The Curtain Call, Part 2: Will the Steelers yell Wolverine! in the 2021 NFL Draft?


Okay picture this you turn off your tv you want to kick back relax and completely over analyze what you just watched we made galaxy brains just for you. Hi dave schilling. And i'm joan array. What are the host of galaxy brains. Paulie guns brand. New podcast launching thursday april twenty second followed galaxy brand apple podcasts or your favorite podcast app to get new episodes in your ear but every week that's unit galaxy brains we're moving. Tvn overthinking collide. Pittsburgh steeler fans. It is time for the second half of the curtain. Call podcast once again. My name is michael back. Joined as always with jeffrey benedict. Jeffrey how you tonight. We're talking about michigan prospects Kind of in your wheelhouse How you feel about everything i just. I don't know to tell I really want the steelers to pick up mason. He is easy. Exact kind of a player. The steeler fans would absolutely love when he touches the ball he becomes a human missile. I e e his first few steps have such power speed and he just crashes and i mean literally crashes into the line like a truck and just takes people out he is. He is incredible Dues just he plays football because he wants to have people you know. The james harrison is a full back kind of thing. I took roosevelt next. Turn him into fullback but he wasn't the same this. This guy is the dude who wants to hit people as hard as he possibly can and like take their soul. Is that kind of a player. and i would love him on the steelers. I would absolutely love him. He's also fantastic. Special teams player So people who who sit there and look at derek like why is he on the roster while you could pick up ben mason seventh round pick undrafted free agent possibly and and make that you that replacement he would be incredible. I'd love to have him on the team. There might. oh that was a pretty big pretty big cutoff. Ariba can hear me. I can hear you sorry about that. A that was weird but the big news of the day we can get into that. Now vince williams is signing with the pittsburgh steelers. After release a month ago. All sudden vince williams finds himself back in the center of the steelers defense. What are your initial thoughts on that. Jeffrey i'm surprised i was a little surprised but the steelers the steelers had opened that spot. That that know stuffer aggressive back i was really looking for. I know you to looking forward to getting a younger. More athletic version of events williams someone who could be more attacking be also bring more athletic system But this really this kind of locks down there linebacker. They got four linebackers now again and the good news. The way the reason. I think it can work is when robert spelane his talk. He talked about how the steelers told him to work on his coverage work on his What they call which is like a green dog blitz. When you're a man and your guy stays in blocks you turn into a blitzer to keep the numbers advantage for the blitz which is where he was good last year and that's nickel that's nickel defense skillset not base package skillset so the way the now. Let's like you're gonna devon bush on the field every play in three four. Look she put in vents williams in nickel. Looks you put in roberts So we may not see a linebacker coming coming in pittsburgh this year. now something. I lied. Chad taught talking about. But i also ask you on this devon bush typically he would cover for mike. Hilton orbits williams. And it's something you talked about in prior episodes and something that we can discuss that if they brought someone that was a little bit more flooding devin bush could be a little more free to do his thing. Now eventually is coming back and devin. Bush has to continue to of cover him in his weaknesses in that coverage game. You think that might take away from devon bush Having a breakout year of sorts in twenty twenty one or is just business as usual. I'd give you just look at stats that that would impact evan bush But on film. I said before twenty twenty with such a better season than twenty one thousand nine hundred seven bushes. He was such a better player even though his stats absolutely vanished like they just dropped off a cliff but he was a better player and the defense was better for it. This this vince is gonna be interesting. It'll be interesting to see how this affects What the steelers do with that slot cornerback. Because now i'm saying that but at the same time i'm going to tell you i don't think williams plays a nickel anymore. I think he is a base package. Linebacker robert splaine takes over those nickel responsibilities. So i don't think of on the fly. Your but i don't really think you'll see much difference. I mean two thousand nineteen it was. It was bush playing with williams like he. He didn't play with marc maron. So it it still vince. Williams devon bush And the steelers can cover for one liability in the passing game at linebacker. They do that really well with either their savings either minka or terrell to a great job of helping those linebackers. It'll work i. I'm kinda. I'm kinda torn because i love williams as as a player as a person in the room as a leader in the locker absolutely love him and at the same time like you. You'd like to see someone younger more athletic. Take that role to me. I kinda see it as team trying to fill some holes just because this draft. There's still a bunch of positions that are going gonna fill some primary backup. Spots has become a loaded up the talent kind of adding another body into the mix is something that is something that kinda lets them be a little bit more free when we come to the draft but speaking of that draft is vince williams. Resigning completely eliminate the the opportunity for them to be drafting. Someone at all could they signed someone. is this linebacker. Room can lockdown. Now i think it. I think it really is especially for early rounds. You could see. I think someone someone the third or fourth round you could see them pick up somebody that they can sit there and say you know give them give them a give them a year or two events williams. Give him some time behind devon boston and let them develop a but i think it eliminates kind of going around one i i know i know he's been fans of saving collins tick if you pick up zaven collins you know. Where are you splitting snaps. Roberson delaying deserves time on the field. You have to play. Vince is not gonna come back and do nothing so for me. Yeah i i think it really does change that. Which isn't a bad thing Because we still need to center. We still need a running back. There's just nobody there. Yeah jeeze before we get to that one. Last with the inside linebackers. Every williams the he has his little cryptic post changing his photos to the steelers logo again. Could they add. Could they bring avery williamson back in the fold. Just have just run for five deep inside linebacker and just have a big rotation to me. I think it might be possible because we got seventeen games. Now just having. There's there's nothing wrong with having depth. If it's a cheap deal dude you still think it's possible or do you think that that cryptic tweet might have been about iraq. Cryptic instagram posts should say is about something unrelated to williamson resigning with the steelers. I don't see how you would think william signing like he did that. Then vince williams signed so. I don't know if that was a moment. The steelers reached out to both. And we're like look. This is what we're offering. We'll see we'll offer both these guys achieve contract and if they bite or something. I don't know they went that route. I i can't imagine every williamson coming here. I mean he just came off yet a big contract. He played a lot of snaps and then he kinda fell out of favor as the defense changed in new york comes to pittsburgh plays in a gap and really not knowing the defense at all really came in and played with and they had to change the linebacker roles entirely just because he doesn't know what he's doing here he was joined in the middle of the season is to get him back and have that chance of learning season. What about a good move. I just don't know if he would be willing to sign for the kind of money that is going to be available with the steelers having three guys the three known commodities. You're not gonna they're not gonna pay number four in the fourth guy is not going to get paid much money and you're not gonna get much promise of snaps either devin. Bush is going to play one hundred percent of the snaps. If he's there he's going to play every single snap that he can I don't i don't see avery williamson making sense. I don't see making sense ravens williamson to sign here unless they're really does just know market at all and he's willing to sign a veteran minimum deal and perhaps out might be exactly what it comes down to. But i guess the other news of today and kind of completely overshadowed by of into william signing Josh dobbs quarterback is back for year number. Five with the pittsburgh steelers. What do you think of a the the readmission of josh dobbs With the black and goal. I like it. I think it really for people who want a quarterback hauling out the best news. I think i think it's more than anything. Vote of confidence in the guys they have. You wanna fourth quarterback for camp and josh dobbs in my opinion is the right kind of quarterback to push a dwayne haskins. He's not going to match. Dwayne haskins talent with the questions on dwayne haskins. Aren't does he have talent questions are you know. Where's his head in the game. What's his Level what's he like in the locker room. You know you're talking leadership and you're talking. You know the love of the game sitting in the film room watching the film breaking stuff down understanding the offense all these things. Those are josh dobbs strengths. Just odd isn't the greatest passer but he does that to the point that he's you know a guy. Ben rothlisberger likes because he can rely on him so to me. He's an insurance policy. Should dwayne haskins causing any problems and they have to get rid of. It has to cut ties with him. And he's also the kind of guy to plush dwayne haskins in the in the film room kind of be that guy who's like you know try and keep up your kid like let's go. It's it's time for you to learn this. It's time for you really. It's it's your what third season you know. You need to have this stuff down So i think josh dobbs is actually the perfect addition to push him and honestly if he sticks around. He's someone bent likes having around. That's not that's not a bad thing. Yeah right now. The number two migo on that team. He doesn't go to anyone Before he stops and talks with josh dobbs on the sideline regardless of him having a helmet. So that is something Something to keep an eye on it. I think ben does Wait in that room. But like if dwayne haskins shines he shows off his arm and what he's able to do in college i don't think They could deny him a spot. But when it comes as quarterback position in general and of course the draft is what two weeks or a week to week. Tomorrow is that right tweaks tomorrow. I think two weeks tomorrow that makes more sense. But with the with with dobbs being signed does that mean the steelers are unlikely to take or even at it any quarterback at all when it comes to the draft undrafted free agency. I think so. I really think it does. But that's that's based on my opinion that the steelers are all in on ben rothlisberger and secondarily. They really like mason rudolph which we hear from the team. We hear from insiders from the team. They're set with those. Two dwayne haskins was number. Three i think dobbs is either that insurance policy against haskins or he's just there to push him and be a key. Be the number four camp guy. I don't the only way. I could see the steelers. Drafting a quarterback is if they have already soured on haskins. If they've already seen something and they say well you know what that's this guy is going to be a guy. We wanna keep around that kind of situation than i could then. I could definitely see them. Drafting a quarterback and then cutting ties with dwayne haskins. But they're not gonna they're not gonna enter camps and offseason activities five quarterbacks and it should also be mentioned that dwayne haskins does have practice squad eligibility of course he could be scooped up by any team if if he's placed on the practice squad but any team could have scooped him up before he signed that to deal with the steelers. So of course. That's something else to watch. You might be a little bit easier to cut him and just have all the guys in the locker carried over to the season the other news the weeks since we last chatted. Jeffrey james conner became an arizona cardinal. Of course the steelers running game is something. This organizations talked about improving in a few different options of course The second of course said that this team isn't going to finish thirty second in the league when it comes to running the ball ever again. James conner has gone. What are your initial reactions on that. And does this Is this kind of telling that the steelers were willing to bring him back on such a cheap deal. First of all from connor side. I actually think arizona's a great place for him to end up They've got a running quarterback they've got you know obviously a great receiver the top in the league. Outside and yonder hopkins. That's an offense. Offers similar kind of threat in different areas like the two thousand eighteen steelers did were tees wanted to defend each play knowing. Connor wasn't the guy you really had to worry about. You had to worry about antonio brown then you had to worry about. Juju smith schuster. Yeah the quarterback back there who could throw to the tight ends like defending the run. Was it something you could easily do. you can just just know. Load the box with players and defend the run like they couldn't two thousand nineteen and then they. They started doing kind a little bit more in two thousand twenty so it's a great place connor when he has a little more space is he's great when he is not a high traffic runner guy. He's not a guy who runs through congested. Run lanes and finds his. Here's a guy who likes to make big shark jump cuts in an open space and guys and that's where he is at his best. That's where he gets his long runs that makes his negatives that he takes money. He's jumping around the backfield and gets tackled for a loss. You know it evens out over the game. When he's congested runs those negative runs are more hurtful and he doesn't get the longer run. So it's great. Fit for james conner fabulous place for him to go and i could really see him rejuvenate his career. Bit there for the steelers side. I think it says a lot. The steelers loved. James conner like everything they said. Locker all the players in the locker room. All the coaches. Everyone loved james conner. The person they didn't want james conner the football player at all like that's that's incredible to me So mentioned the chat about james saxon being there. now this could have been foretold this folk Not that kind of running back. He's not looking for that kind of back But they're really they don't want and that is. That is interesting considering you think back over the years. James conner is one of the best backs. Then that canada's ever coached he's he's one of the guys had some of the most success of any of matt canada's running backs with james conner and letting him walk almost gotha. I think that definitely speaks volumes and really to me all these kind of moves or kind of kind of leading into the draft at. I think something were probably pretty likely to hear. Roger goodell walking up to the podium. Going with the twenty four th pick the pittsburgh steelers select running back dot dot dot is that is that something You're putting stock in these days. Jeffrey yeah really. Yeah we don't have a running back like we we've got you know four three four number two guys number three is. We got depth with have any stars. So you've gotta get started you've got to get a guy to carry the load from day one That's really. I have not said of the steelers taking running back in round one but that is looking more and more like something they may. They may be just planning to do to me. What became worrisome. Is james. Conner was insurance policy. If one of the the guy they wanted in the first round wasn't there or if they didn't see the value of running back in the first round and then i'll all the top guys were gone by fifty five. They could always just work their way back. James conner have a fine running back. Just someone who can get the job done for another year when he's healthy now. The james conner is gone now. I'm thinking well. The steelers were kind of painted themselves into a corner. A saints at eighteen. The miami dolphins take she harris and heck the new york jets fall in love with travesty. Tin nelson the steelers have to panic and take devante williams. Twenty four th or are the that level of handcuffed like what are your thoughts on this. Do they have to take greg twenty four because it seems like there's no other option i don't think it is someone falls. I think you'll still see like let's say a darris off l. And you had like it. Wouldn't matter like who who's there that you would take over him I think there are those players situations. Steelers aren't gonna panic and pick in the first round. I hope i think drafting. Like i honestly think drafting a running back in the first round is like drafting already earns in the first round. It's that kind of move is just. It's not the move. It isn't the move but let's let's say something does drop and they skip running back in the first round and then they come to the second round and the and the names are gone. The real guys are gone. And you're looking at dewey. Dewey draft a third or fourth round running back in the second round or we risk not getting not getting one of the names at all and any you know grabbed going into the season with benny. Snell is your best running back. That's not a good situation. I'm gonna go back to to something been saying for a long time in the run game. It's scheme first offense of line. Second running back third. So if if you have to pick between a running back at a really good starting center. You're taking the center if you are picking between a running back and position where that position really matters. More than running back does running back as minnesota value in the nfl Do you take the running back. No you don't if you have to roll into the season with ballots in mcfarland and snell and edmonds. I mean that's you have to do that. You don't reach please. Don't reach steelers That's where it gets really tough. Especially now that i'm thinking back to Are earning the seconds year ending press conference. He said the steelers would be would be adding a new quarterback to this team. Also the new quarterback josh dobbs the guy that was there but he just didn't have a contract he said the steelers weren't gonna have the thirty second ranked running attack now there's no free agent options available for propel cow bax nor the handcuffed into reaching on someone or could they get screwed out of drafting running back at all. What do you. What do you make of all this Is there any worry that the steelers organization might have kind of gambled on some positions Still being there and kind of fallen flat on their face or is there still some sort of a plan. I think the biggest takeaway i have from it is again. Dan rooney was the greatest owner in sports history. Possibly all sports definitely in the nfl art. The second isn't that guy right and size. I mean he's not good as i mean. He can't be a good owner. But dan rooney say things like that dinner. He wasn't a guy who would be like. You know we're going to add a name to that. We're gonna a quarterback to the room and we're gonna we're gonna focus on running the ball and we're never going to be that bad again. This is the dan rea would never say. Because you can't guarantee that you're going to add a name no matter how stupid against the dan snyder thing. It'd be like we need a quarterback no matter who it is. I don't care if they stink. Sign of get a name. Just throw money at him. Like you're you're not gonna do that stuff you can't control all the rest of the stuff around you. You just have to make the best of it you every year so for me. The the first thing is art rooney needs to learn things not to say. Just don't say those things because then steeler fan look in there like you said we're gonna prove this you so we were gonna fix this fixed. You do anything like what's what's going on with this franchise and that's that's needless. That's needless the steelers need to approach. This would make the best of a season where the salary cap is just stupid. The free agency is bizarre because of it and teams are in these situations teams are in situations where they just have holes on the roster that they may not be able to fill. That's just how it is. Now when we get to the twenty fourth overall pick Let's just put a hypothetical there. The top three tackles gone. Dare saw slater sewell. They're gone l. Everyone else is still available. The top centers are still available and all the running backs are still there. Let's just say jeremiah Core moore's they're zaven collins there. Who's that. who's the picket. Are they going running back the the situation. They're looking at no. I don't think go running back there. I don't think you do If there's a really really good cornerbacks there. That's that's that's a possibility. That's a strong possibility for the steelers By i don't see running back at the top centers are there. That's that's tough to pass on. That's really tough to pass on center or you know a player bigger impact. Yeah it's it's kind of. It's kind of an interesting spot to find this team in right now but when it comes to the rest of free agency before the draft the next two weeks of course the steelers kind of surprised by making a couple moves today. Could they fill out the rest of the roster By making a couple more free agent moves honestly. Today's moves to me. I feel like they're not done yet. We could see some week. We could see a few movies working right now. They're really filling those depth spots which So i i would be surprised if you see a a veteran edge player outside linebacker come in. I'm not sold in caches marsh as as a potential number three guy. And that's if you don't find someone in the draft catches marsh. Your number three outside linebacker so i could see that position Tight end. obviously we can still use his number two tight end. There's some physicians out there. That the steelers could really look at it and say. Hey we'll bring in. This guy is about an and can be a backup all right so we are at the top of our show here jeffries or anything you want to plug or any other closing thoughts you want to get out before we hang up the line. Of yeah dave snowfield nigh Vertex hit today with a killing badge. Find out more about him He he's he's he's a guy he's another guy and all we cover what he brings the team. What what kind of skill set he brings. I've got an ongoing series with Heaven smith about different where we talk about How different offensive players positions fit. The steelers offense. Quarterbacks came out this week. We're working on Offensive line for next week. So look forward to that. Awesome now before we get out. I also want to remind you that buying steel curtain. We have a ton of great content coming out in anticipation of draft end on draft. Day itself all three days of the draft. There's gonna be a ton of podcast what we're going. We're going to be doing some stuff alive we're going to be doing. Roundtables review mocked grass over the coming weeks. I'm telling you it's going to be an exciting time over on the website and here on the podcast platform to make sure. You're checking out the steel curtain. Make sure you fallen out. All the social media pages you can find out by searching behind the steel curtain or bt steel curtain b will pop up verified on twitter and facebook so should be a fairly fairly easy to To come across those pages but as we get to the end here. I just want to thank each. And every one of you for tuning in with the jeffrey and myself and we will catch you guys next week.

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