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Who is Guru? | Spiritual Quest | EP 04 | Spirituality 101 Web Series | KrsnaKnows


Good evening winter top Dur topic. Who is a fuss later? Start with the question. Who is the room now as we have done? He's the newer of also someone who removes their darkness called and we love economic sense from the beside in the lane of ignorance. Means that you have done in your personal life which you might have learned in school colleges analogies from your bearings from your relatives whoever concern in this pitcher domain. It is cutting runs. The La subjects like physics chemistry ministry English biology so on and so forth astronomic. These subjects are or Barton in the material doing but in the spinach other world the our ignorance because they take you out from the reality so the good is a person who is removing doing this. Ignorance the darkness which is coloring delight. You all set to be that means you have knowledge within honey giving us in blackness timing on this subject. If I say certain things to you if I see the audience is saw you surely will not your head like distance. Yes of course. It is hard if you think that the GIG he spongy. Naturally you see that the GIG is spongy. If you find someone very aggregate an egoistic you understand that committee. Does he not tell you that you already know the subject this subject is already normal your similarly spiritual as a subject. He's already north to you. Unfortunately it is co would by means soft lear. He knows ignorance is described picked different. You have seen a game being played by children and Bhai intersocial. Mitch's car the now what you do in this is you. You keep a small object inside and the new color it with layers and layers and layers of packing material. Basically colored got bored. Something as you pass the Boston the toppings get remote one by one Melvin you these debater the last layer you you can see. The object could be Canada hype or something like that and then you will immediately all that is the team but still it was covered. You're not at all but you did site so this knowledge is already existing within in person and yet he is ignorant offered so good. Who is a person who is going on and allow in this for you the knowledge about the divine the knowledge? I'm on yourself that about this word and so on and and so forth this girl that we are talking about. He is a knowledgeable person. He's knowledge is self effort fulgence now. When we see the word self-indulgent we are talking about non rich which exists within that means he is followed all of knowledge? The please from the knowledge comes it is like go please from where is needs exactly like that. So let's see there is at least from copy becomes the river. Cabbie orange needs at that particular place Ghana the Yemen Sesame and radius of the reverse of this war. What did you look? At the point that origin eating at a particular place so he is called a fouled nope of money to peaceful where knowledge comes. He's knowledge is not read. His knowledge is transferred from one place to another it is already already existing at it is self budget it is no and he is in a position explained things to you know there are so many girls we understand what who is. I this that we are talking about has the family criteria. Amy's life is to make you each your state of decision. y'All stayed off liberation. He's idea is to ensure that ritual law. This is the idea that you need to have in your mind bit when you ASPIC wash it. Who is now? In Our scriptures it is written guru shot but a per month like means the Google is the divinity himself we understand. He is the positivity of all knowledge. He is not not someone who can be trifled with. He is a person who is very very high up that King Auto. He's appointed by the the young himself. So if you have all these criteria for fifth avenue is that now we are going to take of another question of how finding finding a separate subjects. If you think you have to see card you should be Bernice through this remember Guru is the fact opt we bought the divine. This is the main knowledge that will be the stat to him. You only only be able to reach the divine. I hope you understand what I'm saying. Please write down in the comments below. What they were that you feel that you need to learn more about is subject anybody's any other subjects that you wish to normal? Please put it in the column in the comments below so that we can take on the subject matter thank you.

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