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Space Trucker Bruce Episode 004


The movie we're covering today was a really really pleasant surprise or us. It was yeah and I would go so far as to say it was. It's the epitome of how to do a super like low to no budget B movie. Really early well yes. It's there's so much that's GonNa Follow. You have to listen folks. This is amazing. It is it's going to be great. We're GONNA roll into good very good Welcome to Bravo for the B. Side. Our weekly podcast where we discuss b-movies in what we can learn from them. I'm Danny Jim and today. Today we're going to be rolling into a movie called Space Trucker Bruce Ellis about space trucker Bruce Space Trucker Bruce. I gotta say we found on this completely by accident. We were trolling through the list of movies. In if you know if you have Amazon prime not everything comes up. You know on unlike horror or sci fi or whatever you have to go through that long list pick a movie and then below it will be a lot of what you've already seen and then you start getting and those ones that were hidden in. We dove deep deep really eight levels deep and we had all these movies that we you know we'd never heard of because they've never been to the theater haven't among them was space trucker Bruce and we looked at it. And we're like oh please let there be a trailer we hit. It was a trailer and we decided. Yup this needs to be on the PODCAST. Yeah this was the first one where we kind of went in blind. We watched the trailer because we were initially just going to watch it for fun right. We were looking for something to pass the time it was late. And we're like. Oh let's just get something we don't have to dive deep into and we'll see what you know. See if we can find a fun movie oaks between episodes of this podcast. We watch a lot of B movies that we don't even talk about on here but we saw the trailer for space trucker Bruce and without even watching it the first time we were like. Let's put this on the list for the PODCAST. We'll we'll makes this one. Different too is a lot of the movies that will talk about. We've seen yeah and that's why we made our are gigantic long list of things that we remembered that you know this is these are things we can talk about in things we can learn from with. You know what let's take this as our first blind shot it and it so glad we did. You won't be sorry. Let me let me let me break into this movie. So this was Released in twenty four team gene The director is Anton Doran and I never asked to pronounce the name. So there'll be some apologies possibly Written I Anton Starring Karl Sears Anton Iran and Amelia Jenkins It's not rated because it was Put out and it's on Amazon Prime Video. Yeah it's also an Amazon. DVD The the budget for this We confirmed was around ten thousand. He didn't keep the exact figures right. So so our log line here is in a future where earth has colonized the solar system a lonely trucker hauling twenty thousand tons of hog fat from Earth to the titans station picks up an easily bored hitchhiker together. They struggle to survive in encounter with a mysterious dark object. That doesn't doesn't do it. Justice accurate. Well it's enough to make we read it. We looked at it but the the trailer is would hooked us There's going to be allowed to talk. What about when you're done we're GonNa go through the movie but I just? I have to preface. This was so much fun. It it was really fun I've been looking forward to this all week. Able to talk about this. Yeah this was the first movie that we watched that we were actually able to tale the director and talk to him. Yes that is movie Yup. We'll have more of that. Yeah there's a lot of good stuff here a lot of good stuff yeah all right. So let's Let's break into this movie so that we can talk about it is i. I am so excited. I ain't all right so space space trucker bruce comes up. We have our opening credits. And there's some standard Sci Fi dialogue. You know shipping You you know yeah you know. It's just there as the credits. Come up in the names. And then we learned that the year is twenty. Sixty seven and a breakthrough in gravity. Technology has allowed colonization of the solar system. And for some reason the most valuable cargo is hog fat. Yeah so when we come in. There's a nice planetary shot of Saturn And and I I you just got to say it was. It was marvelous. I mean that's the first thing I noted was man. That's a nice. That's pretty good. Yeah Yeah you know this. It's it's it's not like some. I mean we would call this a no budget to low budget. Yes right so ten thousand dollars not a lot of money money now and again. I'm trying so hard not to get sidetracked Louis before we talk and everything else but it was beautiful it was so well done And then we see an eyeball on the screen. So it's an intense close up red lights flashing in an alarm going off in the background. Her then we cut and it's forty days earlier and then we see what I presume was a space truck right right and hauling this giant container of Hog fat and the ship is called the necessary. Yes and it's very reminiscent of like an eighteen wheeler but you know in space right so we meet who we can only assume based based on the title for this movie is Bruce and he's wearing. I loved this shirt a shirt displaying the moon landing and underneath it says finders unders keepers. And he's he's sleeping dreaming and in his dream he's wandering around a Lake beach on earth am Letterman and the shots. You noted are actually pretty good They're really lovely framed. Oh Yeah allers really nice. I'll just yeah I mean we. We're probably going to mention it a couple more times but just to get it out. The cinematography was fantastic. You once you know considering what what I mean. This is the epitome of a B.. Movie uses very little money but you know it was my first impression. Was Man this gorgeous and I am. I'm in a Oh. I guess it's the sexy dream. 'cause there's a three girls on the beach you are all about bruce begging him to rub lotion on them and stuff and and then the ship tells him to wake up. Yeah the scenery again was really good But we we flash back to the ship and burst pops awake and we hear from the ship's computer there's a micrometer impact on the ship is losing compression. So we alarm going and everything and this was this sort of set. The tone of the whole movie bruce up and I mean the guy is in no hurry now at all. He's just the other day in space. I go I go save my life in a fixed. This all who's it chill Duda. He's just is going along. You know and the funny that here's the thing everything about Bruce. The actor just came all came through. I mean you instantly like like this Guy Bruce Right. This isn't a guy who's WHO's Not Able to act. Is You know what you know. Just you know or trying to act act and it's just not overdone just just like oh I get it. It was just so identifiable straight up front. So he's going down the hallway to find the whole any finds it and he seals it Y- apparently we learn later. It's eight sealant. Have you guessed that you're right but it looks like it's ready whip. It's just a can outcomes. It looks like whipped cream and Some some red duct tape and from salt yet the alarm stop going off. Yeah but here's the thing at this point this is when I made a note. Is this and you kind of. See it from the quick shots that we've seen before then but when he's going down the hallway. It's very clear that the hallway the set is is basically made of cardboard and Dan. And would you know and and bits of things here and there painted green light it. I don't know it's still looked good. Good yes I mean. We looked at it and we had the discussion when we took a break. And you know everything about this is like hyman energy eighty. Yeah when into this you know innocent thing you work with what you've got and man they worked at a dead you know In every dealership has like this. We have Occasional shots of monitors screens for the ship. They're an analogous towards into it now but the graphics and stuff worked he did they were. They were simple but they were believable and they really added everything. Yeah no yeah and that was one thing I noticed you is. All these sets are awesome. You know an and we've seen a a lot of these home baked movies where the sets are foam in duct tape. Basically and I've seen I've we've seen ones where they don't even bother other to spray paint. The I don't know what that stuff is. It's like a wood composite kind of thing for packaging. Oh Yeah it's a kind of cardboard he stuff but it's like they just tape them up on the walls they didn't even bother painting him or anything. But this you you can tell a lot of time went into this right and it looks good and it looks functional. So Bruce he puts on a John Deere hat with a little piece of tape on it on the side that says Galactic indicating that. It's a space. John Deere Hat. John Deere Galactic Doc. Dick Yeah that was if I hadn't been sold before and we're only a couple of minutes into the movie right that hooked IT A. That's that's brilliant. Just brilliant it just it fit length all right. Yeah and so already. Were pretty impressed with with this movie. It's exceeded our expectations just in the first light re minutes. Yes a film which is awesome. So Yeah Bruce's into terrible actor. He's pretty good. It's clearly budget but a lot of work went into this and I'm like all right. I'm ready for this. No yeah so we cut to him sitting at a table which is apparently in. Like there's like the common area takes place in the common area and so he's sitting there eating. Oh again. I'm noticing this John Deere Hat and having relatives who have been truckers. It just really hit at home and and we have relatives who are Work in agriculture arms of some different varieties. I don't know what can I say identified with John. Deere where we're from the Midwest. We're familiar with that type. So he's heating paced And he's all excited because of a pace. It's a pesos. said a tear up on my God. Apparently it's like a cheeseburger. Yes and he's digging it Bruce's Good meal so then we have our first. I robot enter RJ seven and it. It also looks very homemade EXCEEDS CAR Borden. Tape and paint ain't and has a tablet as it's like base plate face on the tablet. We've seen those right but you know has all the information on there. Aaron stuff and Google I was into it We see some of the monitor screens. they're kind kind of. They're they're not I. I still don't know how to explain it and I want to try and get into it more. They don't stand out but they are not like hidden away. We've seen some films where they will put screens and monitors and stuff. There were some weird graphics in like they try to hide them. Yeah you know it's like well someone catches it. It's doing something but at least it's some sort of light doing something and if you look close at some of them you're like it's a screensaver. That's windows ninety five man when and was dismayed by this one It all fits and then this this this next part provided a few moments of wearying. Well afterwards we had. We had to figure out what was going on. So we're introduced to a creature or a thing it's a daisy Sour cream container with googly eyes glued to the front and we'll look like little tuft of hair glued to the top aaliyah and talks walks into our delight. It has a name it is Mr Sour Cream. All right we'll come back to that Then we cut to an outside shot and the three three D. modeling of the spaceship is actually pretty damn good and it had me at first wondering if it was. CGI or practical. I mean it was that good good. It was simple. And that's the thing about these You know because you got no money and you're trying to make practical effects especially for Seifein. You're trying to do like an exterior earshot. It's real easy to use practical items. Paint them up a little bit us a Stencil and Bam. You have some sort of space faring. Craft right right but this was really good and I'm like well I don't recognize it as any like scavengers model but turns out it was. CGI Right which which makes it even more impressive. Yeah so bursts starts this little Space Message said no one. It's like a like a personal log on most. And you know this is bruce you know and kind of setting up. He's been wound for awhile. It's gain amy cute but We also learned that he might have lost a previous partner. Jimmy right or there isn't a lot said about it. No no no he just enough. That has been a while since Jimmy. Yeah Oh can't wait to hear about that. So then we Kutch to another character in a different ship and Just from the inside of it in look adding my thought was a small space shuttle and it is It's apparently broken. And they haven't exterior shots and is it still again this. This next ship is really well done. Yeah it's really well modeled. The Shuttle is broken and our our passenger needs a ride so the computer I want to do. and He's told while there's a hitchhiker function and there's a button on the you with a big thumb on it. So he slaps it and Bruce gets the signal. He's overjoyed in picks him up. Yeah and maybe I'm maybe Anton could let us know but I think that might have been a little nod to hitchhikers this guy to the galaxy or something it seemed like it was you know through the head. I liked it so yeah. Bruce is almost almost psychotically excited that he gets to pick up a hitchhiker and and you know he set it up that you know he was lonely and so we're like go cool. He gets to have a friend so he's like I'm going to make a surprise for my guest. It's pie just. He was just eating liquid cheeseburger against he can make a Pi. It's fine and his presentation is a little weird he just you know the the hitchhiker comes in his name's Max and versus like I'm EG Pie okay later Brusca's let me give you a tour. We don't get to see the tour but I you know right. I mean what's the point well and you know as the movie goes on enough of the things are revealed that is relevant so again that was. It won't break away again. A I bet. That was a ballsy move because a lot of low budget films will spend an inordinate amount of time taking us through rooms rooms and ships and states and things that have nothing to do with anything and it's the set designer version of what we talked about. What the writing right you put so much energy in time and thought into this thing that I'm going to have to build it? I know every inch of this ship. It's in my ahead of a brain every inch of this ship and because I built it I'm GonNa film it right well. Not every inch of the ship was built and our time is not wasted on things that are you know you know Effects Porn basically. Yeah you know. It's not showing off anything but and the one thing that I was noticing is right off and this is again what you do with your equipment. When you're making your movie you know? Regardless of the budget it really shows in the lighting his. What caught me as if hunger? I'm looking at this thinking man. This this is really well lit. Yeah this is really good. You don't have skeletons shadows under the is that you know big shadow under the the nose and stuff like we both have because our ceilings eleven feet tall. We have one light in here shining down. We both look like we're the grim. Reaper it's fine. That's why we deal podcast and not a video. That's right but the thing that was really not just the actors and everything but everything on these sets every inch of the set every inch of the shocked. When you're watching this movie? Nothing's lost now. All these wonderful wonderful little details are noticeable and you can let your eyes just kind of walked across the screen and just kind of take it in. You know that was that was really well done. I agree so then we get to bruce giving us his explanation of what's going on So he's telling Max that he's heading to tighten station to deliver hog fat and now they're at the table talking and we learn. MACs ax has worked on Mars Were basically a bunch of assholes and was just fed up and decided all right. I'm done with all this crap. I'm going to tighten station. Look for you know work in the new life and everything but he woke from fight Bilello. He woke from hyper-sleep early because his ship was broken. Yeah Yep any worked as an engineer. That's right thank you. So Bruce In their conversation warns Max about Mr Sour Cream which I think is interesting as you've he's like don't listen to him. We're in the middle of the game of chess and versus seeming just a little bit unhinged. But it's funny sober. Introduces Max to his droid. Rj Seven and. Max deduces. That the DROID is that Bruce. This has been talking to you. This whole time is just a trash Kansas. Oh and here's where I had mentioned earlier Mr Sour Cream and launched this the issue of in you had brought it up. Is it a Wilson thing like from the past away you know and I was. I was kind of anxious Kaleo in this little bit when he's talking to him. What so? What's Mexican think of Mr Sour Cream right you know? So is his bruce losing his ship space for for so long by yourself or what we feel like we're setting up a little bit like burst. Might be kinda crazy right because we have no idea where this is going really at this point and you know even so now that we have another actor on the screen. You know. I'm looking at this thing you know. The acting at this point is not bad and and I say that where you know. We've seen shows where people have no acting experience whatsoever. It doesn't come naturally and it's what makes it the movie that it is but these guys it's it's really great Max. WCHS is able to deliver not. He's not like the straight man. No but you know he's able to deliver the the right amount of surprise and wonder and skepticism. That Bruce Evokes within him you know and Bruce Bruce is again just this this chill guy that he he is so far his tone hasn't changed now and that's kind of a thing in that a lot of Lot of these lower budget films with friends and family meals meals. Just put it that way. Right people can't develop and hold onto the character as written or as they put into their head in. It's always like you on just get one shot or they're real monotone delivering the line. In just you know. And then we cut away and we come back and Nelson persons like into it for that scene right roaring into it Bruce is consistently bruce at this point. And we just met Max right so you know. We'll see him unfold. But yeah it's it's really good The only thing that I that caught my attention to pick on was was the sound. Everything was good good right up until the shower. They're standing another sitting in a sound. Like Bruce was miked and Max was being picked up like across the table. Okay you know like if I were to step away here but you know now I'm miked and Aw huge thing well. It isn't because it's not something I noticed but I know that you're an audio file. So yeah you know and I'm not yeah and it wasn't jarring. Is You know what I mean to be honest. We're watching this movie to see where the faults were where the highs were luck can be learned. Well Yeah and what we can learn and really it just came down to you know Was it you know it in my head. A million things were flowing within like a millisecond. Because that's what happens. You know what kind of microphone was it was a shotgun. Was it a boom. Was it you you know alive. Lear was you know what was going on. Was this and that or did you just not mix because we've done stuff sound doesn't come out and it's one of those deals where it's like. Well you she's just gotTa fucking move on because you don't have that moment back rain but yeah This was such a small thing but it was the first thing the hit me is now is that was a little little off and it only ever happens two more times James in the whole film where it's not a equal level Voices and Alyssa. Actually one more time because the second time Someone was running off showed up and I got that spoiler but The dialogue was good now so far. We're at this point and I'm thinking this is good dialogue. It flows easy. It's simple in that. There's not like all this exposition. There's not all this explaining all the crap that we really don't need to know about right. It's it's a good human interchange and I like learning about the characters as we're going along in the movie. Yeah and that goes on through the whole movie there's little phases. My favorite kind of movie is as you know the slice of life movie. It's the day in the life right. local hero station agent. Nothing happens in these movies. You know from from a textbook story writing standpoint right. Things should be happening in flowing and stuff. It's not it's really just. They're both sole laid back these movies. And just you enjoy being there. You know you just enjoy it. It's like one of these people is is your friend and you're hanging with them as going through this thing and it's not super dramatic. It's not all this stuff as you know little highs and lows but that's what this reminded reminded me of you know up to this point among all right I'm just hanging with Bruce and now Max. Sweet ghetto hello and We've had a couple of chuckles half the dialogue. Does this the other thing. The writing wasn't reaching being real hard comedy. It wasn't like a bunch of stuff was out there and just fallen. Flat is very natural comedy. Yeah it's just back and forth and there were just a couple reactions and a couple of lines we we've had a few chuckles at this point and they seemed at the appropriate point So we see them Lease Pie eating Max is in his quarters and then boom a to exterior shot and we have Max Bruce A. Too Yep and we know what we know how the timeline of this would be which actually makes a lot of sense and we learn it through supers that we see as we're going along and it actually sets the pace really nicely. OOP OOP to Mike. So the next day reuss creeps up on Max and is just psychotically cheerful. He's made Bach Lavar. What he's all up in Max's business and they've played this game called Galaxy trucker which actually looks like a real game? Did I did and I I. We should have looked it up are we. It's been a busy weekend with all this other stuff we got. We got far more interesting information. Yes but I mean it wasn't authentic looking deal so it looks like a legit tabletop which is cool and then in the middle of the night. Max here's the computer announcing a distress call so he goes to check it out and brewster's another creepy just popping up again with a flashlight under his face like telling scary stories in the dark style and it's We learned that it's the long range signals system. That's been alerting them which is supposed to be broken right. Yeah well he can receive short it from short disrepute transmit on it. Okay so he said that it works for things that are not that far away. Nothing's nothing far away right okay. Yeah wasn't an was not an important detail but see how the message is apparently nearby cereal. It'll pick able to pick it up and Bruce's gains the area and finds nothing and this is great. You know with with the same level of of character and I just dismisses it. Oh well and birds heads back to bed. Yep then I guess it's the next day we see Bruce. Playing chess with Mr Sour cream noticed that he was losing. Yes home. What I'm like? I don't know if I would WANNA be Max. I'm a little concerned. Yeah at this point. You're wondering where's this GonNa ago. Yeah but we got another shot Bam. We're outside and it's Maxson accent. Bruce Day four on the bottom of the screen so maxes on the bridge reading. And we have bruce in his room building I I thought it was Balsa Wood. But it's tongue oppressors obstacle sticks. Well they look bigger than popsicle sticks his tongue depresses their little burger. I'll either way you go gave you wouldn things now. Mr Sour cream is talking to Max. It's pretty creepy. It is the voice for Mr Sour Cream. Hissing his Aw and then we get to the What I called the always famous phrase? So what are these buttons. Do as Max's sitting next to a control the panel and Mr Sour Cream is goading him to press them as fast and Max set. I mean he's like he's really into it and then at the last second reason kicks in maybe later and then Bam mm-hmm were at maximum Bruce Day five Looks like Max has read several books by this time Bruce's still building stuff in his room and he suddenly have Mr Sour cream chocolate APPs chocolate. We had to pause. That was that was somebody it and it you know. It's just been so much fun so far. Yes in this film So much fun and I'm actually sort of into the story now and I wanNA know who is the crazy one in this situation. Actually because Bruce seems a little off now Max is hearing Mr Sour Cream. Talk and it's it's a a little weird But I'm I'm actually invested in characters and I WanNa know where this is going I mean there's an and here's the thing again stepping out a little bit zero distractions ramp from the story from the movie from the characters. There's from any event there's been nothing that at the there's so much attention to detail. You're right that it's been done so well that again. Nothing pulls you out and we wanted and we went into this movie expecting to have a lot to make fun of we. We did honestly because when you have these you know. Low budget films Lot of times. It's it's well. They're not always well thought out right and they're sloppy. We have one. And I'm not naming it one because I don't remember remember the name because I don't know if we're GONNA take a look at it or not but they're they're trailer has like four or five shots of spaceships. They are quite literally crumpled up aluminum foil and somebody drew on a piece of paper like a little little round cockpit a window in it and taped it onto it. You know in a grant a lot of these things are done for fun and everything like that but I. It's just me me no matter how bad I am at something I do my best and that would never have passed. I'm not a Andy Person Thank you. Please don't say I you know I did not get that ability generations past where I can just like build stuff throw together a sadder. Even you know putting together a model is like the extent of mine by craftsmanship. You did a pretty good job of hanging a bunch of foam on our recording. What's what when it comes to when it the sound foam and three m stickers? I'm unparalleled alrea. You can't beat me. Yeah but yeah after that. It's not real good. Yeah but that's that but watching this. You know a lot of expectations. But I'm actually thinking I wrote it. You might know something like this might actually end up on a top ten list of my favorite movies. I think by this time it. It's Tehran. It yeah yeah I mean. We've seen it several times we didn't have to. We've seen it a few more times after our initial viewing not to take additional notes. Let's just because it's that it's that much fun it is. We've had so much fun you know to this point. That's what I was thinking. I wonder where this is GonNa fall and it fell high on the high end. Absolutely all right. Let's jump back into this back into the movie. So we have maximum Bruce Day six back inside the ship now and Max looks like he's losing his fucking mind. He looks far less composed. He's got shit all over his shirt right so it looks like he's really coming. He'll he looks close to a breakdown breakdown and Mr Sour cream is just constantly talking to him is like fucking burning right. You don't even some of it is yeah and then Bam were on day. Seven and the noticeably. Mr Sour Cream's no longer on the table and Max is asking how we moved and then he's got these strange things on his face. Yeah link says `art chocolate or or well somethin' somethin' fairly symmetrical oval food stains or check. I'm not quite sure but it looks like yeah. He's had enough a sitting around for seven days on. This ship is in all this time. Other than those moments were. Bruce crept up on on him. We haven't seen much interaction. Bruises off doing his. I'm a trucker in space thing. He seems to be pretty content just full of and through the day right then and then we get to the point where Max asks Bruce how he does it mean alone space and apparently I'm watching everything. Well apparently bruce can just handle it right. This is really funny. It's Kinda sweet moment where he's gruesome throwing a six pack plastic ring holder holder thing and he he's cutting it up before throwing it away in Max's like why are you cutting that up versus you know to protect the animals like dolphins and shed dolphins It was just it was delivered so well that whole thing you know just so casual and we'd and here's the thing we knew it was coming because it was in the preview or yeah yeah and it's still it's about it again. Their delivery the just is just so natural. I mean this I guess you could call this the ultimate buddy film it. Is You know it really is it it. I would put this planes trains and automobiles which has ranked number one for decades movie. REME- yeah yeah but no this. This is awesome all right. So reuss finally tells connects. You look a little messed up. He's noticed these patches on his vase and shit all routes shirt and matched. There's nothing to do. And he can't check for messages he wants to go back into hyper-sleep and Bruce's bullshit to this you know they're only a month away from Titan station at this point apparently It takes six months erm wherever breeze starting from Earth to pain station so a trucker hauling fat is six months in space one way. Yep that makes a little bit of sense by the way he says. We're only a month away from Titan station. Max Space the decision. So Bruce Asks Max if he wants to watch a movie and Max's never seen the movie before now so bruce suggests that Max take a shower for they sit down and Bruce's Ntaba things when he's got beverages. Yeah he's he's got a stack of movies in the first one. He holds up his star wars stores and maximum sure whatever serving pop it in they show him sitting there and this this was oh money. Obviously there's no way they could get audio from up from Star flers. Okay right this film that the cost would be prohibitive if even allowed right right so they clearly we had people doing voiceovers. Yeah you know. We don't get to see anything on the on the screen. We see them looking. They were watching Bruce. And Max the the this is just the most random weird shed and they're just all they were fucking hilarious and then we have a cut scene. Looks like we're several movies in now. Max this is just like is move great. This is awesome. You know. We're these Ben. And why isn't everyone watching them. And Bruce. Just casually says Azzam virtual reality killed movies and you know I thought well that was super underplayed but super sensible conclusion. Yeah whether whether it's factual and Tabriz or just you know a bit of Bruce Stem wisdom And we can kind of see that there was actually a little bit clever. You know movies. We love movies but we have gone to. The theater are less and less and less because it's become such a time suck and the cost and quite frankly we hate people in the theater. Were not ashamed to admit it moviegoing crowds. These days are not always cool. Not a fun experience going going to the theater anymore. Not so much we go for like avengers and we'll go for star wars when it's coming because and part of it is is. Here's the thing we've talked about avengers. Not Pinnacle movies are not super quicken. Great now right. They're they're fun and the kind of movie that does best on the big screen so you get big things and big sound and you know there's some laughs and stuff and a lot of action that's on but it's also the audience reaction you're we're all nerds and GEEKS and no marble fanatics so you with your tribe kind of I would still be quiet but you know it's fun and I think we'd even actually fewer of those if we didn't if we weren't bringing our daughter along you know true yeah we we could easily easily passed like we're GonNa take her to see star wars because the the last two movies in this upcoming one I was at the first star wars unholy the first nationwide opening weekend and all these years later to be able to share that experience after Star Wars they vanished gone. All was my box of toys that I gave her and my stories of how I play with them and then we showed her the movies and video to take her to a theater for something. I haven't seen you haven't seen she hasn't seen that's pretty cool. That's worth it. I think it's GonNa suck. I'm not happy I'm not happy with how it's gone but anyway This has really exemplified simplified. I would go to the theater for this. If if space trucker bruce could manage a big screen ticket price right. I would go because this is just not good. It's just that much. It's what everything should be really should be fun. Yeah absolutely Where we at we attract this movie so I just want to get to the end So you know wanting to know how bruce does it it stays saying in sober explains the way of the Zen space trucker which seems like a philosophy that he follows that he learned from someone and It's Kinda the psychology about living in the moment rather than waiting for future moments right. Be Be present in where you are right now. Plan the future right but worry about the future in the present I get that. So they're in the bridge and he's going on about His his zen trucking and Max asks him if he can teach him in. This is funny. There was an exchange. I just can't g that uh-huh maximal don't you want to influence okay. I guess it just wasn't the way Bruce wanted to happen. No Bruce Woodson off because he's a dinner first and then they have some pie and this is what I discover. It's not just Balsa Wood. It's actually like tongue. Oppressors Tower that building. Though there we go because he's back at that a bit now so bruce's uses big lesson is to be in the moment. Don't waste time thinking about the future That's where he spends his time right here in the president and his happy place and he stressed best. Yes when he stressed he goes to his happy place and I thought this was just fantastic so max asks him. What is your happy place improved his Britches? He's like it's private. Yep that's all you need to know Max don't worry about it. So then there's this really cute montage edge of Bruce Teaching Max how he stays saying they work on Max's little shuttle. It's super charming. They have this little well. Hello Kitty Water Fountain that they meditate by an Max improves and he starts to look a little more sane like he can he can handle handle it now. Road and Bruce ends up fixing Max shuttle and says that if they need to escape now they have a working escape pod so that's cool cool. Yeah it is so they decide to take the shuttle out for a test drive. Which I'm thinking you know because I've seen so many movies awesome and I'm like this isn't GonNa go? Well I'M NOT GONNA lie. That was my first thought fixtures we can take an offer drive. Oh Oh Jesus. Oh No don't do it but it was actually pretty good because you you see in this shot bruce in just a space trucker. He's actually a pretty bad ass pilot right to the point where he's got Max like turning green research. Max is just like a minute. Yeah yeah well. It's it's almost like you know a race car driver who's been who's been driving a bus. You know this is chance to cut loose right Bruce. Bruce Walks into his room so we go from that and then we got bruce going into his room and as a naked woman wrapped in the towel. I guess she's not Naked Bacon so there's a woman saying that he never got to Russia. Honor Yep. This is a callback to that young. Dan She's she's she's the one that was in the middle in his lakeside. Happy Place Dream. You know Bruce's ooh Oh okay and the next thing we know is Max's waking him up with these weird long I call him cat fingers at what they were. Brusett used him on Mac earlier in the montage in the Montagne Messing with him. Yeah so I think it's a cat toy it's like a glove that goes on your hand and at the end of if these long fingers are little balls that would I believe it's a cat toy. Okay it's weird. It is weird so then we cut to a training shot and this. This was one of my favorite parts. Bruce's hitting him with a stick while Max's blindfolded and then after Edwards and this is probably to me. This is the best line in the movie is He. Well he does it so not deadpan. But just I dunno so naturally right were you thinking of anything else while I was hitting you right. Max is no and Bruce's very pleased right. He's been in the present. Yeah I just I'm my mind's going a million miles a minute. I'm thinking this is genius. Yeah this really is you know. And I'm thinking though somebody were hitting me with a stick. Would I be able to think about other stuff. Let me think this hit me with a stick out Al Al Al Very in the moment. Yeah but the way this exchange was done. You know. It's not Max was like no no I get it lesson learned and Bruce was all about it. There are multiple star wars references. It's it's so much fun Bruce. Just blurts these things out Max not having known not Nineteen Star Wars in the first before the first few that he threw out there. You know here and there what and that was kind of their dynamic bruce would say they something and then maximum. What and Bruce? What happened several times so we have our star wars references The ship is fixed Now we're getting a kind of close encounters of the third kind reference after all these stars. Ones so bruce and Max are sitting at the table in Bruce's piling up. Mashed potatoes is played. And this means something not with the quite the manic delivery that Richard Dreyfuss gave us in plus encounters is funny glass. Rishard wasn't funny. Bruce was money and then we get a another transmission in. It's funny because these transmissions are getting increasingly hostile. Yeah right but fucking around now and then we get Mr Sour cream can. That's it's not like hey Mr Cream would think is what is going on here. What is going on now? This whole thing goes out and then it's just a smash cut to Mr Sour Cream. Can we cut back love it. I love this character. This Mr Sour cream was an essential piece of this film. Yeah and Versus shift says that these recorded recorded distress calls are over ten years old and that will they see the ship. Oh and Bruce it looks sinister and it does begin dark. Yeah well it's funny because this ship his way of you know out there close enough to be heard. Yeah nobody's been paying attention from here. It is right right and like Oh yeah let's sinister so bruce tries calling the vessel. It's nothing back in. Prison could be pirates and Max asks asks him. What do we do? If it's pirates and Bruce will die he doesn't think it's pirates. He thinks it's it's new friends. Yeah that's kind of the whole character of Bruce. Is this sort of innocence about him. Yeah you know that's all I have to be shit. Yeah some new friends in then Zoe just talked about. The ship is out there somewhere. No one's paying attention Bam. It's there they can see it in the next thing. We know this fucking thing is right on top of them. Yes yes like thought you. It's going to squash him And it's massive compared to to Bruce's space truck and Bruce of course wants to go check it out. Max Thinks it's dangerous. Bruce's all for it. So he convinces Max so they take Max ship to go board dock with it again. The exterior of facts are great. So we've had a space truck. We've had a shuttle had this giant thing. Yeah Raider just superjet ship in employs space. And it's all really really done well done and one of the things that I liked as they're approaching the ship in Max's this ship Max's ship has a spotlight and it's shining on this big vessel. It will it was spot on a ha ha ha no pun intended. Did it was it was really well done it once. It was hyper realistic. I mean it moved with the contours. It got blocked where it should got blog when it was doing doing on close objects that was Fox shadows it was just superb. Just that little detail there is A. It's the singing and it comes from the movie. Who Framed Roger Rabbit? There's a saying when you when you do something that kind of over the top like that and movies that you didn't have to do but it really. It really brings together you effect for the movie. The thing is called bumping lamp right and it comes from that scene. In who framed Roger. Roger Rabbit were there were Roger Rabbit and the the guy are fighting In his office and the bump the lamp on the ceiling. And if you've seen that movie you knew that Roger Rabbit is an animated character who was drawn into the movie and the shadows as lamp is flying around the room And they're fighting are spot on and they could have done that whole scene without that light moving all over the place the could put and yet to jump back. I mean that's obviously going to be moving but In terms of technology they had never done anything like that eh before right and there's been animation in film before but they've never done a major the as main characters through a whole feature length film right with lie in in a live shot film. So like Bob Hoskins. He was fighting with. They didn't even have Like the green screen the the dummies as the on the tennis ball on the stick and stuff you have that much you know he was just working with absolutely nothing then. The animators had to factor after all that stuff in and they did a marvelous job he did because like. You said they didn't have to do that. And probably nobody would have cared a anna general level right right but they did. It was noticed it was nice tennis. Those little things like this spotlight didn't even have to have it and if they did have just been you know quick thing. It was just really good better better. I'll say than Star Trek. The motion picture sure did and a lot of its exterior model lighting. Oh Yeah I'M GONNA go on record is that it's not because I thought they did a terrible job. They did do a terrible job. And this is an example of you know if you just pay a little bit attention. It doesn't matter what kind of equipment you have. You can. At least make it look. Good Yeah and this did it did so back to Active movie They go inside the ship and they find a dead frozen body that's started to thaw amber. Cargo hold has some weird rocks in it in Bruce's curious about these rocks. They find some more dead people and Bruce finds an accident. He's just like excited about everything. Is just thrilled so he wants to go find some salvage and Max is kind of at this point like yeah. He's a bit nervous. And I loved when Max runs off finds himself have to send. While he's running off. Bruce Bruce Cy Yeah Bruce running on the green screen another thing I noticed at at this point Because they have this man. The ship is huge. Obviously you're never going to build even in today's studio features you're not going to build a asset this big. It's a vast cargo hold gigantic but the green screen is really well done. There was only one on shots that had a lighting mismatch in terms of of tone right. Yeah and again. It's more of just a color temperature thing but you know if you're looking at something like like we do like what's what's going on here This is such a minor thing. Yeah everything we've seen as we've we've seen green a couple times before this out the portals listen you know things And yeah they're transplant around this and it was just really well done. It's just that one charlotte. Oh okay there I'm not la into it So yeah we have more. Did people on the bridge. Max thinks it must have been some kind of fire. Smoke had had gone through the air vents and killed everyone. Max's checking the ship's log Is creeped out by the bodies Yeah he's he's really getting and Bruce is still off when this thing I'm into Steph to sell so Yeah we see Bruce. Find another frozen body and this upright in a in like pod thing hyper-sleep. Yeah maybe a woman and he just goes and we cut away and we're like You're going to do with this person. Well then we're back to Max we in and the axes there. Yeah in the growing the axe with them and this hands suddenly reaches into the shot and pulls the axe away. Now I I like Ooh and then all of a sudden it's winning all of a sudden bank bank bank this android comes running at Max attacking him but with no ax. Wchs no axe so okay and of course then here comes Bruce with a baseball bat. YEAH WELL WE DO LEARN I. I didn't know that but we do learn that it was bruce that took the axe because he was using it to do something else but he didn't bring it back with him. Yeah so And you know so bruce takes out the android and this is just a great line. You know Bruce says there's nothing nothing here but these dead bodies and that blinking light so of course they go to the blinking light. And it's a reactor warning light rectors melting down. So now now they're often running back maxes. Shuttle Max Falls on the floor of his shuttle from the ladder and lands next to the woman who is the the frozen hyper-sleep woman as of courses. And you know there's a bit of an exchange improves issuers. Well she's only mostly slee dead and then they gotta go. Yep so they're often running from the ship and Max crashes into part of the superstructure and they get stuck. Yeah and this stresses out Bruce does he goes to his happy place where he finally gets to rub some lotion. You're on Katie. We learned her name in this little vision and he is brought out of it by Max. He's not happy about it though Trying to get the ship moving they they make it back to Nessie analysis. And they're trying to get this giant giant trucker ship read out of the blast zone of his massive cargo ship. As Well Bruce all engines full burn. Vern Haddon away from the ship Max Asks you know. How can they make the ship? Go faster in. The computer says dumped cargo or water. The ship later so Bruce shows up on the bridge and He's putting the frozen woman in the fridge to keep it from spoiling sure Max dumps some hog fat and the ship takes off a bruises and happy but the move works SHIP TAKES OFF The big ship explodes behind him doesn't destroy him and Bruce looks to Max and says no more go ships. Yeah I guess. Bruce's learned his lesson of eventually being excited about meeting new friends. But uh-huh the valve on the Hog. Fat Container is broken. And they're are leaking more cargo. So there's these blobs of stuff coming out the back the hog fat and Max has to go out and fix it. Basically because Bruce doesn't WanNa that's pretty much what it can just so poor Max. He's all suited up up. He goes out and again. I noticed this was really excellent. Green Screen So he gets there and Max pulls a bone yes S.. Yeah a bone from the seal or something on the tanks and he because it just is is Bruce's telling him don't pull the Bona without being tied to the show. What Max is is now flying away from the ship and again the star sequence in the green screen? Wonderful Niece free-floating voting. Yeah an-and Max is basically saying his goodbyes. Bruce is like well I'm done for but oh no no. It's RJ seven to the rescue and Max is surprised because he thought that RJ seven was just a trash can So the little droid gets Max starts heading back toward the ship and then suddenly there's A windows blue screen of death on the monitor of RJ. Seven and Max's like Ugh. Something's wrong with them. So Bruce Decides to get into space with a rope and no suit dope. You hold breath. Yeah the whole thing just tickled the out of me. He's just he's just looks so He has that Bruce Happy Grin on his face. Yeah but he's just like it's GonNa go get this guy she now. I guess as we're GONNA do watch out of the ship so yet bruce catches Max x and the robot and gets them back inside and Bruce's none the worse for wear He's got a few few breaths from an air mask and he's right as rain he's fine. Yeah Uh and then we have a little discussion. We find out what happened to Jimmy so apparently some time in the past there was a leak in the hog fat container in Jimmy Without to fix it and was hit by micrometeorites. And that was ED. Bruce couldn't get to him in time and he didn't want to let Max dies well and I'm thinking Bruce's a solid dude. He everything we've seen about him so far. You know there's just nothing about like what a weird fucker is. None of that is a solid guy. Yeah Yeah Quirky might might little too much time with tongue depresses oppressors. Maybe but hey you know six months in space whatever man sure you know so you know just like in Bruce get back on the bridge Rose brings as Max some cookies and Max's trying to decipher the weird ship. That blew up Shipped their log. Yeah he can't do it he's having some trouble. Yeah because they're trying any figure out what what happened. That big ship blew up and nearly killed them so they decided to revive the frozen woman. That Bruce's took if she knows anything about it and Bruce's leg well. She might be a little off when they when we repair her. You're you know we're wondering what was the big ship holding. His cargo. Berths has one of the rocks. And you know what. Let's compete the deal with this woman and so then were introduced to Dorthy. Yeah wrote this down because this was just. It's not dorothy. It's Dorothy E. L. O. R.. T. H. Y.. Yeah and Dorothy is Bruce's custom-made reviver. Yeah so they've got the women inside of Dorothy and then they're sitting there eating pie waiting for her to come to and Bruce asked John He walks out of the room and then the revive opens. And here's this woman right right so max offers some pie right. You gotTa be good host right as she doesn't look to be fully on board with the whole situation so bruce comes back is oh no she's up and start scanning her and she seems healthy but can't speak too well and apparently he says. Oh I've heard of that it'll come back to you. It's sort of that hyper-sleep thing you know. You can't speak well. She she takes whip cream and she rubs it on his nose. Yeah everything scanning or does mention that Earlier they had diagnosed that she was perfectly healthy but she probably come back thirty. Four percent. brain-damaged right that's not good so anyway he's just standing there. She's rubbing whipped cream on his his nose and he just reaches over for lunch grabs the fork from the plate. And I'll just take that. He just keeps scanning her own at this point. I'm having so much fun with this movie and were were still got more to go. Yeah and we've been talking about this movie recorded why this might be one of our long wants to be but So then we have Mr Sour cream talking to the woman woman who's WHO's she's checking out. RJ seven and Mr Sour cream. Like crazy teach you a song about paper towels. GET DOWN TO BUSINESS. And she runs away because who wouldn't in So they get to talk to her a little bit and she can't remember her name but she comes up to maximum she's just like Tacos and they like what's your name and she doesn't remember and they ask what she wants to be called and she says Taco and They they decide to call her Jane Doe but I like Taco Sodas Max I'm just GonNa call her Taco for the rest of our podcast. I know we've discussed this I now. I know you're not on board but it's happening. I think it's only fair that we we refer to her as Jane because that's her name name don't call her Taco in the rest of mine so anyway then she starts she. She runs off chanting. Paper towels did leaves the scene and Apparently she inch likes Bruce. No she's eyeing up Bruce's mostly meat snacks in a scene. She sitting at the table by herself and against this big boxes. Mostly meat Yeah that he got from the big ship. Yeah but she's wrong in the box itself a little bit and then and she figures out it pops open at the top so she reaches in Goes in for a taste and not a fan now so she spits it back into the box. Closes it up and shops the box away away. Yeah and then Boom Rama. Another micrometer though Bruce in the shower and I say that well thinking back. He's in the water containment unit. Right so I don't think it's a show. I think he's bathing in the ship's drinking water. I think he is because because he says a couple of times that the chip has a pool. Yeah and I think I heard something about rubber duckie's yeah so he's not a big to answer the call So Max to the rescue with the same Nonchalant the the stroll through the hallway binds the whole breaks out the whip cream. Slap some tape on it problem Saul but as this is happening you go back to Taco Ham. Since we'RE GONNA die runs off uh-huh so back is still concerned about the freighter at this point Bruce doesn't think it's it's a good idea to ask around about it is they. Blew it it up well at blue APP no one had ever heard of it right. It's a lot of mystery like you know yes questions you might attract the attention of people who don't want the questions asked right or might have questions of their own and we don't want to answer them share you know no want to be pinned with that so so then we get Max is trying to figure out why anyone would bring someone like Taco along because they realize they determine and yeah she's not brain damaged from the hyper-sleep in she's she's necessarily checks out one hundred percent right but the the fuck is wrong with her. Yeah why would anyone someone like her mission. And this is when we learn After some discussion that Bruce is all about a woman named Katie. WHO's untitled station? WHO's a waitress? Who is dating a magazine minor net? Yeah so we have some more time passing on the ship. They're getting closer to tighten station. Yup didn't there. We have a couple of shots of TACO. She's playing with construction paper scissors and another shot. where she's GonNa cut her hair and the the voice find her paper in hair on the table in versus like we may have to spacer? Mexico's what that was the scene. Yeah and then we have a little scene of TACO and Max and she has short hair gel and they're making something out of left toothpicks in gumdrops candy. Yeah and then Bruce comes in and this is the funny thing is I love about this is. It's like a constant up and down you know. Oh it's like a complete wave you know so we have this peaceful. They're doing their thing. But Bruce running in saying there's some bad news and the sudden bursts of speed thrust and everything to get away from exploding freighter as left them with not enough fuel to properly break which is really really smart to add into a sci-fi movie it is and that people don't think about that no in. Here's a breakaway again. So bear with me folks. So yeah we have We have star Trek New Star Wars. We have infinite number of movies. These were ships go zoom Zoom Zoom Zoom Zoom defied laws of physics. And you know come out of a faster than light speed or warp speed or whatever their name is for it and stop on a dime and I'm giving nine cents change right that that isn't going to happen ever. I don't give a shit what they come up with physics or physics. It's not house base works right. We can bend physics six. We can try to remove some of the results of what happens when you try to go from a million miles an hour to nothing. You know you think that twenty mile an hour fender bender. Something Cassia sees those actually a role playing game Way Back Just after dungeons and dragons had really you know kicked it off and they had a bunch of games since one was called traveler and it was a whole section of this role playing game on how to slow down a spaceship. The game takes place. You know your role play on ships use. Most of the time traveling and that was the whole thing was from some earlier science fiction films. That had figured this out to you can go near the you know. Almost as fast as the speed of light crossed the galaxy. That's fine but at some point you got to turn that ship around mid point right and slow down right so you have to reverse thrust to thrust with your ass facing where you're going so that by the time you get there you can stop right or at least not plummet into anything and enter orbit or something. It was refreshing. It was it was one of those little details that's like And and I don't know if it was something he thought about writing probably it was just part of the plot device. But Oh that's awesome. I get that a lot taught clearly went into this. Well Yeah it did Everything writing everything the so. Let's let's get rolling here in order to slow down so yeah he has an idea gonna Skim Saturn trying trying slowdown. which is viable move? You can do that too. I mean we do it today. With our probes. New Horizons catapulted around several planets. Were speed but you can also use it for breaking right all angle and trajectory so that's cool Or they're gonNA die and TACO. We're we're GONNA die horribly. I last piece of Pie and runs off and then the next thing we see is TACO has a hot glue gun. And I'm thinking and this no this is not gonna go well. It was bad enough. She had scissors right. So some time has passed. We're now at Saturn and it's time time for the atmospheric entry to slow down You know Mr Sour cream can adapt and excited. He's not panicked as like so they go into this thing. And there's fire on the other side of the ship fire lining the edges of the screen as you know looking in at them from outside the cockpit window. Jill Bruce's drinking a beer. Max looks at it and drink a beer at a time like this and I just looks at him. This is the perfect time drink right. It's the golden this fireball. I get it and at this point I made a note that the effects at this winter very b-movie flames were were you know. Yeah and and there's plane generators in a lot of software out there and that's what makes it easy lay identifiable. You know but tell you what didn't attract a bit now it. It wasn't until the SUPERFUND is still rocketed. Yeah so as this is all happening. Paco is making sculpture of popsicle sticks. And she seems unconcerned and with the ship being on fire and everything shaking around her she has to constantly kind of like adjust her center of balance as this is happening and she's doing the sculpture but they make it through the atmosphere But they didn't slow down enough. Saturday didn't slow them. I'm down enough significantly but not enough right. So Bruce's plan to hit the antenna array on the station in order to slow down enough to dock. They're just GonNa like scrape along all these antennas well. What prompted that? The line reuss was like well. That's kind of a failure maximum. We're GONNA just crash into that station. Bruce like that's a good idea. Yeah doc survive yeah and and talk it was still pretty unconcerned whereas before with the alarm and the little micrometer she was. It's like we're GonNa die and now she's like Oh she's all about crafting night the hot glue gun and there's there's been some issues okay. So finally were at Titan Station The Gideon as DOC So director at slim slow them down he puts thrusters on in the end up broad citing pretty hard impact. Yeah to to dock and you know The dock person is not happy. Now no after this you know. Barks into his his thing Al's Bruce Down with his bring registration and proof of insurance. Yeah Taco has some stuff uh-huh glued to her face glued. We knew that was coming. She doesn't seem concerned though. No no that's kind of the thing. She is just like blissfully three channels away away from from fine tuned Yeah and so we learned that after they docked she ran off somewhere right and neither bruce nor maxine very concerned about this though look at. It's fine whatever unhinged woman. Sure okay so. Suddenly a woman comes up to Bruce in the hallway and like slaps him and yells for not calling. Apparently Bruce gets around. Yes yeah he's pining after Katie. But Yeah Bruce is no stranger to a date or two great And later Bruce and MAC meeting up in the station Diner Katie comes up to them in person. This time. It's not a Bruce Fantasy Oprah real yep and she hugs him she's there waitress and Bruce's just like oh you smitten with her. You loved her in Max's like go for it right and versus like The timing that right then and I makes a lot of excuses and Max lays out since then wisdom bruce like live in the moment. This is the the moment you know. And while they're talking there's this big machine on the table that Bruce's fiddling with Imax finally asked what what is that that big machine and it's Eric versus try mineral analyzer. He wants to figure out what the what that mystery. Freighter was carrying in the cargo. The weird rock they found and this movie like keeps bringing stuff background. It doesn't leave any dangling ends which is cool no. It doesn't everything that's come in to. This point has been resolved by this point. Everything that you see is new new right right. And if it's been mentioned it's been dealt with and then it might come up again possibly Roy but it's always an expansion thing right. Nothing important was forgotten about so He's getting this. Having it read by this analyzer. The rocky found another another waitress brings their mind. And and Max like whoo. It's funny it's out of the blue. Yeah So everything is apparently made from hog fat. We learned which is why it's valuable. Yeah I max is repulsed. Yes because all the food all the different mostly ninety eight percent of all the food they eat is Hong. Phat Bruce Lee when you make you know they can make hog fat tastes like anything Max is sold. Takes a bite. Yeah he didn't realize you know it's back to just its food as he knew it and then Eric suddenly the only clues them in that. The sample is in a US. Some sort of amorphous diamond right. So that freighter ship was full of these things. Breath A.. Blew up and Max thinks he knows where they got. That cargo bruce wants to go get it but it's years years away years. Bruce thinks he can sell the sample diamond and use the money to souped-up Nessie. You get them. They're Max's hesitant at first and then the jump in and Bruce asks if TACO might want to go yeah I don't know why talk a little WanNa go earlier. They were chat. Hey Jane they call her Jane Doe Throughout the whole movie but Taco is more fun Edis Okay and which is funny because earlier they were like why would anyone bring her along. I know thinks you might WanNa come the I think she's grown on them doing so. Yeah so they they eat up and head off to sell the sample but not out before bruce stops live in the moment grab Katie and Giver Windows Classic. You know like just grab her and kiss her. grubs dips her and kisses. Oh Yeah fifties room and then it's two months later you're still docked. Tackle is back up and Katie's with them now too. Yep She in brewster thing we are and suddenly only RJ creeps in trying to grab oop. Right yeah this is weird shot. Rj Seven comes rolling in and his hand comes up towards. Yeah okay so puskas Katya tour starting with the pool. A pool right. I think it's this water containment area because we don't see it no and the scene ends Taco saying we're all GonNa die so then we apparently this wasn't launch time now so now in his launch time in tacos at the console wondering what the buttons do is there space and she slams one and it's it's the sewage dump button. Yeah so they actually dumped sewage on a passing ship and person isn't happy though. She's cursing out bruce everything and this was my favorite moment. Mr Sour Cream has the woman is there with the woman and Holy Shit. Her name is Miss Sour Cream Oh that did it for for me. And she's got googly eyes and what I assume is some of tacos hair. It pigtails the edge. So then the closing shot of this We have a nasty taken off in space. And then we hear Bruce Say Hey it's voiceover that's an external shot and we say hey who birthed in the mostly meat tackle answers back me like two months ago and the credits begin to roll and that my friends was space trucker Bruce. Yeah this was awesome was Oh my God. Oh so much fun all right so now we're GONNA roll into. We have so much to talk about in this part of the podcast do we do. This is the part where we would swatch switch switchover. Don't mind me switch over from talking about moving to what what we can learn from this movie. Yes and So before we get into a real quick Folks go don't you want hit the pies. Go get situated. Did 'cause it's GonNa be another long day but Nali we're going to talk about things mentioned earlier. I had written Anton. Just basically 'cause we research the films and there was not a lot of information right and when you go to. IMDB maybe that's like the first good source of information than you follow up on it but everything was under Trivia which is not always hardly ever accurate yet. We can't always believe it because anyone can put that on there so I took a few of these. You know the budget and stuff and Couple of questions that I wrote to Anton and Bam. He wrote me back in again. Well Yeah and and you know. I wasn't buttering him up. I was like man. I gotTa Tell You we saw this movie. We have this podcast. This is what we do. And we wash Bruce and Jesus crisis was awesome. It was so much fun and so well done. And we're going to talk about it and I want to get some information. Can you verify if I do things. And he was good enough to write back and sent him. And we've we've emailed back and forth and I don't want to jinx since that. Were hoping to get him on an interview if if we can work it out time wise and stuff But yeah there's a lot to go over that we WANNA talk about not just what you can learn from it but what we know of what went into making this movie all right. Let's talk about what we can learn from this movie and let's let's talk about what went into the movie. Yeah Gay so well. In the process of emailing Anton I got some stuff mm-hmm a lot of information printed out and one of the things from my glasses on here. I can see this. This is the one so when I asked him. You confirm that the ten thousand dollar budget. Yeah Yeah I mean roughly you know little over little under he. Didn't it keep accurate records but I wanna read this list that he sent him where he spent the money. And I think this is. This is really important Cameras Camera Equipment. Sound equipment lighting a space rest a space rental or the restaurant and ghost ship Hallway Hallway building Paint hot glue in parentheses so much out glue hot glue guns tape Various his prop making materials The space helmet that the US was made from foam and fiberglass it so he said he's he made a mistake a steak and melted the foam with the resin though he had US auto body Filler to fix it and that was about four hundred bucks on the helmet Computer hard drives editing software food for the actors and crew which we've talked about feed your people. Yeah right sacrifice everything else. Feed your people that are doing in this for you Music Licensing was about sixteen hundred bucks right and then posters advertising and and miscellaneous stuff yeah Music legit. It was it was and never seen. When he's he's in it? We see Bruce Bruce Strolling through the park Oh I just mentioned this was filmed in Alaska. Yep in Juneau So having been to Alaska many times it's not hard to beautiful scenery but if you don't shoot it well it's not as grand writings and issue lightings issue and that's the thing with so many Of these movies that we see they don't have if you've seen anyone who's seen behind the scenes of them filming winging outdoor scene right now have the light diffusers the big canvas the you know. They have gaffer's and stuff building giant erections of of Scaffolding building and structures to filter. Diffuse the light. You know. Low budget doesn't have that and then often what happens. Is you get some someone or a group of people out in a scene in sunlight and Zombie boy for fun and there were so many outdoor for scenes where the sun was so intense. It just it wasn't even hot spots. It was just totally corrupt completely. Burned the lighting sense. That means that you can't correct. Did you can take any digital even on film. You can take whatever you wanted. You can darken it. You could lighten it by under exposing our over spos- oh exposing but when some things that hot that burned out it's it's unfixable right right and that's why they spend all the money on this equipment while he obviously didn't have that but it was so well done there was none of that right you know. Nobody was burnt out. There wasn't these clearing white lights. It was done really well. Yes yeah so you know. Take from this list things to consider if if you haven't yet major film and you're thinking about doing it the these are things that are important and there's some more details to get into like You know we've exchanged more emails and got some information unlike a lot of the Software that you know he had to buy yeah he started this it is expensive. I mean it's ridiculously ridiculously expensive Even like a little project like this The cost is still the cost. I found out that he used a blender the three D. modeling He had to replace hard drives. Get better computers. Because he started this on you know like we all do underpowered. Computer under things get that that one so when when it comes to it you know you you either paying out of pocket family who will chip in or You can do a small fundraiser. But your money's GonNa go to a lot of places yes and like that sixteen hundred dollars for music that kind of like. Wow but it pays off. It does 'cause like I was saying going back to that opening scene that jumpy music like I said it wasn't Casio. It wasn't no this link Kling Kling thing was fund music and it just right into it immediately. Yeah and and the budget the ten thousand dollar budget. He in this interview questions he sent us it was he had a self imposed budget of thirty dollars. A Week uh-huh this movie six years to make yes the because that was in the trivia right and and yeah. We're was it. It lasts a papers here so while go oh from both of them because it's kind of So we started in two thousand eight and ended in a two thousand fourteen the last three years in post production that that struck a chord with me because our movie is in its fourth year of post production. It is unfortunately though and I feel his pain you know. And here's here's the thing credit to him because he he. He learned all this stuff as he was going along. And that's kind of what what I'm doing and you know Patriotic folks will be seeing some videos of my Colorful language laced sessions. Trying to figure some of this shit. It's one thing to take your project and learn how to do it yourself but you know when you when you you've got that's something that's been slightly butchered. Yeah you're trying to fix it and you don't know what the hell you're doing makes it harder Right and especially if you think about back in two two thousand eight. Computers were not as fast as they are now though and that was one thing that he mentions in his answer short questions that he wasn't very efficient yet. Slow computers. I you know. Just editing takes a while and his current movie A girl a Yeti and a spaceship which is advertised at the end of space trucker. Bruce you see space trucker bruce. Follow it all the way to the end of the credits. It's almost marvel like like it is. It's just this real quick scene from this upcoming film that I believe is he says twenty twenty one possibly right. Yeah and he said that one at a year to edit so well that's the thing so let's break this down so he. We started writing the script in two thousand eight. Got Everything together started filming. And here's the thing. This is one of those where they shot on weekends. Young Dan so watch finding that out added a whole new level of respect because continuity folks. That's another thing you have to be careful with your films. We have seen so much lack of continuity now and you know what it is even in big budget films. The car takes a corner and three of the hubcaps hubcaps. Fly Off and he said you know it's got them all on in the next shot or famously. In game of thrones. There was the Coffee Cup the Coffee Cup and then the other one with a water bottle and they were having the the Council Council Council. Jesus Council outside You know that's I don't even call the continuity that sloppiness. Wow that's fair okay. So I can't even imagine Anton Angst At trying to keep things consistent we shots are short film Two days at the restaurant. Yep and we shot the things out of order. One of the many things I was doing was running around making sure okay. This is X.. Point in the film this is why point in the felons e point and making sure like wine glasses you know. We usually create amounts of your had the appropriate amount. So we went back to okay so this is taking place after thirteen thirteen j though thirteen. I now okay so wanNA needs to be here. We had to with Mary and her costuming. You and her hair and everything gets close as we could to Where are you here? And then put the hair back up and then take it back and frazzled. More The the just the level of trying to keep things so everything wasn't just haphazardly outta whack. I can't imagine doing this over a Basically a three year period and it wasn't a real it wasn't always every weekend as he does say that There there were times when people couldn't shoot right right And that's the thing when you have these projects it can take. It's going to be done in a day now. It just isn't in fact. We had several days of shooting the restaurant scene for Alice hasn't under control all. Yeah and then. We had to shoot a bathroom scene which was done way later and clearly different location We had the bedroom scene and then we had the the park scene and then we had the under the table scene right. All of these were shot as the last shooting that we did was in December and it was the under the table. Yeah the under the table and so from August to December. We had these little thing that we had a power packet. Those who restaurants shooting days were long were and they weren't days days. They were night. Sure late evening. Even though we you know covered the windows and they're having Yeah it went way and another difficulty. Another difficulty we had was that our daughter was in the movie and when we filmed in the restaurant she was six. I think yeah foreign fourth year she was six and we filmed in the restaurant in the summer at the end of August and then so in December and she was pivotal given to the under the table. Scenes this there are only two characters under the table and she was one of them. You know kids grow really fast. And she almost didn't fit in the dress rights from the restaurant scene. Yup and her hair is a little bit longer right right so when you see her under under the table and she bolts out and then goes in. Your mother played her mother. Little Little Girl's mother is it is in the credits. You Oh you. If you're paying attention something happened to that hair but see we can sell it as well. It was sort of a magical seen under the table table. So maybe she whatever sure so getting these people together on weekends and trying to keep Shit Straight and in order and you know The costuming is not varied right. which makes it easier right? Also also know that she can happen to costumes ever short period of time but arc so and stuff can happen to sets in. Anton spent what he said three to four months instructing a set in one room of his house yes and then once the set was done they would come in and film on weekends for like a month or so that needed to be there in all these people have full-time jobs. You know. And and so he's that went on for something like three three and a half years. That's crazy it is and you wouldn't know it. I if we we had not done the research into this I would never have guessed. No not at all and the I guess at one point. It's hard to just talk about stuff because if we can get him on here an interview I don't WanNa you know. RUN RUN out of run out his material but apparently like there was one point thing where he built the hallway of the ship over the leaks and stuff are in his backyard and was a big storm and everything bloomed So he called Carl. Who Plays Bruce and gas? Carl's won't do and ran off and got some wooden 's and helped him rebuild rebuilds. You know this I mean this is an. Here's the thing to Carl Anton knew each other as kids right right and then Carl went off to Juno and Anton ended up in Juneau. Carl had been for awhile and he was shooting eating He'd been there shooting short films Super Short films or their their festivals in Juneau right And that's how they Kinda UH in back into this and and you know and we'll just leave it at that because I want him to tell the story so now I've only picked at two things that were you know in glaringly obvious because when we watch these things we have a we have a very analytical I yes judging I is that's how we make our notes. You know. This was good. This could have you know. This was bad but Space Trucker Bruce. There's there's really nothing very little pick at there is yeah. It's just those two things. One was the lighting and then that sound just sounded you know up close and then kind of over here but it didn't kill anything. You know the the camera recoupment that he used Is I was curious because this looks so good. You know. It doesn't look like mm-hmm the problem with a lot of camcorders is it has soap opera. Look anyone listening if you before K.. Television and you turn on all that motion smoothing and all that bullshit. Oh Shit you you every movie everything. You Watch. Looks like that soap opera. which was you know shot on videotape? Right right for years and years eve while everyone else is using film they were using magnetic tape and Anton was using to cannon bixia camcorders. HP HP's thirteen H V forty and He gave me some specifics. He shot in twenty four frames per second. Which is twenty four frames per second is which is what what film is shown at rolling through the projector? So that's what we're used to seeing. So that's why that soap opera looked like when we first got our four K.. TV and we watch Black Panther. Yeah no no about. This wasn't a fan. We have to tweak the settings on our TV related light ahead to turn a lot down but yeah and this one. These weren't cheap things now. These weren't cheap things twenty four frames per second and he shot in the cinematic nick mode which helps turn down the luminance. Yeah Bob so if you're shooting with like an iphone right. It's a good camera. We just we just spent the weekend it in Chicago at shed aquarium and I am so impressed with the the quality of the pictures in the low light and the videos. We got some gorgeous picture. The camera technologies fantastic. However unless you use a third party the APP and make the settings ahead of time you have to post processing where you have to get rid of that luminance where it looks like live camcorder? YELP upstart like look soap opera. Right you have to take it down. Cinematic mode takes that luminance down and makes everything a little bit flatter right in terms of lighting color and saturation. It looks more realistic. And I say that because we're used to seeing film in the theaters and stuff and when they showed on TV it's just copied from the the negatives yep that they shot Yeah so this was really well done. It was beautiful article and one of the things I want to mention is. He pointed out that he didn't have a cameraman. It was the cameraman. When he's not in the shot he was working the cameras? And if you remember when we were talking about the Anton plays Max yes Who is in most of the movie got majority of the shots or him it with him in it when he's not in the shot it was recording Jordan? Go get everything set up and then hit record in front of the camera and they would go Such a good job I I I just. There's there's not enough praise or this movie. This is what a B. movie is all about right We've talked about the room last awake. Yes a lot of false and a lot of money was poured into that movie and it might. The money didn't make it good. No it didn't know didn't This will stand up to that now. Clearly they had better sets. Frank is at set of the alley then then he duplicated the front door Money isn't gonNA isn't going to be what makes it now. If Anton hit one hundred thousand nowadays we wouldn't have cardboard on the set walls right but that none of that detracts from it. And it's not like this is cute in a home Keke Kinda way right right. It's it's just so well done and you look at the set and you can't fault it no you know you can't it's it's okay so it's cardboard you can see it because you only do so much with cardboard can only put so much shit on top of still gonNA look like cardboard right but it's not sloppy and things weren't hanging see nice warned gaped there I mean he well. He's spent months. Yeah you didn't just like a freezer box spray painted until everyone okay. Let's go and I think that's the most important thing he said is a it isn't sloppy and noticed that right away as we were watching it yes you you know. That was one of the very first things that we noticed like a lot of time. When into these sets they were made with materials that are cheap and easily available? Well and obviously things that you can work with on a budget. But they're not sloppy there. Well done right. And let's go to the Monitor's okay. the like I said the monitors had appropriate looking things on them. That made me believe it was in a spaceship. And I'M GONNA Kinda jump out here one of my biggest pet peeves his fucking. CGI RIGHT CGI was supposed to be so that we could film the scenes that would be deadly or dangerous to an an actor right to create environments that. There's no way you could do it in practical unsaid right. You can't go to Denali State Park and look around. Say I'm going to build all of this right that the fourteen miles. I can see on a bill that in a studio I'm GonNa Essentially Rent Rhode Island turn into a studio. You know when I see sci fi movies that mainstream stuff. I'm I'm mostly fucking disappointed. Like the star. Trek films have gotten worse and worse and worse with their overuse. CGI and just impractical. I don't give a shit. How many thousands thousands of years we move into the future? All right. We're not gonNA have should that doesn't make sense like we're talking about sending people to the moon again. All right I guarantee you. None of those fucking ships can have nothing but the have LCD led holographic bullshit. It's candy but it pulls you out of the story because when you have systems right in this comes from being an it person systems are systems. Right now I think I've mentioned this. Before when Dell started pushing enchanting their servers people like this is fucking stupid one. You're charging more than two out need that it's been seventy years of just little lights at any. It person will know what those lights mean. Just little on-off bulbs if it's flashing this way. It's bad if it's washing this way. It's all good. You know so that I was relieved. And they're not like super simple stick figure you know old Nintendo Kendell Mario Brothers graphics. They're simple but they're detailed. Yes you know. And he put all of that together and they look like they belong they look like they make sense and they don't look superfluous to the set. Exactly the relevant Yeah and and so. That's like the the number one kudos thing you don't have to go balls out for all this stuff his modeling so he had to learn. And how do all this three D. modelling and stuff. Yeah and he did a fantastic job at the end result. It's hard it is. I've messed with that. We haven't had to do it for anything. But I've messed with it Jesus It's not super easy. But he did it well and he didn't skimp you you know He could have very easily made like a forbidden planet type ship. Despite you know just big silver featureless thing right now like Ed Wood to paper plates stuck together with Tin Foil on them. Yeah the three D. Model version of something like that in past it it off as good enough right but he didn't. These things were really not super duper intricate because again a spaceship ship practical purposes doesn't need to have all this crazy fucking features. They think they do to woo the audience you know L. but that's not it right right. That's not what it's about. I wanted to look realistic in that. It looks practical and I say this as you know. The Millennium Falcon is my favorite spaceship of all time. I get it right but if you're trying to bring me into a non fantasy version of sci-fi the space trucking okay. I get that it's pretty much set in a future reality that I have to identify with so all this. He's superfluous bullshit. Yeah you know you put in enough detail to make it look like the looks real. But it wasn't crazy ass over the board stuff you know and that's admirable it. Is You know hugely especially when you don't know what you're doing and you're learning it. Because is I know I've worked with various kinds of software. Never reached the point. Where isn't good enough? This is where it ends. No more brain power on this shit. And he didn't. He kept going on this and he took the time. And that's incredibly admirable e e took time. You know no matter how long it was is going to take him to get it right he did. And you know it's funny because when we saw this right right away the first time Right we saw through the end. We saw that girl Yeti and spaceship and right away I started digging for it. I'm like damn it whereas it because usually if there's something associated with the director actor something it'll show up on the bottom of prime as you know viewers also watched and they'll have the tie ins and to whoever's offers in the movie Wrangham like Damn I don't have it so the presumption is that well if this is on prime and surely the other thing is you would think that was before we knew how long this movie took to make or in that he was still making. Yeah brilliant spaceship so I mean again. That's how Earth and fund. This movie is we wanted to. He's got something else. I WanNa see it now. Look you know and so we can't not yet but yeah yeah when it when it does happen you're going to get it And just a quick note because we still have some things to talk about but we will have a link so if you're listening to this this Through a subscription. Whatever you download podcasts on Do go to the website or itunes wherever you WANNA get it to in In the episode description. We're GONNA have some links. Yes to space trucker. Bruce has a website facebook page and a facebook page So so we're yeah we're just we'RE GONNA put links to all the stuff because you need to. You need to really get into this. This is going to be. I'll go ahead and go on record with this. This is going gonNA become a cult classic. I believe it if this can get the well. It's on Amazon. So if this can get the distribution to well it's getting distributed but this can get the viewership ship right. This is the kind of thing that's going to have like a rocky horror type owing it's fantastic so good good and fun and you know it just. It doesn't try to outdo itself. This is why you go to movies. We've talked about before the it's it's not always this big education. Yeah just WanNa have fun. This was a nice fun ride was. We're seeing the three times and it's it's a fantastic example of movie that was done really well with a really really low budget and like we said about the room so much money went into that movie. Money didn't make it good. No you know and don't need money to make a good movie you don't and this is as much of a passion project. Yes as the room. Main Tommy bless him was really he wanted to. You know a colleague. I'm GonNa make my own movie. That's that's what it's about but you know we loved the movie but there's a lot of faults this is the same thing but this is Someone who spent their money wisely yes a time wisely well in then I'll back up a little bit because he even says you can only do this. Because it's what I could afford so wasn't why Xlii in that you know he labored over these decisions. Asians and you know selling Tommy while just shoot it in both formats because you know Tommy had the money he could. You know this is a to me. It's not like Anton was you know I want to do the best I can with what I've got. Yep and that's kind of like the catchphrase we've been using is work with what you've got and don't be ashamed of it. And he did and he just worked magic with it yet. You know and I can you know it may have mentioned before in an earlier episode A as a photographer a lot of people you know. It's it's the camera people will spend. You know ten thousand dollars in a camera in then another another thirty thousand on lenses. It doesn't make you a good photographer right all right. I got royally fucked in the middle of a wedding. Someone stole all my shit broke into my truck out and it was out in the mill. Nowhere right so the you know. The suspect list was thin but what do you do So at the important part of the wedding I ahead no camera equipment and iphone four. It just got my iphone four. I shot the rest of it on that. And you won't know the difference other than there's far less wide or faraway compacted telephoto shots. But it's it's it's the effort and attention you put into it the detail. You're framing detail of the shot the your sets your positioning. That's another thing. Nobody was Out of position in a lot of these low budget films. We always see the fucking back of people's heads right cut in half. Yeah or taking up like a third word of the God damn screen and they're talking like no if you have to do that scene ten times and do ten different angles so you can pick at least the best three. That's what you do right. But nobody wants the business end of anything. The ABA cow. That's that's not art. I WANNA the head of the cow. Because you're showing me a cow you know that there's an actor. They deserve to be seen you known own if they go back if they're facing each other as what we had to do. We had one camera for Alice and we had to shoot that same conversation three different times. One with both of them. One facing Greg. One facing UK's there we go another microphone hit. No but that's kind of the thing. Is You do that so that you can edit it together and you know. Have a good rain right these. This was that way. It was one of the things that CH- Anton told us and this was in something he sent. That was from an interview interview he did but rose. Do you have any advice for indie filmmakers and I really like what he put here work on it every day. Even if it's just for fifteen minutes read lots of filmmaking books practice with your camera and learn all about it and it was like you said you know. It doesn't matter expensive. Your camera is if you know your camera right the most of it yet. The script right because it's the foundation for your entire project. Don't don't worry too much. If it's bad you will improve. Yup that's it you know if you're going to do this Do it and put everything into it. So we've talked about the you know kind of a global thing. One of the things I wanted to mention is the acting thing. Yeah it was really well done and why these people create you know it was an in some of it has to do with the writing. So if you're a writer and if you're the writer writer director you know kind of thing keep in mind how you want to tell you a story not just the story but how you WanNa tell it. And I've Anton full credit. We've mentioned this. It's just it's a simple story to follow. He's not trying to be like some festival darling where he puts in these fifteen subplots and inner. We's look look at how clever I can be because major motion pictures can't pull that shit off very well a tree and most of the time I mean I'm on so globally disappointed appointed with all this mix and match and you know the only thing worse than that is you know. WHO's the murderer? This fucking guy who showed up in the last two minutes of the film that we never had anything to do with us. That's fucking cheat. That is you know So acting if you're an actor really develop the character in your head talked to the writer of the director. What is this character? Because you WANNA know what they're going for and you WanNa know why the writer wrote wrote the way they did right so you need to know from line to line where your characters head is at so talk to them writers if you're GONNA create somebody we've talked about. Don't around the backstory and fill the movie with all this relevant bullshit but having in your head so you can explain to the director and the writer or the actor. This is kind of weather from this. Is there head space. Yeah you know. It doesn't need to be complicated Bruce's just to chill dude right. Lost Two guys after a woman. But you know he's just this this is life and he's fine with it he likes it and he's good with head. You know there you go leave. Leave it to everyone else to put the character in the words. What's your and I would say for a director for a director? Most of this shit's on you. You gotta be the master of the budget. You'd have yeah you have to bring it all into and a lot of times. These low budget no budget projects the writer and director of the same person and often actor. It's some point in there and you know You have a clear vision. You have to have a clear vision especially if you're the one who's creating this world in you're playing in it No from page one one two page on right everything see it and be able to explain it and then you know so people can help you build it You really can't do. It half asked and you can't. I've always said that an actress performance is really only as good as the the directors direction. He's actor has tens of thousands of choices to make literally you know every inflection of a word every body posture every placement and stuff. It's not enough to take your fucking mark so they can focus on you right or block the shot you have to be able to Sell this in a director needs to be able to set the fence. Yep with the polls in build the fence okay. An actor juror should be able to have some freedom. Do their craft right. Director has to give them the limits right. Director should also know where they're actors. Strengths and weaknesses are exactly and be able to help them. And you're the director if there's a particular weakness in a delivery or or Let's see a lot of actors can do a lot of things but say they. They can't get the facial that let's say there's an angst right. They can't pull off the angst as a director. You should be able to understand visually how you can project that to the audience and talk the character throat so it doesn't need to be facial thing it can can be an action. It can be the way. The shot is is framed in the way it's lit. You know you can communicate so many different things that's on you so really pay attention to what it is. You're creating rain especially if you're the one who's the writer director and actor this a wonderful film it is. There's one more thing I want to bring up and and it's for a couple of reasons but the main reason is that this character in the movie was just super delightful and we learned in talking to Anton that it wasn't it wasn't originally planned as a as a voice actor so Mr Sour a cream. who honestly I mean? Maybe it wasn't a necessary character but it was so fun and it and it made in movie fun. Yeah it a thought about Ed in it would have been really without Mr Sour cream. Everything else would've been fantastic. We were still had fun. This was just another layer of greatness so fun so jim tell us about Mr Sour cream. Well Mr Sour cream originally didn't have any kind of speaking part and this is one of those deals where basically Anton son voices Mr Sour Cream. We hand me. This is took my glasses. I'm so sorry. Yeah he he was was he say he was trying to think of the sounds. Mr Sour cream could make or if he would be silent. He wasn't planning for him to talk and then his son pretended to be Mr Sour cream. Saying things in a funny voice and he just loved it and his son was nine at the time of filming So he so so. He added dialogue to the script and turned Mr Sour cream into an actual character. And that's the beauty of the B. Movies right because again we don't have a studio. I mean there's always budget and timing and so they have to Kinda wrestle with But any kind of independent thing really you are the maker of your universe. It's all right if you decide to do something like this now universal and paramount and all these people who have all these this money invested in release dates already said they put the hammer down. No this split you from Groin to Adam's apple absolutely not goddamn this what you're shooting in. That's it b-movies often have that latitude. Yeah we're at any point that you know what I can. I can swing. It is really it only comes down to can. Do you have the money to do right. And this is like no money thing you know so this was. This was brilliant and it was beautiful Enjoy your creativity activity at any level of production in these films. That you're in do the best you. Can you know as as actor director writer writer producer. Whatever and I think what made this so much fun is? These people were close-knit in and committed and every weekend for years. You know as often as possible that is heroic I now Yeah so you know not only do the best you can but work with others to bring out the best in them help each other. It will only ever get you a following the Anton. I'm sure has way more than us. You know just love this. Show this this movie But he has to more fans and then we're just we're going to tell this to everybody gotTa Watch this gotTa Watch this gotTa Watch this. You know I love it. I love this movie so much. It is so well done space trucker Bruce yes so space. Trucker caboose is available on Amazon prime and on Youtube There's a website will put the links in this trip shin. But I'm just GonNa you know we'll see them right now. Now it's space trucker Bruce Dot com It also has a facebook page. Just look up space bruce. Also his new movie a girl L. A. Yet any spaceship also has a facebook page. You can look that up. There's lots of goodies on that and the pages for these are going to have a lot of like behind the scenes stuff finn stories about the movies all really fun stuff to get into In yeah yeah a girl yeti spaceship Yup. That's what's going to be on facebook. There's no girl yet. He's girl Yeti spaceship all one word just like space trucker Bruce Okay and Yeah folks you gotta how to do this. You gotta go see the stuff you gotta go visit. Gives me the website you you've got to do it Amazon. Prime go to Youtube and watch this movie. Yeah exactly yeah go to trucker Bruce Dot com and and from there ago. There's some links on there to facebook start there and and really. Just enjoy this whether you're thinking of making your movie your shot and you're working on if you're any phase or if you shot a movie and you're going to do another whatever have fun right or one of those people listening where you don't give a shit about any of that you just want to hear us ramble on and hear about these weird can movies that you would never uh-huh otherwise go look at Check it out because you will not be sorry space trucker Bruce We don't have any kind of like rating system her her anything. But I would give this ten stars out of ten stars. I'll it's definitely it's a thing of beauty and and I hope we get to do more with it her down the road because yeah this is this is fun. Yeah so I think that's the end of what we're going to talk about today. I think it is. I think we can go on a lot more and now love to interview with Anton. Yeah I really want to make that happen And for some reason that doesn't we can always do a follow up and you know folks if you're listening You can send us an email podcast at lords of misrule productions dot com or you can go to our website lords of misrule productions dot com. Yes and Click on podcast links you can to the emails and just click on podcast Send US you know comments questions about the movie. Whatever if you'd like to hear a follow up episode you lowest like that we love to hear it are you can check us out on facebook? Bravo for the B side. Yeah Yeah and patron on Patriots. Yeah we'll figure out a set pronunciation for that but Patriot dot com slash Robert The B. side all one word. Yep Quick note about that you cannot search for us on patron and because we are a bit swearing so we have to be rated as an eighteen plus. Yeah podcast because of my fucking foul mouth. Oh taming so you gotta go Patriot Dot Com Slash Bravo for the B side to get right You know You WanNA become a patron that would be awesome. You know Listen to our podcast. Subscribe to it I tune spotify. Stitcher stitcher Yada Yada Blah Blah Blah. All those things out there Still at this point waiting on a few more approvals. These things can take like four to six weeks for these. He's last rains so there may be even more links to subscribe on different platforms. Pass airs as this rolls in What else Oh re give some ratings. You know that's the thing if you listen go ahead and you know please. Rate US I hope it's good. That helps people find our podcast. It does and it. lets us know that someone listened to at least this much of it did give us a rague. Big Heavy this review or review Both preferably. So yeah I think at this point the ink you for listening. Yes this is Jim and Danny Bravo for the B side will catch you in another week until then enjoy those b-movie darlings. Oh Yeah ooh

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