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What's going on big time. How are you matt. I'm doing good Steven A. Appreciate you having me on. I haven't spoken to you did the interview with Michael K on center stage right now. I JUST WANNA say. Thank you for the endorsement that you gave e. You continue to break down barriers for us in the industry and what I love about you. You always always make sure to reach back and help somebody else out so I want to say. Thank you for everything that you offer me for my career thus far. I appreciate it but it's well deserved by man. I think you wanted the best in the business and I'm happy to have you right here right now. Let's get right into it because we got a whole to. NFL Topics to get into New England Patriots we have learned we'll we'll have Antonio Brown eligible for week two of the NFL season against Miami this weekend because the NFL announced that are at least Adam schefter broke the news that the commissioners list will not exempt list will not have Antonio Brown on it at this particular moment in time as we all know he's been accused of rape by the name Brittany Taylor his former trainer and the NFL is scheduled to meet with her an interview her next week and it appears that at least until till then the NFL will not act against Antonio Brown your thoughts upon hearing bad news and your thoughts overall about Antonio Brown finding himself in a myriad of situations. This want obviously far more serious than the others he found himself in Wallin Oakland. Raider your thoughts about this whole ordeal quarter the thing I'll say even even a I I haven't liked all the noise. That's been around twenty. Oh Brown throughout the off season but the allegations from its Taylor. This is a different level. This is this there's something of a different nature and so you know appropriately the nfl the New England Patriots are taking these allegations seriously and we have to let that process play out while while the NFL does its investigation but what I will say is this in terms of Antonio Brown being available for the Patriots. I think that was the right move for the NFL to make because again again. We're talking about somebody being accused of something. I mean Antonio Brown has not been charged with the crime. He has not been arrested so I mean I mean. I think that it's important to understand that you're talking about A. He said she said situation you're. I don't think it's appropriate to take away. Somebody's opportunity to be on the job. I don't think it's appropriate to take away. Antonio's browns play football when we're talking about something that has yet to be proved now. Nonetheless it's still disturbing to have something like this. Come out about a player but since the NFL has not been able to speak to Miss Taylor I think they haven't nfl schedule the next week I think the appropriate thanks for the NFL to do was allow in Tokyo round play on Sunday down in Miami is interesting. I feel exactly the same way that you do by at my other opinion about it however is that they should do a damn thing until they interview. Har- bought if they interview her. I think one of the few things they have to take into consideration yeah. How plausible is her story. How believable she is and how far she's willing to take it and the reason why I say that's very very relevant from a business business perspective although it might turn people off if you the National Football League you have to think about it from a business perspective in this regard on one hand you gotta be prepared to deal with the players association who's not not going to be fighting on behalf of Antonio Brown. They're going to be hiding on behalf of a process because they don't want a precedent being set where he hasn't been charged. It's not a criminal offense and you find yourself in a position to exact a level of punishment against him. They would deem unfair considering the absence of a process but then there's the other thing they have to consider. Is that if she is believable and they believe she's GonNa take this to the hill that this could possibly transformed into a criminal case then they they have to consider the shield and the way the shield may have been maybe sully with him being paraded all over the news involved in such a circumstance and under that sequence. I think it might be possible that they might put him on. The Commissioner's exempt list is that how you see this unfolding no that's how I see it unfolding and I think that the League office his has to lean on NFL security to uncover the facts of all these situations keep in mind. Antonio Brown does not deny having intimate relationship with Brittany Taylor earlier but I think the disagreement comes with whether or not it's consensual so I think that you have to interview Miss Taylor. You have to see what she has to say her account of the facts of the matter but I mean in terms of the NFL position you know Roger Goodell is doing is going to do what's best in terms of protecting the shield and also keep in mind when the NFL investigated waited another high profile case when it came to violence toward winning that being a couple of years ago and situation that he had coming out of Ohio state the investigator for the NFL interview the accuser and didn't find the accuser credible. That's still didn't stop Roger Goodell from imposing indisciplined on C. You still sat down for six games so I think this is. GonNa come down to the interview that takes place next week and what that'll determine whether or not Antonio brownfields themselves on the commissioners except list Chris canty right here with Steven. ESPN radio ESPN more noxious things let's go to the world of football itself on the Field Mick Fitzpatrick sought permission and and captured it seeking a trade from the Miami Dolphins when you look at at that situation and how it's unfolded in Miami. It seems pretty bizarre. They lose forty fifty nine ten rather to Lamar Jackson the Baltimore Ravens last week. Lamar Jackson look at like the second coming Joe Montana Tanna fresh over divisional playoff performance where you only completed three passes for twenty five yards in the first three quarters in two minutes against the charges last how we saw him before last week and yet he it looks like the second coming to Joe Montana they obliterate the Miami Dolphins and you got guys on the dolphins talking about the the staff was basically trying to stink on purpose. Meaning coaches weren't game planning appropriately. What did you make of all of that well. Here's the thing I don't think the Miami Dolphins players are in any position to to make an argument about what the organization is trying to do in the fact of the matter is if guys on that team would have played better their head coach. Adam Gates would not have been fired at the end the twenty eighteen that being said I do they can be frustrating in that locker room to recognize the priority for the organization is not necessarily trying to be as competitive as possible in twenty nineteen clearly early. They're building for the future if they weren't they wouldn't have agreed to trade Laremy Tunsil to the Houston Texans or two first round draft picks and a second round traffic also packaging packaging Kenny stills in that deal so I look at it from this standpoint. I I think that those dolphins players recognized going to be hard for them to be competitive from a talent standpoint think out but that's still that's still shouldn't stop you from going out there and doing your job because from an individual standpoint your resume as a player is the film and as they say in the eye in the sky don't lie so there's still should be some motivation for those players to go out there and give their best effort and try to be as competitive about possible. Chris canty. Let's transition to New York City. This is your home turf. You Got Your Radio Show Ninety eight point seven. FM every weekday morning from ten am to noon. Let me ask skew this when you saw when you when you sit up there and you think about this we're looking at New York jets and we have a situation right now with Sam Darnold goes down and we wishing well. He was diagnosed with Mono nucleoside. Obviously that's not something to joke about He's GonNa be out for several weeks. Trevor Simian is your backup quarterback. I'm thinking about it from the standpoint that the jets in a world of trouble when you look at their schedule. They've got the Patriots twice. They've got the eagles. They've got the cowboys. I mean when you look at their schedule. I mean it's entirely plausible that after seven weeks they could end up one of six or seven before all is said and done how we look at the jets to season well. I'll say this Stephen with on not being available for the next several weeks. It's getting late early for the New York. Jets I know a lot of people had them as one of the dark horse wildcard teams out of the AFC but I don't envision. Heh anybody had a formula for them to be able to get one of those wildcards without winning winning one of the two home games that they had to start to see I mean they. They lost a heartbreak. You're in their regular season debut against the buffalo bills a game where they had a sixteen point lead in the second half only to see that squandered away especially after they lost each day mostly on the defense side of the ball with a groin injury. You could tell that it was not the same and on the offensive side of the ball the offensive line had not taking a snap together all preseason and that keeps struggled in week one so I don't revision it being any easier on Monday night going up against the Cleveland browns. The browns are team have a lot of talent talk about some of the all the moves that they made including acquiring wiring. Odell Beckham Junior so this is one of those teams that everybody had high expectations for but in looking at how they lost their regular season opener against the Tennyson Titans that team is going to have an angry disposition about themselves because they're out to try to people also this is GonNa be a real tough game for the jets on Monday night and quite frankly Stephen. I I'm having a hard time seeing pass victory for gangrene. You know as interesting as the things I'm looking at his Odell Beckham junior coming out of voicing his concern about Great Williams Defense has the defensive coordinator for the New York jets obviously formerly bountygate with New Orleans what got him suspended for an entire season. We've got a situation where he was the interim head coach and the defensive coordinator native prior to that with the Cleveland browns not quiet in Orleans but after new all these apprised of this year he was the defensive coordinator before Jackson got five last year and then he was the interim coach but during a preseason game wins defensive coordinator that's one of the Times where Odell Beckham junior season ravage because he got hurt with a low hit or whatever and now he speaks and he speaks speaks out about being concerned about Greg Williams one would argue Greg Williams a former psychology major in college. This is right up his alley. He's inside of Odell Beckham Judas head and it could potentially work. Ob j what are your thoughts about that Donald Swab more by opie J to be preemptive about it in terms of bring some more awareness to the fact that you could have some guys on the jets team potentially try to take some shots at him because let's face it. Stephen when you look at the jets secondary their banged up remain aunts and then number one corner he's dealing with some hamstring injury and their second and third corners are suspect to say the least so I mean that's secondary can vary is going to have a hard time slowing down the skill position players for the browns in the passing game and then you couple that with the fact that the jets don't have any premier edge rushers assures guys that can consistently beat wants to get to the quarterback. I think it's GonNa be hard for that. Just defense to slow down at ground passing attack just based on talent alone so so you're thinking that the Greg Williams led New York jets defense is going to have to do something outside of the ordinary in order to try to keep this game close and so I think this is B.j just trying to be proactive trying to draw attention from the officials to the fact that there might be some guys that try to take some shots on him and the rest of the skill position players before the browns office Chris canty. NFL extraordinaire radio host as well right he was Stephen Gaspar radio ESPN news by the way Humpty uncanny awarded outstanding radio show by the New York state broadcasters associated just a few months ago congratulations on that. Let me get to your neck of the woods. This GonNa make you uncomfortable by the way the show is from ten to one. I said ten to noon a few minutes ago. I Apologize College is said ten to one of several times but I just got new because I was thinking about my lunch. Break or scanty got from the audience. I was thinking about what I was thinking about my lunch hour my bad my bad listen. Let me get to the New York giants for a second here because they just looked pathetic. I mean you got saquon walkway of course but they literally look like they've got nothing else but Daniel Jones and I think that it was a good sign. If you're Dan you Jones fan or if you are somebody that's pushing for the exit of ally Manning that we saw Danny Jones and the last two minutes of last week's game against the Dallas cowboys some people. I believe it's a bad sign and indicative of things to come. Where do you stand with all of that as it pertains to the New York giants. And how bad do you expect them to be the season season or here's the thing even if we haven't seen a lot from Daniel Jones I mean there's only so much that you can put in reports that are made in the preseason and there's only so much stock you can put in performances in preseason games but that being said there's nothing that we've seen from a physical standpoint or from a mental toughness stamp or like that would suggest that Daniel Jones can't play in the National Football League. There's nothing that would say that. He wouldn't be capable successor to ally manny all all of the criticism that came from the giant strap and then with the sixth overall pick. I mean the kids handled it in stride and he's been class and so I look at it from the standpoint but that's the giants are are somehow away. You know going to be in trouble if they if and when they have to hand the ball off from Eli Manage J. or does does this season. I think Daniel Jones is the reason why the Times would be interesting this season when you grabbed a quarterback in the top ten. Let's face it. You're a team that's building and so to me. The giants should do everything they can to support the decision that they made earlier in April which is to draft a successor for you lie manning. This season isn't about the New York Times trying to be competitive and get into the post season. This season is about making sure that you do everything you can as an organization to support the development development of Daniel Jones and in my opinion that includes getting him some experience in regular season games because the best way to improve as they football player to play football in meaningful games so to me I. I just think that it's not if but when we see the torch passed from Eli Manning this into Daniel Jones Chris canty. Let's let's let's let's stay in the NFC. WHO's the best team in the division. The Cowboys Eagles your what Stephen I gotta go with the cowboys. Oh boy the last ten games they're not in one and they swept the eagles last year so although I think the eagles have better roster top to bottom I do believe that styles make fights and Dallas cowboys style their overall philosophy and how they want to win games. It's just a tough match for the eagles it really is and so when you see the emergence of Dak Prescott as a passer. I think that's part of it that that actually takes you from just being a playoff team to a super bowl contender. That's the difference I mean. This is the best player on that team. He's the ads in for that offense but if you had that Prescott continuing to build on the performance that he he had week one against the New York giants. I mean the rest of the League needs to look out and that includes the Philadelphia Eagles because we know even really they really really good team. The one place that can get got is their cornerbacks in their secondary of Matic's arrive Darby Jones those guys they still got a lot to prove and they showed that had in the first half of their opener against the Washington redskins so for me right now the way the Dallas cowboys look if that can continue to build on what he's done. I mean you. You Better Watch do you. Do you believe that the Dallas cowboys are making a mistake by having not paid that Prescott yet considering the fact that you took Zeki Elliott Lael Collins Tailing Smith well. I'll say they stephen with each passing week. The price is going up because I mean that Prescott already wanted to give away more than Carson Carson Wentz who got paid thirty two million plus on an extension per year by how we Roseman in the Eagles early this all season and then a couple of weeks ago we saw that the rams extended jared Goff and gave him the highest guaranteed money total out of any quarterback in the NFL history so with that being said those quarterbacks that are a part of extrap- last you gotta think that that Prescott is going to want more money then those guys because guess what the next guy to get paid usually the one that gets the more the money so I just I look at this situation with each passing week the price tag for Dak Prescott continues to go up the cowboys need to go ahead and get that deal dark you have the tabloids as the best team in NFC east. Who Do you have the best team in the NFC well. It's hard to make an argument against the New Orleans Saints especially coming after that Monday night performance that they have executed executed the two minute drill to perfection but I'm still going to do it to me the team. Ooh That has the potential to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl. It's the Green Bay packers. I know there are didn't look great on Thursday night in the opener opener of the NFL got a new coach. I mean leaving him. They got a new coach with the florals Aaron Rodgers first time operate it off if you get a defense in different colored Jersey but guess what did show up on that Thursday night well heck packers Defense Beccaria Bay packers defense showed and what it was but they were playing against metric chip. Stay Man. They don't have any real weapons. It's a cargo any I mean. It doesn't a guy that the biggest thing about Mitchell trubisky is they passed up on Patrick Mahomes and to Shawn Watson a ghetto Chris Stephen even as I hear what you're saying but you're still talking about a top ten scoring off Anthony. NFL A year ago and a team that won their division and the whole playoff game so I mean listen you have to respect the Chicago bears do but here's what I will say if that defense from Green Bay station building slowly but surely the several all season both through free agency and the draft if those guys can compete what if those guys can give that offense for the packers time to catch up and understand what Matt leflore wants to do from a philosophy standpoint then you better look out for these Green Bay packers unless they got a great test this weekend with the Minnesota Vikings defense is legit yeah. It'd be great to see how they look after having an opportunity to have a regular season game with that first unit in place but listen eras is a bad man. I know you say that I may May. I have competence that offense. We'll figure it out but the fact that that tranche look as good as it did. I think you have to feel good about the Green Bay packers this year all right. I need quick answers to these questions. Before we get on Outta here 'cause only got a couple of minutes left. What's up with Cam Newton that I never thought he was an accurate pass even though I think that he's an elite play Klay a win healthy. What's his issues? He didn't look good last night. No he didn't look good last night in the offensive line didn't do them any favors especially Daryl Williams of Taylor mouton. Here's the thank thanks given a we talked about his throwing motion and how he's changed once more of an over the top delivery what a little bit of our concern payment when he gets into an actual game will he revert back to the Cam Newton that we've seen in the past. He's so far this season the answer yes now. It's a real shame that the Carolina Panthers didn't have a better sequence in the low red zone at the end of that game last night against the bucks but I mean I. It's a situation where their defense played well enough to keep them in the game but but at at some point Ron Rivera norv turner play call has got to realize we gotta six five two hundred fifty pound quarterback if it's fourth and less than a yard we should maybe think about trying to use the quarterback actually got no. They don't WanNa get hurt but if you're going to have him run on the design run in the third quarter the the run where he ended up fumbling and I think it's safe to say that you should you probably consider using him as runner when the game is on the line in that situation but yeah the Carolina Panthers are in big trouble to get out to ano wants to start. We know the keeps start the season to have an eleven percent chance of making the Playoffs Carolina Panthers got big problems and I don't see how they stay fixed because Cam Newton didn't look like and that offensive line looked awful all right. I just need a winner in each of these games. I'm asking you to pick Seattle Pittsburgh. I like that I I don't believe I feel the difference. I like Seattle on the road. That's still as fast transports off or they couldn't get any pressure on Tom. Brady and the secondary couldn't match up in man coverage. I think the Seattle does hit. Some big plays in the passing game against your Pittsburgh steelers New Orleans at L. A. I wanted to on the row. I think they're going to try to exact cabannes. NFC Championship lost as a little bit of a motivating factor but I just believe that New Orleans is the better team Philadelphia Atalante. I like Philadelphia. I mean Stephen at some point your yards you saw the last three games that these two teams play the eagles have beaten them and not just on the scoreboard but I think physically beaten up the Atlanta Falcons. I don't think the Atlanta Falcons are who they think they are. They WANNA be tough rugged parts under Dan Quinn but they're not that when they see that Philadelphia Eagles I like the Eagles on the Road Chris canty co host Humpty and canty every weekday from ten. Am To one PM Ninety eight point seven FM ESPN Radio New York City plus doing an outstanding job foxsports first things first one my brother Chris Carter won only Chris canty right. He arising star in this business. I appreciate you my brother. Thank you so much. See down a rope appreciate if even one another Chris canty right here with Steven A. Espn Radio Espn News edited say ESPN. That is the number to call. It's over two nine three seven six. You listen live. It's even a ESPN radio ESPN news back with your calls and more intimated by the way go to the Home Depot to add personality and style style your room with a wide selection of on trend tall all in one place the Home Depot makes replacing your carpet easy with more styles and colors to choose from and right now free installation on any any purchase of four hundred and ninety nine dollars or more all by licensed local pros back for life. 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This player resume is brought to you by indeed used by over three million businesses for hiring post a job today at indeed dot com slash hire us is to add line search for greatness search indeed then asked me to go back to the phones Susani or Sanni Lava Stephen. How will you just want to talk about the end up. Lay ruling by kids getting paid. Go ahead bomb argue. My brother and my brother used to play college football. My wife worked at a major university in Austin longhorns and well. That's a great idea for these kids who get paid. I mean I don't know about you but when I was eighteen twenty twenty one years old our to know how to handle a lot of money you know and I know these kids come from different households different income but but there you say like into Aa it comes up with the rule and says all right. We're GONNA pay players and they're gonNA get an allowance to get to three thousand a month. You really trust these universities paying that limit because I know the University of Texas at Austin when I got more money than tech allies being required here what they're saying is that the individual player if they're a popular and they have the ability to cachet to market themselves. That's something that they can pull off. It's allowed okay. Put the same I I was. GonNa say like in but don't you think like I mean. Is it going to motivate the kids to go to school. Are they going to hold out. Are they going to start being disgruntled. Are they going to stick. They're not getting paid enough. I don't know we don't have noticed nothing's perfect. Nothing's Utopia but the real issue here is whether or not they're going to have the right to profit offer offer something that they can profit from in a capitalistic society the way everybody else around them as allowed to do so coaches being paid by shoe companies companies rather whatever the case may be the NCW another's. If all of that stuff that's going on. Don't they have a right to look at things from a marketable stamp point if they can pull it off yeah I just I mean it's a great idea. I understand I mean any adult meanwhile eighteen. I'm allowed to go work and get paid. I mean I don't WanNa work for free of course and I. I just think it's just it's not going to be equal for all the players I mean. Some of the lower kids are gonNA. Look at the higher kids getting all this money. I mean what's going to school. You could say motivation invasion but if you've got a scholarship but somebody's getting a little bit more that's a capitalistic society. That's the American way that's my view on it but I appreciate the call man. Thank you so much. Cooper Ilab even talk ultimate doing all right. You got a lot of noises. Your role is your window down inside my vehicle. 'cause I'm working but I actually want to commend you for You know being a mouthpiece Colin Kaepernick and trying to get him back into the NFL where he belongs. We're going to do things that you enjoy doing his whole life. Almost my football and I don't feel that he should have been blackballed on something that he felt that he was doing doing that was wrong and I commend you for for for say well. It's not it's not a problem why that really wasn't my agenda this particular subject bringing it up today. I think the important point is that his lady a nasty APP approached me yesterday and I like to reiterate her and her friends approached me in a very very classy manner to express their points of view and what they thought me and many others were missing in terms of putting erroneous information out there and so they wanted to make sure that there was clarification in that regard that he hadn't been offered a job or any of those four teams Miami Seattle Baltimore Denver or they didn't believe he was ever going to get offered those jobs. They obviously do believing even we all believe he's being blackballed and she says that he still wants to play football that he's training every day that he's ready right now. If he were to get a call right now he'd he'd be in shape and ready to go and so she wanted to make sure that that message was disseminated to the masses as as as a courtesy to her she deserves. Is that a she has stood by his side from day one. She has supported him from day. One obviously that's his lady so she's privy to things that most of us are not privy to and and classy manner in which he approached me to talk about it. I felt the least I could do was recognized that publicized that with her permission of course and give credit where credit is due and make sure that the information that she wanted out there you know was brought out there now. Do I have an issue what how Colin Cabinet may have gone about executing things sense kneeling certainly and I've expressed that but nevertheless there is no doubt that he should be still playing. There is no doubt that he should be in the NFL. There is no doubt doubt that he is being blackballed. Nobody can deny that and so when you take all of those things into consideration it was the least I could do. I would love to take credit the credit that you're giving me my man. The reality of the situation is I don't deserve it. She does she does because she has stood by her man giving him unwavering support and no matter what critique we can give for her in terms of methodology in the past in regards to tweets or anything like that she clearly loves him very very deeply she stands by him and if we're really being truthful most most men if not all of us would love to have our woman by Assad in in a fashion that she stood she has stood and continues to stand by him so I applaud her for that and also made sure to extend an invitation to them not they would take it. They're certainly under no obligation to do so but I wanted to make sure that she knew that Har and Colin and if you want to bring every agreed with him I could have to live hours on. I take to discuss issues on uninhibited. I would welcome that opportunity. I extended that invitation reputation to them and whatever they do with it they do with it. That's their business. We just great great all right. Thank you very much for the call man. I appreciate get it. Let's go to Chris you. Live Stephen was Chris Mr Smith. Yes Sir much respect to your first and foremost and how you doing today. I'm Doin' ourself. Go ahead man all right man I just wanted to piggyback on the Antonio Brown situation now. I understand what you said about how they said they said. Let them play even though you know without the investigation of what have you but I also believe now how many eighty six when you think about it how many situations were players were involved in raping a sexual assault. How many do we actually win when you think about that they have a lot to look forward to within this situation as far as there's a lot going to come down on this is going to go. I I mean we don't know yet. We're going to find out well. I believe that I believe that because in my opinion I mean I mean you got the top. You got one of the top wide receivers. THAT'S NOT FEE UTAH receive run league and I believe that he has like He. He puts herself in these situations to where he feels like he's on top of the world and so what are you saying what exactly yeah. I don't understand exactly what you're saying. Are you saying that Antonio Brown is at fault of that. He's not at fault. What exactly are you saying. No I believe I believe that you gotTa look at you look circumstances of him being a top player and him you know acting as a as such what she's talking about what she's talking about. You have to look at that. I look at it because most players like the players that have been in situations like this. What do they win. They lose. I got you I got you. We don't know appreciate the call. Though I got your point appreciate calling you lava Stephen Go ahead man Stephen a naked Di di up however you pronounce your last name the person that posted on social media in equivalents between Stephen Shoddy Lewis at the characters in Django the vile characters and Django when Ray Lewis with a tempting to help calling capper Nick Cata job right there because it's not right there Colton. You said on many occasions so have I. She didn't didn't deny that she was saying that. He hasn't been offered a job. That's all she say what job Stephen. No no no no no. She was addressing me because I was making the claim that he had an opportunity to have for jobs. She interpreted that as me saying he was offered for jobs and she wanted to stay for the record that he hadn't been offered the job. That's all she was doing well yeah. He offered a job in Miami because they weren't. Castro wasn't offered the job in the Ravens because she posted on Arthaud. She'll meet her account equating the owner of the team with a violent character we've ever seen in in in a movie. I'm only stopping you because you said that numerous times so so have. I didn't even know she does not fair call to. She's not not doing it that that's not what she's doing. She's not denying our role at all. I took the job by the rape. It's Ryan Lewis came on your competitive program the day after a couple of days after that and said I'm out. I'm not helping this guy any more. That's that's what Ray Lewis said so that's the reality of it no matter how she wants to change it around and resurrect thing. That's why calling cabinet is not working now under the subject. Could I really called about today on your competitive program. There and I watch you. Both I love you. Both I loved you used to be with schedule they when they when they hold a position vic and they hold positions really strongly they admit when they're wrong at some point afterwards. Mac alleman has never once admitted on your the program anything because he never. He never believes he's wrong. Even I would contend debating against him. He's always roll elite. Elite quarterback gets up there and he's definitely injured even though he hasn't been on the injury apart warning time so five this year Carolina Panthers Injury Report Max Kellerman said that open later stolen Antonio Brown but the third and the fact that the Pittsburgh skill with stupid forgetting for Antonio Brown they win when he waves out blow up their entire preseason me than Max Kellerman instead all it was all part of a grand plan wind up with a patriot. Max just makes except stuff when he's wrong to try to somehow convince the American public he's fading Nick foles with straight garbage and would the playoff game when he then goes to win the super bowl with the eagles and the Royal Mac pretend like you're all wrong that that that was phenomenal little quarterback in the NFL. Tom Brady cliff in threes east in a year later uh-huh. I hate to say this 'cause I never want to attack. He is telling York yourself. Even people I watching I only want. I appreciate it but I got news for you. There's no evidence of that because we are number one and as far as I'm concerned as as long as I'm on it. We don't stay that way. 'cause I in about losing. That's just me that's just my confidence level if it happens otherwise it happens otherwise but I'm always be there causing you know I I love you and appreciate you for watching me and my man you know that. Can you hear me Caulton hostage. No love and appreciate you for watching watching me because I'm going to stay in humility in that box that you're with. I got enough humility for the both of us. How about data I appreciate it though 'cause I gotta get on Outta here man. Thank you so much and then they'd say ESPN eight seven to nine three seven seven six back to close out the show in a minute. We're leaving. 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