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Cliff Barn Company is the family employee owned maker of cliff bars cliff kid and luna bars. And here's something. I love about them since they started almost thirty years ago. They've always put people and communities I now they've committed to help feed the fight with get this and initial donation of more than seven million cliff Luna and cliff kid bars to food banks first responders and healthcare workers fighting this pandemic boom community. It's a beautiful thing crazy old man and his own attic episode. Sixty nine look. This is how we're going to begin the show today. This is a sports show. We know this is a sports show of what has happened in what is happening in. Minneapolis looms over. The two of US looms over the entire nation it's unavoidable and I know Mike that you have some thoughts on this Tony. I do lots of thoughts I as I was preparing for our show. I just didn't care about the sports stories not that they weren't important in the context of what we usually do as you said but tony the the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis and the subsequent reactions you know some of those reactions have been eloquent. We've heard from people across the sporting community from Lebron James and Steph curry to Carson Wentz and. Jj Watt and people have have have said in the way they usually say it now which is social media. I can't believe this and we're still watching television. Most of us I certainly am. I watched today as a colleague. Magilla llamas northwestern Omar Jimenez was led away in handcuffs a senior journalists stationed. Where apparently he was supposed to be to wear handcuffs. And I can't help but think in the context of all of this Tony. Where's it being led to to a noose? What's happening because I'm watching television? And it feels like I'm seven or eight years old and we're in the mid sixties and I'm preparing to watch bloody Sunday in the nineteen sixties the march to Selma on the Edmund Pettus Bridge. Why are we in the Jim Crow South? Have we returned to that point? And is there a lack of leadership in this country to the extent that we're in this place at this moment? Tony is frightening. I mean drove here. I'm in Arizona. I'm in Scottsdale Arizona. I'm probably a couple of fifteen hundred miles away from Minneapolis. I see a police car and flinch because I don't know what could happen in anybody. Says they know what could happen? Oh you're exaggerating you. You don't know anything because this guy ended up with his head against the concrete saying I can't breathe and then died was murdered and so that Tony like it has with those other gentlemen. I mentioned earlier in the sports world. So many of us as you've said it's a cloud that hangs over us right now. Yeah it's I mean it's sad and it's tragic and it's unnecessary. I am old enough to have watched fifty and sixty years ago scenes like this reaction like this and you think your past it. You don't know your past that you think your past it. You hope you're pass that what you hope. The country stands for more than anything else is justice for all and not just justice for some and what you also hope is that the compassion is larger than the outrage. But I I don't my guy I'm I don't have anything. Brilliant to say about this. It makes me sad and I certainly understand how it takes away from any discussion of sports. At the moment I do. Yeah it does so. He will get back to that because it's been topical and has been something that you know. The covert nineteen is not the only virus that is ripping apart this country. Right now. Is we see this other sickness that we didn't think we have to deal with and then we go back. We deal with things at hand in our lives and we as I say we turn on and we watch in a frightened way it's frightening what's next water hoses and dogs being turned on people. What's next and then we go back. And we try to figure out what what in our lives is a little more normal and so sadly normal now is still been trying to figure out when we're GonNa get sports and what that's going to be even from some of the people who have reacted again so eloquently to what we've seen and there's no easy transition Tony so I'll just try to jump into baseball and a story that is ongoing with baseball right now. Certainly not a happy. When Jeff Passan reports that hundreds of Minor League baseball players cut Thursday minor league players and hundreds more expected to lose their jobs in the near future as the sport deals with the fallout of the Corona Pandemic. This comes amid appeared of widespread uncertainty about the future of a number of minor league franchises. Tony Minor League Baseball. What's your feeling about what's happening to right now. Yeah this this makes me sad where I went to school in Binghamton. We had a minor league team when I was in school the Binghamton triplets. They still have a team. They're the rumble ponies. I mean I just think that the Romance of Sports in America has a lot to do would small towns and Minor League Baseball. And I've Seen Bull Durham thousand times and it always sort of reinforces that for me. If teams there have been some teams that have stepped up. Major League teams that have stepped up and they've guaranteed the salaries for the minor league players for this month or next month. Or maybe even through August when the season would probably end some of them are actually the poor teams like the Marlins padres and the mariners. The twins the royals which is odd to me. It doesn't cost that much. I it looks not my money. It's not your money you know but you could support all your minor league players for between one and two million dollars a year so you could do that. The larger issue here is that baseball's moving away from its minor league teams and cutting down on its draft. And and you know you have a situation like this. We all feel bad from minor. Leaguers losing their jobs but tens of millions if not one hundred million Americans are faced with unemployment right now because of this pandemic Dantonio amazing though that professional baseball players given the minor league structure that has existed for these decades would be facing unemployment themselves. You know we don't necessarily in that context and while I grew up with major league teams I worked in. Have you know the beginning of my sports career involved goings at some minor league gangs? Tony last year. I think the attendance was something more than forty million people. This is not incidental. Everybody doesn't grow up with the Yanks the Saux the cubs and dodgers and so people grow up with this part. It's it's so much a part of America in certain communities a lot of communities more communities than have professional league baseball so sad dear indeed see this is not baseball is dependent on a minor league a Feeder System College football supplies the NFL college basketball supplies the NBA hockey has juniors. But it's not as extensive as baseball where you can have an entire career in the minor leagues in Baseball. I mean for me. This is this is the fabric of baseball and and if it's going to be torn apart. Yeah that that makes me sad. I hope it doesn't happen but baseball seems to be moving that way. By the way GIEGOLD's David Price David price taking money out of his own pocket You know to support my leaguers through jewelry imprison the dodgers organization an organization. He's never been pitched for. He never pitched for him. He just got there very impressive David Price. I wonder if other guys will step up. Let's move to something that I think is going to be a lot more fun and certainly will be for me. It's your boy. Jim Harbaugh at the University of Michigan. He's been the coach at Michigan now for five years and we both agreed great for college football. He was asked by the website. Twenty four seven. How Close Michigan has come to winning the national championship in his tenure and Harbaugh said and this is a direct quote about as close as you can possibly be unquote. Why is that how you see it? No of course not of course not I mean. I don't know whether I should use the word revisionist when it comes to a Jim Harbaugh said or just delusional and Tony. There was one shot at this. I think it was two thousand sixteen when he had the the bad fourth-down call. I thought it was a bad call against Ohio. State and Ohio state wanted to make the playoffs. And maybe you know Michigan could have been in. Their place may be so. I'll give him that one. Two thousand sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen. We know they're not really happy in Michigan as they perhaps embark upon another season. Wouldn't even know if Jim Harbaugh is team on and get that chance this year but Tony No what is he talking about? What did he think I don't know he was doing? All those teams between him and the top weren't really there so let's go to the quote again about as close as you can possibly be. Let me tell you came as close about as close as you can possibly be. That would be Georgia. That went to overtime in the final game and lost two to one that would be Alabama which almost one game lost in the last second to Clemson. Here's Harbaugh what are you talking about? You haven't gotten to the playoffs. I mean you mentioned that game against Ohio. State Ohio state went out and got beat in the national semifinal. Clemson thirty one. Nothing so how Michigan let's review Harbaugh for a second. He has never won the big ten. He has never had fewer than three losses in a season. He never did one tenth in the final police. Never Be Ohio. Stay there you have. It never state. You can't even we so what it'd be best to your conference. I I just delusional. I've his definition of close. Like maybe he thinks. The State of Michigan is close to the state of Maryland. Considering the same conference but they're not close. Yeah hundreds of miles away. So they're not close it. I I want to hear some more reaction coming out of Wolverine Land on that one on a recent episode. Tony here we go back to familiar area of all the smoke podcast former wizard wizard in piston rip. Hamilton says Michael Jordan while President of the wizards in two thousand and one that was year before he played those two seasons traded away laurent profit because profited talk trash to MJ and a pickup game profit reportedly said to Michael quote. You can't guard me with those old asked. Knees close quote and rip says Jordan told him an exit interview. The prophet would be sent packing and then he was traded for Brendan Haywood town. Salad Jordan. You first of all. Let's go back over that quote. You can't guard me with your oil asked knees okay. That is a great quote. This happened by the way in a pickup game. When Jordan was not an active player he was the team president in a pickup game. Okay does it sound like Jordan? Ah Me all I don't know petty and fuelled by rage. Yes of course it sounds like Jordan to me not only that but when Jordan came back he traded away Hamilton. Who's the source of the story and everybody in Washington? Except maybe you and I will grant except maybe you. What did he did that because he thought Hamilton was gonNA take shots away from him and he brought in Jerry. Stackhouse wouldn't take as many shots. So yes it sounds like my Michael Jordan and to me it adds to the loss through Michael Jordan that he would actually do this all right. I'M GONNA I'm GonNa get into some facts here by the way. I covered. Laurent profit at Maryland. Like Laurent profit. A Lot. I know this is not a kid anymore. I knew him as a kid. Tony would you not have traded? Lebron profit for Brinton Haywood who was a starting center in the NBA for the bulletin wizards and beyond was not a good trade. Let me let me just say this. Haywood played thirteen seasons in the league. Laurent profit played four. So yes that that. That doesn't change the motivation. Wait a minute that was a good. Well we're taking shots away mean. Let's get serious. The other thing is rip Hamilton. And you follow me here because you know I wrote this at the time in the Washington Post Tonight. I knew this in real time. Okay so I don't care what others new rip Hamilton. Going to going away from the Wizards Jerry. Stackhouse coming back which was supposed to be a very very very very very short term solution. So that Michael Jordan could acquire whom Kobe Bryant you. I know you knew this because you knew it from me in real time covering what was going on in Washington. So would you not if you thought you were going to attempt to make room to get Kobe? Bryant who remember was unhappy in L. A. Was shocked all that said he was going to go to Chicago to replace. Who Michael Jordan Wizards? Yes would you not have tried that by opening up? Cap Room by moving. Rip Hamilton if you needed to yes and the follow up question is did they get Kobe Bryant. Then get him obvious you would you would you? Would you go back and say don't try that? Don't try don't don't don't move rip. You've gotta try it but the larger issue here is the mythology of Michael Jordan and this fits right in to the mythology of Michael Jordan. You said that to me boom. Get Out of here. How can I send you how far I know how much you love vengeance? You know maybe this show. Beatasikh pays cold. You're steal it from from James Brown. The big payback. Hello is your apartment. I need some favors from you. You're rubbing against the kitchen island and I can't return the favor. Can you give her extra pets for me after that? Could you bundle your renters in car insurance with Geico we could save money and it's easy to do online and one last thing could you the TV on during the day? I need to catch up on my soaps for bundling go to GEICO DOT COM today. The props glasses legal pad. We go to the happy happy. Twenty Second Birthday Marquel Foltz. Volt was a sinkhole as the overall number one. Pick by the seventy sixers. Three seasons ago but is now salvaging his career in Orlando Pulse. Appear to have completely forgotten how to shoot in Philadelphia is suction was. He had the Yips and became a basket case. In two seasons their full started. Average is seven point seven points and three point four assists shot forty one percent from the field twenty six point seven from three and only fifty three percent from the line. These terrible numbers. The after being traded out of super-critical Philadelphia to super welcoming Orlando full made a significant improvement in mid range. Shooting was more comfortable driving to the basket. Indicia the ball off the team teammates. He started fifty. Nine of sixty. Four Games improved his scoring average to twelve point. One is assist of five point. Two is overwrought. Shooting percentage rose to forty seven point three and his free throw shooting rose to seventy two point three. Now he's not great but he's no longer a bust. Who'd Elfi gets credit for? Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid but Fulton Nerlens Noel and Julia Jalil for Mike. They all bomb there. Well Tony. I'm going to concentrate on the positive of this kid. I mean first of all. He played basketball in place. You and I have lived for a long time and I moved for him. It must taken a whole lot of work work and commitment on the part of full. Get listen all a lot of people in the NBA. Don't shoot forty seven percent and a whole lot. Don't shoot seventy two percent from the line so good for him. I mean looks like Tony. The trajectory of his career has changed. I have nothing but applause from phones. Yeah we joined in that we join in that because he's local for us from DC. Happy Anniversary Lenny randle. Whoa IT'S LENNY. Randle we come. Pti I know the other day. I said the highlight of Randall's career king. Thirty nine years ago when he was playing for the Marlins mariners rather and he blew a ball foul across third base line. But this action is tremendous on this day forty six years ago while playing for the Texas Rangers. Randall took revenge on Indian speech. Wilcox who had just thrown behind him. Randall then definitely laid down a bunt on the first base side knowing that Wilcox would come over to field. It as Wilcox did just that. Randall plowed old room. Sparking a bench clearing brawl props to Randall for creative and well executed Ralph Strategy. And they'll randall. Claimed he didn't actually attempt to blow that ball foul which of course he did. At least he didn't say that he didn't deliberately smashing into Wilcox. And that is simply got tangled up causing him all all into the picture. That was genius. Dopes who say you know? Baseball's a coming in a way. The players can't direct with. They're gonNA shut up. He put the ball. I know he'd like to put it four feet closer to the line but it was great. Tony the way that's that is old school hard nosed baseball. That is win. See anything like that anymore. I can do it. Maybe without the brawl but what the. It's old school because it happened forty six years ago. That's why it's old school happy trails. Jt Daniels the former national high school player years leaving USC. For George then you started twelve games at quarterback for the TROJANS over two seasons losses job to kion slava's after suffering a torn ACL. And last season's opening was underwhelming at USC. Going five and seven throwing fifteen touchdowns and eleven interceptions at Georgia. Daniels will either sit out this season or likely backed up Grad transfer. Jamie Newman. Who CAME OVER FROM? Wake forest in college now. Quarterbacks transfer all the time. It's like a Carousel ride when Georgia stuck with Jake from Justin feels left to Ohio state. That Daniels has three years of eligibility left but the collateral damage is his to. Daniels was so psyched to play for USC the huge Tattoo with the La Coliseum and the Trojan helmet on his right calf now. Who probably have to cover that up with the famous hedges of Sanford Stadium. The good news for Daniels. The governor of Georgia recently allowed Tattoo Parlors. Open all over the state. Yeah can they. How about Tattoo Removal Tony? The only person not in the transfer portal and apparently headed to Georgia. Is Tom. Brady 'cause everybody else plays? A position seems to be in the transfer battle and seems to WanNa play between the hedges.

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