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Charleston Church Shooting


Welcome to murder minute today the tragic story of a mass shooting at a church in Charleston Charleston but I your true crime headlines four Michigan Teens who admitted to throwing rocks from and expressway overpass killing a father of four will be sentenced as adults for their crime. The teens aged sixteen to eighteen years old agreed agreed to plead guilty last year to one count each of manslaughter for throwing rocks and other debris from the overpass at the time there attorneys also requested that the young men be sentenced as juveniles which a judge rejected last week they now have until August twentieth to decide if they will proceed with their guilty please or withdraw them of fifteen eighteen year old kyle anger is believed to be the one who threw the rock that smashed through the windshield. He has already pleaded guilty to second degree murder and will be sentenced at a later date the victim thirty two year old Kenneth Whyte was the father of four young children white was in the passenger seat of a van on his way back home from work when a six pound rock crashed through the windshield shield and hit him it struck him in the face and chest fracturing his skull and breaking his clavicle and upper ribs he was knocked unconscious unconscious and pronounced dead at the hospital a short time later in court Genesee County Circuit Court Judge Joseph Farah Red Snapchat chat messages between the teens in which they seemed to make light of their crime he also pointed out that this was not an isolated incident and that the teens had collected acted items with the sole purpose of throwing them off the overpass. The teens will return to court on August twentieth. Trial is underway for a man accused of kidnapping and torturing the owner of Marijuana Dispensary in twenty twelve forty year unrolled Hussein Nigeria is charged with two counts of kidnapping for extortion torture aggravated mayhem and burglary prosecutors allege that Nigeria eerie and co-conspirators Kyle Hanley and Ryan Kevorkian mistakenly believed that the victim who owned a successful marijuana dispensary had a secret stash of cash cash hidden in the Mojave desert they planned an elaborate robbery kidnapping the dispensary owner and his roommate and driving them out to the desert during the drive they beat and tortured the dispensary owner demanding that he tell them where he had hidden all of his money after the dispensary owner insisted that there was no money his kidnappers cut off his penis and doused his body with bleach they then drove off leaving the victim bleeding and seriously seriously injured his roommate was able to break free from her restraints and seek help and both victims were treated at a nearby hospital kyle. L. Handling has already been sentenced to two consecutive life sentences without the possibility of parole nyree faces a similar sentence. If found guilty in two thousand sixteen who say Nyeri was one of three inmates who brazenly videotaped their escape from the Orange County jail using contraband cell phone and then spent eight days on the run before being recaptured in San Francisco Friends of murdered Ole Miss Sorority pretty sister Ali costal describe her on again off again ex-boyfriend and alleged killer as crazy aggressive and told reporters that they begged her to end the abusive relationship twenty two year old brandon. These felt was charged with murder after allegedly shooting costal eight times over the weekend the couple apple both business majors ole miss had met through mutual friends and had several classes together on the night that she is believed to have been murdered alley costal. Oh seen leaving a local bar around midnight. She returned home but left again. Surveillance footage from a convenience store shows costal with these felt old the next morning just hours before her death a sheriff on patrol found her bullet ridden body near a lake twenty minutes from campus at ten thirty Saturday morning adore made of these Feld said that the young man was a misogynist with a violent streak and a daddy's boy who flaunted his family's wealth his father a prominent Texas physician spoke to reporters insisted that his son is innocent. These fields attorneys have said he intends to plead not guilty. Those are your true crime headlines for true through crime anytime download the murder minute APP or follow us on Instagram at murder minute up next the tragic story of a violent hate crime at a church in Charleston Charleston but first a quick break. Are you suffering from having one of those awful air conditioning units that fits in your apartment window and sounds like a dragon but never quite goals your apartment or worse. 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Stay as cool as a sociopath on a polygraph with ember head to ember wave dot dot com and save fifty dollars with code M at checkout. That's E. M. B. R. W. A. V. E. Dot Com and code M at checkout checkout. Welcome back to murder minute today. The tragic story of a violent hate crime at a church in Charleston. This is is the story of the mother Emmanuel Ame massacre at eight P._M.. On Wednesday June Seventeenth Twenty fifteen it was business business as usual at the mother Emmanuel Ame Church in downtown Charleston in South Carolina the two hundred and three year old church holds a a place of honor in the state's history and indeed the countries listed on the United States National Register of historic places mother Emanuel Newell was established in Eighteen Sixteen is the oldest African Methodist Episcopal Ame church in the south and was the first I independent Black Church in the United States when the Church was founded in eighteen sixteen state law required that lawful churches be led by whites African Americans were only allowed to have a separate service usually held in the basement. The original founders of the Emmanuel Church experienced a pattern of violence and harassment that lasted years with thirty five members of its congregation being executed after being implicated in a slave revolt plot and the original Emmanuel Church was burned to the ground imply Martin Luther King Junior urged church members to register and vote in nineteen sixty nine the widow Coretta Scott King led a march coach fifteen hundred demonstrators the church in support of striking hospital workers in Charleston. The church's pastor and nine hundred demonstrators traders were arrested with such a powerful history. It's no wonder that Charleston's annual emancipation day parade on January I end at Emmanuel Ame Church but in Twenty fifteen on June seventeenth it was Wednesday and the church was hosting its weekly Bible study the group which normally drew around twenty people was led ed by the pastor of the congregation and was held in the basement of the building Reverend Clement AC- Pinkney in addition to being the senior senior pastor of the church was also a democratic state senator for the Forty Fifth District of South Carolina Pinkney following in his predecessors hustlers footsteps had been active in recent civil rights protests related to police involved shootings specifically the shooting of Walter Scott Reverend Pinkney held rallies after the murder of Walter Scott by a white officer and as a state Senator Pinkney pushed for legislation requiring police to wear body cameras the Wednesday Bible study started at age thirty but people began arriving early to help set up Reverend Pinkney arrived first at seven thirty five followed by Bible Study Teacher Fifty eight-year-old Myra Thompson over the next half hour eleven more congregants would arrive bringing the total number of worshippers at Emmanuel Ame Church that Wednesday to thirteen this study session and began as usual with my Thompson leading the group in reading selected Bible passages for the evening a few minutes into the study and unfamiliar familiar figure entered the church through the side door. He was a skinny young white man with a bowl haircut. He wore a grey stained pullover for sweater along with a pair of whether timberlake loops he was also wearing a fanny pack that appeared to be bolting although Oh he arrived late and wasn't known member of the congregation the man seemed to be in the right place as the first thing he asked was is this Reverend Paintings Bible study despite not seeming like the type of person to attend this group the congregation welcomed the young man with open arms and invited him take a seat he took a seat next to Reverend Pinkney and the study session resumed the group studied and discussed the Bible. Oh for the next half an hour. The young man was a little quiet but appeared to be participating along with everyone else at around around nine PM. The study was nearing its end so reverend pinkney decided to lead the group for one final moment of reflection and prayer. Everyone closed their eyes and bowed their heads. Everyone except the young man he stood up unzipped his fanny pack and swiftly drew a Black Glock forty five with a laser sight. The first gunshot was deafening in the small room room and immediately shocked the worshippers into opening there is that first gunshot was followed swiftly by several more Reverend Pinkney he was the first hit he attempted to stand up and move but was felled by three gunshot wounds the back he fell face down and died soon after some congregants screamed other sat frozen in silent shock unsure of how or why they're Peaceful Bible study had turned into something so violent the young man next took aim at Suzy Jackson Jackson an eighty seven year old parishioner and family matriarch her nephew twenty six year old Taiwan's sanders attempted to intervene gene and talk the young man down when Taiwan's ask the young man why he was attacking churchgoers he replied I have to do it you rape our women and you're taking over our country and you have to go Taiwan's dove in front of his aunt aunt Susie and was shot. I the young man then shot tie Wanda four times as he lay on the floor bleeding in the young man then turned his attention back to Taiwan's ought susie and proceeded to shoot her eleven times worshippers ducked for cover and attempted to hide under the various tables and chairs in the room. The young man continued shooting in the next few minutes while shouting racial slurs the young man killed six more and injured another adding Ah Y'all want something to pray about. I'll give you something to pray about. Taiwan's mother Felicia Sanders and her five year old granddaughter played dead on the floor polly shepherd dove under a table when the shooting started and watched as the bullet casings fell from the gun to the floor she then miraculously managed to reach for one of the victims cellphones laying near her and called nine. One One shepherd quietly told the dispatcher please come right away. There have been plenty of people shop the dispatcher realizing the gravity of the situation remained remained calm urging shepherd to stay as quiet as possible seconds later shepherd said he's coming. He's coming. He's coming. He's reloading. She said Oh God please help me. There's so many people dead. Oh my God over the course of just a few minutes the young man reportedly fired seventy four shots with fifty four of those shots reaching their targets. Let's thanks to his laser sight. He reloaded at least five times as Paulie shepherd hid under the table praying playing the young man approached her told her to shut up and asked. Did I shoot you. She replied no then he said good 'cause. We need someone to survive because I'm going to shoot myself and you'll be the only survivor. The young man plays to the gun to his head and pulled the trigger but he was out of ammunition. The the young man then uttered racially inflammatory statements over the victim's bodies before walking out the shooting had lasted only only six minutes reverend pink of knees wife and six year old daughter who were hiding in a locked office when they heard gunshots also called nine one one the little girl whispered mummy. Is Daddy going to die. She replied no baby no at nine o five P._M.. Charleston police received the call and within minutes a huge police presence amassed at Emmanuel Manual Ame. They entered the building to find seven dead to fatally injured and five unharmed Taiwan's who was alive but in grave condition from multiple gunshot wounds barely hung to life as medics started performing C._p._r.. The ones a died within minutes of their arrival his mother Felicia Sanders later recalled that he never stopped trying to help up the others and that the last words he said to her were Mama. I love you. I love you seventy four year old Reverend Daniel Daniel l Simmons while being transported to the hospital with gunshot wounds died before he could arrive the victims now collectively Her and a South Carolina state Senator Cynthia Marie Graham Heard Fifty Four Bible study member and Manager for the Charleston Austin County Public Library system and sister of politician and former state Senator Malcolm Graham Suzy Jackson eighty-seven a Bible study in Church Choir member. She was the oldest victim of the shooting Ethel Lee Lance seventy the church's sexton the pain Middleton Dr forty-nine a pastor who was also employed as a school administrator and admissions coordinator at southern Wesleyan University Taiwan's Sanders twenty-six a Bible study member grandnephew victim Suzy Jackson the youngest victim of the shooting Daniel l Simmons seventy four a pastor who also served a Greater Zion ame church Cher Rhonda Coleman singled him forty-five a pastor also a speech therapist and track coach at Goose Creek High School Myra Thompson Fifty Nine Bible study teacher after arriving at the scene. The police established the Marriott Hotel across the street as a staging staging area for law enforcement and the victims families a few hours later the Marriott Hotel received a call from a young man claiming there was a bomb inside the hotel while it turned out to be a false alarm. The clearing of the building made the already tense and dramatic situation. Even more difficult police immediately began pulling the surveillance camera footage from the church surveillance. Let's footage showed the bowl cut sporting young man pulling up to mother Emmanuel Ami just after eight fifteen pm in a black Hyundai Mantra the next time he appeared on the footage was nearly an hour later just after nine P._M.. mm-hmm creeping out of the church looking both ways before fully walking out the door in his right hand. He clutched a large black pistol. He then got into the vehicle and drove away based off. This authorities put together a suspect description description and put out an A._p.. For his arrest releasing stills from the surveillance footage within a couple of hours of interviewing survivors at the scene police quickly realized that this was not only a mass shooting but a hate crime as a result the Charleston police called in the F._B._i.. To assist in the investigation and the manhunt later that night the F._B._I.. Determined the identity of the shooter after the killer's own father and uncle contacted the police to positively identify him as the person seen on the security camera footage he was identified as twenty one year old Dylann roof from Columbia South Carolina Dylan's uncle later said that if Dylan got the death penalty he would personally push the button himself once they had the name of their suspect. Police were able to contact the department motor vehicles obtain the license plate number for the car that Dylan was driving a black Hyundai elantra with a distinctive confederate states of America Front Plate at approximately ten forty five A._M.. The following day on June Eighteenth Twenty fifteen dylan roofs vehicle was spotted by a motorist in shelby North Carolina around two hundred and forty five miles away from Charleston. The motorist contacted police who urged her to volley the car at a safe distance until the police could arrive after thirty five miles police caught up with Dylann roof and apprehended him without incident after detaining him officers searched his vehicle in the backseat they found the Glock that Dylann roof used in the shooting along with a confederate flag in exchange for being so cooperative with police Dylan was allowed to have one last real meal before he was taken off to jail. They took him to a burger king as that was the nearest restaurant later that evening Dylann roof was flown into a detention center back in Charleston then President Barack Obama said in Charleston that day once again innocent innocent people were killed in part because someone who wanted to inflict harm had no trouble getting their hands on a gun we as a country will have to reckon with the fact act that this type of mass violence does not happen in other advanced countries Michelle and I know several members of the Emanuel Ame Church we knew their pastor Reverend Pinkney who along with eight others gathered in prayer and fellowship and was murdered last night and to say our thoughts and prayers ears are with them and their families and their community doesn't say enough to convey the heartache and the sadness and the anger that we feel F. B. I. agents interviewed Dylann roof for over two hours during which the murderer laughed and confessed to the shooting stating that he hoped that his act would spark a race war he also admitted that he almost didn't go through with the shooting since the churchgoers were so nice to him but ultimately decided that they had to die because someone had to do something something the next day dylann roof was charged with nine counts of murder and one count of unlawful possession version of a firearm during the Commission of Felony at a bond hearing the survivors and next of kin for the victims had powerful words for Dylann roof oof who appeared only by video conference. They said that they were praying for his soul and that ultimately they forgave forgave him. Due to the seriousness of the charges dylann roof was not granted bail and was remanded in the state's custody until his trial could proceed while he sat in jail awaiting trial investigators began to piece together do in roofs lyft investigators began to piece together Dylan roots life and what led up to this tragic act of Racial Violence Dylann roof was born on April third nineteen ninety four in Columbia South Carolina to Bennett roof a carpenter and Amelia Yulia. Kohl's a bartender Dylan's parents divorced when he was just five years old and he went to live with his father who would go on to marry another woman page man before divorcing her after ten years of marriage. It's alleged that Bennett roof oof may have been abusive toward man but never abused dylan or his younger sister. Morgan Dylann roof seemed I'd like a normal child for most of his early life but a two thousand nine affidavit filed for his father's second divorce shows that he You WanNa prior to the shooting he had been alternating between living with each of his parents. Were various friends usually crashing on their couch and then spending his days bumming around on February Twenty Eighth Twenty fifteen just a few few months prior to the shooting Dylann roof entered the Columbia Center Mall in Columbia South Carolina wearing all black clothing walking around asking employees unsettling questions such as what time did they close and how many people would be around after closing losing authorities were called and when police questioned him they found a bottle of suboxone as a result Dylann roof was charged with a misdemeanor count of drug possession and was banned from the mall for year but on April April twenty-sixth Twenty fifteen dylan was arrested again for trespassing at the same mall due to him violating the initial official ban. The ban was extended for an additional three years that same month dylann roof perceived around four four hundred dollars from his father as a birthday present for his twenty first birthday so that Dylan could purchase his first handgun dylann roof went to shoot choice gun shop in Columbia and purchased a Glock Dylan's recent recent drug possession charge should have blocked the sale of the weapon but a data entry error made by jail clerk prevented Dylan roofs drug charge from coming up during the background check dillon also purchased two boxes of winchester hollow point bullets plot was beginning to form according to Dylan Roofs Internet activities dillon had been planning the attack for several months authorities soon discovered that Dylan owned a website called last bastardisation dot com on this website dylann roof posted his manifesto which outlined his reasons for the attack and his views news on different races and Mris Dylan cited that the incident that woke him up was the twenty twelve shooting shooting of Trayvon Martin additionally this incident caused him to Google black on white crime which according to Dylan caused him to quote never be the same since that day according to friends and Dylan was vocal about his new radical views. One friend said the Dylan went on a ramp about blacks taking over the world ooh he reportedly told friends and neighbors of his plans to kill people including a plot to attack the college of Charleston but no one took his claim seriously dylan roofs facebook pictures showed him wearing a jacket <unk> decorated with racist symbols such as the flag of Rhodesia Apartheid Era Zimbabwe and the flag of Apartheid Era South Africa Africa other photos show him wielding a confederate flag Dylan Roofs Browser Zor history revealed that he also frequented white supremacists sites such a storm front although he never appeared to discuss his attack with anyone online like photos found on his hard drive show Dylan travelling around South Carolina flashing his has gone and burning an American flag investigators also recovered list the Dylan made various black churches that were potential targets before selecting mother Emmanuel Ame Dylan visited at least twice to conduct surveillance interogations with dylann roof after his arrest determined that he had researched Emmanuel Ame Emme church and targeted it because of its role in African American history on December seventh 2016 nearly a year and a half after the shooting Doolan roofs trial finally began due to the scale of his crime and the fact that it was a hate crime dylann roof had his federal trial first followed by the state trial in Dylan's opening statement. He told the jury that he did not regret what he did. I'm not going to lie to you. He said there's nothing wrong with me. Psychologically court psychiatrists argued the Dylan was autistic anxious and depressed but that this was not enough for him to not understand Dan what he was doing. Prosecutors showed the jury a journal that Dylann roof kept after his arrest where he wrote wrote. I do not regret what I did. I have not shed a tear for the innocent people that I killed sometimes in myself I think about and how good it would be to watch a movie but then I remember how good it felt to do what I did and I think it was worth it. The the widow of Reverend Pinkney testified that during the rampage she heard doing roof say I'm not crazy. I have to do this on December. Fifteenth Twenty Sixteen the jury found Dylann roof guilty on all charges including the hate crime charges at his sentencing hearing Dylann roof chose to represent himself he said to avoid defense lawyers pursuing a mental health the argument on his behalf and showed no remorse saying in his closing statement. I think it's safe to say that nobody in their your mind wants to go into a church and kill people in my confession tape. I told them I had to but it's not true I didn't have to no one made me what I meant was. I felt like I had to do it. I still feel like I have to do it taking issue with arguments that he was a hateful person dylann roof added anyone anyone including the prosecution who thinks I'm filled with hatred has no idea what hate is. They don't know anything about hate. My point point is that anyone who hates anything in their mind has a good reason for it. In the end Dylann roof made almost most no attempt to avoid the death penalty on January eleventh 2017 Dylann roof was sentenced to death breath in April of twenty seventeen dylann roof pled guilty to all charges in the state trial and was subsequently sentenced to remain on death row in September of twenty seventeen dylann roof wrote a request to replace his Jewish and Indian lawyers who were appealing Dylann roof wrote a request to replace his Jewish and Indian lawyers who were appealing his death sentence dylann roof wrote it it will be impossible for me to trust to attorneys that are my political and biological enemies day after roof filed filed. This handwritten appeal the fourth U._S..

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