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Hi and welcome to she's the boss Chats I'm your host Scholes Brooke and in the show. I interview amazing women and female founders. Bad what it is that they're doing and why they're doing it. It's all about US lifting up the women around us. Champagne love it. It is brilliant. Have you here? I Love Gin and I love the name of Your Business. The Gene Burns. Thanks for having me. My absolute pleasure, so let's start for anyone that's listening with what it is that you do. What is the Jin birds were doing all sorts of the moment so? We started off back in October. Prior to that we were doing. Why can come into a bit later? We started the gym birds component in October last year, and it's an Australian craft in subscription, so the idea is that we support the the small craft Gin distillers, which a either three hundred now in Australia. I didn't realize the many, but I love Gin and I love the way it's been getting more and more profile over the last couple years. Yeah, it's amazing and they've won so many awards you know even though the smaller craft is still is with amazing stories. There are so many of them have won awards that Jin's fantastic global awards so. It's just great to get them out there. And it's all about supporting those distillers to actually get out into that community and people find that reach basically and I am, so. We started with the subscription which will. How did the subscription where you've got a bottle of GIN sent to you and your? Bottle of GIN. You get some bad tarnish. Get some dried fruit sometimes, maybe glass at Jimbo Glass, so you get a different Jin, every month or every other month, right Yeah, we pay them up with the different rates and tonic, which is sometimes an iron. If there's some people have only ever try to particular, Tomiko tried to particularly garbage. yet, and then we send out a tasting notes riot piece each stiller, and we send them electronically. People, can read that and get the recipes for what to do with the Gen. if they fonsi making a call, tell stove so. Yes we do that. We launched agenda stole so an index of Gin I was in back in April. So not that long ago, it's gone crazy. Absolutely crazy people stocking open Australian craft gin, and we had the tonic live through from overseas or mainly strongly still. And now we've got big on Beijing's because we're is going really really well. But yeah, just in Australia for now. Yeah. I just love hearing about things that have taken off over covered because she's the boss really was just a TV show in January, and now is so much more, and it's just everyone's just. Hit the right note I just think it's perfect for people being at home and having time to think and gene is just a great way to do it, so you've got the index, which is like a blog is, or is it just? Leah. Megastore gin so it's. All the craft distillers listed on nicer people go in, and they can search by regional distillery or taste I'm by Janaka. Buy directly from that and the distillers ships that out, so we support direct from still model. And they can grab that tonics from that and lots of little gifts and things like that, but it's predominantly index of GIN, so that store well on their. We also launched a CR- The consumer gene awards as well recently, so you haven't been sitting on your laurels. Gene Awards winner they so the judge, them will happen October, so we've recruited twelve ginger judges, the consumers, which is the first Australia. Yeah I'm the applications were amazing I mean people are so passionate and knowledgeable. In the consumer world, and that's what's important for the distilleries. Sometimes, it's not just about hopping, judged by someone and industry you. Real people think of your Jin now. I would have thought that was much more important because it's not. It's not really the judges that are going to be buying. It's the consumed so much better to get them judging. Coal Generation, so that launched a few weeks ago, people we've had over two thousand votes at the moment, for Jim still going. Yeah. That's amazing, absolutely amazing. Okay, so, why did you set it up? What made you think of Jean? We, usually do wine. and. Basically the the two of us we met through Susan my business, partner and I. We met through our children through our boys were kindergarten together fantastic and. The Dallas at the time and we were. We had to be the wine club. Because that's the way we had these regular del out, have wine together on those a few of us. And then it dwindled down to your people. You'll try. Hard core, yeah, exactly and on the I've had businesses when I was in the UK as you can pay it by my accent, I'm from the UK originally. Long. Have you been over here for seven years now? Okay, let's relations chose the right place I did. Yeah. I love it. So came over with my family and husband. Kitchen sink can old up. Yeah I'd I'd been up to the Hunter Valley. Found that there wasn't much of an experience that for women life. Wine so you could go on a tour, but it wasn't really be spoken and luxury. It was just your bulk standard toll so. Where they drop you at the tasting placing you know they're getting a commission or something. Yeah and we just wanted to be an experience to really experiences, so we started to do that over dinner one night, and why we decide the idea from my visits up to the hunter that we needed to do something and those two were like. Yeah, we're in. So we started as three beds dean wine the time. Of Love Your name. And we didn't whine tolls. We started to work with Boutique. Wine and one produces to bring that to the city, so we did sell it to city events, so we really again the same sort of model it was all about bringing a boutique market to the people that live in the city. That can't make the regional. Tools and stuff so yeah, it's just such a clever idea. You must be incredibly popular up there. Yeah, it was go. Madison Amazing, people, but we love GIN and we went for my birthday dinner and we're having. Did Ni- and I've been saying. We need to do something with Jen. Jen is barely emerging. You know we need to be. Doing something with it. Yeah we just. Said Look. Let's do what about the gym it's will do the gym birds. You know. It was one of them again over alcohol. Some of the best ideas come out of. Anti Fan of that. We just started to connect with the community, and do you know what they are amazing? That's so. Like helpful of each other. They're real community. Whereas wine isn't so much like that. There's a lot of interesting, so you really noticed a difference. Oh Yeah you know I'm real sort of change makers. People that you know the all great story behind why they make gin and most of the distillers when they set up, they've worked with another distiller. WHO's help them. You know there's no competition that they're all sort of say well connected with each other, so they've embraced is coming into this gin community, and and they love what we do with them. You know they it's been a bowl. You know things are happening every week. We got something new happening every week. I'm a Latino. There's something that I was talking about it with someone this morning and saying. You, know I've had my be I've had another business handle your own pr for twelve years, and it has been a slog almost the whole time you just educating people that diy was important Blah Blah Blah. It's just been hard, and then I sat up. She's the boss and it's been so easy. Everything is just happening and it sounds like. Just sort of feel like it's the universal something same old. Pick the right one, and that sounds exactly like it's happening for you girls as well. Yeah, because you know the fact that all this happened in the middle of the bushfires and covert. And we've still managed to flourish and I. Think you know I mean we've been to a lot of wisdom free events for the distillers. It's as well it's about the relationships and building relationships with those Gin distillers on the community I not out that. You know it's not about making a fuss book. It's about a long term relationship and really just be able to support them, and they seem to look that you know like an. Everyday I have a conversation with a new distiller on that just amazing people. Must be so thrilled when they get that phone. Call and you go. Oh, we're all about supporting gender. Students called the inboards and we'll bring people to you and they go. Oh, my God I love you. Okay, so let's wind this right back because I'm a very noisy woman and I also love hearing about entrepreneurial journeys. Can you talk because I'm guessing when you finished high school or whatever? You didn't think when I grow up I. WANNA run a gene business. Can Use clean back to what your career has been led to now and. And I guess why you decided to go out on your own, and just about your entrepreneurial journey well Salaam wom. Luckily we have tried off. So I mean I'm I'm GonNa actually qualified nurse and. another midwifery as well when I was seventeen back in the UK, but I've always been an ideas person, even nurse in our setting up new clinics and Set up a weight, management clinic and always. What can the GP's in the UK to say? We need to know so they could make more money. And what would the pharmaceutical companies and get more people coming through and help more patients, so I always with an eye days past, and was in the NHL was always quite restrained by that because it's. Quoted interpreter when your entrepreneurial in a big organization apparently yeah exactly, but prior to that it had a little business one a hot mustard door to one, and was twenty, and did wed implant in when I was twenty one. How this one year old and was pregnant and I was going around doing wedding fairs, and all that sort of stuff, and I always had small businesses that I was running on the side as well as having my normal job. Okay and everything. Would you think that came from, have you have you got parents that are entrepreneurial? You know the. Here's a question for you and you as a nurse would. Have, you got adhd, or do you think? because. He wants because I brought my son to a specialist last year because he's he's an ideas person. He's had four businesses any fourteen, and he just loves all that kind of thing and I and I was saying to her. Finds it really hard to concentrate on something he really loves. And she looked at me and said I think he's got adhd, and she said, but who else has got it because it's genetic and I said well nobody. No one's got it at all, and it's only since then I've been going. It's the fact that I'm always thinking of new ideas and prancing around looking at the Knicks Riley thing. Is that a sign of it? Maybe yeah maybe. Diagnosed yet. We really need the diagnosis, but I just thought that was quite funny, but anyway so you've always had ideas. Twenty! Two, you UK, so I went into call very early on and because of the thought was entrepreneurial, I was picked by pharmaceutical company so I got noticed with my foundation to go beyond and into sort of more corporate world, but I think the the nursing gave me the foundation of being a good relationships person. Even I've got I've hardly latest show vice versa. You're good at relationship so therefore you were good at. First, but it sort of pivots that for your Corporate Commandments, sales, and been in leadership in house it for a long time, so was called the of a lot of big business skills on the way to with global market, so that a long journey of picked up those skills in big business that helped me with my small business. which will become a big businesses some stage? It will absolutely absolutely no. He's on the way thing it is. But yes, so, and then the last thing I did in the U. K. had a business with a friend. We were called House. Visit to die right and we always taught. Things always happen just before their time. When you look at what's happened now we could, if preceded and I haven't come over to Australia, think would have gone massive because it was an online. If you know of health visitors in the UK specialist. Health professionals help with note to five and we use to my friend and I had the business, and we got invited to Paul by David Cameron. We went to parliament with suitcases among on. It was amazing. We were doing really great things. But it was just before its time because then the. FACEBOOK and Internet all sort of takoff hugely in between that time on I think of you I'd have stayed in the UK we would have. We would have rarely. been in a different place but I always like you said things are meant to be. That's right and let me just ask quickly though you sound like you had that with a partner, did the partner not keep it going after you know she didn't she did. Talk that so you were driving it as well I mean 'cause there's nothing to stop her. Having taken and turned it into what it could be covered, but anyway it is what it is, so so what happened after that so after that and continue to work in corporate and we may to Australia and why? Why did you move here? What was the impetus for that so i? Was a half my fourth child. And crazy woman. Yeah, so I've got a huge age got my my oldest is twenty five and just about tougher baby. My youngest is eight, so we had these three girls while move fairly young, and then decided to have another one we ended up with Roy Sahaf to after a hard him I was working for a big corporate and I was made redundant. The Alpha was to go to America instead of taking the redundancy and we were planning on doing that and. then. We looked into it and we're like I don't think America's going to be roses a family. Wise decision in hindsight. What's happening over there? Yeah. Atlanta's while we were like. Is this really for us, but we're all set to go. We've said on the twenty fifth of June we will go into to to America I saw refused the the the also got redundancy and. I cut thinking because we'd always look to Australia, and it was every computer had had a folder on it with Australia on it with. I lived over there for FI-. I grew up over there as well, but I lived there for five years, and I remember leaving in two thousand, and all over the media in the UK was Australia was the number one destination for immigration and holidays so. Yeah, it doesn't surprise me. It's everyone just hangs out for the IDEA OF AUSTRALIA DATA! So we. Said some a husband Wa. Australia and He said well. We'll go over and have a quick look. This was in February February. His brother's having cameras, so we had a trip. We just brought our okay. Yeah, just left the bay with the baby and left the girls home instead right? We'll go I'll speak to a couple of companies that I know of and that's what we did. On we just made. The decision got a job offer and we said let's go on. We told everyone we said we'll go in on the same day. The twenty fifth of June on people were so shocked that we would do so quick. That's what we did. You see your natural ozzy. Because one of the things are really noticed in England is how long people like to think about things before they do it. There's a real reluctance to do anything different over. There isn't there so you what you were meant to be here? What does he do, so he? He's a panel pizza. Okay, perfect for him to yeah one. We got here he was he looked after the little one, and and I just went straight within a week to months to my new job in corporate and. And Yeah, it's been for me. It's just been amazing in the opportunity has tastic and people have been great so. Instead `bout you landed. You started in corporate How did you? How did the ideas? The firing ideas that would have been going off on the side work with corporate, and and what was the light bulb moment that you just decided now? I'm going to go after my or you. Still working I still do corporate still a few days call. Realize, yeah still Jay and Susan business punish. She wants to ninety as well so Yeah, we still we still doing. We're still doing feel like twenty four seven twenty four hours. If. This is the side hustle, and it's growing fast than maybe the jobs weren't last too much longer. Who? Started to reduce hours and more on the business, so. So. So tell me about you came to Australia. You got that job was was Jin was so. How did you stop the wine thing? Or when did you you? Here. So that so I arrived in two thousand thirteen on. We launched the gym birds in two years ago two years ago now. Two Thousand Eighteen, and the two thousand seventeen thousand eight teams have been a couple of years doing. In business together, but we didn't launch the beds till two thousand nine hundred last year. Oh okay, so so the wine was two thousand, so the wind been going for a year before you decided to leap. Doing the wine thing as well then. Doing the wine thing as well you doing. Because Jen's been so busy, so. We changed. Three birds do wine to the spirited nation and the reason. Is that we thought we could work on all sort of alcohol. We love him as well but. We just wanted to concentrate on the Jin market, because that's our our thing right now, but we feel like we could leverage out particularly the awards and everything. This spirit award for let's talk about the let's talk about the awards because and some of the initiatives you've done because we've only skimmed on. Let's assume which is probably fairly safe that a lot of people listening. Don't know anything about your business at all so. Tell me a little bit more about You know how it's all sort of set up on what what bits and pieces you're doing, so you've got the. Is it you doing the award? Yes. So we've got the GIN subscription and I'm just about to launch a brand new subscription with the heat global tonic brand. Dot! Capital kick I'll give you a clue. The actual name of the the new boxes called Jim Fever. So if anybody knows a huge global tonic brands and the Word Jin fever. Right, I'm going to have to Google it I'm sure they will know very soon once. Win on Ching that launched on the first of August and did they contact you and say? Can we do partnership with you will? They'd contacted us about doing some events with us, but I just ask the question I. Think you just got kick doors down and ask the question. because. We're working with all the tonic, browns? We with some amazing tonic brands like strange love and fixing leads. But, so yeah more doing different initiatives with all of them. Riding Sale. But yeah. We've got this big this big piece coming up, so we approached them and said Hey, what about this gene among we can leverage your global? Marketing. I with our with what we do with Jin so and So? Tell me exactly how subscriptions work I mean physically. How much do they cost? And what do you get? It's at a seven hundred and fifty mil bottle is or. So the subscription, the one that we've got now and the gym beds, Jen subscription is Mateo bimonthly, and they can pull counts money time so amongst cave edge. You know we've had a few people posing. Of people not been able to have a whole lot of other people signing up, we did. Some alcohol became a bit of a crutch for all of us during the lockdown. Yeah, definitely with hunt. Some people are the subscription got two balls, and instead because they couldn't choose, which because we gave them a choice while month. Instead you want this type. We give them a few clues or this type and there are like one both. Bottle those is. Is it like seven hundred and fifty million? Yes, it's a full-size bottle onto dollars, and that includes free delivery, and they get tonics and. They get like little knick knacks whether it be fruit. This getting something out there getting some gin stones this month with it. What Jin stone sounds to put in. Jane cannot like a stone. That's more like ice. I can a- cooler. Rice yeah, because this month were Piran coastal tonic, beautiful coastal tonics where we're trying to make it all fit nicely with this sort of a story in cocktail I'm last month. We did a barrel as Jen. So with that. We put in bitches and said they could make an old fashioned cocktail I Chris I'm signing up. I'm completely sell. This sounds so good. Yeah, and then have you partnered with anybody else? That's doing alcohol or chocolates or anything because there's a few subscription boxes that are coming out of coverage. And I love what you're doing and I know just. anecdotally talking with people at my, she's the bus lunches. There are people doing that kind of thing. There are a lot of event organizers who've spiraled through this period as well going. Oh my God, my life is over my business. I've been working for years and I've been saying subscription boxes of the way to go and get everyone to get the same. Things together in talking to one of your ladies. That does chocolate money to. Of. Life Yeah, so how many but? I mean what we were doing. Why we did have a chocolate maker. We had special chocolates put in there, and we had olive oil from the Hunter Valley when Moody inboxes with wine. So little the bus next people would be all I thought the chips and nuts kinda people. Yeah so anyway. I guess there's only so many hours in the day for the you know when you've got how many days a week you working still. I'm still working four days a week. In a leadership role as well wait. Mental. How right so it's really it's really inspiring role as well I really enjoy being able to give back and help, but it's totally different. If, people could see me now. Jin, sign Behi- May. Go, on corporate means end up. Goal is gin behind me and often you know people say what SPA and explain. The Clinton. Mega that sounds much more interesting. Maybe you'll have to take your gene sign Dan and replace it with Health for when you've got. Ones. Okay Yeah I'll. Say Okay so we've got this subscription and then yet, but he was saying about events. I mean been doing a lot of GIN and zoom events, so people can buy a bottle of GIN. They meet the distillers, so we're doing one for Victoria and a few weeks. I am not will be three Victorian distillers, so people can on the free ticket. got a bottle of full size bottle of Jim with that and strange of tonics given free tonic away with every purchase. On, yeah, they'd people just sign up. We have seventy on well. Jin Day that signed up and came to join his and Coppola distillers were a little bit tipsy by the end of it, so we had a really good time. It was fun. It was people. I have to say It's it is lots of fun to have some drinks with people on Zoom and what you're doing I think is so important for people as well because same thing with my zoom lunches. paypal need to connect during this time and a lot of people don't know how I don't know where and don't want to be sold to and. Doing Fun social things I think is. Really Clever so okay. Let's talk about your journey now. Ask this of everyone, but you obliged I mean. People have not, but because this is a show called. She's the boss about women in business, and my little motto is lift the women and empower the women around. You have there been any women specifically that have helped you along the way with gene birds that you know have made a big difference to you that you WANNA. Do Shadow for. Shop beautiful business partner. I mean you would because she is just amazing. She's my best friend and. I think call husbands. With. You know we're in a relationship. That's the best kind best friend. Have Did she? How did you meet through the kids? On children both in kindy together, and you know all different struggles that we have in in parenting and you know I'm. This is my fourth child, but I was new to Australia search, and it was my way of having friends outside of work, and she needed some support as well for her Helo boy. WHO's You know who had to hear. Republican was in mainstream schools so. We really just connected as women. You know I think. I'd call it like having friends without any judgment. You know the fact that. I can say absolutely anything to a and the same with allison the. Lady who was Paul was part of when we did the wine. You know I'll ring a one on one on the most way. We have a conversation a chat around. Everything business, everything and anything yeah I. Mean I think that is the beauty of of women. Businesses well is that? If you do have a close friend. You can share everything with them. There's nothing that's nothing that's kind of Off! Can't of think of the word for it, but there's nothing you not allowed to talk about anyway I mean it's all about supporting each other, which is one of the beautiful things and my experience has been very similar to yours I. I don't think very very rarely by any woman. That doesn't support other women I mean I think in general, the only people that do often i. Do have a guy. Sometimes. It's had a fear really more than anything else. But anyway. So long. Your Entrepreneurial Journey said this is for the one and the gene. Tell me about some pivotal moments. Have you had any big disaster? That's happened that you've learned a lot from. Or even not a big disaster may be some challenges that you've learned from I. Just like to, because they'll be people listening that haven't set up their own business or are thinking about it, and I just like to kind of tell them because things can stuff up badly. But often you learn a lot from it, so have you had any experiences like that, or is it all been smooth sailing? Is Funny enough it? Husband Smith I'm trying to sit and think care the. While not smooth I. Mean it's never smooth. I think that's the thing and it's dumb. Hard work because you know when. You know when you. Like a holiday light yesterday where I'm completely committed to the business, and you just don't stop I'm even though you passionate about, and you're absolutely love it I. Think you know family does have to take a back step sometimes, and that can be hauled. You know that you'll. Not My husband's quite sick at the moment, the very bad back injury, having a lot of surgeries and you know look at home, so he had given the child cabinet, but it stop you know you not. You don't feel has an ally of the time because you in so many things in the I. You know Social Media Your website. There's just off the you know. The opportunity comes in here. Excited the adrenaline style every day which is I, think what keeps you going. But I you know to not get that. Burn out and sometimes to just take time for yourself. I mean last week. Handle the weekend before. For the first time in months with covert and everything, she had a son do I didn't few hours off and not is. Unheard of at the movies. Go out with the family. have a glass of wine to speed. Just do somethin' for me and I was like this actually feels. So Nice try to do this because I'm always on my phone whether I'm out. Even if I'm in the passenger seat of the car, I'm doing social media on checking for all. And it is important to just put a Dan every once in a while, and try and be president as you say I do my boozy lunches on Fridays and my kids swap between their dad and I. Who lives just around the corner and they always wondering in during the middle of lunch and I can't even say hi to them. You know I'm just sort of like Yep. And then just speak to them in the evening and also minor all teenagers, so their natural instinct is to go and hide in their bedrooms, and not come at it all, so that moment I missed that moment sometimes. Of, just saying hi to them when they walk in the door before they go and disappear again, but you know it's a challenge always to juggle it, but if you love what you're doing. It does. You're right. It's the adrenaline that just keeps going. And then of course the next thing is you then have another great idea of something else. You can add to the business and you suddenly back into hard hard drive again. Try and get that done. Silent moments, isn't it when you finally have a silent moment in the shower all? When when you in the car and you know on a phone call and there's there's ideas. Come to you and often I'll ping sues on at like six in the morning I've got an idea. Wait for it. Wait for it and she's like my goodness. Now, but. You know is. I mean when you say about challenges like an events and covert and all the things that happened since we launched. The first event that we were doing in person was with the DIS- Dila from the Blue Mountains on their great friends there they're called career. The lovely call Paul and they they had a bushfire right in that in that is to the. distillery on the night of the event, and so people thought they were gonNA. Come and meet the distiller. and. Drove down dropped his off degen and then drove back to make sure he could protect his distillery. And people were super understanding the van, but then. Within weeks of launching these sorts of things to happen. And then with with covert I'm you know we? We could have just said all you know. Let's put things on pause what we were like. No, we can turn things around. We can do these three events. We were the first ones to do Jenin's aim. Lots of people are doing gin tastings now, but we were the first ones to do it because i. I was on a work corporate Friday night drinks, and either what people were saying Shamin. What you drinking tonight and tell us about the jeans that you've got behind June, so it's like you know what we should do this for our consumers for free and just get people, and that's what we did and I think that's what's made it successful because we've just. And we've not been saying all. We have to make a profit. We're saying this is just about getting people through in supporting people. That's what I think is as well and I. also think that Kobe has been a really good time grow community, and to really kind of get to know the people. And we can worry about trying to make some coin later on because nobody's really making money at the moment, so it kind of takes the pressure off of it as well so you've kind of answered. This next question is about how you juggle work and life, but it sounds like the juggle I was. GonNa say. Gee, Whiz, but if you're working fulltime four days a week and then trying to do all this I'm imagining well I don't know. How do you juggle public work from from six in them on in to like ten o'clock at night every day? And what about with your boy do you stop and have dinner and bath and Doing on he soup. He says he wants to be part of the gym birds and he wants it these telling me what caused wants the future. You know the family so behind it. You know they sometimes. My daughter's will help with photography at the social media, so it's a real family of five. He introduces on an ice that he deserves a share in the business. He's not wrong and I thoroughly agree. I love that actually just that idea. My boys do that, too, and and I always say you know if you want to. You can come in. where can handle your NPR. Boys they can't do. She's the boss, but. Who knows. My last sort of business question is a weird one. Is there a quick fact you can share with us about yourself that not very many people know it's a bit one wade is that? I'm related to President Harry Truman. Ripped out about it, so he's my great grandfather's causing, and then I go. They just said it was making it up, but it's actually true. That's a great quickey factory win. The most popular president and he didn't do great things, but I don't know anything about him at all, but I know the name but I'm glad it's. One of the others. Imagine if you were related to Donald Trump. Don't even go there all right just for some fun. I've got a couple of. I don't know whether you're a phone person, but it sounds like you might be sitting the and what in in terms of business what are the two most useful APPs outside of banking and email that you use on your fine I love Asana. Oh. Yes, on is a great one so for television. What that one does just in case the? Task Management So, and there's a free version of it which I use with season I to plan all tasks out. So you just allocate top to yourself. Will you team? What are you saying? Tack you talk sauvage miles sorry I was going I was going yeah I thought it was a toss thing and I any house. Exit. Talks. Say Yeah. We toss to each of that and. then. We have on the Sunday morning. Sit Down and do our business means stroke breakfast wall. Can we go through each one and say right? What are the tasks for this week? And we sign them off so I love that I love been able to adjust. And you cannot. Kickoff lists like lists. Okay in another one. Is there another one you look conver-? Youngest. Counter as well and I'm these gray. Is it for being able to do? Everything on my phone in five hundred most of my most of my business stuff on my phone I. I gave onto even linked in and facebook on my laptop and go. Don't really know how to use it on a laptop on how to use it on my. Do. With Canada. Camber, because it's like the social media stirs print images on because of the GIN and the COP Tales. So you know getting your content, rai is great with using been able to use something like come there as well so what platforms to use actually for social. INSTAGRAM and facebook and linked. On pinterest. Yeah! No, I. I'm on a lot of the twitter and linked in. How to use instagram very well and I'm hardly ever on twitter now. I've just got to be going through. Teen Lincoln's become minute facebook. Okay and the last thing is on your phone. Do you ever play? Do you have any games and things that you? Time for that anymore you. Was Candy. What was it cold candy crush? I'm still doing it. I'm a level three thousand and something. Why am I haven't played that? Because it was so addictive, but now I've not been able to play on that for such a long time. And then he just started to read books again. Never Mind Games right, just tie I. Mean you've got a young as well which which makes it challenging, you know in between everything else. Yeah, no, it's it's always worth asking and candy. Crush was my one I'm words with friends is my other one. One that I I still play a lot of friends in the UK and things like that on on words with friends so I like all of that, but wow, what a great interview will I have loved hearing everything about Your Business? Thank you so so much for joining us today. and I will very I think I'm gonNA. Go and sign up with the birds I like the idea been getting a bottle of gin every week and learning a little bit more because. Every time I've gone to a distillery and Boorda thought they were delicious. Invite tonics as well so if people on the Jim Birds on or if they go on DJ index dot. Edu is the stole on lookout for some GIN re tweets because they come in towards the end of the year when we get. With, Mass. I love the sandwich well. Thank you so much. What a great great interview! Worries Times chills. I hope you've enjoyed this. She's the boss chat episode. It was great to have you here. If you want to stay in touch, you might also like some of the other things that we've got going on. She's the boss vastly I've got the. She's the bus show which is on ticketing. TV Now you can watch that either on Ticker TV DOT COM dot AU, or you can download the ticker APP from any of the APP store so. And android and they've got an APP. That is for your phone for your IPAD or tablet, and for the smart tv or you could join us for Free Zoom lunches for female founders that we hold online the best way to do any of these things really go to. She's the boss Dot Com dot AU, and on there you can register for the lunches got links to the website so either way I hope you've enjoyed it I'm really enjoying digging. Dan Getting down to the Nitty nitty-gritty with these women and I hope you'll join me to the next step aside.

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