Jimmy Comes To Practice


Today's opening, Tim, James harden, and behind the back there without keeping his dribble alive and hits the trae no travel tall. Gentlemen the following. This is a legal play, although teams puts the ball bind. Bindis back only takes two steps after the gathering the ball, and therefore it is not a travel Byron enemy. Are you happy? This isn't considered a traveling. It's legal on new so is not considered travel and you right. When you first look at this you, that's a walk because it's step is so bad. Right? Is pick up the ball to steps jumps out. It's the same movie. Behind his back. That's right. How do you do. Welcome to the job of Georgia, Donna in for fearless leader, Rachel Nichols out an assignment today. I'm joined by amino house in of course, insider and three time MBA champ Byron, Scott, we got Kawai coming out of his shell in Toronto. One of his longtime teammates thinks that might be the case. But first we start with the jumps favorite new novella. Not will. This episode. Contacted the rockets into their latest talks with the heat, broke down for Jimmy Butler Bech according to our Stephanie for sorrow, but the trade talks between Houston in Minnesota broke down because the rockets are unwilling to include PJ Tucker in any deal. And there's a plot twist. Of course, in our novella wounds tweeted just moments ago the Jimmy Butler practice with the timber wolves today, league sources tell ESPN show. I mean, is this good news for tips that he practiced? I mean, sure, right? Having him in the building as just another opportunity or another chance for Tisby like, see, it's not that. Fun here, which is all this is about right. This is about stalling and buying enough time so that we don't have to make a deal all of a sudden because the Jimmy changes his mind or Glenn Taylor changes as my. But I really don't think it's going to work and I think the longer they wait the the worst deals are going to get. Yeah, I can go to other way to where you says. I'm here because I'm a professional, but I don't wanna be here. Y'all don't want me here that you know the term orders that it can create in locker room on the basketball court during practice door preseason game, there's a whole lot of things that can go wrong with this him being practiced. Well, we know Jimmy, he's a professional. Like I say, he's little show up and he's do his job to the best visible Gooding aside from calling Anthony towns, you could trigger just give me out of here. That's a great point from coach because this happens a lot in the league. You say, guy guy wants to get traded team says, we're not gonna trade us. Okay. I'm gonna show up in practice every day. That won't be disrupted. I'm gonna make things real uncomfortable. Won't be disrupted, but I'm gonna be disrupted. Yeah. A very quiet manner. I'm not going to be voice Driss, anything like that. But everybody in this locker room is gonna know that I don't want to do. And ultimately, when you're in coach speak, you don't want guys don't want to be a wheel. What's the spol- ISM pulling on the Dolly, go the ro. You don't want, you know, Jimmy, basically get let go of the rope in. I know what Tibbs wants, but I don't think it's was best for him at this point because of Jimmy's made up his mind. He's made up his mind. Okay. So the latest rumor has Houston getting involved in the conversation, but they're not willing to relent on giving up PJ, Tucker. Let's start here. How dangerous would the rockets be if they were to acquire Jimmy Butler coach. I think you know, as we talked about when when Trevor REEs left, we said, man, they just dropped the notch below where they were last year. You get Jimmy Butler notch and a half above where you were last year. You become a much better basketball team. Therefore, that means you are serious challenge to the golden say warriors. Jimmy Butler is an all star player on both ends of the Fred. He's going to get you a little bit everything. The fact that you have somebody saying that PJ is untouchable. I'm still trying to figure that out. Now the element that he brings to the table is that he's physical. He's tough. We all know that. And he brought that type of element to the Houston Rockets kind of change the culture of the team, but to say, he's untouchable. When you got a guy named Jimmy Butler out there that you can possibly get. If you don't have to get rid of major other assets, they can make your team better. I'm still trying to figure that one out to veteran guys going to go thirty right and PJ's on this side of thirty. I can see where tips would like that, but what do you think about that swat potential. So first of all, we got to remind people because people forget Jimmy Butler was the number one shooting guard in our PM lash, right? He was a massive positive on offense and defense. His on off was crazy, right? Four-time all-star last four years in a row to Tom all NBA last two years, two time, all defense. This guy's an elite player just because you don't have movies and commercials does not make him any less of an elite player. Adam to this team was like, coach said, what you lost internal reason. You've got back and then some because he's a better defensive player office and it gives you a lot of ability now play devil's advocate. I wouldn't hesitate to do that trade Houston. But I do know as I look at my car here looked at the lineup, what the lineup will be and you got a CPA, harden, Jimmy mellow and Capella. But then you get to that second unit and it gets thing. James Ennis micro Carter Williams marquees Chris. These are guys who are unproven at best on NBA level. So you get you lost Gordon who's really good for you. Coming off the bench and you lose PDA Tucker, who is versatile enough to pay for maybe the small ball five and give you some flexibility there. I understand from a depth standpoint why they might hesitate, but I wouldn't get a chance that you'll get gal plan those guys forty, seven minutes. Accepts EP three, only one, Mike, does it anyway. He's gonna shoot rotation to. What the heck is it really matter now let me ask you this, would you rather if you're Minnesota, I see where tubes would want the two veteran guys, but I don't know. Glenn Taylor would want that deal show. What deal is better, the alleged Josh Richardson and a pick and cash filler capital or or this deal with Houston, potentially era Gordon and all about organizational priorities, right. In a regular organization, you got a coach and you've got a president to different people. Coach wants to win now. So Coughlan era Gordon PJ because those guys helped win. Right now, we're not gonna miss the playoffs of we get PG token. Erik Gordon president would say, I want something long term. I give me the younger player. For upside, hit me the pig that might turn into something. The problem here is coaching president. Same. Exactly, yeah. And those jobs are diametrically opposed at times why? Which is why it makes it very difficult. All right. We've got another bomb apparently all-star, Jimmy Butler participant Minnesota's practice a session that included him, verbally, challenging teammates, coaches, office league sources. Talked up and emotional at times targeting late in towns, Wiggins story soon on ESPN. So apparently he wasn't making it uncomfortable loyalty. He was making it uncomfortable high. Well, we talked about what can happen when he came to practice. He doesn't wanna be there. They've been seeking to trade. It hasn't worked out. We talked about this last week that they got. They got to get this trade done. What happens? Jimmy, comes the practice in. It's all boiling. It got to a point where he said, I gotta let this out and he let everybody have it that he could let have it. Now, let's see what happens when he comes to practice that's going to be, how do you top? That's going to be a real. Banging pots. Warren drug, it's when he was a Phoenix, went through a situation where he was asked to play small Ford in lineups, and he wasn't happy. And he was, and this is the year after he was all MBA. And so he wasn't happy and he kept trying to do what Jimmy did all something like, look, this isn't working out for this working out for me. And then he finally realized the only way I can get out is tiger. Be go off. I gotta go and then they'll get the idea. It's not unlike being in a relationship and you want to end, but the other person keeps one and you stay in finally, got look, I don't love you anymore. Yes. No piece about this though. Clearly, Jimmy, right now we'll get back to Jimmy in just a second, but first, let's move onto Kawai. Danny green is sometimes forgotten piece of this, blockbuster collide roses deal. Seventies in San Antonio with Leonard and seems to think there might be a long term future in Toronto. Wai. Here's Dana Greene said about letter in regards to stay with the raptors. He says, he's definitely more vocal than he's ever been. It looks like he feels comfortable. It looks like feels at home. How much should we read into this. Just stop that. Real quiet at home. Now, feeling at home, see that these are all loaded words. And these are things that I think gonna end up hurting somebody's feelings. Yeah. At home? Yeah. Didn't even come from. For him. You can't say, you can't say that. But look, it's a long year. There's a lock, it happen. He might end up leaving. He might end up loving it and stay. We don't know we, Sola Paul, George in one situation, we saw with the white Howard coming l. a.'s different situation. You never really know until we actually played a year out him coming out saying that he's more Volker. That's not a big stretch anyway. I mean. Chris. So that's more vocal right away right there, but him feel uncomfortable. He's on a basketball court. That's what he does. Yeah. Most guys that are great basketball players, they are most comfortable when they're in their element. We're now on a basketball court. So that part I'm not. I'm not really buying into, but like like a meat said when he said at home, we're in preseason. Yeah, let's let's play a few gains versus if they go through, you know, losing three straight games, see how comfortable and how everything is going in. Let me ask you this about being more vocal or whatnot. As you pointed out, it could've just been ten words, but how much of that is he's used to being in the Spurs organization where it's Pop's way right now. This feels like you have his team for the first time. Nick nurses, worke head coach where he can be more vocal. He can feel like he's empowered some in this organization as opposed to San Antonio. Yeah. I mean, I could see that being being the whole situation with kuwa- when you in San Antonio, we know pop is his word is bond. Whatever he says goes, you know. So you're not gonna have a whole lot of save you. You know in that in that situation, but in Toronto, he is the man. Everybody knows that everybody's going to bend over backwards because they want him to stay re-sign with this organization and they're gonna treat him would with respect, you know, from day one till the end of the season. So I think he's going to have his way a little bit as far as he can say some certain things that he probably wouldn't say San Antonio and the fact that he's probably a little bit more mature a little bit more. Yeah, I don't feel a little bit more in in his own skin. You can't say things. I think he will be a little bit more in Toronto that's angle. I was thinking it's not so much l. Papa, let me say anything that he's growing. He's grown as a player needs, finding his voice and understanding by the way, especially we think about what happened last year. Regardless of whose fault it was. He wasn't very communicate. Right, right. And so maybe he learned from this experience. I gotta do more as a leader to speak up and be a leader for the guys in locker room. And I think I mean, that's just growth. As you learn from your experiences and your put into different situation, you handle things different. We'll see what situation Jimmy Butler is put in because we're gonna have more on Jimmy Butler. You know, maybe Tim's doing the say anything with the boombox. Maybe Jimmy just grabbed the boombox and trashed it on the ground. Who knows? We'll have more on that with the t. wolves and Jimmy, that whole situation. Next Jimmy says. Mislead. Oh, man. Base may. Creativity might start got fancy on the Brig last night by throwing an alley. You've to himself at the make it. Was it a. Procreate fancy. Was it a tribute to Alan Iverson or maybe Ricky Davis. Before he did. The only difference is. Yeah, he is ladies and he did a live copy. That's true too. We got a miss. Miss defense Jimmy for that aka the lonely. God planning is the rockets last night as a member of the Shanghai Sharks. He played all forty, eight minutes and forty one points. I mean, do you think any of the GM's paid attention to the Beijing ducks are like we need to get him. Yeah, they also paid attention in the league and we remember, but he can't. He can't guard that statue over there. Forty one points on what forty warning shots. I can get forty one points. Today. Back. Here's another bake flood staying in Houston. Here's harden dancing during pre-game buyer. You like the moves here that's fellow sun. You know, ain't nothing wrong. Lunka, Sir. James go with him, which is the best NBA said is Cameron painful in the NBA all Cameron Payne. Good, good. Question is he still, I don't know. That might eliminate him from the. Yeah, yeah. Go with the Sunda. This easy buckets mantras Harrell is turning heads this preseason. Here. He is blocking three shots on three straight possessions for the clippers should start for docs team. I don't think so. And that's not a knock on him. I think he'd bring something really special tens of energy for them off the bent. I think a better fit with starting lineup. I agree. One hundred, ten percent with everything to me, just say, fair enough. We move on. You were forced sports posted this video of a snake on a golf course, and Katie comment and say, my bad, let me get out of your way. So I mean, what do you think of Durand's troll game here better much better. There you go. Instead of explaining people will actually, I wasn't really this. Go lean into it that ain't a snake. Use naked, you go a lot. Yeah. I'm not seeing the snake like that on the golf course. I'm gonna. Okay, good. That's what I get ballclub everything. I'm. All right. So more from JR on Jimmy Butler's I practice we're having this conversation basically in real time here. Here's the quote from, whoa, ges reporting at one point in the scrimmage sources says, Butler Butler turns GM Scott Layden, scream, you bleeping need me. You can't win without me. Butler left teammates and coaches largely speechless dominated the gym in every way. Jimmy's back said the source to wolf. Why journalists this continues to Ascoli in real time as we're on the air? Any added thoughts to me. Understand it versus ball being coach. Real uncomfortable real hold out NBA. We just make things uncomfortable, but as I understand it, that's not just what he did, and okay, yelling and Cussing. You want to give up some more. I'll give up just this little more. Okay. I heard that he took the third screeners and he beat the starters. Oh, okay. That's a slap in the starters face, but, but this is coach, this is what I'm talking about. When I, you know, I talked about this with Dan laboratory on the de lebatardshow and I'm trying to explain them. He's the best player on that team. I get it call Antony towns, acute nickname, I get every week they're putting them on the while picks he's best on that team. We're talking about impacting wins and losses. This guy doesn't for that team with him in the lineup, they were on track to be number four seed in in the conference without him the almost miss the player. That's, I mean, that's real Jimmy Butler. And let's be clear here. A lot of people making out to be. He's frustrated with the young guys and entitlement that sure that probably plays a part. But what this is really about is this is a guy who wanted to get paid the summer and the timber said, Ooh, I don't know if I've got it, but they had to pay call Anthony. So from Jimmy Butler perspective that you pay him, I'm the one that I'm like the the court said, I'm the one that's you need me to believe win, and you're not going to pay me. Oh, okay. I'll let you know what it's like. And so to do something like that, not only mother bleep everybody on, but they could add like, you know what? A thing. Thirsting. Do a superstar like that plane with a third string unit and being able to beat the, I ring the first stringers that's big time. He said, man is a dog. When you talk about Jimmy Butler, you got us through what people don't understand. He wasn't a blue chip recruit, bright. He pick damn news thirty. Before that Juku. Right. Went to Marquette, wasn't even the best plant Marquette, really because it was there Johnson Odem crowded. Those other guys. So came in role player built himself up to what he's at right here. So the idea anyone feeling entitled like to him must be so disgusting in specially when you saying I don't have money for you. That's what you get right to work for everything. His any question about that with all the mother bleeping though I feel like him in your old coach, Pat Reidy will fit together. Mother bleeping for Riley the tips over the last week. Listen, also criticised coach for not coaches for not pushing them harder. Yeah, we can work harder. You know, he's an old school type guy. He wants to be pushed. He wants to be challenged, but isn't tips. We know what to tips. Kind of like that as well. But we do know Pat Riley's like that. And we know that he would fit in that type of system culture. But like I said before, you know, him being their practice can be a distraction can be either quiet distraction, but it's going to be a distraction today. He just said, you know what? I've had it. I've had it. You didn't pay me when you should have paid me. You wanted to pay this young fellow, but you know goodwill, like he said, you can't win without me, and I just proved it today in practice. So now, hey, tomorrow's practice I wanna report. Whoa. Please be that a ball report on how the ball I want to hear what practices, the mall. It ain't quiet for sure. This isn't an explosion for coast, or if they practice practice might be in south. We'll speaking of Jimmy, the rockets owner spoke candidly to say the least about the ongoing Jimmy Butler negotiations with Houston. Here's Tillman for Tita the owner of the Houston Rockets. We'd love to see Jimmy, come home, the Houston. It's not a financial decision. It's an assets decision. On our part. We've got a great basketball team. We think we're as good as anybody in the league. We're not going to give up unreasonable assets to break up this team to get Jimmy Butler, but we would love to happen so mean about you. But this is a lot like tampering, especially if I'm Magic Johnson, I'm not trying to be a norc, but after what happened on the Jimmy Kimmel show, I'm kinda like, yo, you guys find me five hundred grand for what I did into Jimmy, Jimmy Kimmel one about this dude. This is quintessential tampering. If you open the book and say tampering in the dictionary, it's picture Tillman for Dita that picture, we got him to like this with the microphone and by the way he said this as nations. I wanna make sure that people know he had a conversation with us be nation. He said it on the record. Not even like, hey, we'd love to have a pair like Jimmy. He's talking about how we can about Jimmy, how and how to add him giving up too much and it's not about the money. Right? You can't you. I'm staggered that this is this is something that only someone who is in a part of our sport. I know he's a new newbie. But still. He's about to be. He's about to be fine pretty heavily. Adam silver was sitting there like really, really you won't mention his name, you ever injuring assets it really. And now it's a fan I'm sitting there going like, you know, he's saying exactly what he wants and he wants to go get it. I like you. If let's say it's fine, five hundred million, whatever is it worth it? If he gets it, if he gets. Have you get to meet. We have to do it to get them. Not funny. Did it listen if he gets time for a quick break, but coming up more on the villa. Just kidding. The warriors will take on the Lakers in Las Vegas tonight. So guys, you expect this to become a real rivalry disguise. Next, I'll tell you guys, Jay. Jay. I'm a robot vacuum cleaner. So yeah, I got one gig. I suck up dirt support. My inferiority complex about Geico who does so much more like not only could they save their customers money on car insurance, but they got fast and friendly claim service to and in ward winning mobile plus access to licensed agents, twenty four, seven, who am I kidding? I can't even do corners. Oh, choking hazard. Geico expect great savings and whole lot more tonight on ESPN. It's NBA preseason action Pacers bulls at eight eastern. Then it's warriors Lakers from Vegas. You might have heard bronze there. I think Byron mention brawn James Leahy everybody Lonzo ball will make his preseason debut in that game. Our coverage starts a countdown at seven eastern with Michelle Beedle and company, and everything is live on the ESPN app. You can watch anyway back to the jump. I'm Giordano in for our fearless leader Nichols who's on a Simon. I'm here with our insider hasn't of course three time MBA champ Byron, Scott. And of course you can't wait to talk about your Lakers Byron. So. Anthony Slater of the athletic wrote a piece yesterday exploring whether LeBron James can inject life into a potential warriors Lakers rivalry Byron. Do you expect this rivalry to develop with LeBron town now? I really do. I mean, he's had a robbery with goes day for the past four years. You know, essentially, I mean, I think Golden State looks at him as a rivalry as well. So him being in Los Angeles with the culture here in Los Angeles with the championships that they've won gold and say, being the team that they are, I think they are looking at this as some type of rivalry and for the game tonight. You know, I think that first quarter is going to be exciting to watch because I think both teams are gonna play their starters and let them play a little bit and get a taste of how this is going to be doing regular season and all you fans out that you'd better watch ESPN tonight and watch the Lakers against Golden State. I'm just saying, check it out. I third quarter, you'll have to risk. Time. Yeah, yeah. Coach, I noticed that you guys. Oh, look. He signed for four years. Right? At least three years with that option. Right. There's got a lot of time for them to build up the rivalry agree with you stand today. They know rivalry in the words of clubber Lang. Do you accept the challenge that do not accept the challenge because it is no. That's that's what is. This matchup will be pain. Ride with the warriors Lakers make the playoffs man. It's a lot of steps before you get to be a rival with the warriors. But obviously, coach said is true whenever it's LeBron James versus awards mean we've seen in the finals for four straight years. Bron, James, and any dudes with the against the warriors gonna capture people's imagination. And I'm not one of those people who says, oh, you got to do it in the playoffs. Whatever. Look, if it's something that every time these two people meet, we all tune in and watch. Yup, that's a rivalry man. Nigga heat was a rivalry. Bulls-knicks was a rivalry these things all rivalries yet. It is interesting though because it's become more about individuals, right. In regards to these rivalries, Kevin Durant, wrestle Westbrook Lakers Celtics has some cash aid to it. Certainly, I think that this as you pointed out could become something, hence the question, can it become law rivalry? So the that is not this year. Become not become long-term stretch that out a little bit. We'll be quiet. All right. Mentioned earlier Lonzo ball slated to make his preseason debut tonight after a minor. Nisha jury, this offseason. So I mean, what constitute a successful season for Lonzo. Well, first of all, I want to say that I thought he had a solid season last year. I think a lot of people made a lot to do about shooting which they should've, but he was a guy kinda like we thought about Jimmy Butler when he was on the floor. They were better team, right? They played better. They played faster. They shared the ball more. So his impact was felt from a plus minus standpoint. But for me. The shooting is one thing. If the finishing at the rim coach, he was bottom five in the league at finishing at the rim shot less than forty, eight percent on in the restricted area that can't be, and I actually got the opportunity Lasko by this. Why will you such a bad finisher? And he said, honestly, watch a lot of film him and magic and coach Walton, and he was shying away. He was. He was away from contact. Yeah, and not seeking the contact. And that was making it harder for him because instead of negating the shop lockers getting body to them. Yeah, he's he's trying to adapt to them and taking harder shots, which makes them even more effective because go up there. They can block it all to the shot. And I think with with being in the weight room that added weight is gonna give confidence to be able to go to the basket a little bit more in finish better, but a look at his season Lesher not agree to meet. He had a really good season for rookie with some of the things he had to go through. He plays at a different level when those guys are out there with him. Now you add LeBron some of the other guys. I think for him if you look at just from a strictly number standpoint, if he is thirteen eight, that's a very Asher at ten, seven, seven, so that that is something that he can definitely do. But then you have to look at the other things you got to look at the statistics from the field goal percentage shooting? Yeah. From, like you said, from finishing in the basket, three point shooting shooting free throws and things that that was gonna be my next point was the free throw shooting. I mean, he poor from the line, but also a lot of that is if he initiates that context, he will get more and coming off a pick and roll. He's a really good passer, but in this league have to be aggressive. You gotta be aggressively searching for your shot because otherwise played for the past that takes away a lot of options. But again, this guy, he's been watching film with magic on one side and Ron. And so you know his basketball is going to be kicked into high gear. Yeah, he's on a PHD pro. Basically, the Lakers have a bunch of cap space next summer and they'll be looking at another start to their roster. Currently, Brian Windhorst wrote a column today. Exploring for stars is wanna play with the Brian when Scott lebrons former teammate, Kevin love to go on the record about the difficulties of playing with James. Here's what Kevin had to say. You have to be resilient. I had a lot of times. I always believed you keep fighting stubborn about it and LeBron makes sure that you have a chance to win every single year. He's got a lot of guys, a lot of rings Byron, do think LeBron extract a superstar this coming off season. Absolutely. And again, when I look at the Brian, I think Magic Johnson, you know, guys saying, you know, in this lead, it's difficult to play LeBron James, why? How he makes everybody better. He's he's a willing passer. He's all about the team, Magic Johnson, same thing. So do I think he can attract a guy? Absolutely. I think there's a a frigid superstar is looking at this Laker team and go to keep their. I on his team the whole season to see how they're doing and see if they could be that final piece of the puzzle to get them to the point where they can challenge go next year. So I do think without shuttle belt did he can attract to superstar another superstar to this Los Angeles. Take me to look. This is like, said, man, you're going to be. Opened in ways that goes, I magic. You remember the first time you've got hitting the head by ball. You didn't know you were as opening. I never did because I made. AC green got hit. Watch me. He makes your job so much easier. So why wouldn't you wanna play with Magic Johnson? Maybe where I could just stand in the corner and say, okay, when they dealt, you just throwing this out. Knock it down and playing with LeBron can escalate your game. Now I'm not one of the people think that everybody who plays what LeBron gets a game escalated, and there are some guys, tough adjustment, Dwayne, Wade, George, you know this, it took him about a year to how I need to move off ball because Upton to point Wade had the ball in his hands every time. If you're a ball dominant player, there is an adjustment there, but you gotta figure out that we're, we're going to go as far as I got carries talented, Kevin love is, and I think he's, he took an enormous hit. Yeah, public image wise and last four years. I still think he's a hell of a talent, but doesn't matter how talented you you're not LeBron James, and so we're gonna ride LeBron over him. Chris Bosh was another guy who has Justice game, certainly. And Chris became an excellent defender. That was something that he of molded. He wasn't a great defender necessarily. Toronto. Now we had a graphic up a second ago about the potential free agent. Right that are coming up this off season. The question is this hotel blonde right? One of those guys do you think would come because look Jimmy getting trading wherever he goes to probably will pay him. I don't see Claire, Kevin, leaving coli. Maybe Toronto. We've heard the clippers. We haven't really heard the Lakers in that discussion and if they have been a distant third. So where do you go with that money? Potentially? That's a tough one because I dearly. So we got some names their album for Marcus all great players, but I think that shortens the Lakers window. Right? And if I'm magic and I'm rob Pelinka, we wanna make sure this window lasts as long as possible, right? We wanna make sure that we can outlast the warriors, whatever they got going up. There ain't gonna last forever, right? So we want to be able to take them down maybe now, but worse. We don't outlive outlast them. And so you look at some of the younger names on that list? I think I mean, Jimmy and quite obviously would be ideal ideal. There clay, you always hold out hope because of his ties. He's from the area and all, but you know, beyond that. I don't know about spend the money on our Horford even though I think I'll hope that would make them amazing maybe piece it together with just a bunch of different players, Chris Middleton type thing. That we always got to remember is that the there guys on that roster right now who are going to get better, right. We're gonna be maybe Brandon Ingram. He might grow into be that caliber player that we saw on that screen. Right, right. And didn't they might have to focus focus elsewhere because of Brandon Ingram growth are kouzmines growth. So I think it's all all those names are great, but you still gotta wait and let this play out. We're going to have the audience focus elsewhere here in just a second as the jump recommends today, take a look at Zach, Lowe's release his annual NBA tears column on ESPN dot com. What are the Lakers fall? So it's playoff tears. You can check it out and of course stick around because we got Corey brewer coming up, hanging out on the jump. We'll get James's in LA. I'm deal coming up on forts in our Adrian warts announced he has new info on potential to me Butler trade plus teeth for the home to this week's big test against the patriots defense and oppressed hybrid. We'll see with Keith Olbermann tonight eastern after PTI. Welcome back to the jump. We now. National champion, Robin veteran cover free. Right there, Corey brewer to the show. Of course, you've got some highlights. Jungle. Thank you so much for stopping by. We wanna get your thoughts on that. Jimmy Butler saga and just a second, you know, we were talking about during the break, but. Playing this year. You want to get back into this very cold, help it in. So it's all about the opportunity. Sweet. Sweet. Now, let's get into the drama because humidity's league along time. You know what, when this stuff starts the pile out and get into the media. So Jimmy Butler his first practice with the t. wolves, let's say, wasn't great victim altruism. Here's what loads tweeted at one point in the scrimmage sources said that Butler turned to GM Scott Layton and screamed you leaping need me. You can't win without me, Butler left teammates and coaches largely speechless. He dominated the gym in every way. Jimmy's back. That's what the source told a mean. Also added that Jimmy Ray was third team and beat the starters. So Corey. Do you understand what. I was gonna say, must've we're having a good practice. Go play man. Right now he wants out. Yeah. Sly going on, he wants to get out. So he went and showed him give me out. Pan show. How do you handle that? Like if you're not was you have to deal him now? Right? There is no choice. Thank you have to thank you. Should have been all ready done, but you know, you have to know he's in practice is disruptive. You have young guys over there. What kind of coach are you trying to have any organization? That's what it's about now. Now we, we all thought he was going to be disruptive in a very quiet way. And obviously, you know, I was wrong. I thought he would just be there and be like, yeah, I'm here, but I'm not here. You know, I don't want to be here and I thought he would just kind of go about his business and then you know, in the locker room, you everybody in that locker room. No got doesn't want to be here. But the come out today now they know Joe leaping need me and you can't win with and we all know the record when he played last year. Yeah. I mean, they were wanted to better teams into Western Conference. He goes out, they dropped. They almost missed the playoffs. So I think he made his point very clear today and he did it in a very loud manner. That's what I said. Actually, I said they're like top fourteen last year when his plan, he's probably. Top two guys and then be. Yeah. So he wants to buyers point of it in no. Now, the shooting. No doubt about that ten year vet. Anthony. Tyler said this about Butler. He was pausing with hesitation around. That's really all I've got to say about that Jeff. Teague at it after practice here I've I've seen him. So that's all he said about chivvy buyers. How would you handle this? Well, you know what? It's funny for me because I'm sitting there if I'm the coach and he went off the way he went off, probably sit there go, he right. We can't win without. All right. We can't win without him. So we know he's disgruntled, we know we gotta get a deal for him as soon as possible. Let me go. Let me go in office in my secretary. Please call call Pat Riley right now. Let's let's see if we can get a deal done. Let's see if we can get Jimmy to Miami and we can go back to some normalcy here in our organization. But as a coach, I would have been sitting there going. Yeah, he right. We, he just beat jaw with Arthur Trine guys. So he's right. Well, that's why tapes keeps trying to keep them there because he knows. But you don't want to be. That's the tough part because Cosa he's right. He's not. He's not just talking. He's right. It's like that. Roy Jones union, ROY. He thought about like he broke his right hand. So beat the dude. That's not bragging that actually happens. But at the same time you have already made an organizational decision that said, we're about call Anthony towns about Andrew Wiggins. So you can't even admit that he's right because then that negative feelings hurt. Yeah. So that's that's when the president has to step in until the coach. I know you want them. I know he's really good for us, but we got, we got, we got to move on and we'll move on. If something else happens. We'll let you know clearly, but time for an addition of what were you thinking, Getty brewer. Brewer. I'm not sure. What were you thinking when you saw the replay of your dunk on Fisher? Let's let's check it out. Yeah. What do you think you Corey, these fish, please move. Fish was thinking day, man, I should have moved. Oh, wait a minute. To he's life. Plastic man right yet for live. Room, the modern-day plastic man. You could see the look on deficient space, but I'm gonna take this way too. This. My goodness. One time. Let's you. Would anyone help him up. You won't for that man. All right. So let's go to the next. What were you thinking when you dropped an old miss defender while you were at Florida? Let's take a look at his back from your college days. Okay. No, you did chlorine what we thinking? Oh, no, I was mad. I didn't go dunk. Oh. Boomer boomer skit right there. That was for. That was, you know what? That Florida. He might have been one of my. It was one of the best college basketball teams. We had very long time. I wish I wish I could tell you guys, but we used to call them. We're office. So this is that we talked about this in the break. Corey was one of the top prospects Horford Dono. They're all the top prospects meeting to have a top pick in that draft. We are twenty four or something like that. We would watch guys around at twenty four, twenty five. And then we get bored is put on some against adult films. Were all Florida highlights just dream about having. 'cause all move the ball. So the way they played the way they played the right way, probably more so than any cards. He might remember the last twenty. That's why they dominated the way they did. So let's go to the next one Corey. What were you thinking when you got away with this agreed travel, we've tried to call you out, but what was happening here? I mean, how many steps. The real thing coach was no Trump. You did pick that up into three point line. How you got three referees out there. They all miss it. Two, three, four. The yellow gargantuan. Human beings of great athleticism, lousy in high school though. On the dunk, and then you do this. You'd be like six. Together, go over there and like of grab ram and miss. Got it together for steps to many gory, but they didn't call it. Thank you so much stuff. We appreciate it. Man. We've got an important update on Gordon Hayward rehab progress. So make sure you stick around here on the jump. ESPN dot com to sign up for fantasy basketball, the jump staff as their draft after the show today. Oh yeah. All locked in blue. You didn't get the invite on Bodmer. Oh, you do. Gordon Hayward has returned from that devastating leg injury from year ago, but he's now dealing with some back soreness. Here's what he told the media about managing that back issue. Quote in the past bother me always come down. I was fine with the treatments and stuff this time getting worse, especially after playing found out that it's going to be a process because of not playing for so long. So the rest of my body has to readjust the playing. So. As a lingering issue throughout the season, potentially. I'm sure that the the soldiers aren't happy to hear that. This was a problem already, you know, that was lingering over the years and now that they got him signed and he has the the, the broken leg, you know, his his body is gonna have to just not used to going through this right now. So you know, when you heard any part of your lower extremity, the back is always going to be the one that's going to take an abrupt brunt of it, and it's gonna take a little while for you to start understanding what you have to do on a day-to-day basis to get through it. There's gonna come appoint time. I mean, you know, there's during the season where he's going to just go through that threshold of pain and get through it, and then just keep playing the game of basketball, but it's going to be a process is gonna take him some time because that injury had last year was a devastating injury, and it's it's just gonna take him time, you know. And that's the tough part about injury recovery, a lot of times the actual injury, that part's fine because areas other areas because now you're compensating coaches. Absolutely, right. You know, there's a reason why we lived up some heavy, say lift with your legs. With your leg is rehab and you start to do stuff more with your back, and that's how you end up with backs Warner's, especially if he's experiences in the path. Well, the positive side, there's never a positive to injury. I'm talking about organizationally is that they have enough. There to help them out and that way Gordon can take his title me back from this. That's kind of a point. Absolutely. You know, it's it's a blessing for them to have as many talented wings as they do were it's not a desperate situation where when you go and back, right, right away, I think they would love to just have him healthy for the playoffs. That's the bottom line is they can have him and healthy with the with the rest of the players that they have on that. That team, they feel they have legitimate chance to to the final. So right now is just you'll be very cautious with Gordon Hayward. He has come back from unbelievable injury, so just take it easy with all right. It's time for league past game of the night. Okay. Wizards piston. Okay. Austin rivers was acquired by the wizards via trade this off season anyways to no time telling CBS sports, how he feels about his new squad, calling them slept on and say, everyone is quote, show bleeping gassed up on the Celtics and Sixers. I mean, I mean, I mean people sleeping on the wiz. Words, I mean, yeah. 'cause they're like a certain mattress man, nice and comfy. Yeah, we sleep. We supped on a master. Actress. We slept good sleep. Long time because they keep giving us say. And this company pillows and soothing music. Look, I'm sick and tired of the wizards telling us that we're sleeping on them and they can't even get home court advantage in the Eastern Conference win the division. They can't even win the division out last year was only wanna pick the Heathrow individually with the are Kuwait. Austin rivers, right? This was like. Tailor-made to be Washington wizard. The same thing talking to whole talk. Not actually doing a lot of talking and I'm gonna meet. I, you know, I'm not sleeping on my head. I'm in that top four as well. But you know enough talk doing. Enough talk. Yeah, you gotta come out and play that. That's the bottom line quick talking about it just be about it. Let's listen if you can go out there and perform well and Dwight has a buttocks injury to deal with too. So I, it's, there's some stuff going on there that's reoccurring. Also, here's the real quick. Why should we be gas about the Celtics and the Sixers. We scrub team right. Or the best team in the east and Maeve and have a chance against the warriors? Yeah, we guest on them. Elliot. Billy's pretty exciting to you as well. So Antonio walkies guest up on them three for buying a mean. I'm George Rachel, be back tomorrow high.

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