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This is Geek News Central. My name is Todd Cochran coming to FEMA region five in the New Media Production Studio designed by Audio Mute Dot Com and cold water Michigan the lead story's Youtube Launching a TIKTOK. Competitor. And video spends forty billion dollars to buy arm the largest tech acquisition ever. Life on Venus. Yes. Venus more about that. Tick Tock. In works to sell partially to Oracle I, want to welcome you to episode one, thousand, four, hundred, seventy, five of the Beaten Center podcast for Monday, September fourteenth show sponsored part by go daddy dot com in listeners just like you great deals from go daddy can be found a getting central dot com forward slash go daddy and you can support this show today by becoming an insider GIG new central dot com forward slash insider. He want to give a warm welcome to all my new listeners. Thanks for being here. Thanks for checking up for the very first time. 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You just recommend my promo codes, show them where you can. It is significantly. Important. Everyone thinks again anything go daddy for being a longtime sponsor here. So why allow allow what's going on well? This weekend. STARTED OFF WITH A. Early, wake-up for some reason I got up. Got Motivated. Clean my loft. Wash dishes. All kinds of crazy stuff was done. And And then did the new media show Went Back did some more. Rummaging around. And then Did INDIE PODCAST conference. On Saturday night. So as only twenty minutes, of course, they have to be here about an hour early and everything else that goes along with that. But. I've learned one thing over Michigan weather warm one day cold. The next Sunday was beautiful shorts weather fantastic little bit of outside activity and then. This morning it was cold and I left the house in shorts and I've been freezing all day but the worst thing yet happen. You're all going to laugh so. At our place. If you have. Trash that you can burn. You put it in the burn pit. But because I'm lazy and I, inner mixed plastic hands every because we have no recycle here. So I mix all this intermixing stuff of my trash. I have to bring the trash into work with me and there's a dumpster. on the back side of this building. So Charlie Trash, the dumpster. Put the trash in a car this morning. Drove into work. been here, all day. Crush was stuff going on? Had A little snack for lunch Decide for dinner, we go out to my car to drive to get some food. And the door. Yes I gotTA. Take a turn. Out. Of. My car. Oh No. Oh. Oh, my goodness you guys. It sitting in the parking lot with the windows at have mass air. Oh there's nothing like getting in your vehicle after day of that trash being in the sun you know. Anyway Yeah. So that was a good kickoff. This show. And just. Almost makes me want to throw up thinking about it here. You can get that. Was Me. Myself you great there but anyway, Oh Man I couldn't believe it I i. really really could. So yeah, I mean. It's you know. It's just me in the car so like it matters but anyway still is it was bad. So a from fear watching live. Thanks, Toby. Hey. Christopher. Thanks for checking in. If you're on Youtube mcsherry say well. But Hey. Let's we got a conspiracy theory for the show and I have some at the end of the show by some people that have written in. As well so let me change channels here and getting the right position. By the way. Are. Conspiracy Fixer Mr Fixer. Wants to know. What do you think of the conspiracy segment? Because Zim getting feedback I said well. They're sending stuff in a those of you who don't know Mr Fixer is Michael Dare. He is our coordinator for conspiracies. So Mr Fixer asked me via tax. He says have you Guinea feedback and said well, people are sending more emails. So you've done something in they're sending their own conspiracy. So I guess the answer is, yes, we're having an effect. So anyway here's a whopper. For the show today. In this is a whopper. Bill and Melinda Gates were hang by a mob of angry parents whose children had been killed or paralyzed by gates vaccination. Indian. Two, thousand, thirteen. They replaced by body doubles. Another rumor on. Ancestry. Dot Com is said to state that bill has been missing for seven years and was also declared dead also in two thousand thirteen. While I'm GonNa, tell you if they if they found a body double for Bill Gates he was like a one in a billion. Because no one can talk like him. No one's got his, you know his name's Bill Gates No, one has a gate like him. He walks kind of inch kind of you can see that a mile away. And any interviews Well. Maybe it is a body double. Maybe that's why he spends all this time reading. Well Anyway. That's the conspiracy of the day that that's a whopper. It really is and Anyway that's a good one I. Don't know where you're finding this stuff at I have no idea where he found this but and that's that's a good one. Some people you know some people actually get a little a little irritated with this because the you know the anti vaccines are going to be you know they're not Bill Gates as Donna you know the of anti vaccines do not like Bill Gates. And I know many of you. Anti vaccine and I. Know You reasons why? You know it's it's It's one of those situations where. I'll say it again. I was shot full of everything the military could put me. So I'm really not scared vaccines at this point, I might die in early death. But anyway I. thought that was a little bit a little bit funny. Soon. There we go. There's a conspiracy theory. Let's get into the stack. So Oh someone in the chat. Christopher says Yamen I have put mics on him and chatted a couple of events. Cool. Guy Brain is biggest Dallas man this one rivals a challenger crew still being alive. I don't know if we've had that we have that one or not yet Christopher I I that's that's A. That's the know the thing about that though that's that's A. The challenger crew crew in what happened to them was very devastating. Many of us watch that live and You know it it strikes home and it's it's probably hurtful to the families to hear about those types of. A conspiracy theories. But Anyway, I digress will continue Youtube Youtube is launching a short form video format to compete with you guessed who tiktok. A. Beta. Version of shorts. Is Landing in India this week not in America. Youtube shorts or fifteen second video shot on mobile phones, you'll be able to string multiple video clips together. Record with music and just video speed. There's also timer countdown. So you can record handsfree youtube is launching an early of shorts India over the next few days. So. Most, of his can only comprehend fifteen seconds worth of content once. I'm just joking. But, we become a world of a hundred and twenty eight characters. Don't you know? In a big big big big big announcement nvidia in video will keep the arm licensing neutral. In their acquisition. Of Soft Bank's. Forty billion dollars. Again it's one of the biggest I not the biggest one of the biggest tech acquisitions of all time in it will see Nydia control the world's most popular CPU architecture now. I tell you. I think I've told this story on the show before. nvidia. has a GPO technology that is. Quite incredible. I was involved in something in it. Let's. Let's go back up. Maybe who man now how many years? Let me think about this If I back up to two thousand and by the time I was getting out of the navy run two, thousand and seven. Set Right. Two, thousand, four, no, two, thousand, and four jeeze. I've been retired longer than that. So anyway, not thousand seven when I retired in two thousand seven from the Navy I was involved with something whereas the lead designer had told me that it would take ten years. Of computer chip advancements to get to a certain level of gamma data. And Three short years later actually told me this in two thousand and four and three short years later. In two, thousand seven. When INVIDIA had Put. Together. The The envy at GP's that were not even a video card they were just a processing. Monster. that prediction by that scientists who is quite renowned at the time? Went from that prediction went from ten years down back down to now as possible. So I can't emphasize enough. This GPS TECHNOLOGY And? His has changed the way we live. These self embedded systems for self driving driving cars in multiple GP systems were workstations and servers offering high high tariff, the learning performance or or math performance or calculation performance. is off the chart. And invidious sealed itself is in the science world. And in many industrial military sectors as Like the second coming. the some of these cars were ten, fifteen, thousand dollars and I saw literally boxes of these things being bought. Boxes Cases Fifty in case. An anti couldn't deliver them fast enough because you get a big enough prestigious jam as many of these, you can into a server and then you re tidy servers together. Incredible I mean incredible processing power. And it really allowed. A CPU something, it would be in the in a five you. Computer box. I think one years. One point seven, five inches someone correct me if I'm wrong but five you. Computer. Box would have like. The present nothing. Keep it. Cool. And have the power for that was another problem, but it would have the EU imagine taking. That type of processing power and putting it in a small space. And what that power brought to a software application that before was not portable. And I mean like I mean this is invidia got rich on the science community. These GP US. So, how do you think they just afford forty billion dollars? By arm but this is puts them in a very interesting position apple. Hates. NVIDIA? Hates. Hates they hate each other 'cause they made? A. Apple look bad. A number of years ago. But. Apple said Hey we're we're arm in we're all in. So. This is going to be crazy not what else this does and I think this is really important. And Win A. For those of you listening I'm waving my finger here. The Chinese don't get it. The Chinese don't get it. The Chinese don't get it because. Nevada is. A US based company. And arm will move from being a Japanese owned company to be an American owned company. which should scare the crap out of Chinese companies facing a trade war with the United States. Now on the video says will be remain headquartered in Cambridge England, but a can England is five ice. We're good. We're good. Navy wants to turn Cambridge England. Into a world class. Center A. All this tied together with this and they say they bought arm largely because the AI. In. A tied with GP and all this stuff. The INVIDIA does. It is. It's mind boggling what they have control up here this gets approved. Christopher says, yeah the ten, seventy TI series I worked for video conference for years to hear one of the two heads of embitter deb and Lockheed. Martin talking about Moore's law will Moore's law collapsed on that processing I mean. Did they. They obliterated it. If that's an probably just destroyed the word obliterated. And So this is a big deal. This is going to be subject to regulatory approval around the world and envious says, Ideo should take eighteen months. And but can everyone get along with Nvidia? The Lennox community does not like nvidia. Oh No no, no two thousand twelve lines to route said. Hey Nidia beep beep you know they they do not get along. But arm? and. Links are two words synonymous. So. There could be some potential backlash here and what? What else is out there? Well, Risk Tack V. Instruction sets and open source arm alternative. The doesn't require licensing. Could be part of this but. You have to build compilers ecosystems. And people have been pretty happy paying arm licensing fee up to this point. But maybe invidious purchasing of this will cause the risk be. Are. Saying is not risk our se Dash Vince -struction set. Could be the push this needed to make that expand. But I'm happy to see arm come to the United States. I really really am. The Chinese. Having. This would not be good. So they can sell by nvidia. Sell license. But some experts staff on. I'm GonNa tell you some these jeep us. They couldn't be exported. US Trade folks got real smart, real quick, and understood. What the power of this was. And So for those of you out there had no clue now you do. And I was pretty pretty happy to see this today. All right Astronomers detect possible signs of life in Venus. They believe alien microbes produced high levels of the chemical fussing. To papers published today in the strimmers explain they detected the chemical falsifying Venus's atmosphere. The believe that fast phen- may have been produced by living organisms living maybe produced by living microorganisms in a type of. Alien Biosphere. Faucet bean was first discovered in on Venus in two thousand seventeen. A March two thousand nineteen scientists confirmed the discovery using a more powerful telescope in Chile. They found Faucet falsifying levels ranging from five to twenty parts per billion. Let me say something here. Sometimes. We have a hard time for our cellphones to stay connected. Yet. They can detect five to twenty parts per billion faucet being on Venus. Okay I guess so. Now. We haven't collect any microorganisms from meanest or even photographer for photograph them not that we could. So, theoretically, microbes could do this. We'll. See. Do you believe it or not. Tick Tock Tick Tock Serie lying in the president to back off original demand to sell US business outright in approved. Oracle deal. So, Tick Tock Banking. President will back off a little bit. And of course, the biggest loser from the propose or go deal with bite dance could be former tick tock CEO Kevin Meyer, because talks was during that tried to make the oracle deal in the first place. So. Anyway. Way they're trying to structure it. Is that This. Idea potentially keeps china-based bite dancing control by both financially an operation -ly, but Oracle would be the data keeper. I don't know if that's GONNA. Fly. We'll see. So, Bite Tick Tock under operational control of the Chinese ORCAS are always be as a trusted technology partner starring secure data within the US premises. And Tick Tock says also planning discloses a log rhythm to third parties. What does that mean? Dances having a discussions with both. So we'll see we'll see what happens. The White House declined to comment. You know tomorrow in September fifteenth. Twenty. Lesson well a few hours away and that was the link Hey Christopher. The new starling he says the new Starlink claims twenty microseconds delay from space. Now, they have to prove that. They they want to get to twenty microseconds Milliseconds excuse me. You know why they WanNa get to twenty. Melissa or is it Mike Milliseconds I think? Yeah twenty milliseconds because they have to do that in order to get the money from the federal government. So. They were working on it. Their speed wasn't quite that fast and some the ladies reported stop. So if that's a new, if that's a new claim that they actually make a place that that would be big. Christopher so will see at twenty milliseconds is the the The delay. If they can get it down. Then that really is what they have to reach in order to get that rural money. From the government and get those billions. That we talked about on a couple of shows ago, where at is now changing their tune and willing to do more detailed mapping to get a hold of some of this rural money as well because they know these areas they've been claiming, they really don't serve if they wanna get the money, they gotta be able to truly serve those areas in order to truly serve those areas get that money they gotta prove. They're not in that area when they've been saying all along that they are in that area set makes sense. Amazon will hire even more warehouse workers respond to surgeon orders. The company says is bringing on one hundred thousand. More employees United States and Canada. Well. More thousand people are going to get their fifteen thousand steps in every day. So That's big. The announcement comes after the after Amazon hit already hired one hundred, seventy, five, thousand more US warehouse workers early. Listen to me. They had her husband seventy, five thousand. They're going to hire another one hundred thousand. They're looking for another thirty thirty, thirty, three, thousand for tech in corporate workers. What's closing in your area? Because of Rona. What's going out of business in your area because of Rona, retailers. This'll be the biggest transfer of wealth. AND DECIMATION OF JOBS And businesses in. America. Because Amazon's at scale, they've not been affected. They can deliver and yet in states like mine states in new. York still, highly restricted undoing business. And It. Capacity limits. Amazon does a habit issue. The biggest thing you can do right now. As a consumer, his support, your local businesses. As much as possible. I supported someone this weekend paid a little bit more for product than they would have on Amazon, but I bought it at their shop. I know their business news business and their local, and they're employing local people. With this continued closed down in many places in America. Businesses, are are suffering heavily and another thing is going to happen. And the Chinese are probably loving. This is that all this commercial space is going to start opening up in whether the Chinese liked to buy commercial space. So. Oh. So Jordan's linked to me SPACEX INTER-SERVICES LATE NECE- comes in under twenty milliseconds. Well. There you go. Good for them. But again. Tanya, there's a bigger picture here. A lot of people lost focus on. What's really important? And supporting your local retailer is more important than ever. Amazon. rebrand free time in free time unlimited Amazon and Amazon kids plus you guys use this with your kids. Don't even know what this is. I guess it's a kid stuff cartoons and limited playlist and. How many of you using this? I'm your mom and dad's her up there using free time and free time unlimited. Are you looking debt content? Amazon's also adding a new family friendly features including a whole new home screen experience for fire tablet users. I'm sure at some point there'll be educational stuff on there to teach your kids to read and write teach history all kinds of interesting things. You just knew know. Veterans Social Security numbers leaked in breach. And just had a message come through him. Sorry again, look at this. Okay Veteran. Social Security numbers leaked in data breach hack exposed person from showing forty six, thousand US vets. Thank goodness. I was not using this APP. Well, everyone has my data anyway because it was leaked through the US government years ago. that announced. NANDONET for that. Payments you know about payments for. Healthcare providers. Well that apple had a head of bug. Once again. The government building secure APPS. On Modern Technology Probably, it is modern technology with poor imprest. Poor infrastructure. And they're going to offer the standard credit card reporting and all that stuff that goes on with these types of breaches. So Here we go. Again. Would you issues like my social security number? He said just give it over the show. Microsoft declares his underwater data center was a test. So here's this is kind of a cool pick for those of you watching. This. Thing is Went in the water is all nice and clean with the Microsoft logo and yeah, it was pretty you know. Pretty cool. Well they they dug it up. Is. The best word to describe. I don't know how deep underwater it was. But the eight, sixty, four server under data center pod. Has Been Up there for a while. And I think two years. But these pictures are pretty cool. It shows shows them opening it up. Let's see. Can I can I find that? Yeah. Looking Pretty Nasty. Spray, spray they spray washed it. And then then they show picture of it over the over of them opening up. And pulling it out. And and wasn't full of water. So Doesn't look bat remarkable, but it was you know stuck inside this This tube. was basically the northern Isles Underwater Data Center was built by naval. Group. Of Defense and Renewable Marine energy contractor. And is locally supported by the Green Marine in Orkney Island Base Marine engineering operations firm and spent two years under the water at the European Marine. Energy Center were title currents peak at nine nine miles per hour and stay a storm waves reached sixty feet or more. Both the point and retrieval needed particularly com Wa- weather. But anyway, I guess they're looking at the results didn't have to have a cooling bill didn't have to worry about bugs or dusk getting into the center was all. All pretty good. And They're going to look at the cables and all that stuff. So anyway. Pretty cool. Data Center coming offshore to your area soon. So, if you've been listening to alter the new show, you've heard US talk about anchor podcast hosts, which I pray tell none of you that listen the show will ever use. If. You don't use blueberry podcasting you're listening to this show I'm you know please? Please explain to me why you're doing that BEEN ANYWAY ANCHOR SAYS is cracking down on stolen. PODCAST. I'M NOT GONNA go into much details on that. But the right up they make is bunch of BS, in this article, they don't This is a very. Technical thing that is could be explained very easily non technically, and they talk all around it in this article Everyone is susceptible to this. and. They just made it easy for my making it free. So anyway copycats and And cloning shows is what they what was going on there. So. Anyway Link Oh be up in the show notes Google says its carbon footprint is now zero. Some people are raising their eyebrows. They say it's wiped. They Google says it has wiped out its entire carbon footprint by investing in high quality carbon offsets. Investing. It became carbon neutral in two thousand seven and says it. Now it is now compensated for all of the carbonate his ever created. is also claimed run all of us data centers and offices on Carbon Free Energy by twenty thirty. So, you know that Google said that they will not support. Any of their technology being used to find oil or gas. which is interesting. and Greenpeace ecorse said Google setting a high bar at some people have got their eyebrows raised upon this statement but that's what Google saying at least four today. About this? And But again. They No. Longer are going to create artificial intelligence solutions for upstream. Oil, and. Gas. Exploration. So we're GONNA leave that to somebody else. Last time. I checked the majority vehicles. America's still run on oiling gas and stuff that you hold your hand or made from boiling oil particularly. La The components of your home would not be possible without oil. Aston Martin Build a seventy four thousand dollar racing simulator. The company's only making one hundred fifty of the luxury East sports simulator, and if you want one again, seventy four. K.. I know there's a few geeks out here in the show that would love to have one of these looks like you're in a Formula One cockpit. So. For, seventy four thousand dollars hope it comes with the air conditioning for the seat. And And some simulated Jeez. Severe looks your cash on hand maybe the government stimulus check will have with your help your down payment on that. So. Christopher I don't know out there is I think they. They say they invested in Carbon Offsets whatever that means. So, anyway, seventy four thousand dollars for a racing simulator. Very, very nice. Walmart parking was zip line for glider delivery. Excuse me. A Walmart partners was zip line for Glider drone delivery tests now. It's the second deal that or almost done this week or the last week. But. This is interesting. So they're going to launch a drone. And then it's GonNa. Perish you your product to you. Now. The ZIP line drones aren't car quad copters. They're also fair glider and they have a longer range. So I guess they use a mixed of power and glide but. They're gonna you stuff into your yard is this going to really work? Really, is this going to work A. Delivery has been made. It's on your roof. Hey, your delivery has been made. It's in the backyard in your pool. Hey, you're delivery has been made in it's in your maple tree at sixty five feet. I. I. can see how this is. GonNa work. Great. So deliveries. We'll take place down in Arkansas. So you live down near their headquarters in you order something you might get it be a drone delivery. FITBIT is getting FDA clearance for its sense smartwatch an e. c. g., APP. So. When the watch arrives in October, it will be able to detect a fib but of course, the Apple Watch has been able to do for some time. It's three hundred and twenty nine dollars and again and just earn clearance with the FDA and the E U. For its cardiogram APP. And when the advance health wearable rives. So you'll be able to see if you have a FIB or not. We need to have a Something's going to detect tax that's going to sell well. GMC detail the Hummer. Ev On October twentieth. And get this. If your Hummer Fan, the truck will include a crab mode for driving diagonally. So suzy the on euboea making online reservation for this. Shock was a big fan of the Hummer. She loves the loves that body style and. So, we'll see what happens here but October twentieth the electric vehicle version of this. And They had a twitter video, but it turns out it was simulated. It wasn't a real. Ev Hummer but that will come. In. Those things get about three miles per gallon right now. Good Rx offers the founders five, hundred, million dollars, and that's one hundred dollars hundred million dollar investment from Silverlake and makes quiet acquisition before IPO. So this is this is big. The two founders only had one point three percent of the company and This is a an amended s one. And they're going to increase that where the the CO founders are going to get about twenty, five, million shares of stock. Making it worth about five, hundred, thirty, three, million. That stock has time based component and a performance base component designed to incentivize. The duo commit to the company for the long term. And but the people were talking about the IPO apparently wanted the founders have more money. So is called a founder's Award Hey, give me one of those. You know someone come by Blueberry and I'd love to have a founder award. Psychologist, retire how about that? But Anyway, this equity award the second best news is to growth equity investor. Silverlake is good hundred million dollars worth of the stock. At IPO price. And what did they acquire? A, quietly bought script cycle of prescription management service for retail chains for sixty million dollars back in August. So as part of the terms acquisition employees imagine expected received three million of new stock and Rx investing over. Two. Years. So they're going to have an offering of one point one, billion dollars a good for them. Nice to see people get a good IPO raise your data leak. Mavis owes IMF. Over one hundred, thousand customers. So he bought anything from razor recently. Your your email and your name was probably leaked. Passwords and credit card information weren't include. We're not included in the leak. And they had something on one of their Amazon elastic search servers. That was MIS configured. So anyway I haven't done anything from razor in quite a while. Samsung's new appliances want me staying home smarter. So Samsung has a AD campaign launch money highlighting the ways staying home in two thousand, twenty changed cooking cleaning laundry and more, and of course, Samsung has got all these smart home type stuff that they show at the consumer electronics show. But your grant get to see Wifi ranges and refrigerators and Irons and all kinds of stuff that is connected all these mark things that we really need to know if our. Our Electric Iron we used iron close is connected to the internet or not is that really that important? So Anyway, Lincoln be on the show notes on that. A faster WIFI by six Eero E. E. R. O. is coming to the mess router reportedly new Mesh router reportedly on the way how much are they gonNA cost? It doesn't say. But it's went through FCC review. That's how they caught wind of it. Have you seen this LG swivel screen that looks like a wing. I I looked at this five times. But what it is is you have a normal cell phone and then the main screen swivels and underneath it as another little screen. So kind of looks like an airplane. It's a very unusual form factor and I really don't. I guess you can watch video then do something on the main screen. K.. So, new phone is do is supposed to revealed today. Did they have any additional images? This was must have come out before the announcement. And it's just it's just a little odd. But form factor for everyone I guess. But I also know that a lot of people they're only. Device is their mobile phone. Now, they don't have a laptop, they don't have a notebook it's some countries, your mobile phone is it. You remember track phone that was a name that's probably come around. You've heard few times. Well. For Rice acquired track phone. So now you got. Mobile companies and this has been kind of common. buying NBA an OS. So track phone was the largest wireless. Well basically, he was one of the largest mobile mobile virtual network operators so they get their cake and eat it too. So they get to promote. And then they also get to provoke on track phone. So they spent six billion dollars on track phone. So the largest mobile network virtual operator will become part of the largest wireless provider in the country. They have twenty, one, million subscribers around eight hundred and fifty employees network of more than ninety thousand retail locations. It was owned by Mexico Base America mobile along with telefe track phone brand operates the net ten in straight talk brands in US more than thirteen million track phone customers. Already rely. Envir- why Bryson's rights network? Of course, track phone doesn't run its own own network it it rides on other cell phone carrier's for be. So There you go. Choices are always been narrow in mobile, but he gets more able. Narrow data. Okay. Yes, heard about. One plus. It's nearby that kind of looks like a Air Pod, but it's not. It's different. Kind of comes in a case it Kinda looks like. A one like an airport. Well Customs and Border Patrol. Sees two thousand Counterfeit Apple Air. Pods from Hong Kong valid at three, hundred, Ninety, eight, thousand dollar. Well it, wasn't. It was actually and it was labeled correctly as. One plus buds. So they seized a legitimate shipment of one plus buds. It's kind of awkward the One plus folks basically tweeted by please give us our stuff back. And these are legitimate one plus buds. Transported box, which plainly says much. But customers border patrol proudly tweeted that's not an apple as if people would astutely detected a forged piece of eighteenth. Century art. So two thousand units of one plus were seized. Being identified as Air Pods. He up there really brilliant they out a press release about it too. What a bunch of knuckleheads Simply. And they ain't think that they got a press release out about it. Claiming. How much these costs and how much air pods costs and how how much the estimated damage was going to be and all that. Oh. My Gosh. Now, we talked about Amazon Space Division right. Well. Microsoft is kind of following along but in a little different way but not necessarily from Amazon Kazan Amazon's doing this as well. Microsoft wants to take on Amazon. Connecting satellites to their cloud, the FCC authorize. Microsoft or perform proof of concept demonstrations of a service that would connect. It's cloud competing service as your with a ground station, the company proposed to build. If the demonstrators on the civic and Mark Interest Microsoft file an application for regular Earth Station Authority with the International Bureau to Support Future. Operations. The company strategy in competition with Amazon, which in November two, thousand, eighteen launch a similar AWS ground station service. So Microsoft trying to keep up with the Joneses. At which we do cover in this podcast is a articles tonight came from seen at one, two, three, four, I believe Viacom CBS release reaches a deal to sell seen it for five hundred million dollars to a marketing firm red ventures. So the off loading it under the deal seen at media group EDP and GM mark, and Lark along with the unit senior execs will remain with red ventures, red ventures following acquisition. The scene that sales expected close in the fourth quarter seeing that media group has nine hundred eighty employees plan to grow Sina in ways of in ways unforeseen. So we'll. See. CBS acquired seen it networks in two thousand, eight per one point, eight, billion dollars and the sold it for five hundred, million dollars was that a good investment over eleven years? Did they make their money back? That's the question I. Toby says showed title what a bunch of Knuckleheads I you know that might actually be a good one toby. Oh my goodness. c. p. what a bunch of knuckleheads he out Google unveiled new Pixel phones on September thirtieth. Depicts a forty, five G., and picks five will be unveiled at the virtual bent later this month. So a lot of phone announcements coming up. Never androids sue phones are now supporting Wifi six I have a list of that in the show notes for you the Motorola one, five G. launches on at this week for four, hundred, forty, five dollars. Save. This one to the end gazettes isn't really mobile related see here. I think we already nnounced that. Galaxy s twenty Epi to break cover it Samsung's. Event on September twenty third. and. Finally, are you looking for a Microsoft Office alternative I have a link and list of them in the show notes from PC world. And of some that I wasn't familiar with. W. PS office. of course there's Google docs. It's is an option I like it though all these opera packages export to Microsoft. documents. So you know it's like they're interchangeable. Are. alumnae dig here for a second. There we go. Let me bring up the email. I've got a couple of emails here Once from rob he says in in Rob's in Blind River Ontario yes Canada. Even. Ontario. Where you're seeing exodus from the city's daughter and son-in-law, for example, living in Toronto, one of Canada's largest cities but recently, worker remote due to covid their companies have given them permission to work remotely indefinitely they've been hoping we've closer to where they were born raised and closer to family is so in the midst of that now moving two hundred miles north to northern. Ontario. Many people are coming many people competing for homes, not even in the country, but even in the cities although a city, like Sudbury. Ontario. Where this is occurring has only population of one, hundred, eighty, thousand or so. Not The millions of the Toronto Area Now My City's got thirty thousand people. So anyway, Not As. Only one hundred, eighty thousand or so not to millions of China plus houses are a faction of the price we live about one hundred miles west of Sudbury. The buying spike has not quite reached us yet. Love the show as always passing around the go daddy coupon cones I assume they also apply to us in Canada. Yes. They do So thanks so much take care of rob and rob was so good to also send. Also send a conspiracy. Oh. Hey Rob you're gonNA. Get. People upset with this one. Okay. Conspiracy Theory. Ocean levels rising due to global warming melting ice caps and glaciers. Faults over the past few decades. A new trend has emerged in many Asian countries. Hundreds of millions of people are demanding natural sponge found only in the oceans for cleaning and bathing billions of sponges have been harvested from the world's oceans as a result there viewers sponges in the ocean to absorb water ocean levels continue to rise unless the stop it will be too late. A. Oh Hey. Good one. Goodwin. Oh. My. Gosh. All right. So Final One Nancy says tot. Netflix does DVD by mail two at a time thirteen dollars a month huge selection you know Nancy I completely forgot. Did you can still do DVD's from that. Blake's. But I'll be honest with you might my secret weapon right now? Is this is this play on. site. All, I gotTa do is set this computer. Upset my playlist up. It will play movies and record to my computer and do every. It's a lot less hassle I know have to go to the post office or anything like that by do. So appreciate any of you that want to send me DVD's it's always. Greatly appreciated. Alright. So Let's get Outta here. Yeah, some other people watching this show are laughing because then some big sponges. All right email the show geek music gmail.com Geek News at gmail.com twitter at Geek News. If you like to show you think I'm doing good job become an insider getting center dot com for slash insider, and again for all of you that are sharing my promo codes for go daddy, it's greatly appreciated. We definitely thank you for doing. So I'M GONNA GET OUTTA here. Thanks for being here, take care be safe. Was He backyard Thursday? When tigger by

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