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Mindset / Discomfort with mindset marketer - Wendy Maynard (5 mins or less series)


That I've been working on and become incredibly passionate about is like mindset work because one it's been amazing for me. But to I spent amazing for my clients, and when they get some of their their when they start working on their mindset, they have much greater results in the thing about being outdoor preneurs. The thing about being a business owner is to move to the next level. Whatever the next level is for you. You truly have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Because every time you get to a new level your problems, they're different. They're nothing you've ever faced before. So the problems that get you to six figures are not the ones that get you to half, a male are not the ones that get you to a mill and then kind of and so on and so on and so on right? And so you have to get really good at calming, your fears and calming your mind and. Thinking bigger and stepping into bigger zone. Otherwise, you'll sort of self sabotage and move backwards in stay in your comfort zone. That's what I'd like to say is like your your new comfort zone is discomfort.

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