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Don Deal Episode 6


Doc PEOPLE IT's a couple years but this is it's a done deal episode six. I'm Brian Kilby with me. I have John and the man of the hour the Nuru of Donald Comics. It is Don Ferguson himself had mastered on Don. Welcome to your show the next episode. It's welcome back to my own show. Yeah so we decided to do this as a sort of like a Patriot on. Cuny thing and You know doing it once a month would be fun we'll We'll see how things work I want to take calls. But we've had some technical issues so we're not doing that. We do have questions from Patriot. Honest and We have a some buy-sell holds and a couple of new segments that were have been introduced in the interim since last episode. Hey Don how do you feel about having your own show again? It's a little intimidating because whatever groove ahead at the time is long gone so I'm GonNa have to get my groove back on on the flow of the show. We were still working everything out. The you know the first couple of episodes on how this was all going to work. So it's it's still a work in progress you know things will change and but we'll just see where see where we end up. You know I don't think we're going to film Louise Right off a cliff but you know it's it's a work in progress. Oh man now. Now that's in my head. John Thank you for being here. I the Andy Richter or the Slightly more sober. Ed McMahon to Dawn Chess Yes to don's carson or young instill brilliant Letterman. Cbs Take actually out free. John is the announcer for Bob. Barker's years on prices right yes thank you Ryan. Yeah definitely I'll take it that guy style like I had style. Yep and some of the most incredible on the planet for Patriot on members at our patrons at Dot Com Slash T.F. Radio we have a monthly Q. And A. where we said. Hey you can ask questions and on an episode of each month. We will answer those questions. I thought you know we can do better than that. Why don't we do a show that is or are most hardcore fans and will put it out there will make it available but we'll give you exclusive access to it so This podcast is going to be a streamed live to our discord into patron and also It will be made available for three days exclusively to Patriot. Then we'll post it out on the INTERWEBS for everybody else to see. We'LL DO IT MONTHLY. But we'll collect Questions will collect Tax Set nine three one ninety nine by hopefully next time. We'll be able to take calls. We had some technical issues leading into this and honestly three year old. That wouldn't go to sleep so We are going to have a lot of fun with this. It'll be a month. We deal and Again next time. Hopefully we'll take some calls. But I want to go ahead answer off this Episode with a new segment that we didn't do last time. It's a it's top ten. John Mentioned David Letterman. This is completely stolen from that. Yes basically it's In this don isn't the host. Don's the audience. I want to get done. I want to get don's reaction to this so The first top ten that we're doing on this episode we're doing one top ten per episode but this stopped in. It's the first one because the first time we've done it is the top ten most hated human characters from transformers. We're getting ivers order. Don gives your thoughts on number ten. No no no not after emailed out. No number nine Rahul now. I think he was for a eighties. Human in transformers. I think he was about as flesh down. You can imagine. At least he has some personality and I and he really wasn't good friendship with track so I don't think so. Yeah so it means you don't hate him. Yeah I like role I mean. I think I would have seen the episodes contracts just doing crazy undercover work or buddy. Comedy your something like that. I mean I thought I thought it was a good chemistry between the characters I thought it was just about. He was pretty fun character. So Real Quick Rahul. Today would probably be pushing sixty s John. Thanks Sean appreciate that. The one thing I didn't get across this might list But I did get some ideas from our twitter at the radio in the future. I may actually have everyone. Vote But this time I just wanted. Some feedback helped me formalize my lips. Oh this if you want to complain to somebody complain to me a number eight the robot master. Yeah it's he's not asked about Middle List 'cause at least he had a redeem redemption at the end of kind of but he was kind of like. Yeah he's not great it lists say I would not I would not be a problem with him being left out of a human three three fourth inch line if they ever do humans of transformers line if he's left out that wouldn't hurt my feelings number seven in similar vein. The mechanic about the same. He heaped Even even to even to a lesser degree because he was a real one trick pony. I mean really. It's it's almost like they were doing like Proto villains that you would see refined an animated. So he's a he's a lot less of anything. At least robot master. Some sort of Arken redemption mechanic was just generic bag guy number seven number six Daniel wit wicky most hated number Fisher jumping today. I would say he. His the writing inconsistency basically. He's he was Proto Wesley kind of if they had brought him a little better Hema. He cannot be a year before Wesley Dawn. So Wesley but it's not that far. Yeah I actually. I forgot how close they were at the time I don't think I think he's I think he's. I think he would be better character if he was a better written. But worst character now As far as the US version in headmasters yet at least not until in the early stuff. He's really annoying but at least later on their maturity to character So there's that but don't think it's that bad number five Sam wicky just not a really interesting character he really. I mean a bullet in again. It's the baby verse. Characterization was really not their strong point so they could then more with him but he came off as just really kind of annoying unfortunately not pay. I gotTa take on him real quick. I think with a better script in a better MUI. I think shy was actually really good casting choice. I think he could have been like. I think there was something there definitely. So yeah you got. It just got told a bad script. He will use put in a bad situation. I think like in a vacuum Shah as sandwich. Wicky is not a bad idea. So what really love about this? We're doing this live too nice intimate little check that we have going on here and everybody's giving feedback on every single one that were mentioning so this is great When we do this again at dot net slash discord in patriots dot com slash. T.f Radio This is awesome so we love this. Okay so don number four MECO. Everyone knows because when my favorite characters just because the energy the the never the never give up attitude I wish see the one of the producers. Prime was also one of those people own. Jackie Chan Adventures which is one of my favorite series. And there's a lot of J. Chan in Migo and I'm sure that's not. I'm not sure that's not unintentional. Unfortunately at least in later episodes jade kind of had a okay. I remember. This turned out bad last time. Let's try this way. Mecum never quite got the learning curve. The learning curve was kind of into a brick wall for her. I think again like Jon said if she had been a little better or written a little bit I should say I think she can handle more of an impact because her in bulk had had really great chemistry together. I mean they they were to really good. Pairings I can't hate her. I mean I'm sorry it's just. I wish she had been a fleshed out a little bit more and not quite have that straight line learning curve because it into a wall but I like her. I love the interview. Bulkhead or fantasize about it. No okay number. Three kicker bottom of the list worst terrible horrible old capitalist there well okay I mean okay. Well it depends on the okay. Yeah top of the list worst just but again it's inner John. Characterization was at a bare minimum of you know and I'm using that term little loosely. Care physician at all just completely unlikeable again until the very end when he had some kind of mellowing out but yet kicker is just he is knowing I I think a couple more that that top him a number two. I didn't mind Kate. I had a hard time buying. I had a hard time buying him as a scientist as this and I guess you can say really. That's true. Sounds like you know as part of the three stooges get calling doctor. Dr Howard Dr Yeager you know with that but I don't at least he seemed to have some depth. Oh Yeah I mean just just a tiny like if the surface of the planet iger average human in the movies. A spoonful a shovel that's damps. It's technically depth. Us One hundred percent number one number. One is a cheat because when I posted this to twitter at input human characters I put most hated human transformers media and I had to go number one. Which is Michael Bay Savings We've always had this before the movies. The movies are the movies are not. Rg One. They're not meant to be there G. One for a new one later ones bad people who love these don't admit that they're bad for the most part the problem with. Michael Bay how much you hate the movies. Some revenge following. It's a trash movie. It's an absolute trash but you can hate them all you want. But the money they brought in to the franchise helped us get stuff. We would never have gotten specially in generations and these more collector focus lines. So you can hate debate movies all you want. But they did a lot of good for the rest of the Phantom. Even from a a trickle down theory standpoint Michael Bay's the correct the correct answer. So I'm trying to shuffle around the the segments as we try to try to fill this out so We are aiming. I wanted him for about thirty minutes for this podcast and So we are quickly running through time right now. We're about halfway through so let me. Oh boy I know there's a lot to get through Up Yeah So let me move to the next item. I want to do this. This is one that we are. GonNa lean heavily on you for To provide the material. So I'll I'll move that to to the next one in so that we can end up leaving money on the table so okay A SEGMENT SEAN. Had A sorry. I'm reading to chat right now. A Spider Bob's like circuit breakers a good character. And Sean Don's third love Saris. Great Okay so I think shine who asked us to create a segment called under the sheets. I'm calling I'm calling it. Take a look under the sheets has done to your most pristine toys. You do keep them to keep them Under a sheet literally to keep by radiation off so right I have I have bought a kind of a blackout curtain for that room. So they'll be able to fix that. But this is a segment where we're going to take a look under the sheet in talk about something that is Sorta either like a rare toy or something unique and this this episode I. This is selfish for me but I'm looking to buy a land cross either. The original vintage you one or the reissue. Honestly the difference in prices much less substantial than you would think so I wanted. I wanted to talk about land cross. Oh can you tell us Give some thoughts about laying cross and a how how you got that toy and you know white under the sheet. Well it's not under the sheet is more is basically in a cabinet near the back propped up against the back of the cabinet. Because it won't stand land clause if you have g one superior on you all know how he tends to lean backwards or leaned forward because his legs were the spilling hips. And he he does. I'm waving my hand back and forth like similar Tilting forward tilting back Lang Lang clause I did it again cross He's like that. He does not stand willing combined mode He's he is. Proportioned are across the board weird. The individual robots are interesting. This like ain't going back to this world. It's like Predator John with the way that they can become a top having a bottom half. And you've got a lot of display ability either as the small individual robots or the slightly larger combined ones. But if you're looking for a good toy display out of the box. I wouldn't spend that money Brian. What did you see process for the last About three hundred bucks for a or loose one a little less than that a loose reissue. Though I've seen around a hundred and fifty bucks which is crazy to lead to real quick back story though and Cross is from victory in land. Cross is a what Mike Her. Masters rights micro master combining would not no no. He's Bigger it's they're bigger than my master's Yoi there's an essentially they're basically what what would be the old scout class. Basically I only have a couple. I only have a couple of the Set of that's what the multi force. Yeah I've got a couple of them. Yeah I mean there's small though I mean th these are but these are bigger than say like So armee large-size Omni size if you want if you want if you want to a more on a more basic comparison but like but like a complete complexity goes I think in terms of Like you know the Mike Master combines. I basically put Lacrosse with them. When it comes to like complexity I see that I can see the It's just if you're looking for a good out of the box figure to display or it's a hole in your collection. Don't pay too much for it loose just to have the figure on your shelf. It's not a good figure. It does not have a good silhouette. It doesn't pose. Well it's more for those people that's like who are into the box heart whether you the individual releases where you get the gift set if you if you have a love of that g one box are or that design style of the time and you want to display in the box. I understand a box collector warning that for the way it looks and it's not that easy a piece to get in the box and I can see why someone would wanna as like a grail of sorts. I I think it's a Saab Grille two way I don't think I don't think so rare that most people would consider the grail. But it's it's it's it's it's a it is a there's demand for it though you guys look on. Ebay. I have no idea what goes for. Yeah well so I have some connections is telling me. It's in Kloss. I say land cross its roots lane. Cross okay yeah it's You know like I said if you're looking for if you're looking for a boxed one to filter into put in a box display totally understand you wanting one but if you just want the loose figure like I'm trying to make a victory. Shell I need one. Don't pay too much. It's just not a good looking on for your eyebrows on Ebay got enough. You talked about this while I ran downstairs but Like on ebay there anywhere from three hundred eight hundred dollars like as far as like active listening skills hunk. Jang other places we can get them in. I about three hundred dollars right price that I would normally. We don't need to know about your like back van back alley dealings sir behind the toy convention in the alley not the dealer. I don't need to hear about that. Keep those tricks to yourself sir. Yes okay so land crossed Don. It's not one you you. Why did you buy it then? And when did you get it? I got it back in the early nineties I believe Tony. Frito who we all know. We've all known for years from bought con. He runs tempting toys and collectibles and he was going to Japan and he asked me with some things that I was looking for and I was buying all the Japanese stuff that could at the time. I had just sound right now. Yeah I just found out about all the Japanese stuff that I did and I was trying to buy as much as leading care. I just wanted because I didn't I didn't know the and it's like about God bomber based on the catalog picture not knowing that catalog God bomber doesn't exist so I was just Bein. Everything at the time but I got it for like ninety bucks for the gift set at the time but again these things were everywhere in Japan because victory had just ended not long before in the stuff everywhere from some out of Japan now. They're still not that much more expensive for at least for that set so I mean you know if you're looking for Japanese transformers because you love that era. Look at some of the other stuff I spent. Put your money towards an overlord. Put your money towards a star Saber or victory or something like that. Don't don't put a lot of money into land. Gross cool okay. Let's go ahead and move along to our favorite one of our favorite segments from the podcast. Which is by so hold? This is where we give you a an item or a concept and you tell us if something somebody should buy sell or hold onto it. Okay so done to somebody by so hold the siege seekers. Thank GonNa depend on if you like. It's GonNa come down to what what you want for your shelf display or what you think looks better. Because they're two very different aesthetics and not everybody is going to be like Malvar that wants all these classic seekers. Not Everybody's GonNa buy all the secrets over again of a lot of folks will but not everybody and it's going to come down to economics that know we. We've just bought seven. Eight of the sage moles with the rainmaker. Three Pack Scott Warp Star Stream Thunder cracker red wing. You know that's we got all those span of two years. That's a lot of a lot of that same remote and then our buying the characters but in different forms so it depends on which static you want for your shelf sell if you WANNA sell. Get rid of him. Redwing in the rain may new right. Yeah is a secret so much better. Yeah I figured I. You're right the brunt I mean and you're right to John keep the because I don't think we're gonNA see earthrights rainmakers anytime soon. 'cause that's kind of another exclusive. That's way too soon to go back to the whale although we did talk about an ASC else you know we're getting the same characters all over again. Wave one versus wave one for the two things. So yeah I would say probably sale your basic seekers but keep the rain makers and Red Wing. 'cause then you if you have a CYBERTRUST DISPLAY CYBER TRAUMA PLANET. Not The series. At least you've got your Tetra jet forms you know to fit in. Okay Don moving along so Megaton by so hold even though it's not out yet don't buy so so yes. L. Don't don't even bother with on studio series devastator again. It's not complete yet but I I am passing on the entire so I'm really I'm really I don't put hold because I'm not buying any of them. I don't Care Act Care so little about that. I don't even look the figures come asked like. Oh there it is. It can't keep assault mixmaster today for the Second Time. It's like okay. There's measurable okay. So I I'm not even doing with it okay. So the next went on by so hold pizza in bye bye bye bye bye bye bye so hold fleeing toys when blade how prime spot there don. I thought this biter. If you like it. If you don't like it don't buy it. Thank you for not saying I WANNA hold it okay. So by Soho asked one bacon cheese at sounds absolutely horrible. Manno time shows Timing was telling us about that on the livestream Saturday. So yeah it is. It's like a bacon flavored mayonnaise. Okay yeah so we're going to you have two more segments. We have questions from hatred discord and we also have Leaving money on the table actually actually actually Gray Fox had one last one last by a whole that I missed. A this is a concept that doesn't exist a combining war-style instructor absolutely agree. Okay so first question for Fox and this is actually the obvious. But Don I want your I want your take I because of course You know girlfriend. you all have been collecting for decades. You have hundreds of thousands of me. God I wish I wish it was just hundreds. I'm not trying to be like small. You know we're not trying to be smug because that her it's a curse not a blessing. It's the Hell I had no. I had no life for a very long time so that was not good. You have hundreds of toys. How'd you explain to your significant others when he started seeing them dating them in day? Except right away well. I told her about three or four days and we were talking. You know we'd get a little beginning to know each other a little bit more about our families and everything else and she and we got around to hobbies and stuff and I told her that you know I was a toy collector and I explained that you know. I've been collecting four. You know a very long time. I have raised significant collection But also explained that. I'm not one of those people that dump on my money into the collection at had to borrow money to pay bills and I explained because when I first started dating her Donna nominee was still kind of in its in its infancy but I had an idea of how I was trying to get the if I'm going to buy stuff. Get the hobby to pay for Hobby. You know and she really seemed like that. I was one of those responsible people that I was collecting this stuff. And I gotTA gotTA metric crap ton of it but I'm trying to make sure I'm paying as little as possible to get what I won't I order but I'm cheap mean basically. Yeah it's like A. Yeah but I'm just saying you know I'm trying. I was trying to show her that Ireland responsible collector the bills come first and assesses come first and then everything else can be finagled which turns out is what she does. Because as good as I am on doing toys she is with like shopping and clothes. She she can go to like a store like apes and she can tale from the cut like tags off stuff she knows what comes from Catherine. She knows what comes from. Toll Ritchie knows what comes from always hiding places despite the stitch the we've the pattern and she gets like fifty dollars shirts for five bucks. Okay knows what So I'm just saying you know John. Abbas so I got around this to some degree because so when I was dating like as a single person like out of high school so like between college in basically until I met my Slovenian apartments and things like that so like whatever collection I had ninety five percent of it was in storage or in some cases if I was living in a in an apartment where I could afford an apartment with next room things like boxed up and just kind of like put away so the only thing that was like visible to somebody who would go into the apartment would be maybe two shelves tops of transformers. So I could just say yeah. It's a thing I've got like a couple of couple transformers fun and kind of get away with that but when I met my wife I just Easter into it by saying like basically like I collect transformers What you kind of. See the tip of the iceberg and if we ever move into a bigger place where. I have some room to display transformers. I have some in a storage and so I just kept And then also you know you feed you. Keep feeding your significant other the line of well. There's alcohol and drugs and there's toys so of those three This isn't a bad advice. So you kind of conditioning them and then well at some point the the relationship is serious enough. Wear when you like flip up the the storage unit door or whatever They've already like accepted in committed to you. So when I was a young adult dating around like I had the Convenience restriction of living in small apartments. They could afford and then having like a storage room down the hall in the apartment complex so I didn't have the temptation of displaying all my wares and And that was probably a reduced the shock in the stress levels of my dates for sure but if I had had the opportunity to display more things as a younger man probably would have done it anyway and then you know If somebody's into you there into you so it is it is but anyway I had I had restrictions. That kind of like took that equation. So for me. My now wife knew me prior to when we started dating to and we work together associate saw my desk that was loaded with toys admittedly though when we started dating I was this was Two thousand six thousand seven I it was sort of a down period for me when it came to buying toys. And really what I was doing with my free time was lifting weights like three hours a day so I was. I was really focused on strength stuff like that not buying toys so we got married and I just quit carrying about the health stuff like that happens and the twice. The toys came back out and she literally told me that it was like a Bayton. Switch off yeah. It was great. Yeah that's that's that's basically that okay. Mark Alley new patron Mark Alley. Thank you mark. You're awesome love. I'd like to know Don Opinions on trimming data collection. I feel like mine is half finished. A Mishmash of various incomplete lines. Amen Metoo if Donald downsized someday how would you begin? I have never purged most. Everyone is collected as reached my age or even younger has gone through purchase. I never have. I've sold a lot here and there but it's definitely not a one to one ratio. Get rid of one thing. Get RID OF PICK UP. Something else is definitely not that I mean I literally have to storage buildings right now full of stuff and when I I don't know how it's it's something that's been weighing on my mind a lot these last few years on but I'm still buying stuff because the stuff is so cool and I reached a point a couple of years ago. I realized I'm never going to get is always gonna be something better. We got alternators. We thought it was going to get then. We GET GENERATION. The you know we are at the time at the time. I didn't. Oh my God so so I mean is always going to be better. It's like this optimus prime from earthrights branch seeing you. John say we can stop making opens Friday. And they won't that they're not going to but it may be a while before. There's another optimus prime. That's as good or better than this But when that time comes out is like still going to be tempting like this is the new shiny. This is the new thing because it does this on the one thing that I don't know. So how about this We're always looking for new podcast and content and stuff. How `BOUT WE CIRCLE BACK A COUPLE OF WEEKS. We think about this and we do in our extra remedy cast or something just on you know as a service where fans. Hey what have you downsize? Hey what if you do want to focus them up with some ideas and will post a podcast about it? Just don't hold us. Just don't hold us do our own worse. 'cause we may not do it and I'm in the process of doing right now. I'm at the beginning. I I mean I have just so much stuff. It's just like I look at it and I just get like someone off me money for everything except Massey to take things. Amy My even my cats. Let's do that okay. So Spider Bob wants to know of the three are see figures currently released. Which is your favorite or you. Love them all equally. And how jealous will sean need to be the masterpiece. I WanNa see for the QC. I think the masterpiece looks really good but again. It's like Chris and rob or saying the way the angles the flash the lighting the figure. And we've we all we've all seen how masterpiece pictures sometimes. Don't look very good of the. I like iron had we also aren't had was crud we first of all because of the pictures that we all got him in hand to sell how good he was. I like the mashed piece. I likes generations. One I think the earth rows one I don't mind it being a part. If that's the way that's what it took to make that figure budget out for that wave and it still looks pretty good like does I haven't got I've got no problem. Being part for the Holzer Ford thing is is like we got this extra party needs to do something and you can't turn it upside down and making the submarine so it's A. It's a surfboard. Or whatever the case may be Cyber Verse Servers have done a lot better specials that made an actual honest to goodness generations. Level figure It's still a little weird to me to see her in that aesthetic but it does look bad. I just hope it's hose up to the quality of what we're seeing now in these twenty dollar generation style figures versus what we were getting earlier with the earlier. Cyber Sniff out I'm going to get them all. Obviously it's just. I'm just hoping for a better quality on that cyber spider. Bob's next question should has tack bring back kiss players using my little pony. No but I will say this for all the grief kiss players does it. The robots were Again it was biotech. Which again yes. It's a lot of people. Do not like that. Because the the age of the the age of technology in the toy but I think the Mirage dollas good from the hot rod mold You've got outta trooper that that could come back with an with a generic troop builder if they use that somewhere. Down the road as a as a deluxe so as a twenty dollar builder Heke can maybe make it as a weaponize or or something like that if you wanted to. I think the concept of kiss players won't fly. It didn't fly in certainly wouldn't fly now but I think some of the toys from the line need another pass in with current technology into nonstop. Okay cool okay to move the Sean Sean own question. That Sean asked was already answered the next one tidy. Whitey's commando you can't see him pulling my glasses and looking at you over my ass Where would you wanNA wear or don't wear it there so in the Chat Ray Fox asked Speaking of having them all should the transformers weevils get released. And I think my opinion on that I've been in years. I'm I'm literally going to Air Archer on to talk about that. I just I'm sure. Yeah Yeah I'm coming up with a list of things I want to talk to him about because I don't want to bring him on just for that but that's the first thing I'm GONNA ask him. What Hey Aaron. Why didn't these come out? It's also the thing. Is that with them? Trying to skew too many audiences possible. And there's going to be an age group below your rescue bots very very young. I mean 'cause rescue bots really aren't made for that Super Preschool level. But a weeble wobble. Yeah I mean you know. And they don't fall down so go okay. So Don You said Commander Right now S. Where would you WANNA wear? Okay so Sean what's new in this for people who don't follow us on twitter in Sean on twitter. Sean HOSTS DONNA THE DAY. Every flippin day he art he he does he read he redraws transformers comic covers with us and dine and They're amazing so but sean wants to know what is your opinion of Donald Today. I don't really. I said this before. I don't comment on it because I don't want to be like I'm passing judgment on somebody else's work even though it does have me if anything goes over the line. I'll make sure Sean knows but with a polite letter But I mean I've never really I love you know I it's all it's all. It's all in fun. I appreciate it you know. It's just a thing I like it. Okay I'm just not going to comment on it because it seems like there's Little Seltzer I love it. Y- I get it done. You don't WanNa you don't WanNa seem like you know your An attention seeker because there is literally basically comic strip about you every day and I get an attention seeker. They'll be like nad more in different colors. So does the world really need the extra okay? So Don Don Use Miracle Whip where everyone else uses Kuepper Whipped cream. Yes Oh no no. No Miracle Whip is for sandwiches deviled eggs. God AAC Salad Okay. Victor Prime so lasted a questions. We're only like fifteen minutes overs and so far that's great. You're in charge of wave management for current transformers which characters release for generations or Cyber Tron studio series in cyber so like named Don like two characters. You do for each one more for Cyber Tron studio series and cyber warfare cyber crime being earthrights now correct so I'll give them my favorites tracks and Cosmos obviously about love tracks and voice about my Kinda and cosmos. If if if a unum released soon he won't be the end of the line. He'll be in the middle of the way even. Let's say something against everything you know how. Cosmos kills his ways but Yeah tracks and Cosmos. I mean it'd be sort of Weerasinghe. Ufo In earth rise but its earth rise so having a UFO would be bad studio series. jeeze maybe the submarine that was supposed to be a transformer in the last night. Maybe get him in the studios or her in the studio series. I should say Can maybe could be like a video series version of Daf. That'd be Kinda Kinda neat to see them. Being like a Nest Nest Gordon to chat Says Commander Class Cosmos? I would love to see that but the problem is a really wouldn't fit the character being that big this great. Okay Yeah Continue. Sorry yes Another studio series. I'm trying to go through all the studio series figures in my head of who I like to see Maybe the one from now. It's the one that was the young girl friend. That was the cover that they blew. You know the the one the one that had the umbrella basically. Yeah yeah basically cute name. That escapes me now. Yeah but yeah that would be something like that right there on site shuffler. But it's not shuffler. Yes yes him in the submarine under a canopy canopy canopy that that or the jump traitor which you could use a hound base for that you know the junk the day trader that came in later on in the movie that was there for like five minutes and tops in the left side verse. See I'm way behind cyber I can't so here's the thing thinking. The wacky EST craziest character can introduce them and it's pretty apt. Okay well I would like to see. The the female seeker slipstream get a better toy. The generations level. She's five. She's in. She's in though isn't she? Wants her name somebody else. Who's not allowed? Didn't realize she was. I thought she was at Crappy Warrior class figure. Would you release are like what character character character unless is crazy than the the arc? Let's put the Arkansas River. There will do their Nemesis Bo ships get act or actual transforms. Yes they all. It was all out. But yeah that will you finally get a bigger and bigger Nemesis to display? Okay Don. We have One more question that came up in the chat at purdue dot net slash discord. Many Keira asks. What's the most number of cadbury cream eggs you've eaten in one setting? Before I was diagnosed as type two diabetic I would probably say four five. Four four pack. I don't think I've eaten more than two yard so before I was diagnosed with type two diabetic. Probably probably the four-pack me okay. How do you still have t now? I know how you became diabetic. How on earth can you eat? What was that a meal dot? Did that count as like a meal or a snack. I actually I did that. I've done I did that. One day driving home from work now joked for years. I joked for years. I wanted to recreate the the boiled egg. Seen cool hand luke using cadbury eggs but it was just a joke. I really didn't try to do it as you drink when you have for those like. What are you watching those down with? I don't I don't think ahead anything in the car. I just ate headaches. Xxv is saying the chat that he is eaten at least ten in one sitting in his youth. I cannot at tip. My Hat teaser. At you know like I have to say though. I don't want to be like one of those guys who says Hey. I'm fat but members good but all I numbers are good. You know why because I don't eat fifteen cadbury eggs and said well. I haven't I haven't done that in years. How do you know how long that box you sent me lasted throw it out in? You Know I. of course read it yet but I'm just saying it was probably at least threes. I had you know okay. Cool okay done. Is that again all right? It is Tara. You're leaving money on the table. Okay leaving money on the table. Hasbro is leaving money on the table because they are not making case assortment of troop builders available in the siege and the war for cyber online and inside reverse because a couple years ago. They talked about making available to retailers specific case. Assortment now we don't. We didn't get a whole lot of information on our end so I don't know all the details xfi might know some more details than I. I'm just saying that. They talked about doing that at one. Point and making specific case assortment available to retailers was popular figures. They've done two different kinds of short cons. They're doing an alacon. They're doing a croissant. Especially the first to sharp declines and Alarcon's are definitely true builders unit croissant. Could be a Biller as well. Or you need more than one so you can have your whole court there and them not having those available as true. Builder cases to the various retailers seems to be a a bad decision to me. It's not going to be a battle Unicorn situation again and those of you don't remember many years ago. Bbc was able to get cases of just battle UNICORNS. Nobody can they because nobody could by the toy out at retail yet because it was one of those tail Inter figures that you could find and places like raw marshalls and stuff. That wasn't really a thing at the time you know getting those toys at the time so that was the only way that be. Bts was filling a major collector. Avoid by having those there now granted they may have had too many With the secons in seekonk for their longtime as well in that that that commemorative set but them not making these things that are meant to be true. Builders the small Shahrukh Khan's from that hot rod. How many people do you think would want a box of twelve of small short or the scrap? Let's from cyber verse so them not doing that. And another subsection of that either not including affects parks with Earth. Russ because the prices are the same. The figures are about the same siege yet. So far we're not seeing any blast effects. Parts included with the any of the figures so seems like the probably saving. They're probably save me a little bit of money and making a little more per figure now unless it's balancing it out with more pain or more plastic somewhere it can be bouncing. I don't know but I'm not doing. They're not including that. To keep the play pattern going and not doing effects parks packages again. Maybe maybe as a retailer exclusive. Maybe it's just a a cases they have plenty of the half plenty of different modes in different colors but people want these effects for all their figures but you can only spread what you have so thin so being able to buy a box of like the team and weapons packs see. No one has done this and forever so we don't really know how they would sail nowadays but I think there's a lot of money being left on the table. Hasbro by not doing the builders in not doing these effects parts either editor earth rise or as a weapon sets. And that's don deal excellent dawn. You know actually. This was a lot of fun. Gosh I had a ball. I'm just glowing. I'm beaming guys seeming beaming. So we'll be back next month on Yup. If people have questions they can email them in to don deal. Do in the AL at Ti Dot. Net tweet Atas Post to monitor instagram. When I check out the link patriotic PEDRAM DOT com slash radio and pro joining up and when I post the League for questions. You can do that the next time. Hopefully we will take calls. It'll be to our patriotic. Enter discord with podcast is going to be made available to everybody. That's done deal. We'll see next time. Take care everybody happy collecting.

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