Nicole Trick Steinbach Helping Women in Tech Build their Brave Episode 170


Is this episode 170 of extraordinary women radio? Welcome to extraordinary women radio. I am your host Cammie Kellner women are being called to lead with voice vitality and bigger each week join me for wisdom field interviews with extraordinary women living out loud and making a difference in our world. Their stories will uplift Inspire and Spark your own Purpose Driven Journey. Hello my extraordinary women friends. Happy October. I invite you to pause and reflect on that for a moment. What a year. We'd been through right? Yes. It's nothing like we've ever been through before and we still have a journey before us and at the same time. I'm guessing that you've had some pretty special moments in this year that you're extremely grateful for so pause in those as well perhaps moments with special people. Life moments of achievement moments of making a difference for another and all the disruption of this year and all the unexpected happenings. There is good and I invite you to celebrate that for me when I pause in these questions. I'm grateful for more time with my husband as we work just down the hall from each other. I'm grateful for special time with close relatives in the small circle of connections that I was able to make over the in real life over the year with my family with my dear friends. I'm grateful for my circle of clients some whom I've been able to see in real life and have been just virtual some of them been in small Retreats and some of them been VIP Gatherings. It's it's been a good year for my clients and I'm grateful for all the things that they're doing. Now the world making a difference that's something I'm super grateful for. I'm grateful for this podcast and the many women that I've been able to connect with here dead. And the mini podcast I have been able to join that's been one of the funnest things of this year is being on other people's podcasts. I'm grateful for the virtual stages. I've been able to join and I'm grateful for my extraordinary young women ignite event that is coming up November 5th and 7th and the amazing lineup of speakers who will be joining me these past few weeks as I've just been back from vacation have been a spent putting together the foundation of the first virtual ignite ever. Well, this is the 6 year of Hosting ignite. It is the first virtual ignite and that in an in of itself has opened up so many opportunities for people to join us from around the world to try for me to try new Platforms in new ways to create connection and engagement and speaking of grateful and very grateful for the team that is formed around me to make this the best damn virtual conference. That's out there. I'm smiling as I think about all of its unfolding. It's going to be super exciting the flow of this month. The way it's going to we're going to be creating engagement and as an extraordinary woman with big things to do in the world, you should be there anyone who has been to ignite before knows that there is not another conference like this. There's more connection. There's more real strategy. There's more listening to your inner wisdom. There's more breakthroughs that occur in ignite all the details are available over on my Camry forward slash ignite and I hope you will join us. Today's guest Nicole trick Steinbach. Well be there Nicole is one of my dear clients doing big things in the world. She is a Global Executive career coach and change Management Consultant helping women in tech level up their Brave. She is a former senior director has served in companies like sap and has worked in over 25 countries around the world Nicole innately understands and lives a skill of Bravery in the job. Failure. She was born into a struggling single parent family and with a speech impediment now, she's financially secure and biling both Nicole helps others around the world build their own bravery so that they can turn their dreams into reality like accepting executive roles relocating internationally doubling their income and thriving in the career of their dreams. She's doing amazing work around the world in her coaching practice. Let's meet Nicole trick Steinbach. Welcome to extraordinary women radio on the coal. It is so great to have you join us today. I am is so excited. I've been listening to your podcast basically since it started. So this is exciting job. Well and I have been watching you grow your business and you are so inspiring and it's it's just so much fun to see you all around the world pack out doing just amazing things impacting people helping them step into their Brave. You just should be so proud. Thank you. I yes, I am. Thank you. Well, you've built this extraordinary business serving women in Tech helping them find their Brave and you've been on Virtual stages around the globe this year. I mean, I know they would have been a life stages, but you went you had to go virtual with the with this crazy year and had been on podcast all around the globe and you've got clients around the globe and you've hit six figures in your business and a year off. Which is just that's that's so inspiring. What's your biggest lesson in this crazy year we call 20 20. I mean this is you've grown this business like this in this year and I think it's really important for people to to realize that we you know, we can stop and we can you know, step back and wait for this time to pass or we can just jump in and go out and serve what you're doing. So what what have been some of your biggest lessons? Oh, thank you for saying lessons cuz I was like, oh my gosh, which one so a little bit of an infomercial definitely get coaching join a mastermind and I had the advice and I grant this everybody listening, but you want to find a place where you're welcomed and uncomfortable. And so I got coached by Cami Giltner and I joined the Mastermind and I even log Went on this horse weekends, which has right there. It was amazing. Yeah, so that that was a piece of advice that I got home from every single person. I talked to about going out on my own and it definitely was just crucially important to listen to you, you know, ten years ahead of me in this journey at least and then women who are starting who women who have struggled and learned and can share that and also women who you are so nurturing but also very challenging so they they really push and Challenge and not that sounds interesting. I was an excuse Nicole butt off and that has been just incredible for my growth. There are things I would have never thought of and walls that I didn't have to scale. So that's been amazing. So that's definitely the first the second choice. Wine is to fail. Oh, I love that just screw up. It's going to happen, you know get it over with fail again, Um, so the the example that I use a lot of the time when I speak and and you know, people think failure like, oh, I I didn't get paid for services that I did or I broke a law or something crazy huge and that's not what I mean. What I mean is I started going out onto LinkedIn and putting what seemed to suit at the time and then based on, you know, how I felt about that post maybe two days later, maybe two weeks later or the conversation that Drew I realized that's not actually what I meant. That's not what I wanted to say month or that is what I wanted to say. And wow, did that pick up a storm? You know, right, right. So you started to see where conversations could really yeah Place think what engaged people And they're probably shaped your message and I'm guessing oh a hundred yes hundred percent. So at the beginning because I have been called Fierce throughout my entire life home. And that's what I was talking about because for me and where I come from that just feels very real and I didn't understand cuz I have a global business. I didn't always understand how that would translate even though. I looked it up. I didn't look at it enough. So that was a foul but also learning and then the other thing is a lot of native English speakers have this idea of a walk earlier, but if your fears you go to war, right, right and in reality what I actually met was Brave, so what was the difference is between a a warrior and brave? Yes. So being Fierce for me feels like kind of firing up right and external. Image of being Fierce of being a warrior, right? Cuz you're a warrior to or Warrior against something. Right? So your Warrior for the environment your Warrior against the environment being ruined right and bravery Can it can definitely be external but in reality it's a lot more that internal work, right and when I got out it was this huge moment. So when I know I'm in the right place when I start to tangle, right like you can feel that all in your body. Yes, like that gives me goosebumps as you say that by the way, and and even in the scalp, it's like oh and that's exactly how I felt. I I posted this I posted something on LinkedIn which is my main Channel and it got into the foundation and moved over to private message, which is where a lot of the actual activity. I was LinkedIn happened and we were this woman and I were going back and forth and having a great conversation and she's like actually that kind of feels like bravery wage. And when she said not to me and I said it out loud, it was like, oh my gosh, that's absolutely true. And what is so funny about this Cammy is that my husband had said to me, I think that's bravery. Like, oh kind of funny our husbands see things. Right, right. Yeah. Yeah. He was right. So I had now tell him that he's the reason I talk about them all the time. But yeah, so that is the failed. Peace. Is it will if you let it you'll always learn right? Right and it took a lot of courage to break so and and I watched you from the very beginning getting onto LinkedIn you now have LinkedIn live originally you were you know, you were uploading videos. So congratulations on getting LinkedIn live. I know it's always a big win when when when somebody can can gain that status and the reason you got it is because you create really interesting conversations on on LinkedIn page. So what what makes for interesting conversations? Oh my gosh, that's such a good question because it's being real. Mhm. And that's actually one of my lessons from this whole year and why I've been so successful I experienced as in my corporate space as well. The more me I was the more success I had yeah and online then I don't so, you know there there are some people who look like they have an app and it shows them what is trending and then on that day they go and they start a conversation about what's trending. There's a lot of power in doing it that way and if that's working for people go right for me and the interesting conversations that I'm in are definitely about things. I'm truly engaged in your living you're living in that experience in that moment. Exactly and that are a little bit kooky. Sometimes ya know. I've seen you doing and it worked so beautifully wage. Yeah, it's cuz I'm kooky and you're owning that part of you you're owning that that gift of you to be a little bit kooky and to be able to say guess what I can step into this and I can own it and I can share it and be vulnerable in this moment and let down the walls of protection what you have to do. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, so that's that's so cool. I love it. When I tell everybody a little bit about your corporate background cuz I think this is really relevant to this conversation. You have worked all around the world. How many countries have you worked in over twenty-five which is just amazing. That's amazing to me. So you worked in over 25 countries around the world you you've been in the world of tech for many years. Tell us a little bit more about that. Yeah, so I fell in love with them and check when I was a secretary at the University of Pittsburgh computer science department. I love that. I didn't know that. Yes, so I actually I don't play em. No games. I am not someone who's like, oh there's a new version of whatever phone and I run out and get it. But what I do really enjoy is being around people who smoke at the world differently who approached conversations differently and problems differently and that was my first experience of being around primarily check people found. I found it at first. I told my best friend. I'm like, I'm not going there. I don't fit. It's uncomfortable instead of. And then she reminds me that I was earning like fifteen dollars an hour. And this was in the nineties, right? Yep. Yeah. That's right. That's right. I'm going back and just it just I realized I was being stretched and I fell in love with being in that space. And so I my original plan was to actually teach English to refugees which is something that is very near and dear to my heart graduated right after September eleventh and there just weren't jobs in that space wage. Imma, just day essentially disappeared in my then-boyfriend said well, I'm going to Germany for eight months Max 2 years. Would you be interested in that? I was like eight mines. That sounds great. So I lived there for thirteen years got married to a German fella had two kids a mortgage and and I start working as fast so I did some actually English teaching for a while. As I was my first business. It didn't go well fail feel feel and then I worked at SAS which is in business intelligence package. That's where I started traveling and my boss just for some reason was like, oh, oh we have someone who's sick and can't do that. You know what Nicole can go up and he gave me this Prince with liquid questions. And that's all the prep I had. So I went up to the Norwegian oil company, which is, you know, not a small deal. Right and I was twenty-five years old and I had never been to North Pole. Adam speaking English and I never thought it would be there and I was just going question by question. My question there was no flow. It was just like okay question one is blah blah blah question. She was blah blah blah and and that's just started traveling around the world. Thank goodness. I was young and I had a sense of humor because he survived and I kept doing it and that took me a bunch of places and then I worked at a company sap and EM. Yeah, and it's the world's I think it's now the 18th most valuable brand in the world and it worked there for twelve years. I started in Communications and in this is one thing that I love sharing with younger people or people who are looking at a horizontal move is I started asking myself the same question over and over again. Can we change better price change better? Can we change better? Cuz you're constantly changing things and it was always painful and that's how I got into change management and management. I kept traveling I got to stand on a lot of stages. I messed up in every way you can imagine including calling the CEO of the wrong name. So I'm Awesome on the stage now. And and then from there I got thrown into coaching. It wasn't my choice. I wasn't certified. I wasn't trained. This is the worst of all possible cases and I still was effective and I loved it. Yeah, and then from there I just continue to build the skills. I never got bored of building the skills. And now I am precise certified. I do coaching through. I have Erickson. I have a European education and then I also have the sap coaching shirts and and I'm just looking for the next opportunity to grow. Yeah. That's that's my background. So that's so cool. How did you how did you get to the point where you said? Okay. I'm going to leave the safe corporate world because there is a safe safety around working for you know, a brand like sap and having taken off. Gone down a pathway within an organization like that that that was so so valuable to you. How did you make the the okay, I'm making the choice Elite. Yeah. That is that's a good question. There were so many different pieces of it. And so the the few that I like to focus on is I never so first of all, I say these are great place to work. I know I know a lot of people that work for them because yeah, very supportive and and I said that I never got tired of building the skills and wage. I got bored by the problems. I had been in the company for so long cuz it's always a pendulum right Library. I'm everything centralized everything's decentralized right and wrong. I had been facing the same like growth of problems and I realized that I was looping back and I I just I was in a meeting with someone who I had wage. For over a decade who really believes in me and I was like, okay. Well, you know team project team just make the decision and let me know and I'll do the whole change plans and we end the meeting and my phone is not as we're ending the meeting and it's him and he's like you need to leave because you care about the decision you care about the wet not just the how so that was huge. It was wrong, but I think he was the foundation of my income but also my community and so much of my public identity. So not my heart identity about my public identity, right. I did therapy before I left to prepare myself for the shift, which is really important, right because you had you had why did you choose to do therapy before you did? I mean, I think it's brilliant. Yes. What was what was the call? There was a global senior director. So I got a lot of confidential information and I knew that there was going to be another round of severance packages off. And my first thought was like, oh I can accept that and then my second thought just spontaneous was oh my God, I can't leave. What would I be? What would I do? What would I because we own those titles and the brake the responsibilities and the people you were with me and I mean we wear those I totally get it. Yes, and it was that fear and I refuse to live my life In Fear Factor. I was like, okay I then this is a moment where coaching isn't going to cut it cuz this is really like back deeper ma'am, please Steph and and this is going to be very important wage me and it was actually through that and through continued conversations with mentors and sponsors and friends that I realized. I was going to risk it and I actually got offered a pretty amazing job and I turned it down. I stepped out of the process and I'm pretty sure I made multiple family dog. Was cry when I did that but there was something in my soul that that said peacefully calmly were going this way and the right. Okay, and we don't know how we know what and we're going to work. It's going to work out and it it absolutely has so far and I just I am deep. Hope as a JK Jeep. Hope that it will continue to work out. Yeah so many moments of your own personal bravery that you've just shared here and and I love the fact that you decided you actually wanted to go do that internal work first to to to maneuver through that because I am guessing that that's a part of how you teach need to be brain is by helping them to an end to this internal work that we have to do. What what first of all what does bravery really mean to you when you yeah. Oh my gosh. So yes, I do and I've actually turned away a lot of money because the person didn't need coaching they needed therapy and okay pretend that my therapist. Yeah. Yeah. So am being able to to know that distinction. Can you put words to that? Yes, I can. So therapy is is going to help me and help others with a set of beliefs that go back into past relationships experiences et cetera to help me Resolve that issue and then set me up for coaching which is re-establishing maintain those choices and then putting them into action inside of the mindset that you have the feelings that you have the relationships you choose to have is that forward-moving now, of course, I'm hearing poaching. You're going to talk about your past experiences. Right right hard stop, right, but when it comes to age Diction right which is a symptom of trauma the symptoms of trauma is something that in my situation I would not I would not try to be therapeutic on that. But if someone else is already dealing with those past experiences and they're ready to look forward to those new beliefs patterns of behavior. They're not great time for poaching. I mean not not because I support women and Technology who were building Global careers and their bravery, but with another coach well, but what I think is what you're what's important here is that you're identifying that sometimes we have these limiting beliefs that that are behind us. We need to set free. Yeah where you can step into this next part, right? And I think that the fact that that you experienced that you maneuver through it you help assess help your clients assess that you know, and then and then help them when they're ready. I thought I think that's really so important to look at it. So how so yeah, let go of the we've done the work to let go of the the bow ties to the past and you're ready to start looking forward. How do you help your clients? Build Brave? Yes. So the okay. So the answer the general what is bravery for Avery is doing what is right for you. So disappointing everybody but yourself so, you know, for example sometimes being brave is not doing what you're supposed to do. So I was supposed to become a VP and then an SCP and then a corporate officer and then another right right you very setting your whole life up for that exactly. Right and and being brave is choosing not to do that and then a few years later realizing. Okay. What I what I'm going to choose to do something completely different wage. Yeah, so it's all about you know, just it's okay to this point everybody else, but do not just point yourself. And and then how do I help people? Well, I'm a bit kooky. Anyway, so based on tons of research. It's like it's from Pro side to Cotter to the European Psychiatry associations surveys and all of these things that I worked with many years. I've put that together into a fun simple action focused framework for how to build your Brave and it has three parts off and there's no right way to start and there's no wrong way to start but the first part is all about Clarity and I call it tell it to your dentist. And so it's about being so clear and so specific about your goal and where you're going, but even when you're done to us has you in the chair and the hands are in the mouth and they're talking to you and asking you questions you can describe wage. That you're going right? Yeah, don't just tell your dentist. You tell everybody else is left. Right? And I think that's a really important part of it is is you're actually setting the the vision of what can be by giving voice to that. Yes in in and the the advanced level of that of course is in doing it in a way that people can help you. Yes, ma'am. Someone says a lot of my clients will say like well, I want the next promotion. Okay, cool. Cool. So what exactly is that promotion by when what are you looking for, you know by influence or authority or you know money do you want to globally relocate et cetera? And the reason that that information is a is a really important is that if someone says to me I'd like a promotion off my answer is okay, but if someone looks at me and says I'm looking to become a software architect in the cloud space within the next two years and I thought To be at headquarters. Well, I know someone at headquarters I can connect you with right but the more specificity the more people can actually respond with. Oh, I have this opportunity wage rate and there's a whole brain piece that the more specific something is the more people can plug in like a puzzle and get more active. So it it triggers activity in the other person is really really cool. Yeah. So the second part is to learn it like a kindergartner and this for me, it's the most fun because this is where people realize how much agency they hack and how massive change actually happens with tiny little steps. Right? Right. So the way I described it, especially when I'm off stages is, you know, you think about the kindergarteners and and how small they are and they're doing the monkey bars really thinking about it the first time that they're exposed to that they tend to age Check into two camps. So we have a one Camp my son who's older one and he kind of like he walks up. He looked skeptically he watches some kids try it and then he tries it off. He he learns first and now that he can read and he can use Google he tends to research and then act right so he's learning and he's acting my daughter is the exact opposite. She will page run up to the thing hasn't even seen it yet it sleeping forward-looking go with reality. She usually fails and then she looks up and she learns right? Yeah. Yeah. So whichever one is fantastic what's important is that you get going you keep going and that we acknowledge. It's a spiral. So I like that so when people say to me, but I keep having these interests interviews and they're not going somewhere like really what have you learned already, right? What kind of connection did you Jeep in the connection? Did they introduce you refer to somewhere else cuz it's not wage. Bout of Finish Line is about that. I roll and you're always you're always on that Journey. Yes. Yeah Journey. Yeah, that's great. That's a great word. And then the third wage are honestly this is where most people spend the majority of their energy and their mind space and their heart space especially is called own it like black box. This is the resiliency and the consistency and the new habits and the relationships which is usually a huge part which relationships are really supporting you which relationships do you need to identify for the Future and Rich relationships are here right now to strengthen off and then of course habits take time to change asking different questions speaking less or more meetings et cetera. So this was only like a boss. I love this because it's it's yep. Been up and really stepping into the game. Right? It's it's it's it's that and I think what is coming to mind for me is how you have owned it like a boss and this year. So can you give a couple of examples where you have really had to own it like a boss as this entrepreneur versus in the corporate world in your own in your own Journey. Yes, so I have had primarily primarily people who identify as men to negotiate me down to less than 50% of my fee and you're really good at sticking to your fee. I know this. Yes, but it comes by hard and learning right? Cuz I I totally underpaid at the beginning of my career and when I say totally underpaid I mean like over 16% underpaid. Yeah, it was painful but data is important, right? So, yep. A situation even when I didn't have any income coming in. I still said no and I said no with confidence in my voice and a smile on my face practically lost the contract cuz they were people who were willing to go down really really low. Right? And I cried afterwards and I was been done the wrong thing and then I called someone that I really trust and I just said I did not mess up and I need you to tell me that I did mess up because you didn't mess up your game. Here's the story and she's like girl didn't mess up. And so that's an example of owning it that was really hard going out to my first podcast was I love podcast sandwich had put podcasts up on this pedal stool and so my voice was so shaky that she actually said hey, you know what? Let's just start over again. Let's just turn the recording off. Let's just have a conversation. Practice humans and then I could go but to own it like a boss in that situation was to say yes to the podcast cuz she found me over LinkedIn talking about Fierce and brave and the difference in the grass and then also being so humble to let her to accept the offer right but she was so who generously giving to me right and not letting her coach me through it was it was just incredible. Yeah, that's awesome examples. Yeah, those are great examples and and I know that some of your clients have had amazing breakthroughs and results having worked with you through this Own It Like a Boss perspective here like a story or two of you know, where where your clients and I know there's like the ones that are coming to mind for me are the ones that have really, you know up to their their earning levels because of The Bravery. Yes, I yes. I am so excited about this. So I love money down. Is going to be really open about that. But I also love when other people have money because I genuinely believe that we all the water but you know, the tide comes in and we all are boats rise being that and keeping the progressive moment going is very exciting for me. So I actually haven't shared this story yet because I only found out about it yesterday. Oh, okay cool. It was on a call with a client and when we first started working together, everything was in maybe Thursday or perhaps of you know, it was it was just a lot of searching big big growth and a shift and understanding of what was possible for her. And what about if it's possible then does she want it that kind of conversation and she had been offered a job on I believe it was like March 4th, and then we all went into quarantine. Yep. And she couldn't go back to her home country. She was stuck here. And in this job that she had been planning on leaving and then the other job disappeared because of the quarantine and the economy etcetera etcetera. She didn't give up she kept going and she had been offered a senior level job at a pretty small company was about about three thousand people if I remember correctly and she just let me know that she accepted a director role Global director role at a leading company that we all know the name of promise that super cool. So she she was really able to grow and expand in the kind of role that that she was at. Yeah, and she increased her off base salary by a little over a hundred thousand. Oh my gosh. That's awesome. Took my breath away. Oh, yes that made that investment in you very worthwhile job. Yeah a good point coach going. Hello. Oh my gosh. What's the value you just brought to her and that's her base salary. So she because she director level and going to have bonuses on top of that exactly and potential for stock if it goes that's awesome public. Yeah. So the other client I'm very excited about this is just happened the last couple of weeks like maybe six to eight weeks is that she has wanting to go Global has been very scared and definitely have the skills absolutely has the language as she's European, but she's also very close to her family and has been torn and that has shown up in the interviews. And so a number of her career a number of tech companies have offered her the chance to join them in the country. She's in cuz they they want her skills and her personality is fantastic. She's so khong And they could feel the tension of moving globally and she kept expecting them. So when we started working together, she's like look, I just want to get my goal. I wanted to do this often. I graduated University. This is what I want to do and a couple of weeks ago as soon as these are possible. She's actually going to move out of the European Union and she's going to be a flight away and Country of her second. I believe it's her second language that might be her third as an architect in a pretty cool space walk around a and robotic learning. So it's very exciting and it was about that belief that so quality time is her loved ones, right? You will have quality time and not live in the same Village right still be connected to your culture and not live in the middle of kaveh or birth. Their Mardi Gras, whatever we want to call it. Yeah Etc. So so those are the two I'm very very excited about and what I love about that one is is that she gave voice to what it was that she wanted this like feeling that telling the dentist right is telling people what you want and owning it and stepping into it anyway and owning a exactly yeah. Yeah and and and owning it to a point where the person across the tables like. Yeah, of course, that makes sense. Yeah. Yeah and and and not letting it Be Your brave not worried about what other people were attaching. Mm. That's really good. Yeah. Yeah. So what concrete steps can our listeners take from this conversation today really to start amping up raising up if you will change their their Brave So I have do ye remember choose? I have to so the first one around learn it like a kindergartner. Mhm. What I would love is step into a week just a week to learn acts a piece of your learning spiral every day for a week off. No expectations. See what happens and what I have seen and what I have heard from so many different cultures is that everyone is shocked at how far and how much more confident and more committed they are after just a week and explain the learn off a piece happen to that. So let's save our let's take our example of the last client that I was talking about. Right? So learn for her was well I can I can log Reach out to some of the hiring managers originally or the recruiters and ask them. What what told you that I was hesitant to actually move. What did I do? What did I say wrong? And that would be a learn and act would be writing writing down the opposite. What is The Confident? Right? And then the learn for the next day off an example would be hey say that in front of your mirror and experience what that feels like when you say it confidently and then and then go act exactly any I'm just even putting them to the terms of an entrepreneur you might stop and and and hear some reflection back to you from a you know, that really resonated with me today what you spoke about what what that message was and then to go act with that one step further the next day. Yeah. Yeah and in some times for the really high achieving clients that I have cuz my clients have already had success and now. Not next level sometimes the ACT is slow down taking it. That's so important right read a book plane holiday and then actually go on the holiday. Yeah, so it can also be it doesn't always have to be more or sometimes. It's do less have less take care of yourself learn out of that. And then yeah, you have to be able to receive that learning right to be able to even acknowledge and if you're going so fast, you can't even see what that learning is. You might just blow past it and if you're pausing to just say what am I learning today or how might I act on that learning that that's that's where would you have to pause to feel that? Yes. Yes. Yeah. Okay yourself and then the second one from them like a boss and and these to these two questions are so powerful. But please don't do them more than once a week because they're exhausting of people off. Had people try to do it like every single day and I'm like, oh my God be nice to yourself. The first one is what opportunity is there and you're not grabbing it hmm opportunity is there so many people just had a name pop up in their head because it's someone that has shown interest in mentoring you and working with you and supporting you and be supported by you being your mentee. What is that opportunity? What's that relationship? What's that negotiation? What's that habit? What's what is there that you're not taking putting your hand out and really experiencing who I like that. Yeah, and the next one is what obstacle is there that you need to address them again. A lot of people just had a name pop up right where like, oh my gosh and being aware of what like just with that simple question how something can pop up for us without Then you know just that little short prompt exactly. Yeah, and that's why it's important to do these and it doesn't always have to be exactly those words. But this concept of like wage opportunity obstacle benefit disadvantage Etc to do it regularly, but but also giving yourself space to respond wage. It was an easy opportunity, you know, I've already done it if it was the obstacle you'd already addressed it, right? Those are the ones that if we take those those big leaps that can really help us catapult forward as well catapult is the absolute. Correct word. Yeah. Yeah. Awesome. Awesome. So why do you why do you love women in Tech wise that your focus because I was one. Yeah, I started off like I said as a secretary and I was the woman in the room. Yep, and then I was a consultant and I was frequently the woman in the room and as I became more birth Senior and has more and more years went by there would be more women in the room. And then I was the woman who had responsibility who had the budget who had Personnel, right? And then as the meetings became more senior again, I was the only woman in the room and the reason that that bothers me is that I am human and I would like to see all humans. I'm a mother and I want to see my son and my daughter in the rooms that are calling them but also every single industry wage, which means essentially our world runs on the spine of Technology before covid-19. Thing so we've got to be really grateful for technology in this year. Yes. And now imagine if every identity every culture gender sexuality generation was a part of making those core decisions about design investment implementation coding, etc. Etc. How much more opportunity would we have? Because for example bility people who have hearing loss significant hearing loss are living right now almost like it was ten years ago, right because most software wage doesn't nobody thinks about that because he was making the decisions. There are two identities who make the vast majority of the decisions. It's the white straight male dog. In North America and it is the mandarin-speaking straight Chinese man, right and and and imagine how things would be different. If we're not open that up from a design perspective from a user interface perspective. I think that's definitely the opportunity that's in front of us to to Really create more of that kind of diversity. Exactly. And so that's why women and Technology I can speak to it. I know the feeling intimately and it's the first step towards full representation. Yes. Yes ya no. I totally get it. And I think that's I think that's why I'm so passionate about women's voices because it's it's it's the same sort of thing. I thought into many rooms the only female back in the executive days and and you know, I think the opportunity really to shift things in our world is going dead. You know, I believe that woman's wisdom is is is going to be the medicine that really heals our Earth. And so I love that you are really focused in on that area. Thank you. Kami Yeah Yeah Song can people learn more about you and your business Nicole. So for the fun cookie thoughtful insightful LinkedIn. Yes, fine Mama. Come on over definitely follow also send a connection request. If this is interesting to you, please do let me know that you found me on kami's podcast and then I do have a website and my name is quite long. So I took the Nicole part off and it's trick Stein and it's Steinbach with a seat with a c h at the end. Eh of the end. That's right. Yeah, surprisingly. Nobody had taken that one. It's very interesting. I love it though. I am literally the only Nicole trick Steinbach on Google. Yeah, very cool and awesome. So you're trending him trending. Actually, that's awesome. That's totally awesome. So what the final question I always thought what three Pearls of Wisdom. Can you share with our audience today? I know you've given us a lot of really juicy ones already. But let's let's hear free more. Okay. So because I listened to your podcast I had a heads up this one. I got to think about it for a while. So the first one that I just always always always go back to is know your values. I was born in Southern Ohio to a single mom and I had a daughter and there were all of these ideas about what was possible for me and one of my values Choice growth and curiosity that has never changed other things have changed but the value of growth and curiosity and and later in life. It became also fun is birth. Usually important and know them and live them and when you are in those spaces life is better. It's just walk so your values experience the joy of failure. That's a good one. It really can be a joy. There's no master way to connect with people to learn to practice humility and then people are generally kind when when we are open to that right near open to sharing those stories a hundred percent. I mean the CEO who I called the wrong name. There was this millisecond of annoyance on his boy his face and then he walked onto the stage with this, you know, great smile, but his hand onto my shoulder. He was standing next to me. So he didn't put his arm around me. Well my shoulder that was important to him and he just said well, look at that. That's what's how long When we fail fast fail Early learn and move on like wow, you know and then the last one in this accomplished so much is different for different people is do less have less. Yes. I like that being finding that minimalist approach to living life more lightly. I just was on that page Summit Series with Heather artema and it was about just living life more lightly and I love that concept because otherwise we carry so much with us and if we can live more lightly, I think that money is a a beautiful way to just feel differently and showing up. Yeah. Yeah, that's cool. That's very good. Well Nicole it's been such a pleasure and not an honor to share your stories. Thank you so much. Thank you for being part of my community. Thank you for all the amazing things you're doing in the world and the women that you're impacting around the world and Thursday. Super proud of you. Thank you Kami. I'm so grateful to be a part of your grade Community. We do have a pretty darn good Community don't we have purchased a horse as well though? That's true. That's awesome. That's awesome. Well, Nicole thank you so much and you have a great day you too. I hope you enjoy this episode of extraordinary women radio. If you did, please share this podcast with your own special tribe of women and help spread the love the dreams and the inspiration. Are you ready to raise up your voice your visibility and your business. I invite you to join the conversation in my Facebook group extraordinary women connect this group brings together changemaker women entrepreneurs who want to elevate their business or impact. It is a place for powerful connections and collaborations. It is a place to be inspired uplifted and fired up for Action to learn more about my birth. That helps women entrepreneurs make heartfelt connections to mindful of growth strategies. Visit my website at chemical no, till next time my friend listen to your heart follow your dreams and be you.

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