Week 4 Matchups + In-or-Out, Turf Toe Woes


Take Your Game Day treats to the next level with the new EMINEM's hazelnut spread chocolate candies. Enjoy them on their own or use them to spruce up your favorite Desserts Ladies and gentlemen eminem's are delicious true all very new or delicious so guess what it should not be surprised that EMINEM's hazelnut spread chocolate candies these are also delicious because they are go Hazel nutty and try the new EMINEM's hazelnut spread chocolate candies today you welcome to the fantasy footballers podcast coming to you from Pristine auction dot. com studios cows with your hose. Andy Holloway Jason Moore and Mike Right welcome into the fantasy footballers once again. We got a ball game last night. It was a good one definitely hit. The over definitely did think we got to see The Green Bay packers defense finally well. I guess they did two things they broke. They had been been win not break defense. If you look at the statistics about them they had been a defense could stop you once you got into the red zone that didn't really happen but limited. Carson winces total yardage to you know under what is under two hundred yards that's right. They couldn't stop the run at all. Yes I would say it's it's an incomplete picture to just look at the what the point that gave up because the eagles were given short fields multiple times you had a mile sanders had a massive run on a on a kickoff offer. Turn that turned into an easy score. Aaron Rodgers had a fumble on their side of the field so that he grimaced afterwards. Oh I'm sure he did and he he looked at he looked at someone said. Why is this your fault? If there were prop bets for like over under and they set a line how many grimaces game camera zooms into I would one hundred percent of the time at the over regardless of the laws and matter but if you play their rogers you were not grimacing finally got a we got an ice quarterback nice fantasy quarterback performance from Aaron Rodgers Davante Adams with the massive massive bounce back week eight for one fifty six in the first half. Yes they did not seem interested in playing defense on him and there was creative play calling getting him into space to use his legs and run but I hope you enjoy those one hundred eighty yards. It S A career high for him by the way in total yards. June a game but then he went down and you have to wonder if the end of this game is different multiple multiple goal line opportunities on two separate drives it might avantis Adams. It might have been different but I'm throwing. The probability was would have been the same with that play calling. We'll let bad would that play calling meaning throwing for four on the goal line would have been very different. If you had yeah Davante Adams for four passing plays it actually reminded me of the end of the it was exactly the same as the end of the Cleveland Browns game where you had four opportunities unity's at the goal line they were all passing plays ill-advised throw by Rogers right. I'm all for Miami of the Super Bowl a mall for trickery and and trying to catch defense off guard for throat by throwing on the goal line sometimes but when you have that many opportunities on the one it's a yard run run the ball fantasy wise Rogers added to his stat line with forty six yards on the ground at four hundred twenty two through the air to downs one interception when fumble it was pretty good performance from Rogers it. was you know two touchdowns. He's still didn't see that explosion but devante atoms did most of the work in the passing game. Jimmy Graham was resurrected and allowed to play in this one yup six for sixty one and a touchdown allison had a touchdown in this one. NBS This was a fantasy disappointment. Three for forty seven seemed to be off the field in strange circumstances where you expected amount there. I don't know if he was dealing with something. Zacher seven catches on the eagles side Alshon three for thirty eight and a touchdown frequently targeted. I think that was what stood out to me. Nine targets only caught hot three of them but clearly the first second third read well him and hurts yeah was pretty much the entire offense in terms of passing targets. The next highest targeted player was Jordan Howard. Oh weird you never wanted to that as part of your in game bullet points. You Know How do oh you know how they do like trickery. Oh we're going to line-up in jumbo but then we're throwing data what you do when you run out to a screen they go off are now going to go to uh they would never throw to Jordan Howard and then he had a receiving touchdown do Jordan Howard's credit they ran the Kansas City chiefs wheel route and Howard secured the the ball had a nice touch so Howard balled out. Yes eighty seven five point eight per carry on the ground two touchdowns. Do you have a dynasty team with mile. Sanders Sanders and Jordan Howard obviously didn't play Jordan Howard last night of course and he had thirty three fantasy points. What do you do moving forward with that backfield. That seemed like ah the one saving grace here. We had two guys receive all the carries. SPROLES didn't receive any of the carries. So what do you do. Who who'd you start next week. Look now that Jordan Howard is a little bit more involved in the passing game you every time they got to the red zone. It seemed like it was Jordan Howard's job. There's there's more trust there. Obviously you've got the fumbling issue last week with miles sanders and Jordan. Howard is a big bruising back. I mean you saw graduate on his last touchdown down. run it was he took a huge hit there at the one yard line bounce back and got in the end zone so I don't see them going away from Jordan. Learn how at the goal line and if you've got the touchdown upside with Howard. I think you gotTa start leaning that direction. I think it looked like to me it was they went hot. Hot Hand like Howard was the better player last night. Yes Mile Sanders saved his day. He ripped off a big run and he also had you know the the big special teams return but that doesn't count for both fantasy leagues. It looked like a hot. The hot hand for Jordan Howard's latest kept going to him. I suspect it will still be even however Jason's corrected Red Zone and goal. I worked at Jordan Howard until further notice. Nelson Aguilar cannot drop anything when he's not targeted. It's let me drop it if they don't throw it yeah so he was. He was a complete goose last night. If you decided to roll him out there over Jeffrey a free flowing of that nature it didn't work out now Adams the big news circling back there as we get into our in and out segment and the rest of this show which has we'll have fantasy forecast the rest of the match ups. I'M GONNA sneak and upset over the weekend there. We've got ballers on a budget but Davante wants Adams. The big news is he departed with the toe. Injury had the monstrous ten for fifteen ten fifteen targets one hundred eight yards. He diagnosed himself with Turf Toe Pro Football Field Turf Toe. He couldn't put his shoe on after the game. What are we expecting from Davante Adams over the next few weeks. They have a long week being the Thursday night game but I think you have to expect him to miss a couple of weeks. I don't think he's going to be back Sunday. You can hope he's back the following Sunday but I think it's more realistic that the sun after that so if he misses the next two weeks I think that both Toronto and MVS become playable playable assets. I expect Drano. Allison's actually have the bigger uptick in a role as kind of more sure thing with Rogers long-term. He's played with them. He knows them. NBS is really talented but he doesn't. He doesn't seem to be in sync with Aaron Rodgers. You know if he gets ten eleven targets I don't. I don't think it's going to be you know I feel like those games where he catches four or five of those targets he's he's more of a secondary option rather than the primary guy. I'm most excited if in Adam's absence on actually being able to count on Jimmy Grandma's tight and I think that's a great great point I mean I think we saw as soon as Adams went off the field it. was you know eleven yard passer. Jimmy Graham ten yard pass the Jimmy Graham. That was the surprise you know the the impressive thing to me. I think you downgrade Rogers. Obviously they have their upcoming schedule at Dallas next week and then a juicy match up at home home with the Detroit Lions. You had a major injury. Jamal Williams yeah taking him off the field to finish stat game up with the running backs. Aaron Jones did absolutely nothing with his opportunity. He hasn't hasn't been able to run the ball. Effectively team hasn't been able to run the ball effectively at all through the entire season so rogers having to do more he threw the ball Jones on several occasions and hopefully Jamal Williams will be okay. That was a scary situation for him and mathematics in this game two players stretchered off that was that was not fun so right now looks like Jerry Jones is GonNa be the Guy Moving forward but efficiencies been a huge problem huge. I mean you're talking under to a Carey and it wasn't the problem in terms of Baker believe that it just doesn't seem like he's ever in a position like a lot of these runs. Were not his fault. A lot of these runs were two two or three guys in the backfield good defensive front for the Eagles. I think that you know didn't help anything but you would have expected more than twenty one yards rushing in a game where Jamal Williams left and Aaron Jones is the the only player in town. Yes all right. It's Friday but clan Friday away as we head into the weekend each and every Friday we wanna say thank you to those of you that support this independent podcast asked to join the foot dot com the official foot clan community and today this fine Friday. We give Rick and more. Td's aw aw that's the winner this week for clan Friday winner of a fifty five dollar gift card to shop dot Com for supporting the show we appreciate you. You can find that community of joined the foot dot com. You can follow us on twitter at the F. F. ballers. You can't find us on you to Youtube. Dot Com slash fantasy fantasy football is we're going to be paying out a number of water bats today. That video will show up tomorrow. Oh on the YouTube we have week two and week three to pay out Mike you and I had that McCall Hartman Jon Ross Bet from week to both players ball. Doubt you beat me. You'RE GONNA. Water me today. We had a seventy seven yard. Juju Smith Schuster button week three. He had eighty one yards and you beat me again. These are narrow wins. They hurt more that way. I'd rather be blown out like JC were they narrow they were by the skin of might see how John Rouse garbage. Td and then that seventy six yard Juju Chang and when you say blown out like Jason you mean blown out like Jason did to you with the dolphins doubling up that overrun yeah. I volunteered to take two waters for the Patriots Miami Game. I said that Miami would I hope you Brian wet suit. I took really outlandish approach that they might not lose by twenty yeah and they lost forty and then use the mocking bird forty. Well not a smart move to say they would lose by. Fewer than twenty not correct. It's just a little unnatural to be like yeah. I think they might be able to within twenty and then feel like the idiot but they're the dolphins so I should have known better and then my I beat you with the I'm GonNa Water. You for the Iraqi. Burn top generals tied in week to bet so we'll have a number of those will fill them today. A it'll be fun it'll be on YouTube dot com slash fantasy football tomorrow. Let's go out and do some in and out all right. Lots of injury news notes reports running back. Let's start there reshad penny. He returned to practice expect him to play. He returned to a limited practice. Yes sure I WANNA go. No I think he's out. I think he's GonNa play. This was the expectation from the previous Sunday they they expected him to do. This is the time table that I think they set for him to come back on this Thursday so I'm going to say he's in Damian Williams. The knee injury didn't practice Wednesday Thursday in or out out out. Just been full full go yeah. He's a forego for your roster. Justin Jackson calf injury added to the injury report. We don't know a lot but what do you think in around for Justin Jackson. I don't think it's a west coast practice. We don't have that yet and it's one of those late injuries like Reshad. Penny was a he returned. This Justin Jackson added to the injury report late. Is this the window that Melvin Gordon sneaks in and gets like eight touches. I'm GONNA say no. I think Justin Jackson Plays Gordon active all right all right Royce Freeman. I'll say he's in Devon Single Terry practice again today Friday. Do you think he plays these. He's practicing yeah. He'll be out there but I'm with you that surprising and I I would be fearful to play him. I would be trying not to practice. If I was devastated theory with this Patriots Atri. It's Macha no it's nice to see him return quicker than we expected after seeing the injury on the field rex burkhead limited on Thursday inter out in in and playing playing against Buffalo. What would you do what I play him correct. Oh No Ito's Smith resume practicing on Thursday should be in there to disrupt your devante Freeman Fremont wide receivers. Ty Helmet the quad injury didn't practice Wednesday or Thursday in or out man. That's that's tough because he's missed a lot of practices and still plays. I must say in. I think he's I think he will play too but it's it's. Everything's Today's press you play if he's in an idea point Jillian and hopefully he's very respectful actual of your fantasy team the way devante Adams was going for a career high in yardage before getting in the way that Hilton did last exactly exactly. It's a respectful man of course fine upstanding standing plus. He's got he's got a touchdown streak. Yes Jillian Ataman with a chest injury out in Amari Cooper in the up. Mike Williams with the back remains sideline on Thursday his day seem similar to the week before different injury but are you did see him active believe he will play but caution. Is it a little concerned that this week. It's the back issue. which was the major issue last season from what I understand? It was it's it's not related okay. How's it just same body part direct indirect yeah. It's concerning concerning that. He's on the injury report every week that doesn't I don't like that so I don't mind people pivoting away from what seems like an opportunistic match up to go with. Somebody you know is going to be out there. Chris Godwin with the hip he missed practice Wednesday Thursday. Fortunately he did return to practice today so in Calvin Ridley in Terry mcclaren added to the Redskins for this one scary you very nice. you look what guys added to the injury mid week. It's it's more likely he's GonNa Miss but you just have to wait for the last practice reports enough. We'll let you know it's a hamstring injury and we'll let you know if we hear anything by the end of the show and we obviously Mike is on with you an hour before game time for starts at decisions and we'll keep you updated on the social media as well Chris Conley with the knee injury limited Thursday I I don't. I don't think he's GonNa play and I don't know if he does Albert. Wilson is expected to return for the game against the chargers not playing it but excited to watchable Russell Wilson play all right Titans Vance McDonald Monday night game didn't practice Thursday you need. I'm not playing Vance McDonald. Yeah not put myself in that position. They say hey that you know he could be there but I just can't imagine they they ship away a fifth rounder for a tight end while they're tight in his injured because he's GonNa play. I'm going to say out Mark Andrews with the foot. Injury returned to practice. Friday didn't practice Wednesday and Thursday. I think he's going to be in your pardon par for the course Laney Walker with the need and practice Thursday Walker. I am Greg Olsen. They're getting that old man rests. I believe I think they're both will play. Can we take off a couple days every week. Once we hit a certain age yeah that's how it works. It's amazing brooks album will be doing the Thursday Friday. Practice shows sorry for Glenn. All right like I said Game Day alerts you can get the injury report before you have to make those decisions at join the foot dot com each and every week we post those Sunday live on twitter and periscope and facebook and all that I got something to say I'm just laughing right now because we refer to these guys like old man old man strength the day of rest and like they're all younger than us in Greg Olson looks. It's like I mean that's a that's a lumberjack. That's a season man. We are older. They're in Greg Olson. I'd be like Greg Olsen could be my father other like that's the age discrepancy on the two of us and honestly I think he could have been how much a man he was. He was one one year old when he became your father frightening world but you're right you're right. I thought he was fifty six so I didn't realize that he was younger than us. The News and notes injury reports all that stuff brought to you by the sleeper APP. Don't miss big time. Fantasy football news updates this morning. I was brushing. My teeth got. The report Ron sleeper that Chris Godwin was back at practice. Do you probably brushed with a little more vigor after that no a little less tense and then I called it now to the appropriate level with my all right. We're going to get into the finish the work as and we WANNA thank. CBS sports aged today's episode brought to you by CBS sports. Hq Sports TV nowadays is full of the bickering and the made up drama but CBS sports HQ. I disagree disagree. It's here to change that. 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It's free it's free it is eight matchups remaining on today's show ballers on a budget after that the titans install cans they play in Atlanta both teams one into Falcons at four point home favorites forty five and a half point over under Mario Radio Mount Ryan. No we're not interested in the alliterative Marcus Mariota no just because he has the same letter at the front. Both names is now. Make him a start Mike. It's a sensational name to be fair. I mean that is a comic book is that he's an alias so perhaps CBS perhaps he's not as good in the NFL because he's actually superhero and he knows that he has to Feign Strang. He's really been in the Bruce Gr. He's a great actor. Yes if that's the case. He's been in the Bruce Wayne State for many years now. Matt Ryan is our consensus quarterback ten on the week. He's averaged three hundred nine passing yards per game. Are you playing Matt Ryan against the Titans Defense. Yeah the the matchup stinks but it's Matt Ryan at home. He's he's averaging over three hundred yards. Multi touch downs every week. He's he's a good fantasy start. Yeah I look at Matt Ryan in this game very similar to how I looked at Carson Wentz yesterday like Yeah Yeah Yeah you gotta play 'em. We have this track record of of stats so far. It's three games think matt. Ryan homes must start yeah you. I mean I was in the off season. I was the Anti Matt Ryan Believer. Two of my biggest reasons were the defense. They lost so many pieces last year and the running game. Couldn't you know wasn't going when they lost devante freeman well the running games now going with freemen Kiana. Neil now is out so yeah at home. Matt Ryan is pretty much. A Weekly Start Art Devante Freeman Twenty touches last week. It was a bit of a product at Edo Smith was knocked out of the game in Edo. Smith resume practicing. We'll see if he plays or not. That will have a lot to do with the the confidence you can have playing free because the matchup is it's back to a rough match of Freeman. I am not sure that I would wanNA play Freeman. I mean you might have to yeah even if he does out. This is a bad match for guy that just hasn't been able to get it done yeah yeah. I think this might be the week. He gets a little bit more involved in the passing game and does enough. I'm Mona make top twenty four bed with you Jason. If that's twenty four he's in my top twenty four not. I'm not GonNa like you would play him then yeah it's based on your rank talking on both sides. Sir I would not play him but as the top twenty four guys so then I would one hundred percent him because you played running backs. Yeah take a Stan Jason More. Here's the deal. My rosters have better than to top twenty four running back. Oh Oh you know look at your nasty. Rosters are like Rowdy back twenty four. That's exciting. Go ahead. Sorry about your roster now. Oh you're running backs J Alvin Kamara Dominik. Those are don't don't look it. Is that Derrick Henry ready to run. Those are the top three man. That's good. You're an ex Berry Berry Berry Sanders emmitt Smith and Ladainian Tomlinson Derrick Henry Jason. You haven't rb six this week. He's averaging seventeen rushing attempts per game. Falcons been middle of the pack against the running back position. We know that Tennessee win must hand the ball to Derrick Henry over and over and over again. I'm uncomfortable with him obviously in this matchup. I think we all agree. I'm comfortable playing him but I I don't have a high end start like he could easily get game. Aim scripted out. Is there another player on Tennessee that you're willing to play in this game Walker Texas Ranger Delaney. Yes targets six in game one on six game to nine in week three. If Walker plays you play him Austin Hooper. My tight end started the week. What about Hooper Verses Walker in this one. I'd rather have I aw I think it would play hooper. The matchup is solid the titans the only place to really being beat for fantasy purposes right now is the tight end position and awesome hooper's. He's young and practicing yeah that that's helpful. You WanNa guy. That's going to be playing. I've got to back to back of my rankings. I have the Laney Walker one spot ahead little known fact Dawson. Hoover is actually Greg. Olsen son yeah makes sense. It does make sense what about Calvin Ridley. How are you guys feel on. After you ARP Planum yes I will play cover Ridley. So what does that mean. Where do you rate Let me let me pull up Meridian's but like you only say only had one target last week yeah. I just didn't know what he was before. Last week was he. A He's a flex play yeah. He's a wide receiver two slash three but with Matt Ryan he has upside what every single week so he's he's just in there as a weekly play. I start him as well yeah. The titans have the highest pressuring the NFL the Atlanta offensive line not exactly strong. I think that'll be the push comes to shove part of this game the Redskins at Owen three take on the one and two giants. What a barn burner. This is GonNa be a I look it. Actually it could be the third highest over under the week the giants at three point home favorites over unders forty nine and a half points that I put the giants at Twenty Six Redskins at twenty three so Daniel Jones Yep. He had the second best debut ever for a fantasy football quarterback. We have met consensus. Cuba thirteen this week case keenum twenty-three. Can You Trust Christina Jones. I don't think that that's possible. I don't think you can ever take a player that has one. Nfl Start and say yes. I trust him to deliver but is he. Does he have potential in this match up. You have to say yes. I think he is an excellent streaming quarterback this week. If you're up against it Washington twenty eighth against against the quarterback position for fancy scoring they get beat their Daniel Jones. He looked solid. This wasn't to me. We've all seen the quarterback come in and they the the team rallied behind the new quarterback. They pull out a win and the quarterback gets all this credit but you know if you watch the game. The quarterback did not win that game. Daniel Jones was a huge part of the giants actually winning. I I feel like he is a competent quarterback and he's in a plus matchup at home. The redskins are giving up seventy nine percent completion percentage percentage that is the highest in the NFL so yeah I think I think Daniel Jones could be played especially when you add in his rushing baseline you know he rushed a lot in college college and so far week one two rushing touchdowns plenty of yards on the ground I I I think you can stream Wayne Gaughman you. You get used to play him if you spent all that money you're playing him. Adrian Peterson we have right on the outside edge of of running back three three. He's in the category where you're saying. Do I WANNA play Frank Gore against New England or do I want to Adrian Peterson against the giants. That's a punch in the face I would would go peterson and guess but it's not been pretty and then Chris Thompson being worked into this office the redskins throwing the ball fourteen percent more than they did in in two thousand eighteen. That's the largest pass increase in the NFL. They their defense is not showing up. I mean I think it's a big part of it and they're having to hand the ball to case keenum him to come back. We've seen Terry maclaurin have success through three weeks. Does it continue in this one. I mean the giants defense. Do Yeah the feds Eh. This is why there's a high over under on the on the game. We say it could be a barn burner. I could very easily see even though it's almost fifty point over under the taking the over. We're on this game. I don't see either defense doing anything. Good and both offenses can compete enough against these specific defenses so yeah I mean I think so you start tearing maclaurin. I think you start Sterling Shepherd. I want pieces in this game not so much the Adrian Peterson you know again again. I would take him over Gore. This could be a game that the redskins are up and winning and he stays in the game but if it turns into a barn burner which I I lean the the problem odds on probability yeah this is going to there's going to be a lot of points scored then. I'd rather have Chris Thompson Adrian Peterson. I'll give you an example of when I'm gonNA play him because I think he's the guy that you don't WanNa play. He's in case of emergency break glass type of player in one of our leagues. I have on the bench. I'm looking out on the waiver wire. It's Adam Humphreys is called Peasley against New England. It's it's kind of like well. I if I give if Emmanuel Sanders was to miss the game because he's a little banged up or Chris. Godwin surprise missed the game. That's when I put Peterson and go. At least I know they're going to hand him the ball ten eleven times. Maybe he'll fall forward into the end zone like you did a couple of weeks ago but you can't be excited about Peterson no doubt about it no Buchan ears wanting to take on the rams rams or three game as a forty nine and a half point over under as well. The Rams are nine and a half point home favorites. We Know Jared Goff's a lot better at home. We have met. QB eight you feel comfortable with Gough. Yes yeah I really liked golf this week. the whole home road narrative that I've been pushing against seems to have been true at least so far and he is at home while the Tampa Bay buccaneers defense defense has looked better. They obviously were beat by Daniel Jones pretty heavily last week so I think at home the rams there's a bounce back game to me for the rams. Yes three no but you haven't really loved the offense because you haven't loved Jared Goff. You haven't loved girly. I actually think both players have have a bounceback game. I think they're going to try to get really going in this so i. I really liked the rams this week. Do you buy into the reports that you know Girlie at fifteen touches again. They actually WANNA to get him. The twenty-five no that was that was coach speak when he was asked a question about that numbers in yeah but if you listen to Sean mcvay does go on fantasy say. I don't believe the number thing but he said I want to get him in more of a rhythm and set him up to succeed. That's where he's been blaming himself and we've seen that with girls. That's where you've been blaming him. Yes I've been blaming him. Because why aren't you getting them involved in the screen game getting them on you know in a rhythm and if that's that's an effort given by Sean McVeigh. I think look girl. He's been out there. He's not I mean. We're worried about the workload but he's not currently injured. He still the same talented guy before the season if I had said he'd be three weeks in seventy one percent of the snaps on the season. I think we'd all have imagined he's a top ten exactly top five exactly so we've been you know they have not taken them off the field that three and oh that's a good sign. He's is he a Bilo for you. If you believe vacant you know even some small involvement in the passing game is going to change the narrative quite a bit. I traded for him this week. in our listener league because I think this week he's buy low that inner said if he balls out and looks amazing yeah. I'M GONNA listen to offers offers because I still worry about the long term reliability painting Barbara Ronald Jones he starting either guy in this one the rams the only place they have been beaten has been at the running back position because their corners are incredible and they have a great pass rush so occasionally running backs have done a few things against them giving up twenty two and a half fantasy points but if you have to pick one where do you go. I Guess Ronald Jones because sleaze don't pick one is that the answer is just reactionary to what happened last week. This is a this is a tango that I want no part of Evans and Godwin you starting these guys against these yes incredible corners you have probably half to based on where they were drafted who they are and what your the rest of your lineup is but. I'm expecting a poor game of James Winston against the rams so that avenue coming off not bode well for Evans Goblin Evans coming off the eighth best fantasy game by wide receiver over the last ten years and and we were on the other end and it didn't feel good thanks Mike Cooper brandin cooks Robert Woods. That's the order you'd start these guys. Yes yeah you. You have to go that way. Even though rob who's he seeing the exact same target shares Cooper Cup when you're watching the game the there. There's a there's the sink problem to me right now. Jared Goff and Robert Woods the targets are just they're not. They're not as catchable there is. They're not as nice as these cooper cut. Perceptions is where I mean he's running free wide open one of its own would yeah one thing that's been interesting if you go back and look the match ups and who's been guarding who the top corner for the first. I three weeks is has been more on woods and I wonder after last week if that starts to shift if if defenses start say we need to look at Cup as as the one put our best guy there. He's just he's a lot. You don't think you're going to see that I think I think it'd be interesting if at home if we see woods woods in this game not be able to kind of breakthrough. I think fantasy owners. We're GONNA get pretty worried about his production. Where drafted him because he he's never really. We had the the high end upside so you at least want to have the ten twelve points a week. I think Howard has an okay game in this one I really do. Howard is my number ten tied in and it's terrifying refine like I've got to me yet ten yeah because Oh should be good. He should have been good week one two and three he's fine last week. I think he's probably you'll. You'll see more targets this week. I think they're going to need to utilize him. Godwin if the rams defense focuses on slowing down Mike Evans and those corners on the outside read that's that's my guess you gotta put Winston in the position where he can evade this pass rush with some help underneath. I hope Howard is that guy for fantasy purposes. I'm fine starting him. You guys ready to move on all right. The seahawks two and one take on the O. Two in one cardinals in Arizona Seahawks Five Point Rhode favorites in this one. What are we expecting from Russell Wilson and Kyle Alert Murray so Russell Wilson you you play claim that the matchup is super juicy you are you're just you're hoping that the cardinals can keep up. Russell Wilson's massive game last yeah. I think he threw the ball fifty times. That's that is not what Pete Carroll in the Seattle seahawks WANNA do. They'll do it if they have to but they really don't want their offense running that way so it's well the hassles you but that's what I mean but Russell Wilson's high in finish this week would be predicated on the cardinals keeping up no. I don't think that's true. I think Russell Wilson's high finish could be the product of just super efficiency with some Disney touchdowns tyler our locker bomb touchdown a decay met cap the Arizona cardinals are going to give up a lot of points that we know. We just don't know where they're going to come fight a guess. I think they're going to try to get Chris Carson going in this game. They want to be in control in a divisional match up. I Love Chris Carson this week. The Arizona Cardinals gave up a Mazda game to Christian McCaffrey. Sorry I think that will Isley Tyler Lockett Chris Carson. You have to start and it's going to be the cardinals shockingly playing catch up like they. They have done the entire year. They have still yet to run a single snap with the lead so the only thing we know about the cardinals is that they throw the ball a lot when they're down and they're always down the seahawks defense. It's not been good. No I would say you know bottom third cuyler. Dj Fitzgerald Gerald. I assume we're starting those three Christian Kirk. Are you willing to put them out there. The the volume has been fantastic for the wide receivers it here hugh right now. Lay ranks fourth in targets at thirty one and KRISTA KIRK has thirty two targets. They're the volume is great. keiler is not throwing the ball deep down the field but he's throwing the ball a lot so it works out for for fantasy. We wish we would see them going down the field a little bit more but you still have to be pleased with the the the mid to late round values that that Larry and Kirker Providing Chris Carson you you've shown yeah. Some confidence in him started the week. I Have Wilson as my started the week against Arizona's defense lock it has been outstanding sex targets over the last two weeks after the the weird the weird week one where he's still delivered though he had the big play and then we'll dizzily. We'll kind of our show started week this week Arizona dead last this. This is shocking this status shonky twenty five point four fantasy points per game given up to the tight end position to think about what that means the tight end at on on a team that usually scores like no fantasy points on average is averaging twenty five fantasy points. That's why Montana's Gatorade high school player of the year in two thousand thirteen the big Montana himself is are started the week. We'll get it going baby. He's everyone's favorite played as. We hope it turns out. Hope it paying it will. It's funny because I doubted Olsen last week. Dishonor knee injury return. It was like Kyla new variable we know that Cam Newton Loves Greg Olsen and he's banged up and he just bawled out. Did you say he's Montana's Gatorade high school player of the year in twenty thirteen yeah super impressive give 'em call him. Big Montana for nothing day equals US Vikings two and one at the bears two and one bears two point home favorites in this one. What are we going to get out of David Montgomery the you know this is GonNa be the toughest task for Alvin Cook Right now. The Vikings only passing the ball thirty eight percent of the time which is shocking Dalvin. Cook has been absolutely dominant. He's one fantasy running back on the air. He's tied for the most forced missed tackles second in yards after contact every metric you can look at production. you know his running ability ability. It's been off the chart but this is a really difficult matchup. Bears are fourth in the League only given up fifteen fantasy points per game to running back. What do you think this this this projects to be a really bad game for fantasy when you have two teams that WanNa win with defense and you have two quarterbacks that aren't the best and the good good quarterback out of the two of them is on the road they both the the quarterbacks would also like to win with defense. Yes exactly so I you know. It's one of those things where I think the running game mm-hmm is where both teams are going to try to rely on but it's not gonna be easy against either of these two defenses. You're obviously going to be planned Alvin Cook. I still think you play Adam dealer. Even though you know the you're scared about the volume of scared about the match up but I don't know how you say Adam. Theon just still gets it done pretty much every week. You know you're not you're not starting digs right. No no this match is just too difficult for predict to have that breakout game. It should get better for digs but this is this is really frustrating for a lot of fancy owners fantasy owners. It's been a third round pick in Dynasty Leagues Traded for him and Dynasty Leagues and wonder what the future is going to hold like you said I mean to thirty eight point over under Vegas not have this as a high scoring affair so fantasy points are going to be few and far between that's what makes us David Montgomery situation very difficult. He's averaged fifteen and a half carries over two weeks. You can be as angry angry with Matt Nagy as you want to be because maybe win those carries her coming being on the goal line and have a now running the football but David Montgomery summary being a youngster apply that you believe in a tackle breaker fifteen and a half carries is his time coming. Yeah I mean this is the type of game that I think they're going to try to make his time. The problem is the match up I think he gets he's not GonNa make it might Davis is time or Cordeiro Patterson's time I mean we three. Cohen's owens time. We certainly can't be sure but I think that the probability says that Montgomery going to get the lion's share of the carries is GonNa be a tough match up. I think you could start him. He's our rb twenty four consensus but you just can't expect a huge game against such a tough defense. Allen Robinson against this Vikings Hiking's defense. What do you think you can play him. He's getting nine targets per game twenty six percents of Mitch trubisky targets I he's he's he's in the two three area. I mean I would I would rather play Alan Robinson over Stefan Dick's. Oh Yeah I feel like the name should be brought up anytime we scored three touchdowns and a quarter Taylor Gabriel. He had a monster game. He does this all the time he he lures. You eat like a Venus flytrap wrapped. He's he's an Oh look. Look at all. These fantasy points that I can score got US zero no interest like interest if you want to ah at a speculative but I am not chasing love phone Taylor. No this is really really good. Yes he's super fast the consistency of targets their stuff. He was the water sewer three this week but if you want to chase these points nobody was week one and week to use the wide receiver eighty and eighty four. He reminds me a little bit of Brandin cooks in the way that not only is he really fast but he makes contested tested catches at you with a small stature on on the reg but he doesn't get the targets regularly and that's the trouble with their all school. They're also trubisky key targets that that's the problem. That's been the ball spinning horizontally right. If you told me you David Montgomery to Rico and Alan Robinson Taylor Gabriel Trey Burton and you replace them with quarterback I mean this should be a really fun offense. You're not not interested in a quarterback. They can throw three touchdowns in a single quarter. Jason I am not interested in a quarterback could throw three touchdowns at Siegel quarter if his name is Mitchell trubisky gather wise I'm. I'm in. This is the six week I wanNA know when the six touchdown weeks coming this year. I thought it was happening last week all right. The jags wanted to take on the broncos. Oh Hurry Oh in three thirty eight and a half point over under. I don't know this is like the previous game. This is like the Vikings bears only with even less. It's exciting prospects to me right yeah. I mean you right now Jason Real question. Let's put you to it. Okay Joe FLACCO. Oh you want name running your offense or Mitchell trubisky. Oh my goodness gross I would go with Forbi- ski because he's mobile and he can get out of the pocket and when things said to figure out where you are how deepen this trubisky hall you were the Denver Fans were waiting with bated breath saying this is it. This is our time we get a little. No yes sorry still flagger all right garment shoe Joe FLACCO. You don't don't play either one in this game no shoes on the road in Denver. It's a low over under no thank you Leonard Fournette Philip Lindsay Jason. You're the highest on Lindsay this week last week. It was a good week voice. Williams Royce is looked pretty good. This year seems to be back. Are Are you playing these these guys against Jacksonville. I I am in sold US my team as an example in my money league. I have to choose between Philip Lindsey who I don't WanNa play against Jacksonville but then the other options are are like Daryl Williams who two what's his role in Kansas City because now shady's upgraded to full or like Frank Gore who should still see the majority of the work for the buffalo with with single terry coming back and right now. I'm going with Phil Lindsey just to the options behind when you when Lindsay's your to your options who says you have behind him or probably not much better and you don't want a part of the matchup however saying that like if you're playing Philip Lindsay with any type ABBA confidence. I think that exact same of Confidence Royce Freeman. They're both gonna see very identical work. Both are evolved in the passing game so I I think that Roy's Freeman is also a playable guy. Yeah loud same level of philp wins last week's fancy finish for Philip. Lindsay looked really league good compared to Roy's freemen's. If you watch the game they were. They were involved about the same Royce. Freeman had one of those two touchdowns that touchdown goes Royce Freeman there was called back on that Phantom hold right by Emmanuel Sanders then all of a sudden the week looks even between these two guys but Philip Lindsay is still. I still the more more explosive guy if you're gonNA tell me. One of these guys gonNA run off a forty yard. Touchdown is going to be Philip Lindsay. If you on Sunday if you're walking around the house and you feel kind of some Malays or nausea you feel a little not yourself. Check your TV. Make sure this game's not on that fifty actually the reason why slowest pace of play in football for Jacksonville ugliest pace of play in Denver so far the broncos now yeah yes it is the broncos defense has exactly exactly zero sacks on the season. This was the formidable incredible. It's this looks like a good deep play right on paper Denver at home against Gardner. Men's issue looks like a great play zero sack. You've got von. Miller zero sacks through three games. That's it's it's outlet with VIC fangio coming the defensive genius running the show. It's it's really unbelievable of. Here's I think the the only question game like I'm not playing. Dj Chart. I know he's been on fire but he gets Chris Harris Junior. He's what he did to Devante atoms but what about Emmanuel Sanders Cortlandt Sutton Jacksonville's a great deep but they're they're not gonNA gotta have Jalen Ramsey that changes is that where where it is trying to Ramsey looking. I believe they are going to be without Jalen. Ramsey was he had the the wink wink flu. Oh and then he had like a wink. Wink know yet really had a real child. That wasn't a wink wink flute and I believe Nashville. He's there with James Light. He's just like yeah. I just wanted to C. J. Baby. Nobody says his trade request standards so. I don't believe he's playing this. I think he found on the loophole. His wife can have a baby next week. He's look he's out there looking for if he can find Sam Darnold you know what he's after that. Oh little smooth smooth. He doesn't WanNa take the Field Jacksonville. That'll buy them. What four or five weeks at least oh man genius right Sunday night. Football Cowboys Saints Cowboys are two and a half point road favorites in this one forty seven point over under the saints they won last week the impressive performance against Seattle the carson turnover didn't help the MOMENTO that game but I I think I was impressed with what I saw from teddy bridgewater able to kind of manage the offense and obviously Alvin Kamara is so good that you can kind of hand him the whole offense literally. Here's the thing that's the most surprising probably the most surprising I've heard in a long time but certainly within this matchup we yesterday we're talking about the Miami Dolphins as the thirty first best T- right against quarterbacks and Mike was blown away. They like wait. There's someone worse the dolphins and it turns out. It's the saints against the quarterback and it's on the back of giving up four rushing touchdowns already to the quarterback quarterback through the first three weeks and now they're playing Dak Prescott who's known for supplementing his touch with rushing touchdowns Margaret Obese the first three years. He's had six rushing touchdowns. This matchup seems like one that you want to say might be scared for deck but it might be I mean it looks looks guys. Gerry Hell Team you look at last year. you know the saints were a great defense. They're still good against the run. You wonder but I think I think that's going to have a good game. Well yeah and I mean if you look at that stat. Maybe that one's it's a little contorted by rushing touchdowns but then you look at what they've given up to the wide receiver position their thirtieth in the league forty two and a half points per game so they they haven't been able to step up there. You've got Amari. Cooper has been extremely namely consistent. He's the wide receiver four on the season. He's the go-to guy in this new downfield offense. Is You know taking shots picking his spots. I just like Dallas in this game. You know you got a twenty four and a half point. implied point total the saints twenty two. I I like obviously DOC Zeke Cooper there in is there somebody else. You're taking a shot with on Dallas. If you have to pick another wide receiver for example because you look at the situation Michael Gallup's oops not back yet they have given up a lot of points to the wide receiver position. Amari Cooper had a precautionary. MRI So if you're taking a shot is it on Randall Cobb. Is it on Devon Smith. If I'm taking the shot I'm going to go Devon Smith. You're we would hope that Randall cobb last week would step up in the absence of Michael Gallup against Miami four targets and these it's Randall cobb targets so it's he ends up with two twenty three out. Devon Smith is not debit at five targets. I'm not calling him a great play or anything but it's it's unfortunate that he's Sunday night so if you're playing like if you're playing the main slate of DFS CFS we're going to do our borders on a budget segment here coming up or we're talking about bargain plays for Fan duel and I wanted it to be devas myth in our but he's Sunday night so you can't put them in in the main slate but if so to answer your question I if I'm taking the shot. I'M GONNA big play for David Smith. You're you're in the Dome and you've got some probably the smart play you got some ruff quarterbacks for for the saints they have one really good one and then a couple of really bad ones which which is why they're giving up over forty points to the wide receiver position so I'll go with Smith. Most of the starts in this game are just obvious ones Michael Thomas Alvin Kamara all right right the bengals take on the steelers. This is the Monday night football game and this is my Andy's is almost upset of the week though winless bengals go to Pittsburgh steelers are four point favorites the Monday night game. I'm going back to the well with the Bengals last week. They delivered the almost upset against the bills. I think they do it again. Against Mason Rudolph in the divisional match up Mason Rudolph Fourteen completions last week one hundred and seventy four yards. It was gross somewhere there is a a high ranking executive executive who has lost all his all of his air as he gives a gaze to the Monday night football upcoming scheduled. Someone's GonNa win this thing from what maybe Navy Sara Lee that would be so great. If what do you think the Ravens would think if they're sitting here and there to divisional opponents zere ended up with a tie a six six tie. No I think that the bengals will be able to do enough against the steelers defense. I know the steelers dealers are trying to shore it up with Minka Fitzpatrick and it looked a lot better last week it really did. They were steadily defense last day. Were which is what makes it so incredible people that they are currently twenty four th against quarterbacks twenty-ninth against running backs twenty eight against wide receivers in one thousand nine hundred tight ends because they did look pretty good last week so thanks thanks patriots week one yeah. That's it disintegrates your whole whole season but at the same time we've seen Andy Dalton given a licensed to throw the ball over and over and over again there are problems in the steelers secondary they have the second highest past play rate in football right now seventy two point nine percent they run three wide receiver sets eighty four percent of the time which is why you can look at bow tie their boyd and John Rawson this matchup. Yes Ross has a lot more risk to him than tie. The boy does tie order a twenty four percent target share. He's been double digit targets every week and he's jason sort of the week for a reason this week. I think boyd is the safest. Ross is the riskiest with some upside right yeah. That's that's how I see it. I mean obviously make a fitzpatrick helps the defense a lot against the slot but still you have a very good highly targeted wide receiver. I'm confident in Tyler Boyd even though I'm not confident and Andy Dalton. I think that you know one can have a good game without the other. Doll I mean on paper. Don't should crush crush. I still worry I know it's narrative driven the whole Andy Dalton in prime time thing but I mean it's you got to you got a lot out of that. Story got started for a reason yeah story. I mean since two thousand eleven Andy Dalton in Primetime Games is six and fifteen two and five on Monday night football so you know what jumps out of me with that stat too many primetime games to go like wait a minute. How why do you keep giving six hundred fifteen thousand eleven. I wonder who hates primetime more kirk cousins or Andy Dalton Dazzling. Oh what if they played each other in prime time goodness it would be a six maybe they would maybe that's what would break the curse. Oh you know what it means like like you. Smash the Mir like putting you in the room with the spiders at the running back position James Connor Joe Mix and it's been it's been rough for both these guys start the season and it's no surprise when when you have winless teams that they're running backs are struggling. It's a chicken egg thing at times but generally I like running backs son winning teams. I like that for the sake of game script and opportunity and goal-line opportunities and all of those things I do like James Caan have bounced back in this game bangles are given up thirty two fantasy points per game to the running back position hundred and sixty eight point seven rushing yards per game second most in the NFL matchup for James Caan. This is is this is your shot James to to let me know if if we can count on you in the right match ups despite Mason Rudolph or not and so I have him as my started the week I think Aqui shows up in this one Joe Mixon Pittsburgh's given up the third most rushing yards mixing looked pretty good last week in a tough match up you know the question fantasy owners may have is has the ship sailed on either of these guys putting up a top twelve season no I don't. I don't think the ship is definitely sailed. Joe Mixing dealt with an ACL ACL injury miss part of week two wasn't right for week or week. One wasn't right for week two connors dealing with he dealt with his own knee injury as well tyler boy. We talked about that side Juju. He was in the panic room on Wednesday. It's not been good for Juju. Can you play him in this game with confidence. Yes I think you can play him in this game with confidence. He's is very beatable matchup. He's at home. I think Mason Rudolph will play better at home when you know you're not dealing with crowd noise and things like that he still targeting Juju. I think all Doodoo needs is ten targets and he'll do something with it. Look at last week where you know it was it was rough. Mason Rudolph look bad but Juju made his own breaking away for a seventy six yard touchdown. That's not to say the Juju is a top five hundred fever this week but I'm starting with confidence in this mantra okay all right this. Somebody's got to win it. That's that's the truth. Injury Update sense of show started scary. Terry still not practicing on Friday. Oh late week injury add to miss practices not good Jamal. Williams says he's good. He says only thing hurt is pride for not being able to finish the game. That's a good report after what happened to him. That's awesome. They say Godwin would be a game day decision but it's nice that he returned to practice and then hill remained sidelined again on Fridays practice throwing some doubt there. Let's go and get into our Friday segment bolers on a budget presented by fan tool I don't know why I became a pirate there but I was excited in my voice is like this so far is what you get. You had scary Terry Dan. You're in your mind and that's a good pirate name. That is a well known fact that pirates as they pillaged and they you know they journeyed the seas looking for booty to steal Blues Music. That's that's how they got ready for battle at. I didn't know that Mike but thank you well so look. We're giving you some of our favorite picks that are cheaper on fad. The little guys that we think can very very much out produce what they cost right now and and you guys could get in on this. The fancy footballers leaderboard series is going on and and just so that everybody and knows how this works 'cause you might think Oh. Maybe I didn't play week one week two. Maybe I've never played Fan duel. Right look this is we set this up this way so so that everyone has a fair shot every single week all you have to do every single week. It's a brand new contests you win any one of these weeks in his limited participants just for the foot clan you in any of them and you're automatically entered into that prize that there's a ton of prizes were given out including the all expense paid trip to Arizona and hang out with us. Do a live recording so it's. GonNa be great a great time. What's the Lemon Address Jason. Oh Yeah if you were I guess if you WANNA play you go to dot com slash ballers vandal dot com slash bars since I'm talking. I'M GONNA go with my super talk. I Guess Chalky but I think you you you're going to benefit from putting Wayne Goldman in your lineup. He's priced. I like old Wayne Gaughman. He's fifty nine hundred dollars. That's what you'd pay shot penny who might not play or to re. Cohen who has done nothing Wayne. engelman is inheriting the SAQUON. Barkley role he he won't be Saquon Barkley but in a game that we expect a lot of points to be scored Wayne Gaughman at fifty fifty nine hundred is a steel. Usually I like putting a lot of money into the Stud Stud running backs and finding cheaper value elsewhere but this week with golf and Miss Priced. I would throw him in my lineup all right. I'M GONNA go with Hollywood Brown on it. I was really surprised at fifty. Seven hundred dollars against Cleveland Been Targeted Twenty seven times on the air. I want people to understand that's the same as kidney golladay that's more than t y Hilton as more than Julian Edelman and this is a player that had limited snaps in week one and I just think you everything that you could want you get a bargain price on a player that can boom for you and has the target baseline so Hollywood Brown at fifty-seven hundred is my favorite pick of the week. That price point for Markey's Brown is seen as wrong. Can me like yes. You are one hundred percent in writing and that's a fantastic all I wanted to go with scary area sixty three hundred dollars against the giants the match up here. You're going from Terry to Larry. I might have to look. I'll give my piece owed Turmeric Lauren. The giants are giving up the most points to the wide receiver position. He should be mashed up against ignores Jenkins which is one of the most advantageous match ups of the weekend but he's not practicing again so now I have my concerns that he's actually going to play so I will oh pivot to Larry Fitzgerald layers at home. The Seattle secondary is absolutely beatable. Larry for Cheryl has had double digit targets two of three weeks. He's scored in two three weeks at home so I think that he is. He is safe for volume and that his his pricing point at fifty nine nine hundred. It's very fair. Do not miss your chance as Jason said to win an all expenses paid trip out here to Arizona hang out with us the fancy footballers leaderboard series you can go to faneuil dot COM slash ballers. That's fan duel dot com slash ballers to enter each and every week lots of prizes were given away passes as well and be sure to check out the S. podcast Jaycee Lee Joe Hooker Chris. meany guys are killing. It and I just did see these other show this past week. He's he's all over this thing. He's he's enjoying hosts in that show and they're bringing forth some really valuable information for your. DFS LINEUPS each and every week one studios sponsored Pristine Auction Assign Marlon actors actress yesterday fifty five dollars. Oh Oh that's just totally cut the outdraw it's asking it wasn't worth a bit. Let's hit it again. MARLA maxine Jersey fifty five dollars. I seen auction dot Com user. Registration Code bolers dollars. CHECK IT OUT PRESSING DOT COM. Thanks for listening good luck this weekend. Look on Sunday goodbye. Thank you for listening. Having to another episode of the fantasy footballers podcast join our fantasy football community on joined the foot dot Com and follow us on twitter at the F. F. Ask ballers Falkland. Remember that simply safe makes home security easy with no contract. Hidden fees no fine print for just fifteen in bucks a month. 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