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Be Ip's you don't want the best coming up. We've got dead who had a wakeup call moment while he was six figures in debt victorious. What you won't forget also, we got a caller she cares about her family she wants to know how do you begin to talk about money with family? It gets all weird pushy had squishy. You don't WanNa miss it stay to. Welcome to the Chris Hogan show home of everyday millionaires. Be Ip's this is your show where your life and your money takes center stage and never forget that it is your life you've gotta take charge. Well, I'm excited to be back with you. We've got a great show lined up and we're going to dig in give you information you need. So you can make decisions to help you grow forward and I talk about growing for because that's a decision that we have to make we have to choose we can try to. Stay the same or we can strive to get better but here's the reality you either getting better. You're getting worse nothing just stays the same I had one of my football coaches share that wisdom with me and too many times we try to stand pat we try to just hey maintained but I want you to hear that you're getting better or you're getting worse nothing stays the same and so it's about intention -ality it's about making decisions. It's about growing forward and pushing yourself getting new information and applying day after day. And so I'm excited to be with you. We are going to dive in and obviously I want to dig into the article I wanNA thank Elizabeth one of the VIP's who's listened in and has been a supporter and subscriber to the show as I. Ask you guys if you run across artists calls to send them in and she without a shadow of Doubt sent this one and she knew it was going to get me riled up and so We're going to dig into this article the title in a financial pinch here are some of the cheapest ways to borrow money Oh. This is for money wise and again I wanNA. Thank Elizabeth As you can tell by the article, this article is encouraging people. Who are in financial trouble who are already feeling stress strain and strife from debt to take on more debt? which it's like being a black hole and digging yourself deeper into that hole just going down low farther just gone just keep going and going and going and going instead of trying to figure a way to climb out the article opens up by acknowledging that some people might be facing tough times really. Author writes whatever the situation you might be forced. Into borrowing money to pay for everything you need without having to do something drastic. Wow. Let's get straight right now. VIP's we're never forced into taking on debt. It's always a choice. It's always something where we get to decide and we get to choose. The question is, is it a good choice? Remember we opened we're talking about you either getting better where you're getting worse nothing stays the same. And so this article shares three cheap ways to borrow money more. You know we're GONNA fill date with us number one, they have low to no interest credit cards. According to the Federal Reserve the average interest rate for credit card is sixteen percent. Yes sixteen. So, the article essentially advises readers to take out credit cards that have a low or zero APR for the first. Eighteen. Months. Wow. So many problems with this approach because number one we all know if you're alive right or if you've had the if you've had the ability to avoid this, then consider yourself fortunate but most people have figured out and found out the hard way that overspending on a credit card is super easy. And the reality is as you still get to pay back and have to pay back what it is that you owe. Number two personal loans. The article pitches personal loans for people who need to borrow more than a couple hundred dollars. In fact, if you can borrow up to get this fifty thousand dollars on a personal loan with interest rates starting at three point four percent. If you're in a financial pinch why in the world? Why would you take on more debt? Why would you expose yourself to to more risk more stress strain in strife you wouldn't. Number three of. Number three. payday loan. Alternate. APPS. If you need some money and Here's how they promote these. If you need some money just to tide you over, it sounds like a snack between meals mean tide me over to your next paycheck. You can use an APP like bridget, which allows you to borrow up to two hundred fifty dollars as just a nominal ten dollar monthly fee but you can borrow two hundred fifty dollars or an online bank that allows you to overdraft account for up to one hundred dollars. Listen to me people. There is no cheap way in which to borrow money none and debt I have found will always cost you something. It will always cost you either piece of mine. It'll cost you money or it'll cost you to have the to to have the constant strain and strife of how am going to deal with this and how many get it out of my life. The things that they listed in this article, payday lenders, personal loans, credit cards. These things are not here to help you. These industries are here to take advantage of you to have a plan for your money if you don't. They don't care about making you rich they care about themselves. A recent study from careerbuilder. States that thing that we've already talked about before seventy eight percent of Americans. Are. Living paycheck to paycheck. That means at one check doesn't show up they have what's now called a situation. And you've probably been there you've lived this. But at some point, what we have to do is stop trying to use crappy bandaids. You ever use those cheap mandates Y- have you there's super generic, right? They they they stick for about three seconds right? You slap it on the cut or something, and literally if you breathe twice that band's going slide right off, it just slides off it is. It won't stay it's not going to stay on their right. Meanwhile, there are some brands on there that you literally got to get a court order to get that thing off I've had some good Lord of mercy thing became skin right? We want to use things that are going to give us a plan and are going to protect US crappy bandaids protect these crappy products won't protect your financial future. Personal loans, credit cards, payday lenders. These things are designed to take advantage of you don't allow them in your life. At some point, what we have to do is make a decision and we have to stop the cycle. And so when you're ready and when you decide, you can't take control of your financial future. That's the beauty of it. I'm seeing people make the decision all day every day, and it gets me excited because they're making changes not that it's going to be easy VIP's, but it is going to be worthwhile. Again, the article thank you Elizabeth. One of the VIP's sentiments in and a financial pinch. Here are some of the cheapest ways to borrow money and this is from money. Wise. We all know is not real, but we're GONNA put a link in the show notes and those who watch on Youtube will put a link below and you can click on it and get over there and read let's educate ourselves and protect ourselves as well as our financial futures. Okay you know I had talked about and been doing kind of the wakeup call segment, and this is where I'm talking to people because I want to find out what was your never again moment? What was the thing that you said you know what enough is enough I'm making changes and we're going to start to do things a different way because we all have those in varying degrees. So I've got I got mid on the line and net how are you today? Good. How're you Chris I'm focused not finished my friend. So tell me what was your wakeup call? Well, my wakeup call moment is pretty unique. My wakeup call I guess. Unfortunately to do with. An injury. And Twenty, thirteen I was working as a defense contractor in Utah here in Salt, Lake City and I was in a work related action intended chemical compound. exploded right into my face. Oh my goodness. And Unfortunately the accident left me. Legally, blind. Oh. And I had been. Very irresponsible with money. Over the course of my life. And my reasoning was will always. Have this job always have a good career I'll be able to. Take care of it eventually. Never thinking that the future was going to change for me the way it did. And thankfully, I did have good disability insurance. So I was able to get a small portion. Get some percentage of my income. I was still looking at over six figures of debt. With now, a much reduced income. So I kind of made it up in my mind. That I was GonNa, I had to do it. I had to try and clean up the mess. Despite. You know despite what limited future or? How what the future was gonNA have I had to give it a shot at to try. You said you and look at that. You've got six figures of debt. What kind of debt did you have? Off. The list is long rather undignified. CIA, I got your brother I feel loans, credit cards, student loans. Car loans, loans to family. Embarrassing. Now, look at it. What you start to change. What started to change I said, what did you change as you started to get more serious with this situation? What are some of the things you did? And jurists. Kind of like you said intention analogy. Yeah. Yeah. I had to pay attention. I'd spent years not and attention years taking things for granted. And that just got into a gigantic best, and now I was going to be handicapped a little bit. And doing it but I decided that that was not going to be the end of. That it was not gonNa be the end of my story and. You know that's what a baby steps came in. There the proven way to get out? Get Out of debt you know Sir and my margin for error was gone. I couldn't relax I couldn't cut corners. I couldn't do anything I had to follow those things to a T. And so I started on my little journey and GonNa Halfway through twenty fourteen. I started on the baby steps. And on April. Third Twenty nineteen. Got Out of debt while. I. Full disclosure I did get a few things forgiven due to my disability, right? I cleaned out with little savings I had I. Cut. Lifestyle. Down to the bone. And it baby step three on April Twenty nineteen Congratulations Ned seriously i. mean you you you. You hit on something you know paying attention right? Not taking things for granted anymore and getting serious 'cause you had a choice you could have quit. You could've found excuses you could have pitied yourself but that's not what you did. You got more serious in the midst of the struggle. And that's absolutely I. I. Commend You not everybody has that muscle my friend. Not An you decided you made that choice, my goodness, six figures of debt. Beginning from twenty thirteen have an accident getting intentional April third twenty nineteen he was debt Free Nedim proud of your buddy. Thank you for sharing that. Thank you for being willing to open up with your story. VIP's we can all either make excuses or we can make progress and ned as an example. Of Excruciating Injury, a terrible tragic injury but it didn't stop him. It didn't stand in his way he got more serious and more focused. I used the phrase focused not finished. Net is an example of that and that's motivating and for a lot of you out, there may be a kick in the pants because you've been making some excuses do what ned did he said he paid attention and he didn't take things for granted anymore. Thank you dead. Thank you VIP's if you're out there I, want to hear from you I want you to give me a call. The number to call is eight, four, four, two, eight, three, nine, three, eight, three again that's eight, four, four, two, eight, three, nine, three, eight, three call. Tell me the question that's on your mind or email me if you want ask it Chris Hogan three sixty dot com. All right. Here's the deal going back to the phones I've got Derek Derek on the line Derek, how are you? I'm doing well Chris how are you? I'm focused not finish my friend what's on your mind today? Well, just to give you a little back story in August. Twenty nineteen we moved our family into a new home to get our kids a little more room and our old house out on the market until March of twenty twenty when it finally sold and unfortunately during that time I received two inheritances and my my wife and I made a very smart choice outside of our normal behavior and we paid off all of our data. Wow and. Even, after we did that, we still had a nice chunk of money left and we were we were about to give very stupid with that money and one day I came into work and they said you're going home Kovin is is sending everybody home It was kind of a blessing in disguise spent a Lotta time with my wife and kids at the House and talking to my wife and living in fear full-time We time talking about money and talking about our. Future and what would happen if we would lose a job that led us to looking into the baby step program and when we found out where we were, we were surprised to see that we were about halfway through step three already and reading through everything You know we skip the struggle. We skipped the hard part of you know listening to all the callers talk about life and beams, and in struggling to get out of that debt and love helping people. Love. Coaching and trying to help people in any way, and honestly this is left me with a little bit of guilt because I have a hard time offering that help someone that might be just starting the baby steps because I didn't we didn't leave through the hard part and also with people that have been through it, we have a hard time relating with the with the struggle that they went through because we just kind of fell into it. How much did you inherit He was cheering haired into about seventeen thousand and we did we did tied a little bit of that. So we didn't seventeen right well, here's the thing you were fortunate. What happened you? You were left money intentionally which you all decide to use intentionally to be able to clean up a financial situation. And so I don't think necessarily that it's a matter of that you all cheated or that you don't know necessarily the struggle Derek we all have had struggles in our lives and I'm sure you and your wife have walked through something that was stressful strained frustrating or irritating. So it allows you to be able to empathize and understand the. The fortunate thing is that you guys had enough awareness to be able to follow through because a lot of people that I ended up hearing Derek will get an inheritance and they'll continue down that path they'll continue being normal and so I am proud. Of You that you had that inheritance intentionally worked for you I I. Don't think that necessarily it means you still can't guide people right where they are hearing their story being able to identify with it and being able to point them in the direction and so I I don't don't shortchange your journey is what I'm saying your journeys still has validity You guys still new the battle all right and some struggle with the stress and strain of debt or the awareness, and so it still allows you to be able to coach people to guide people to help them work through right where they are. And that's the beauty of the mindset of a coach is that a you know where you are now in in in the benefit of having that debt paid off, you know the benefit of working toward and having a fully funded emergency fund. So things are positives that you can attest to, and so I think you can still help people and encourage them whether it's being a financial peace university coordinator whether it's you looking to coach people from where they are. You still have lived in your my friend. Thank you for that. You know we all get to make decisions. We all get to decide at my moving forward. Am I gonNa get better and I think when we have that wisdom of maybe haven't made prior mistakes. What it does is it allows us to begin to look at things totally different and say I, want to get better and when you do that begin to make choices that push you or guide you into a better decision let's they OUGHTA phones next up I've got Christie Seattle Christie, how are you today and well, how are you Chris Bogus finishing lady? What's on your mind today? Thank you so much So at the end of last year before discovering you guys and of course Pre Cohen we had the opportunity to buy into my husband's business broker. So we did that. And the way it's structured was through alone and the the loan is paid with the Prophets of the portion of the company that we now own. So it's. It's a pretty. Hefty. Size loan. So it got me nervous and that's what got me to discover you guys and then which was the lonely so it's a hundred and ninety, four, thousand this gracious. What kind of businesses this it's. A physical therapy clinics? All Right? Yeah. So it's So it's paid with the with the prophets of it So my question is. Are we treating this as baby step two are we additionally putting? Our money into this to to knock it out as fast as we can. So right now, this loan is paid by Prophet. So is it paid automatically? Correct. Okay. So what's it down to now? If it started at one, ninety four, how much is it now? So so now it's down to one fifty three. Years later. Oh started it started in January. Okay. Got You. Got You. Yeah. So I'll say we did already put some of our own money into it though because. I wasn't sure. You know. So we we put a lot of that in there too, and of course, the profits went down a few months during Kobe. It's up now Well, what's your household income right now? Kristie. it's about one, eighty, five. Okay and so on the personal side, let's shift over. Do you guys what debt do you have on an on your personal side? So. We do not have anything. We when I do you guys back and you know January February Ah, we paid off We had eighty eighty of student loans and we paid that whole. Oh, you ojected some student loans out of your. Life. We did. That's a my gosh. Okay. That's awesome. So you don't have any debt. Did you build up an emergency fund? Yes. Okay. So we have we have three months and we're just not sure you know should are we dumping that into this loan or I? Got You Okay so here. Okay. So about how are they paying on monthly this loan or is it coming from prophets quarterly? Coming from private monthly. And so you all are able to see this. So here's the thing I tell people with business debt if it if it's in your name then you you in a way you're personally liable for it. Right meaning if prophets don't come out of this business and apply to that loan, it would be a matter of what's the structure like you know what's what's worse case scenario if there are no prophets, do you all have to make a payment? We do not and we saw that during. Drug, profits went down significantly so Good that it was structured that way because we. Owe anything. No. Absolutely. So the fact that you you know in the paperwork that you're not personally quote unquote liable, it's all based on the prophets It'd be a matter of looking and getting crystal clear Kristie okay. When is this thing supposed to be paid off Do you have the ability to be able to accelerated and you guys are making great income with you? Know you paid off student loan debt so you and your host Y'all talk about this right looking at it and understanding and say, okay if we fast forward this thing. And we attack it and get it out. How is that profit sharing now gonna come to you like if you all get rid of that, one, fifty, three in that's left in this profit-sharing debt if you guys were to pay it off how much more revenue is going to be coming to you as opposed to go into this loan, and so this might be a thing that you look at you say bullyboy eighteen to. Twenty four months we could use that, and now we have X. amount coming to us more month after month. So some research on it you guys sitting talking looking kind of plan but boy oh boy, the way you all pay off eighty thousand in student loan debt. If you guys were to continue with that kind of mindset, you can make some serious stuff happened. Great Job Christie I'm proud of you and your husband. All right. Listen to me. If you WANNA chase down progress, you've got to have a proven plan. That's why I'm excited to invite you to join Ramsey plus that's an all access membership packed full of tools, teachings and tracking that actually changed my own life and the average member pays off fifty three hundred dollars in debt and saves twenty seven hundred dollars for emergencies is in the first ninety days people. So to start your free trial of Ramsey plus just text the word trial two, three, three, seven, eight, nine. Again I always tell people a dream without a plan is simply a wish. So you can start your free trial text, the word trial two, three, three, seven, eight, nine to get started. By the way, VIP's don't tell him I told you this, but here's the deal. Okay. You sign up for Ramsey plus we've got an incredible conference. It's called our Smart Conference our Smart Conference listen it is we have all of our speakers we have Dr Make Meeker. We have Henry Cloud, we have Dr Les Parrott. It's one of our premier events while I'm telling you this because if you sign up for Ramsey plus you're gonna get to livestream the Smart Conference for free if you're a member of Ramsey plus you. have an opportunity to be able to livestream it for free. Otherwise, the smart conference would cost forty dollars to be able to bloodstream it into your home. So being a part of Ramsey plus is going to bring perks, it's going to give you access to more information so you can continue to grow. So again, get over text the word trial two, three, three, seven, eight, nine, pro I don't know if I was supposed to tell you that or not, but I did it, and so we're family so we just do stuff. Hollywood situation later I'm scared of Bob. All right listen to me Bob's on our side. He's on my side. All right. Listen to me. Did you know this is where I a chance to kind of give you some new information and this one I get excited about because I'm GonNa give you five steps to paying off debt quickly quickly people we don't we don't stroll through the debt. Force. Okay. You know people stroll. Yep. Seeing people listen to me I'm about to get riled up. Have you had people strolling through the grocery store? You know how you go in out listen people I do everything intentionally. Okay. I'm on a mission when I hit that Sto- I gotta get in get what I need have you had people like destroyed like just taking the time as if they're memorizing Everything Shelf, ID people get out of the way. Okay. I'm like Nascar going through that thing but but but people stroll they take their time. Listen I. Alright I have settled myself down I. DO I know I do but here's the deal if you're trying to get out of debt, I don't you stolen don't you dare just tip through and just kind of course. Strolled through the I want you to get rolling and I'm GonNa give you have ways to pay off debt quickly number one get mad I want you to get mad at the debt I want you to get mad at your situation I want you to identified that debt is a thief it's stealing from you right now and it's GonNa Steal from you later. So what do we have to do we gotta get more intentional more focused got to get mad. Number to cast a vision for where it is, you won't be have a specific goal in mind have a picture in your mind. Hey, why what's GonNa keep you motivated? Are you planning to take that trip once you get out of debt if you have that vision of you with your kids your grandkids one day if you guys read retire inspired, you know talk about that my my trip one day with my grandkids hopefully, and so that mindset you get out of detrick give yourself a raise number three cut back in spending you gotta get rid of the. Non, essential stuff, such as eating out entertainment travel vacations listen if you're in debt, those things aren't happening, but it doesn't mean that they can't happen and so you begin to have this mindset for yourself. Number four increase your income. Okay. Hold on increase your income to use toward attack in the debt are got people that are increasing their income but they're continuing to do stupid can't do that. That keeps you right where you are and so that mindset increase your income start to a side hustle and send that money toward attack in the debt number five don't go it alone. When you're trying to get yourself out of debt pain in a community of like minded people. You stay more motivated more focused than more intentional. We need each other to stay motivated VIP's and so get some accountability people in your life your best friend, your spouse, a group joined the everyday millionaires facebook group got people in there from eighteen to eighty of every stage but they're motivated and encouraging each other. We also have the baby steps group or by joining a financial peace class community is important and so this mindset helps you get out of debt quick. So that's your did you know five steps to paying off debt quickly and I firmly believe that this is something that can happen. We just got to change our mindset and get more intentional. Okay I asked you guys I was like listen to me I want you to send me in some video questions. You know in this timeframe I, love being able to see your face. I love to be able to see you ask the question and so again, remember what we say and if you send in video question and we use it, you're GONNA get an. assigned. Autograph copy of my recent book everyday millionaires and so we ask than you all have been sending them in and so let's take a look at the newest recipient of assign book. What's the video question peeps I Chris I just finished baby step to my car lease will be up in July of Twenty, twenty one, the end of lease price is fourteen thousand dollars. If I, have the fourteen thousand dollars on hand. Should I save that to go towards the car purchase in July twenty, twenty one or poor debt fourteen thousand dollars towards baby step three Oh okay. Now love people that are intentional. Right but we gotTA help him clean up and think up the situation. Right he's worked hard to attack the debt into step to be not finished because you do have this lease. So this is gonNA count as part of debt. So what I'm GonNa do is I'm definitely going to have that money saved up to be able to pay for that vehicle. Have this vehicle, own it outright I'm gonNA drive it till wheels fall off. So yes, you're still going to count this Lisa's debt find out from them if you're able to pay extra on it as you go or if it's an outright by toward the in but I would accelerate this. Thing they want money, and so I, don't see them I. don't see them having a problem with you going ahead and trying to either a converted or be ready to as soon as the date allows you But yes, my friend used that money towards paying off that that car and having an outright Vin once you've done that, then you can start to build up your fully funded Emergency Fund. Thank you for that question my friend. All right. Listen. If you're out there and you got a question I want to hear from you call me eight, four, four, two, eight, three. Nine three eight, three again. That's eight, four, four, two, eight, three, nine, three, eight, three. Call. Let me know what's on your mind or if you prefer, you can email me ask Chris Hogan three sixty dot com. All right. Let's get on the phone. I gotTA get back here I've got the Jessica is on the line just how can I help you? Hi Chris. Thanks for having me on a show. I'm really Well. Thank you. It's an honor to talk to you. So Um my husband and I we are newest Nur's We've just kind of found you guys about a month ago and we're thankfully free and we're starting to plan for our future and getting a game plan and my question for you is, how do we check in with our families and talk to them about debt and their finances without sounding condescending condescending. Or intrusive as I want them to have the same type of planning and good future that we're planning on having Gotcha. Gotcha. So you guys became debt free. What kind of debt did you pay off We had two vehicles that we paid off. We actually had to pay a lot of money to get rid of those cars and get rid of that debt because we couldn't bring them to England with us. Dodger. Go. So we had to get rid of those cars and then we came here we just bought to junker cars and so are debt free. Okay. That's fantastic. So let me ask you this. Jessica. What caused you all to get serious about getting out of debt. So we have never really been intentional with our money. We've just kind of spent in done whenever we wanted. and. We just. decided that we have two daughters now and we want to have a future for them and we realized, Hey, we might actually want to buy a house some day. So we decided to get that three stay debt freeze thaw and really start being intentional with how we're spending our money and our planning for our future. Okay. So then let's shift this and now you're saying, hey, how do we begin to talk to a family about this Why do you WanNa Talk? Why do you WanNa talk family about money? I WanNa make sure that my family, my relatives. My in laws that they're set up for their future as well because I don't want anyone in my family to be struggling. And I, want them to you know be intentional also nervous to talk to them about it because I don't want them to think that I'm being intrusive. So I. Don't know I just got that. See you lead with love okay. You Care About your family you care about your in laws and you said, you don't want them to struggle. You want them to be able to be moved down a path. So here's the best thing to do. It is to share information with them. It's the ask questions without requiring an answer meaning ask them if they've heard of these these to these two ball dudes here in the states you know have they heard of Dave? Have they heard of Chris share the information? Maybe share some articles from Daveramsey DOT COM for Chris Hogan three, sixty, DOT COM, send some information and ask out of Love Okay and when you start to do this, you may not get an answer they may not. But as you start to talk with them about it don't be scared you're not prying right you're. Not, asking them to tell you their debts or show you their budget. You're not trying to become a coach but what you're trying to do is to become an advocate and that is asked him questions share information maybe even send them a book. Here's what won't do I'm GonNa send you retire inspired I'm GonNa send you two copies and Madison will get your information. I'm GONNA, send them to you, and what I want you to do is to share that with your in laws share that with your mom and just gift it to them. Now eat whether they read it or not. Jessica we don't know. Okay, I wish I could put a censor in there that Mattel me when the books br been read all the way through back can't. But what I'm GonNa do is I'm GonNa send you those and I want you to share information with them and and again it's just one of those things where as you follow up and you're just check in and you want to ask them, Hey, have you did you get a chance to read that? Did you have any questions and just be open to it but again, be proactive and asking questions not in a nosy way when out of love and I think that's that's the best approach as you're dealing with family. VIP's dealing with family and money can be tough. Okay. I can tell you right now most people would rather talk to strangers than to inquire with family but I'm GonNa tell you something a great opportunity just an asking questions maybe forward them article maybe send them the R. I, Q. Get in there and they're able to figure out what their retirement dreams GonNa look like most people have no idea what they're aiming toward. They're just putting money away and fifty two percent of people aren't saving for retirement and so if you care enough, you would at least ask you in at least share information with them because you do care and I think that's a great opportunity and Jessica I love your heart the fact that you're willing you want to help them and you're you're reaching out to ask I appreciate it. Thank you for that. Okay it's now time for panicked. Or pumped ragged a chance to meet you right where you are and be a coach. got a panicked email in from Zach IOS Hi Chris. I'm currently on baby step two and working to pay off our cars, my wife and are in that stage of life where we're looking to buy a house and have a child. I've been trying to help my wife see the in goal of paying off our debts, student loans and cars but she's worried we can't do it because at the end of the month, her income is barely able to pay her bills. I've been trying to transition her into seeing. It's we now not separate. We've been stuck in this Rut for the past few years and we haven't been moving forward. My wife has scheduled. That has all over the place and doesn't know if she can have another job to make more income. I'm wondering what direction to take in life whether it's pay off her debts and potentially destroy my marriage or buy a house and have a child then risk not being able to provide for my wife and future child. Okay, Zach my friend you've got a lot going on and a couple of things that jumped out at me is. You guys, and your wife aren't on the same page right now and I'm GonNa tell you. I. Have Never suggested to anyone that you wait to get out of debt or before you begin to to grow your family that's not something I would ever say nor would I tell people don't to not get married until you get out of debt? No, you're getting married or growing your family that's a decision you and your wife need to make prayerfully and carefully right. But I think there are a lot of pronouns in here that jump out at me that she's worried that she can't pay her bills at the end of the month and and and so it's going. To be a matter of you guys combining income you guys getting on the same page and beginning to approach this in the we kind of mindset beginning to look and not have this individual divide. But the bank account that you guys are depositing your money that you're paying the bills out of and so adopting that. But also start to lead with the heart like I'm sure she's got heart feelings about wanting to grow the family and you got heart feelings about the future that you guys are looking to have together a bunch you to talk to each other not at each other, and that might be sitting down having a date night and just getting open and honest and being real. but working together. And want you to kind of begin to walk through and as I say Zach, I try to guide people to try to make two year decisions make decisions today that you look back on in two years and you're glad that you made it because it puts you down a path that leads you in the right direction. So you guys talk more and here's another thing you guys may WanNa go sit down with a marriage counselor and to begin to unpack and talk about some of these things there's nothing wrong with utilizing a third party. It's a great opportunity to allow you both to speak which you feel But to get some guidance and to begin to kind of figure out okay. How do we make this decision for the best of the family and I'm GonNa tell you moving down that direction put you on a path you WANNA go zach. Thank you for reaching out. Thank you for for being willing to share this situation. I know a lot of people are in this right now in the midst of this condemning and making life decisions and choices on Hey, do we do this or do we do that and so we do WanNa be careful as my grandmother said be prayerful and careful about the decisions you make. I gotTA pumped email in from Danielle she goes Hello Chris. My name is Danielle and I'm nineteen years. Old I'm starting my second year of college and have been working on budgeting and finding your videos along with Dave Ramsey's it's been a huge help in in one of your older videos I just watch you Astra callers write in panicked or pumped and Chris I'm late but I'm pumped. With my savings along with the job and two smaller sources of income I will graduate. Debt. Free. I was able to make fourteen thousand dollars so far this year and I'm still working. Thank. You so much for all the advice and motivation. This is amazing I- anytime, I'm able to hear about a young person graduating debt free. That's a big deal. You have no idea that people that I meet that are in their thirties and forties that still have a student loan still kind of hanging around and there's nothing I mean again as we get serious and people are chopping those down talked to a couple just recently paid off three, hundred and fifty thousand. Student loan debt gay took him some time about six years but they paid off three, hundred and fifty thousand. So I know what's possible when we start to make decisions but young lady for you Danielle to be able to graduate debt free you've given yourself an advantage. You've given yourself an opportunity to be able to grow forward to be able to start off on the right track and I'm going to tell you this. For a lot of young people that are graduating I wanted I want to caution you on a couple of things. Number one do not do not go get a new car. Avoid that typically when people graduate or they start getting that first big boy big girl job. The first thing they WANNA do is go upgrade card and I'm gonNA. Tell you something if he's got a payment on it, it is not something you want to be bothered with you want to be intentional slowdown and pay cash number two from Uncle Hogan. Okay. I like that. Alcoholic and tips and I want you to run out and try to hurt by house. Okay. I want you to slow down be intentional rent maybe live with a roommate for a little while to keep expenses low and began to build up that fully-funded emergency fund to be able to build up that down payment for a home. Intentionally, Perry intentionally want you to slow. Down what tends to happen is as we WANNA do grownup stuff quick right we want to hurry up and move forward and what can happen is as we can get off our game plan. So I want you to sit down and give some thought what's your plan for the next two to three to five years where you WanNa live? What are you wanting to be doing? And then have that mindset of moving yourself down that path It's truly important and I'm GonNa tell you when you have a plan, it's easy to be able to follow it and you can also protect that plan, which means you're not doing anything that's going to deviate from this. You know the direction you want to go and why it matters to you it's really important. Okay. If you're out there and you're feeling panicked or pumped, I, want to hear from you a number one panicked people we all have life stuff going on. We have stuff that stressing us and I want you to understand that you're not alone and like Zach when you open up and you ask questions, you're also have you have no idea the other people that you're helping who are thinking or feeling that exact same way and so when you reach out and you Have the courage to ask it helps. So you have to do is email me put panicked in the subject line and talk about what's on your mind just type it out let it out the same time. If you're pumped, you ready looking to celebrate you've achieved a milestone and you go I, need to celebrate what someone just put pumped in the subject line and you can send it as well. It's a great opportunity to be able to reach out and to celebrate. So again, the main thing is I want you to reach out and realize you're never alone and so you can get connected with our everyday millionaire facebook group you can get connected email us if you're feeling panicked or I you to make sure you know you've got people around you that care a great opportunity for you. You know I loved the segment of leaving excuses at the door Back. When we were doing the retire inspired events, I, want to hear from people and find out what's the thing standing in your way what's the thing standing in the way of you pursuing and chasing down your dreams. So at the event, we've been asked people to write on a sticky note what's the thing standing in the way and people did they wrote them down and they'd we literally had them slap it up on the door because we left. Excuses at the door meaning. We're no longer GONNA have anything stand. In the way we're going to pursue. We're going to chase it down. We're going to get better we're GONNA get more intentional and so I wanted to share with you. These are some that were sent in and that that from the event that I still have and trust me I've got piles and piles of these things but I wanted to share a couple of these with you. One of them says might partner slash spouse is not serious. So one of the things that's Kinda standing in the way of them getting more intentional about their future, they're not working together as a team. Well. Here's the thing. I. Think as you look at this and you start to realize, hey, my spouse isn't serious. What do we do well I think it's a matter of having conversations and getting connected with really talking to the heart and I don't mean graphs and charts. Okay. I'm not I don't I don't I don't mean have have the budget chart and you're clicking through with a highlighter and and the and the read. Pointer. Mobley laser no no. No No. No. No. What I mean is a start to talk with them about what it is that they see for the future. What do they want to be doing most of the time and I've seen this? If people have children, you start to talk about, Hey, what's the goals and dreams you have for your kids for the future? What do you want them to be able to do? What do you want them to have the option to do? I've never met a parent or grandparent don't have serious dreams for their kid grandkid and as you start to lead with this and start to talk about, hey, how do we do this? You can help them get more serious. Most of the time people don't believe that it's possible for them to achieve some stuff. Again, we don't know what they've walked through they've been through but what you can do as a spouse is to be able to fan that flame to be able to talk about how much you believe in them, which you believe might be possible if you guys were to lock arms and get serious. Another good thing to do with that as the celebrate milestones as you begin to do this, you got to start to think if you're trying to encourage spouse or significant other, you've gotTa make sure you're doing a whole lot of cheerleading people need to be to hear a positive encouragement people need to know that progress is being made or you're defying what they're doing well, and so it's really Important to be able to congratulate them to be encouraging and to talk about the positives and so working together and talking with each other not at each other. I'm going to tell you something. It's a great way for you and your spouse to get on the same page, and again, it's not a conversation that's called an introduction. It's going to be a series of conversations and a series of connecting. Another one was identified my dream and this one's real if you can. If you don't have your dream identified, it's going to be real hard for you to get excited is gonNA be real hard to make sacrifices for something that if you don't know what it is and why it matters to you. So that's why even with the R. I Q. Retire Inspired quotient we lead with the dream. We lead with helping people figure out what is it that you want to do for example do you want to spend time with family? Do you want to spend time with your spouse? Do you WANNA travel? Do you WANNA, start a business do you want to do mission trips or do you just want vacation most of the time when I talked to people about those things they say yes. They say, yes, they go. I WanNa do a little bit. All things, I I like it and I love that but I think identifying it for example, would travel. It's not just that you WANNA travel. But where are you going who's with you? How long are you there? and. So yes, identifying the dream is really crucial and it might take some time to really dig into and find out what gets your heart excited and so I want you to go over to Chris Hogan three, sixty dot com. It's GonNa. Walk you through the dream component you and your spouse do this on a date night not only is it going to help you kind of unpack and get a feel for what it is that you want, but it's going to start to help you help get it more in high definition because I want you to see all the nuances I want you to see all the details of this thing and understand what's possible. So VIP's take some time to think what standing in your way I think. It's important for us to make sure that the excuses well, we gotta leave them things out the door. We get more intentional to realize as I told you at the beginning of the show you you're either getting better or getting worse nothing stays the same. We get to make those choices we get. To be more intentional and we can improve VIP's I want to thank you for taking the time to tune in. I want to thank all the callers calling. Thank everyone for sending in their email also want to thank the entire Chris Hogan show production deeper making stuff happen I, appreciate them but we don't have a show without him. So until next time, don't make excuses make progress. Hey everyone. If you enjoy podcast Ramsey solutions, we've got a new one for you. The CHRISTY Wright show. She's going to help you build confidence in yourself and your future check out the Christy Wright show where Christie inspires you to breakthrough your limitations and create a life that you're proud of Hail I'm Christie. Right you know it's so easy to feel stuck. You live life just going through the motions doing dishes doing laundry Carpool, lines, and a whole list of commitments that bring you know joy. We say Yes to what everyone expects of us and we have no energy or time for. What we want, and let's be honest most of the time we don't even know what we want why do we live like that God certainly never called us to you know I believe that the life got has rest is bigger and more amazing than any of US realize that's why I want you to check out the Christy Wright show every week we will fire you up to break through what's holding you back and inspire you create a life you love and are proud of each episode will help you confident in yourself and the God that created you subscribe where you listen to podcasts.

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