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You know maybe crushers there are things in life that are okay to cheap out on the one thing you should never cheap out on. Is your battery check. We all know that but I can tell you that you never know what a cheap battery is going to cost Osteo and no one wants to end up with lifelong regrets. All because your car wouldn't start on the way to a once in a lifetime event. That's why you need interstate batteries. America's number one replacement battery the one. That battery Auto Techs prefer three times more than any other brand. So keep your car prepared for anything. Get a quick battery test today. Okay Find Your closest interstate batteries dealer at Interstate. BATTERIES DOT COM. You can also check him out on facebook interstate batteries outrageously dependable. Welcome to movie crush a production of iheartradio. Hey everybody audie welcome to mini crush the two days before Christmas edition Haw Haw it is December twenty third. Oh is it. Oh it's not really now now. The podcast time thing is really December fourth. Did I just ruin it for everyone. Man Not really. Did you like my Tim Allen. Ho Ho Ho. Oh Ho Ho Hall. I don't get that remembered Tim Allen Home Improvements and other guy he would go hook for Hokuto. He would do that on home in pretty do that. Yeah I never saw an episode of home improvement. He would go and I never saw the Santa Claus movies. Which Way Oil Heart Papa? You're gonNA shame me for having not seen Elf and you haven't seen the Santa Claus. The Santa Claus always struck me as a children's movie. Isn't that kind of a children's movie. Now the Santa Clause That's a good question chuck. Let's say it was a Disney film. Okay I always thought of it as being kind of Elf like I know it's not as funny or as revered but it's probably. PG as well. I would say had some you know Tim. Allen wasn't really a children's entertainer per se so the original Santa Claus movie was in Nineteen Ninety Four. I was in my fifth year of College. Yeah so for me. It was is not on my radar me. It was part of the fabric of my reality. And I think that maybe the thing with me l. like maybe I don't know it's not in the fabric of your reality now it is now clearly. You've shoved it into the fabric of my reality pretty aggressively. Might I add But no I really WANNA see it but the Santa Clause I I saw it in the theater so I can't really speak to whether it's a good movie night we probably isn't. If I'm being honest in can be honest no I always try to be. Don't fucking lie. Hey man it's Christmas. I would never what happens when you lie at Christmas. Does that does that not bode. Well get that lump. Yeah asked Ruby. This morning's earnings Ruby. So do you think you're GONNA be in Santa Clauses Naughty list or nice list because you know sometimes you don't cooperate. We're we're in a big phase as of trying to get cooperation. We're talking about a lot of Santa Card and she said I think it'd be in both Chiesa because sometimes I cooperate and sometimes I doubt so. She's in the middle. Yeah and very astute she s- probably in the Naughty and nice list. How does that work though? It's got it's got a shakeout one way or the other Santa's fake aac know what she gets. No matter what right. Do you think there was ever a parent that really went the full mile and like put Cole and the stocking and gave no presence. Oh probably in the old day like in the thirties Yeah Yeah Yeah other goals expensive. That's true that's true. They needed to heat their homes. Well then you just take it and you know it's more of a gift for the parents really right for the household. Stick it out of the doc out of the stocking into the the fire basket or the The furnace yeah sure. Yeah what's a shirt you know so the shining does say anything or is it just can't see the bottom okay but I got it at the timberline lodge gift shop at the Portland Oregon Airport Because the timberline lodge is the external right For the through the look at the timberline lodge Store they sell a lot of shining memorabilia. And we're seeing little key-fobs Bob's for the over like a hotel for overly. I got a bunch of those They have really great hats. I always buy their the Portland. Airport is pretty great all the stuff they sell their is all super local. You know have a whiskey. Kiosk of this rarely pricey. Local whiskey is a really great airport. Duty Free. I don't think so. It was quite expensive. I love those old motel key keychain. That's what it is. It's sort of like a diamond shaped our buddy. Gail the danger of incudes Sent me one. Does He. Shoots you dead. Koontz Koontz It was from jaws in reference to quint. Jerry it's Nice I'll check it out is one of my favorite gift. I'll go digging through drawers doors now. You're not okay fine. Well what I'm trying to think of is what Ki- I want to use it for because they can't fit my pocket right my everyday key for me. I use it as an extra your key that I would maybe give two guests okay. That's a good idea but I don't have a KIA my door anymore. You don't have any friends so that was a joke all in the world that was weirdly harsh no. I have a digital entry now in my house so I don't have a key Hausky. Exactly you just give code all I have. Yeah give a code. I have my key for my car. And that's IT and don't even have a single. Don't shed shed. Is he not one key. Then what are you going to do. This FOB. Well like you said give Well I could attach the code to a piece of paper you need to buy a second home and get your oldest can use that key. That's a great idea. Hey there it's Jonathan than strickland from tech stuff. Be sure to tune in to a very special episode of tech stuff that was recorded inside a Mazda. C X thirty at the L. A. Auto. Oh show where I discuss. All the INS and outs of human centric design. While you're listening. Be sure to check out the first ever see X.. Thirty at Mazda. USA USA DOT COM slash. IHEART or better yet to see the entire Mazda vehicle lineup visit your local area Mazda dealer today. No we're trying this log liden thing again because I screwed it up so bad last time. Oh wait so you were a little the more clear in your instructions I was. This is what I said many crush. Okay let's try list log line thing again but with Christmas angle right. An original log headline for Christmas movie. We haven't seen yet at. That's going to be fun to sentences. Max I was very specific. See that's that's how you do it. There Chuck well-done Jonathan. Cooley says a jaded retail executive finds himself perpetually reliving the same Christmas Eve. It's Christmas for either. That's very funny. Honey not bad. It's sort of a combination of ebeneezer scrooge wonderful. A wonderful life and groundhog day. Yeah what kind of Cooley. Good idea greg days kind of a Christmas movie isn't it now It isn't not at all. It's not on Groundhog Day. No but isn't ended up being Christmasy at some point now now takes place on grand over. Yeah that's right it might feel that way. Because there's there's a lot of snow and there's Isn't there like a like a snow globe situation in it or something he now. I'm thinking of Saint Elsewhere. Did you know what check the one with the with your game. You're reindeer game. Joshua Hall. Says Carol is the last person on earth who believes in Santa and she's got twelve days to keep Christmas dismiss alive twelve days of Christmas Carol. Good pretty good boy. Christmas Carol Hollywood. Are you listening. Hollywood's always listening. They have spies Mike. Mead says Dasher dancer Prancer and Vixen. Do you know the story of sprinter. Is this like sponsored content for sprint. No I think I think it's just maybe a new reindeer reindeer. No one knows about so here. We go. This could be fine. We could add a little bit detailee. Maybe sprinter it's almost like an Elf type story where there's sort of a fish out of water kind of situation. Where sprinter is the reindeer that was for the time for God because sprinter like took off and did his own thing and now sprinters back and wants a piece of the action? Okay not bad something like that sure. I duNno spitballing here. Chuck Oh I get it's like Rudolph the red nosed reindeer meat's Boondock Saints. I love that yes maybe sprinter has got a hard edge to them other reindeers kind. I don't like his vibe. Because he's a little aggressive. He smokes a lot. Sure you know. Yeah he harasses the female reindeer India's really does. He's a real jerk. He's a real jerk. He's almost like a Gordon. GECKO type figure. Maybe that's it. He went off and made his fortune on Wall Street And then came back because because maybe he went bust. He doesn't he's not telling anybody that that's what it is okay. He lost everything Because he was a jerk and he had a real coke problem right but Adams back and he's still got that one nice suit. He's got that one nice suit and he tries to make. Everyone thinks that he's coming back. You know for his own for sure you know to to be part of the family. But he's actually broke right and he's got and now he's trying trying to hustle His way into being one of the to replace Rudolf. Perhaps I don't know yeah in vixen finds him out right and he's like you can't tell anybody I need this. Yeah well this is good next. Let me see here. I want to Seth Macfarlane Sean macfarland top Fan. Forget the Naughty or nice list for this killer Santa it was live or die. That's more of a tagline declined. But that's good good. It's like saw meets Santa Claus. That's good this is good. This is good stuff guys David Gooch Gooch. One of our oldest friend says okay but I got five words for you. Gritty Santa Claus Origin Story. Santa Claus meets joker. That's pretty good. What would what would it be? Do you think would it be. You'd have to make the North Pole sort of a hardscrabble right which would be. Let's be honest you know. You don't live in the north the poll in the lap of luxury right. You know you're a survival game. Yeah Yeah people are. There's only so much wood and coal to go around exactly so the cartel coal whole cartel coal cartels get involved. That's when that's when it gets crazy. Yeah I like it and Santa and also what happens is you know with the you only get so much. Sunlight serve one starts getting crazy to know blind snow blind snow blind the Santa Claus story the story of Chris cringle and it's spelled with Kay's right. Yeah Deutsche Santa Claus which is the g write G. Yeah Let me see here. J. Frazier Creepy Santa Movie. He sees you when you're sleeping but other times too uh-huh I love that. No more needs to be said about that. Not Bad Patrick Gorman one of our oldest Francis Santa's daughter has to take over Christmas because her brother who was supposed to take over the family business is missing children's the darker side of Christmas by trying to find out Trying to find her rebellious brother. This is like all all the movies we've been talking about combined wasn't going to go dark as a mystery here. Though I love the mystery elements to it too and he. Yeah I my my imagination running wild here chuck. Let's keep going with. This is good. This is Mike Anderson I think the first time we've heard for Mike welcome a screenwriter crowd. Sources his ideas for a movie through his podcast influence until the spirit of Christmas changes his way. That's what we're doing right now. That's what we're doing right now. That's a good one very very meta. I like that Let me see. This is not bad. Our old friend Linda back allow says careful with that axe because this year Christmas trees Sir fighting back sentient evil Christmas tree. That's pretty fucking good like the trees from the wizard of Oz. There's always scared the shit out of me. The KID head. Imagine them like rooting out of the ground. And then they're big route feet coming at you. There's a new Hulu show coming up about a creepy be tree really. Yeah keep going. I'll find him Let me see here some of these tag lines. But that's okay. I Brian. Long tradition of Christmas is dying a group of hip city dwellers rediscover the magic of having a winter celebration. The burden of shopping has gone and a new level of life. Experiences is discovered that includes their families that they're trying to escape K.. Bad into the dark uncovers. The horrors of the ides of March in creepy treehouse. The same one. I saw an ad like on instagram. where it was literally a creepy tree kind of lurking over a little girl posting? I just destruct me. As about as Madan. We did talk about the tree and evil dead was did not age. Well do not now. Let's do a couple more of these. Tony clued VIC says due to climate change. Santa has to move to a colder place so he relocates to the heart of a ruthless politician with Santa in his heart. The politicians slowly becomes a better person and changes his evil ways. That's pretty good interesting well. CG There what are the stakes though. Does he have to kind of like you know he's wrestling Ling with this. This possession at first like he's not fully probably he probably wakes up with heartburn. Yeah that's how you comically. Show it sure. And then he finds himself doing nice things and it's like what the fuck is going on almost like a liar liar situation exactly. It's kind of like this liar liar. Inner space meets the Santa Claus Needs Interstellar. No uh-huh All right let's do one more. There's a lot of horror things at the Santa killing people. I don't like that everyone. We Spoil Silent night deadly night. Real Quick Chur was it Santa character that was doing was he dressed up as Santa. I Dunno you saw it though I thought no no I saw black Christmas. Was There Santa figure in that one. nope okay who's just Christmas. Christmas time in a Sorority House. I don't know about silent night deadly night. I feel like there was a Santa. It's ask killer dressed up as Santa. Now I we're GONNA finish up with Let me see here. Lisa Romano one of our oldest friends in the year. Twenty two twenty honey. The newly Christmas established Mars human colonies. Having its first Christmas not bad so far. An unforeseen twist to the usual preparations an unusual unusual red spacecraft lands led by twelve. Very strange looking creatures. I love it Lisa like it too. Fantastic somebody just occurred to me There aren't a whole lot of really big budget Christmas movies. I think there's sort of considered like throw away seasonal fair. Yeah like maybe we'll put fifteen million into the right and then maybe it'll like you know. Make a little bit of money over the holidays. Maybe at the very best it will become like an Elf cult classic that has loved Elvis. It's two hundred and fifty million bucks. Yeah and continues teaches rare though Christmas movies. They're usually a flash in the PAN and they're gone right. It's rarely have a smash hit think Santa Claus movies were smashed. And they were there was a sequel. So that's a good sign like there's one that just came out that I've already starting to think it's called last Christmas uh-huh which is a reference to the WAM song of the same name gave you a next day you gave it a hey but it has Generes area in it. From game of thrones in it it appeared to have fizzled. Yeah I think you might be right. There we'll faeroes was offered about thirty million bucks to L. Sequel and he said no because like he just wanted to let it ride. I think he was like yeah. I think he said it's just not. Let's just not do that. Yeah I like I gotTA respect in the world for that I do too Jon. favreau wanted to do it. Even he went now man. Sorry not doing it now. It's really kind of a perfect little little Christmas. Maleta be what it is. It'd be what it is All right we're GONNA finish up no with What's most overrated Christmas movie? And why I know your answer is I couldn't even do you have one. I Dunno like Christmas films in general probably find most to them overrated. I don't know I I don't. There's so few of them that I even cross my radar like Christmas story. I find to be fun okay. it sure it seems like they they hold it in really high esteem over there at TBS because they play it on a loop every year And that's really the only way I've seen. I think I've said this before the show I've never seen in one sitting for beginning to end. I've just seen it right. Piecemeal Lake in a weird kind of jigsaw puzzle order. You know you're not into Christmas movies. These are you into Christmas. I like Christmas. Okay Yeah but are you into Christmas. I'm okay now I like Chris. I'm just trying to get you know I enjoy. I enjoy Chris Merritt just wondering if there was any any deep feelings that where you're like you know I really don't love it. I love it especially love it with the kids and stuff no hi and then you're making me question my my no no not not trying to do that. Just WanNa make sure everyone knows everything about you all of everything. You know my deepest darkest August Christmas secrets grant. Woody says Polar Express digital animations best example of Why not to lean too hard into the realm of realistic characters Jason Ryan Creepy and putting it speaking of that? Have you watched the Irishman yet. not yet. It's very good. But there's a couple of moments where you're listening to weird with a little waging aging very early on and then then you forget about it or they start getting much more subtle about it but when the characters are meant to be super young it looks like a video game cut. Seem a little weird. It's like a scorsese directed. Video game cuts. It's very good though. It's very very good film and movie. Crushers call me on that if you think it was a non issue obviously obviously did not affect my enjoyment of the overall picture casey at four times. Yeah so that's like fourteen hours of movies watching. I don't fully understand. I thought it was good but I thought it was just very scorsese. Like Kinda got a formula guys got and that's why I thought it was. It's kind of like bullshit when he's like calling out the marvel movies for not being cinema when they take a lot accused from his formula guardians of the Galaxy Galaxy with all the seventies music and the big You know You know scenes and montages using all like seventies music totally unawed discourse as. He has understand where he's coming from when he's saying that he himself has made the same kind of gangster picture over and over and over again right. They're all great but I think it's a little bit of the pot calling the kettle black all right hot take cutback everybody Nick Kelly says it's a wonderful life. It's only popular because of a copyright issue that granted it's exposure didn't can you point that out recently. No I learned that recently been bowling fact. Maybe but what the deal was buried and then it didn't get good reviews views the time it wasn't a success and then it got I think it like it's copyright had expired or it was in the public domain and so a television station and started playing. Yeah every year for Christmas and it became this because it's not even a Christmas set story recommence. They think there's Christmas senate isn't there. I don't know this guy said it's not even Christmas movie interesting interesting. But that's that's basically he's absolutely right. There is a copyright it into the public domain. I think and then. TV Station was able to play it. Gotcha without paying for Laura and it and it became kind of like new cult. Kind of thing Mike Burnett says the thread breaks my heart. Ha It's definitely the Santa Claus Tim. Malan is not and has never been funny. It's a miracle he didn't ruin galaxy quest. Well Mike. I'm kind of with you. I never thought Tim Allen was very funny. But that's my cold heart. Hong Her Lisa to sheriff Gerald Princess Love. Actually it's boring and neither romantic nor heart warming people's your eleventh Home enough cards. They hold up this cards. That's that's all I know about anything. But here's the thing about holding up cards things written on them really. That's it. Yeah that guy that plays the dude in the walking dead is in it New Plays Rick in the walking. The Sheriff Yeah Lucas something anyway. These good Hickam Porch when you're really. He's around Aubrey town Let me see here. A bunch of people are saying. It's a wonderful life Rachel McAfee truly overrated. Everyone talks about them being so good muskie's but they're actually boring and underwhelming wonderful life and white Christmas. I haven't seen White Christmas. Which one is that I? I haven't seen a lot of the old school ones. Yeah what about miracle on thirty fourth. I haven't seen it either. Yeah that one involves like the Santa Claus. You don't think Israel but then spoiler alert. He's real. Nah that's the deal. They remained. That won a couple of times to a believe Kayla image. One of our oldest friends says Christmas story. I don't like a single character in the whole movie and I don't understand why people love it. You like what you like. Everyone another vote Maria Vasquez the Christmas story. I I hate that Qadam movie so much makes me what my hair out when they play it for twenty four hours. Wow all right. Patrick Gorman. In one of our old friend says nightmare before Christmas. Now that's a good one that's one. That's one that I like. I Love I love. It says this is his crit. The Hot Topic Topic Association of that movie took it further into the zeitgeist in ever deserved on. Its own merits. I don't think that's true. I don't like the hot topic is Asian. But don't get me wrong but it's a feat of animation Genius I mean just the the the the fact that they chose to do a movie that way and sort of set the tone and for all of the cool like like a studios and you know Henry Celicas the animator. That did all that you know based on Tim Burton's vision and the music's great. It's a fun movie. It's a romp trump. Okay I never seen it. Why are you kidding me? It's great you should watch there. There are a lot of Christmas Moon. Who's Ebben seen now that I think the most beautiful tickets hybrid? It's if you don't like Christmas. You got your Halloween. Yeah do you know what my deal isn't always i. Can't I really love Christmas and get into the spirit of it but I can't watch fifteen of those movies you know. That's too much like I watch a three Christmas movies year. And they're always Elf Christmas story in Maybe one of the Hell Bristol Christmas Fisher. I can't take too much of it. Rubies a little too young for nightmare. Because it's a a little dark but I think she'll really like it when she turns maybe like six or something like yeah. It's real cool. But there's a whole world awaiting her a big time of movies can't wait. You guys got Disney plus plus. Yep Yep Yeah we've been we've been watching a lot of Disney context content. There it is. It's good you know I'm I'm all in favor. Say what you will about Disney. But they do have a lot of good stuff true even if they just bought some. Hey everybody we want you to know that stuffy nose brought to you by Hulu. That's right. I Love Hulu I use Hulu. That's honest yeah and you what with the largest streaming library full of your favorite reality. TV shows who just happens to be the home for reality. TV's biggest fans. Yeah biggest fans news of say all the drama sure or biggest fans of all the tears who doesn't love those tears. Tears tastes delicious and all the heartbreak in my right it sure and all the competition. Who are we kidding? This is reality. TV Yet so start your free trial. That's right we said free trial today you can learn more. You can learn everything you need to know really at Hulu Dot Com. That's right free trial today at H. U. L. U. DOT COM. Our old friend. Debbie Frank Daca says there. They're all kind of the pits. It's time for some new better holiday. Movies that Debbie we Jinnah Van. Valen oneworld friends live action grinch. The original cartoon cartoonist pretty flawless And it didn't need a remake reimagining I I like the live action grinch with Jim Carey. Yeah I'm a big fan my My daughter's baby sister Sounds confusing they. Call me uncle. My daughter's MOMS New Baby They she calls that movie Spooky Grinch Spooky Spooky grinch yeah. He's a little creepy sure Stehlin Carlson's his diehard for sure gets a lot of quaint eighty thousand point nostalgia points but the end is just a basic trump filled action moving. Nothing more Oh my God stellan. I don't WanNa say our relationship is over. But that puts a dented identify entity. First of all. I think it's still up for debate as to whether that's a Christmas movie or not. Well I think we settled that last year when we had the writer. Say It's a Christmas said well. He did say that. Yeah on your show the letter. That's right yeah our show somebody read the Yes. I'm sorry I was confusing. I read it on in our own. Show that we're twenty. No I don't expect you remember remember last week. That's not chuck that's unkind. That's unkind chuck. And I take great issue with that that Let me see here. Mike Doyle love actually as such a piece of trite piece of. I'm sorry I need to get this right love. Actually actually. It's such a great piece of shallow nonsense that holds up some of the most unhealthy and selfish relationships as this wonderful thing and the nine eleven part. That's that's just I mean come on. There's a nine eleven part. I don't know man I've never seen it laugh. Seems messed up. A lot of people are hating on polar expresses. Well well Molly Sibito can't even get myself to watch it all the way through and I've tried. How can you be animation in Uncanny Valley? Yeah that was early to in those days it was was it was not Zemeckis. He really was into that for like a minute and he did like Beowulf one two and then kind of abandoned because it was us. Everyone hates Yuki trash wasn't good spooky. Dry Yeah it is pretty good Yeah no I'm not into that at all. Yeah animation be animation let it be stylized. That's the whole point. Otherwise yeah pay actors you know Miracle on thirty Fourth Street. That's from Jessica Lynch Daba. She says only because I can never stay awake. ZAC Pointer Elf there. I said at the premises just too far out there and acting as Blah too far out there that seems like an oddly It's weird antic comment there. WHO's this it's one of our old pals pointed out? Sorry Zach. I'm okay. Everyone's allowed a dumb opinion. And every now and then you know opinions. You know they say no. Everyone's got him like butts now. Is that the same. Yeah everyone's got him but yeah I like that. Sounds like How Ruby would summarize that quote Yeah I have the mind of of a three year old. They said she would say cheese. let me see WANNA roll trends. LUKARCO road says Christmas vacation. It's really funny moments but overall it just doesn't work for me Christmas vacations WanNa Watch. Yeah yes so. Maybe there's like four that I will see. I give that one a shot using Christmas vacation. Now I saw I saw vacation the first one of Washington plane and I didn't like it right in the love it. I love it Heyman no shame in not liking. Chevy Chase hate it. I just didn't like there's so much you know build up over over that I was like expecting to be like blown away. I also didn't love Animal House I think it's like a style of comedy. Maybe I don't WanNa say it's been improved upon but it's just it's a little bit of time but I also I love Mel Brooks movies. I love that comedy so right it occupies some middle ground. Kind of definitely not millbrook. No it's not. Yeah I'm just saying like I think well you haven't seen the Gioja. Rabbit has a bit of Mel Brooke's Dna I can see that coursing through. Its second on. Percents he that is from the trailer. Yeah very much Something we need more of these days all right. Let's finish it off here with Brian Brian. Thomas he has a nice little rant on love actually. I think it's over hyped. I think there's some gross and creepy stuff in there. I can forgive unrealistic parts because it's full of Christmas. Christmas magic and evolves does Rahm tropes like meat cubes. That's all fine but that wedding filmer needs to get his shit together and stop stalking his friend's wife be a professional man in the dude. He leaned on his British accident. Accent to seduce four women at once they made the women out to be such idiots based on outdated stereotypes and they're running through. The airport thing was so overdone even then anyway. I feel better getting that off my chest now. Is it Andrew Lincoln. The does the British accident because he is British she plays you know he's the guy that plays The Sheriff on On the walking dead. He's in fact with Brit Brit. I wonder if it's him I don't know I don't even WanNa see this movie. Now now I I've never really I don't like Rom coms really so much beloved. Though by many people in it it seems like equally hated. It does seem that way. Very divisive film. Who was Alan Rickman? Laura Linney who like her crazy casts sir. I mean Mr Bean directed is calling for someone super famous and I don't know directed by Eh. Hugh Grant He. He didn't direct today's in it now. Richard Curtis directed it. And what else did he do Let me see here bridget. Jones's diary kind of situation. He did Notting Hill. There you go for weddings and a funeral. All of those Hugh Grant Rom Com jams. Bridget Jones Right Mr Bean okay I get it Mama Mia. He's that guy he is that cat. We'll get for him. He's a big time director. He does appear to be so all right now. I think that's all the time we have since. Its December twenty third. We want to Chevy when a very happy holiday and as we always like to remind people holidays very tough for some people In a profound way and we are thinking about you for sure and You know reach someone if you need to talk this Christmas and and if you have a wonderful loving supportive family love Christmas just Be Thankful and grateful for that and I mean it's it's always easy to think. Oh I'M GONNA burn somebody. I don't want anybody I don't want to be a imposition but I guarantee you hundred percent of the time that's not how other people see it and people are always happy to be reached out to you know asked asked to extend a helping hand agreed of conversation especially especially at that time. Yeah all right to Merry Christmas and happy holidays. Everyone however you choose to celebrate great and Merry Christmas to you know to us well chuck and I will see you in January. You got it for more podcast for my heart radio. visit the iheartradio APP apple podcasts. Or wherever you listen to your favorite shows hello friends I wanNA tell you about love book the very easy way to personalized personalized book to someone you love in three easy steps users can create characters that look just like themselves and the recipient right down to the outfits and accessories assessories customers have the option to personalize each page as much as they like. Lubbock now offers a membership program as well receive a free book when you sign up fifty percents off any additional books. Love books are the perfect gift for all occasions or just because so right now you can check out love books by going to love book online dot com slash slash crush. You'll receive a special twenty percent discount only for the movie. Crushers that is at love book online dot com slash crush.

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