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Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Janine herbst. The former governor of Illinois has been released from a federal prison in Colorado Rod. Blagojevich served only eight years of his sentence for political before. President trump commuted his sentence. If you're Sheriff Corey reports Blagojevich has no apologies. And he says he did nothing wrong. Rob Blagojevich was sentenced to fourteen years in prison after he was convicted of several public corruption. Charges including trying to sell the US Senate seat. Vacated by former President Barack Obama president trump who hinted in the past that he might take some action called the sentence tremendously powerful and ridiculous and cut the sentence short. I I just believe that Sometimes out of evil you can good things can happen. And I think that the wickedness and evil that was done to me and my family can be turned to good maguire which was among nearly a dozen people that president trump granted clemency Cheryl Corley. Npr News Chicago. A new poll is helping lift former New York mayor. Michael Bloomberg on the to the debate stage in Las Vegas. Even though Bloomberg isn't a participant in the Nevada caucus. Paul Bogere from member station K. U. N. R. Reports by skipping the first set of nominating contests Bloomberg's been largely absent from discussions about the Nevada Caucus. That's because he's not up for consideration. He's not eligible for Nevada delegates. And there's no right and option on the ballot so as participation in the Las Vegas debate is largely a non entity for voters here standing in line to vote early in Reno and Dunlap says she hasn't paid Bloomberg any mind the only reason he's the tables because he has his own money and he's able to do that and because he's rich and he has rich friends if he's going to have good ideas and he wants to bring good ideas table totally but at this point in the game. I'm not really paying any close attention to that. Being said Democratic voters were quick to say they would support Bloomberg if he did receive the nomination for NPR news. I'm pulled over in Reno in Mississippi. Hundreds of homes and businesses are still without power as floodwaters recede around Jackson. But it's unclear when the lights will come back on some residents and hard hit areas around. The capital city are being allowed to return back home but utility officials say buildings in flooded areas. Event have to be inspected before service is restored. The Pearl River is already receding. But Alan Campbell. National Weather Service. Meteorologist says the rain will continue looking at anywhere from you. Know maybe maybe a half an inch to an inch and a half of rain across the area there on Thursday but right now it looks like that. The heavier amounts. You're gonNA stay more so across south. Mississippi flood warnings cover much of the south and some school systems in East Alabama delayed openings today because of the Rain Wall Street is trading in positive territory at this hour. The Dow is up one hundred twenty. Points the Nasdaq is up. Eighty three the S&P five hundred up. Sixteen you're listening to NPR news. From Washington in Manhattan deliberations are underway for a second day in the Harvey Weinstein Sexual Assault Trial. The former movie producer is charged with sexual assault. But he says any contact was consensual. A new study by the World Health Organization UNICEF and Lancet Medical Journal warrants climate change and harmful commercial. Marketing practices are endangering children's health as Lisa Shlein reports. The study finds intensifying. Climate Change threatens every child's future harmful. Advertising targeting. Children is another alarming. Global issue lead author of the report. Anthony Castillo says marketing practices that encourage the consumption of sugary drinks. Fast Food Tobacco. An underage drinking threatens children's health we face a massive rise in short child. Obesity which will have long term life long affects we see ten increase in obesity. Since nineteen seventy five from eleven million children in some countries. Casella says children are seeing thirty thousand a year but he warns the dangerous posed by the huge expansion of ads on social media is even more threatening for NPR news. I'm Lisa Line in Geneva producer. Prices Rose last month at the fastest pace. Since October of two thousand eighteen led by higher prices on services the Labor Department says its producer price index which measures inflationary pressures before they reached the consumer jumped a half percent in January for the year. Wholesale prices are up two point one percent crude oil prices also higher today up one point seven percent of fifty two dollars. Ninety seven cents a barrel. I'm Janine herbst. Npr News in Washington.

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