Episode 441: The Reckless Moment (1949)


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Mrs Harper goes to great lengths to cover up the crime which leads to more and more trouble of of course. We're going to be spoiling this film. So if you've missed it over the last seventy years please be warned so Colin. When was the first time you saw the reckless moment? And what did did you think. The first time I saw was probably ten or so years ago is passing by the late lamented. Kim's video on saint marks displace and they had a box of bootleg. DVD ours out front for sale. That had just been transferred from vhs tapes and the cover art or just been squeezed and this was there had never heard of it. But I adore James Mason. I adored Joan Bennett and I had seen. Maximum feels was caught before which I loved so I brought it took it home. It was barely barely watchable copy but I absolutely loved the movie movie and waited several years until I could find a import dvd from the UK with an actually watchable print. Is that the indicator. How about you SAM? Years Ago I had this blog and I would do these kind of they. They sound insane to me now but I would do these like really comprehensive review series where I would take anywhere from seventy five five to one hundred fifty films in particular sub genre and try to watch and review them all which was a really great way of of watching things like film noir titles I had never seen an and so I did this huge like one hundred fifty films noir series and one of the things things on my list was this film and I would say two of the things I fell in love with the most that I had never seen or didn't really know anything about before I did. That series was the reckless moment and caught and I just was so blown away. This is a first time. Watch for me. I had never seen this film before war. We talked about Max hopefuls. I think it might have been last year the year before we discussed the earrings of Madame de and and I just realized wow I really don't know very much about this filmmaker but I love the earrings of Madame. Do so much. I was so impressed that he made twenty seven movies. I think in he lives such a short amount of time. I think he was. What fifty five years old? Anne had this wonderful wild career. I mean I've talked before about so many filmmakers who came over because of World War Two and then some every once in a while filmmaker would go back and he was one of those filmmakers who went back and those last few movies that he did were just absolutely spectacular and then diving into the ones that he made here in America during that short stint of from World War. Two Up until I I think with was his last American film. Nineteen forty nine before he goes back and makes around. And this was as you were saying calling. This is a gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous film and such a compelling narrative and I love that at mixes even though this is you know I could easily say that this is is such a melodrama and it really makes a lot of sense that one of the special features on the indicator disk is Todd Haynes talking about the King King of MELODRAMAS and he makes a mistake at one point calls the director. Douglas Sirk instead of OPALS so I was like okay. That kind of makes sense. I'm sure he's so used talking about cirque news that staircase which is very circadian. That appears throughout the movie. Oh Yeah it's like A. It's like prison bars. The last shot I mean that is one of the most sort of exciting overlaps. Those movies like Kat unlike the reckless moment woman and I think also like some hitchcock movies like Rebecca and suspicion that you could describe as being kind of a women's women's film or like a women's melodrama but they also have these sort of gothic thriller elements in Film Noir Elements. And I just love the the all especially this film. They don't ever like delve into the supernatural or anything like that but they make the home such took place of menace and terror in session. Effective way did you guys have a chance to read the blank wall that this was based on. Yes I couldn't get over the narrator it so it's the blink wall the book that this was based on I guess that it was serialized instant Paul because it felt very very serialized with the way that we had the ups and downs so the narrative like every single one every single chapter seemed to end on a cliffhanger. It was ladies Home Journal. That's right I think he does a good job of giving you that same feeling at the ending of certain certain scenes without having it sort of smack you in the face too much like an actual film serial it was Elizabeth Sand a a holding. Who wrote this? It's a third person. Sometimes it's like a close third person and then it's a first person and I couldn't get it over it's so much in lucious head and her justification for everything and I was very curious how they're going to translate to the big-screen well and it's hard for me to imagine anyone other than Elizabeth Bennet playing this character like just like. Can you imagine somebody in the film. WHO's maybe I don't want to to be negative about it but like a different type? Who is maybe a little bit more of plays more of victim character or somebody who seems more passive? It's like she makes the did I call her Elizabeth Bennet. You did. But I wasn't GonNa be Dick. I've been watching a lot of dark shadows lately and it's like I know her name. Is Joan Bennett. But when I look at her I think analysts Beth but I I feel like it makes her anxiety like her bringing bringing her sort of like iron clad will to the role it makes her anxiety and that kind of sense of inner monologue in justifying everything thing way more believable for me. Like I really can't imagine I mean caught an I promise I won't bring up every other sentence but Barbara. Bel Geddes is his stars in caught in a very different character type but she's very sort of like wistful and she's trapped there and she needs to be rescued queued and like Joan Bennett does need to be rescued by anyone. But it's like her. Internal anxiety is causing all these problems and I think that just translates translate so well well. They do such a smart thing of having her take control of the narrative even though we have this Voice of God narration at the beginning. Who never comes back? I kept thinking that it was going to be a character inside at the film. He sets things up and kind of tells us about how Mrs Harper's taking your car and going to Los Angeles we'd and we don't know why exactly but here she goes and she she leaves the family behind and it's like we get shots of almost every single family member in that opening and her leaving them and then we see her take charge and going into this place and we don't know why she's there and it's this very low seedy motel there's people loose morals there but she again like I said she's taking charge and confronting this Ted Darby character right off the bat and saying you need to stay away from my daughter right now so we really get that stealing nature that you're talking about with the way that she is taking control which is funny because later Iran in the film you're right she's never hysterical but there are so many moments where it feels like the the. The pressure is mounting in that she might crumble crumble if she was less of a strong person. One of the things I love about the opening shot of the car going is it. Establishes is the fact that she is on the go and throughout the whole movie. She's always busy doing something she has some problem to solve. She never gets a moment to herself in even when she's in the car her sons in the boat yelling. Hey mom where you're going and she never gets a moment away from the family and then even when she's in the car with James Mason the Roofer pulls up next to her when she's in the house even if the kids aren't in the room you can hear them yelling for her and and at some point James Mace even says. Do you ever get away from your family. And she's just like no every time I come back to this movie. I just love how the opening shot I just establishes you know defected. The whole world is falling on her. She has no time to herself. She can't have a moment to catch. Catch your breath and things Only about to give more hectic and I think that's a heck of a lot to do in one shot on later on. She has that line. That I'm definitely definitely paraphrasing. But she has that incredible line where she says to him and I think it's during one of their car scenes. She says you have no idea how a family can surround around you and I love the he off. Feels take see sort of like film noir tropes of surveillance and and people always watching you and kind of paranoia and instead of making that be about the police following someone or war criminals on someone's tail. It's like that comes. That sense comes from her own family and such a believable and depressing way. Like it's just it's so grading like you feel so bad for her. I mean are the cops even in this version of it briefly really at the By the water. Like you see the lieutenants Gimmick Dick Little League press conference thing I think. But we don't have a Lieutenant Levy like we do in this story whose yet another force WHO's kind of breathing in on her but instead like you were saying it's the bad guys who will talk about but but yeah it's the family in the family's always there. The family is always observing always questioning and. I'm very surprised that she actually has. I can't really say an ally but she has someone who she can kind of share a secret with with bt. Because in the in the story she has no one maybe simple but really really no one she is completely alone and everyone is against her even her own family and the way that her daughter be and her son son. David are always on her questioning her and WanNa know her motives for all of this stuff and she's doing her best to protect the entire family family but they are giving her a not an inch. It really is surprising to me or I guess especially the first time I saw it. How a can go against this sort of beloved kind of family dynamic? That started to be in all kinds of TV shows in the fifties like this idea of the nuclear family. As being this kind of all American paradise. This film is so so against the family but at the same time. It's such a real kind of motivation for her to do the things that she she does. It's like they're not not just her specific family members but just the environment of the family is so toxic. There's there's another big difference between the story and the movie. Which is that the movie is coming out in Nineteen forty-nine and so the husband Tom just like the he's missing missing and he never comes back to the story in the in the story in the in the holding story he is away and he's in the Pacific theater so he's in the navy or the army and he's fighting the war and there are all of these letters and she feels very compelled to write him always and in this one Thomas still away but he's he's a builder of some story? They make mention they. Don't really come out and say it too well but I think he's going to Berlin to talk about a bridge or something so he again. Is this missing figure. And it's funny. How large charge his presence looms even though he has never seen in the entire story or movie? He's supposed to be there to sort of help. Rebuild War torn Europe. So it's it's kind of an extension of what he's doing in the source material. But I always thought that was interesting interesting an interesting choice. His absence because it's sort of an inversion of the typical Gothic trope where the mother is always absent and the young girl has to deal with kind of an oppressive or restrictive father or male relation and here. It's he's absent absent but it's almost like her idea of the right thing to do is what's the real over overpowering repressive force. His being missing also adds this pressure. Like I need to keep all of this stuff together while he's away it's like if he comes home and things are screwed up he's going to get angry. And that's the last thing I want in the entire world is too upset my husband so she just keeps trying to do the right thing even vigneault for awhile. It feels like every time she tries to do the right thing. It just keeps turning out wrong or there's other forces at work that she's unaware of a lot of of these American films of his all kind of share this theme of being persecuted exile. And it's amazing to me that he could do something like that so well in a film. That's about somebody who's not an exile. I mean she. We live in a house full of her family. But it's like the only person she can relate to is James Mason and I mean how can you blame her but but we'll get into that later and do you WanNa talk about Ted Darby and I'm curious to if I mean the the names in these stories I was Sir are interesting to me. Just the have Derby Donnelly. And then we've got Ted and Tom and I guess we've got David in there as well. So we're hearing a lot out of the same consonant sounds between all of these male figures and I guess the other male figure that we have is her father and I think it's her father in in this. I want to see in the remake. It's though husband's father but in this what it seems like it's her father. I think you could probably do a pretty interesting examination of living parents. In kind of Thriller Film New are from this period. But they're also also inept like maybe not all of them but it seems to me like a lot of these sort of parent figures and I mean even if do you think about something like Hitchcock's the lodger and the sort of forties version of that it's like the parents are not they. They don't take responsibility. They're not particularly good role models. They're just sort of fumbling along and it seems strange to me. The first time I saw this film that she's the one who's supposed to be the head of the household and her father just kind of acts like another child so interesting to me that a a the changes they made to father character from the book to the movie is in the book. He's much more lissette in the murder of Ted Darby maybe or is he. Because that's the thing that I like that. She thinks her father was the murderer for so much of the book. Yeah and she will do anything again to protect him so she's protecting be because she doesn't want these letters to come out because we find out soon that there are letters written between Ted Derby and be but then. She doesn't want anything to happen to her father because she's convinced that her father murderers uh-huh Derby it's like wow okay and no pressure no pressure no pressure whatsoever. Is it just me or is a lot of it all taking place in her head. And I don't mean the actual events I mean she takes in what would be kinda crappy situation and because of all the sort of pressure and expectation and need need to take care of her family in need to keep the family together and things running smoothly. It's like her anxious thoughts and feelings of guilt on responsibility that she's not good enough sort of snowball into this situation that like earlier. We we mentioned that the cops aren't aren't really a big presence in the film and so it's not like the laws really after her. It's more what she thinks is about to happen. I'm reading reading another holding novel right now. Called the innocent Mrs Duff. That's a great title San exactly what you're saying. That's the way that she's structured. Should this book. It's about Mr Duff who is a great day scumbag but just through little little thing by little thing. It's all in his head he's the leg Zayed's so he keeps making mistake after mistake which he then decides to solve by drinking drinking more and more gin than more and more Scotch and he's just he winds just hiding bottles everywhere but if he had just confronted the problem head on and they're actually there wouldn't have been a problem he's the problem. He's just an hassle but it does wind up becoming another like accidental murder. Just like in this. So she's definitely reworkings plot and character motifs. I mean I guess the reason. She's so upset about these letters between Ted and her daughter are sure that they would tie be back to Ted. And then Ted's dead but more than that more than the murder order thing. If feels more like an embarrassment more like a societal embarrassment that these letters I think are supposed to be pretty saucy saucy and that seems to be more of the cause of distress then this whole idea of them being written by a dead man in the the novel kind of what. You're talking about this idea of like a scandal. The sense of shame is much more pronounced because my my read on the novel was that they were barely getting by sort of like a middle class family and she's already struggling to make ends meet in all of their children's families the children's friends families are much higher in class in. They're trying to pretend to be something. They're not which is yet another pressure on the mother. Yeah the whole idea of of her. Having the neighbors that they keep being compared against and that the neighbors have a spot bought at the The boat club and they're inviting the father to join and the father said well. It's really not that much money and it's like you can barely afford anything right now. They make such a big deal of her trips to the grocery store and simple the maids trips to the grocery store and that was one thing I really appreciated appreciated about the book as well was Sybil not wanting to go to a particular store in town because the guy there was complete racist and wouldn't sell chickens to this person because she was black. And that's one thing that's missing from the movie but I do appreciate that. Civil is still uh-huh black in the movie and that she is probably one of the most competent characters in this entire film because there are so few competent characters. I feel like it's is thrown thrown into sharp relief. It's he's got those crazy like big shoulder pads and stuff and it just looks like she's ready to take on the world with those shoulders. Listen stuff just plow through anybody. Who's going to threaten the Harper family? It kind of surprised me. The first time I saw that she actually is sort of given even some support on that. That's what comes from like. I think it's once you start to notice those sorts of elements. It seems very obvious that this was based on something written by a woman. Like juice has a sort of very depressing yet. Authentic feel deal about the pressures of motherhood and running a family and I. I definitely agree with what you were saying earlier about. How this this whole thing about the letters and anyone who writes a letter in an office film like they're GONNA be in trouble at some point? It seems to be more war that she doesn't want a scandal to get out and I don't know if I'm reading too much into this but it also seems like she doesn't won't this kind of public acknowledgement that. She's a failure as a mother. You kind of get the sense that she feels feels responsible for be having this affair and she feels like it's all her fault if she had been more competent and and had brought her shoulders as it were like that never would have happened. Oh she hadn't let me go to art school than she never would have met riffraff. Ted Derby to begin with art schools always to blame. They probably smoke cigarettes. They're probably do those beat Knicks. I was surprised. Is that here in the movie that be finds out about Ted Darby drowning and dying and all this because in in in the story she does not. She doesn't really know about him until the story gets out until poor Lucius finds the the body. And what's the most natural thing to do in the world. Call the police. No you take the body you put it in a boat and you drive it across the lake and you plant that someplace or here. She leaves it on the beach and yeah she hides the body just like one of the worst things that you can possibly do but again. She's doing it all to protect the family but at least with this B. understands why she's doing it and be he is well in this one. She's not necessarily an ally if anything she's like a source of potential mistake like she has also monitor what be is going through. Oh and wants to get rid of her almost as soon as possible wants to send her up to a place in Lake Tahoe and just ship off so that she doesn't screw anything up isn't isn't it. Be suggestion to go to Lake Tahoe in the movie. You're right I think it's I'm confusing it with the book where she wants to send her off to aunt grace or something Someplace upstate New York in the book. The mother wants to send her away but in the movie. The daughter wants to go away. Yeah there's this very weird mother daughter tension that reminded me a lot of something like mildred pierce. Where the daughter is just kinda terrible part of me? I mean I'm sort of unforgiving of characters like those but she's just such an ungrateful Brat. That like you kind of want her to at least be arrested arrested or questioned or you want something to happen so that she's aware of the gravity of the situation and stops just sort of throwing these tantrums uh-huh but because her mother is so feel so guilty in trying to take care of everything you never really get the sense that she goes through that awareness. I hate the sun to David so much. Look like chides. His own mother for driving and Taken the boat out and it could be dangerous and that he needs to replace a spark plugs and that he bought to those spark plugs out of his own money and he wants fifty cents for them. I'm just like kid. Your mom is barely making ends. Meet here in this household. She doesn't not shouldn't be paying you. Fifty cents fucking spark plugs. They're both telling her what to do is if they think they know the score and they do not know at all. I do love these introduction when Joan Bennett comes home and you know the bees in her private bathroom so so once again. The mother has zero space to herself. And then there's the thing mother you think you understand people but really that you really are terribly old fashioned. You can possibly understand a man like Ted in the way she delivers. That line is just so brady. It's so perfect. Oh yeah because she believed to Derby in a heartbeat over her own mother of course and that's one of the most effective things about the film is that you have these two man. Dan Splitting Children. Who are just giant BRATS? And it's like I think what makes the film's in conclusion. So tragic is the fact that you will at least i. You genuinely want her to leave her. Ask whole family behind and run away with Donnelley. Because he's the only person who is nice to her and treats her with respect. Oh totally they will get to it when we get to it but these reaction to the whole thing is more relief like oh I'm okay not like Oh my mother's okay or like we're all gonna be okay. Here's a family. She is totally selfish. She has reverted exactly who she was before. You know awareness. No no kind of character there are no change so it's like you get this horrible sense that she manages to save the day and no one's is going to be held responsible for Darby's death but nothing in her family life has changed in everything will go back to the way it was. I found it interesting to feud the set this whole thing around Christmas time. Because that's just seems to add to the pressure. You know that kind of reminds me a lot of like It's a wonderful life and just that Christmas is supposed to be this joyous time but all of these pressures come with it and they've got the damn kids playing playing the piano and the girl is missing Souza's her paddles and all this stuff is going on and then he got the fucking uncle who loses all the money and you're gonNA be fucking destitute and here. It's not necessarily as insane as that but it is still bad and then you've got. Here's you know father other bringing in the Christmas tree and it just then. The husband isn't going to be home for Christmas and it just adds more and more pressure to all of this stuff as well that here. It is all also at Christmas time. The really genius way to sort of underlying this idea about family expectations appearances and things. Having to be this perfect way we mentioned Donnelley. And let's talk about Donnelley. This is the James Mason character who is in my opinion. Right up there with Joan Bennett. One of the most interesting characters that this movie has to offer. I mean he's also really hot got especially when he's doing that Irish accent. Good Lord off. I know I mean this. I think I think and get sort of a shame because I feel like people who are maybe not as into cinema and maybe haven't seen some of these older especially forties late thirties films. Think of James Mason as the sort of older man with his gravelly voice. and You you know he's James Mason but when you see him in to me this kind of period in the forties is the highlight of his career like he gave amazing mazing performances throughout but he just plays some incredible roles during this time where he almost almost as dislike heathcliff type figure where sometimes he plays outright villains and sometimes he just plays these kind of more complicated figures but I mean he just he so compelling you kind of have the feeling thing that like he could do anything and you would still want her to. We've with him. I mean to go from the odd man out to this this film both with those Great Irish accents. It just like that is a hell of a double feature speaking of accents. Since have you heard his southern accent in cold old sweat. I heard it in Mandingo. Thank you very much. I haven't seen that pretty intense a lot. I have a soft spot for a cold sweat. We watch that last night. It's I think tariffs young. Made this one in. Its WanNa Brunson's European in films shot in France he's married to leave omen And then James Mason in a bunch of other people break out of prison prison. They had all been in military prison together in there looking for Bronson because he owes them a debt and they want him to like motorboat them like across the border in Mike. Jill Ireland is involved somehow. Course it's crazy it's wild it's Bronson and James Basins accent is amazing and it's it sounds incredible. I I enjoy the movie and it makes me happy anyway. That's off topic when you said. He wanted them to motorboat them. I was something else. Okay so what exactly Josh. Not just an innocent young boy watching. HRIS Bronson movies so Donnelly is the most fascinating character to me because he starts off as a villain and then he he changes throughout this movie. It's something that you don't necessarily see. I know that there are extra on the BLU ray talking about James Mason. Jason is being fatal so taking that found fertile and throwing it on its head and I can kinda see if we were to gender swap Lucia and Donnelly and this man in trouble and here comes this evil dame who ends up having a soft spot like okay that that you know. I've I've seen that before. I've Seen Gloria grahame. Kinda changed her tune in movies but here having this male character changes tune in this move is very a surprising. You don't expect that and you don't expect him to come in and be this Suave Scoundrel and then slowly we start to realize that Lucia is a great woman who is trapped in this horrible situation and then when he starts to to do these nice things for and he does nice things right from the beginning though they come in very small patterns and then start to get bigger and I will say right off the bat when he gives her father what I assumed to be some winning horse Picks right off the bat. Then it's like okay. He already radius starting to work with this family. And then that's really. I think seeing her trapped by the family and his lack of family I think helps turn him into a different person under my favorite details from the book. That didn't make it into the movie. Be Is Berating. Her mother go. You can't it'd be seen in public with this man do whatever they want and then when she's behind closed doors she's part putting on makeup. She's she's getting turned on by this. I mean Kenya. Blame her he also looks damn good in an overcoat but have either have you seen the night has is I have been trying to. I can't find a good copy. I'll have to if I still have mine. I'll have to send it to you. But the night has is is is. It was one of the first sort of younger James Mason films I saw and he plays kind of a similar type but the film is definitely more more of a gothic thriller. It's kind of like these. These two young women traveling through the countryside get derailed by storm and they're forced to stay a- At this Manor House of I think he's a writer but he's very tormented and very James Mason and they safe they come to believe that. Maybe he's a psychotic killer but he does this sort of similar about-face where he becomes more sympathetic. And of course as you're watching it you're like yes. This is James Mason. Everyone's GonNa Fall in love with him by the time. The film's is over. But I I love how he's able to make that type The night has is is much more over the top hop in a gothic melodrama sense than the reckless moment but I love how authentic he's able to make it like you still can believe that he is this hardened criminal while at the same time understanding how he has a soft spot for a family and why he starts starts doing nice things for her like. It doesn't seem ridiculous. I think one of those moments too is when he goes into a drugstore with her and she's going in there to use the phone and the pharmacists mistakes them for being a married couple or a couple that's together and that he ends up buying a gift for her which I thought was very nice as well and just that it's almost like he's trying it on. He's trying on the whole idea of what. What would it be like to be respectable man here with this beautiful woman? One of my favorite parts of that scene is when he's buying the cigarette holder. The Grocer says I can't tell if the list says two or three cans of toothpaste. Let's make it three in sort of like being a yeah. Let's cheat a little little bit you know. But let's charge your little more. He's trying to be complicit in ripping off and I think that only adds sympathy. I mean in terms of like Jane's Mason Following for Joan Bennett. 'cause he realizes heck you can't even trust the grocer everybody's out to get this woman. Those are my favorite scenes in the film. Tom Weirdly I mean I love melodrama so probably not weirdly but the just those moments of them running errands and doing domestic do things together like their chemistry on screen is so good and the characters complement each other. So well that you you can see what it would be like if they actually were together and you wish that that could happen. My favorite line is went on. Its right after after the The roofer pulls up next to them and then drives off. She looks over at a James Mason and says that we told you we should've taken my car and it's like wait. You're telling your blackmailer lake. I could do this better. You should have listened to me. I thought there was a really charming and funny. Not only does she have to worry about being blackmailed but she also has to worry about her social standing thinking that people are going to think that she's having an affair with the sky and that can't happen but yeah but anyone who looks at James Mason probably is gonNA assume that they're having an affair out of jealousy right. Yeah and that's one thing. Yeah I mean the kids start to suspect that at least in the story. It's just like what are you doing with this man mother and you've started to change when you're around this man and Dad's away. Hey how dare you spend time with this man. And you don't have a chaperon or anything it just that becomes yet another pressure on this poor person and she. You can't tell them. This man is trying to blackmail us in ruin our family and he wants this obscene amount of money. And I can't even buy meat for the table. And he's now trying to bestow gifts on us any sending US roasts and Hams and all these things. I'm talking about the story. Sorry just so. Don't look for this in the movie if folks are listening but you know it's like so now she's got even more troubles you know it keeps going and going and going. I think it's no coincidence. Either that in the in the book version you meet Donnelley's partner you meet this guy the naval and he's the first threat to come to the door and then donnelly comes and then Donnelley's like the nice guys good cop bad cop though he's not a cop up and then in the movie they did a smart thing I think by leaving Nagel offscreen and you hear about Nagel and these almost the the same as the Tom Character that you hear about him. He's an offscreen threat but finally they come through with Nagel in the movie that he is. It's an actual real physical threat. So there's something that I wanna get back to quickly when you're talking about in the book how he sends and he sends them like Hams and all these extravagant things and something that I spend a lot of time thinking about with off feels films. uh-huh is the way he deals with objects because gifts and jewellery and any kind of luxury items are usually really heavily weighted in his films. uh-huh like they get people into trouble. They often have these sort of the they kind of set off the chain reaction of events events that leads to something tragic happening and I mean you know you have the scene in this film where. She's trying to sell her jewellery to kind of come up with his blackmail money but but in the film version he doesn't give them let like you said you know when you're watching the movie. You should not look for the Christmas Ham to be delivered delivered but he. It's his gift. Giving is different in the movie than it is in the book and it almost seems like for officials when a man gives a woman a gift. It's almost always elicit in some way. It's either a lover who's who's giving a romantic gift or a husband who's giving some sort of course gift that says that he controls his wife or he owns her but the gifts and the things that he gives her in the reckless moment are all these really kind of small practical things that that seemed to be more genuinely romantic than if he you know sent her a whole bunch of roasts or bought her a fur coat or something along those lines and I just have always found that so fascinating with the way off fuels places such importance on objects objects in his various films. It's like one of I think one of his unifying themes and it just is so interesting. How it plays out here here like this idea of small? Domestic interactions is more romantic than any kind of big gesture. Has It's such a great point totally agree. I like the way that you say his name by the way because the first time ever heard his name it was pronounced Ole Fools and I was like no full. No this is not an Irish gentleman. His name is not Oakland and Darby. Oh fools and the little people. I'm sorry and I'd like that. His name is not spelled the right way in the credits. It's that when he was making this American films it was the drop the H in those Opel's that poor man I mean when he wasn't being a kicked out of of countries and sort of being forced I just I feel like that exit an I know I talked about this a little earlier but I feel like that exile theme pops up so so much because he's always kind of being forced or at least asked to change who he is whether he's losing the H.. Completely or whether he's missing his own lout I mean the poor guy couldn't get a break. I had the great pleasure of a a couple of years ago seeing his son Marcel. Give a talk in this. Really tiny lecture room it was probably like twenty a twenty five people and he talked a lot about his father's work. And sort of how this idea of you know surviving surviving. The war is what led him to make his documentaries but he was sort of saying that he felt like that idea of being in exile on always being on the run and spending so many years under a hostile government or at least a government who viewed you as a foreigner definitely had a big impact on some of his father. Seems as well you and I talked on the one episode. I mean it's it's a similar Miller story the whole idea of Laurey being in Germany and then coming over here and then really trying to embrace the American way of life and then eventually going back and making the lost one. I mean just that that immigrants story of so many as filmmakers and actors and actresses. It's just amazing. All of the different on trajectories that their careers could've taken and what we managed to see in all of these different people and what happened to them. People spend a lot of time. Talking about how film noir is such a you uniquely American thing but to me I know that like I'm not the first person the ever think or say this but to me it's not even about being distinctly American thing. It's about being part of a time when so many people were exiled from home and so many of those exiles whether they're writers or directors or actors it came and made these films about being persecuted in exile. And that is one of the things that I find so fascinating about from the war. I guess says that it's not. It's hard for me to see it as sort of a national movement. It's it's kind of like this. International Melting Pot movement. That just just happened to be by a world war forced into one place at one time and you know what would it have been. If if that wasn't the case I wanNA talk about the whole idea of the shopping list to this whole thing you talked about how the The grocer sure the pharmacists can't read the shopping list and then a shopping list. The different one ends up coming up as being this possible downfall to her and I just find it so ironic that of all things that could trip her up that it's a shopping list that they find under the body and it's like Oh my God the most domestic thing you can possibly do is make a shopping list and here it is and this might be what screws her up. I also found it interesting. Listen to that in the book that she has a different reaction to someone else who gets caught for the crime who gets pin. The crime on she immediately goes to all my God. This is bearing false witness. This is a sin. I cannot commit a sin and it just becomes this whole thing of her torturing herself more with this idea of a guy who might get accused of a crime that he didn't commit that she thanks that she committed or is at least covering up in the movies. The shopping list is she finds it at the end. She does which is great okay cool. I just wasn't big swim to make sure okay. Yeah but she thinks that she's she's screwed up because you can't find it. Oh you know I see what you mean. Yeah and again that goes back to what you were talking. Awesome in her own head you know she manufactured this own sense of like evidence of guilt. Yeah and that's one of the things that strikes wakes me so much about. This film is in film noir. The most probably common protagonist type is this sort of guilty guilty persecuted usually male character. And it's hard for me to think of another female the protagonist in film noir. Who is as guilty as she is? I mean usually they're persecuted but the persecution is coming from somewhere else like from husband or you know somewhat some other way that they've gotten themselves into trouble but here here it's it's like eighty percent coming from her. It's impressive how much she torments herself. I can so relate you know she's her own own worse than a map over anyone who over thinks a lot will love this movie and you're talking about the the idea a sacrifice and James Mason. Does that found fertile thing that that last moment of redemption. Because he's the one that comes in and when Nagel shows up he ends up taking care of NATO taking care of as and killing and then pretty much. I don't think it's the necessarily the fickle finger of fate. I think it's almost like the censorship board as far as him having to die at the end into this and he ends up taking the blame for stuff so it imports things again with him. Being the person that it takes the blame for everything and really redeems himself by protecting her by by throwing himself. You know the the the whole idea this car crashing. And then he's just like Oh. Don't worry I'm all set now. and has this very emotional final scene which you would expect again like Gloria Gloria grahame or some other really bad girl who's trying to redeem herself to have a lot of these movies especially some of the the film noir titles that could double as women's melodramas like the The Humphrey bogart movie. The two MRS CAROLS COMES TO MIND. They have things about them. That are great but they also have a lot of issues sort of problems that you could point like narrative aired of problems that you could point out but this film. I just think it's so perfect. It's I love it so much. I've talked before about about the idea of hands and arms and them being kind of a stand in for Phallic symbols. I don't think it's a coincidence. Incidents that he ends up getting his arm stabbed in this fight with Nagel and that he can't really use his arm in the rest of the movie. I think there's gotta be something about that. And it seems to be sort of related to this idea of his masculine askin physical power and he now has lost that in a very kind of literal in in your face way I agree with you. He kept telling her that throughout the whole movie. El Al Take Care of. It'll take care of it in the end. Like Nagel still got to her. You know. He's I think he probably felt a Simpson's failure. Everybody feels like a failure in this movie. Basically I just want to give him a big hug. But you can't because his arm is all busted aside hug on the other arm pat on the back. It'll be alright donnelly. It does have to me the at least a similar ending to. It's a wonderful life. This whole idea of the family being reunited at the end and them getting the phone call from the missing father from Tom and her breaking down on the phone. But in this instance. It isn't a whole like. Oh my Gosh I am the richest man a and Bedford falls. This is Oh my God. I just dodged such a huge bullet and her saying like we miss you terribly. I don't necessarily fairly by it. Because like we were saying the handrail right in front of her makes. It looks like she's in prison because she is. She can't get away from anybody now. She's stuck back in this prison and like you were saying. I really wish that she had had the opportunity to run away with Donnelley. I think I would have been much happier for her. That scene right before she gets on the phone when you see her alone in the room on the bed. Just bawling is such a heartbreaking scene. It's like the first moment of privacy. She's I had for the entire movie. She's just so distraught and she's finally letting Oliver emotions out she's had you know to keep bottled up in order due to keep the family together no offense to other actresses but especially around this particular period watching Joan Bennett. Cry Cry is not like watching anyone else cry because you get the sense throughout. I think most of her film roles is from this period that she's such a strong figure and doesn't get swept away with her emotions like so many female characters stereotypically do that when she finally does break down and cry it is just gutting. I WanNa talk a little bit too before we take break about the camera work and that was one thing I remember specifically about the Eram. Earrings of Madame was the idea of these longer take takes a very intricate shots and that is here in force in so many areas of this film so many so many amazing shots. Oh my God it was just gorgeous it makes it easy to watch over and over again. I mean I think the same thing applies to a lot of his films but the sort of trio that he made of this period letter from an unknown woman caught in the reckless moment. They all have so. Oh many beautiful staircase scenes that you could do a video essay and just watch it on a loop and they're just beautiful so but so oppressive staircase jail one of my favorite shots Is At the end of the movie. Joan Jon Benet's on her way home she gets out of the CAB As soon as she walks through the gate there's a hundred eighty degree pan as civil jumps jumps out from behind the bushes in Psych niggles. Waiting for you and your family is really mad that you're late for dinner like to to really horrible problems. Both of which he does not want to deal with one is one way and one is the other in. Which one is she going to deal with? I and it's ridiculous that they have to take equal weight in her life. Yeah you would think that. The boss of the blackmailer coming to visit would beat pretty bad but in this one it's like which is worse the family or the blackmailer which I think as we we keep bringing up says a lot about how her family life really is in about how horrible her family is like. Just give them all to Nagel trade him in sure could sell be into white slavery and I'm sorry but she's she's supposed to be seventeen. She doesn't look seventeen now. She was twenty four. I can see why that art dealer was going for the other thing. I wanted to bring up in terms of camera. Movement is the scene where she meets Dali which is just extraordinary You know it's in the living room in for the first first time in the movie. She is dead still in. There's one of these like now. Another like hundred eighty degree camera. Turn as he's walking around the room and he's the closing all the doors you know. It's as if he owns this place his first time being there. And it's it's such an intimate space in feels it's very invasive way that he's you know manipulating everything in trying to close things off. But then in the middle of that. Her son runs through the door. It's kind of like wait. She can't even get blackmailed in private in her own. Right as it's it's an odd moment of comic relief in an otherwise extremely tense seeing law and there are so many of those moments where something happens wins. Some sort of typical film noir thing happens with her trying to hide the body or trying to deal with the blackmailers so many any time someone from her family either interrupts her criticizes her tells her how to live her life and it is I guess yes I really think about it exactly that way but I think you're right. It is comic relief but in sort of an absurd kind of black comedy. Way where like yes. It's funny that she has to deal with this. But it also makes you WANNA tear your hair out like give the woman a minute. Oh I totally agree. Those are some of the most. I remember the most like real darkest moments in some of the most excruciating to have to watch. 'cause we knew what she's going through in her family cannot not give less of a ship. Now they're just so myopic like it doesn't even occur to them that she could be dealing with anything beyond their needs. I love one of the lines at Lisa's her mom. She says the differences. When you're seventeen today you know what the scores she says? It would such typical teenager like. Oh I know what's going on. You don't know a damn thing it's not. Aw teenagers say that today. I'm sure they will continue to. It's totally believable. Coming from me but Oh my goodness Joan Bennett knows the score much better than she ever. Will you kind of wish that Joan Crawford would show up and slap are something when when she says things like like that. Yeah those moments of the dark comedy they really reminded me of hitchcock and like those weird moments when something would go wrong like you know forgetting your tie in the back of the potato truck or something you know just the. It's just those dark twists where you're just it's like. Oh Shit what's the next thing that can go wrong and the the ads very I guess. This movie reminds me somewhat of a shadow of a doubt. This this whole idea that does domesticity that is in danger and that young Charleen is the only one that knows what old Charlie's up to in. She can't do anything anything about it. They both have the same sense that this kind of idealized domestic caustic suburban. Life is really just of thin. Veneer that can be cracked at any moment. And I mean you know somebody like David Lynch has made an entire career out of exploring that but I feel like those two films really really show you you. How kind of insidious it was even in the forties in such an effective but such different ways? You mean if you were to tear the front off of houses he would find swine there. All right we're going to take a break in play an interview with loose bacher. The author of Max opals in the Hollywood studios and we'll I'll be right back right after these messages The New York Times James Calls over DOT TV a haven for indie gems. You can watch hundreds of feature films and documentaries on overdose. Not from directors there is such as Clare Denny Debra Granik Shohei Imamura and Chantel Ackerman. Most of Ovid's films are not available on any other service from now until December sixth two thousand nineteen save fifty percent off your first three months involving dot. TV TV JUST HEAD OVER TO WWW dot O. V. DOT TV THAT'S WWW dot O.. V. I D. DOT BTV and sign up with the coupon code rejection at checkout. The offer expires December. Sixth Two Thousand Nineteen so so act now either faithful projection booth listener Chris Statue here. If you're looking in for even more deep dive discussion both old and new on and off the cinematic beaten path. Check out the culture cast every episode. I'm joined by a different guest as we traverse I. The cinema landscape talking about not only are monthly theme but also some of the year's biggest films and even joined the host of projection booths. The one and only Mike White so if you want to listen to even more conversations on film head on over to culture cast dot com or find it on all pod catchers android and irs. I'm Dave Hunt and I'm one of the CO hosts for super true stories and podcast to suffer through and report back on some of the worst documentaries stories you can stream for free actually going and the other co host film is a beautiful lie that teaches us about where we are on the inside. David I look at the documentaries. Whatever the ugliest earliest truths teaching you about mixed martial arts and fishing poorly fake stories and everything you wanted to know about poor production values in stack footage? Check us out on itunes Google play or at super true stories dot com. I'm Chris Cooling from forgotten. TV and you're listening to the projection booth. The ultimate movie. PODCAST it. I wanted to ask you if you don't mind the story of him coming to America because it's always fascinating to me. The wave of of immigrants so came over. When did he come over? He was the last of the major European directors to come over came over in August of the nineteen in forty one last August. Nineteen forty eight so he was here for full eight years. He fled the Nazis very price Ruston nineteen forty three right after the fire of the rich sock until the screenwriter but that he was working with many projects in Asia said why why are you leaving. Aw said he said No. He knew it was gonna have the newest happening. He tried to talk of leaving and he didn't didn't. You got out in time but never should've renewing should've left earlier so an end. The whole thing was going to new France than starting his career there with other like France long arrived roughly at the same time to have Matt All these people rushing in same time and then having a lot of negative reaction from the French film the State. Because I felt that we're taking the same thing happened when again Ballymun so it became a quiet on active anti-nazi operative producing using a radio show radio program Hitler counties if victims in his brain thing the most famous one and that put him of course put him on on the Nazi pursued list so he had to get out of there soon as the the Germans were coming into the country any fled to to Vichy Frost ultimately down to Marseille ultimately. He was invited added to Goto Theatrical tour swollen directed someplace there but he had to leave in there which is a great place for him to be negotiating with Coming to Hollywood not much easier to communicate. He left Switzerland reluctantly. I'm back to after produce all almost mid a film that started shooting Eh. Then these kinds of problem. The Senate didn't work odd but it's an interesting project and so he went back to vichy France and a but Grocott gut this his exit visas on on all other documents were required and then fled and to across a parent as to Spain through Spain to Lisbon. took the last the last ship ex campion out to New York. The degree of on I read My colleague Code Offers Treatment of advantage differs somewhat for Mine and my bays. He's much of it on what I heard from Marcello Holes and other sources that had him Go across the the mountains. Basically on foot across lake like many of the Emergency Emergency Rescue Committee people dead until I thought autism since the was involved with his flight flight with his escape I thought that that was As described for other people you know going on foot would across a month until they could find some mode of transportation but then may not be so. I have to check that again. Getting getting to Lisbon than catching that That steamer to New York was quite the quite an adventure. You've got to New York the last of the bunch and to Hollywood and it shows a problem in many ways had he negotiated something. Did He have a job lineup firm when he got there he was dealing with the best possible agent for that situation. I was Paul. Kohner owner pokonos extremely helpful. GotTa may sort of job offer document a few months. That look very official. You know it wasn't really all set the way it seemed on the on the document and so he led Ed Advised Oprah saw message savior now on you got to to Hollywood and moral choice links Sudan was to go see corner on Koelner basically poem action to so he did help them to performed another Asian. He was able to to find some personal things. You could pursue it was supposed to see a the GO-TO MGM is he LD. Mayor and Who Maggie had met in parison booty? Six and mayor ear had made him an offer income. The Hollywood notables thought about a things are going pretty well for me right now. I'm going to stay here. And Mayor was not a forgiving tight. Wouldn't even saying no showed office but it was not a As people make it out to be the you know the end is that that he was unemployed for four or five years or six six years starving in down periods in there. Yes but the all. Mac's always working on getting the next assignment. He was not to be deterred in give up easily and so he did what he had to. What he what he found most of all was writing projects and so he He learned how to be a Hollywood screen. Writer from the ground. Up with one of the best sprite. Practitioners Howard Koch so hard. became his friend friend that figured into his getting the job for for a letter from home because the two had collaborated before various assignments always Always had something going and then Breslin stages forty a default forty four gave him the gave the assignment for vendetta from thereon. He had a steady paycheck. He thank stages all this thanked him even after they broke up after the the ASKO. who had that good back together and powers and starches also also End of the first real job being the exile would God for the invention of Falsehoood who had a big head but the colors and so he He interceded on his behalf and Fairbanks new awful fools because he spent a lot of time in England united in Europe produced over there. He got that job all all all the punishment with what happened between him. Impressed sturgis he said that there was a fiasco. AW director stitches couldn't stand watching somebody else. You are on so early on. He started the I do three day. She started in a fairing and Max One in there and really the elaborates grain shot of the arrival in an Josu. The brain moved all Deccan this action in their it is fantastic. Set up one wishes. One could find some way Preston. Who had really taking his time with the Senate of heralded above all of a sudden talk by now punctuality and getting pages ages and and all of that in just a complete turnaround from what he got for himself was third? Then by the time US solve the Russia's in his sickbed had actually started to interfere in directing and then an awful Scott say say action at costs because he was contacted he had a contract for debate. Director William Miserable. This production was very was watched by the industry. Got A lot of coverage and everybody knew what was going on so you got the the support from the community and the mark was the option in that in that sense never friendly anyway from brass so the from there on the quick succession of the Of the to universal fells the continuity from one to the other which is what exactly what Max light a like. He didn't like to worry about the next the the next assignment so he got right into ramparts production bill though Scher witch using the same personnel. Basically know them my point. Is that That couldn't have been a letter from one on without the exile before that because I learned the ropes learnt the wittman learn how to operate operate with an American crew all that with the exile and had his fights with the editor with with the Front Office having learned that he we already have was developing strategies. Nine continue doing all the way through his career. He he was able to to start making letter letter from Very efficiently but all the way through had various problems with breath the editor With those are who was looking out for number one for ramparts production and his and his wife down the demand for coverage became a big deal on the shooting. retakes shooting the shots of Joan Fontane to a lesser extent. June Luger. Now there was a whole different situation. There Anthony Ed experienced with fairbanks fairbanks situation was mostly about Oba does not wanting to provide right coverage in a different sense lie he would have long strengths of along. Mobile takes unprovided the no confidence. So you couldn't cut them. The editor was marry. Were sent Foale Accounts vary resentful of the and so ooh earns Ninsu a supervising editor who supported him and They had the support of the front office. I know and The production executives. It was diverted difficult situation than by the good fortune. He didn't have much of a gap between the end. The universal. I should say that that he had a contract. You was was actually a contract director with universal with the contracting shared between fairbanks productions and Universal International. That it didn't but it would not renew. It is one of the bitterest moments in his career. Hollywood career that happened But he was lucky. Both men Ryan hard had the WISP reducer for costs whilst calendar Zu national title based on the novel which they kept some names but not very little. He made a transition to that and that had its own challenges but but he had more freedom there than twenty other shows. I was more incidents of Inter fans. The so-called rabbit shots were mason gets up to grabbed his bag and do go to help the girl who has botulism awesome turns out they wanted to Taught Seinfeld News had had started with David Lowe enterprise or productions and Charles Line fell was the charge he was in charge of the after hours of enterprise and David lows and much more relaxed laid back and serious type and info giving will all the problem with not wanting to shooed. Dude cut to a close up when he on the realizes it spots and he said the action of his getting up will. We'll show go. I do. We have to cut into Gaza farmers. I DIDN'T WANNA make out of it. What he learned the enterprise working with the League? Arms and Morris Rosen cinematographer key crib. Dolly Grip Morris Rosen had invented the crap Dali for Hitchcock on the Pera gene case. Then they had used famously on rope. Of course Oh fools. Had the the BURP grow the the the solid grip code that was used on the on road minutes badge to have who that could do those those shots in the shot with Jimmy Hall and in the doctor's office member the parents keeps on bill is. It's amazing I Jimmy. Hawkins described the holiday shot Bethune interesting and how few weeks until after bad adverse to yeah so With all this signals very complex thing would be done so he learned how to to continue learning on a on a quest that he have already started on the exile which was the shoot while I call hall in my writing? Expressive long takes which is basically Substituting Camera Movement Mondays into different position different angles different distances from the subject with substituting for cutting and what better instrument could you have to to learn how to do that then a craft as it happened the studio five enterprise uprise Raleigh Studios. Now I understand this is a new stage for the floor was perfectly smooth and on later on call front was shooting Lucy the lucy show in there where he pioneered the concept the fighting having three Dali based television cameras so that was one advantage. was that that it was perfectly smooth Tracks far you're so he came out of the out of that experience for do sing that kind of long and also combining it before I call the rhythmic long. Take which is what you see. So much and Law on Lopez Zere were monitor. which is were the camera just seems to be gliding and floating on on not doing those kinds of maneuvers to manipulate camera? Hide subject distance and angle and also combining explosive long to with rhythmic. macaw tastes in very effective. As in all of this you know you see marks of all of this as early as Lebed ally and especially lesson you. In order to Italy was there was nice and in the European films but actually as they move towards the later thirties. There were pressures for for him on directors in general to adopt the final typical Hollywood continuity and so who gets all out in mind so relatively conventional in terms of editing and and so when he came to Hollywood and he saw wells and he saw pressure and drooling living Edmund Grueling. We saw them doing long. Fluid takes he wants back into that game and so he He he did on the learn with a group crew less. Khan the Khan who who had come up with John Stall in the universal in the thirties had cable premiere brand operator with a number to crime. broad famous Broadway Electric Crane and from nineteen twenty nine being the first number one crime. So you had a university student. Not that was into camera movement or sleep early on they pioneering all of this woman and he had Arbiter wooden who who Who did who build a grain of naturally enough call the wooden grain and It was perfect Eric from ax. MISLAID so the knock call the gym on you had new could move the the crane self on tracks or smooth floor and then in you you could spend the arm around three sixty up a non every which way you look at the the letter from another woman in the opera opera. It's actually shot wouldn't grind. That is full extent getting up to the balcony level so had that much range. They budgeted did that for four days when he in for letter from For exile he never let go so he was worried. That was was one of his major camera. Basics basis on that film and then continuing on into a lot of on saw was terrific and look at the situation that caught in that respect was also for learning using camera movements very effectively was was very very good experience for him. His wife said the the one point interruption to his autobiography is almost getting dangerous from him. All this knowledge that got to be a little less prominent prominent that the making of the records moment but nevertheless I'm getting ahead of talking about Casting selecting room he had a crew of on the ice. I recently found out. I know that when I wrote my book the had the recently done knock on any door. The First Santana production with Nicholas Ray and mostly most of the shooting lighting grew had been on knock on the door and then in had did the reckless moment the move on the next year to do the family. Of course there are some wonderful shots. What's in the film? But it's not really the kind of camera movement styled on the Max So she subsidies lid similar Wayne is Raymond good director into a little bit about the crew. I'm curious what was his relationship like with James Mason. James Mason became a friend of of his This pathetic Right from the start was never concerned with getting close ups. This is much more in service off the found wanting to be a star on an all them vacations of that he was supportive with in the making of of the of caught in that one case mentioned coverage to take advantage of to heighten Mason's star attraction fraction by going in foreclosure Lena wasn't necessary nor still until the story effectively and he was on Maqassad and the what he said when we talked about that. really applies to a lot of situations in the making. The reckless moment is the Max was very persuasive. Very calm kind of way. The knew how to talk to people on the give a little under negotiate and to be very persuasive in his point of view. Not In Earl dully the assistant director on the reckless moments Maqsud Sir. Great What he wanted and he's he's stuck to his guns they wouldn't give her usually so he had the quality in Mason said it was a great lesson for him to learn because in his years in England he would just get can get all upset and stomp powered and they show ought of a miracle sacred role model for the tone down? The more was no along with people rather than put on scene. How did the reckless moment coming to be? How was it discovered I the the the story and then they said okay? Let's let's when show bought. It bought the the novel Blank Wall by Elizabeth Sanctuary the holding the nineteen forty seven. The NAL deals with wartime situation On the East Coast and so they had to do is change the location to the West Coast One to switch the action action factors lead to a post war era and all the things that came with the The postal era returning MHM soldiers hours as a whole a whole different game. The whole impacted had on women you know and they're participating in the Labor Pool and during World War Two and all of a sudden. Now that's no longer the case in the school the Quebec to the kitchen so so all of these factors impacted and so he had a series of writers That he considered some of them low budget writers from Columbia Eleo landless being one of them but also alone dirigible dean who is a high level but the person he really wanted was Sally Benson. Who famously been in Saint Louis Dealing with family was her she know various aspects of family life and family family interactions and as we see in that film on she also did a series of stories along those lines for the New York her her liver call junior miss ultimately the writers because she couldn't do it that she recommended were too young young writers working for CBS radio. Doing Junion us. She thought they could bring the same kind of touch on God. Familiarity with the Family New Year and the way families interact and move in a confined space and all that but they could bring that to to the waitress interest movement. And so would max ended up with for the first time in Hollywood anyway was too young writers owners to young writers who had the experience a knowledge of functioning in American families and writing About it but also who had never written a screenplay before he could be their mentor in that respect than also so really draw on the knowledge to enrich the screenplay earned Robert Soda Bergen. Hank Carson Henry Ars and the two of them I guess. I must've been in the early twentieth. Called the boys they Soderberg said it was like a love affair. The first six weeks of working carried by. He took them home for those house for dinner. We went to see his movies. And let's just got along famously. Bruce good producing good. I strive and then to turn out that Wayne sure sure was not happy with neither was BBQ Hayne who was Harry Cohn's perceptible and the Texture Church conference script conference at the end of the when they reached the first converse complete draft by by the trio Rayo Holes Soderbergh Garson and the Wayne sugar agreed with a Hain. The something had to be done this was not as good in some respects especially structurally as the scripted they liked which was mel Dinelli's script. It was a writer and and so they decided with the participation. Of the boy's mind you. It was not the typical typical nasty situation where they kick off one. Writing team replaces another. The boys got to be there to the very end and so they made contributions to to. This amalgamation adaptation drawing on both sources. The Mel Dinelli script. And they're on. They're on news touching. GO WITH THE WE'RE GONNA hopefuls. Would've liked to go with the scope that he had done with them. What they wanted Wayne sure sure one of was the higher though too young screenwriters to bring in certain touches? Subtlety he was a big Wayne. Show is a big fan the the new British realism especially Rufin Connor David Lean Carol. Reed also the phone so so that was one of the things that inform. Rangers thought an also the fact that winter plans already into become part of the runaway to Europe Movement runaway production One of the ways that owns homes adapted to all of the consequences in nineteen forty eight to the paramount decrees than to the encroachment end of television vicious. I really starting in nineteen forty eight to become a big factor and and so he he already had connections wins in Europe to go there as his next endeavor After the reckless moment more about that later he wanted on a to introduce of Just call was subtle Realistic touches the the young writers. I could bring to it into the film. That's what he got them in the first place. When Vincent Undo that officials had that European background and might possibly fit into his plans to go to Europe could be a long term relationship nod just like a The what it appears to be the very beginning sort of a quick dodge Ripley's jaw renoir. Who Harry Colin Price Clouds of Colorado? The competition said he wants too much money. I'M NOT GONNA go above forty thousand and even give Max Forty because he got he got a raise over what he got for Caught shows you how everybody the executives all knew how much somebody not made on a certain film there was share of knowledge of Max never caught up in that game and they all took advantage of it even even his benefactor fairbanks you know. He's perfectly happy to have a direct this epic Salome. A high bud sheds as long shooting schedules film that a rice was laughable. Compared to somebody like Howard Hawks on there was not fair but you know he had no he really had no choice. The the writers started right at the SUIC- Z.. And start date was January seventeenth nineteen forty nine started writing immediately as it happened named CBS was almost across the street from Columbia sunset and Lonzo of late work. They did there to three hours. A studio on the need him nearly afternoon and work with them a few ars and and then they made they made some changes he made some Internet introduced some almonds and then they went home and And his secretary will name Ruth. Martin was much more than a secretary is is They they even got a trailer on the stage. That's important to us shoe as she entertained them and Anxious was willing to put in the hours. Ersan hard work to to make to make it go. And so whatever. Whatever he had changed in the afternoon Initi- would have a type for the typing pool and the next day? That'd be a clean copy of this to date every day. So arm all of this as I said until run along Murray Wall with the same with the writing team until the reintroduction new of Mel Danila after the script conference then produced another another source is shooting script by March first and I was supposed to be the starting date but they had to was postponed by several days after that so that was not the date how about the female characters characters because they are so crucial to the story I think Mobile already said Francis. Williams was worrisome. Pathetic towards awesome With him and What she said one thing on the sort of fits that question that Over the thirteen day periods of working On the Harper House set were with everything order in the sequence in script sequence not necessarily continues news time in the series that the the senior Pearson in this and so having they kind of a a group of people and the set of technicians and said of technology technology remain the same over. Two weeks made very much foreign ossoble's spirit though they we all really liked and on an Francis William said it wasn't just the the cast either those everybody is was technicians. Who are part of this Ossoble as well and they also regretted when when that period some really interesting force are are in the Rashad in that period gathers that amazing racing shot of Mason when he's turning off the lights turning on the lights and closing doors and kind of setting this whole stage for them long? Take Jacob just gorgeous is that shot is interesting and many ways one. It's it's an outstanding example fool of an expressive long tank and Robert Soderberg said Max would bluff screenplay and Briggs Shot by shot and they were fifteen shots for that scene would end ended it all as one long tank. When you look at it frame by frame you realize the mostly shots sorta in the screenplay where worked into the continuity media flow of the camera and so Intensity of of the scene with solution discovering what he's after and trying to respond in for the police and so on it's beautiful all the movements as wonderful taste. It's almost like a fencing match the way she tries to parry with his South threats not he moves over to the light than he turns on and we cut we were particularly fascinated fascinated by the comic relief almost when the sun comes in and it makes things worse than it makes them lighter at the same time. If that makes any sense I guess yeah. Yeah Yeah. Yeah I think you're right. It's like a dark humor to it is going on starting to play his UKULELE. So what happened happened to David. Bear never heard of him about him again. I did here in California. The last oh holes conference the The boy in letter from the non woman eighties living in Arizona. I have a a text. An interview was lower. Louis A who was who worked with him in Europe. It was married to Eugene in the famous set designer In talking about his relation exactly about the relationship with women in in how women artists and the and how it stayed the same in all the interactions she could would see observe on vendetta with Faith Demar with Maria Montas gentle and respectful attentive empathetic but with no hint of a any kind of sexual connection sexual relationship. She basically said he was wonderful. Where with women I with actresses you can see that in in all of the relationships Gibson in even Joan fontane she was who was of all the ones that I talked to? You heard about who was had a negative reaction. In some ways accused him of being like Fritz Fritz Lang ahead accrual strike. Would everyone else rejects. He really is is well known for being for being a good woman. Store actor will come a little bit more about the production. He talked about the thirteen days where they were shooting. All of these interiors carriers and I'm curious about the rest of it. The ability to do that goes back to pre production where it was a situation quite contrary contrary to what he considered ideal. I so let her where he writes to John Houseman. A how what. What a wonderful time? They could have making seeking independent films together and all screenplay ready four weeks before the start of reduction was one of those facing and the it was this was not a good time independence because the The insecurities that the The paramount decrees introduced into the industry also affected the independence`so independence were having a hard time getting financing They couldn't get financing for. You tried all the other studios. He could not get financing for the phone and ultimately he he got Harry Cohn's okay budget and shooting schedule. We'll limits and the dictum but Eddie Seattle. Who was the second assistant director on the found? On on later become a famous production manager production executive is ran important man by he was just the second assistant and he said and when Columbia brought in a mind dependence and put up a Lotta money says we pay we tell we do our way that was that was the motto. Okay so now go going back to carry dial Osos the boys choice for writing the screenplay cary Odell simultaneously was working on the sets and so so instead of the usual writing the screenplay and then breaking it down in terms of the settings required and then Tom Building that was a direct connection with Correo. Del whom holes got along with really well and the writing team and he bill old the set to go with the scenes that there were writing so ideal situation where the sets reflect. Reflect Watson this script so you don't have to make changes later everything's hand. UNGLOVED coincidentally Lebron. Oh fools hit that that period of working in the stunning he had fallen in the house setting he had fallen behind a little little. Bit New there's another in. We should talk about where that first comes into bland also talk about the power structure in rely in regards. Regards to that scene which is sane. Were Lucia comes back into the house. Some having OPPO BOTAS with flashlight looking for trying to figure out what one what happened in the house seen pocos was behind schedule a bit. He wanted very hard to catch up because he had learned when making direct the caught. This is something else will talk to John. House told John Houseman in a letter he said I learned in the making off. Cod that you can. If you work quickly an efficient then you can get away with things that otherwise people are gonNA object to until one one of his goals were was leitmotifs in this in making the right. This moment was to always stay ahead of schedule and always make things go on the said being ahead on the schedule Hang Garson. You told me that he would deliberately Louis work faster than normal again ahead on the schedule so then when he dropped the bomb about something especially wanted to do he would have a better chance. He looked at his at the shooting script. Any figured out ways that he could make the action flow continuously instead of shooting seeing in the living room than the scene in the hallway and the scene in in the kitchen. He made it all. He made small changes to the screenplay through the continuity in the camera I am which is following on she and be go back to the kitchen and sort of having a senior living the living at the beginning of Than the one in the hallway and then one in the kitchen it all the move on through exit torts Gotcha and then enter into into the little Wa- walled off ours screened windowed off of a part of the kitchen where they have this talk When the father comes in with the with the Christmas tree he hasn't he hasn't commented in such a way that that enough to change the tracks so the shave set up time and incident after the incident with the things that he could do by thinking it through us? Another thing that Blancan Horn the the location manager told me that the maximum always knew what he was gonNA do. All this came in prepared. The new of the shots were it all happened not were quickly unnaturally and so he did with us and are at the end of the thirteenth entertaining as everybody was happy. They were several pages ahead of the of of of the pace of the of the schedule schedule. Artistically in an as an experience for the actors it was just wonderful. So how did he fall behind when you're talking about her coming in with the flashlight from about house early on after they came back from location basically The shooting schedule started out with The harbor the Matalon Hotel I the entrance for entrance into than than Shepherd strikes comes down the staircase their case than they shot Donnelley's the Joined by crossing through the whole place. And then the SHEPPERD strudwick. Joan Bennett. Scene were confronts him on the relationship. They started trying issued a Lucius entrance coming back from. La Was Bernie cuffy's first experience with a very very long take. It never faced anything like that before and he said he wanted to go all the way through she gets out of the car. An income son passes. This is David with his Car then comes on the hallway and then goes inside so the side kitchen door and then into the kitchen brief interaction with her father in law on through into a hallway up the staircase past the Francis. Volumes comes up to the second floor of the continue shot. I say very difficult to do that. Ultimately what they did is in the beginning for getting out of moving down the garden path. They separated that even though I guess they might have shot it in the studio you the separated at at that point in Sierra enter the kitchen and go through the kitchen brief interaction with Henry. O.`Neil cuts on her movement through the kitchen door. They did that cutting on the kitchen. Door thing because Osos could say that coming back after they came back from location and starting starting the whole thing over again would be difficult proposition and so he just decided to given a little. Sea Seo often bid to save the day to be happy insolvent and half the people you had to work with the happy eighty show. Shall we go back to the to the scene where a Lucia was less. You probably recall beautifully. Staged seen of her walking through an incoming in and ending up across from from Lucia faces towards be an always see is from beyond the side side of her face and offals left like what happened subsequently. WHO's at a gentleman named and William Bloom? Bill Bloom who was a lower echelon associate of bb Kahin BB. CAIN was was a vice-president executive vice-president directly working with her cone. BB rarely showed up on the said. Buddy watch the rushes religiously and came up with tons of criticisms many of them about the Very similar I guess you might say the Something how something would work in terms of the story. So for example he criticized Joan Bhanot Joan Bennett worrying high heels dumping the body in the marsh and said anybody any cop would immediately see this. This was a woman who had the body in the square students about those kinds of things. They were the good suggestions but he also Asked for things that would interfere with a a quality that Oh foes was an the continuity of atmosphere though foes was after on the flow of things in the the in the atmosphere. This House and Max did not want her provide coverage for by there was there were correspondence between bloom and Kane and other people Colomiers said there was on five days in two and a half after the coming back That was his boss starting to build the wrong. This student's studio by these artsy European director going out of control and And so somebody else said the there were things going on that. I did not no bod- but I could tell from the whole by that was that people were not happy about wireless going on this to show you the flow of the from the top from Kahin to bloom to Wayne Cher. And the interaction with Rienscher and Wayne's son the nodes roads several days later saying are you not going to provide coverage for this and we secretary Asked him should I return Answer this motion mansion said no then so mason said that winter is kind of offer between him Awful in the front maybe he or bided lighted she of total votes in offals. Did Not hear about all these idiotic compliance those good. Interestingly that goes back also another the buffer situation were Opel's kept his relationship with the boys to himself He did not let them get exposed except Baltimore. Louis that the story conference He protected them. Shielded did them from not only the studio folks but also for Wayne Shaw. No it was just the three working together. Oh Foods had to that point really watches. Stop and on. Try to speed up. Production and reduce the chance search for interference or that. But they were. Why don't you? It was quite adamant that he was not gonNa take that from mm-hmm from Canaan loan ultimately was the reckless moment a success unfortunately not it was a success On if you read British Carlson filmon reviews of the film was a success. In England. Amazing was a big star there air because the social criticism of American society. That's implicit in the film Didn't apply to them so so. It was quite a banter of In Hollywood being waitresses surrogate on in post production this correspondent's but what he was doing in that in that function and an ranger and they were rigging giving each other then worked timewise now. I guess Nah later and later correspondence when when when the film was released in the US the same time as it was Willie's than in Britain and there there was a good news that the the the overdose God abroad England then the bad news Wayne sure God in in Hollywood and there was the inner suspicious vicious occasion when the film premiered still were Sandra Nab not premiered brady with the Sonatrach and image still separate in someplace like Redondo and The foam broke and they were the usual Supply of Weiss cracks and the audience know quad recovered after that and it was basically a disaster. I think it was mason. WHO said that? They all took some time off their lives. That experience Josh and this is in American released. Wayne Scher was hurting badly from the Joan of ARC released earlier in forty eight. Fortunately Hill the story better in Europe and the Catholic countries in Europe Particular Joan Ark and there was a bitter pill for him to take this. Next sound was also not gonNa make any money so yeah no ties in with the situation with Garbo later on when he couldn't get his financing together the make the Duchess of Lausanne so is the lack of success of of the reckless moment is that why offals went back to Europe. No human back to Europe because he was rangers partner not as soon soon as he for a period after the end of production and His coming off contract attract the contract for the foam making fell might opt to assert nine and for a while that he was involved. Working with Was June lake on editing. Got Along famously. With June hobbling and his work with IRMGARD IRMGARD Bond Cube Analogy Vincent who had been very successful just very recently you Johnny Belinda. And so were the top of their game feeling confident and fools. It's very hard time with her. Not to launch. He called him silence. Clay I know he didn't. He didn't put up with armed guards scuff basically. It's not a happy relationship So he went with preparing for that was to be the first European runaway production and Joan Bennett was to have a starring role all that and then the next film the next to be in line for the European period was to the Greta. Garbo's back film with the Duchess of law. Jack and the Greta Garbo was getting a little uptight title above the length of time. It took between her agreeing to make this film and the time it was it was happening. Associate Associate pressed now to my insisted on The Duchess of lachine coming I but I met this long duration operation of their finished the balance the SARS and then the switch show were directly to work with how another straight win Win Royal Goldman on the Duchess of Lhasa on that went up to where he left for Europe to go to briefly to France. And then to to Rome for the making of the Garbo phone though was no nothing about not finding work and being unhappy in Hollywood then a no he left on the boat though see wasn't thinking about not never we're coming back. He was really in his abilities. He was a terrific screenwriter Which is why got it so much trouble with these people who thought that knew more than he did? Howard Koch was a good mentor to hand? And so the he the expected to make this phone in In Italy of comeback. Or maybe you make the the the next one person then comeback. He kept his house then in Hollywood and his cousin took care Arab for him onto the spring or summer of nineteen fifty One after the success of Law Laurent which he made on release a leave of absence from the contract with Wayne Scher. Okay God worked it out so so he could make that film Mitch by the way he had already started Setting up during that fallow period between the end of caught in the beginning of the righteous moment yet all kinds of things in the pot the NFL not coming back Not Not doing any more. Hollywood films was not part of his plan. He kept on trying to get a Hollywood assignment and it looked very promising using a number of times but ultimately just happen. How did he eventually died? Broken hard some people say he. You had the same kind of troubles With the making of Lola Montesquieu that he had in Hollywood elitist money was hired because of his Hollywood experience ironic. The film was not at all well. Received the premier the mirror and powers in December just before the holiday in nineteen fifty five Audiences walked out booed and it was too far ahead of his time. Really Watch and people didn't get it and they actually in the later. Run after the the Premier Ron. They put a sign on this on the screen. Saying this is not the kind of found the way you usually are are used to use to. The audiences were warned that this was gonna be something complaining completed the front because of that failure here. He had trouble getting assignments He did a film called Mo Parnassus. It started setting it up as screenplay redden is going to go into. Production and Jacques ultimately directed DADS that screenplay glad in his way Max some radio during production right after the production to go on secure near Baden bond to recover from the stress and then he got a play the marriage of Figaro Arro- Hamburg German show Spiel House the name of us and directed Lionel's film on using several of the collaborators see had in all the French phones The the the the costume designer for example he brought the film up to the performance before the premiere you there for that and then they broke core of course was holidays and he. We went to his wife's home in Dortmund Germany. While he was gone he fell ill and never came back he. It was an hospital in Hamburg for three-month Unseen The Times that he was gonNA recover automated here than the second attack died more stormy summer of nineteen fifty seven. It's twenty nineteen and we're talking about a movie that was released in nineteen forty nine. Why do you think that we're still talking about the reckless moment? Because in so many ways it hits issues that were so confronting today I thank. The film was lost no when I was instrumental in the a two thousand and two two thousand and early. Two thousand three ovals centennial in Virginia I was one of my jobs was to define the phone and it was being distributed by a company that tipping typically distributed television programming. And they didn't know they had it had to go throw the brass until they finally found it and we were able to get it in Oakland Columbia had to Sony Columbia had to give permission As well and we were able to screen it and somebody Ed the Berkeley I think I remember correctly also tried to find it and so this offered that the film was being peaked that they had something twice in a short period of time and so the Seventy Fifth Columbus seventy fifth anniversary anniversary came in there. Some were on the they showed it as part of that. And so it's SORTA brought it back into the spotlight and everybody loves it. It's just amazing. It's passed a letter from London. Woman in popularity learning even so nice to see really nice really good blu-ray on it. Yeah let's thank you so much the free time. This is her since big became a conversation. Yeah yeah sorry. Ah We're back and we're talking about the reckless moment. Like I always say any good movie deserves a good remake. You make and this movie was remade. The reckless moment was remade as the deep end and it was interesting that this was more of a remake of the movie rather than a new adaptation of the blank wall of the story Because a lot of those things are right there from they original movie I mean the ending. The ending is very different in the original book. There's none of this while their sacrifice but there's not the car wreck there's not that kind of thing but it's there in this version. It's pretty different. It's been updated to the two thousand dishes. Certain certain kinds of stuff and I had to say the biggest difference is that we've got a gender swap in the peak character so now rather that being salacious salacious letters. It is a rather Salaciousness videotape of Ted Derby and Tilda Swinton as as Mrs Harper of her son being with Ted so that I can see being more of a scandal than these letters so I was kind kind of actually glad to see that yeah. I think it's interesting the way that that those sort of updates are made and I think it makes makes it feel more plausible because it's hard to imagine somebody getting all bent out of shape about letters in what is it two thousand one early two thousands. Yeah I really couldn't see people giving shit but when it comes to this is he seventeen in this. I mean that throws a whole different thing. And now it's it's Josh Lucas Having Sex with an underage boy but regardless it still was probably you know I. I can't say that it's not scandalous anymore. It's still going to be scandalous. Not necessarily that. It is gay sex but that it's sex with a minor you could have translated needed it so that it would be maybe about emails instead of letters but having it be actual videotape. I think gives gives her such a more intense motivation. But I think it also makes it more of an external thing and less Abou- how her driving herself crazy and feeling guilty and having it be this sort of anxiety spiral in her head. What are they going to do with the tape? I mean they can't show it they can't show it on the news. I guess they could sell it to some like sleazy porn dealer. Be and I agree. It's it's much more or updated in You know more imminent sort of threat of scandal. In a way I feel like it kind of takes away from the power. Just the exile at being the main motivation. I appreciated that. This takes place in Reno and Lake Tahoe. So it's kind of a nice nod ought to the reckless moment with the whole idea. Be going away to Lake Tahoe. I had no idea where one city was in relation to another so thank thank you Google maps for that and this time. Tom Is in the Navy I guess because he's on the USS Constellation and they can't get a hold of them a lot of time so again. We're going back to that war idea which was interesting that we can return to that in two thousand one. Since we've we've been fighting the forever war since you know whenever George Bush took office in two thousand one. Wasn't it still actually stuck on this. This thing you brought up Mike since it is underage the Sun is underage. Wouldn't the video be more damaging to the Ted Darby character. He doesn't want that to get out. That doesn't make sense. Why Am curious if he is underage or not because I know he? The son is getting ready to go to college so so he could be eighteen. But I don't know because I was eighteen when I got to college because there's this whole thing now it's not art. School like be was going to. It was music school and some of these things some of the symbolism in this movie. It's a little thick. I mean the whole idea of all right. It's a lack thick. I mean when she goes to visit Darby at the the deep end club. And it's all all this nautical theme and then when she arrives home that hearst her younger son is filling up an aquarium right there on the front porch. I'm just like wow. We're going to get a lot of water symbolism here in this movie and a lot of things to do with this and of course the idea of her sinking the body and like living right there on the lake and stuff. I mean it's really really put on thick here. This is done by the same. Two guys who did suture suture. which I really liked him? We talked a little bit about when we're talking about. I think it was maybe on a second episode but This one doesn't seem as artfully done. Let's say feels a little too self conscious a lot of times. I think if I hadn't seen either either the reckless mode or read the book. I might have enjoyed this movie more. It's really hard to compare yourself to the reckless moment. If if you're remaking it and there's just lots of things that don't quite stand up until this witness is is an amazing amazing actor But her character doesn't seem as well conceived You know as you were saying. Sam like the anxieties are there I didn't sense the same sort of chemistry between her and the Donnelly character. It is really tough to get behind that actor. Gordon Fish Nick Man. He's so wooden he will any always plays a scumbag. So it's not like I really WanNa you know. Have anything having to do with them. They seem to have gotten rid of some of the class issues in this movie. It's just like they seem to have a lot of money and she doesn't seem to be having those sorts of struggles about you know. Getting by the Joan Bennett did yeah. I'm sorry I just don't like this movie. It has this sort of. It's one of those things where I probably would have liked it if I hadn't seen the reckless moment I and if it didn't try so hard like if this had been less sort of beating you over the head head with how artful at symbolism is and if it had embraced more sort of being a melodrama thriller and had sort of a lifetime lifetime vibe or a made for TV movie vibe. I probably would be all in but it's it's almost like it takes itself too seriously And then just comes up short yet the symbolism. It's IT'S A lot. I mean her having the red hair and then having the red coat and of course. I'm thinking the red coat from don't look now and then there are times where she very. Purposefully does not have the red coat on or where she leaves it. Someplace place in the NAP becomes something. It's a little much. They really yeah they should have. I mean that Josh Lucas's license plate it is six feet below. What the hell man? Yeah I just I feel like they did spend a lot of time trying to translate certain elements like we said with the videotape and the general reversal. It was all very thoughtful. But it's like they spent too much time focusing on the wrong things things like that's not ultimately. What makes the movie? What makes the reckless moment? So incredible it's about her feeling like a prisoner prisoner and being a prisoner in this domestic space. And that's totally gone. Yeah I don't get that trap feeling and now we just pretend that doesn't exist like I do with most remakes. So if you're listening to this at home we weren't just talking just now now. There was a figment of your imagination stepping so paranoid all right. Let's go ahead and take another break in play preview for next week show take this is a world of hidden. Mike's in two ways era's a world where nothing is private. His ingredient do this. They renew we saw Gerry. Cole is an expert best series. Something about Harry. Call the best von none. I'll drink to that best. What the best bugger? On the was ghost he can bug anybody anytime anywhere. Nobody knows how you did it. Though was a hell of a scandal to see the man with a hearing aid like Charles is the following people to him just voices us. Three people murdered that so he doesn't know them and they know Kim be. I mean just turned in the tapes. It must be absent. I've been involved in some work. I think it'll be used. It's standard response. I am not responsible. Feeling anything supposed to do. Be Careful Harry. You're just supposed to listen. Not Look it's not feel not care How'd you get this phone turf Chris Secrets hearing secret secrets involved in this. Mr Mistakes are dangerous. Amman talk show him tell us gene. Hackman is Harry call in the conversation station. There is nothing private about the conversation. My name is Harry Call. Can you hear me. That's where it will be back next week. Speaking of Paranoia. We'll be back next week with a look at Francis Ford Coppola conversation until then I want this week's Co the house Callanan Sam so what is happening in your world sir. Not A ton. I'm going back to school and hoping to get better job in the future but if I could I would love to plug Some work that much friends have done. Our mutual friend Lou boxer in Matthew Sorrento have just relaunched the new walk-on Zine retreat from oblivion dot com with a previously unavailable. Charles Willard short story called sugar water. So big CONGRATS undrafted Forgetting this back off the ground. Yeah it was on the Charles Wilford facebook page debating people whether that was really a Charles Wolford story unlike. Es Yes yes. It is nothing like arguing with people on the Internet. Oh my God yes. It's from Betsy. Okay so I think she's probably the final word probably knows something a thing or two. Yeah Cullen where is my Ammann's not a train song. I was waiting for that cover. I was talking to Andy the other day. We're GONNA do it sometimes. It just takes a little while we never had that recording session. We thought You're going to see him. What is happening in Philadelphia Ma'am? I am always working on all things and usually at a point where the current thing that I'm working on hasn't been announced so I can't talk about it so sometimes it's hard for me to do like instant recall of what I should be plugging but off the top of my head for Keno. I just did a commentary for the Melville Film on Flick. That will be out soon soon. It's so good. I wrote a book on Fritz. Lang's M that has just come out now and if for some reason you have not purchased or seen the reckless moment the indicator release. I did an essay for I think that came out. I don't know I have no concept of time anymore. It came out a little while ago L.. So that's I think all that I can remember right now. I am so glad that you're in book is out a is such a fantastic S. decreed. Thank you you're the first person who read it. So thank you for reading. Wow Yeah the other editor. I feel very fortunate about that. Well thank you again. Gave for being on the show. Thanks to everybody for listening. Please head on over to the website projection booth podcast cast dot com and find out more about today's episode. You also find a link to patron where he can make a donation to the show every donation we get helps the projection booth take over the world. The stand off sometime dog they six when you bye the yeah take if you enjoy this show in what more people know about it head on over to I I tunes leave a comment and rated five stars. Make sure you like insurance on facebook and don't forget to follow us on twitter just search Christopher media. 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