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Espn and listened to the wrap up podcast hosted by Jalen and Jacoby immediately following the broadcast presented by State Farm and at and T. available wherever you enjoy your podcast. Here's your sportscenter. Update Conor McGregor is demanding a fight with UFC infirm. Lightweight champion just in gapthey gateway. Caesar's sportsbook has Patrick Mahomes at Fordham Watt to win what would be his second regular season. Mvp Award of the past three years. Lamar Jackson last season's. Mvp is a thirteen to two favorite. And finally Vince McMahon. At seventy four years old today dive off a tower to convince a very nervous rob. Gronkowski to take a false. You prepared for Wrestlemainia. Thirty six witnesses said that McMahon told Gronkowski following the dive. Not so bad is it. This is crazy. Barbara Saul is now better than ever America try. The new ultra grip from Barbara Saul now with a protective cap and rustproof aluminum bottom. You're looking good America. You're shaving with barbasol for all the ways headlines and information tune into sports center on ESPN radio all throughout the day. Christopher cody do you have anything in the way of legitimate theories on where it is your father is at the moment he has been so spectacularly bad for an hour of this radio show and now as we want to go to him to talk about some of the things that he wants to talk about. I am looking into the room then room from the nineteen eighties where he is doing this show and all I see is an open door. I don't see a human being in that room. Do you have any sort of theories on the whereabouts of your father. Chris I have three theories cooking omelette getting another cup of coffee. He drinks too much coffee on things like three or four or five cups a day or he's going to the bathroom because of set. Ghazi drinking all right. We will ask him when he comes back to. It's anybody WanNa take any votes. Yeah he's back now but it'll take a minute to get his headset. Yes to God I was GonNa Ask. I mean is if a simple case of Greg. Cody has had it like. Is that it like you see just as tired of getting yelled at and made fun of and I don't know I just walked. That was never coming back. While we've got four theory. Billy just held up a piece of paper that said poop on it so the fourth theories. Let's see which one is right. We now go to Greg. Cody of the Miami Herald. He's with us here. Show killing every Tuesday. Why could you not be bothered Greg? To be there at the start of this segment was making myself a cup of coffee? I Apologize. I lost track of the time it was a short segment unusual segment. My brother my brother who is painting the show every day. Lebeau ARE DOT com. You can check it out also. He's doing some charity stuff for aerial. Hawan my brother has asked me the first hour of this show Greg. Because he's not a regular listener of the show he asked me. Does Greg Cody care about what he's doing and then he asked me. Is He being bad on purpose? And My answer. The second was no. He's not being bad on purpose. And then Mike immediately start apologizing for you and saying hey he's old and it's difficult but I don't think old and difficult have anything to do with never knowing what time we're on on during the show never knowing when we're back when we're on and getting coffee in the middle of the show. He would have spent the last forty years crushing any athlete. Who failed to show up for work by five minutes because they were. They were busy making coffee. Well in my defense I think with the exception of the time I forgot to turn on my mic. It's been a pretty clean show by me. Ask What what were you saying? Before we cut you off on paying conor McGregor to go away to be quiet conor McGregor every time. He says anything interesting often does he. Is someone who ends up. Trending and people take notice. He he has done more making then. I've ever seen from an athlete with his mouth. I'm including Charles Barkley and Mohammed Ali in that category floyd with his mouth or with. I guess floyd maybe as well but Khanna McGregor's mouth is what sells his fights. He's an above average Finney. Is that funny again? Yeah we got lawnmowers Blair it and you know when the lawnmowers come around he starts parking. Okay Well Bristol. We now have a song from a listener because we were waiting. It somehow didn't happen yesterday. We're waiting for Finney to start his barking yesterday. Interrupts to show we have a song. Bristol Davick queued. Go ahead and play the from a listener on stugatz Dog Finney listeners. Continue to bring strong songs. I wanted to talk to you about something Stu gods that we didn't get to yesterday. I'm curious. What Greg Cody thoughts on this are as well. The back story was a Doug Williams interview by the author. John Feinstein who John Feinstein wrote one of the great sports books of all time season on the brink and Doug Williams told him that if mahomes and if Shawn Watson had been white that they would've been drafted ahead of Mitchell trubisky and the part about this. I know the people get uncomfortable with the race. Talk and some more than others. The part about this. That got my attention. Was Doug Gottlieb on twitter. Telling John Feinstein this is beyond idiotic now a race conversation makes an appearance in a black person who's filing a complaint about something this is beyond idiotic is exactly the wrong response for any kind of conversation like that not because you're not allowed to disagree you are allowed to disagree but once you've started a conversation with this is beyond idiotic. You're not interested at all in hearing what anyone else has to say about anything. So Doug Gottlieb continues and the people who object to this always looked like Doug Godly. The people who say this is beyond idiotic always look like Doug Gottlieb the idea. The League evaluates a quarterback on race in twenty twenty s just dumb disconnected and bitterness from forty year old transgressions. Trubisky isn't as good as Watson. Mahomes the bears evaluate them all and missed that it. I wish that this conversation was as simple as Doug. Gottlieb thinks it is because Bill Polian a six time executive of the still got Lamar Jackson doesn't look like a wide receiver to him. Doesn't look like a guy who can play quarterback in this league if at least in part what. He's not doing the same thing I did. When I saw the Shawn Watson plane now you might want to accuse me of racism here but I haven't seen someone like the Shawn Watson come into the NFL and be Shawn Watson. I haven't seen it before college quarterback. Who's great moving around and confused? Nick Sabin that's not something I had seen. Have that kind of success in the NFL. Before and that's where race ends up playing a factor and it's not beyond the idiotic to suggest that any of us would be guilty of any kind of viruses or places where we have a blind spot on this stuff but the problem with this is people like the godly perpetually. Stugotz are more sensitive to the idea that they're being called racist then they are to actual racism like God doesn't know what it's like to experience racism Doug Godly doesn't know what it's like to live a life. Where does Shawn Watson is going to be questioned and this is race playing a factor? It's not racism. I don't have to prove intent to you. I don't have to prove to you. The bill Polian isn't a racist. I'm just telling you. Why do you think that happened? That Bill Polian six time executive of the year Saul Lamar Jackson and thought he was wide receiver. Could it possibly be? Because his prototype was Peyton Manning. His prototype looked like peyton manning. Why can't that possibly be? Why is that a conversation that's beyond idiotic? That of course could possibly be A. Is there racism in that Dan if indeed Bill Polian thought that you at least what that conversation to have? Because you've never seen it before. Does it mean that it can exist and can't be good in the NFL? I think the other part that's disturbing about what happened with the Shawn Watson that lets you could sit here and say bears. They identify the quarterback. They wanted it. Was Mitchell trubisky. They have the overall number one pick. They didn't have to talk to anyone else. That's the guy that wanted black white whatever that's the guy they wanted. But it's confusing to me. That the Shawn Watson was that good at the college level and to Shawn Watson on twitter said over the weekend. The bears never even spoke to well. They never did they did. They did they did. They did talk to him by phone. There was an interview on earth with Rich Eisen where they did interview him by phone. But that's off to the side whether or not they talked to Shawn Watson they're allowed to think Mitchell trubisky better quarterback it's just super rare stugatz that the Black Mitchell trubisky ends up being drafted higher than the White Mahomes. And the White Shawn Watson. You guys remember when Doug Alley was on the march madness Coverage and he thought he was way too cool for the situation and thought he could just kick it with Kenny and Charles and he saw it he could bring the white perspective and they let them know immediately that he couldn't and he had to walk it back and apologize. That was like one of the safe one's for white history month. Your idea white history month never ended up happening. Greg Cody because Mike couldn't find thirty incidents that he thought were funny about racism and white people in their history of raising a challenge picking thirty instances in American history of racism. I feel like marge. Schott has like seven of them. There's a couple of statute of limitations. Were like maybe Donald Sterling has a couple to cody. Do have any thoughts on this as a long time columnist for the Miami Herald who has covered football for a long time and knows that Doug Williams is the first black quarterback to ever win a super bowl. I know this conversation makes people uncomfortable and what I'm saying is that those people have to be uncomfortable. In order for these conversations to have any kind of impact it sort of required as part of the discussion. The discomfort of white people. The discomfort of the majority is required on this stuff. So what do you have for me as an old white person? Greg Cody as an authority on being old and white. I find it sort of offensive that somebody would call the conversation beyond idiotic. It's the opposite of that. It's valuable to have the conversation. It's enlightening and I do think that that the NFL is getting asked. The the inherent prejudice against black quarterbacks. I do think that because the position is so important. And when you see a guy like Shawn Watson Walls to crumble the more and more Great Black Quarterbacks. Stir are but Older than I am said. I guess is that true? I'm not sure if I'm not short. I gotta be healthier. Even though our introduction bill Polian was also violent coughing more race next GEICO has the insurance industry leading APP. That lets you manage your policy anytime anywhere. Which means that. Geico is always there for you. If only everyone was always there for you like animal control when you're cornered in your garage by angry. Hi Megan you guys said you would hear about an hour and I think the possum is starting to get angry. Listen I thought if I felt it would go away. But now it is ripping holes in the drywall and making some sort of nest. Just coming back GEICO. Always there for you with savings and the industry leading mobile APP. If you missed any of our interviews please check them out on demand and the Damn podcast brought to you by capital wine with capital one. You can open a new checking savings account with no fees or minimums. Welcome the Banke reimagined capital one. What's in your wallet approval required capital want NA member FDIC. Daddy's time for straight talk brought to you by straight talk wireless well. This is what I want to talk with you and Greg Cody about and I am challenging you okay to have some thoughts as I spoil this. That are in the same common thought that we've all had on sports radio for twenty years about these kinds of subjects and cheating in college sports and paying athletes. If there's a way to take a different angle on this I'm going to challenge you and Greg Cody to give me something different here in terms of sports radio than Blah Blah Blah athletes should be paid. I want something on the Zairean Williamson Front. That can be talked about. Because if we've arrived in a place to God's twenty twenty when the idea of a whistle blower with Adidas and Duke a Duke and Nike a whistle blower saying. There's all sorts of money. Going around their surroundings. I on Williamson Duke. Somehow has always gotten off with the idea that they are clean. Michalowski has had a halo over that program. Which is kind of surprising given how many people hate Duke? And so if I can't get America or sports people fans interested in the idea of scandal involving Zion Williamson. Then you're numb to this in a way. That is a little bit jarring. I've told you to gods and we talked to the director and we will talk to the director again on South Beach sessions of that documentary on. Hbo The scheme. If you care about sports and you're looking for content I advise of you to look at this because what you will find. Is that the least greasy person in this. Entire scenario was the middle man who went to jail and then includes all those federal investigators that ended up doing all that wiretapping. To catch these coaches to gods and these federal investigators were somewhere between incompetent and corrupt. They didn't end up getting anybody. They didn't know what they were doing. The rare instance where a federal indictment doesn't amount to much of anything at all except punishing. This middleman. Who has said seemed more honest to me and less greasy than just about anybody in the documentary and he was the only one punished. But we've arrived in a place where I can't get people interested in anything involving scandal and college sports because you shrug your shoulders and you say well. This is what it is. It's what it's always been. I am totally numb to the idea. There's nothing I can tell us. To God's once I've what's I've made it about prostitutes in Louisville there's next to nothing I can tell you that would end up shocking. You if I told you somebody got a million dollars. Where do I need to put the numbers? What do I need to do for people not to be numb to these stories and all of this greasy nece that happens in the sewage corners of college? Sports there's nowhere you could put a down. I don't think you know throughout this entire time that you and I have been doing. We've had this conversation. I don't think you give the public enough credit. Okay because I think we all know exactly what college sports we know what it is. We accepted for what it is and we don't really care. I don't care if it's coach k. I've been operating under the assumption for many many years. That Coach K. Roy Williams Dean Smith John Wooded that at some level they all did something to break and NC double a role they all committed NC double A. Violations. I don't think that the public can't maybe the media cares but I don't think the fans care of course Ziya Williamson got some sort of benefit to go to some college. First Year. He was going to go to some college per year. Any probably chose the deal. That was the best for him for him and his family and I think just operate under that assumption for so long. I think what it what. It appears in our lab. We just don't care because we just assume. Of course I am. William took Zay Williamson. Took some benefits for him is family at. Why wouldn't he Greg Cody what are your thoughts? What are your thoughts on this subject? do you have anything original? Unlike Stu gods who said the same thing you argued with Dick vitale about many years ago? I mean there's no. There's no shot value left to to this story because it isn't a of wrongdoing now and I use the word wrongdoing Cautiously because it's technically wrongdoing against the rules but look I've come around to change my view. I think if you're as prominent as he was to the University of course you should be paid a stipend of of course the you know the the the Star quarterback in his eye n Williamson do so much for their university to bring in income that I have come around and it's ridiculous to head. Coach is getting twelve million dollars a year and and the star player is supposedly getting nothing. You know my only issue with this whole topic. Is You know the the star is worth money but is the backup guard worth money. You know if you're GONNA pay athletes you have to pay all athletes. But I have yet to hear a plan a workable plan for how you're going to do that and then in terms of the middleman I mean that's just the easiest guy he's actually executing the plan he's carrying out the plan. I think from the Fed standpoint. That's the easiest person to go after the easiest person forever get mad at if you're wondering I don't have the answer to this and I apologize. Why does anyone care about bill? Self Wise Bill South Still Coaching. Why does no one care about Shawn Miller y? Shawn Miller still coaching? They shouldn't be but they are and I don't have the reason just wide. They're not I'd go another step on this though I'm talking specifically about the otherwise pristine duke image like if you do believe Stugatz that everyone is cheating in College. Sports as many people do this. Is the situation. You find yourself in for awhile. It seemed like cycling was draw it was draped and soaked in cheaters. Lance Armstrong seemed to be the guy who was not cheating but of course the way that he beat them is he was cheating. You look at track and field. You saying bulk remains clean. Even though all of the people around Him who have the fastest times have been caught cheating. And to think that Duke is clean and getting Zion Williamson Winnings Ion on Williamson. When everyone else is paying for recruits. They'd have to be pretty damned good at the getting of basketball players if others are offering money and they're not that is straight talk it is brought to you by straight talk wireless no contract no compromise. Espn radio is presented by Progressive Insurance Needy. Federal Credit Union has a mission to put members. I by making their financial goals. The priority learn more at navyfederal dot. Org Join Today. Here's your sports interrupdate. Conor McGregor is demanding a fight with UFC interim lightweight. Champion Justin. Geeky Caesar sportsbook. Has Patrick Mahomes at four to one to win? What would be his second regular season? Mvp Award in the past three years. Lamar Jackson last season's. Mvp is a thirteen to two favorite at finally bill. Murray and Guy. Fieri will face off. In the NACHO average show damn on food network's facebook page as the to battle at a Nacho contest. Leads you gotTa get in there? The event will raise money for fairies. Restaurant employee relief which seeks to help out out of Work Restaurant Workers During Kovic. Ninety eight so good job bill. Good job I for the latest headlines and information tune the sportscenter on ESPN radio all throughout the day. We are not making this up the latest episode of stupidity which just went out today. Has Rory mcilroy as the second best? Guess guess because to God's also through Charlie Hume and Chris. Cody landed an interview with Tom. Brady now is it true. Chris cody and I don't WanNa give away too much of this interview that you felt the need to tell. Tom Brady for some reason because he was making fun of your resume background or something that you had just recently moved into a new house just like him and his response was no. You didn't know is that is that. Did that really actually happened or is that just a joke that's being made by people at ESPN right? Yeah that's what people are saying to me. I told him I'm just like you. I just moved into a new house. I'm organized yet and people are telling me on twitter. Reminding me that I'm nothing like him and I didn't move into any kind of house like but I'm still on cloud nine. That's why I've been kind of did you've noticed in this show. I've been looking down my. I'm just drinking in all the praise this show just drinking it. All in you should focus father. Father and son have some similarities. Whenever the applause starts they get lost in it. They get delirious and dizzy and they just love staring into their phones then he was so adorable. During the Tom Brady Interview Chris was he got a half question in Brady Brady. Broke off interrupted it. Ripped into him said you're in full. Quarantine bowed made fun of his background. Then I've tried to get Chris back in I tried. I kept going Chris. You're up I was trying to get it back. And then Chris finally revealed to US mid interview. I'm good I'm terrified so we just that. Was it Christmas done? He just watched the rest but what happened was like three hours after Brady left us. Chris sends me attacks at this. Was Chris the attire weekend. Dude Dude Dude Dude did you. Did you know any good questions did cody? This is the reason you have no future in this business Did you did you? I told the Head of digital we delivered seven perfectly mediocre minutes and be at say calling it mediocre. I think is being I mean. Check out the latest potty for a seven minute interview with Tom Brady the only the second interview he's done or other. Yeah only only Howard. Stern has also gotten Tom. Brady quite this exclusively. Yes Chris what is it that you have for the audience in defense of yourself as as we pound you from every corner of the universe. I don't want to undermine the journalism that we did during that interview. But I had some questions that I potentially wanted to ask but there was a relationship here between Tom. Brady and Charlie's grandfather that I was terrified of ruining so I wanted to just give them the easiest question possible. Is that good journalism good journalism. Put It on the poll at Lebatardshow is cody guilty. Of The opposite of journalism. I was making fun. Eighteen months ago or twelve months ago. There was an interview with Tom. Brady that had all splashed behind him. Tb twelve products and basically the first question was some form of. Tell me why it is and how it is. You're just so amazing. That's that that's not really journalism. That's not what you guys did. Though did that was also our first question. It was edited out post production and we really did swoon over dead. I'm not making this up. You're getting this handsome guy. The greatest quarterback of all tied. And you're getting them with Charlie's grandfather Charlie you you don't WanNa ruin that relationship but you're getting them right off the golf course sun-drenched. He looked fantastic. He's so nice. So warm so caring. He's he's asking how our families are doing. I. I don't know what to tell you. It was hard to get a real tough question there because I fell in love with the guy. And you. You're not yourself Lately for a variety of different reasons. Can you explain to me what it is that you were saying during the break about Showers feeling like a vacation. That you feel like you're vacationing every time. It is that you step into the shower. I mean any little thing that you do that kind of strays away. That used to be normal but now strays away. A bit from the normal like taking a shower to me feels like a vacation like so for me. I'm spending most of my time downstairs Ed so when I go take a shower now. It's like a big thing. It's a big to do. I take a lot like I am putting an out usually am rushing to get through my shower but now of doing is I'm setting the see like taking a drink into the shower. I have a set of grateful dead music that I play in the shower. Big Look our my shower way. You're romancing yourself lighting candles and it said as eating and being you first of all. I don't understand why you would say that. Taking a shower is not normal. Like I don't understand your starting point on this but but beyond that off what are you trying to do? You're just trying to get away from your link. Yes that's exactly right. It's a vacation away from my family. Shower used to be two three times daily. Now it's one time daily. I don't care everyone. Shower habits have changed here. It's one time when I decided to do is make shower. Time a really special time for me to put it on Lebatardshow shell but do showers now. Feel like vacations to you and your shower. Habits changed because I don't understand why you're now showering less I don't i. I'm confused by what's happening there where you've decided. I'm going to take one good one hour shower where I really pamper myself. And by the way the idea of you pampering yourself while never washing anything below the waist is disturbing to me. I'd someone who knows because admitted it that you simply don't wash beneath the knees cleared that up art cody. Do you have any thoughts if your shower habits change at all when I don't even understand the point that's to God's his making here well. This is nothing I would ever admit unless as directly but yeah I skip a shower every once in a while now you know instead of instead of showering daily and in maybe ten times a week You know maybe I'm showering five times a week. You know you a little extra dealer at one day. My vacation is not shower. That's what makes me is not getting away. Showering skip a day. Well more sports next is it's time for the Binge Club brought to you by marathon. These days we have to travel smart. Maritha can help by improving engine performance with quality top tier gasoline marathon. Fueling the American spirit. So Stu got helped me out here because we were all trying to get greg cody attention during the break. For some reason he takes his headset out. He's looking at his computer. He's not paying attention and we couldn't find out whether or not he actually has something that he's been binge-watching so we'll all find out together a little bit later in this segment. But can you tell me? How do you WANNA start this? You want to tell people what it is that you're watching. I would I would venture I would tell people in the audience. Dead to me on. Netflix is something that they might enjoy. Very easy to watch Christina. It is funny it is dark. It is an unusual show and it is worth your time. You can watch it very quickly season to just started. What is it that you're telling people still got so what's been really one of the I guess for lack of better term. Good thing about this. Pandemic being quarantined is being able to binge. Watch television shows that you grew up watching and being able to share them now with your kids. It's one of the shows I've been watching with. One of my daughters is west way. And that's what we've been binge-watching she likes it. She's Kinda into politics. Kinda into that drama thriller thing. It's up we've been watching binge watching and we're on season three. I believe right now of what's weighing. And she loves it. She says it holds up. It's as good as any television show. She's ever see. This is my sixteen year old daughter. Rachel Emma has no interest in it. But we've been binge-watching West Wing together there. I've been tempted by the Sopranos and by breaking bad going back to them even though I've already seen them at Lebatardshow put it on the pole. Are you binge watching anything that you have already seen in its entirety Migraine? What are you nominating? Here is something you suggest. The audience should be binge-watching taking a little break from series and binge-watching these epic multi episode shows and watching a few documentaries right now and I just saw a documentary on Natalie Wood but it was from the perspective of the family so as very skewed to didn't kill her he's a good guy. You need to honor the segment. I don't believe a documentary. I single documentary is allowed to be called a binge-watching that's just watching. That's not been watching. A man who honors the truth binge-watching very good no matter what the corporate sponsor needs. Mike Ryan is beholden in this one instance to the absolute truth. Here better than me. Billy Billy what is it that you are binge-watching these days that you would recommend to the audience last dance. Dan It's every Sunday on. Espn it's a ten episode. It's kind of a documentary which you just said you can't beat for when it's ten episode you can watch it it airs. Sunday nights on ESPN. I've mentioned Monday mornings a lot of times. That fall asleep before it's done on Sunday rate little story walking through the final season the Chicago Bulls era together and it goes back and forth. Just been great so far. Thanks for nothing. Glad you prepared so hard for that segment Roy. How about you What is it that you're binge-watching these days? Binge watching a show on discovering America called Barbecue pitmasters again together in barbecuing all sorts of Types of meat and it's a very occasional. Es Em trying to muscle her is. You're trying to learn something during the quarantine. Like Cody Zeller. Chris Cody what do you have here on binge all this morning today the Mytalk and besides that I've been really watching the meets world the entire series. I love the devolution of the Cory Matthews character. He started out as a young kid as he got older he becomes the. It's really interesting. But that's what I've been. Did you just use the word devolution? Is that what you just said? Okay very good thrown on Brady Dan okay. So he's just he's just looking at all the hearts around his Tom Brady interview. That's what he can't stop binge-watching if you hadn't heard you might. WanNa check out the latest episode of Stupidity Seven Totally Mediocre minutes with Tom. Brady Greg Cody of the Miami Herald. What are you binge binge-watching and why my wife and I have discovered and are absolutely school. Greg Cody on ESPN radio.

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