Who Should Pay The Bills?


The rule of law about the chain. Yeah. You have a podcast where we've been t you subject of controversy. Shed light on our social sexual and into best knowing. About your Oh perspective, the subject is welcoming cases for the all can be sane enough with A. Let's listen. To leave enjoy laugh to the flesh. Introduce. US introduces. Hi, my name is and I was actually introduced to this podcast. This was in it's all on the court. So I've done my job today to. Take it again. Now. He didn't get addicted. Sure. Yeah. You did use a judy. Knew I didn't do don't call me but anyways, I've done it already. I. Don't call me. Don't call me. This. Topic today's show discussing who should pay bills other who should. Remind you might. Say Bills are saying no in every situation bills in just hang out with a girl. You hung out twenty I'm Marie to. Yeah whatever. Okay me Lucia pay the bills. You actually little should videos. I'm a go actually go the bills because yes. Yeah. So I've met some gals that who get to that. Talk. About. An experience on audible. Views it's depends on issue fifty you. Should be fifty, two I feel Let's say for example, he go to the beach. City. It does the enters like the gave you can do the drinks it does a food you could do. You could just play around the taste you don't have to stick on with for. A few up bill to get cheaper an abuse. You said he's you. Should go with a cheaper price seeing that just saying. He's contributing using to us not rally is. Just one single opinion. That sometimes, years wanted to explore your mind to something different tangent those have money. Savings. Own. Ego. Set view suggests and all year. So and you know he's working on a project and you know that he's not not so how you know that doing our. Blood money or you sit down the is you end up police force for Scion PD. Eagles sometimes he's eager to push dance. You just need to ask the governor government. I think this is the first I'm GONNA. Open one. Time do we have crop opinion? This is the first time. Ideally, yes. Laid this out day I you should not leave all the bill payment for your guy I think he's supposed to be a fifty fifty team. If he has this, you have that you guys should contribute because was he lived a for one person. The frustration is trying to meet up with deadlines is trying to bring this to the table is trying to the so much that weight is Tad's show you different sides of him. He doesn't even know when issues that difference either because it's to more the workload is much on him. To more ripples galaxy for retired car after his girlfriend to. accept. All your. Kids if he's one of the value based. I'm talking about our own our own family issues like. Dating dating secret. Because you're looking forward to getting married. My. Husband and wife Yeah. So I'm saying was you get into that state has to be it has to be healthy. You have to help him as lady health with the payment of anything the bills. Come help. Okay Be. Coming but yes, no just don't let not just with the helping them to call calm on everything. You, have to help him with abuse has to do a lot of things you have to, for example. Okay now, parents do it. I'm bringing my presence it is because. My Mom's thousand foods in fact most times it's not like my dad doesn't have to give to her well. My Dad does other bills like the payment of the House the lights everything's understanding the bottle our have this I have discovered through next month. My that may have everything over it's not like my dad says, okay because my mom is having the food aspect of the part cover. country. With. His. Buys everything bags. The house gets you understand so you need to assist and also also there's even times that some of these ladies and as much as you gave. Him if I didn't need to buy Guilio, I'm there by mark by Hey I'm back come up with our which contributed views each other to be. Any guy. More. Calls out the relationship. Gills always be free guide to feel the beautiful time every bill biparti. Any relationship you know boyfriend. See. When he comes relationship and you how you going to deter boyfriend because yes, you might want to spoil yourself like he wants to support you think. Thanks to just pretend like you want to pay the bills and give you that as a sculptor pretend cow go definitely tell you although we have is covered anyhow that respect to always be day. Tell you. Have more. Some guys that can be very. Yard morning. Thank you. Thank you and I knew that I work in the United States. I I don't go with how many here's. Only data anything I always like to have cash on me. Because I'm scared guy copied abuse be just don't as a spirit leads one of my good friends or rely see whatever she's a close friend and Henschel choice seeing some. So we see make sure you get twenty or they call you all. The morning about. One, you means. T's street special name means that he kisses go by maybe the guys car does no work maybe sponsor on scene and unforeseen circumstances Dan you have money I can few use to cover. These. BOTORP. Co Plan Kovacs one. Yes. Muslims I don't take this money out because of one you need. To get I now I don't have that negative vibe I take this money how out because as a spirit leads I might decide to disguise soon is like is no I want I wanted to pay for the. For the Food I don't that times like ourselves number the would be like Oh this is actually I want to show off. I. Want to do anything how you want to have a conversation with the personnel he'd be like, wow, this is really what having this conversation really what have your time You're listening all. She has a plot jazzy Cherry Hill physicians. Called the neutral. On those. Anywhere social media say that. Everything I say interesting I'm noticing so far down fourteen years. Lucci gives the rights we had no support in interested. You Know Pays Your Fees Hungry confidential child. Don't listen to appropriate does Veasley today why I'm just trying to say is the bill should not be left form presidency. Would I in the married in the family or when the relationship? My honest opinion, the bill should not let left someone one percent to pay. The bill, rotate the bills as much as he can. Always be main, they will once even over, do you want to pay more of the year you allow them, keep them, let them that. Want to show for the team is as a lead you to she always wanted to contribute. Let see that spread of contribution in you. That's the VOCAB warn to help out from personal experience is a good feeling. Song those open to pay for stuff you prefer combines the about. Last. Night Bill US to ten. Okay. You an good feelings are mixed that he'll like Dixie love. Is Different Standard as I said most. Nice. Collect colleagues. Not, deter to do. Business part time Iran's D- my list her I did miss on I'd is three you. Post, your list week experienced before you need to experience you too. That's My take on it she you gaze to kiss. To See as usual chicken asked Mugs, studios this Rama never even check you don't. W me asking us. Ground you. Hear that but his comeback Instagram I. think everybody is Easter Graham. Thank you. Guys also so she ended up platforms on Instagram tweet facing at Max to-do as an E. S. T.. v. e. also for me ago, not at Easter instagram I also operate at. On instagram. Behind this wonderful Alpert. TV. On them.

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