Your Guide To The Detroit Tigers' 2019 Opening Day Both On And Off The Field


Happy Monday comrades. It's April first twenty nineteen. And this is your daily Detroit. I'm spend Gustafsen. And I'm Jerry stays today. We're talking about the Detroit Tigers and opening day. Opening day is basically a holiday in Detroit. And we thought we'd give you a preview of both the upcoming season and the festivities. I we'll talk about the team and their prospects ahead of Detroit's home opener. Chris Brown from the lockdown Tigers podcast called in to preview. The twenty nineteen campaign second, we'll talk fun. If you're partaking of the revelry on Thursday, our man about town devil Riley has some picks. What's great about these? Even if you're not going downtown or cutting out work early on Thursday to hop into the fun. You can check out these places most times before or after games. But I word from a sponsor today's episode is brought to you in part by our friends at my low digital Milo digital is a full service digital marketing agency that engineers quality results through data an innovative strap. Digi's? Learn more at Milo Detroit dot com. Joining us to size up the Detroit Tigers two thousand nineteen edition is Chris Brown. He's host of locked on Tigers, which is part of the locked on podcast network. Chris also writes for Tykes town, which focuses on the Tigers minor leagues. Chris welcome to daily Detroit. Thanks for joining us today. Thanks so much for having. Absolutely. All right. So the Tigers have the first series in the books against Toronto. They have they split with the Blue Jays two games apiece. Both of Detroit's wins came in extra innings, but they scored exactly zero runs in the two losses. What did we learn about Detroit of from the first four games? Anything surprise you or stand out? Yeah. It was a little bit. Opposite of what I expected this year this year, expect pitching to be pretty bad in their offense to be okay. And it was just not the case this weekend. They're pitching was was actually really good. But their offense was abysmal in. I don't I don't know if we actually learned that's the way it's going to be hard to judge anything on four games. Right. Yeah. But early indications was weren't great. I I kind of skeptical. I think maybe some of that was just coming right back from spring training and not really the hitter is not being up to speed still. But I don't know. We'll see. So let's talk about the pitching staff. First of all the Tigers have lost. I believe for the season Michael Fulmer right to a bad pitching elbow. Yeah. Yeah. He tours partial partial Taylor tariff, one of ligaments in his elbow. So they're gonna they had the surgery already. He's out for at least a year probably more like next July is a good time to think of him coming back. What's the rest of the rotation? Look like. Well, now, they've got Jordan Zimmermann who they paid a lot of money to the other what's three years ago. And he actually had a great first start of the behind him is Tyson Ross who they signed this off season and Matt Moore they also signed this off season. And then Matthew Boyd who they acquired around the same time as Michael Fulmer. And then Spencer Turnball who is they brought him up from the minor leagues. Not familiar names. I think Tigers fans there's not a lot of talent there either. You could squint in something's ago. Right. Like with Zimmerman had a great start. I said Matt Moore had a great start which was kind of unexpected. But I as a whole I think it's going to be kind of a down unit for the team this year. What about on the offense of production? Where are Tigers gonna get hits and runs from you think? Well, I think the the top lineup is actually, okay. They still Miguel Cabrera is back. He hasn't done any real damage in the regular season yet in adult his, you know, MVP level Cabrera, but he looks pretty good. And I think he'll he'll be the driving force of the offense again this year. But Nicosia Knauss is coming off the best year of his career. He's he's back. And then I kind of expect better things from J mckendall areo this year he got off to a really hot start last year. They're third baseman Jim era and kind of falter down the stretch, and he just had on Sunday at a five hit game, which was a new career a career high. I wouldn't expect that every game, of course. But so I think those three will help and Kristen Stewart is a guy that brought up from the minors at the in the last year. And it's still too early to tell what kind of major league is going to be. But he's got a lot of power and in the minors. He showed a lot of patients. So he could be another solid offense into feast there. But yes, really just four or five guys. And then the bottom line of looks pretty grim. Lots of new names on this year's roster any of them. I mean, you mentioned Kristen Stewart anybody else who you think might be bright lights people. You might want to watch keep an eye on. Well, the government of their catcher, James McCann. They didn't send him an offer. And they brought up Grayson Greiner who I don't think he's gonna blow people away with his offense of production this year, this it is kind of know where he's he will be the tallest regular catcher in major league history. He's six foot six, but he normally that's not a good thing. Because you kind of in the way of the fire, but he manages to get pretty low back there. And he sees a really solid defender. But that's you know, casualties. I don't think they're gonna pick up on that too much in he'll be lucky to hit like two fifty this year. So yeah, I don't know. I mean, there's not a ton at least to start the year. There's not a ton of young exciting hitters aside from Ken Larry Stewart. We may see a few later in the season in the likes of das- Cameron. But it's tough to say obviously, very early. So everything is speculative at this point. But the Tigers are still in the middle of kind of rebuilding mode and everything. Do they have pieces, you know, that they could offer as trade bait to try to get better. Or are they sort of not even really thinking in those terms right now? You know, I I'm sure they would still like to trade nNcholas casinos. They were trying to train them all off season. And they never got a deal to their liking and beyond that, though, they really don't have much in the way of trade ships anymore. They traded their big ones in JD Martinez than Justin Verlander, and then just enough to in there. I think they were kind of hoping that if Michael Fulmer had a really good year that they could either flip him for a nice package of prospects. Or maybe you know, count on him to be the centerpiece of the next contender? But that kind of went down the down the drain with his injury. So aside from costano suit, it's possible. Matthew Boyd has a good year, and they could trade him. And then the two guys they signed in the offseason the pitchers Tyson Ross met more, I think they're really hoping they can get good. I. Half out of those guys and then trade them, but I'm a little bit skeptical that will happen to in two so far long season to go. Obviously are are you making any kind of projections. Like what how will the Tigers fair this year? Yeah. I think they're going to win about sixty eight games, which is four games better than last year. But still not very good. It's the they will be in contention for last place in the division. Again. It's not a good division. At all. The royals are also rebuilding the White Sox or maybe a step of head of the Tigers in there rebuild. But you got three teams that aren't really trying in the division upper sixties in terms of wins. But it could go five wins either way just based on the lack of quality in the division who does that leave to contend for the central division. Then you think well most people are picking the Indians. Just because there have the strength of a really good pitching staff and to superstars in the field. But they enough they didn't really do much that made. It seem like they're trying this year either. They're kind of just coasting on their good team from last year and the twins have a decent shot it making a run at it this year, they have they actually were trying and they have some prospects. They might be able to bring up later in the year. But it's basically a race between those team. So it sounds like from you know, from a sporting perspective kind of a home season for the Tigers. You know, what's your pitch to people for why should shell out and go down to commerical part to take chicken the ball games? I mean, you try to good new snacks at the stadium. It's always that's the thing. You know baseball. I think is the most. I mean, obviously, I'm a huge baseball fan, but baseball is the most enjoyable spectator sport because you can kind of go and not necessarily even pay attention that much. It's the games leisurely enough that you can, you know, pay attention for one batter and then wait two minutes into the ball in play. But and really even when we're talking about if you really just concerned about them winning or losing you still have even with the worst higher. Steve you've got like a forty percent chance that you're gonna see a wins. So those ads are not all that bad. And then when they're really good you've only got like a sixty percent chance they're going to win. So I think it's a good time to go down there. And just enjoy the sights and the sounds and the smells. It's it's a very sensory game to me. Chris Brown is host of locked on Tigers daily show part of the locked on podcast network. Chris thanks so much for coming on the show in breaking down the team forces. You're absolutely for having me. Many. Over a couple of coffees on after sunny afternoon here, I am with devil Riley. He is our man about town. Joining us in the Detroit shipping company studios for a chat. Devon, how are you today? Feeling great year. Well, it's almost opening day. And that is an exciting time in Detroit. It is basically a holiday in this town it it's it's one of the truly Detroit holidays. I'd say, you know, I think that people who haven't kind of lived or outside and other cities don't realize like this is a special thing in Detroit. You know, this isn't a every every MLB city has an opening day with this much pageantry and fanfare, it's very rare. I mean, we're in the we're in the same category as like a Boston or Chicago or a Saint Louis who really do their opening days big not everywhere does that. Well, and I note all those tea although cities have had teams for quite a long time. Yeah. This is this is obviously the opening day festivities for Detroit. Co back, you know as much as. As far as any of our traditions. Really? So I think we'll break this conversation into two parts. I think I I wanna talk about some of the fun places to go around town. There are plenty of venues around Detroit that will be flinging their doors open for opening day. But Devon, I think we wanted to take a minute and focus on a few that will be the most fun or the most entertaining, the ones that will bring the biggest value for your buck. Yeah. Absolutely. I think it's a mix of some some new offerings and some some classic ones that the those that come down here annually for opening day or for me with. So, you know, one of the ones gotta throw out. There is Nancy whiskeys. That's the classic right. Oh, of course. So Nancy whiskies in north cork town. I guess you'd call it. Yeah. I think it's officially north cork town. Yeah. Harrison street, right? The only bar in north cork down. Really? I think you're right. Yeah. Northbound vary deliberate about not having a lot of commercial development. So Nancy whiskey was kind of grandfathered our grandmother in there as it were. So. That's a classic as we were talking before the way, I said, it was you know, Nancy was he's going to have the real die hard fans. The people who remember the eighty four championship the people who were there for the eighty four championship in the stands. That's your crowded, Nancy whiskies. It'll be great one great things about Nancy whiskies two is it. It's one of the oldest bars in the city. I mean, it's contested which bar is the oldest many point to to weigh in. That's kind of where I lean. But it is a great time. There is the patio out back. They always tend to have all the beers ready to go. It's not a fancy place per se. This is not the kind of place where you were going to order, a foreign, greedy, and cocktail. No, no. But there's there have plenty of whiskey as the name might suggest, and you know, it's opening day. So you should you should be okay. With your lights your Miller lite, send your shots Tullamore do which they have plenty of so first we talked about Knoller place. Let's talk about a newer place right here at the Detroit. Shipping company is a new entrant into the opening day game. That's opening up actually at eight AM. And thing about that is that there is no cover on this and they have an option for parking spots. If you're coming in from outside of downtown somewhere to park that kind of thing. Yeah. I mean, no cover is rare for some of these big parties as as you'll see her as we'll talk about a lot of them. Do have covers the fact they have no covers great is planning to places to get to get a drink from. It's a big open area. You know, you might wanna shy away from the small kind of tiny bars and opening day because they're going to be packed Ford for deep at the rail trying to get a drink so place like the shipping container here. I'm you'll probably take be able to take advantage of having a much more kind of open environment to grab drink big TV's. They'll have the game on it should be a great place in the shuttle's make it perfect to kind of shoot back downtown. If you if you wanna have that way. What do you think of one of the places that we recently talked about on the show the brakeman is a new opening day entrant? I think the Bruins gonna do gonna do just fine on opening day. You know, it's a pretty large space. They do the whole beer token concept thing, which is interesting. They don't have a huge selection of beers. So don't go there again thinking, you're gonna get a great. Election of beers as eight on tap. They don't really have a cocktail menu. They don't really have any wine. So it's pretty straightforward. But they do have games they've got beer pong. They've got they've got the shuffleboard games. It's definitely going to be a lively atmosphere, and it will definitely attract a good crowd for opening day. So that'll be that'll be a new one to to look out for a couple of your favorites. So, you know, I always love the town pump. Which for those of you who may not close recently. It did close recently and actually opened up just across the street. So if you know the area the old Centaur bar, which was just across the street has now been reincarnated as the town pump. So Tom up his back in business. They always have a great party. They get the tenth out there. So Tom pump has always been a favorite of mine checkout. If the weather improves a little bit on what it's looking like, it's gonna be fifties rise what we're thinking top forty album forties, lower fifties. Let's let's hope let's hope for fifty fifty the magic number to try and hit. But if we can get there, you know, they always do. The the big party in grand circus park to their tents. There's music there's DJ's all day long on that's always cool to to stroll on through. Can you could find your way over to places like queens of TV? So you wanna go there before the game? It's a great spot. You know, you've also got the belt that they have now. So the skip standby will be open. So I'm sure a lot of people will take to the belt. That's nearby. Comerica. You can walk there. Skip is really cool too. Because it opens out into that alleyway. And it's just a great party experience where you can wander in have drink do your thing. And then move onto another stop if you wanted to. Yeah. Absolutely. It makes it makes for a great stop. If you're especially that opening day, you most people like to kind of bounce around different places. So it kind of helps you do that. Of course, hockey town is always kind of a beacon on opening day. The lion out there starts like before nine AM, possibly probably I've been there at nine AM and waited in line racy to me. I'm not sure, but I'm not a wait in line kind of guy to get there early. Enough. You don't have to. But but yeah. Hockey town is three levels four levels. Actually, I think it's huge a huge place. They do have a cover. So I think the idea would be to get there early because they will have a cover at hockey town. I've saw that forced her galley, which is a newcomer is doing doing some opening day festivities. So there, you know, big dining hall space. They've got a huge bar big kind of U shaped bar. So that that'll be a good one check out. How do you like fourth street in general? I like it. I think that you know, they've got the four the four food concepts. I would imagine they're going to switch those out often. I think the idea there we've got a good mix of different types of foods. And then they recently launched the bar concept. So when I launched it with just just a long bar, which was cool. But now it has a personality has a it's called magpie. So it has its own cocktail menu, interesting drinks. So they're they're trying to as deejays on the weekends. So they're trying to bring more of a kind of a personality to that. That's base. I like that you need something in that area that kind of caters to both the lunch crowd and after work drinks crowd. One of the things. I have learned reveling for opening day at least in the past. Is it sometimes food can be hard thing to get a hold of for sure, especially as it gets later in the day, and you want the food more. But it's also harder to come by. So moods which recently opened there on library street. I believe by the Detroit public library. It's on the other side of the belt. They're actually doing five dollar grab and go slices, and they have beer and wine and things like that too. But I like the idea that there might be a few more windows where you can just grab something head out the door keep on your keep on your way and keep the party going. That's the type situation you're gonna find yourself on. I'm sure on opening day is the day Jags on you wanna grab a slice. You wanna get some food? Mutism would be a great place to do that shout out to slices as well on what great they don't have booze. But if they want a better value, you can hit slices and you get a really good deal so shot up to slice local pizzeria. So yeah, no, you're gonna you're gonna you're gonna wanna try and Chow Chow down some food as it gets later on and founders also. Has tons of food tons of space. They got the heat. The heat lamps are not the heat lamps, actually, the fire and the heat lamps. You can stay warm on the founders patio, and they're going to have they're gonna has moved vents have music all day your specials. So we've talked about a few different places to hang out at that. We like, but we're both people who live in the city. So as much as we love all of the attention folks coming downtown. There's also kind of a not so fun side about opening day, isn't there? Yeah. I mean, there can be it's it's a huge party in downtown Detroit. Which is fun. That's great. It's just important for people to remember that people also live there too. And so some people kind of pack up and go home or stumble their way out of town. You don't wanna you don't wanna trash the city and your way out. So we I think both of us would kindly ask people to respect. Nobody. If you kind of general rules of opening day, the first being not to trash the streets. Oh, that's an important one and have respect the same respect for the town as you would your own neighborhood. And I say this personally as at one time, I. Found someone literally urinating on my front door. Yes, I've seen multiple acts of public urination on opening day. So that that that happens on fortunately quite frequently. But don't do that. Don't be that guy. Don't be. Yeah. So that's the obvious one. Right. I mean, I'd like to even point out some some simple more subtle ones. Like cutting in line in the bathroom the way the bathrooms are set up on opening day. There's lines everywhere. That's a cardinal sin cutting in line at the bathroom for opening day. Because everybody's gotta go you're ninety more important parking legally. I mean parking down. Here is is is no joke now forty five dollar ticket six hundred fifty dollar ticket if you're parking on the queue line rails. Do a little bit of planning. You don't have to worry about parking that much. We've talked about the Detroit shipping company. No, there's other lots you can pre reserve. And then the other thing to think about if you're going to be coming down here parking would be really expensive. Anyway, maybe you should think about doing like light rideshare like Uber or lift. Absolutely. I would I would highly highly suggest doing a ride share. I mean of. Course, you can kinda have Didi to come down here. But you know, you're better off just doing the rideshare option, and you don't have to worry about that. Well, and a cool little promotion the folks over wall side windows, if you do the co code wall side twenty nineteen two zero one nine and now we don't get anything from this. We're just in this because it's it's good news. It's good information. Have they will pay for half of your ride, which is pretty sweet half of your right on the way home. That's awesome. Yeah. I mean, that's that's a great thing to take advantage of you know, there's gonna be there's gonna be a lot of kind of mayhem in the street. So the MO the more you can avoid that is probably better and make sure you follow the game. I think some people just get caught from the opening day and forget what we're really down here for and that's to watch the Tigers play baseball. They've already had a couple of wins. So this is going to be exciting actually five hundred right now. Yeah. Exactly. So it's it's a little bit different than yours past. Well, the last couple of years is we're coming in with you know, already a couple of wins under our belt. So there's a little bit of momentum. So let's not forget that this is this is the baseball game. And make sure you watch I know people who are either in their beds or in on the. Lacked out on the floor somewhere before the game gain even starts, and you know, that's the way to winning gay. All right friends. Thanks so much for listening to daily Detroit. Like our show be sure to tell a friend to help us. Push Detroit's conversation forward. I'm spend Gus. And I'm Jerry stays take care of each other. And we'll see you around Detroit. You're listening to the podcast Detroit network. Visit WWW dot podcast Detroit dot com for more information.

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