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#B9 (backhoe to backsaw)


Hello words welcome to another episode of the dictionary podcast. It's my podcast and I am talking to you about some words that start with the word back We got a ways to go with these words that start with back and our first word for this episode is Back Hoe B. A. C. K. H. O.. Oh eat it is a noun from nineteen twenty eight and excavating machine. Having a bucket that is attached to a rigid bar hinged to a Bouma mm and that is drawn toward the machine in operation now we have backhaus all one word is a noun from eighteen thirty six and we just have the one a definition for the word Privy P. R. V. Y.. Now we have backing a big a C K I N G. It is a noun from seventeen ninety three one something forming a back. To a we have these synonyms support and aid. A I D to be endorsement especially of a warrant by a a magistrate. Now we have back judge. It is two words. It is a noun from circa nineteen sixty six eight. Football official official whose duties include keeping the Games official time and identifying eligible pass receivers. I don't know the rules of all. I don't know all the rules of football or who the refs are and what they all do. It seems like a hard job now. We have the word back back land. All one word is a noun. From sixteen eighty one we have these synonyms back country. And Hinterland I like that word hinterland and it is usually used in plural so backlands now we have backlash all one word it is a noun from eighteen fifteen one day. Hey a sudden. Violent backward movement or reaction one b the play between adjacent movable parts as in a series of gears also the jar caused by this when the parts are put into action. The Jar Why is it called the jar jar? The Jar caused by this when the parts are put into action. Well now I'm curious to get to the word jar and see what other definitions there are other other than just a glass jar jar that you put stuff in Now we have number to a snarl in that part of a fishing line wound on the real number number three a strong adverse reaction as to a recent political or social development. Back Lascher is a noun Yes oftentimes there is a lot of backlash in the political world. Now we have back light all one word. It is a noun from circa eighteen. Forty six elimination from behind. Also the source of such illumination. Back light is also a transitive verb. We see things that are backlit often with our phones and watches and various pieces of technology and It's pretty standard these days. It wasn't as standard many years ago but Yeah that's a thing now. We have back list. All one word is a noun from. I'm nineteen sixty four. A list of books kept in print as distinguished from books newly published. Now we have backlog all one one word it is the I form. It is a noun from sixteen eighty four one a large log at the back of a hearth. Fire and Yeah Yeah I guess within big fireplaces they they'll put a big log somewhere in there to make sure that it's going for a while because you use the smaller logs as kindling number two and accumulation of tasks underperformed or materials not pros processed. That word went over to the second line and As in a backlog of court cases now we have the second form of backlog it is a verb from nineteen sixty three and and we have these synonym accumulate as the definition. Now we have back matter two words. It is a noun from nineteen forty the seven matter following the main text of a book next is back mutation it is two words. It is a noun amount from nineteen thirty nine mutation of a previously mutated gene to its former condition next is back of two words it is a preposition from sixteen ninety. Four we have these synonym behind as in out back of the Barn So that would I'd be out behind the barn. I think that's not probably used very much anymore. Next we have the phrase back of beyond three words from eighteen eighteen. Sixteen it means a remote place back of beyond never heard that next. We have back off two words. It is an intrinsic Tim verb from eighteen fifty. And we have these synonym back down. I'm sure most of us have told. Somebody does back-off acuff next. We have back office. Two words they hyphen. It is an adjective from Nineteen fifty-three of or relating to the inner workings of a business or institution. Synonym is internal as in the example. Back Office operations so yeah most The corporations businesses institutions. Whatever it is They have a lot of administrative work that needs to be done. So that is called back. Office you know either the the people you probably an HR department or the people who have to make sure that people get paid Or various things like that next. We have back order order two words with a hyphen. It is an note it is a transitive verb from nineteen fifty to assign to the status of back order. which is our next phrase back order? Two words no hyphen. It is a noun from Circa nineteen twenty nine a business order yet due to be fulfilled because stock is unavailable if you do any online ordering. I'm sure you have seen something like this. Item is out of stock. So it is on backorder next we have back out to words. It's an transitive verb from eighteen. o seven to withdraw especially from from a commitment or contest next. We have backpack something that I have owned. Basically my entire life although I've gotten different different ones of them This is the first form it is a noun from nineteen fourteen one a a load carried on the back one be a camping. Pack Carr's of canvas or nylon supported by a usually aluminum frame and carried on the back. One see we have these synonym knapsack. Not sure how that's different from the other definitions But it's a fun word number two a piece of equipment designed for use while being carried on the back now. We have the second form of backpack. It is a transitive verb from nineteen twenty seven to carry food or equipment mint on the back especially in hiking and food or equipment was in parentheses and there is an intrinsic definition which which means to hike with a backpack. Backpacker is a noun next. We have backpedal P. E. D. The F. A. L. It is all one word it is an inch transitive verb from nineteen o one to retreat or move backward And I think that it could be both either physically or mentally because You could be having a conversation with somebody and then you you think that what you you were saying was wrong or some way or whether you believe it or not and then you WanNa backpedal on what you said so you you know you try and fix the situation next. We have back rest all one word. It is a noun from eighteen fifty nine a rest for the back. Next is back room room. It is all one word. It is a Adjective from nineteen forty. Made or operating in an inconspicuous way. Synonym is behind the scenes which has hyphens as in backroom deals or a backroom politician and next we have Backroom again but this is to separate words it is a noun from fifteen ninety two won a room room situated in the rear number to the meeting. Place of a directing group that exercises. Its Authority in an inconspicuous and indirect way. And now we have the last word for this episode. It is back saw B. A. C. K. S. A. W. it is one word it is a noun from circa eighteen. Seventy six a saw with a metal rib along its back. I am curious what that looks like. I'm sure sure I've seen one but I'm I'm not sure exactly What that metal rib is or what it's for or what it looks like exactly So now we have have to pick a word of the episode. Oh so many words that. Start with back We shall pick Let's see we'll just go ahead and pick back light as the word of the episode because we live in a time when so many things have back lights and There's been a lot of studies on whether or not being on your phone. Bright before you go go to bed is a good or a bad thing. Is it the phone. Is it the blue blue light it is. Is it just the fact that you are getting your brain going again in some way right before you go to bed. I have heard that it's not necessarily the blue light. It's actually what you're doing. That makes it hard to sleep or makes you have bad sleep or whatever it is so I try and be pretty good about not looking at my phone phone for like maybe the last half hour before I go to bed but I'm very bad about it So give it a shot see if you can avoid looking at your phone. I pat or computer or whatever right before you go to bed so that is it for this episode. Thank you very very much for listening and until next time this is me reading the dictionary goodbye.

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