just briefly you talked about the politicization of this from pick up on that a little bit. Are you surprised in this moment that I mean it's politics that's what politicians do is talk about politics but that that they would use that moment in their response. Not to talk specifically about the pandemic, but to talk about the larger political issues. Yeah I guess I was naively optimistic that the the the evening address would only be about the pandemic in an actual call to people to. Get back to being serious refused to go to parties in everything that we've heard over the past few months but sort of just a reiteration to people to to get back to a social distancing and respecting what the authorities are trying to suggest that we can avoid the worst The opposition parties did have an opportunity to criticize the throne speech earlier in the day and they all used it. Perhaps part of the problem was that two of those leader is their evening address maybe at least for the Conservatives prerecorded. So Mr O'Toole didn't actually know what Mr Trudeau was going to say he's sort of guess what he was going to say and prepared his remarks early but. Still. I. Don't know if that's a good enough excuse for what we heard after the prime minister's Address I. Think. Blame. Can Be laid all around. The prime minister also used a lot of time to just reiterated his throne speech. As you said, it's not unusual I. It is rare but it's not never seen before to prime minister take the airwaves for for for a serious occasion or in the case of. Steven Harper to try and save his minority government. We've seen it before but I guess as Jeremy said it was sold as something. So serious that perhaps people didn't tune in or journalist expected a different tone not to talked about Canada's policies in China area, not talk to her or to talk about. Jurisdiction local power in Quebec. Lucky to quit. Speech from the throne. Then there were a lot of issues mentioned a lot of promises made someone described it online as Unicorn Soup essentially that that it's it's the gift of of magical giving for everybody and a lot of things that perhaps the you know the liberals had promised in in elections past that are all rolled into this. If you take a look at at the moment and take a look at what was in the speech and start with Marie, what do you think will actually change for Canadians as a result of what was laid out in in this vision? Well I think the more concrete promises were the ones through the short term, which is a lot of economic response to the pandemic I. Think there are really concrete things like extending the wage subsidy extending the the emergency, a business account. Things like that. The promise of trying to create more jobs doing more training I think those actually do matter to people because well, we heard that we might not get Thanksgiving and might not even get a Christmas that gives you an idea of how long this might be going on and how businesses might still have to close or at least operate at at at minimal operations for for for the next few months. So I think those are things that people can look out look at I think the promise of a reform of employment insurance in the longer term is something that a lot of People who who work outside of workplaces sort of economists Thomas Workers are looking at, but you're right a lot of it was big liberal ideas that the government could manage to bring back in the throne speech because the pandemic did bring the need for those back at the forefront time thinking childcare we keep hearing that women can't go back to work because they have to take care of their kids I'm seeking Pharma. Care where he hearing about these people who lost their jobs a lot, some of their medical insurance, the pandemic did give the liberals an excuse to bring that back into their promises. But also you're correct those have been promised for a long time, some of them for years and and so promises around that were very vague. No timeline, no money and a lot of it conditional to actually agreeing with province troll Eveland. Is was what was promised. Justify just justifying the the prorogation of parliament do a lot of questions as to why parliament would be probed and the prime minister said that this was the ambitious plan that he would need to be able to bring that. You have to have a reset did that reset match the the step to prorogue parliament? No I don't think it matched the probation I mean you can Perot Parliament for a day and still have the reset still have a throne speech A lot of wet was in the speech are things that the liberals have already been working on. Are Things that they've long promised to do. Are Things that? Didn't don't appear as though they required. You know five weeks of of not having a parliament or really you know maybe a week and a half. When you look at what was actually lost? If you don't, if you ignore the that committees were scrapped. Factual parliamentary work that wasn't being done. None of none of this seems like you know. The prime minister sat down and went out and he can't go across the country and. Physically and consult with people in Saint. Bites you need and sit down on hold people's hands and really do that sort of work. None of this was was things that was out of the realm of possibility although people other people did come to Ottawa I mean, there are premieres who came to Ottawa. Said we this is what we need. We need more money for healthcare and that was not really part of this. Part of it exactly and people still could have come to Ottawa parliament was paroled or not. So that again wasn't required I think absolutely a throne speech was required and a reset in a direction required by weather this particular throne speech. Warranted Five Week prorogation I'm not so sure Germany. nautile how likely do you think that any of what was promised over the majority of what was promised a in this throne speech would actually come to pass. As they say there is a couple of. Promises that we've seen many times the childcare. One is the one that comes up for me because it's it's something that goes back to I believe the Christiane days when they first. Started trying to to offer a childcare program something the campaign on, and it's just never ever happened perhaps because of the the differences made by the pandemic, we'll see them follows through on that province promise for once but you know it is something that comes up almost every election these days or federal elections or and of course, there's also another another promise that that that kind of I thought was interesting. There was the one to have Google facebook big social media companies. ETC start paying for content and Canadian news providers, which is also something that we've had to heritage ministers promise in the past So it's I I, don't know I mean is the pandemic going to finally make some of these long term promise longtime promises come to fruition or is this just more politics? Is what I think is going to be the most interesting when you heard the prime minister he talked about doesn't as ministers have been speaking about this using this phrase build back better is is that When you read the speech, if you listened to the speech Jeremy is that what you get is that this country is going to be built back in a better way. I. Think I think yeah, I mean it looks good on paper. But the follow through is is where the question live right It's also about the cost I. Mean if you are to make these things come to life. You're looking at at a deficit that's already in the hundreds of billions moving beyond that what is your sense as to how voters would feel about that Germany? I think definitely, people are getting nervous about the cost of everything and when we see when we see more promises made that are gonNA to cost more money it'll be interesting to see in the coming days. If there's you know what the opinion polls are saying about this because it is definitely already an issue in the British Columbia action that the cost of dealing with the pandemic are skyrocketing right. So in when people when people think about what it's costing their province combined, it's costing the federal government I think your average person can pretty nervous. Hi. I'm Dr Brian Goldman. If you haven't heard my new podcast, the dose, this is the perfect time to subscribe. 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The Conservatives have said that this speech failed to show fiscal restraint and they will not support the speech from the throne. Here is the deputy Conservative leader, candice? Bergen? The only thing that we've seen from this speech from the throne is that this was the way for Trudeau to cover up his scandals, and now he's promising grand gestures interfering in provincial jurisdiction not. Supporting the provinces when they've asked for some support and raising taxes on Canadians in the speech, he mentioned the government will go into debt. So the Canadians don't have to the people of Canada are going into deeper deficit three, hundred and forty, three, billion dollars it that's the people of Canada that's our children and our grandchildren reversal style. If the conservative say, they are not supporting the speech from the throne, what does that mean for the Liberals? Could this triggering election? I'm of the ones I might be wrong. You might replace us to me in a few weeks. I'm one of the ones who has always been very skeptical that we would see an election this fall and I I I still am Yeah. The conservative said they would vote against it. The block has said it is very, very, very, very likely that. They will vote against it they. They've essentially put conditions that they know that the the government will not meet one of them being to increase health transfers to provinces unconditionally as they have asked, and the block expects that Mr True will not do that. So at least the end EP but when you listen to Jagmeet Singh leader the EP yesterday. He was sort of indicating that he had wiggle room to negotiate with the government. Essentially, the end EP wants to see more help long-term to replace the Serb the can emergency response, benefit and wants to see paid sick leave earth things are coming up in a bill in front of parliament. The language used by Mr Seeing led me to believe that either the MVP will negotiate to tweak that bill in in a way that is satisfactory to them or the end will create a small victory. Anyway, trying to find a reason to say that they got what they wanted every opposition party, we heard yesterday and actually the government. Said Multiple Times they don't want an election and I think they recognize people don't want an election federally. Two of the leaders couldn't even be there to respond in person to the speech of the throne or to respond. In front of networks to the the the address to the nation because they have covert, I think people recognize that it's not realistic. You can't even go to Atlantic provinces right now to campaign I personally think that it's when we get to the nitty gritty to, as you said, how much it will cost how fast it will come i. think that's where people might start to show opposition to the government and and lose confidence in the government, and I think that would probably more likely come in the spring but again, I might be wrong it's just my my feeling right now we have it on tape. So don't worry about that Terrell even. Did the two point that the end EP offer a lifeline to the government? Yeah they did the looking speech I. Think it was written with the EP and mind there's a lot of things in there that been. EP. Touchstones for almost as long as they're been has been a new Democrat Party. I, mean child childcare. Steps towards Burma care taxing extreme wealth inequality, all those things the other parties they put forward their asks the blockhead you know four specific priorities that they said that wanted to see in this speech a conservative I think. If we're being realistic. There was very little that could be in the speech that they would come out and say s absolutely bureau for it and we're going to support it regardless. So the end EP were really the Liberals Dance partners in a speech and I think that there is room as bad for them to negotiate, and there's a room for them to to get a bit of a win and ultimately support it because nobody really wants to go to the polls as much as they say that they're ready. If. It comes to that. I think there's going to be a big step. It would be a big step backwards for the DP to say we can't support. Even given all these things that are in the speech that that we feel we can support because we didn't get this one specific thing, and now everybody's going into an election germinal our people in British Columbia Feeling knowing that they are going to the polls on the twenty fourth of October. Yeah I. Tell You. It's not a very popular decision so far. I haven't seen a lot of people or spoken to a lot of people who are happy with it except for MVP partisans I don't. Yeah. I I. Don't know that it's going to be A. Backlash that it affects the outcome of the election but it's definitely knock not gonNA popular move and do think that weighs on. The opposition parties, but also on on the prime minister in not forcing an election because. We're in the midst of a pandemic people have a lot on their plates right now in his it's an election, the thing that they actually need added to the plate. Yeah. Yeah and I I don't think so I mean out here in BC quasi colby election and it's just not going over. Well, I think that's federally something like that. With it would just be the same kind of backlash nationally it's it's scary to think you know as as Marie pointed out I mean you've got to beat who have Kobe. That's how prevalent this is right now. So Task Canadians to line up at a polling place. You know it could actually legitimately lead to few deaths and that's something that really has to wait in this moment just in the in the last you know three or four minutes that we have. I'll ask all three of you this but in this moment. What do you think is required of the federal government now Jeremy I think they definitely have to keep the ship laid it I know that it's expensive but you also have to weigh that against if you do nothing and let the country fall into a deep recession or depression, even what good is that for the rest of the country just to say that we haven't spent too much money and it could in the long term, end up spending more money. So I think that you know they. have to really keep the the ship righted as long as they can. You know not not knuckle nuts with the with the spending, but just you know find that balance where we can do as little damage as possible to to you know everyday Canadians as well as the economy in general well. Still Not really driving the car could imagine that there are some people going, where's that line between what you're spending now in not going nuts with the spending. Yeah I. It's it's going to be a very difficult one to find especially as this continues on and if the search the vaccine takes longer than people think Cheryl Evelyn. What do you think is required of the federal government right now? I think the federal government needs to. Almost take its own almost take its own advice talks about. Needing a team Canada approach and I think that's maybe what needs to happen is. Go back to. That sense of collaboration that we saw earlier on and really look at working together with whether it's the provinces whether municipalities women's whomever to say, what do you need? How can we help you in? How can we not make things worse or more difficult to get things done I think that's probably what's needed from the federal government right now and obviously a lot of that is going to be money and. So like during the said, keep keep a handle on on that spending so that when we do come out of this and everybody is in a place where we can see the road to recovery move stealth last couple of minutes to you I mean the prime minister's essentially puts Thanksgiving on ice says, well, if you're lucky, will be able to do Christmas. In this moment what is required from from the prime minister from his government? Yeah. I. Think. I. Would build on on what both Jeremy and Cheryl said yes I think. Perhaps, too the disagreement of the Conservatives there needs to be more spending in the immediate. For people who are going to need help for the next few months, people are starting to be worried about deficits, but they were also quite happy when they got help from the government when they didn't have a job or they couldn't go to work because they were sick or or or their their employer was not operating during those weeks. But I think also to that Point Ontario Canada, I think the government federal government and the provinces actually have to talk about healthcare money. I think there's going to be a lot of fighting over jurisdiction over conditions over how we should invest more money in healthcare. Surprisingly no mention of surprises. No mention of it in the throne speech really. I was surprised and there were there's also reminder of all the money that's federal government has already spent on healthcare but I think that issues not going away. The premiers of the provinces are meeting virtually today and tomorrow and there is a meeting planned eventually to talk amongst ministers. I, think both sides are going to have to maybe put a little water in their wine because yes, it's a question of jurisdiction. Yes. Every province has different priorities different demographics during different realities on the. Ground but at the end of the day of the second wave is as devastating as people are predicting and people start dying and people in long term, care homes start being really really affected like we saw in the spring I don't think Canadians are gonNA care about jurisdiction they're gonNa want governments to do something and work together, and I think healthcare is GonNa be a big big thing to watch. It'll be on the government, but that will also be on those opposition parties then. Yup. Everyone needs to together and on provinces and the federal government who are going to have to find a middle ground to make sure that we do not see what we saw in the spring, which was the army having to help people who were being taken care of, and those are people's parents and grandparents and uncles, and aunts, and I don't know how you can justify that. Again, we will talk again in the meantime it's great to have you on the program this morning. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you very much. Leland is managing editor of the Hill Times, Marie austell parliamentary correspondent for Lavar and Jeremy. NUTTAL is a reporter in Vancouver for the Toronto Star. For more CBC PODCASTS, go to CBC DOT CA slash podcasts.

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