Good Morning Niner Empire 10/01/2020


Good morning for dinner Empire. My name is Jamie. Today's October 1st. 2020. Let's get into some 49er news. Here is an injury update from Kyle Shanahan right guys today for the injuries. All right, Ford will be out with the back garoppolo's out with his ankle Greenlaw. Quad Mosley stolen concussion protocol most start with his knee. Sprain Jordan Reed with his knee sprain and came down with hip discomfort. Also team has released Long Snapper. Kyle Nelson. They have replaced too much to bear pepper. Here's what head coach call Shannon had to say about Kyle Nelson. I always waving Kyle Nelson Palm Court decision for you, or was it something you felt was inevitable. I mean we felt it was a little inevitable after the game and everything and it was always difficult cuz of what Kyle's meant to the organization how good of a guy Kyle is off of a player that he's been and it doesn't mean he can't be going forward but it's always hard from the personal relationship that we've had with him and he knew the deal and it was just a tough game for him and usually off. Like that, you do have to move on get someone else an opportunity. But Kyle handles it great and I wish them the best and you know, I don't think this legal see the last of them though. Here's an update from her head coach about Deebo Samuel and what it will take for him to play call in terms of a Deebo Samuel he's going to be practicing today. And then what are you expecting to see from him? And what does he have to do to prove that he's going to be able to play Sunday night for you. I mean, he's healthy. So we just want to see him out there and get back in the swing of playing football. It's been a while since he has I know he's been working hard on his own with football and everything with our trainers and off and everyone else and three have but you know, we just need to see em go through three days and what type of shape he's in and if you can protect himself will be out there also found cash-in-hand talks about if there is a quarterback controversy after Nick Mullens good play last week. This is some out there on social media, but all on the question it is mine this month. Serial exists, you know whether Jimmy's out for one or two more games and which Nick Mullens is so impressive that you could win the starting job. No, that's ninja exist, but I don't think that's one game either. So that's where you to do, but this is Jimmy steam. He's done a hell of a job for us and when he's healthy he'll be planning it, but also address your default is going on with our at the end of the week, and that is it for your 49er news. Please check out our main shown our favorite radio audio tube and where you can get your podcast. Also, don't forget to eat your friends to our marriage at ww.w. If you have a forward slash job. Thanks to and as always remain faithful. Goodbye.

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